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                                                                                       FOR     SAI.E B-r        Al,Ii     FIKST-CIiASS
     PERRIER-JOUET & CO. CHAMPAGNE                                                        WINJE     MERCHANTS AND OROCERSk

H                              CAV                                       334                                     CEN
                                                                              Colla   Dominick, boxmaker Yosemite Flour Mills,                          r.   9
           W. W. MONTAGUE & CO.                                                   Pollard PI
                                                                              Cella Louis, r. 15 Kissling
                          MANCFACTTrBEBS OF                                   Cellarius Charles (Thomas Taylor               &   Co.)   r.   2412 Pa-
H              Plain, Japanned and Stamped
                                                                                  cific   Av
                                                                              Cellarius George G., musician, r. 28 Madison Av
                                                                              Cellarius William, machine hand A. Johnson,                           r.   28

      T? I ISr                 ILTV' ja.                 I=L   E!                 Madison Av
                                                                              Celle John B., r.     8   Margaret PI
                                                                              Celle Joseph, macarronl maker, r. 8 Margaret PI
         309, 311, 313, 315 and 317                  MARKET ST                Celler Mark, clerk Osterman, Rehfisch & Co.,                          r.       84
      Cavanaugh ThomaB J., tanner Cornelius O'Donnell, Celler Michael, r. 727 Folsom
          r. 501 Bryant                                    Celler Samuel, upholsterer, r. 727 Folsom
      Cavanaugh William, harness cleaner, r. 710 Brannan 8^~ Celler. See Seller and Zeller
W     IS^ Cavanaugh. See Cavanagh, Kavanagh and Kav- Cement Brick Co. of California,
          anaugh                                               California, room 9
                                                                                                                                             office     508
      CavasBo H. Mrs., furnishing goods and shirt factory, Cenison Violet Mrs., bakery, 1157 Folsom
          608 Montgomery, r. 606 Montgomery                Ceniaon William, engineer, r. 1157 Folsom
      Cavasso Isidore, manager Mrs. H. Cavasso, r. 606 Centelevre Louis, bag sorter Neville & Co.,                                          r.   783 Mis-
      Cave Carlisle, teamster, r. 327 Fourth
      Cavendish H. M. Mrs., widow, r. 1013 Washington
      Caveney James, stockcutter Buckingham & Hecht, r
                                                                              CENTEMERI P.kid &
                                                                               porters and retailers
                                                                                                                              j^loves,           Frank
          13J4 Bruce PI                                                          C. Bird manager, 108-110 Post
o     Caveney John, machinist, r. 13 J^ Bruce PI                              Centenary Metliodist Kpispcopal Cliarck
      Caveney Thomas !•'., cutler, r. 13}^ Bruce PI                               Soutli, Rev. John Hannon pastor, S                    s    Bush bet
      Caverly Annie, widow, r. 1103 Montgomery                                    Gough and Octavia
      Caverly John M., master mariner, r. 181.5 Sutter                        Centennial Furniture Factory, Charles Greffe proptr,
50    Caviezel John, confectioner, r. 9 Varennes                                  508-510 Fifth
      Cavo Agostlno, marble works, 512 Jackson, r. Ala-                       Centennial Livery Stables, Fitzgerald & Con-
          meda                                                                    Ion proprietors, 1521-1525 California
      Cawley    George, bartender,     r.   710   Howard                      Centennial Lodging House, Mrs. Julia Hamburger
      Cawley Henry, bartender W. H. Miler                                         proptr, 118       Drumm
      Cawley Jane, widow, r. 423 Clementina                                   Center Daniel, machinist W. T. Garratt & Co.,                        r.    235
      Cawley John, fireman U. S. Revenue Cutter                   J.    F.        Perry
         Hartley                                                              Center David, carpenter, r. 2418 Folsom
o     Cawley William, liquor saloon, 147 Third,                  r.     113   Center George              Ij., real estate agent,        NE       cor Six-
         Third                                                                    teenth and Shotwell
      Cawley William H., clerk Bandmann, Nielsen                 &     Co.,   Center James, stock raiser,          r.    546 Fifteenth
          r.   609   Lombard                                                  Center Jolin,                  NE cor Sixteenth and
                                                                                                        capitalist, r.
      Cawson Benjamin, dresser         S. F.      Pioneer Woolen Fac-             Shotwell
          tory, r.1007 Vallejo                                                Center John, teamster, r. 546 Fifteenth
      Cawson James, machinist          Cal.       Wire Works,    r.    Ala-   Center John A., fireman S. P. Co., r. 1033 Twenty-
          meda                                                                    fourth
 o    Caylat Thomas C,         repacker,    r.   1412 Powell                  Center William (J. Kelso & Co.) r. 214 Shotwell
      Cayot Augustus M., policeman, r. 1257 Montgomery                        1^^ Center. See Senter
      Cayot Celestin, liquor saloon, 1122 Harrison                            Central California                 LnmberCo., John F.
      Cayron Louis, r. 114 Welsh                                                      Kennedy   president, D.Rutherford vice-president,
      Cazala Peter, French laundry, 341 Third                                         George T. Shaw secretary, A. W. Kennedy treas-
      Cazagaus Maria Miss, r. 930 Harrison                                            urer. Fourth, Channel and Berry, branch office 5
      Cazagaus Mirau, laundry, 930 Harrison                                       Post
      Cazaurany Bernard, French laundry, 409 Fourth                           Central Gas Light Co. (Pac. Gas Imp. Co. lessees, SW
      Cazeaux Jean, butcher, 65 Centre Market, r. .520 Sut-                       cor Annie and Stevenson) Maurice Casey secre-
 si                                                                               tary, 508 California
•H        ter, rear
      Cazeaux Jennie, widow, r. 819 Broadway                                  Central Gold and Silver Mining Co. (Arizona) F, E.
 as   Cazeres Guillaume, butcher, 322 Fifth                                       Dietz secretary, 8 F. Stock and Exchange Bldg
      Cazes J. E., bookkeeper London, Paris and American
          Bank, r. 718 California
      Cazneau William L. C. clerk, r 1709 Dupont
                                                                               CENTRAL HOUSE
                                                                                proprietor, 8T1 Klarket
                                                                                                                                 f. l.        T«rpin
      Ceas Edward B., teamster Harris & Jones, r. 1615^                        Central Metliodist Episcopal Church, Rev.
          Howard                                                                  Westwood W. Case, D.D., pastor, N 8 Mission bet
      Ceas Thomas, carpenter, r. 18 Dearborn PI                                       Sixth and Seventh
      Cebrlan John C, architect r. 1801 Octavia                                Central Milling Co.          (San Jose, Cal.) C. L. Ding-
      Cecil George, clerk, r. 1514 Vallejo                                         lev president. D. B. Moody secretary, manafac>
      Cecil John, freight clerk O. R. and N. Co.,                 r.   1514        turers flour, etc., office 29 Steuart
          Vallejo                                                              Central Pacific Hotel, 346 Fourth
      Cecil Samuel W., sash and door              maker W. A, Meeker,          Central Pacific Lodgings, E. C. Webster proptr, 5
          r. 306 Octavia                                                              Market
                                                                               Central Pacfiic Railroad Co., Leland                                   Stan-
               RIVER COAL mis-
      CEDAR Blair president, 106-112 CO.
                                                                                      ford president,
                                                                                                         Edward H. Miller secretary and
                                                                                                    office NEcor Fourth and Townsend
         sion                                                                  Central Park, Market. Eighth and Mission
      Cedarbloom Arved         R., tailor, r. 26    J4   Howard Court          Central Park Association, D.R. McNeill                                 pres-
      Cedarbloom John, bl;icksmlth, r. 1857 Stevenson                              ident and general manager, Martin Kelly secre-
      Cederberg P., carpenter, r. 828 Harrison                                     tary, office SE cor Eighth and Market
      Cederblad E., porter A.W. Wilson & Co., r. 38 Natoma                     Central Park Saloon, Frederick S. Kennedy manager,
      Cederquist Peter, seaman, r. 13 Clay                                         SE cor Eighth and Market
      Cediey John, tanner, r. N s St. Thomas bet Platte and
          and Yazoo
      Cefous James, barber, 146^ Fifth
                                                                               r» i:       o I* jlTe s home
      Ceide Joseph A., laborer, r. G38 Green
      Ceiner Harry, dishwasher C. P. Tofts, r. Clara nr
       Celery, Beef and Iron Extract Co., Norman
          W. Griswold president, W. H. J. Matthews secre-
                                                                                      SAVINGS BANK.
           tary, 29 New Mi^ntgomery                                            PAYS HIGHEST RATES OF INTEREST.
       Celesti Gingri, paiutfr, r. 616 Broadway
       Celillo Frank, barber A. J. Stein, r. 733 Broadway
       Culla Domenico, baker, r. 511 Green                                        MARKET AND FOURTH STREETS.
                                                          Capital, $1,000,000 GEO. 0. DORNIN. Manager
      NATIONAL                 Fire Ids. Co. of Hartforii Assets, $2,326,581 WM. SE2T0N, As:t. Manager.

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