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                                                                           Rattler Battalion
                                                                             Calderon Hall
                                                                         29November 2012
                                                              Dining Out/Awards Ceremony


(U) References:
   (a) Military Ball Continuity Book

(U) Time Zone Used Throughout the OPLAN/OPORD: SIERRA

(U) Task Organization: Alamo Company
                      Cardinal Company

1. (U) Situation. S.A.P.A. forces have retreated back to Atropia. According to our
Battalion S-2 intelligence reports, S.A.P.A. forces will refit and retrain for an additional
30 days and continue their operations later in spring 2013.

     a. (U) Area of Interest. The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW). Refer to Annex

   b. (U) Area of Operations. The AO will consist of the University of the Incarnate
Word Sky Room and McCombs parking garage. Refer to Annex B.

         (1) (U) Terrain. The University of Incarnate Word AO will consist of urban
terrain; this includes roads and public sidewalks.

      (2) (U) Weather. 29NOV12 HI 69 /LOW 37, SR 0739/SS 1725, BMNT
0638/EENT 1827, 100% ILL

     c. (U) Enemy Forces. None

     d. (U) Friendly Forces. Campus Police, cadre and guests.

        (1) (U) Higher Headquarters’ Mission and Intent. Apache 5th Brigade conducts
precision recruiting, rigorous leader development and focused retention; we commission
the future leadership for service to the United States Army and nation.

     e. (U) Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Nongovernmental Organizations. None.

     f. (U) Civil Considerations. Be observant of your surroundings. Watch out for UIW
students driving in and around our AO. Be courteous and considerate toward all
civilian’s motor vehicles in the McCombs parking garage as well.
     g. (U) Attachments and Detachments.

       (1) 5 Cole High School cadets

2. (U) Mission. Rattler BN will conduct the formal dining-out ceremony on 29NOV12
from 1730-2200 at the University of the Incarnate Word Sky Room IOT provide
reflection on this fall semester’s events amongst comrades and guests.

3. (U) Execution. Commander’s Intent: It is the Commander’s Intent to recognize
Cadets who have attained outstanding achievements as well as reminisce on this past
fall semester’s events to help build unit cohesion and morale amongst our battalion, as
well as to learn how to properly conduct ourselves at a formal military function.

    a. (U) Concept of Operation. To conduct a successful Dining Out ceremony that
portrays our Battalion’s overall successes over this past semester’s fall events by
displaying a slideshow, recognizing outstanding Cadets from academics and physical
fitness as well as the seniors who will commission in December or May, all in the
presence of special guests and dates over a formal dinner followed by a dance.

        (1) Phase I. This phase will begin with the ASU uniform Inspection starting at
161200NOV12 by MSG Bennett who will conduct the Dress Blue and ASU uniform
inspection 2 weeks in advance in the case that there are deficiencies, they can be taken
care of in a timely manner prior to the Dining Out. This will end at 161600NOV12 when
all uniform checks are complete. Then the Etiquette Class in Calderon Hall will
commence on 261500NOV12 and 281400NOV12 by Mr. Jimmy Linehan. This phase
will end with a discussion on the proper dress attire for this event including dress length
for females and the appropriate way to wear Class A’s and ASUs for the males ending
at 261700NOV12 and 281600NOV12.

        (2) Phase II. This phase will begin with a Rehearsal 201500NOV12 that will
include the key leaders, Marian Guard and Saber Guard who will conduct a rehearsal
under the guidance of C/1LT Rodriguez. This phase will end with OIC c/CPT Swan
conducting a site orientation briefing on each individual’s responsibility and proceed to a
full run through of the event with all necessary equipment until 201700NOV12.

        (3) Phase III. This phase will begin with set up starting on 291500NOV12 C/CPT
Swan and C/SSG Mauer, the Advance Party will set up at the UIW Sky Room beginning
with the movement of the equipment/extra set up materials from the ROTC building NLT
1430 to begin movement to the University of the Incarnate Word Sky Room. Tables and
chairs will be provided and set up by the Sky Room staff as well as Heavenly Gourmet
Catering before the event begins. C/CPT Swan and C/SSG Mauer will be in charge of
MS III’s, II’s, and I’s who will be helping by setting up prefabricated centerpieces at all
tables. Public address system and podium will be set up by UIW Sky Room Staff and
will be ready for use before event begins at 1800. This phase will end with set up being
complete and the “Key Leaders” conducting one final full dress rehearsal NLT
291600NOV12 and will be complete NLT 291630NOV12.


        (5) Phase VI. This phase will begin with the arrival and social hour from 1700-
1730. 1800-1830 Receiving Line and Mess Call for dinner guests and Cadets. 1830-
1900 The Main Party will enter the banquet hall and members from Cole High School
will post the colors. Once colors have been posted the National Anthem plays and
Father Eden will give the Invocation followed by the posting of the colors. 1900-1920
The History of “How the Dining Out Began” will be followed by the POW table
ceremony. Next, there will be an introduction of the Head Table followed by the toasts.
Afterwards, dinner will be served for one hour followed with a short intermission for
fifteen minutes. From 2035-2100 the Guest Speaker will be introduced by LTC.
Guarriello and the Guest Speaker will speak for twenty minutes. At 2100 c/Rodriguez
presenting Ranger Tabs to her members followed by a slide show of yearly events and
a senior showcase that will last for ten minutes. This will be followed by final remarks by
cadre, and the benediction. Lastly, a presentation of the Saber Line for the MSIVs will
commence-this will include the reading of their bios. After all graduating Cadets have
been presented; they will take the dance floor and have “the last dance.” Following this
dance, they will invite the other Cadets and guests to join them on the dance floor. The
dancing will continue until the night is over at 2400. This phase will end with Site
cleanup led by UIW Sky Room Staff and Heavenly Gourmet Catering and will be
complete when the Sky Room is completely restored back to its original form.

    b. (U) Scheme of Movement and Maneuver. Cadets are responsible for their own
transportation to and from the Incarnate Word Sky Room.

   c. (U) Tasks to Subordinate Units.
      (a) Rattler Battalion Cadet Chain of Command will ensure all Cadets know and
understand OPORD NLT 15NOV12.
      (b) Key Leader List as Follows
          Programs/Invitation- Cdt. Alaniz
          POW table set up on site/supplies- Cdt. Kjar
          Saber Guard- Cdt. Rodriguez
          Nameplates-Cdt. Bonelli
          Script- Cdt. Mauer
          Music- Cdt. Edmonds
          Glasses- Cdt. Martinez, Joanna
          Dress Blues/ASUs Inspection-MSG Bennett
          Etiquette Class- Jimmy Linehan
          Class on Uniform wear- Cdts. Puga/Grone
          Senior Bios-Cdt. Acosta

       (c)    Uniform and Equipment: Male Cadets will wear ASU’s according to
regulation. Graduating male MS IV’s and MS V’s will be wearing Dress Blues that will be
inspected on 16NOV12. Female Cadets are authorized a formal/evening wear gown in
any color they choose. Male guests not in ROTC will wear a suit and tie.

  e.   (U) Coordinating Instructions.


            (1) (U) Timing. OPORD will be disseminated on 15NOV12. Etiquette class
will be conducted on 26/28NOV12 during UIW/STMU Lab time of 1400/1500 to
1600/1700. Final Payment will be due to UIW Sky Room NLT one week prior to event.
Rehearsals will be conducted on the dates and times as follows:

               201500NOV12-Initial Rehearsal/ Incarnate Word Sky Room
               290800NOV12-Decorating and Final Rehearsal/ Incarnate Word Sky

               Schedule for Dining Out Ceremony:
               1730-1800 Arrival/Social
               1800-1830 Receiving Line/ Mess Call
               1830-1900 Entrance of Main Party, Posting of Colors, National Anthem,
               Invocation by Father Eden
               1900-1930 History, POW Script, Toast, Introduction of the Head Table
               1930-2015 Dinner
               2015-2030 Break
               2030-2100 Guest Speaker Introduction/ Guest speaker Speech
               2100-2110 Dean’s List, 300 PT, Recruiting, Ranger Challenge Tabs
               2110-2130 Slide Show (yearly events & Senior Showcase)
               2130-2145 Presentation of MS IV’s w/Saber Line & Bio
               2145-2200 Remarks, Benediction by Father Alexander and Retiring
               2200-0000 Dancing

            (2) (U) Commander’s Critical Information Requirements.
                Immediate Notification
                1. Report all injuries to include mental health of Cadets and cadre.
                2. Report any missing sensitive item(s) to include weapon type and
                serial number.
                3. Report any incident that causes training to stop (i.e. severe weather)
                4. Report any circumstances resulting in cancellation of training.
                5. Report all medical evacuations.

             (3) (U) Risks Reduction Control Measures. Identified risks for Rattler BN
include sprain/twisting of ankles and fire hazards. With countermeasures of proper
equipment, situational awareness, properly certified personnel for an emergency
situation, and on-site cadre and MS IV’s, the overall risk assessment is LOW.

   4. (U) Sustainment.

         a. (U) Logistics. Food will be provided by UIW Sky Room catering as well as
beverages throughout the evening.

          b. (U) Personnel. NONE.


          c. (U) Health System Support. Emergency patients will be evacuated by
POV to BAMC or nearest medical facility. All minor injuries will be treated by the
combat lifesaver.

   5. (U) Command and Control.

          a. (U) Command.

             (1) (U) Location of Commander.

                            Higher PMS LTC Guarriello located with BN HQ
                            Battalion BN CDR c/LTC Holloway located in AO

             (2) (U) Succession of Command. BN CDR, BN XO, A CO CDR, B CO

          b. (U) Control.

             (1)    (U) Command Posts. NONE

             (2)    (U) Reports. NONE

          c. (U) Signal. Communication is by hand gestures.


JOSE YBANEZ                                              MICHAEL HOLLOWAY
c/MAJ                                                    c/LTC
Battalion S3                                             Battalion Commander

Professor of Military Science

B - Intelligence: The University of the Incarnate Word Skyroom location.


                                         located on
                                         5th floor


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