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North Shore Chiropractor, Dr. Steven Blomerth DC, teaches individuals and groups in the community the safe and natural steps they can take to manage and relieve chronic pain. The doctor works very closely with people who are suffering from pain resulting from injuries, accidents or other conditions that may be causing disruption in their daily activities and helps them to return to a more active pain-free life.

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									North Shore, MA Chiropractor, Teaches Natural Methods For Management And Relief Of Chronic Pain

North Shore, MA, 25-MAR-2013 - North Shore Chiropractor, Dr. Steven Blomerth, DC, teaches
individuals who are suffering from chronic pain the safe and natural methods for effective management
and relief. The doctor addresses all aspects of pain and provides the holistic approach that will enable
individuals to become more active and enjoy a greater quality of life.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Blomerth shared his philosophy on maintaining greater health and
wellness. "Over the past several years the ability of individuals to become active participants in
achieving greater health and wellness has increased significantly. There are often many contributing
factors that cause chronic pain and without taking proper steps to address all of these factors an person
often finds that the pain returns quickly. I work very closely with my patients to identify the root cause
of the pain and the steps that they can take to ensure that they are able to more effectively manage the
pain. By providing comprehensive programs that include care, education, and training people are often
able to return to the activities they have enjoyed in the past."

After an initial examination that includes x-rays, a physical examination and testing to identify
misalignment, compression or other issues that may be contributing to the pain, the doctor will discuss
other contributing factors. The discussion will include a review of the past medical history of the
individual, past injuries or accidents and a history of the pain. Dr. Blomerth will also discuss the diet
and exercise regimen of the individual as well as their normal activities, diet and stressors that may be
present in their daily life.

Following a review of all of the data collected, Dr. Blomerth develops a comprehensive wellness
program that includes care to address the immediate pain, and training and education to empower the
patient to become a more proactive participant in their overall wellness. The doctor may recommend a
change in diet to increase the important vitamins and nutrients required by the body to heal more
effectively, and exercises that are designed to strengthen the muscle groups supporting the damaged
areas of the body that are being addressed.

When stress or tension are contributing to the pain, Dr. Blomerth provides training that will help an
individual to address triggers before pain ensues. The doctor also educates patients on the simple steps
they can take to more effectively manage pain and begin participating in daily activities without fear of
recurring issues.

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