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A.2a Organizational Planning _ Improvement Committee _OPIC


									Organizational Planning & Improvement Committee (OPIC)
While other College committees contribute to the achievement of the strategic plan, OPIC focuses on activities related to forming, maintaining, and evaluating the
planning process, and evaluating institutional progress toward achieving the strategic plan.

Charges                                    Membership                             Support Resources          Procedures
   Conduct a mini environmental scan      Chair – Dean, Institutional            Administrative             A quorum of members must be present for actions to
    every five years.                        Research & Planning                  Assistant to the Dean,     be approved. A simple majority will be necessary to
   Review institutional progress                                                 Institutional Research     pass any motions (7 members).
    toward achieving strategic goals by    Academic Vice President                & Planning
    reviewing internal reports,            4 – Full-time faculty                                             Use reports to obtain factual information and data
    institutional reports to external      1 – Adjunct faculty                                               impacting the College, including but not limited to:
    sources, and reports prepared by       2 – Professional / Technical                                        Institutional reports (e.g. Performance Report,
    external resources.                    2 – Support Staff                                                     Program Review Report, Underrepresented
   Propose planning priorities and        1 – Student Services                                                  Groups Report),
    recommendations for achieving          1 (or more) Students                                                Internal reports (e.g. annual, assessment, budget,
    strategic goals.                                                                                             and enrollment reports; status of budget requests
   Propose recommendations for future     Members serve a two-year term; half                                   coming from program reviews and operational
    strategic plans.                       rotate off the committee each year                                    planning),
   Participate in the process to revise                                                                       Reports prepared by external sources (e.g.
    the strategic directions.              (13 members)                                                          government, economic development, education
                                           President ex-officio
                                                                                                             Request information from non-committee members,
                                                                                                             as needed.

                                                                                                             Propose actions, priorities, and recommendations to
                                                                                                             be included in the planning process, to the Dean of
                                                                                                             Institutional Research & Planning.

                                                                                                             The Dean of Institutional Research & Planning will
                                                                                                             provide status updates on recommendations as they
                                                                                                             progress through the planning process.

                                                                                                             Document and publish for the College community all
                                                                                                             approved recommendations.
December 2010

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