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Kibala CP Physics
Ch3 sec7 Impulse and Change in Momentum

                               Crumple Zone Lab
Objective: To create a crumple zone no higher than 1 cm above the height of the car
which reduces the Maximum Force on a vehicle below 2 N by increasing the time of
contact to above .3 seconds.

Materials: Straws, index cards, printer paper, paper clips, scotch tape

Set Data Studio to 50 Hz collection rate in the setup menu. Send cars down towards
a force probe from a height of 2 books. Feel free to make a crumple zone on the car
or on the cardboard surface of the force probe. When finished for the period,
remove your crumple zone off of the lab set up.

Hand In:
For each trial take a picture of the crumple zone and copy and paste the picture or
screen shot it into this lab document, and screen shot a picture of a Force vs time
graph from data studio for that crumple zone. Label each trial. Under the picture of
the Force vs Time graph list the maximum Force and time of contact for each trial.
Print out this document with pictures and graphs and answered questions and hand
in Wednesday May 2nd.

  1. Does the crumple zone change the impulse needed to stop the car? Provide
      an example of a Force and time of contact combination for 1) with a crumple
      zone and 2) without a crumple zone to show mathematically how a crumple
      zone effects the impulse needed to stop the car.
  2. In this experiment what can you do to your set up to change the impulse
      applied to stop the car. Explain why this would change the impulse needed
      to stop the car. Relate your change in your lab set up to a real life situation,
      which would change the impulse needed to stop a car.
  3. Study the picture below. Often you will see the objects in the picture full of
      sand and placed in front of the beginning of a concrete barrier, between toll-
      booths, at the bottom of a steep hill, or at a racetrack. Explain their purpose.

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