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Financing Application
Requested loan amount: US $5,000,000.00

Contents:         Introduction
                  The Loan
                  Management Strength and Diversity
                  Business Strategy / Contingencies
                  Loan Structure and Incentives

Following selection for four design and construction projects in the United Arab Emirates, the
Marcxell Group has been proposed a joint venture for company creation with the PLATINUM
GROUP, whose principal office is located in Abu Dhabi. This joint venture ascertains the Marcxell
Group’s presence in the United Arab Emirates through the study, construction and management of
three water and energy complexes (a combined structure for water treatment, desalination,
bottling, recycling and energy production, “the Green Bay” project. ), as well as a state-of-the-art
women’s hospitals to be located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Platinum Group, mainly owned by
President Sheikh Khalifa, is a corporation that undertakes government projects in the Emirates.

The relation between our corporation, Marcxell Inc. Group and the Platinum Group, is based on
sincere friendship, trust, and strong business ethics of mutual respect. In order to proceed with
Phase I which includes finalizing the joint venture agreement with the Platinum Group and
commencing construction activities, Marcxell Inc. intends to raise five million US dollars.
Two million US dollars from the initial funds will be paid to the Platinum Group as a joint venture
fee to provide Marcxell with of all of the needed engineering, construction and other required
licenses appropriate to the type and size of each particular project. In addition, all necessary visas
and permits for Marcxell staff and office space will be provided. Marcxell Inc. receives all licenses,
permits, visas, and facilities to begin work of the Women’s Hospital and of the Green Bay industrial
water treatment complexes. The Platinum Group furthermore arranged with the Government of
the United Arab Emirates that the latter provide Marcxell Inc. personnel with business and work
visas for construction and management of these projects. Marcxell’s joint venture with the
Platinum Group provides a high rating to obtain local UAE bank support for financial transactions
for project financing and operating funds.

In order to ensure quality control of design and construction of all of our projects Marcxell Inc. will
provide professional staffing from the United States and Europe. State of the art know-how and
reliability are at the core of our business reputation and integrity. Because Marcxell Inc.
recognizes that the development of the UAE is not only in bricks and mortar, we are committed to
hiring and training UAE Nationals who are university graduates.

Marcxell Inc. ; Address : 7000 Central Parkway, NE ∙ Suite 1770 ∙ Atlanta, GA 30328 ∙ (Tel) 678-377-7800 ∙ (Fax) 678-377-7806
Working with the Platinum Group gives complete flexibility and freedom, licenses and
authorizations to design and build government projects. In the agreement entered with the
Platinum Group, the Marcxell Inc. Group has been guaranteed access to all licenses required to
work in all regions of the Gulf.

UAE law mandates that a backing guarantee in an amount from 10 to 15% of the value of the
project be put in advance to guarantee the financial stability and quality of the foreign operating
company during construction phases. This secures the project and the end client’s investment.
Because of our joint Venture relationship with the Platinum Group this requirement is waived.

Many foreign firms find difficulty in implementing their projects in the United Arab Emirates due
to lack of information coupled with the initial hurdles faced by foreign investors. In order to avoid
delays and work around such difficulties the Marcxell Inc. group, has selected the right personal
and business connections, and has exercised care to establish an appropriate feasibility study
which takes into account UAE local considerations.

Under UAE law, American and European citizens can stay in the UAE for up to three months for
tourism or business. However for a work visa, the law requires that a specific request be made
regarding the nature of the visa that the foreign company needs.

Under the JV agreement with the Platinum Group, Marcxell Inc.’s management team members are
provided with permanent business visas, making it easier for Marcxell Inc. to oversee the
construction project from conception to completion without any disruptions. The agreement also
provides for the manual labor personnel, consisting of the majority of the construction work force,
to get simple employment visas.

The agreement signed with the Platinum Group requires us to set up capital to secure the above-
mentioned rights and ensure the grant of these previously approved construction projects. The
Platinum Group has secured these projects for Marcxell Inc. by using their strong position in the
UAE to show that the well-conceived Marcxell Inc. projects are the most attractive and beneficial
to the UAE over similar projects.

Marcxell Inc. group is hereby applying to your institution for a loan for US $5,000,000 to satisfy
the conditions for implementation of the joint venture with the Platinum Group.

Marcxell Inc. ; Address : 7000 Central Parkway, NE ∙ Suite 1770 ∙ Atlanta, GA 30328 ∙ (Tel) 678-377-7800 ∙ (Fax) 678-377-7806
Mr. John Kamin Marcxell, the Marcxell Group founder and CEO, has twenty years of engineering
and construction experience around the world. His many years of excellence in this line of work
have allowed him to open doors to these privileged business connections, particularly with high
level niche in the UAE. Even though Mr. Marcxell is the primary mover and visionary in the
Marcxell Inc. group, he is not the only one holding the reins of the Marcxell Inc. group. The
Marcxell Inc. group has in place a Board of Directors who also see to the company’s future, and
protect it in the unlikely event that anything should happen to Mr. Marcxell. This Board of
Directors includes dynamic and visionary individuals with expertise, international experience, and
drive in many industries.

Just to name a few, four directors here under described are candidate to oversee the company’s

Senior Vice President Kevin Harmon brings 18 years of international consulting and management
experience to Marcxell Inc. He founded and managed a company that is widely recognized as one
of the top U.S. companies in the area of analytical chemistry quality control services. His expertise
in water treatment and sensitivity to environmental issues is a driving force in Marcxell Inc’s.
water treatment and energy infrastructure projects. He successfully completed over 230
environmental projects around the world.

Senior Vice President Mrs. Natalie Marcxell, Mr. Marcxell’s wife, has considerable human
resources experience and manages Serthom, the Human Resources operating company within the
Marcxell Inc. Group. She shares her husband’s vision as one of his closest, influential and reliable

Senior Vice President Philippe Lecoin has many years of experience and leadership with leading
his own import and export companies focused upon custom designs and manufacturing for
hospitality projects. He is Mr. Marcxell’s close friend and confidant. His entrepreneurial spirit and
boundless energy are one of the fundamental keys to Marcxell Inc.’s success.

Senior Vice President Haywood Wise, an international lawyer, member of the French and U.S. bars,
has substantial corporate, finance, mergers and acquisitions, banking and transactional experience
and is intimately involved in the structuring of business and investment decisions of the Marcxell
Inc. group.

In the expected scenario, the Platinum Group will be signing the construction contracts with the
Federal Government within no more than two months after the joint venture company is
established. Construction agreements provide for payments in increments based upon
percentages of completion, with an initial down payment in the amount of at least 10% of total
completion prices. Hence, for either the Women’s Hospital project or the Green Bay water

Marcxell Inc. ; Address : 7000 Central Parkway, NE ∙ Suite 1770 ∙ Atlanta, GA 30328 ∙ (Tel) 678-377-7800 ∙ (Fax) 678-377-7806
treatment/energy production project, where the total construction expense was established
through feasibility studies at multi-million dollar costs, the initial down payment of just one of
these projects, which is significantly higher than the loan figure, will be obtained by project
financing from the federal government and UAE banks, thus allowing full reimbursement the
$5,000,000 loan within four to five months once the joint venture with the Platinum Group is

Because Marcxell is doing multiple projects, in a worst-case scenario where one of the projects
above should fail for one reason or another, Marcxell Inc. would have the other projects to rely on.
In addition the government of Kuwait has informally asked for a hospital development right away
and Indonesia is currently finalizing a construction agreement for an electrical generator and
water treatment project in Indonesia with the government funded company KIMA2. The
Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has given also given Marcxell
Inc. exploitation privileges for 60 to 90 square kilometers in various islands to develop for
tourism. Finally, Marcxell Inc. has many other connections that are in the talking stages for
numerous other projects.

As the Marcxell Group is pursuing various projects in the world at once, we have the utmost
confidence that Marcxell Inc. will begin construction of numerous projects within the short term.
Given that these projects involve initial down payments well exceeding the requested $5,000,000
USD in financing, even in a worst case scenario, the Marcxell Inc. group is certain to be in a
position to reimburse the loan without difficulty.

Notwithstanding the above, the Marcxell Inc. Group has secured contractual assurances from its
partners in the UAE that significantly limit the risk of default. The Marcxell Inc.’s state-of-the art
projects have already received approval from the highest ranking officials of the UAE Government,
such as the Minister of Health. Because of Marcxell Inc.’s acceptance into the core UAE community
through its relation with The Platinum Group, and the prior acceptance of its unequalled
infrastructure projects, Marcxell has distinctive advantages over any competitors.

In addition to normal interest on the loan Marcxell Inc. will pay an additional five percent (5%)
interest in the initial loan to the lender.

As Marcxell, Inc. will be working for many years in the UAE and throughout the Gulf, it seeks to
procure and preserve its relationship with a long term financial partner. Marcxell Inc. intends that
such stability will create a mutually successful business relationship with its partner on all of the

Marcxell Inc. ; Address : 7000 Central Parkway, NE ∙ Suite 1770 ∙ Atlanta, GA 30328 ∙ (Tel) 678-377-7800 ∙ (Fax) 678-377-7806

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