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									 On the Move
              Carol                            Carmela
              Carpenter,                       Krantz,
              ClearSlide                       ClearSlide
             The San                          The San
             Francisco                        Francisco
             sales en-                        sales en-
             gagement                         gagement
platform provider named         platform provider named
Carol Carpenter chief           Carmela Krantz vice
marketing officer. Previ-       president of talent and
ously, she was general          human resources. She is
manager of consumer and         former vice president of
small business at Trend         human resources at Ariat
Micro.                          International.

              Rachelle                         Nicholas
              Considine,                       Leeper,
              Future US                        American
              The San                          Heart
              media group                      The San Jose
              focused on                       voluntary
technology, video gam-          health organization named
ing and cycling, as well        Nicholas Leeper president
as content marketing,           of its board of directors.
named Rachelle Considine        Currently, he is an assis-
president. Before her ap-       tant professor of surgery
pointment, she served as        and medicine at Stanford
chief operating officer at      University.
the company.

                                               Arun Sarin,
              Joe Davis,                       Devicescape
              Revel Touch                      The San Bru-
               The Palo                        no provider
               Alto technol-                   of intelligent
               ogy provider                    network
               of mobile                       selection and
               e-commerce       curated virtual network
appointed Joe Davis chief       (CVN) of amenity Wi-
executive officer. Previous-    Fi hotspots appointed
ly, he served as president      Arun Sarin to its board
and CEO at Coremetrics.         of directors. He is former
                                chief executive officer at
              ClearSlide                       Ned Sizer,
              The San                          YouSendIt
              Francisco                        The Camp-
              sales en-                        bell cloud file
              gagement                         collaboration
platform provider named                        service ap-
Carlos Delatorre senior                        pointed Ned
vice president of enter-        Sizer chief financial officer.
prise sales. He is former       Previously, he held execu-
senior vice president of        tive positions at Ancestry.
sales at DynamicOps.            com.

              Carolyn                          Charlie
              DeLeon,                          Speight,
              Hospice of                       Future US
              the Valley                      The San
              The San                         Francisco
              Jose hospice                    media group
              care, com-                      focused on
munity grief support and        technology, video gaming,
education organization          cycling and content mar-
in Northern California          keting appointed Charlie
named Carolyn DeLeon            Speight vice president and
vice president of human         general manager of digital.
resources and organiza-         He is former chief product
tional development. She         officer at Federated Media
is former vice president        Publishing.
of human resources and
organizational develop-
ment at Good Samaritan                         Brian Witlin,
Hospital of San Jose.                          Yummly
                                            The Palo Alto
                                            digital kitch-
              Sanjiv Kaul,                  en platform
              Calypto                       provider
              Design                        appointed
                              Brian Witlin as head of
              The San Jose mobile and platform.
              provider of     Recently, he founded and
              hardware        served as chief executive
design and power opti-        officer at ShopWell.
mization named Sanjiv
Kaul president and chief
executive officer. He is for-
mer senior vice president
and general manager at

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