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									Paula Beatrice S. Fucoy                                                                       July 15, 2010

CS177 – A                                                                                      Sir Paul Gadi


Zombies have taken over Ateneo and like all games, you’re stuck playing the hero. Your job is to
massacre, murder and beat your way through a massive horde of zombies until you reach a specified
destination, the place where the supposed “cure” to the plague is found... it’s hard, but it sure beats
having class with Fr. Dacanay after Ateneo lost to La Salle at UAAP. SOMbieland is a horror/survival 2D
(hopefully 3-D), shoot-‘em-up game.

Character Bios:

At the beginning of the game, the player gets to choose from four characters he/she wants to play:

A (still Unnamed) – is a hardworking, easy-going sophomore Management Engineering major who just
got out of a gruelling Accounting 101 Long exam in SOM when he heard of the tragedy that struck his
beloved Ateneo. Being a true blue Atenean, from nursery up to college, and a varsity football player he
managed to escape the brainless zombies with his speed and agility. He hid at the secret hideout a.k.a.
the maintenance room. The bleaches and disinfectants had concealed his odor from the zombies. Being
stuck there for days, he now has to find his way out through all this zombies. The space in the
maintenance room is making him claustrophobic and he is sooo friggin’ hungry.

B (still Unnamed) – is a perky, high-spirited freshman Computer Science major just about to kill the big
boss in Left 4 Dead at her kick-ass laptop in Faura Hall. Well, she wasn’t able to kill the big boss but she
did get to kill a zombie that was inches away from infecting her. With her superb reflex skills, she
managed to finish the undead bastard with her precious laptop and also managed to keep herself locked
up in DISCS afterwards. Now, not being able to complete her game and her laptop being broken, she’s
pretty pissed and she wants vengeance. She wants vengeance real bad.

C (unnamed) – is a deep, soft-spoken senior Theater Arts major directing his thesis play to secure his
graduation diploma and his future at Repertory Philippines. Little did he know, after coming out of the
bathroom for a leak during rehearsal break, he finds all his friends/cast infected by a LaZombie who
managed to sneak his way into the Fine Arts Theater during rehearsals. With the entire cast infected,
they quickly charge at him craving for the creative juices inside his sweet brain but with his creative
cunning, student C managed to subdue and escape the Infected. Thank God for the stuffy theatre props!
Now, with his thesis destroyed and future uncertain, student C is pissed, really pissed. You know what
they say: Beware of the quiet ones. They go bonkers when they’re really mad.

D (unnamed) – is a chilled, extroverted junior Communications major who is not yet finished with her
character backstory...
Rough plot:

A flask containing Virus X was accidentally spilled by a clumsy LaSallian student during his Chemistry
class. As a result, the virus spread almost throughout the whole La Salle and most of its students had
become hateful, violent, brain-craving zombies. Finding no brains in La Salle’s campus, the LaZombies
went on to their alma mater’s rival school, the Ateneo, in search of juicy brains to satisfy their serious
case of the munchies. Finally reaching their destination, the zombies wreaked havoc to the hallowed
halls of the Ateneo, devouring and infecting students, faculty and staff alike. Now, it is up to four
everyday students from the Ateneo to fully utilize the power of Magis and defeat these zombies
plaguing their beloved school.


In addition to surviving waves of zombie attacks, the player must complete sub-missions such as
defeating a fixed number of zombies to “purify” the location or rescuing survivors and escorting them to
a zombie-free zone, which would be Faura Hall and the freshmen dorms: Cervini and Eliazo Hall. Food,
medicine, weapons and ammunition can be found scattered everywhere around the Ateneo. Food is
used to replenish drained energy from running while medicines are used to replenish wounds inflicted
by fighting zombies.

Four characters are available for play, each having unique strengths and weaknesses and different
majors from the four different Loyola Schools. All characters start from different locations and can be
improved by spending the experience points accrued during levels.

Artistic-style Outine

The game’s environment would be 2D. The game setting would basically be a 2D design that is
reminiscent of the birds-eye view setting of GTA2. The only difference being the place will not be an
urban city, but of a birds-eye view of the Ateneo Loyola Schools itself. The game setting will only be
limited to Loyola Schools campus itself, completely disregarding the Grade School and High School
Campus of the Ateneo.
                                                                 Gameplay of GTA2

Systematic breakdown of components
   1.   2D renderer
   2.   Save/load
   3.   Weapon/ items change/use/discard menu
   4.   Health and Energy Status
   5.   Weapon and Ammunition Status
   6.   Particle system for special effects each time a player kills a zombie/boss and purifies a zone.
   7.   Adjustable camera angles based on player’s preferences

Asset breakdown
1) Art Assets
     Character Design
            o Appearance
                   Outfit
                   Hairstyle
                   Gender
            o Animation
                   Walk
                   Run
                   Jump
                   Shoot and Throw
                   Punch and Kick
     Level Design
            o Platforms/elevated fields
            o Blocks
            o Background/backdrop
     Cinematics
            o   Opening sequence
            o   Battle sequences
            o   Dialogue sequences
            o   Ending sequence
            o   Game over sequence

2) Text Assets
     Status reports
     Character dialogue
     Level ups
     Battles
     Introduction narration
     Game over
     Main Menu

3) Sound Assets
     Sound effects
           o Jump sound
           o Punch and kick sound
           o Gun shooting sound
           o Running sound
           o Explosion sound
           o Death sound
     Background music
           o Intro music
           o Gameplay music
           o Battle music
           o Game over music
           o Ending music

Suggested Game Flow Diagram

Play game > pick character > start game > opening sequence > gameplay (with dialogues, battles, etc.) >
Save/load (can start from saved point), Exit Game, Game over (can restart), Finish game with a sense of
accomplishment 

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