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Circuit Court Conciliators
                                    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  News from the Prince William County Bar Association
  Program, pg. 3

SPECIAL ISSUE                            Volume XI Issue X                                             November 2006

    ACTS/Turning Points, pg. 4
    LSNV, pg. 4
    BARN, pg. 4
    Pro bono report, pg. 5          President’s Message
    Pro bono Attorney of the Year   By W. Michael Phipps
      Nominations, pg. 6
                                    Hard to believe but this year is winding down. However, before we all “check out” for the
Web site updates, pg. 6             upcoming holiday season, there are a couple of things coming up that will be of interest to
                                    the members.
Announcements, pg. 7
                                    Before I get into that, I want to thank all the members who attended and supported the
PWC Bar Welcomes Newest
 Members, pgs. 7, 8
                                    Candidate’s Forums this fall. The PWCBA co-sponsored forums with the Prince William
                                    Committee of 100 for the candidates in the following races: the 11th Congressional
Listserv Update, pg. 8              District, the General Assembly’s 50th District House of Delegates and the Chair of the
                                    Prince William County Board of Supervisors. I think this was a positive experience for the
Young Lawyers Conference            association and allowed us to continue to have an active role in the election process.
  Update, pg. 8
                                    I also want to thank Jim Willett and Casey Stevens for making their recent CLE
September BOD Meeting               presentations just in the nick of time for the Halloween MCLE deadline. Was that a trick
  Highlights, pg. 9                 or a treat? I’m sorry to say that I missed them both. I was very organized this year and got
                                    all my credits well in advance. Yep, got them all the first week of October.

Inserts                             Okay, enough of the recent past and on to the immediate future. The 2006 Character
                                    Counts Essay Contest is fast approaching. Each year the PWCBA sponsors this event to
2007 Court Closing Calendars for    encourage middle school student’s to consider and write about the following key character
Circuit Court                       traits: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. I
General District Court
J&DR District Court
                                    encourage all of you to consider volunteering to participate in the reading and judging of
                                    the student’s essays. Many are well written and thought provoking. Plus all of us could
Pro bono Attorney of the Year       use a little remedial work in the character department. The cash prizes awarded in this
Nomination Form                     event are provided by a grant from the Prince William County Bar Foundation. Yet
                                    another reminder as to what a vibrant and financially secure foundation provides to our
Annual CLE Survey                   membership. Don’t forget to support the PWCBF!!!

                                    By now the members should have the annual Judicial Evaluations. Some have asked why
                                    we continue our program when the Supreme Court of Virginia has instituted its own
                                    Judicial Performance Evaluation Program. The answer is simple: the Supreme Court’s
                                    program does not provide the evaluation information to the members of the General
                                    Assembly and will not do so until 2010. It is vitally important that our legislators have the
                                    bar’s input on our judges’ performance. Each of you should complete and return the
                                    Judicial Evaluations in a timely fashion. I say this because our judges want to do a good
                                    job and have grave responsibilities. They deserve to be complimented on what they do
                                    well and they equally deserve constructive criticism where appropriate. It’s kind of like
                                    voting. If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about the kind of government we have.
                                    If you’re unwilling to participate in the evaluations, you shouldn’t carp about a judge’s

                                    Finally, Leadership Applications are due by November 10, 2006 and returnable to Amy
                                    Ashworth.                                                     Continued, page 3
November 2006, page 2

                                         Trust Account Management
                                         By Janean S. Johnston, J.D.

                                         Editor’s note: Ms. Johnston presented a CLE on Trust Account Management at the
                                         October luncheon meeting. The following is an excerpt from her presentation,
                                         printed with her permission. She began her presentation with the following questions
                                         concerning trust account management practices at your law firm:

                                         1.  Is there a separation of trust and general operating funds?
Prince William County
                                         2.  Do you avoid co-mingling your funds with your clients’ funds?
Bar Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 31                              3.  Is your trust accounting current?
Manassas, Virginia 20108                 4.  Do you reconcile your trust accounts monthly?
                                         5.  In addition to your cash receipts and cash disbursement journals (or adequately
Offices 3rd Floor, PWC Judicial Center       detailed and bound checkbook entries for each), do you maintain a subsidiary
9311 Lee Avenue                              ledger for each client?
Manassas, Virginia 20110                 6. Do you perform a quarterly (at least) trial balance of the subsidiary ledgers?
                                         7. Do you initial and date the above periodic reconciliations, in order to demonstrate
TEL (703) 393-8865                           your oversight of the trust funds?
LRS (703) 393-2306
                                         8. Are two signatures (this does not apply to solos) required for all withdrawals of
FAX (703) 331-5683
                                             funds from client trust accounts?
Web site:
                                         9. Are clients provided a complete accounting before funds are disbursed?
                                         10. Do you keep all financial records for at least 5 years following the termination of
2006                                         the fiduciary relationship?
Officers and Directors                   11. Do you know it is a “best practices” procedure to have an annual review/audit of
W. Michael Phipps                            all trust accounts by an accountant?
(703) 792-6050                           Hopefully, you were able to respond with a “yes” answer to all of the questions that
                                         applied to your practice. Because this important topic has not been covered in detail,
Casey R. Stevens                         please read Rule 1.15 thoroughly, and if you have any further trust accounting
President-Elect                          questions, please give Ms. Johnston a call at (703) 567-0088.
(703) 897-1777

Tracy C. Hudson                          Other helpful resources:
Immediate Past President
(703) 361-0776                           The Virginia MCLE department has a guide called “Lawyers and Other Peoples’
                                         Money” that is an excellent resource for those responsible for handling the
Jeanice B. Wiethop                       accounting in a law firm. Call 1-800-979-8253 to order a copy.
(703) 792-6050
                                         Quick Books is the most used accounting software by small law firms, those with
Robert P. Coleman                        five attorneys or fewer, and they have an excellent on-line tutorial to get you started.
(703) 361-8246                           The Virginia State Bar operates an Ethics Hotline. Call 1(804) 775-0564 and ask
                                         questions confidentially. If you follow the advice given, and still have trouble with
Daniel J. Morissette                     the VSB regarding the ethics related issue you inquired about, you can request that
Director 2003-07                         the Ethics Hotline release your call record to verify that you were acting at their
(703) 257-7979                           direction.
Barbara Murphy Stough
                                         The Virginia State Bar also operates a Risk Management Hotline. Call John
Director 2004-08
(703) 365-0090                           Brandt at 1(800) 215-7854 with your questions regarding malpractice insurance
                                         related issues. There is no fee for this service.
Megan E. Kelly
Director 2005-09                         Janean Johnston, with the Risk Management Section of the Virginia State Bar, is
(703) 792-6620                           also an independent risk management consultant. She is especially versed in issues
                                         related to the day-to-day management of law office systems and procedures as related
Richard H. Boatwright                    to compliance with the Virginia State Bar’s Ethical Guidelines. You may call her at
Director 2006-2010                       (703) 567-0088.
(703) 361-8246

John D. Whittington
Bar Council Rep. 2004-07
(703) 257-5668
                                                                                                           November 2006, page 3

General District Court Timesavers Manual – 2006                                          Prince William County Bar
                                                                                         Association, Inc.
Please be advised, the General District Court Timesavers Manual has been updated to
reflect new legislation from the 2006 Session of the Virginia General Assembly, as       Office Hours
well as other updates, as appropriate, from the court. This update was provided in a     9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Mon.—Fri.
timely fashion by the court, and is now available for members to view and download,      The PWCBA Office is located on
should they so desire, on the bar’s web site at, under the For             third floor of the Prince William
Members section.                                                                         County Judicial Center, next to the
FYI: Updates to the Circuit Court Timesavers Manual are in progress. Development
of the J&DR Timesavers Manual is also in progress and moving towards final draft.        Guidelines for Submissions to
                                                                                         Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
                                                                                         Submissions should be directed to the
2007 Court Closing Calendars                                                             attention of Alissa N. Hudson,
                                                                                         Executive Director, PWCBA
All three courts have prepared their 2007 Court Closing Calendars. These calendars       preferably via email to
are provided as an insert in this month’s newsletter and they will be posted on the , or fax to
bar’s web site shortly.                                                                   (703) 331-5683, or mail to
                                                                                         Prince William County Bar
Circuit Court Conciliators Program                                                       Association, Inc.,
By J. Scott Krein                                                                        P.O. Box 31,
                                                                                         Manassas, VA 20108.
The Circuit Court Motions Day Conciliation program is beginning to see consistent        All submissions must be paid in
use. Although limited to discovery motions, September saw at least one and               advance, and are due by 5:00 PM on
frequently several discovery disputes conciliated every Friday morning. The disputes     the 10th of the month preceding
have ranged from the number of Interrogatories propounded, to the adequacy of            publication and must include a contact
responses, to the scope of discovery.                                                    name and phone number.

The program is completely voluntary and confidential. While there is absolutely no       For inquiries regarding classified or
prejudice to anyone in participating in the conciliation program, there is obvious       display advertising, contact the
benefit in the event everyone’s efforts are successful. While not every dispute can be   PWCBA office at (703) 393-8865, to
resolved, even narrowing the scope of the dispute or focusing the issues can be of       request a copy of the most recent rate
value to the parties and the court.                                                      card, or visit the bar on line at
                                                                                under "About the
The Conciliators will be in front of Courtroom 3 by 10:00 a.m. The meeting room          Bar", "Advertising and Sponsorships".
facing the hallway will be available for the parties to meet with a conciliator.
                                                                                         PWCBA Listserv Guidelines
We continue to need additional volunteers to keep the program running smoothly, and      You are encouraged to sign up for the
kindly request that those who have graciously signed up to conciliate, also remember     PWCBA listserv, which is available to all
to show up on their appointed Friday morning. We’d like to avoid lengthy wait times      members in good standing of the bar.
for parties who have agreed to try this new service.
                                                                                         To subscribe, send an email to
                                                                                and you will be added
Thank you to the many members of the Prince William County Bar who have                  to the list.
volunteered significant time to the conciliation program. If you’re interested in
adding your time and talents to this program, please contact me at (703) 580-8377 or     To post a message, send an e-mail to                                                               Your message will be
                                                                                         sent to everyone on the list.
President’s Message, Continued
                                                                                         To reply to a message, you can reply to
                                                                                         the person who posted the message by
November is Pro Bono Month and our luncheon speaker on November 3 is David
                                                                                         simply hitting <reply>. You can reply to
Baugh recent recipient of the 2006 Lewis F. Powell, Jr., Pro Bono Attorney of the        the entire list by hitting <reply all>.
Year Award, presented by the Virginia State Bar. David is no stranger to controversy
and this promises to be an informative and entertaining presentation. See you at         To unsubscribe, simply send a message to
Jake’s.                                                                         with the word
                                                                                         “unsubscribe” typed in the subject line.
                                                                                         You will automatically be removed.
November 2006, page 4

                                                                   Legal Services of Northern Virginia
 SPECIAL ISSUE: PRO BONO                                           By Naznin Saifi, Managing Attorney,
                                                                   LSNV, Prince William Branch
 RECOGNITION                                                       The Uncontested Divorce Project
 ACTS/Turning Points                                               Legal Services of Northern Virginia would like to take this
 By Sherri Quinn, Turning Points Advocate                          opportunity to thank the Prince William County Bar
                                                                   Association, the Pro Bono Committee of the Bar, and the
 Temporary Restraining Order Project                               attorneys who have assisted in making the Uncontested
                                                                   Divorce Project a success for the past six years. Through the
 Dear Members of the Prince William Bar Association:               Project, low income residents of Prince William County,
                                                                   Manassas and Manassas Park are assisted in obtaining a
 Once again I have the privilege of applauding those among         divorce.
 you who have brought compassion into the lives of people
 assisted by Turning Points. These attorneys have given their      Without the continued support of the Bar and its members,
 time and energy in support of people who have been                LSNV would not be able to offer this service to our client
 victimized by domestic violence by representing them at their     community. I would also like to thank those individuals who
 final protective order hearing. In doing so they often fashion    participated in the Uncontested Divorce CLE that was held on
 alternatives for addressing visitation or obtaining personal      Friday, January 20, 2006. Attendance at the CLE provides
 belongings when contact could pose a danger.                      trained volunteers who will continue to support the Project for
                                                                   another year.
 There is no way to relate what this support means to them. To
                                                                   Finally, I would like to thank the Prince William County
 some, pro bono simply means free of charge. To those
                                                                   Association of Legal Professionals.        Each month, the
 benefiting from your support the description would be much
                                                                   Association provides assistance to the individuals who come
 more radiant. One woman this year felt abandoned by her
                                                                   to our office seeking a divorce; they assist them with
 community when the respondent used her computer to stalk
                                                                   completing the general information questionnaire and the
 her. As others minimized her concerns her pro bono attorney
                                                                   pleadings necessary to file the divorce.
 believed her and assisted her when others turned their backs.
 The attorney’s support can make the difference between            The attorneys who have agreed to represent individuals
 someone making a change or ignoring the risks.                    through the Uncontested Divorce Project this year are:
                                                                   Dennis Carluzzo, Robert Coleman, Robert Cooper, Donald
 The following attorneys have represented people this past year    Coulter, Penny George, Conrad Hassel, David McKennett,
 for their final protective order hearing:                         Phillip Menke, Allen Newcomb, Adrienne Parker, Michelle
                                                                   Rydell, Barbara Stough, Joseph Swetnam, Arthur von
          Bob Cooper                  Lawrie Rollison              Keller, IV, Elizabeth von Keller, and Jennifer Zary.
          Catherine Croft             Loretta Vardy
          Kathleen Farrell            Arthur VonKeller
          Polly Knight                Mark Voss                    BARN Transitional Housing Facility
          Ray Morley                  Robert Walker                Jessica Nichols, Adult Care Manager
          Sevda Olmstead              Jennifer Weiss               BARN, founded in 1996, is a secular not for profit
                                                                   organization, that provides housing and access to supportive
 If you have questions about the Pro Bono Program for              services and programs for homeless women and their
 Turning Points, please call Sherri Quinn at 703-792-4782.         dependent children from a minimum of 18 months to a
 And, if you see one of these attorneys please shake their hand.   maximum of 24 months.
 They are heroes to the people they have helped.
                                                                   The mothers who gain access to the BARN’s facilities and
 I believe these attorneys emulate the words of Thomas             programs must be at least 19 years of age, having physical
 Jefferson, “May I never get too busy in my own affairs that I     custody of at least one child, ages unborn to 10 years, be
 fail to respond to the needs of others with kindness and          referred by a local homeless shelter, social services, church,
 compassion.”                                                      hospital, community organization or be self referred. All
                                                                   mothers must meet HUD guidelines for homelessness. BARN
 THANK YOU.                                                        provides the following services to its residents: Temporary
                                                                   Housing, Case Management, Job Skills Training, Counseling
                                                                   and Life Skills Training, Financial Management, Employment
                                                                   Assistance and Permanent Housing Assistance.

                                                                   In the past, the PWC Bar has participated in the BARN’s
                                                                   programming, focusing on legal issues of interest to the
                                                                                                                Continued, page 5
                                                                                                            November 2006, page 5

Pro Bono Committee
By Rusty von Keller

It is unfortunate that the public at large
maintains a negative view of lawyers.
Even Carl Sandburg authored a poem
with the memorable lines, “Why does a
hearse horse snicker/ Hauling a lawyer’s
bones away?” Concepts that lawyers
assist people, address grievances, defend
the accused, and provide an invaluable set
of checks and balances to our culture
while striving for equal justice seem lost
on the general public. Not only do
attorneys in their regular course of
business do the aforementioned but many
lawyers additionally devote large amounts
of their time to serving individuals in
their community without pay.

The Prince William County Bar is among
the leaders in the state of Virginia in the
range of their pro bono activities.
Recently, the Pro Bono Committee, for
example, sponsored a CLE seminar on
“Guardians ad Litem in Custody Cases.”
A panel of experienced private
practitioners along with the Honorable         bar. The topic of this panel was          Incapacity”, and “The Senior Citizen’s
Mary Grace O’Brien delivered this well-       “Down and Dirty: the Reality of            Handbook.”
received seminar. Volunteer attorneys,        Practicing Law.” The Summer Intern
in concert with Legal Services of             Program also involved a judicial           While further pro bono participation is
Northern Virginia, also participate in a      shadow component wherein a summer          welcome      and     encouraged,    the
free uncontested divorce program for          intern would follow a judge or private     activities of the Prince William
indigent clients. Even more attorneys         practitioner around for the day.           County Bar to date are laudable and
participate voluntarily in the Juvenile                                                  exemplary of the highest ideals of our
Court Conciliation Program, showing up        Volunteer attorneys of the Bar have        profession. Perhaps Sandburg was
weekly on each judge’s Motion Docket in       also drafted the Timesavers Manuals        more familiar with bricklayers and
an attempt to encourage a non-adversarial     for Circuit and District Court. The        laborers than with lawyers. While the
resolution of disputes in selected cases      manual for the Juvenile and Domestic       products of our profession may not be
referred by the Court. Other PWC Bar          Relations District Court has just been     as obvious as those of the poet’s
members participate in the Simple Wills       completed by a pro bono attorney and       favorites, the generous pro bono
Project, taking cases referred to them        submitted       for       consideration.   efforts of our attorneys will certainly
from the local legal services program.        Volunteer attorneys also sat on the        have far-reaching and beneficial
                                              Prince William County Drug Court           consequences for the population – and
Representation of aggrieved parties in        Committee, the Best Practices              the profession – at large.
Domestic Protective Orders in cases           Committee in Juvenile Court, the
referred by Turning Points is yet another     Supervised      Visitation     Planning    BARN, Continued
pro bono activity of the Prince William       Committee, and most recently, on the
                                              Juvenile Court Child Dependency            This need continues!            One hour
County Bar. An unusual but valuable pro                                                  programming slots are available at the
bono activity occurred when the               Mediation Committee, which seeks to
                                                                                         BARN every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m.
Committee sponsored a Summer Intern           resolve selected abuse and neglect         Currently, residents need information
Program, which incorporated a panel           cases in a non-adversarial manner.         concerning child custody, their rights
discussion consisting of a representative     Pro bono attorneys also participate in     concerning divorce, bankruptcy, and credit
judge from Juvenile, District, and Circuit    a Juvenile Court planning team for a       management. If you can volunteer to lead
Courts. The interns were also exposed to      supervised visitation center. Finally,     a one hour presentation on these or related
                                              members of the Bar participate in          topics, call Jessica Nichols at (703) 369-
a second panel of experienced attorneys
                                              selected free lectures, including “So      1325. One week notice of your availability
including solo practitioners, attorneys in                                               is sufficient, although two-three weeks
large firms, a County Attorney, a             You’re Eighteen,” “The Duties and
                                              Responsibilities of a Court-appointed      notice is easier to work with for planning
Commonwealth Attorney, a government                                                      purposes.
attorney, and a member of the defense         Special Advocate,” “Planning for
November 2006, page 6

  The Pro bono Attorney of the Year                                Web Site Updates
  Award--Nominations                                               It is with great pleasure that we tell you the bar’s website has
                                                                   undergone a major update.
  Each year the Pro bono Committee seeks to determine
  whether and to whom to award the annual Pro bono Attorney
                                                                   ♦   Prospective members wishing to join the bar will find it
  of the Year Award. This award was established to recognize,
                                                                       easier to locate and download the membership
  on behalf of the PWCBA, an individual who has made
  significant contributions to the community, either by way of
                                                                   ♦ Members wishing to look-up information about other
  organizing/administering pro bono legal programs, or by
                                                                       members will find the membership database completely
  providing direct pro bono legal services.
                                                                       up to date. It is accessible under the For Members section
                                                                       of the site. This is a handy way to obtain current
  Nominations are now being accepted, and may be made either
                                                                       information about a member, until the membership
  on the enclosed form or by typewritten letter, to Rusty von
                                                                       directory is reprinted
  Keller, Chair, Pro bono Committee, 8567-D Sudley Road,
  Manassas, VA 20110. The winner will be announced at the          ♦ Remember, recent back-issues of Hear Ye! Hear Ye! are
  Annual Dinner Dance, which will be held on February 24,              posted on the web site under the For Members section.
  2007.                                                            ♦ Additional information that is now posted under the For
                                                                       Members section includes:
  The following criteria will be used by the committee when            ♦      Court closing calendars for all three courts
  considering nominees:                                                ♦      The J& DR Court Appointed rotation calendar
                                                                       ♦      The New GDC Timesavers Manual, 2006 ed.
    Demonstrated dedication to the development and delivery            ♦      The Circuit Ct. Timesavers Manual, 2005 ed.
  of pro bono legal services in the Commonwealth of Virginia        (The 2006 edition for the Circuit Ct. will be available shortly
    Contributed significantly toward the development of                and will be posted for your convenience.)
  innovative approaches to the delivery of volunteer legal             ♦      Leadership rosters for all positions within the bar
  services                                                             ♦      Guidelines for use of the bar’s listserv
    Participated in an activity that resulted in satisfying        ♦ Members of the public coming to the bar’s web site in
  previously unmet needs for legal services or in extending            search of a lawyer will now find it easier to locate
  services to under-served segments of the population                  information about the Lawyer Referral Service and the
    Successfully handled pro bono cases on behalf of the poor          Lawyer Locator Service from the home page.
    Devoted significant time to furthering the delivery of legal
  services to the poor in Virginia by handling pro bono matters    What’s on tap next? We are still hoping to incorporate a way
                                                                   to post an important message on the home page to expedite the
  The nominee must be a practicing member of the Prince            dissemination of important information such as court closings
  William County Bar Association. Persons whose livelihood is      due to inclement weather or bar deadlines of importance.
  derived from delivering legal services to the poor are not
  eligible.                                                        If there is additional information you’d like to see posted on
                                                                   the bar’s web site, please contact Alissa Hudson at (703) 393-
                                                                   8865 with your request, or email her at
                                                                                              November 2006, page 7

The annual CLE survey is included in this month’s newsletter. Please take a moment to
complete it and return it to the bar office. Your input provides guidance to the CLE
committee on future educational programs.

Last month we asked you to “Save this Date”, but we neglected to tell you what date to save
for the 2007 Dinner Dance. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, February 24, 2007.
Additional details will be forthcoming.

Northern Virginia Legal Services is hosting a Wine & Chocolate Tasting Reception on
Wednesday, November 8, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. If interested in attending, please contact Raquel
Colon at (703) 778-6803 or email her at

The Third Annual National Adoption Day Celebration will take place on Saturday,
November 18, 2006, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, in Circuit Court Room #4 with a
reception to follow. This event is sponsored by the Courts, Social Services and Family
Services for the Thirty-First Judicial Circuit. If interested in attending, please contact
Glenda Garcia at (703) 792-7670 or email her at

Prince William County Bar Welcomes Newest Members
Edward Good, Esq.
Law Office, 9207-E Enterprise Court, Manassas Park, VA 20111, (703) 830-3506

Bruce H. Easmunt, Jr., Esq.
Law Office, 2972 Yarling Court, Falls Church, VA 22042, (703) 303-3070

Petula C. Metzler, Esq.
Blankingship & Keith, P.C., 9300 West Courthouse Road, Suite 201, Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 365-9945
 November 2006, page 8

Listserv Update                               Alston, Rossie                   Mergler, Rod
                                              Baker, William                   Millette, LeRoy
Use of the Listserv is proving very           Banks, Chester                   Moorstein, Mark
convenient.       Mid-month electronic        Battaile, Lori                   Morley, Raymond
communiqués are now possible and we           Black, Kevin                     Newcomb, Allen
are able to send out routine reminders of     Boone, Tony                      Nolan, Scott
luncheon meetings, CLEs, Candidates’          Childers, Kevin                  Nourse, Anthony
Forums, and other bar programs, in a          Conrad, Stephen                  Oberbauer, Earl
much more efficient manner. We are also       Csoka-Bubacz, Elizabeth          Parker, Adrienne
able to put out a call for help, when         Dame, Sherrie                    Phelps, Bob
needed, such as when we needed                Dupray, William                  Pickett, William
volunteers to visit Osbourn Park High         Edwardson, Jessica               Potter, Richard
School last month, for the So You’re 18       Fahy, Ronald                     Rhee, Sandi
project. Again, this is more efficient than   Farris, Lon                      Rice, MacDougal
calling scores of members to locate           Faust, Robert                    Rice, Melanie
volunteers.                                   Frank, Carrie                    Robeson, James
                                              Gauthier, Paul                   Robeson, Stuart
Those members who have not yet                Godson, Anne                     Rochkind, Jonathan
provided current email addresses to the       Gregory, Robert                  Rollison, Lawrie
bar are listed here. The board decided the    Gullette, John                   Rydell, Michele
bar will extend use of the global fax         Hamblen, William                 Saifi, Naznin
through the end of the year, but effective    Hassel, Conrad                   Sievers, Charles
January 1, 2007, all electronic               Hebert, Richard                  Simmons, Olaun
communication will be made via the            Henshaw, Mark                    Smith, Gary
listserv vs. the global fax. Please take a    Irving, John                     Steffen, Eugene
moment to scan the list, and contact          James, Christopher               Steketee, Peter
Alissa Hudson with your email address,        Johns, Milton                    Stephens, Virginia
so she can add you to the listserv and        Johnston, Craig                  Stith, Garland
keep you connected to the bar. To add         Julias, Stephen                  Stough, Barbara
yourself to the listserv, email Alissa at     Key, MacLane                     Teluk, Myron .                             King, Robert                     Thiebert, Erin
                                              Kostelecky, Anthony              Travers, Wenda
                                              Kristiansen, Sherie              Underwood, Thomas
Young Lawyer’s                                Lachow-Thurston, Alisa           Vardy, Loretta
Conference Update                             Latimer, Edwin                   Velasquez, Manuel
By Jennifer Zary                              Lonas, Linda                     Wheeler, Richard
                                              Martin, Nancy                    Whipkey, Matthew
The Young Lawyer’s section of the Bar         Maso, Megan                      Wittenauer, Robert
held their annual Leadership Conference       McFadden, Anita                  Zelasko, James
to plan for the coming year. On March         McKennett, David
16, the YLC will be hosting a                 McLaughlin, Anthony
Professional Development Conference at
UVA in Charlottesville. Any attorney
under age 35 or who has been practicing
for less than 3 years can attend and earn
                                              Prince William County Bar Welcomes Newest
6+ CLE credits for approximately $100.        Members
The Virginia Board of Elections has           Elisa D. Staton, Esq.     Bobbi Jo Alexis, Esq.
asked the YLC to distribute voter             EDS P.C.                  P.W. County Attorney’s Office
education pamphlets prior to the              P.O. Box 103              1 County Complex Court
November election. If I could have about      Woodbridge, VA 22194      Prince William, VA 22192
5 volunteers to assist with this, it would    (703) 492-0968            (703) 792-6620
take less than 90 minutes of anyone’s
time and could be done at your                Michelle Jacobs, Esq.     Virginia E. Robinson, Esq.
convenience.     Please contact me at         Newland & Associates      Walsh, Colucci, if you are willing to         9835 Business Way         4310 Prince William Parkway
help.                                         Manassas, VA 20110        Suite 300
                                              703-330-0000              Prince William, VA 20111
                                                                        (703) 680-4664
                                                                                                           November 2006, page 9

September BOD Meeting Highlights
•   Discussed continued placement of yellow pages                   The Courts of the Thirty-First Judicial District
    advertisement for LRS and decided to discontinue.                               along with the
    Revenue from the ad does not approach cost.                                 Prince William County
                                                                            Department of Social Services,
•   New LRS intake specialize will begin in October.
                                                                                  City of Manassas
•   Two more candidates forums are planned for October.                     Department of Family Services
    Oct. 19, U.S. Congressional race with Tom Davis and                                and the
    Andrew Hurst; October 25 Chair of the PWC Board of                  City of Manassas Park Social Services
    Supervisors, Sharon Pandak and Corey Stuart.

•   Judicial Evaluations mailed and due November 3.
                                                                 Cordially request the honor of your presence at our
                                                                  Third Annual National Adoption Day Celebration
•   J&DR Timesavers in draft form, to be distributed to the
    BOD for comment.                                                          Saturday, November 18, 2006
                                                                                 10:00 A.M. – 12 Noon
•   Youth Court is again being discussed by the PWC School
    Board. Bar may be involved in helping to set-up and
    oversee some aspects of the program in area schools                   Prince William County Judicial Center
                                                                                  Circuit Courtroom 4
•   Donna McIntosh has officially retired from the practice of                      9311 Lee Avenue
    law, leaving a vacancy in the Entertainment Chair                              Manassas, Virginia
    position. She will complete 2007 Dinner Dance as final
                                                                                Hors d’oeuvres Reception
•   Listserv is up and running, BOD to extend deadline for
    faze out of global fax to Dec. 31, 2006, to give members               RSVP by November 3, 2006
    more time to notify bar of their email addresses.            Glenda Garcia, 703-792-7670,
•   Efforts will renew on annual update to bar’s web site now
    that we know Cathy Lemmon will continue on as web
                                                                           Legal Services of Northern Virginia
•   Essay Contest Judging will take place week of November
    13 at Alissa Hudson’s home. Mike Phipps to Emcee
                                                                                    Invites you to…
    award ceremony on November 29 for the bar.

•   Two upcoming bar project require finding from the PWC                   A Taste for Justice
    Bar Foundation, reprint of the “You and Your Court
    Appointed Attorney” brochure and the 2007 BTO                   A Wine & Chocolate Tasting Reception
    Banquet. Alissa to prepare and submit requests.
                                                                                 To Celebrate Equal Justice
                                                                            and Honor Our Supporters and Friends
•   Presentation on Court Tours program for middle school
    students tabled until next month.
                                                                 Date:     Wednesday, November 8, 2006
•   Editorial focus for monthly newsletter and luncheon
    programs in the works.                                       Time:     5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
•   Osbourn Park High School needs volunteers to make “So        Where:    National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
    You’re 18” presentations in October. Volunteers needed.               Conference Center
                                                                          4301 Wilson Boulevard
                                                                          Arlington, Virginia 22203

                                                                          Free parking available in building garage

                                                                    For more information and reservations, please contact
                                                                      Raquel Colon 703-778-6803 or
Upcoming Dates:
November 3, 12:30 p.m., PWC Bar
Luncheon Meeting at Jakes. Special
Guest, David Baugh, winner of the
Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Pro bono Attorney
of the Year Award

November 7, Election Day, District
Courts Closed, Clerk’s Offices Open.

November 10, All three courts closed
for Veteran’s Day.
                                                      Assistance for lawyers with substance abuse problems.
November 13, Deadline for submittals                                  Confidentiality assured.
for December issue of Hear Ye! Hear
Ye!                                                               703/548-0765 or 800/838-8358
November 13, 5:00 p.m. Judging of
Essays for Character Counts Essay
Contest at Alissa Hudson’s home.

November 23 & 24, All three courts
closed for Thanksgiving Day.                             Remember to RSVP for the Friday, November 3,
                                                       General Luncheon Meeting. Special Guest speaker in
November 29, Award Ceremony for
Character Counts Essay Contest. 7:00                          honor of Pro Bono Recognition Month,
p.m. McCoart Building.                                 David Baugh, winner of the 2006 Lewis F. Powell, Jr.,
                                                       Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award from the VSB.
                                                               Please RSVP by calling the bar office
                                                                  at (703) 393-8865 By 5:00 p.m.,
                                                                  Wednesday, November 1, 2006.

                                                       Lunch prices are $7.00 per member, $13.00 per guest.

                            Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
                            P.O. Box 31
                            Manassas, VA 20108

                                  A Publication of the Prince William County Bar Association
                    Bar Leadership Application 2006
        The Nominating Committee of the Prince William County Bar Association encourages all
members to consider serving in a position of leadership. Pursuant to the Association By-Laws, the
committee is currently seeking applications for the following positions:

                  President-Elect (3 one-year terms as follows: one year as President-Elect,
                                 on year as President and one year as Immediate Past
                  Secretary (1 year term)
                  Treasurer (1 year term)
                  Board of Directors (1 four-year term)
                  Judicial Screening Committee (1 five-year term)
                  Judicial Evaluation Committee Chairperson (1 five-year term)

         Elections will be held at the January 2007 meeting of the bar association. If you are interested in
serving in any of these positions or wish to nominate someone to serve in any of these positions, please fill
out the application below and return it by November 10, 2006, to:

Amy M. Ashworth
Nominating Committee Chairperson                               Fax:     703-792-7081
Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney
9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110


Name:____________________________________ Phone:_____________________________

Firm Name (if applicable):_______________________________________________________

Fax:______________________________________ E-mail:_____________________________


Years in Practice:__________________________ Member of PWCBA since:______________

Position interested in:____________________________________________________________

Signature:______________________________________________ Date:__________________

                               NOMINATION FOR THE

NOMINEE’S NAME:_________________________________________________________

YOUR NAME:______________________________________________________________















                  Please submit your nomination to the Pro bono Committee,
                               c/o Rusty von Keller, Chairman
                                    8567-D Sudley Road
                                  Manassas, Virginia 20110
            Nominations must be received no later than Friday, December 1st , 2006.
                                                  CLE SURVEY

        TO:              Members, Prince William County Bar Association

        FROM:            Cathy Croft
                         Chairman CLE Committee

        RE:              Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Survey

        The Prince William County Bar Association is an accredited sponsor of MCLEs. To help us
        assess the resources we have available for providing programs from November 1, 2006 through
        October 31, 2007, please take a moment to complete this survey.

1.      Are programs of 2-3 hours adequate, or would you like longer, or all day programs?

2.      Did you attend either of the multi-jurisdictional CLEs sponsored by the Fairfax bar, with participation by
the Arlington, Alexandria and Prince William Bars, on Circuit and General District Court Practice in each
jurisdiction? Yes_______ No_________ If yes, do you find such CLEs helpful and do you want to see them

3.      What program topics would you be most interested in seeing?

4.      If you might be available as a faculty member, please complete the following:
        Name:________________________________ Phone:_________________________________
        Briefly describe subject matter(s) of interest.

5       Would you be able to volunteer to staff the registration table at a CLE to assist the CLE chairperson?
        Name:_______________________________ Phone:___________________________________

Return completed surveys to Alissa Hudson, PWC Bar at P.O. Box 31, Manassas, VA 20108, or fax to (703)
331-5683 or bring to the December general meeting.
                                All responses are due by December 1, 2006 .
                    OFFICE OF THE CLERK
                              CIRCUIT COURT

                              September 27, 2006

Holiday Schedule for Calendar Year 2007 for the
Prince William County Circuit Court
In accordance with §§2.2-3300 and 17.1-207 of the 1950 Code of Virginia,
as amended, the holiday schedule for this office for 2007 will be as follows:

New Year’s Day              Monday                       January 1, 2007
Lee-Jackson Day             Friday                       January 12, 2007
Martin Luther King Day      Monday                       January 15, 2007
President’s Day             Monday                       February 19, 2007
Memorial Day                Monday                       May 28, 2007
Independence Day            Wednesday                    July 4, 2007
Labor Day                   Monday                       September 3, 2007
Columbus Day                Monday                       October 8, 2007
Veteran’s Day               Monday                       November 12, 2007
Thanksgiving Day            Thursday                     November 22, 2007
Thanksgiving Friday         Friday                       November 23, 2007
Christmas Eve               Monday                       December 24, 2007
Christmas Day               Tuesday                      December 25, 2007
New Year’s Day              Tuesday                      January 1, 2008

David C. Mabie
Clerk of Circuit Court

Court is open but no cases will be set during:
Spring Judicial Conference – May 14 - 18, 2007
Fall Judicial Conference – September 24 - 25, 2007
Election Day - November 6, 2007

     TO:       State, County, City and Town Police Departments, National Park Rangers, VA Dept of Game
               & Inland Fisheries, George Mason University Police Department, NVCC Office of Police &
               Public Safety, Area Bar Associations, Magistrates, Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney,
               Clerks of Juvenile and Domestic Relations and Circuit Court; Offices of Criminal Justice
               Services, Dispute Resolution, Bull Run ASAP Office and Volunteer Action Committee

FROM:          Clerk’s Office, Prince William County General District Court

     RE:       Amended 2007 Court Calendar
               There will be NO General District Court held on the following days of 2007.
               Please be sure that all appropriate staff is advised of this schedule.

               Monday/Tuesday            January 1 & 2                New Year’s Day (observed)

               Friday                    January 12                   Lee-Jackson Day

               Monday                    January 15                   Martin Luther King Day

               Monday                    February 19                  President’s Day

               Monday/Tuesday            April 23 & 24*** Spring Judicial Conference

               Monday                    May 28                       Memorial Day

               Wednesday                 July 4                       Independence Day

               Monday, Tuesday,          August 13, 14                Fall Judicial Conference
                Wednesday                & 15***

               Monday                    September 3                  Labor Day

               Monday                    October 8                    Columbus Day

               Tuesday                   November 6***                Election Day

               Monday                    November 12                  Veteran’s Day (observed)

               Thursday/Friday           November 23 & 24             Thanksgiving

               Monday/Tuesday/           December 24***, 25,          Christmas
               Wednesday                        26***
                                                  *Subject to amendment
***Office open – DO NOT set cases.                          Dated this _________ of September 2006.

                                                            Wenda K. Travers, Chief Judge
Wetawna G. Hays, Clerk


TO:       State, County, City and Town Police Departments, PWC Bar Association,
         Magistrate, Sheriff’s Department, Commonwealth’s Attorney, City
         Prosecutors, Office of Criminal Justice Services, Dispute Resolution, Clerk,
         General District and Circuit Court, Juvenile Court Services Unit, Juvenile
         Intake, County Attorney’s Office, DCSE

FROM:      Clerk’s Office
         Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

SUBJ:      2007 Court Calendar (AMENDED)

There will be NO Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court on the
following days in 2007. Please notify appropriate staff of this schedule.

New Year’s Day                  Monday/Tuesday                           January 1 & 2, 2007
Lee-Jackson Day                 Friday                                   January 12, 2007
Martin Luther-King Day          Monday                                   January 15, 2007
President’s Day                 Monday                                   February 19, 2007
Spring Judicial                 Monday/Tuesday                           April 23 & 24, 2007 ***
Memorial Day                    Monday                                   May 28, 2007
Independence Day                Wednesday                                July 4, 2007
Fall Judicial Conference        Monday/Tuesday/                          August 13, 14, & 15, 2007
                                Wednesday                                ***
Labor Day                       Monday                                   September 3, 2007
Columbus Day                    Monday                                   October 8, 2007
Election Day                    Tuesday                                  November 6, 2007 ***
Veteran’s Day                   Monday                                   November 12, 2007
Thanksgiving                    Thursday/Friday                          November 22&23, 2007
Christmas                       Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday                 December 24, 25, 26, 2007
New Year’s Day                  Monday/Tuesday                           December 31, 2007 January
                                                                         1, 2008
*** Clerk’s Office Open – DO NOT set cases

Dated:______________________                                _________________________
                                                                 Frances H. Hedrick
                                                                   Clerk of Court

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