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					                     Energy Optimization ENO732 Test 2
Due date: 9:00am, Wednesday 2nd May 2012, by email submission to

Problem (100 Marks). There are often traffic jams in Duncan Street (M7) in Hatfield,
Pretoria. A possible solution is to reschedule the traffic lights at the robots. Please
consider the rescheduling of the traffic lights along M7 from Lynwood Street to Park
There are the following 6 robots: Lynwood, Duxbury, South, Prospect, Burnett, Park.

The scale of the map is given as above, you may also measure the road by driving
yourself or using google map. The objective is to reduce the averaged waiting time in
the road when travelling along M7 from Park to Lynwood, and also from Lynwood to
Park. You may make all reasonable hypotheses, for example, if a car starts when the
green light at Lynwood has just been turned on, then it is possible to arrive Park
without waiting if it travels at the speed of 60Km/Hour; if a car starts when the green
light at Lynwood has already been turned on for several seconds, then you must try to
minimize its averaged waiting time before the red lights.

The problem for you is to find out an optimisation model: give your objective
function and constraints. Before giving an objective and/or any constraint, remember
to explain the motivation of such an objective/constraint. Please be reminded that
there are also traffic along those small roads across M7, and you need to allocate
enough time for those vehicles to across M7.

Evaluation: There is no any unique answer to the problem, and there may be dozens
of possible models. Your answer is evaluated by its reasonability, completeness and
complexity of the constraints, readability, etc.

Format: Please save your report with the format: `YourNameTest1.doc’ or
‘YourNameTest1.pdf’, where ‘YourName’ should be replaced by your Surname
followed by your first initial. The content should include your student number, full
name, your analysis on the modelling process (hypotheses, etc), and the optimisation

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