8847_rubic_authenticassessment_BriggsH.xls by ajizai


									                           Multimedia Project: Authentic Assessment
Instructor Name:                                   Henry Briggs
 Student Name:

  CATEGORY         4                     3                     2                     1
Requirements       All requirements are All requirements are One requirement         More than one
                   met and exceeded. met.                    was not completely      requirement was not
                   =/DIV>                                    met. =/DIV>             completely =et.

Mechanics          No misspellings or    Three or fewer        Four misspellings     More than 4 errors
                   grammatical errors.   misspellings and/or   and/or grammatical    in spelling or
                   =/DIV>                =echanical errors.    errors. =/DIV>        grammar.

Sources            Source information    Source information    Source information    Very little or no
                   collected for all     collected for all     collected for         source information
                   =raphics, facts and   =raphics, facts and   graphics, =acts and   was =ollected.
                   quotes. All           quotes. Most          quotes, but not
                   documented in         documented in         documented in
                   desired format.       desired format.       desired format.

Content            Covers topic in-      Includes essential    Includes essential    Content is minimal
                   depth with details    knowledge about       information about     OR there are
                   and =xamples.         the =opic. Subject    the =opic but there   several =actual
                   Subject knowledge     knowledge appears     are 1-2 factual       errors.
                   is excellent.         to be good.           errors.

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