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WINE LIST PDF - Androuet


									                  SEASONAL CHEESE SINCE 1909
                  PARIS - LONDON - STOCKHOLM

                 WINE LIST

By the glass                                   2
Sparkling / White                              3
Rose / Red / Sweet                             4
Fortified / Eaux de Vie & Digestifs            5

                     Natural Wine                  1
Wine by the glass
                                                                                                                       Glass 125ml    Bottle 750ml

2009 Sydre Brut Chateau de Hauteville, Eric Bordelais (Charchigne, Mayenne, Loire Valley)                                4.60          26.00
NV Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC by Cantina Colli Euganei(Veneto, Italy)                                               7.00          36.50
NV Royale Reserve Brut by Champagne Philiponnat (Champagne, France)                                                      10.90         46.00

                                                                                          Glass 125ml    Glass 175ml   Carafe 500ml   Bottle 750ml

2011 Cortese Del Piemonte Amonte (Piemonte, Italy)                                             3.00        4.20          11.90         17.00
2011 Viognier Baron de Badassier (Languedoc, France)                                           3.90        5.20          14.90         21.00
2011 Sauvignon de Pays de Val de Loire Villemade (Loire, France)                               4.60        6.20          17.00         23.80
2009 Vouvray sec Domaine Champalou (Loire, France)                                             5.20        6.90          19.50         29.50
2008 Pinot Blanc Maison Trimbach (Alsace, France)                                              6.50        8.50          23.50         34.90
2010 Mâcon Charnay Gueugnon-Remond (Burgundy, France)                                          6.90        8.60          24.90         36.00
2010 Marsanne Domaine Louis-Cheze (Rhone Valley, France)                                       7.20        8.80          26.00         38.00
                                                                                          (Glass100ml)       -             -
Sherry- Manzanilla San Leon Pasada by H. de Argueso (Spain, Andalucia)                         5.50                                    37.00

2011 Côtes de Provence Rosé by Thomas Carteron (Provence, France)                              4.00        5.60          16.00         23.50

2011 Bergerie de la Bastide (Languedoc, France)                                                3.50        4.50          12.50         18.00
2011 Raisins Gaulois Marcel Lapierre (Beaujolais, France)                                      4.80        6.30          17.50         25.80
2006 Barbera d’Asti Superiore Trinchero (Italy, Piedmont)                                      5.50        7.45          21.90         27.00
2010 Bout d’Zan Mas de Libian (France, Côtes du Rhône)                                         5.80        7.60          22.00         28.00
2010 Bourgueil Trinch Domaine C. & P. Breton (France, Loire Valley)                            6.20        8.00          22.50         32.00
2007 Bourgogne Pinot Noir Remoissenet Père & Fils (Beaune, Burgundy)                           6.50        8.50          23.50         33.00

                                                                                                                       Glass 100ml    Bottle 375ml

2008 Jurançon La Magendia de Lapeyre (S.W.France, Pyrenees)                                                               7.50         28.00
2009 Maury Vintage Rouge Mas Amiel (S.W. France)-bottle 500ml                                                             7.80         38.00
2010 'Cordon Cut' Riesling Mount Horrocks (Clare Valley, Australia)                                                       9.50         39.00

                                                                                                                       Glass 100ml    Bottle 375ml

Porto Tawny 10 Years Quinta do Infantado (Portugal, Douro) (375ml bottle)                                                 8.00         25.00
Light-colored and quite delicious with its good hazlenut, caramel and toasted almond flavors

Aperitifs                                                                                                               Glass 25ml

Pastis 51 Pernod (Provence, France)                                                                                       3.00
Rhum (Captain Morgan)                                                                                                     3.50
Wiskey(Famous Grouse)                                                                                                     3.00
Gin & Tonic (Bombay Sapphire & Scwheppes tonic)                                                                           6.00
Vodka & Tonic (Tovarich & Scwheppes tonic)                                                                                5.00
                                                                                                                        Glass 125ml
Kir Bourgogne aligoté & crème de cassis Briottet                                                                          5.50
Kir Royal Champagne & crème de cassis Briottet                                                                            11.00
Passion Fruit Bellini Prosecco & Passion fruit purée                                                                      7.60

                                                                                                                        Bottle 33ml

Camden Lager (Camden Town, London)                                                                                        3.80
Camden Pale Ale (Camden Town, London)                                                                                     3.90
                                                     Natural Wine                                                                                2

2009 Sydre Brut Chateau de Hauteville, Eric Bordelais (Charchigne, Mayenne, Loire Valley)                                     26.00
classic dry cider, tender and mellow in the mouth, yet also lively with plenty of acidity and extremely refreshing.
Royale Reserve Brut Philiponnat (France, Champagne)                                                                           46.00
Champagne blend, crisp with citrus fruits and greengage aromas, delicate mousse.


NV Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC Cantina Colli Euganei(Veneto, Italy)                                                       36.50
Aromas are fresh and fruity with floral hints. The palate is soft and lively without being aggressive.


2011 Viognier Baron de Badassiere (Languedoc-Roussillon)                                                                      21.00
Viognier, aromas of apricots and peaches with a hint of floral and herbal notes.
2009 Chasselas vinifié sans soufre Pierre Frick (Alsace)                                                                      26.00
Chasselas, quite vinous with reminiscent of greengage, mirabelle and dried banana
1999 Savennières, Domaine Damien Laureau (Anjou, Loire Valley)                                                                28.00
A diamond-bright yellow in the glass. Aromatic tropical-fruit aromas suggesting apricot and peach with an excellent acidity
2010 Vouvray Sec Domaine Champalou (Loire Valley)                                                                             29.50
Chenin Blanc, lean and steely citrus fruit evolving to a soft roundness on the finish.
2009 Bourgogne aligoté Domaine Alice & Olivier de Moor (Burgundy)                                                             30.00
Wine made from Aligoté grapes with lovely fresh, ripe, pear-fruit flavours and a hint of citrus.
2011 Sancerre ‘La Vigne Blanche’ Domaine Henri Bourgeois (Loire Valley)                                                       32.00
Sauvignon Blanc, powerful mineral aromas, dry and soft.
2008 Pinot blanc Domaine Trimbach (Alsace)                                                                                    34.90
Pinot Blanc, very mineral, floral and intense.
2010 Mâcon Charnay Domaine Gueugnon-Remond (Charnay-les-Mâcon, Burgundy)                                                      36.00
Unoaked Chardonnay, nose shows ripe delicious apple, pear, mineral and a hint of baked bread.
2010 Marsanne Pays des Collines Rhôdaniennes, Domaine Louis-Cheze (Rhone Valley)                                              39.00
Very creamy marsanne grappe, floral notes, with apricot, flowers, a touch of honey and a bit of spice on the ending
2010 Pouilly-fumé Alexandre Bain (France, Loire Valley)                                                                       47.50
Sauvignon Blanc, flavours of quince and pear.
2010 Condrieu La Petite Côte Domaine Yves Cuilleron (France, Rhône Valley)                                                    59.00
Viognier, lots of ripe peach and apricot aromas, full-bodied, round textured, amazing balanced.


2011 Cortese del Piemonte Amonte (Italy, Piedmont)                                                                            17.00
Cortese, lovely pear and stone fruits notes
2011 Gavi di Gavi La Giustiniana Lugarara (Italy, Piedmont)                                                                   35.00
Cortese, fresh perfume of green apples on the nose which gives way to a ripe and elegant palate with hints of almonds
2009 Petite Arvine Les Cretes (Italy, Aosta Valley)                                                                           37.00
Petite Arvine, aromatic notes of apricot, nice complexity


2010 Tokaji Dry Furmint Disznoko(Tokaj, Hungary)                                                                              24.00
Flavors of stone fruits, pear, lemon, green apple and floral nose with some herbal tint from grassiness.

                                                         Natural Wine                                                                 3
        2011 Côtes de Provence Rosé, Cuvée Elégance Thomas & Cecile Carteron (Provence)                                                 21.00
        Grenache blend, dry style, berry fruits aromas.

        2011 Bergerie de la Bastide (Languedoc Roussillon)                                                                              18.00
        Grenache Noir blend, red fruit aromas of cranberries and red cherries, lively acidity
        2011 Raisins Gaulois Marcel Lapierre (Beaujolais)                                                                               25.80
        Gamay, fun & fresh wine with festive fruit aromas
        2010 Bout d’Zan Mas de Libian (Rhône Valley)                                                                                    28.00
        Grenache noir & syrah blend, black cherry, peppery spice, earthy notes, and liquorice
        2010 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil "Hurluberlu" Sebastien David (Loire Valley)                                                     30.00
        Cabernet Franc, it is sapid, savoury, moreish and delicious served lightly chilled.
        2010 Bourgueil Trinch Domaine Catherine & Pierre Breton (Loire Valley)                                                          32.00
        Cabernet Franc, plenty of violets on the nose, mineral, lush and silky.
        2007 Bourgogne Pinot Noir Remoissenet Père & Fils (Beaune, Burgundy)                                                            33.00
        Sweet red fruits, integrated oak with soft ripe tannins and a silky texture through to a lingering elegant finish.
        2010 Morgon Classic Domaine Jean Foillard (Beaujolais)                                                                          34.00
        Bright purple, pungent aromas of redcurrant, black raspberry, dried rose and minerals, with a smoky overtone
        2010 Saint Joseph Montez (Rhone Valley)                                                                                         36.00
        Syrah, black cherries, green olives & violet aromas.
        2008 Givry Clos les Grandes Vignes Domaine Parize Père & Fils (Givry, Burgundy)                                                 41.00
        Pinot Noir, rich buttery nose, ripe orchard fruit aromas, long finish.
        2005 Château Belgrave, 5ème Cru Classé (Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux)                                                                   65.00
earthy, Deep rich fruit, earthy, meaty and a hint of chocolate with notes of oak and old leather
        2009 Gevrey Chambertin Philippe Pacalet (Burgundy)                                                                              80.00
        Pinot Noir, fresh, fragrant and mineral with musky red and black fruits.
        2007 Pontet Canet, Grand Cru Classé, Pauillac (Bordeaux)                                                                       100.00
        Cabernet Sauvignon blend, fruit forward aromas, elegant minerality, full body, strong tannins.
        2008 Chambolle-Musigny 1er cru Philippe Pacalet (Burgundy)                                                                     110.00
        Pinot Noir, elegant and rich with fragrances of amber, rose, violet and fur.

        2006 Barbera d’Asti Superiore Trinchero (Italy, Piedmont)                                                                       27.00
        Barbera, fresh and fruity, hints of leather, meat & black cherry, beautiful natural acidity.
        2009 Primitivo Della Puglia Botromagno (Italy, Puglia)                                                                          30.00
        Full body, spicy with leather hints.

        2010 Gran Cerdo by Gonzalo G. Grijalba (Spain, Rioja)                                                                           19.50
        Tempranillo, notes of fresh fruit, strawberry, raspberry and violet with clean mineral tones.

        Sweet & Fortified
        2008 Jurançon La Magendia de Lapeyre (S.W.France, Pyrenees) (375ml bottle)                                                      29.00
        Nuances of exotic fruits, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, toast and vanilla flavors with a hint of additional wood spice.

        2009 Maury Vintage Rouge Domaine Mas Amiel (France, Roussillon) (500ml bottle)                                                 38.00
        Grenache noir, black fruits and soft tannins, nuances of crème-de cassis and bitter chocolate.

        New world
        2010 Cordon Cut Riesling Mount Horrocks (Australia, Clare Valley) (375ml bottle)                                             36.00
        Riesling, pears and mandarin flavours, crisp acidity.

                                                                  Natural Wine                                                                 4
Eaux de vie & Digestifs
Gin                                                                                                             Glass 25ml

Sipsmith Dry Gin (London, Hammersmith)                                                                            4.30


Sipsmith Barley Vodka (London, Hammersmith)                                                                       4.30

Sipsmith's London Dry Gin and Barley Vodka are distilled from the finest English Barley spirit with 10 carefully selected
botanicals, and blended with the exceptionally pure water of the Lydwell spring, one of the sources of the River Thames.


Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 12 Years (Venezuela)                                                                4.90

Fabulous Venezuelan dark golden rum, distilled from molasses in a copper potstill before 12 years of ageing.
Rich, sweet and fruity
                                                                                                                Glass 50 ml

Château du breuil – VSOP, Pays d’Auge                                                                             5.90


Baron de Signognac – VSOP, Bas Amargnac                                                                           6.90
Baron de Signognac – 1972, Bas Armagnac                                                                          14.00


François Voyer

VSOP, Grande Champagne 1er cru de Cognac (Charente, France)                                                      8.90
XO, Grande Champagne 1er cru de Cognac (Charente, France)                                                       14.00

Eaux de vie & liqueurs

Marc de Bourgogne, Dames Huguettes Joseph Cartron (Burgundy France)-25ml                                          5.00

Goutte de Reine-Claude (plum) Distillerie artisanale Monsieur Laurent Cazottes - 25ml                             6.50
Liqueur de Coing sauvage (Wild Quince) Distillerie artisanale Monsieur Laurent Cazottes - 50ml                    6.50
Liqueur de Fleur de Sureau (Elderflower) Distillerie artisanale Monsieur Laurent Cazottes - 50ml                  6.50

Soft Drinks

Apple                                                                                                            2.00
Orange                                                                                                           2.20
Cranberry                                                                                                        2.40
Soda water        20cl                                                                                           2.50
Tonic water       20cl                                                                                           2.50
Coca-cola         33cl                                                                                           2.95
Diet Coca-cola    33cl                                                                                           2.95

                                                Natural Wine                                                             5

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           Natural Wine                   6

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