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Skyhawks Sports Programs
For General Information call: (610) 647-6622 For more information, course descriptions and what to bring visit

Baseball Ages: 6-9 Dates: 8/6 - 8/10 Days: M-F Fee: $120

Course #: SSA69931 Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm Location: Devon Strafford Little League Fields Address: 11 E Lancaster Ave

Participants will learn the skills required for success in youth baseball. Older players will use hard bats and baseballs. Our younger players use safety bats and baseballs while maintaining safety. Participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 10:1.

Basketball Ages: 7-12 Dates: 7/23 - 7/27 Days: M-F Fee: $145 Ages: 6-8 Dates: 7/30 - 8/3 Days: M-F Fee: $120

Course #: SSA69933 Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm Location: Grand Slam USA Address: 11 E Lancaster Avenue Course #: SSA69932 Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm Location: Grand Slam USA Address: 11 E Lancaster Avenue

Our Basketball program is for beginning and intermediate basketball players. Players will learn new skills while building upon the fundamentals. They will refine their passing, shooting and dribbling skills. The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 10:1.

Mini-Hawk (Baseball, Soccer & Flag Football) Ages: 4-6 Course #: SSA69930 Dates: 8/6 - 8/10 Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm Location: Devon Strafford Little League Fields Days: M-F Address: 11 E Lancaster Ave Fee: $120
Mini-Hawk programs help young children explore sports in a day-program setting. There is no pressure, just lots of fun, while these young athletes participate in unique Skyhawks games. The staff is trained to meet the needs of young children. Participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 8:1.

2007 Summer Registration
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PLEASE LIST THE PROGRAM(S) YOUR CHILD WILL ATTEND. Photocopy for additional children. Course # Sport Date Location Fee

Parents, please read and sign the Medical Consent and Release of Liability below to complete registration.

I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the individual named above, a minor, do hereby agree to allow the individual named herein to participate in the aforementioned activity and authorize the program directors and/or instructors as Agents for the undersigned to consent to Medical, Surgical and/or Dental Examination, in addition to any and all other Treatments that may be deemed necessary by medical personnel. It is understood that this activity involves an element of risk and a danger of accidents and knowing those risks I hereby assume those risks. In addition, I understand that by signing this agreement, I hereby release and discharge from any and all liability resulting in injury associated with participant's participation in this activity. I agree that pictures taken during program hours may be used for future promotional purposes. In the absence of a parent/guardian's signature below, payment of fees and participation in the program shall constitute acceptance of the conditions set forth in the release. Skyhawks will not provide health and/or accident insurance for program participants. As the undersigned parent/guardian I understand that no confirmations will be mailed and no refunds will be given.

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Register online at: (confirmations are provided online when registering on the Skyhawks website.) Mail registration form and fee to: Grand Slam USA 11 E Lancaster Avenue Malvern, PA 19355 Phone registration: (610) 647-6622

Fax Registration form and credit card number to: (888) 466-2318 ($5 Service fee per child per program will be assesed) or: Walk-in registration to: Make checks payable to: 11 E Lancaster Avenue, Malvern, PA 19355 Grand Slam USA

For more information please call: Grand Slam USA: (610) 647-6622 or Skyhawks: (800) 804-3509

What to Bring: All Programs require participants to bring equipment or supplies; please visit for what to bring, weather policy and additional programs. Remember to bring lunch, snack & water for programs over 4 hours and two snacks & water for programs 4 hours or less.

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