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20 W 36th Street 12th Floor New York_ NY 10018 2126318100


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									20 W. 36th Street 12th Floor New York, NY 10018 212.631.8100 212.379.1230 Fax www.transbeam.com

[Contact Name]: As part of Transbeam’s service to [COMPANY], Transbeam manages, updates, and configures the DSL router exclusively. At [COMPANY’s] request Transbeam shall disclose the information necessary to gain access to the DSL router, allowing [COMPANY] to manage, update, and configure the DSL router. By disclosing this information, Transbeam will no longer be exclusively managing the DSL router and, can no longer be held liable for any mismanagement of [COMPANY’s] DSL router and the repercussions of that mismanagement. If network problems occur, do to [COMPANY’s] mismanagement of the DSL router, Transbeam will be available to provide onsite support to recover network connectivity at a rate of $150/hour.

By your signature below you hereby agree with all statements contained within.

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