Trustee Rights & Responsibilties Worksheet by Bill Hosley by Williamhosley


									         Trustee Rights & Responsibilities Worksheet
  You are the Stewards of Our Past and the Governors of Our Present & Future!

Name of Board Member: _________________________________________________

 responsibilities

 Join and maintain active membership
 Review all pre-meeting materials and attend board meetings (8-10/year)
 Attend and bring friends to Society openings and activities
 Know ORGANIZATION mission, bylaws, goals & programs
 Promote ORGANIZATION in the community.
 Volunteer at least four hours per month in addition to board meetings. (President 40
  hrs/month, VPs – 20 hrs/mo) Please check area of preference:
   Lead a strategic initiative
   Join or lead a standing committee or task force (Nominating, Planning, Governance,
      Finance, Facilities, Development, Marketing, Collections)
   Fund-Raising Event - plan & execute
   Government Relations
   Other (specify) ____________________________________

 Give or get substantial cash or in kind contributions to annual and year-end appeals
  (please indicate confidential comfort range)________________________
 Annotate annual and year-end appeal letters; lapsed member letters to friends and
 Thank friends who have supported ORGANIZATION during the year with calls and
  personal notes
 Thank ORGANIZATION supporters with calls or personal notes (list of $100+
  supporters will be divided amongst board members; Executive Director will also write
  personal notes to each.)
 Commit to securing (#) sponsorships for ORGANIZATION exhibitions/programs
 Accompany staff on (#) “get acquainted” visits with potential sponsors you know
 Join the 1% Club by earmarking 1% or more of your estate to the ORG. in your will
 Allow name and story to be used in a Legacy Society for ORGANIZATION

Contribute your expertise in the following area(s):
    Database management/entry
    Governance and institutional Secretary
    Financial management and budget development
    Institutional Advancement & Development
    Historical research
    Marketing/Public Relations
    Technology expertise & services
    Strategic planning
    Legal services

 Promote ORGANIZATION to and/or connect ORGANIZATION staff in the following
   Volunteers interested in helping with ORGANIZATION events, school programs,
   People with an interest in history from underserved communities: African-Americans,
      genealogists, Hispanics, school audiences, scholar/researchers, seniors, young
      parents; _____________________________________________________________
   Community leaders; ____________________________________________________
   Town government leaders; _______________________________________________
   Business and corporate leaders: ___________________________________________
   Potential new board or development committee members; _______________________
   People of means with an interest in greater New Haven and history
   Host gathering (large or small) in home, office or other location to introduce people
              to ORGANIZATION and/or raise money and/or thank donors

    Clear sense of roles and responsibilities
    Timely and effective communications
    Honesty and transparency in recruitment and dealings
    Recognition as a civic and institutional leader
    Opportunities to make a difference
    Extraordinary access to institutional resources and information
    Membership on a team transforming this city and region’s relationship to its
     cultural and physical environment
    Saving & promoting the cultural resources that make New Haven special
    What more do YOU expect?_______________________________________

Created by
William Hosley
Terra Firma Northeast

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