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         Synopsis of, “THE P.S.P. Plan: Key to Israel’s Survival”

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                              GILBERT SIMONS
                                August, 2011

LEVITICUS 25:23. The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine; for ye are strangers and
                                     sojourners with me.

     Gilbert Simons' "Light at the End of the Tunnel" is an incisive and comprehensive analysis of the
genocidal threat confronting Israel from its Arab enemies west of the Jordan River. Israel's
government has dismally failed to address this threat in a forthright, imaginative, and courageous
way. Hence it is important that all lovers of Israel study Simons' article and make its contents known
far and wide.
                                           Prof. Paul Eidelberg

   “I read your treatise with great interest. You have put together a fascinating document, detailing
    some of the problems plaguing us, with a very creative solution, one I haven't seen before. It is
                       David Wilder, spokesman of the Hebron Jewish community.

 “Dear Friends: When we write an article of dire issues and criticisms of certain government actions
  with dates and consequences, many of you have asked: "So, what’s your solution?" I remind the
reader that ‘Conventional Wisdom’ tells us that the light at the end of the tunnel may be a locomotive
 engine coming at us. Herein is a brilliant presentation of excellent total actions that should be taken
                                        by a sovereign nation.”
                        Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

  “Gilbert Simons provides a synopsis of his PSP Plan, which entails three interconnecting elements:
 "Permanence, Security, Peace." In this lucid and well-argued essay, he tells why he views the plan as
   key to Israel's survival - and Israelis must reorient their thinking so that, as the author has said,
   ‘Israel can transform itself from a dependent and subservient protégé of America into a strong,
                                          sovereign Jewish state.”
                                Bernice S. Lipkin, Ph.D., Editor, Think-Israel

                “I think there are important analyses in your paper, and some of them
              should be presented to leaders and opinion-makers in Israel and abroad.”
 Dr. Dror Ze’evi, Chairman, The Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy, Ben Groin
                                       University, May 1, 2002.

             “Thanks for sending me your lucid solution to the present terrible situation.”
    Jan Willem van deer Heaven, International Christian Zionist Center, Jerusalem and the Netherlands

                          "Thank you for the feedback and for the lucid proposal."
                                       Yoram Ettinger (August 14, 2005)

                        "This is a brilliant analysis of what has to be done and why."
                                        Prof. Ya’akov-Perez Golbert

            "I have read your analysis, and on the whole I believe it to be in the right direction."
                                                Daniel Feiglin

              The Light at the End of the Tunnel, revised August, 2011:
                                  Synopsis of The P.S.P. Plan: Key to Israel’s Survival

Introduction: What are the dimensions of the conflict?

     A vast number of Israelis are unaware of the dimensions of the conflict they are embroiled in. Their leaders, most
of who are as naïve as the much of the rest of the population, respond in knee-jerk fashion to every PLO and Hamas
demand, as if solving these demands will assuage them. Not so. These demands are simply means to weaken Israel and
to distract their victims from the “final solution.”
     The war being fought against the Jews of Israel from Ahmed Shukairy through Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud
Abbas and, if necessary, his successors, is a genocidal war whose goals are to eradicate the Jewish State and
to murder all of its Jews. This war is therefore not “terror” but a “genocidal” war against the Jews, men,
women and children, in Israel and abroad, waged through terrorism, political, economic, psychological,
religious warfare and brainwashing of Arab children To date it is only different in degree from the genocidal war
waged by Hitler against the Jews of the world. But if the PLO succeeds in conquering Israel, the number of Jews
the PLO will murder will equal Hitler’s, but in a matter of days, not years..
     Yehoshafat Harkabi, of blessed memory, Chief of Military Intelligence from 1955 to1959, far more
knowledgeable about the PLO than 99% of Israelis, explained: “The term most often used was quada'ala – to put
an end to... which was not susceptible to a partial satisfaction and compromise, as what was meant was the entire
liquidation of Israel, not its truncation...” He explained the PLO’s genocidal goals with equal clarity: “’The
operation of liberation is not merely removing an imperialist base, but what is more important: the
extermination of a society (inqirad mujtamai)’” (ThePalestinian Covenant and Its Meaning, p 47). What part of
liquidation and extermination do most Israelis not understand?
          Pryce-Jones, another outstanding Arabist tells us the fate awaiting the Israelis: “Were the PLO to succeed in its
declared goal of recovering Palestine, then Israel would cease to exist, and Israelis would undergo the tribal-religious
fate of massacre and expulsion.” (The Closed Circle p 281). At that point, Shukairy’s boast would come true: “I
estimate that none of them [Israelis] will survive.” Retreat, appeasement and concessions will not save the nation or its
citizens. Mortimer B Zuckerman wrote that, “Those who live by compromise will die by it.”
      Such incremental warfare was clearly spelled out by Hitler when he explained his favorite means of devouring
his enemy one bite at a time: “A shrewd victor will, if possible always present his demands to the vanquished in
installments. And then, with a nation that has lost its character - and this is the case of every one which voluntarily
submits - he can be sure that it will not regard one more of these individual oppressions as an adequate reason for
taking up arms again. The more extortions are willingly accepted in this way, the more unjustified it strikes people
finally to take up the defensive against a new, apparently isolated, though constantly recurring, oppression, especially
when, all in all, so much more and greater misfortune has already been borne in patient silence” (Mein Kampf, p 668).
Israelis, if you do not see the “Strategy of Phases” in the PLO’s strategy, you are blind and can’t be saved.
          Israelis who voted for the Oslo Accords and the Gaza pullout, are freierim (fools), for these were major phases
of the PLO’s “Strategy of Phases.” If not reversed in very short order, the ensuing war will be short and savage, and 6
million Israelis will die. Israel’s magnificent army, navy and air force will be helpless and paralyzed, unable to move,
trapped in a cramped, confined Cannae. Most Israelis are ignorant of this reality, but ignorance is correctable by
knowledge. But pigheadedness which equals stupidity is uncorrectable. Barbara Tuchman calls such stupidity a March
of Folly, “disaster plainly foreseen by many in good time, ready and feasible alternatives willfully ignored by men
obsessed with power.” “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him.”
(Proverbs 26:5). Israel has been on a March of Folly for over 40 years.
          Which road will the Israelis take? The road to knowledge or to pig-headedness and death? The genocidal war
is clearly spelled out in the PLO’s Covenant, in all of the PLO leaders’ speeches, and on all Arab maps on which Israel
is erased. Arafat summed up this ideology in 1975: “There will be no presence in the region other than the Arab
presence...We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem. The PLO and all its subsidiaries want
a judenrein state, as already exists in Gaza.

        Chapter 1 The Rules of War

    Rule A. Never let the enemy come within artillery range of your civilian and industrial centers. Gaza and the
ridges overlooking Coastal Israel are critical to Israel’s survival. Herzog wrote: “The Gaza Strip occupied by the
Egyptians in 1948 was like a dagger poised against the main centers of population in southern Israel and along the
coast.” Kiernan called Gaza, “a finger into the underbelly of Israel.” (Arafat, p 148). Sharon played brinkmanship with
the state and with the lives of Coastal Israelis when he surrendered the buffer zones of Judea/Samaria and Gaza to the
PLO. Hiding behind barriers and revetments leads to defeat. This Maginot mentality led to defeat at Masada in ancient
times and at the Suez line more recently.
          Rule B: In the next war, expect the worst. Prudent nations at war conceptualize worst-case scenarios and
develop counter-measures. Never expect to fight a new war as you fought the previous one. The Yom Kippur War is a
case in point. “During the first day of battle fifty-one Israeli planes - more than 10 percent of the entire Israeli Air force
- were ripped from the sky by Muslim missilery.” (Arab Reach, p 47). In eighteen days of combat the Israeli Air Force
lost more than a quarter of its combat aircraft (104 planes of various make). “In October 1973 the Israelis lost 840
tanks - or over 49 percent of their entire 1,700-strong tank corp,” (Arab Reach, p 48), most to mobile Sagger missiles
and RPG-7 bazookas - wielded by individual Egyptian infantrymen. The PLO possesses both weapons in quantity.
          Gideon Rafael postulates that, “The trap of intelligence is to search for evidence to support your own views
and exclude evidence which contradicts them…the time-honored maxim of military prudence [is] when in doubt
assume the worst and prepare for it.” (Destination Peace). Most Israelis are bright, dogmatic and pigheaded, putting
their lives at risk based on feelings and emotions. David Grossman warned: “In Israel, it is easier for a man to change
his religion, and maybe even his sex, than to change in any decisive way his political opinion.” This is a defect, not a
quality. Israelis who voted to abandon Gaza and “land for peace” bought empty catch-phrases, ignorant of military
          In 1973, not preparing for the worst caused thousands of Israeli deaths; hundreds taken prisoner; Defense
Minister Moshe Dayan warning of the possible fall of Israel itself, and P.M. Golda Meir considered suicide.
     What is today’s worst-case scenario? With Hamas (the PLO’s bad cop) poised on Gaza’s northern border and the
PLO sitting on the Judean and Samarian ridges, this army is in possession of numerous medium-range artillery pieces
and thousands of chemically-laden shells. Upon Abbas’s order, these shells will explode over Israel’s coastal cities and
villages, decimating six million Jews within hours. A million Israeli Arabs will be forewarned and may escape.
Israelis, keep your eyes open.
     For years, Mubarak has been funneling weapons to Arafat and now to Abbas. The IDF constantly discovers and
destroys tunnels, many electrified, air-conditioned, and with rails. How long did they transport genocidal terrorists and
weaponry before they were discovered? How many more are still active 24/7 while others are being built every day.
The Karine-A was intercepted with 50 tons of heavy weapons from Iran. How many are making it through without
discovery? At least four Arab countries – Egypt, Iran, Libya and Syria – have chemical shells available to the PLO.
Syria is safe-keeping 2,000 Iraqi shells laden with Anthrax and Sarin, buried in the North Beka’a Valley in Lebanon.
     Arafat feverishly built a huge army (already larger than Israel's standing army), and procured massive quantities
of arms, including LAW anti-tank missiles capable of disabling Israel's famed Merkava tanks, hundreds of rocket-
propelled grenades [RPG's], Sagger missiles and land mines. Liat Collins, reported in the Jerusalem Post of March 21,
1998: “National Infrastructure Minister Ariel Sharon, meanwhile, warned that the Palestinian Authority was
stockpiling Strella and Stinger shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles for use against planes taking off or landing at Ben-
Gurion Airport...”. Update 3-27-05: “Defense Minister Mofaz tells Cabinet: “’Palestinians’ Smuggled Strellas into
     Rule C: Most difficult to achieve, Israelis must unite in facing the enemy. In war this is critical. Benjamin
Franklin’s warning of 1776 applies to Israelis today: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang
separately.” For years, Israel’s leaders have been searching for peace were there was no peace. Daniel Greenfield
writes that, “there is nothing quite as pathetic as the leaders of a free nation crawling before tyrants and thugs in search
of peace, beating their own breasts and offering more and more concessions in trade for false promises and false hope”
(Outpost, Dec. 09).
     “That community is already in the process of dissolution,” cautioned chief justice Learned Hand, “where each
man begins to eye his neighbor as a possible enemy.” Rabin ridiculed the Yesha Jews: “Let them spin like propellers.”
Sharon called the Jews at the ramparts of Yesha by similar epithets. The majority of coastal Israelis voted to violently
evacuate Orthodox Jews from their villages and homes in Gaza, turning the land over to genocidal enemies.
     Rule D: Israelis must not depend on others to survive. “Clearly, Israel has been scheduled as an expendable for
the ‘good of all. Israel will be truncated on her way to elimination as you [Pres. Bush] maneuver to lock in the greater
prize of oil you intend to dominate,” wrote Emanuel A. Winston on March 18, 2005. Don’t count on G-d for salvation
either. Benjamin Franklin asserted: “God helps them that help themselves.” He further counseled: “He that lives upon
hope will die fasting.” If only Israel can find a wise Prime Minister like Benjamin Franklin while there is still time.
          Israelis must go on the offensive. Netanyahu’s defensive speech at the UN in September, 2009, as Ben Hecht
could have told him, “only made Israel’s enemies smell her weakness.” Rael Jean Isaac and Ruth King write that
Netanyahu should have told the UN that, “the Jewish people were in Israel as of religious, historic and legal right, in
the words of the Hatikva, to live as a free people in our land” (Dec. 2009 Outpost). This synopsis of my book, “The
P.S.P. Plan: Key to Israel’s Survival” concentrates on offering concrete, practical plans to put Israel on firm ground,
permanent, secure and at peace within its borders, and as safe from outside enemies as it can reasonably achieve.
     Rule E: Israelis must open up to fresh, innovative concepts and solutions. Most Israelis cling to entrenched
beliefs, and a re very resistive to ideas which conflict with their own. Rigid thinking and stultified beliefs result in
mental calcification. Historian Barbara Tuchman claimed that, “If the mind is open enough to perceive that a given
policy is harming rather than serving self-interest, and self-confident enough to acknowledge it, and wise enough to
reverse it, that is a summit in the art of government.” But Tuchman was pessimistic. “Mental standstill or stagnation -
the maintenance intact by rulers and policy-makers of the ideas they started with - is fertile ground for folly...” (The
March of Folly, p 32).
      In 1964, Teddy Kollek wrote Jon Kimche: “...There is no one now who thinks ahead in terms of Israel's Grand
Strategy. Ben-Gurion had a concept, five years, ten years and even twenty years ahead...they gave a perspective and a
sense of purpose to Israel's outlook which is totally lacking now. The country is living ideologically as well as
financially on a hand-to-mouth basis and on day-to-day decisions...” Nothing has changed in 45 years! U.S.
Congressman Everett M. Dirkson believes that, “The only people who do not change their minds are incompetents in
asylums, who can't and those in cemeteries.” Do Israelis have the wisdom to re-examine and re-think, the moral
courage to cut losses, the self-confidence and boldness to fundamentally and extensively alter course before it is too
late? The Rev. Schuller penned a poem: “Dare to confront your naysayers and enemies, dare to challenge your
assumptions, dare to update your preconceived perceptions, dare to rethink and revise your illusions.” Israelis, are you
wise enough to follow such advice? You need to if you are to survive.
      The U.S. and other Western nations respect independence, strength and conviction. Senator Packwood from
Oregon recalled “a statement of courage like I have never seen in my life.” Responding to a senator who told
Menachem Begin: “Don't tell us we can't question your actions, Mr. Prime Minister. We're footing the bill.”
          Begin replied: “Don't threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling
knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas
chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought
for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them
again with or without your aid.” This Hachomer spirit must reinvigorate Israelis You need it now as never before.
Israelis must stop being fractional and myopic, and become united, far-sighted, bold and ruthless.
      “Be under no illusion that the state of Israel is prepared to return to the situation that reigned up to a week ago,”
Prime Minister Levi Eshkol said at the conclusion of the Six Day War. “Alone we fought for our existence and our
security. We are entitled to determine what are the true and vital interests of our country, and how they shall be
secured.” Yet today, Israel is going back to the Auschwitz borders of 1948, implanting a major terrorist state in Israel’s
heartland. Israel must reject the U.S.’s interference, and must act in its own best interest. Alone, Israel must take
action, win the war, emerge whole, secure and at peace. No doubt the U.S. and the rest of the world will denounce
Israel’s actions. Better to live and be momentarily hated, than to die and have your tormentors shed crocodile tears.
      Jim Nicholson, Republican National Committee Chairman, stated in a speech to AIPAC's Annual Policy
Conference: “Israel is an inspiration and a model for all of us: A country seeking to be free and to live in peace. It is a
story which must be written in Israel by Israelis. It cannot be written by anyone else...or dictated by ultimatums or by
demands” (Near East Report, June 15, 1998). Write your story in bold letters, without outside permission, assistance,
approval or consent.
      No time for a Constitution. Israelis must enunciate basic principles representing the nation’s bed-rock, its
foundation, to believe in and stand for; never to be altered or modified by anyone, including Prime Ministers and/or the
Knesset. Israel has suffered through the Clayton’s and Anglo-Oil Designs, the Palestine’s Little and White Paper
Designs, the Dulles, Rogers, Ford, Reagan Plans, James Baker's Five Points, the Shultz, Kissinger, Albright, Madrid,
Camp David, Oslo, Wye Accords, and now the Bush Clinton and Obama Road Maps, all aiming to achieve "stability"
in the region at the price of Israel's existence. Jon Kimche points out that in foreign policy, nations serve their own
objectives and goals, not those of others. Time for ISRAEL’S GRAND PLAN, serving Israel alone.
      This plan must have the breath and depth of vision of heroic pioneers Herzl and Ben-Gurion. Israelis must take as
role models, and create statues honoring assertive, pro-active heroes who stood up for strong ideals and faced tyranny
and oppression with courage and conviction; who played vital roles in the creation and development of ancient and

modern Israel. These heroic figures, Jews and righteous gentiles alike, should include such stalwarts as Raoul
Wallenberg, Orde Charles Wingate who taught the Hagana and Palmah to attack rather than to retreat, Dr. Arthur
Ruppin, the “father of Zionist settlement.”
         I propose a plan that embraces three eternal Principles: PERMANENCE, SECURITY, PEACE. Rabin failed
to achieve Peace in isolation. Netanyahu failed to achieve Peace and Security alone. A stool cannot stand on two legs.
Missing was the most important first leg: Permanence. Peace and Security cannot be obtained at the price of
Permanence. Permanence is the foundation upon which Security and Peace rest. Permanence decrees that Israel shall
never retreat, never surrender land, never trade land which is a sacred trust held for all future generations of Jews. “A
nation may be said to consist of its territory, its people, and its laws. The territory is the only part which is of certain
durability,” said Abraham Lincoln. Israelis have broken this sacred and fundamental principle again and again, at the
cost of thousands of lives, emboldening its enemies, and making Israel that much more vulnerable to destruction.
     Rule F: Before Israel can implement an offensive plan, it must put its own house in order. It must cure some
major structural defects before they can defeat its enemies. These defects have caused the very crises Israel suffers
today, and has cost Israel every peace. Repair the defects in a matter of hours, and all crises become manageable and
resolvable. Most difficult for Israelis will be to UNITE, as in war. This is a war to the death. To succeed, Israelis must
form a powerful leadership. A State of Emergency may be necessary.
     What are these structural defects? Israel, after 57 years, is but a nominal and incomplete entity. Prof. Harkabi
lamented that, “Israeli leadership, political and cultural was inept in managing Israel's existential contradictions. This
lack of coherence played into the Arabs' hands.” (Arab Strategies and Israel's Response, p 99). Israel has no frontiers,
no constitution. It is an oxymoron democratic-Jewish entity, birthing or aborting. It is lost, without goals and helpless
against terrorism, its Achilles’ heel. Liddell Hart asserts: “Helplessness induces hopelessness, and history attests that
loss of hope, not loss of lives, is what decides the issue of war.”
         Israel’s foreign policy is U.S. and E.U.-driven. Its internal affairs are governed by the U.N., the International
Court of Justice, the PLO, the Arab League. It rewards its masters’ orders with offerings of land at every turn. Israel
has been reactive since its birth, responding to crisis after crisis. Israel is constantly looking over its shoulder for
approval, not taking charge of its destiny like a sovereign nation. In the next chapter, these defects and their solution
are offered..

Chapter II – Governing Principles
     Israel’s Permanence, Security and Peace Principles must be recognized, honored and respected by all states
of the world for their self-evident, eternal, immutable, non-negotiable, fixed, inviolable truths. They must become the
foundation of the state, symbols imprinted on all official documents. These Principles can never be altered, defiled,
weakened or violated, no matter who rules in the Knesset, or who threatens the state. These Principles must guide
Israel’s leaders throughout their deliberations, foreign and domestic, as the U.S. Constitution guides the U.S. President,
Congress and the Supreme Court. Israel’s Principles must protect Jews throughout the ages. They are not subject to the
approval or condemnation of any nation or international body, friend or foe. Israel has the unqualified, unconditional,
absolute right to Permanence, Security and Peace. Those who challenge Israel’s Principles do so at their own risk.
     The moment Israelis put their Principles into their hearts and minds and turn them into action, the Gordian Knots
which bound Israel for decades, and brought Israel so close to disaster fall away. Israeli Principles take priority over
the needs and wants of all others, Arabs, Americans, whomever. Then-Maj.-Gen. Ariel Sharon opined in 1988: “We
have to agree on the substance - what we are willing to do for the Palestinians and what are we not prepared to do.”
Wrong. Israel’s needs were not even part of the equation! Satisfying “Palestinian” and Israeli needs simultaneously is
impossible. Israelis serve their needs alone, and only afterwards, if others’ needs do not conflict with Israel’s, are they
even considered. Each knot is thus untied in turn, and what appeared an eternal conflict ends within three days.

     PRINCIPLE 1: PERMANENCE: Permanence consists of three components: Frontiers, the Jewish State, and

     A. Frontiers. A sovereign nation is identified by its permanent frontiers. These frontiers do not contract under
any circumstance. Israel must declare its sovereignty by proclaiming its permanent frontiers to the world. The PLO has
defined the area in dispute innumerable times. It claims Palestine, min al nahr ila al barh, from river to sea. No partial
solution. Israel must stake its claim on exactly the same territory: from river to sea.
     On what grounds does Israel base its claim?
         a. The religious claim is unassailable. The Bible constantly refers to the Jews' permanent attachment to the
land: “And the Lord said to Abram…’For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever”
(Gn 13:14, 13:15). “Even the Islamic sacred scripture, the Koran, recognizes the affinity of the Jews to this land (see
Suras 5/'The Table,' 10/'Jonah,' and 17/'The Night Journey'),” Jerusalem Post, May 2, 1998, Moshe Kohn.
Unmentioned: Jerusalem.
          b. Historically and politically, Jews created the first and only independent sovereignty in Israel, starting with
the Twelve Tribes of Israel about 1,000 B.C.; through King David; the split into two kingdoms of Judea and Israel; to
the modern times with the League of Nations Mandate, the United Nations partition resolution of 1947 (not accepted
by the Arabs); its admission to the U.N. in 1949. Abba Eban stated in 1981: “Israel’s right to exist, like that of the
United States, Saudi Arabia and 152 other states, is axiomatic and unreserved. Israel’s legitimacy is not suspended in
midair awaiting acknowledgment.” Winston Churchill proclaimed: “The Jews are in Palestine by right, not
sufferance.” If the British Mandate and international law don’t apply to Israel, then they similarly don’t apply to the
Arab states England and France carved out of the Ottoman Empire.
      In December 1917, Lord Robert Cecil proclaimed his country's policy simply: “Our wish is that Arabian countries
shall be for the Arabs, Armenia for the Armenians, Judea for the Jews.” Emir Faisal, one of the sons of the Grand
Sharif of Mecca, who became the ruler of Jordan, wrote Felix Frankfurter, a member of the American delegation in
1917: “...We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement...: we
will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home...”
      In 1922, England lopped off 78% of the land intended for a Jewish state, giving the Hashemites of Saudi Arabia a
nation called Transjordan (east of the Jordan river) for their help in World War, when they were chased out of Mecca
and Medina by Ibn Saud, on his way to creating Saudi Arabia.
      The Israel Government stated under Fundamental Policy Guidelines, Aug 5, 1981: “At the end of the transition
period, set down in the Camp David agreements, Israel will raise its claim, and act to realize its right of sovereignty
over Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.” (The Israel-Arab Reader, p 623). Tragically, it failed to act then. It must act
           c. Militarily, Judea, Samaria and Gaza were conquered by Jordanian and Egyptian armies in 1948. Neither had
a historic or political claim to these Israeli lands. Transjordan at that time changed its name to Jordan, and called
occupied Judea and Samaria, “the West Bank,” an unlawful term still used internationally even though it occurred but
for 19 years. In 1967, Egypt, Jordan and other Arab states once more tried to wipe Israel off the map, and in a
defensive war, Israel LIBERATED Judea, Samaria from Jordan, Gaza from Egypt, and captured the Golan Heights
from which Syria had mercilessly bombarded Israeli villages below for years.
           d. Politically: Israel should have officially unified the nation then, but ill-advisedly failed to do so. Egypt and
Jordan have fully abandoned all claims to these areas. Syria makes claims to the Golan Heights, but Israel should
legally and permanently have annexed this territory years ago. International law scholar Stephen Schwebel has written:
“A state acting in lawful exercise of self-defense may seize and occupy foreign territory as long as such seizure and
occupation are necessary to its self defense.” It will forever be necessary.
      Then who claims that Judea, Samaria and Gaza are “militarily occupied,” or “disputed territories?” The anti-
Semitic world press whose writings have no legal bases and The “Palestinians?” The PLO? “The restrictions contained
in the Fourth Geneva Convention as to a military occupier presuppose that a registrate sovereign was a signatory to the
convention,” states international lawyer Rita Hauser (Myths & Facts, 1989, pp 76-77). Neither the Arabs of Israel nor
Arafat and the PLO were sovereign signatories, and held no standing under international law. Furthermore, the PLO’s
authority comes out of the barrel of a gun, with extortion, terrorism and murder their leverage.
      Their claim of legitimacy is as bogus as their claim to be liberators. Arafat then and Abbas now are putschists as
were Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot. The local Arabs are their pawns and victims as are the Jews.
       Pryce-Jones, foremost expert of Islamocentric culture and practices describes the organization: “Since 1967, the
PLO has been nothing but an amalgamation of mercenary retinues, Muslim or Christian, at the beck of a dozen or so
competing power holders, reproducing a microcosm of the Arab world as they fight out in this unlikely forum several
conflicting interests which are not related either to Palestine or Israel.” (The Closed Circle., p 290).
       Israel’s liberation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza do not represent a military occupation under the Geneva
Convention’s provisions. Israel has full right to unify Israel’s Inland and Coastal segments. Israel holds sole sovereign
title to Judea/Samaria, Gaza and the Golan, from river to sea, historically, religiously, politically and militarily.
      Power challengers such as Haj Amin and Yasser Arafat made claims in the names of the Arabs. Ahmed Shuqairy,
who authored The PLO Covenant in early 1964, created an Arab Palestinian state and an Arab Palestinian people out
of thin air at the behest of Egyptian President Gamal Nasser in his attempt to destabilize Israel. In his memoirs,
Shuqairy reminisces: "Firstly, I started by laying down the Palestinian entity on paper, like the engineer who traces the
plan of a building with all of its foundations, details and measurements. I wrote, altered, erased and changed the order
of the articles until I formulated the 'National Covenant' and the 'Fundamental Law' of the Palestine Liberation
Organization.'"(From the Summit to Defeat, with the Kings and the Presidents). Ahmed Shuqairy himself
acknowledged before the Security Council: "It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria"
[which itself was but a province of the Ottoman Empire until it in turn was carved up by the victorious Allies in 1918].
Shuqairy was able to start calling the Arabs of the area Palestinians, once the Jews changed their names to Israelis in
1948. Nasser and later Arafat used the Arabs to advance their own conquest Agenda as Hitler used the Germans for his
megalomaniac vision.

     Another segment of the Arab population is developing a sincere desire for a peaceful Arab state of its
own. The P.S.P. plan has solutions to deal with each of the above populations under the Security and
Peace Chapters. Since Israel’s rebirth in 1948, the Arab states have attacked it five times, making all previous
Geneva and U.N. Resolutions null and void. What is irrevocable is that all of Israel is in trust for all Jews forever.
No idiotic Israeli Supreme Court can declare that the heartland of Israel is not part of the nation. It would be akin to
the U.S. Supreme Court declaring that Boston, Philadelphia and Washington were not part of the United States. A
nation without a past has no future.

     B. The Jewish State. Israel's Declaration of Independence clearly states: “The land of Israel was
the birthplace of the Jewish people... Impelled by this historic association, Jews strove throughout the centuries to go
back to the land of their fathers and regain their statehood...We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish
State in Palestine, to be called Medinath Yisrael (The State of Israel).” The Declaration further states: “Eretz-Israel
[the Land of Israel] was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was
shaped. Here they first attained to statehood, created cultural values of national and universal significance and gave to
the world the eternal book of books...”
     Israel constituted, as Golda Meir believed, the spiritual foundation of Jewish existence. Albert Einstein and Erich
Kahler, testifying before the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives stated: “This tiny
Palestinian the only place in the world legitimately and most deeply connected with the Jewish people, its
religious foundation, and its historic tradition as an independent people...” (The Jews Among the Nations, 123-133).
      In 1978, Herzog wrote that there were 30 democracies in the U.N. Being one more is not Israel's mission. Its
uniqueness, its role, duty, responsibility, and extraordinary honor and distinction is to be the only Jewish state in the
world. There are numerous religious states in the world, 22 Arab ones prominent among them. Israel is, and must
eternally remain, the only Jewish state among the nations. It must be a Jewish-Democratic state, and not a
schizophrenic Democratic-Jewish one. Rabin, fearful of the upcoming Arab demographic time-bomb in Yesha, signed
on to Oslo, which passed the Knesset by one vote, with 5 Arab M.K.’s putting the measure over the top. Bringing the
cancer of Arafat back into Israel to “control the Arabs” [who needed no control] was a cure worse than the phony
disease. A far simpler and more certain solution, shown below, was not even considered. Israel must reinforce its
Jewish essence by making Hebrew the single national language, used in schools, courts, and on street signs, etc. In all-
Arab villages and towns, bi-lingual education should be practiced, until children are fluent in Hebrew. No religious
figure, media outlet, or school may expound anti-Semitism.

     C. Citizenship. A sovereign state has the sole right to decide who shall and who shall not be citizens. Once
Israel has declared its frontiers, and has become a full sovereign state, it must declare who shall and who shall not be
citizens of this state. The first rule shall be that only those who pledge allegiance to the Jewish state shall qualify as
citizens of Israel. This disenfranchises almost all the Arabs, including Israel’s Arab M.K.’s, (a blight on the State), as
well as a number of Jews loyal to the PLO. It does grant some non-Jews citizenship, if Israel and they so desire.
     Abraham Lincoln, in his first Inaugural Address declared: “It is safe to assert that no government proper ever had
a provision in its organic law for its own termination.” Israel is the sad and sole exception. Israel’s Declaration of
Independence includes a 5-word poison pill, which, if not removed, brings about the certain end of the Jewish state.
Only the date has to be inserted. The Declaration reads: “The State of Israel...will uphold the full social and political
equality of all its citizens, without distinction of religion, race, or sex...” Five words, “Without distinction of religion,
race,...” reverse the very intent of the Declaration, and undermines the foundation of the state, making Israel a
Democratic-Jewish state instead of a Jewish-Democratic one. The Knesset must correct this flaw in a matter of
minutes, once the Arab M.K.’s are ejected, and Jewish M.K.’s who do not pledge allegiance to the unified Jewish state
are removed. The very concept of Arab M.K.’s sitting in the Knesset and on the Defense and Foreign Affairs
Committees, while advising the enemy on how to destroy Israel, and on trips to Syria wishing both Syria And
Hezbollah success in their war against Israel would be ludicrous if it were not so macabre. For those who claim this is
discrimination, one only needs to point to 22 Arab states who practice judenrein, whereas Israel is host to dozens of
different ethnic groups.

    PRINCIPLE 2: SECURITY. This subject relates to internal security (shlom bayit) and national security.

       A. Internal security. Arabs fit three categories: those who desire to be peaceful permanent residents, those
who peacefully want their own state, and those who are revolutionaries and insurgents.

             1. Peaceful permanent Arab residents of Israel. Most Arabs want what populations throughout the
world want: to live in peace, to work and feed their families in decent environments, to be free from fear, repression
and war, to worship as they choose, to obtain a good education for their children, and good health insurance. They do
not want themselves or their children to become cannon-fodder for power-challengers. Most Arabs fit this category.
Largely forgotten by Israelis is the fact that before Arafat’s invitation into Israel’s heartland (1993), Jews shopped in
Arab villages in total safety. Jews and Arabs lived side by side, worked peacefully together. Arabs revealed Arafat’s
Fatah infiltrators to the IDF, donated blood in Israel’s defensive wars, and 60,000 volunteered for IDF service
(foolishly rejected by the Knesset). There were no mortar attacks, no suicide bombers, no attacks on “settlements.”
     Polls have shown that most Arabs much prefer to live under Jewish rule than under Arab dictatorships, and with
good reason. Most Arabs in Israel are recent immigrants from surrounding Arab states, drawn to the Jewish nation by
the far higher standard of living, vibrant economy, legal provisions, educational and medical institutions, freedom of
speech and women’s rights than they could obtain in their Arab countries of origin.
     In A Place Among the Nations, Netanyahu relates: “Soon after the Six Day War, Israel adopted a liberal policy
aimed at radically improving the lives of the Arabs. Universal education was instituted, universities were opened,
hospitals were built, and modern roads were cut into the hills. ...By 1986, 91 percent of Arab homes in Judea and
Samaria had electricity (as opposed to 23 percent under Jordan), 74 percent of homes had refrigerators (as opposed to
5 percent), and 83 percent of homes were equipped with stoves (as opposed to 5 percent). By 1987, these Palestinian
Arabs had become the most educated segment in the Arab world, infant mortality had dropped drastically, and the
economy had grown by an amazing 400 percent. The improvement in Gaza was even more dramatic.” When ex-Pres.
Carter in his book lambasted Israel as an apartheid state, he should have first looked at the 22 Arab judenrein states,
and the PLO, the foremost genocidal organization in the world, and compared them to Israel, host to numerous ethnic
groups. Even when an Israeli child was murdered by the PLO, his organs were donated to save an Arab child!
     Under Arafat, who wanted the people poor and desperate, conditions declined precipitously. In a June, 1998
speech, U.S. Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat cited a recent International Monetary Fund study, which found
that real Palestinian GNP per capita has fallen 22% since the Oslo process began in 1993, and now stands at $1,700
annually, one-tenth the Israeli level. It has fallen far below that level since. Currently, “each of the PA's 26 ministers is
set to receive a $76,000 Audi, while each of the 86 ‘mere legislators’ will suffice with cars costing the PA budget
$45,000 apiece” (Naomi Ragen 3-23-05). Arafat and now Abbas revel in their subjects’ plight. Their rulers convert
them into cheap cannon fodder.
         Most Israelis do not know that Arabs follow the lead of whoever is the current power holder. When Israel was
the power holder, they supported Israel. When Arafat was forced upon them, they had to follow his lead or die. Once
Israelis return to being the absolute power holder over all of Israel, normality will return to the land. This large
segment of the Arab population will gladly settle down to become once more peaceful permanent residents of Israel,
with good employment and education, advanced health services, women’s rights, free media, speech and religion, and
a high standard of living, Once Arafat’s and the PLO’s poison, spread 24/7 from minarets, radio, TV, newspapers,
posters and school textbooks is expunged, those Arabs will return to being friendly, supportive residents of Israel
obeying the rule of law. Within Arab communities, Arabs will rule themselves under locally chosen leaders, within
village and regional councils, no longer fearful of the PLO. Many Israel leaders and volunteers worked hard at creating
a bond between Israelis and Arabs, and they were making excellent progress until Rabin insanely and imprudently
brought Arafat back from Tunis.
         Chaim Herzog noted: “Another undeniable reality in the West Bank is the daily dialogue which has been
established between Israelis and the major elements of the Palestinian Arabs. Despite the very real differences of
opinion that exist, this dialogue which has developed from a decade of social and economic progress under Israeli
administration, has brought about a greater degree of mutual understanding than has ever been achieved before…in all
fields of human endeavor: medicine, agriculture, commerce, politics, science and higher education. In stark contrast to
the bombs and threats of the PLO, this cooperation manifested in every town, village and field of the West Bank has
created the foundations from which to advance further towards the solution of the Palestine Arab issue on a basis of
growing understanding.” (Who Stands Accused, pp 80-81). Pryce-Jones believes that, “Hope for peace is widespread
among the Palestinian masses.” All undone when Rabin, mindless of the disastrous and deadly consequences, brought
Arafat back into Israel’s heartland.

          2. Peaceful Nationalistic Arabs. Over the past several decades, a segment of the Arab population, including
intellectuals, professionals and educators, has developed a growing aspiration for what may be termed a national
commonality, identity and ideology; a desire to create and rule themselves rather than be ruled, either by Arab dictators
or by Jewish democrats. They envision a peaceful Arab state, egalitarian, humanistic, quasi-democratic, free from the
traditional violent tribal construct of Arab society, with its money-favoring, shame-honor, perpetual careerist power-
challenging strife.
     Rid of the PLO, this silent group will gain its voice, and Israel should help it achieve its goal of creating a
peaceful Palestine. Of course, it cannot endanger Israel’s Permanence Principle, so this “Palestine” cannot be in Israel.
But where?
      The most logical locale is Southern Lebanon up to the Litani River. Lebanon, an amalgamation of disparate sects,
religious and ethnic, has never been a viable state with little national loyalty, held together by compromises and
concessions. Gervasi claimed that, “As of early June, 1982, Lebanon [consisted of] individual fiefdoms with about 100
different political groupings and at least 40 private armies...” (The Media's War Against the Jews, p 239). Since
September of 1982 Lebanon was a Syrian colony, its domestic and foreign affairs dictated from Damascus, only
recently partly ameliorated.
      What happens to the balance of Lebanon? Two enclaves around Beirut would become sovereign principalities,
one Christian and one Druze. With “Palestine” in the south, the rest would be Shiite. Lebanon would become more
unified than before, no longer the “Fractioned Country,” created by France after WWI. Once Palestine is established,
its citizens would fiercely defend their homes and their new country against any invaders or insurgents, particularly the
Hezbollah. Millions of Arabs would settle in their new country; from Gaza, Yesha, Coastal Israel and the refugee
camps in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. A peaceful Muslim democratic state would become a beacon of hope and peace
to a billion Muslims. International terrorism would receive a death blow. Israel would gain a peaceful buffer zone on
its northern border, immeasurably strengthening its security.
      By right of national defense, and documented by an official I.D.F. report of over 100 missile attacks on the
Northern border since Israel's withdrawal, resulting in the death of a number of Israelis, Israel has the international
right to conquer this territory and deed it to the New Palestinians.
      As the Pilgrims created a new nation, so peaceful Arabs can create a new Palestine, vibrant and prosperous.
“Because of a high degree of mobility in the past and the present, both tribal and non-tribal Middle Easterners do not
readily fall into classificatory niches such as villagers, pastoral nomads, or city dwellers,” Dale E. Eickelman tells us
(Handbook of the Middle East, p 775). Arabs easily move to new nations as they have done by the millions to Europe,
the U.S., Central and South America.
      This immigration will be entirely voluntary, not coerced in any way, compared to the Vietnamese
“strategic hamlet” program instituted by the U.S.; Stalin’s Crimean Tatars decree; or Hafez Assad’s Arab Belt
 plan. Not to forget the “Trail of Tears” March forced on the Cherokees in 1838 by the U.S., or the forced exodus of
 entire Jewish populations from Europe and Asia.
      A Latin proverb asserts: “Where one is happy, there's one's home.” For Arabs living in squalid refugee
camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel, a new homeland, homes and employment would be occasion for
celebration. Millions of Arabs will flock to Palestine, from the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and
elsewhere to participate in its historic, formative and prosperous years. The new nation will be a God-send for
many Arab men, currently working in far-away lands, separated for years from wives and children. They will return
to their own homes, to work in Arab enterprises, to live in the bosom of their families, their children going to Arab
schools, “You would probably get 90% for 'transfer' if you could convince everybody it would be painless for
Arabs and Jews alike,” asserted Ido Dissentchik, Ma'ariv editor. This would be the most painless of transfers.
      Palestine will need significant technological and financial assistance for a short, specific start-up period, such as
three to five years. The U.S., other nations and the World Bank need to provide Palestine seed money to help it
develop its governmental infrastructure, its technical, industrial and agricultural base, and to assure it a healthy start.
With refugees emigrating to Palestine and refugee camps closed, UNWRA funds can be released to help develop the
new nation. Billions blackmailed by the PLO from Arab states can now go to create Palestine.
      Each family should be offered a plot of land, (Lebanese landowners compensated), on which to build its home.
Land ownership is profoundly meaningful. It affirms, substantiates and validates that Palestine belongs to the
Palestinians. Capt. John Smith of Virginia wrote: “When our people were fed from the common store, glad was he who
could slip from his labor,” but when farmers had their own land, “they will doe in a day” what had previously taken a
week. Palestinians will make the nation bloom as Jews made Israel flourish. Prof. Anton Shammas, an Arab Israeli,
wrote in the Nov. 21, 1988 L.A.T.: “People in the Middle East would settle for a plot of land; happiness for them
remains as yet another distant dream.” The distant dream will burst into a beautiful reality. As Americans named cities
after those from which they came, so Arabs will recreate Jerash, Ajar, Zekharya, Nablus, more beautiful than the
originals. Arabs from Israel are among the most educated and knowledgeable of Arabs. They built the infrastructure of
Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and other foreign cities. Now they can build their own gleaming cities. Palestine's standard of
living will become a showcase for the entire Arab world. Its economy will offer Israel healthy competition. Imports
and exports between the two nations will benefit both. Palestine and Israel will bloom.
      With borders from the Litani River to the north to Israel to the south, from Syria east to the Mediterranean west,
Palestine will be a viable state, of one piece, and not segmented as Judea/Samaria and Gaza are. It includes Tyre, a
deep-harbor sea port, and a fertile topography far superior to the Judean and Samarian mountains and gorges. Good
roads, rail grids and airports can easily be built.
      The water quantity and quality of the Litani River is far superior to that provided Israel by its National
Water Carrier. Sale of a portion of Litani water to Israel will provide Palestine a considerable, steady and
permanent income stream, while Israel obtains an appreciable increase in its water supply. Arab resettlement
will require no adjustment in language, climate, religion or social mores. Dislocation will be minimal. No
enormous or dangerous journey, such as the Pilgrims faced, is necessary. Nor are they far from relatives who
choose to remain in Israel. Palestine becomes a full state.
      The only danger will come from Arab totalitarian dictators, who will see free citizenry as a threat to their thrones.
Mutual-defense pacts between Palestine, Israel and Western nations may be a necessity at first, to discourage nearby
Arab despots from destroying the state at birth.
      Arab youths, representing almost 62% of the Arab population in Israel will be a problem, having been poisoned
with anti-Semitic propaganda worse than Goebbels’ from the cradle on They need deprogramming and rehabilitation.
No better way than to transfer their anomie and existential vacuum into creative energy needed to build a state of their
own. A survey revealed that youths are more preoccupied with enhanced economic well-being and obtaining work
than in political activism (Jerusalem Post, July 23, 1999). How meaningful and exciting to a youth to help build his
own country.
      The birth of Palestine as the vanguard of democracy in the Middle East will be a momentous event. Its historic
impact on the Middle East and the world will equal that of Europe’s Renaissance and Industrial Revolution. The Israeli
and American leaders who bring about this cataclysmic event will be writ large in history books; heroes who brought
peace to a region torn by strife from antiquity; saviors who emancipated millions of Arabs, bringing them liberty and
equality. A free Palestinian state will be a catalyst, forcing Arab despots to give their subjects a greater voice in their
destiny, or be deposed. Personal wars will end, as will be the expenditure of billions on war toys. The Arab GNP will
go to domestic products, creating a large working middle class. Millions of Arabs will return to their countries of
origin from Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere, removing their Muslim destabilizing influence. The southern Lebanese
population may choose to remain as such, to become Palestinians, or to emigrate to Lebanon proper, receiving proper
          Israel will be immeasurably strengthened by the above events. Its northern border now becomes calm and
Its internal demographic time-bomb is peacefully defused by the massive, non-coercive migration of millions of Arabs.
Israel is whole, eternally unified. Gaza now becomes valuable real estate, a major tourist competitor to Tel Aviv. The
“Return” fable is ended. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon benefit from the dissolution of the refugee camps - sores in their body

          3 Insurgents and putschists. The third category of Arabs, sadly include hundreds of thousands of youths,
who have been brain-washed from early childhood even more thoroughly than were the children of the Third Reich.
They will need to be reprogrammed, or be captured, tried, convicted and punished appropriately. It is tragic that Israel
did not forestall this eventuality and end it before it became such a monster problem, with hundred of thousands of
youths swearing that they want to become martyrs for the PLO. Now Israel is facing what has become a war between it
and “the Palestinians.” It could have been avoided through prudent and judicious leadership. Moshe Dayan presented
such prudent leadership: “Even when a bomb explodes… don't let us begin to generalize. Whoever will be found guilty
of the deed will be punished...Let us not make this action into a general crisis in our relations with the Arab
population...Let us give to terror what belongs to terror, and to life what belongs to life. This is the most difficult
challenge we have to face.” (Israel and the Palestinians, p 71). Mr. Rabin held the opposite view: "Let's confront each
other. We'll see who will be stronger." Such collective punishment, when Israel bombed Lebanese villages within
which PLO fighters were quartered, cost Israel world revulsion, while bringing Arafat thousands of recruits. Killing
family and tribal members turned non-combatants into mortal enemies. Bull-dozing houses of all members of families
in which one member was found to be a genocidal terrorist turned thousands of Arabs against Israel.
     Yet the majority of the Arab population stood on the sidelines when Haj Amin and later Yasser Arafat tried to get
them to fight in Gaza, in Jordan, and in Lebanon and they wouldn’t. They are smarter than Israelis realize. Alexander
Woolcott observed, “The worst sin of all is to do well that which shouldn't be done at all.” Israelis must focus on
separating the insurgent leadership from the Arab population, and cutting off the heads of the snake, while not
attacking the body, and it will win a war which otherwise it will lose. And Israel can only lose one war.
         Totalitarian regimes are led by individual dictators, who permit no delegation of authority. Whomever is at the
top is the most ruthless. All work under him, while he claims ignorance of his own deeds. Power challengers are
ruthlessly eliminated or the power holder must flee for his life. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade,
Fatah, etc. are forces under Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), as they were under Arafat. Abbas now, and his small
group of dedicated fighters, are Israel’s enemies, not the general Arab population. Until an Arab Palestine is created,
using the term “Palestinians” must be declared illegal. Allow the foreign press one mistake. On the second, give them a
one-way ticket home!
         Instead of constantly responding to “goad-and provoke” tactics by the enemy, Israel must implement a pro-
active plan, wiping out the scourge within days. The P.S.P. plan is totally under the control of Israel. No one else
involved. It attacks the leaders, imploding the entire infrastructure. They must flee or be captured, tried, and executed
as genocidists, a term far more accurate than “terrorists,” which relates to means, not end results.
         No people on earth have been made to feel more vulnerable to death and destruction, suffered more and longer
stress, or endured greater psychological trauma than has Israel's population. Time for trauma and fear to transfer to
PLO leaders.
         The P.S.P. plan factors in never-before-used irresistible Islamocentric leverages. They trump the PLO’s major
weapons, death and the threat of death.
     Israel is losing the psychological war; the geo-political war (Arafat was received by the Pope, the U.N., the E.U.,
and delegates from many nations and was the most popular guest at the White House); the military war (Israel
releasing more and more PLO fighters and the PLO receiving more and more sophisticated equipment); the economic
war. Times staff writer called the PLO “one of the wealthiest revolutionary movements in history.” According to
Flame (J.P., July 18, 1998), “25% to 30% of [Israel’s] budget going for defense, compared to 7% in the U.S. and less
than 1% in Japan.”
     Czechoslovakia, at the beginning of 1938, was a relatively prosperous state, secure behind a bulwark of powerful
fortifications, possessed of a magnificent army, buttressed by powerful allies in both east and west. Nine months later,
she found herself unable to stave off disintegration, in which her friends lent her enemies a helpful hand. Israel’s
situation is identical, from 1993 to the present. Prior to Arafat’s death, he had already created Passports, flag, national
anthem and army. He had renamed areas under his control, “The Northern District of Palestine,” and “The Gaza
District of Palestine,” and used the title of “President of Palestine” on his maps, letterheads, postage stamps and other
documents (ZOA release). Over a hundred nations promised him immediate recognition upon his declaration of
     Upon Hitler’s conquest of Czechoslovakia, Shirer wrote: “At no step in this dizzy ascent had the victorious
powers of Versailles dared to try to stop her, even when they had the power to do so…Indeed at Munich…Britain and
France had gone out of their way to support [Germany]. And what amazed Hitler most of all…was that none of the
men who dominated the governments of Britain and France (‘little worms’ as the Fuehrer contemptuously spoke of
them in private after Munich) realized the consequences of the inability to react with any force to one after the other of
the Nazi leader’s aggressive moves.
     Winston Churchill, in England, alone seemed to understand …In his speech to the Commons on October 5: We
have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat…We are in the midst of a disaster of the first magnitude…All the
countries of Mittle Europa and the Danube valley, one after the other, will be drawn in the vast system of Nazi
politics…And do not suppose that this is the end. It is only the beginning (RFTR, p 423). Fifty million deaths proved
Churchill right. Arafat started a genocidal war whose end is not in sight, and many little worms are aiding his side-
kick, Mahmoud Abbas, (the moderate!) to carry it further to its conclusion in “Palestine,” and then to other countries in
the Middle East and beyond. “The most frequently made mistake,” according to crisis-management expert Gerald
Meyers, “is denial, and it's the biggest one you can make.” Israel is in full denial. If it does not wake up, it does not

    4. THE S.T.O.P. PLAN. You see things; and you say "Why?"
    But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"
                         George Bernard Shaw

      Terrorism – death and the threat of death - is the PLO’s major and most successful weapon in its genocidal war.
To date no one has found an effective weapon against it. The S.T.O.P. sub-component is such a weapon, par
excellence. Carefully crafted, it renders the genocidal leaders impotent, following the Latin saying, “Cessante causa
cessat et effectus.” (When the cause is removed, the effect disappears). Another way to put it is that the S.T.O.P. Plan
puts the tail of the snake into its mouth. If it bites, it kills itself. So potent is this weapon that the PLO will implode and
its leaders will flee or face certain death. The S.T.O.P. plan can be effectively applied by all modern nations to end
terrorism against them, saving them many lives, thousands of hours of delays at airports, and billions of dollars in
security measures, and they will gratefully follow Israel’s lead. But Israel must prove the effectiveness of the S.T.O.P.
Plan, fearlessly, unyieldingly and boldly. Otherwise the enemy will perceive the threat as bogus, and continue to
murder Israelis at will. But in a genocidal war to the death, which this is, all necessary actions must be taken to win it.
There is no prize for second place.
      Two principles apply to all sovereign states. Israel has broken both and must correct them or it cannot consider
itself a sovereign state. Israel must declare its permanent borders, an obvious omission which has already been
covered. Israel should also update its map, changing ancient entities such as Gaza, Judea, Samaria and the Golan
Heights into modern, standardized units, such as cantons, regions, etc. terms no longer usable by friends or foes.

      Principle 1 of sovereign states is that they are responsible for the safety of their citizens. Israel has failed to do so
 in thousands of cases, both from within and from outside its borders. It has become so inured to the deaths of
 thousands of its citizens that its leaders no longer go to their funerals. Guards at cafes and other venues is considered
 normal. Israel is in such a state of siege that it no longer recognizes this abnormality.
      Principle 2: A democratic sovereign state must be the sole enforcer of all human and civil rights and rules, and it
 must prevent all criminal elements from superimposing their rules upon it. The PLO and other genocidal forces have
 on many occasions become the rulers of Israel, forcing it to release thousands of genocidal prisoners, many with blood
 on their hands, for a few Israeli prisoners held by the criminals. And Israel has stood by impotent. Even today, Israel is
 begging the German government and others to intercede with Hamas, to obtain the release of Gilad Shalit, preparing
 once more to release numerous murderers to do so. This is spineless and unworthy of a sovereign state. But Israel has
 not found a way to date to trump the genocidal extortionists. Time to reverse the roles.Israel must enforce its
 sovereignty and demand the immediate release of all its POW’s. If Hamas, Hezbollah and the other genocidal
 organizations who hold Israel prisoners do not immediately release them to Israeli authorities in good health, their
 threatened punishment will be so much greater than any measures they can take that their hands will be permanently
 tied as Israel’s hands were tied in the past. No more giving in to murderous extortionists. No more killing Jews without
 a penalty too severe to be acceptable to them. That is the gist of the S.T.O.P. Plan.
      The genocidal cancer requires new strategies, tactics, tools, thinking, and new legislative and judicial rules.
Within confines of Judeo-Christian ethics and international law, Israel can win this war immediately. At the same time,
self-destructive practices, concepts and dogmas must be abandoned.
      The rewards of change are immense: Permanence, Security and Peace. William O. Douglas wrote, “Only a
 tolerance for a host of unorthodox creeds will give us the wisdom to solve the political problem on which the chances
 of peace turn." The author cautions against premature closure, the inclination to find fault with one component, and
 then conclude that the entire plan is impractical or unworkable. Withhold judgment until all pieces fall in place. The
 impracticable turns into practical; the impossible becomes feasible. Acceptance and implementation means life for
 Israelis and your loved ones. Rejection will result in death first for hundreds, finally in the millions.
      The plan is legal, practical, ethical as contrasted to the PLO’s depraved practices. It is not emotional or
 sentimental. It is substantive, not rhetorical; pragmatic instead of moralistic. The plan is certainly unconventional,
 innovative, bold and ferocious. It faces the reality that the fight is one to the finish, with but one victor standing. Let it
 be Israel. Historian Will Durant wrote, "A statesman cannot afford to be a moralist." Every Jewish life saved is a
      The Plan reverses roles. Israel returns to the high moral ground, a sovereign nation defending itself from a small
 conspiratorial clique of insurgents. The PLO’s leaders return to being wretched genocidal terrorist leaders. No more
 bombing or shelling of civilian targets, no more hostage dramas. Hostages immediately return home. Due process and
 the rule of law again reign over Israel. Genocidal criminals face punishment. The plan meets Time correspondent Evan
 Thomas’s premise: "For policymakers, the ultimate goal must be not simply to avenge terrorism but to stop it."
      Whichever Israeli leaders crushes the PLO and saves Israel from the jaws of defeat; brings internal tranquility to
 its people and permanence, security and peace to the nation, will be revered for all times; bold, astute grand strategists,
 leaders and philosophers.
      The S.T.O.P. plan crushes the PLO’s Islamocentric weaknesses, as it pounded Israel’s Eurocentric frailties in the
 past. The plan applies Fallows's "Maneuver" theory instead of Israel’s current "Attrition" practice. It "stresses that no
 enemy should ever be viewed as a stone to be pulverized by repeated blows, but as a functioning organism whose
 overall effectiveness can be destroyed by attacks on the elements that give it cohesion.”

     Prerequisites preparatory to implementing the S.T.O.P. Plan

     1. Israel now declares that all internal disorders are solely within its sovereign jurisdiction, and that Israel will
      brook no foreign intrusion or interference into its internal affairs. Israel now eradicates the PLO and all other
      genocidal organizations as Insurgents and putschists.

     2. Foreign Incursions into and attacks upon Israel from abroad will be declared acts of war, and Israel will conquer
     and incorporates whatever territory necessary to preclude further attacks.

     3. The Oslo Accords, and all previous and later agreements with the PLO are declared cadut.

          a. Treaties and agreements are not eternal. Prof. David judges "a sophisticated grasp of political-legal
realities" to be one in which "symbolically, treaties were not made in perpetuity but as long as both parties wanted
them or one party could enforce them." To repeat Charles de Gaulle's view: "Treaties are like roses and young girls.
They last while they last." Numerous books and articles deal with the fiction of international security, termination of
treaties, and subsequent recourse options. A short list: Arie E. David’s The Strategy of Treaty Termination, I. Claude's
Power and International Relations, K. Bouldings's Conflict and Defense, H. Morgenthau's Politics Among Nations,
and In Defense of the National Interest, A. Levontin's The Myth of International Security, T. Schelling's The Strategy
of Conflict, Garner's The Doctrine of Rebus Sic Stantibus and The Termination of Treaties, Woolsey's The Unilateral
Termination of Treaties, Bilder's Breach of Treaty and Response Thereto, Tseng Yu-Hao's The Termination of
Unequal Treaties in International Law, B. Sinha's Unilateral Denunciation of Treaty Because of Prior Violations of
Obligations by Other Parties.
     The Israelis who drafted Oslo, and many others who gloat that Oslo is set in concrete or that it came down from
G-d to Mount Sinai are greatly mistaken. They must revise their beliefs.

         b. Unilateral termination of agreements are a routine exercise of sovereign states. Prof. David recognized that,
"Lately there have been signs that many prior agreements and existing arrangements can no longer withstand the
pressure of events. Demands for termination have mushroomed over the last decade... given way to a more realistic
calculation of risks, costs, and benefits. Only a few of the more obvious examples of recent conflicts about termination
can be cited here, indicating a general trend. The United States in 1971 abrogated a multilateral monetary-exchange
accord...Earlier, the French government had withdrawn from NATO's military organization and unilaterally evicted the
American forces from their bases in France..." (The Strategy of Treaty Termination, p xii).
     "On May 20, 1967 Nasser ordered his forces to capture the Straits of Tiran and waived the UNEF forces out of
Sinai and Gaza. War from Egypt, Syria and Jordan came next. President Eisenhower's pledge eleven years earlier and
international guarantees of free shipping through the straits of Tiran proved worthless. President de Gaulle, who just a
few years earlier had clearly declared that Israel was France's ally, now told [Foreign Minister Abba] Eban that
circumstances had changed since the Tripartite Declaration and that Jerusalem must appreciate that no guarantee is
absolute, and applied an arms embargo, mostly affecting Israel.
     There was a widespread feeling that for the second time within a generation a noose had been slipped around the
neck of the Jewish people." (A History of the Israeli Army, pp 127-129).

         c. The Oslo Accords are declared abrogated, due to his numerous violations of their conditions. This should
have been declared almost from the day it was signed. Prof. David points out: "Violation of a treaty by one contracting
party renders the treaty voidable at the option of another contracting party injured by the violation. (The Strategy of
Treaty Termination, p 13). Gerald Steinberg wrote: "In his recent talk to the diplomatic corps, Prime Minister
Binyamin Netanyahu got it right. The peace process was killed, or mortally wounded, by continuing terrorism and the
failure of the Palestinian leadership to destroy the foundation for hatred…(J.P., June 6, 1998).

          d. The Knesset passed a law pledging not to try terrorists for crimes committed prior to the signing of Oslo
in September, 1993, as "part of mutual confidence-building measures agreed to by Israel and the Palestinian
leadership in 1995," (J.P., June 13, 1998). This law was passed under duress and menace. The Knesset must revoke
this atrocious edict, which called all the murders committed by these genocidists forgiven and forgotten. Not by their
loved ones! Is this how Israel's leaders exact hefker from their enemies? The Knesset must add further charges of
genocide for all the murders committed by the PLO since September, 1993.

        e. Israel must add the claim of unilateral termination based on the fundamental rights of the 'necessity' doctrine
of rebus sic stantibus [as matters stand]. Israel is authorized to abrogate all treaties and accords, based on their
endangering the existence of Israel and its citizens. Arafat’s public proclamations that Oslo was his means of
implementing the “Conquest by Stages” of all of Israel fully justifies the necessity doctrine. Prof. David quotes Lucern
v. Aargau (1882), in which the Swiss Federal Court addressed these very precise grounds for treaty termination:
"There is no doubt that treaties may be denounced unilaterally by the party under obligation, if their continuance is
incompatible with its vital interests as an independent commonwealth." Israel’s Permanence and Security Principles
prohibit ceding even one centimeter of Israel’s land to any other entity.
     Napoleon I declared: "Treaties are observed as long as they are in harmony with interests. Rebus sic stantibus
applies especially to Israel's right to Judea/Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights.

        f. Israel also declares U.N. Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 of 1967 and 1973 cadut. They required
Arab states to "immediately negotiate peace treaties with Israel." These conditions were never met by the Arab states.
Article 2(4) of the UN Charter further stated: "All Members: shall refrain in their international relations from the threat
or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state..." The Arab states' attack upon
Israel on October 6, 1973 and thereafter, completely and permanently voided these resolutions.

       g. The Knesset legislative must quickly pass the necessary Israeli laws with the support of loyal Israeli M.K.’s,
in a session lasting less than an hour. Otherwise, M.K.’s disloyal to Israel, and in particular the Arab M.K’s, will block
such passage, making these necessary measures more and more difficult, if not impossible to implement in the future.

       h.. Until the S.T.O.P. plan's components are in place, Martial Law may well be necessary. Once the Knesset
activates and publicizes the S.T.O.P. plan, an umbrella of protection covers all Israelis as well as all other at-risk
populations. The PLO leadership and their subsidiary leaders will flee or will be captured.

     i. Israeli forces must immediately capture the PLO’s arms caches, and disarm PLO forces (sadly, many supplied
by Israel, and trained in sharp-shooting by the U.S. C.I.A!). If it fails to do so, a confrontation between the IDF and a
fully-armed PLO army, equipped with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, may result, costing Israel heavy casualties.
     Israel must close all PLO and other genocidal newspapers, radio and TV stations, and arrest all genocidal
employees. Israel must arrest all Arab preachers who for years spouted genocidal hate messages from minarets.
Israelis must convert all schools teaching genocide into schools teaching Hebrew curriculum, at first taught by bi-
lingual teachers, later only by Hebrew teachers. Only areas with large Arab populations will carry both Hebrew
and Arab signs at first, whereas Israeli cities will carry only Hebrew and, if desired, English signs.

     j. International condemnations and denunciations will be sure to be heard, but they must be disregarded. With
permanent frontiers established, Israel’s internal affairs are outside the purview of foreign intrusion or interference. All
will quiet down as soon as the PLO’s Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas’ Khaled Mashaal are sent fleeing.


      The S.T.O.P. component of the plan endangers not one IDF serviceman’s life, costs pennies, yet ends the
PLO’s 36-year war on the spot. It replaces thousands of bombing and shelling, border closings, bulldozing of homes,
massive invasions, “moderate physical pressure.” It takes but moments for the Knesset to pass, (while it still can)
bringing Israel blessed domestic peace. How is this possible?
      Behind its simple facade, the S.T.O.P. plan hides formidable and invulnerable Islamocentric deterrents, more
potent than all failed Eurocentric efforts to date. To repeat Sun Tzu’s maxim: “Begin by seizing something that your
opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will." Since the PLO already uses this technique to
maximum effect on Israel, Israel must retaliate by seizing something the aggressor holds even dearer. Adding a word,
the S.T.O.P. plan activates Martin Buber’s maxim: "Power abdicates only under stress of superior counter-
      The S.T.O.P. plan’s psycho-social Islamocentric components. Liddell Hart explains that, "In the human will lies
the source and mainspring of conflict. For a state to gain its object in war it has to change this adverse will into
compliance with its own policy." (Strategy, p 227). The will of the leaders’ of the PLO is unalterable, for currently
they have nothing to lose, but the will of the Arab people can be radically changed, and must be brought into
compliance with Israel's policy, which is to end genocidal terrorism. Individualized leverage is most effective when a
population is emotional, very loyal, and holds strong kinship and tribal ties. This fits the Arab population’s profile.
      The S.T.O.P. plan converts the Arab population's compliance to the PLO’s leaders into militant revolt against
them. It sets this population’s enormous loyalty to kin and family against their rulers’ demand for obedience.
      Israel is not a colonial power, but it must use force and terror upon the PLO, and methods which Arabs of the
region understand and respect, to gain acceptance to its permanent status in the Middle East. Only after this is fully
established through Islamocentric methods, can Israel introduce Eurocentric, Judaic values and standards to the Arab
world. But before peace comes war. Hippocrates counseled: "For extreme illnesses extreme treatments are most

         A. A sovereign nation must never permit criminals to impose their "law" upon it. Prof. Ferracuti states
that, "Within the same society, since sovereignty can only be attributed to one group, that to which it is denied tries to
achieve it, carrying out the symbolic duties and privileges of the other, dominating group and rejecting existing laws
and prevailing values. Thus the terrorist group claims power of life and death over Israeli citizens, [and over Arabs
who support Israel], engages in criminal activities while claiming their lawfulness, establishes courts of law, and
promulgates sentences, applying new laws." (Annals, p 138).
         An L.A.T. article of Oct. 1, 1988 stated: "Nations cannot permit criminals to define their actions, and
determine their legality. When murderers and genocidists define their slaughter of innocent civilians as 'political acts,'
and determine that these acts are proper and legal, sovereign nations must reject the criminals' rationale or authority.
To do otherwise is to let the lunatics run the insane asylum." This Israel has done for decades.
         Professors Amos II (also a JD) and Stolfi claim that, "An effective objective of government counterterrorist

policy is the prevention of acts of terror...Perhaps the most important categories of consideration and action by
governments under attack by international terrorists are those of law and law enforcement. Such governments have
enormous leeway for imaginative thinking both on the application of the law and on the operations of law enforcement
      It is incongruous for states under attack by international political terrorists not to have a preselected set of legal
and law enforcement alternatives...Alternatives for control include both substantive actions and imaginative new
concepts in the application of law. It is not unreasonable to suggest, for example, the possibility of a state declaring
acts of international terror not only as criminal but also as embodying a special element of danger that require special
law enforcement authority internally and international cooperation externally. The contention by some political groups
that they are using international terror as a legitimate political weapon can be negated by defining a class of such acts
as criminal and therefore subject to prosecution [as does the 1972 West German anti-terrorist legislation]...
      The task of the moment for governments challenged by international terrorists is to formulate a decisive strategy
that leads to success in the day-to-day contact and dramatic incidents that characterize international terror.
      Success itself is an elusive concept, but it can be secured a strategy that (1) prevents terrorist incidents from
taking place by making them unattractive to the perpetrators and (2) achieves successful outcomes to ongoing terrorist
incidents." ("International Terrorism," Annals, pp 74, 76-77, 81).
      The S.T.O.P. plan meets all of these requirements. Israel is a sovereign state, and the PLO and other genocidal
groups are its international genocidal political terrorist enemies. Using its “enormous leeway for imaginative thinking
both on the application of the law and on the operations of law enforcement authorities,” Israel must promulgate a
“preselected set of legal and law enforcement alternatives... [which] include both substantive actions and imaginative
new concepts in the application of law.” as well as “special law enforcement authority” to deal with this ultra-criminal
behavior. This the P.S.P. Plan does.
      The Knesset must enact an Anti-Genocide Law, making politicide and genocide ultra-criminal activities, not just
acts of civil disobedience, and legislating that all those who in any way engage in, are involved in, or support such
activities be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law. This law replaces Israel's current pitiful "Prevention
of Terrorism Act," whose maximum penalty is 6 years imprisonment. The sentence is held in abeyance as stipulated in
the S.T.O.P. component of the Plan. There must be but one indivisible, all-inclusive crime: genocide, and one
sentence: death. “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed” (Gn 9:6). Sovereign nations must
never permit criminals to impose their “law” upon it. Israel’s law crumbled under PLO’s terrorist “law,” when it kept
its major weapon sheathed. Use all available weapons, and the Dance Macabre ends.
      The death of any Jew or other individual under its protective umbrella, is stipulated by the Knesset (five, ten,
twenty, fifty, whatever). It must again be emphasized that those executed are not innocent human beings, as were the
victims of the Nazis, and that they remained with the genocidal enterprise of their own free will, when they could have
disengaged without penalty, had they chosen to do so.
      An "execution" list of genocidists is randomly created, the genocidists at the top of the list being the
first to have the suspension of their sentences lifted, and executed, when a genocidal terrorist attack takes place and
Israelis or other protected individuals die. Ranking genocidal officers and functionaries are automatically placed at the
top of the list, according to rank. The "execution" list’s top hundred or so names are publicized throughout Israel, in
newspapers, on radio and television, posters, bulletin boards, and by flyers dropped on refugee camps throughout the
region. Their photos must be seen everywhere. Israel finally employs the full panoply of psychological weapons
previously used only by the PLO and its affiliates - the threat of death, media warfare, and individualized leverage.
The plan also carries the three necessary components of capability, credibility, and automatic behavior. Arafat was a
master producer and director of terrorist theater, setting the stage, and having hostages play their tearful roles asking
for the release of terrorists.
      Now Israelis must prove that they can produce better theater than Arafat. They should interview terrorists at the
top of the “Execution” list, à la "Alan Steen" in prison, and show them on television, pleading with PLO commanders
not to order any strikes, and begging their families and tribes to intercede with these commanders not to jeopardize
their lives. Rabin said that he wanted the enemy to suffer. Now it does, without making a secondary population suffer
in its place.
           Posters prominently list those who have been convicted in absentia. This gives them 3 days to flee. Fighters
and lower echelon fighters who have not fled must surrender, give up their arms, and be pardoned. They are debriefed,
must renounce genocide, and are paid a substantial sum of money for their arms and debriefing. Released fighters may
well use their funds to start a new life in the New Palestine. If caught thereafter with arms or in genocidal activities,
they are executed within 24 hours. With leaders gone, the war is almost over. Israel is close to peace.
           In Arab societies, when one power holder is eliminated, power challengers rise up to take his place. This may
occur in Israel. For this exigency, the S.T.O.P. (Syncopated Threat of Punishment) plan must be implemented in
its entirety. Otherwise the enemy won’t believe it. It “places the tail of the snake into its mouth.” Bite, and it kills
itself. A large group of family members and tribal and village supporters of those at the top of these lists will put
 enormous pressure on PLO commanders not to mount any attacks while their loved ones are under peril of execution.
 If those commanders do not heed these warnings and order the terrorist attacks, and victims die, loved genocidists
 immediately die. The commanders will be blamed, not the Israelis, and their lives will be short. Those genocidal
 terrorists who carried out the attacks resulting in Israel deaths will not want to return to their villages, for they will be
 hunted down by kin and tribe of those executed, and killed without hesitation. For the first time, genocidists will be
 under immeasurable pressure NOT to carry out terrorist acts. Internal strife will tear these organizations apart, a totally
 new occurrence. The S.T.O.P. Plan refreshes the list of genocidists under threat of death every 90 days, bringing new
 constituents to the fore to put unbearable pressure on PLO and other genocidal leaders not to mount any attacks.
 Terrorism comes to an end! This plan can be used by nations around the world to end terrorism, thus returning those
 nations to normalcy, no longer having to build ramparts around municipal buildings, or to subject airplane passengers
 to hours of delay and inspection at the cost of billions.

        B. The penalty defined: Capital Punishment. "For a deadly blow let him pay with a deadly blow; it
is for him who has done a deed to suffer" (Aeschylus). When fighting death and the threat of death, any lesser penalty
may decrease terrorism, but does not end it. It permits retaliation and escalation, a continuation of the Dance Macabre.
       Bringing terrorism to an immediate, permanent and total conclusion must be the single goal of Israel’s leaders in
 this conflict. Netanyahu wrote: "Especially in the Middle East..., a posture of weakness, a repeated refusal to confront
 and punish... not only invites further aggression but ultimately weakens the West's position." Israel finds itself in
 danger of extinction because it has interminably shown weakness, submission, compliance, all frailties despised by
 Arabs. They only respect strength, tenacity, ferocity.
       The Bible thunders: "The Lord said to Noah: ‘Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.’"
 (Genesis 9:6). "He that smitheth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death. (Exodus 21:12). "All they that take
 up the sword shall perish with the sword." (St. Matthew 26:52). Israel has kept its sword in its scabbard without
 adequate reason, for far too long, while Jews fall by the thousands and Jews mourn. Israel requires an effective, potent
 response. Executions would have saved many Jewish lives. The S.T.O.P. totally ends the slaughter of Jews.
       Lubrani, Israel's expert on the Shias, believes that "terror must be fought with terror, not in conventional ways."
 Maishe, commander of Jerusalem's bomb squad, contended that "you have to think like a terrorist in order to beat a
 terrorist." Geoffrey Kemp, special assistant for National Security to President Reagan, said, "We need to fight our
 enemies and if necessary use some of their methods - with the exception of the deliberate murder of innocent
       At the 1979 terrorism conference called by the Jonathan Institute, British author Johnson stated, "Civilization
 must be fairly ruthless in defending itself," and George F. Will voiced the sentiment of many of the participants when
 he declared that "the death penalty must be imposed on convicted terrorists."
       Speaking at Yeshiva University, U.S. Vice-President Bush urged that US Federal Law be changed... "Our laws
 should be equal to the terrorist challenge," said Bush. After the Schleicher mistrial, caused when jurors withdrew under
 his threats, France passed a new law providing for special non-jury courts of seven magistrates to hear terrorism cases.
 At his subsequent trial, Schleicher received a life sentence (not a sufficient penalty for the murder of policemen).
       Robert H. Kupperman, executive director for science and technology, Georgetown U. Center for Strategic and
 Int'l Studies, believed that, "The continuing involvement of judicial attention to matters that carry the seeds of social
 annihilation should allow the full majesty of the law to operate effectively and swiftly in response to extralegal
 violence and blackmail." ("Terror, The Strategic Tool: Response and Control," Annals, pp 35-36). Israel’s judiciary
 needs to respond in such a manner.
       Israel executed Adolph Eichmann, but since, its capital punishment laws lie unused. As an integral part of Israel’s
 new Anti-Genocidal Law, it must immediately be reactivated. In the U.S. Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman was sentenced to
 life in prison. On what charges? Conviction of conspiring to wage urban warfare against the United States, plotting
 simultaneous bombings at U.N. headquarters, the FBI field office in Manhattan and two commuter tunnels linking
 New York and New Jersey. “Prosecutors also believe that Rahman and some of his followers helped plan the bombing
 of the World Trade Center in February, 1993..." (L.A. T., Nov. 20, 1997). This punishment was based on the new U.S.
 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. Too many words. Only one sufficed: terrorism.
       Many nations impose far more stringent penalties against terrorists than does Israel, which should have the
 strongest penalties of all. Spain's Supreme Court sentenced the entire 23-member directorate of Herri Batasuna, the
 political wing of the Basque guerrilla group ETA, to seven years each in prison for showing a video of armed rebels
 during the 1996 election campaign. (L.A.T., Dec. 2, 1997). Arafat’s television programs show armed terrorists all the
 time, without penalty.
       Germany enacted a multimedia law under which anyone propagating neo-Nazi material over the Internet can be
 sentenced to up to five years in prison. It sentenced and imprisoned Gary Lauck, an American neo-Nazi from Nebraska
 to four years, for smuggling extreme right-wing propaganda into Germany, (W.J.C., May 1998). Such literature can be
 found all over Israel. No trial, no penalty.
     In France, Holocaust revisionism is a crime. Jean-Marie Le Pen was convicted in 1987 for calling the gas
chambers “a detail of history.” Cost: 1.2 million francs. Since then, he was again convicted on the same charge.
Professor, Faurisson, another notorious Holocaust revisionist, denied the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz.
Fine: $24,000. Arafat denied the Holocaust from the U.N. podium. Trial and Fine: None. However, “On July 15, 1999,
Jerusalem policemen detained a man for standing with a sign that read ‘There are 120 idiots in the Knesset’” (J.P.,
August 20, 1999).
     Iraq and Syria don’t play children’s games with power challengers. In Iraq, "Membership of Islamic Call became
an offense carrying a mandatory death sentence..." (C.C., p 48). "Syrian Law 49 makes it a crime punishable by death
to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, or even to be associated with it." (C.C., p 335).
     Domestic and international laws should impose the death penalty for genocide and politicide, but they don’t. Israel
must lead the way, and wipe out this plague. The world will follow, millions of lives will be saved, and Israel will gain
world-renown, praise and gratitude.

       C. Single and Uniform Punishment. Publius Syrus said to, "Look for a tough wedge for a tough log," The
Knesset must list acts as examples of genocidal activities, such as transportation of illegal explosives, assembling
bombs, hiding known genocidists, carrying illegal weapons, possession of genocidal material for distribution, making
pro-PLO and pro-Arafat speeches.
      The S.T.O.P. plan recognizes but one crime, one class of criminals, one degree of culpability, and one
punishment: death. Even Tass, the official Soviet news agency, asserted at the time of the Achille Lauro terrorist
outrage: "The crimes of terrorists, no matter where committed, must be punished most severely, and such severity must
be shown unfailingly to all perpetrators of such crimes...The principles of international relations demand a uniform
attitude to those who with malicious intent threaten or take away the lives of citizens of any country."
      Israel’s Knesset must create Special Anti-Genocidal Criminal Courts who try only genocidists (fighters and all
support elements). The only sentence, if the defendants are found guilty, are sentences of death. If circumstances
require, these trials should be conducted in secret.
      The trials must be short, guilt established on specific and clear-cut evidence. Only the guilt or innocence of the
defendant to participation in genocidal activities is considered. This eliminates the quagmire in many judicial systems,
where intent must be established, state of mind explored, childhood traumas rehashed, extenuating circumstances
presented, etc., all subjective matters unrelated to the crime. It is common for many charges to be filed, each one of
which must be proven. A multitude of laws apply to the same crime causing confusion, indecision, wealth for lawyers
and the degrading of justice for society. Since 1990, the U.S. has passed the Race Crimes Statistics Act, the Hate
Crimes Sentencing Enhancement Act, the Violence Against Women Act, the Church Arson Prevention Act, among
      A treason trial in South Africa against 4 black activists of the UDF was based on a 368-page indictment and
required 3 years of testimony. At Klaus Barbie's trial in France, it took the prosecution a numbing seven hours, over
two days, to read all 341 of the crimes against humanity charged against him. Demjanjun, in his 1986-87 trial, was
charged in a 24-page indictment with "war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people and
crimes against persecuted people during World War II."
      The judicial labyrinth created by lawyers results in endlessly delaying and frustrating justice. "Extreme justice is
extreme injustice," says a Latin proverb. Pryce-Jones recounts: "Next day I attend a Ramallah on the West
Bank [of] Ahmed Mohammed Assaf...a red-faced, thick-set man, in apparently high spirits. He grins. He has confessed
the charges. On the prosecutor's table are photographs of the arms found in his house and on exhibit is a clock wired
for explosives...The files on Bashir el-Khairy include "books on preparing explosive found in Bashir's room.
Typewriter key comparisons for the leaflets he drafted. His address book and diaries with dates and comments...
Confessions by the page, in his handwriting... Fortunately there is no death penalty in Israel [Untrue}..Actually
confession makes no difference except to them; it may reconcile being linked for a lifetime to two shoppers blown to
bits in a [Supersol] supermarket [in February, 1969]...Because of Bashir's claims of torture, the court has gone into
what is called 'a petty trial' or a case within a case. Witness after witness has been summoned over interminable
months..." (T.F.O.D., pp 66, 87-89). With the S.T.O.P. plan in place, "minor acts of torture" will no longer be
necessary, another plus for Israel. Israel must have but one crime, genocide and one punishment: death.

    D. The Genocidal Criminals are stipulated. Professors Amos II and Stolfi maintain that, "Faced with the
necessity to articulate a counterterrorist strategy,...A human tendency exists to view terrorist incidents from the tactical
perspective of the details unique to the ongoing incident...The result...has been concentration on reducing loss of life
and damage in each particular incident at the expense of deterring terrorism by a broad, consistent strategy aiming at
making all incidents unattractive to effective objective of government counter-terrorist policy is the
prevention of acts of terror...a viable and decisive strategic objective." (Annals, p 74).
    The S.T.O.P. plan is strategic, not tactical. It does not prevent, respond to, or retaliate against each individual
terrorist incident. It permanently ends terrorism as a violent political concept or activity. It dismantles the terrorist
infrastructure piece by piece. In keeping with the advice of terrorist experts previously quoted, the S.T.O.P. plan
destroys the effectiveness of the PLO by attacking the elements which give it cohesion. It collapses the integrity of the
system. It unnerves the PLO fighters, spreading an epidemic of panic. It breaks down the internal system of discipline
and command which Arafat so laboriously and meticulously built up over decades.
     All genocidal organizations are declared illegal, and all those working for these organizations in whatever
capacity are pronounced genocidists, and all are subject to arrest, trial, and sentence of death. The S.T.O.P. plan thus
implodes the PLO, at all points of its infrastructure, be it the PLO’s civilian bureaucracy, its drivers, its fighters, and its
commanders. Points of leverage include the extended families, clans, and villagers related in various ways to the above
PLO factions.
     Why is the PLO’s bureaucracy included? Because it is the element which gives the PLO cohesion. The PLO
cannot function without its bureaucracy, its file and mail clerks, telephone, typewriter and computer operators,
messengers, etc. The massive defection of staff implodes the organization. All PLO offices throughout the world,
including in its foreign “embassies” cease to function.
     The chaos created in the PLO follows rules of psychological warfare. Luttwak lists, “Among the tools of
psychological warfare [is] the modulation of existing pressures within the enemy camp in order to affect morale,
discipline or the efficiency of decision-making...Psychological warfare is always important in conflict situations." (A
Dictionary of Modern War, p 156).
     PLO military and civilian employees are not trapped in their jobs. Fully forewarned of the consequences of
continuing to work for the PLO and other genocidal organizations, they can leave and be free, or stay and be charged.
They are in a very different situation from the Jews in Nazi Germany during World War II, or Israelis today, targeted
to be murdered for the crime of “Jewishness,” as most of my family was and from which, as Prof. David N. Myers
pointed out, Jews find it impossible to escape.
     Virtually all employees working for the PLO and other genocidal organizations do so for the paycheck. They are
not committed to genocide. But the loss of income will cause them severe hardship. Israel should provide them a very
generous disengagement stipend, possibly equaling a year’s salary. Where will these funds come from? Israel must
consider the benefits accruing from the end of terrorism. The saving of Jewish lives of course cannot be measured. It is
priceless. But Israel will also save billions of dollars in protective and retaliatory measures. Every military action costs
millions. The “Peace for Galilee” campaign alone cost $3 billion.
     All defecting employees must be officially demobilized and debriefing by Israeli authorities. Additional stipends
are disbursed when former PLO employees provide authorities with valuable information or material. These former
employees need fear no retribution, protected under the S.T.O.P. umbrella.

      E One Degree of Culpability. "All for one and one for all, that is our device," said Alexander Dumas, the Elder.
Genocide is the ultimate crime and it has no degrees of guilt, as is so common in American law. People are guilty of
genocide or they are not. The crime includes belonging to a genocidal organization, aiding, abetting, supporting,
endorsing and promoting it and its aims. This covers front-men, useful idiots, spies, moles and Quislings, Israelis
among them.
      Being at the beginning or end of the chain of command, or at the top or bottom of the bureaucracy is irrelevant.
Genocide is a process, a campaign, a deadly movement to kill Jews, and being involved in it in any capacity
establishes that the individual is a genocidist. There are no gradation of charges. When you discover termites
undermining your home, you do not differentiate between soldiers, workers, winged castes or nymph termites, or
assign greater culpability to one class of termites than another. You fumigate them all. U.S. General Ulysses Grant's
asserted: "Let no guilty man escape, if it can be avoided. No personal considerations should stand in the way of
performing a public duty."
      In January 1987, Canada convicted and sentenced two Sikhs to life in prison (eligible to apply for parole in 7
years!) for plotting to blow up an Air-India passenger plane bound from New York to New Delhi. Had they succeeded,
hundreds would have died. Quebec Superior Court Justice Claire Barrette-Joncas said in passing sentence: "The crime
you were found guilty of is so mind-boggling that the primary end of these sentences must be deterrence...I am well
aware of your innocent past, but the fact that you chose to conspire to kill hundreds of innocent people for terrorist
purposes has brought you in the category of worst offenders."
      The defense demurred. "We'll be appealing," defense lawyer Michael Code said. "Our feeling was that a sentence
of 8 to 15 years would have been appropriate. These men have never been involved in crime before, and it is not the
worst offense because it was not carried out." Mr. Code, as so many murderers’ apologists, believes that any man is
entitled to one major crime, fully carried out, before he should be punished. Failure to blow up a planeload of
passengers should count as a whiff, as in a friendly game of golf. No harm, no penalty.
      In California, the Supreme Court reduced Henry Nicolaus' conviction for killing his three children, 2 to 7, from
first to second degree murder! Did these tots only die in the second degree? In 1985, eight years after his parole,
Nicolaus lured the mother of the children to an alley and shot her to death. This time he was sentenced to death. Years
will pass before he is executed, if ever.
     In 1987, Californian Alan Wayne bludgeoned an 80-year-old woman to death and set her body on fire. He was
convicted of arson and second-degree murder. Was she only partially murdered?
The anti-Genocidal Law does not differentiate between levels of participation, nor does it consider if genocidists
participated in violent action or not. When the S.T.O.P. plan has imploding the PLO’s higher structure will be alone.
They will flee or be captured.

     F. Genocidists are fully forewarned about their full culpability and liability under the law. A partial list of
the organizations and employment positions declared guilty is widely disseminated through newspapers, television
programs, posters in public places, and through flyers dropped on refugee camps wherever they are located.
Genocidists then have the choice of dropping out or remaining and becoming subject to arrest, trial and conviction. A
thirty-day window during which genocidists can turn themselves in and be freed of the threat of execution is provided.

     6. The unique S.T.O.P. (Syncopated Threat of Punishment) portion of the plan.
          a. When arrested, individuals accused of being genocidists are quickly brought to trial, and if
found guilty, are immediately convicted and sentenced to death. This includes terrorists caught after a terrorist attack.
They are not executed, but placed in prison with other genocidists. Israel has hundreds if not thousands of them.
          b. The sentence is then placed in abeyance, and the execution is deferred. This is a new but perfectly legal
procedure, enacted into law by the sovereign state of Israel, through legal arm of its government
     Sovereign nations enact whatever laws they choose, rational or not, objective or not. No reason or explanation
need be given. While this law is fully objective, subject to specific rules and evidential requirements, many nations’
laws are utterly subjective. Some examples:
     The Soviet Union charges its enemies with "crimes against the state," while Iran's secret Islamic courts sentenced
thousands of individuals to death for "waging war on God and his people" and "creating corruption on earth." In 1980,
Saddam Hussein executed Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Sard and his sister “for the sake of the exemplary warning."
(C.C., p 348).
     The Syncopated Threat of Death law (from which the acronym S.T.O.P.), implements Publius Syrus's edict: "The
fear of death is more to be dreaded than death itself." Professor of criminological medicine Franco Ferracuti considers
that, "The relationship with death is an interesting, dynamic element of the terrorist's personality. The biological
instinct to survive, for the individual and society, is the authority that vetoes the acceptance of death...Death per se...
must therefore be rationalized, attributed to chance or to natural processes, made into a symbol of an exceptional
event...But when the odds of the probability of death, based on his actions, become overwhelming, man abandons his
delusion of immortality, his dependence on chance, or his belief that he will die from natural causes.
     Thus, Iranians were fatalistic until Iraqi missiles started raining down on Teheran. A quarter of the ten million
inhabitants fled the city. When Iraq started using chemical weapons in its war against Iran, the previously fanatical and
suicidal Iranian soldiers fled, recruitment dried up, and Iran had to sue for peace. The odds in favor of a horrible death
had become prohibitive." ("A Sociopsychiatric Interpretations of Terrorism, Annals, p 136). "There's no heroism in it
for the village boys," a Western diplomat told IME correspondent David S. Jackson. "They're afraid of chemical
weapons, and there's no chance of coming back covered with glory."
     Walter Reich, psychiatrist and a senior research associate at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for
Scholars in Washington, analyzed the same phenomenon: "Zeal, insofar as it promotes self-sacrifice, conflicts in the
long run with a human urge that is even more powerful - the urge for self-preservation...A few years ago, we were
convinced that legions of enthusiastic, self-sacrificing Shia car-bombers would obliterate everyone who opposed their
cause in Lebanon and then spill over that country's borders to do the same everywhere else. Only later did we learn that
such legions didn't exist, that most car-bombers had been tricked or pushed into service; perhaps only a few were true
zealots who could be roused to explode themselves through the gates of Paradise." Reich indicates that when the
struggle fails, it results "in a state of total disillusionment and abandonment of the struggle." That is the result Israel
obtains through the S.T.O.P. plan. The plan totally removes participants’ dependence on chance, or in their belief that
they will die from natural causes. The fighters will suffer a state of total disillusionment and will abandon the struggle.
     The stay of execution applies to all genocidal convicts, including those captured after terrorist attacks. The only
exceptions apply to the PLO’s inner circle, who should immediately be executed, their bodies cremated with pig parts,
and their ashes scattered at sea.
            c. Why is the Syncopated feature of the plan so much more effective than simply executing the terrorists
immediately after trial and conviction? Liddell Hart counseled: "Direct pressure always tends to harden and
consolidate the resistance of an opponent - like snow which is squeezed into a snowball, the more compact it becomes,
the slower it is to melt...the indirect approach is the most effective way to upset the opponent's balance, psychological
and physical, thereby making possible his overthrow." (Strategy, p 228). The S.T.O.P. plan uses the indirect approach.
It does not execute killers for their own actions. When they commit murder, Israel executes their comrades instead.
Executing killers for their own murders only hardens the snowball, bringing the PLO thousands of new recruits, eager
to revenge their fallen comrades.
     Instead, the S.T.O.P. plan places the responsibility for the death of terrorists upon the shoulders of their comrades.
Islamocentric principles honor a man for killing Jews, and if he dies in the action, he is honored as a martyr. But
causing the death of family and kin brings down a torrent of disgrace and shame. It is unbearable. This is the choice the
S.T.O.P. plan offers PLO fighters. It permanently ties their hands, with the firmest Islamocentric cords of family and
tribe. The plan paralyzes their actions. When the “execution list” of genocidal prisoners is published, for the first time
in Middle East history, very large and powerful Arab constituencies are activated, fully committed to stopping
terrorist attacks for the next three months. These constituencies consist of the huge, extended family (hamula) of each
of the twenty or thirty men at the top of the list, his friends, his clan, his village.
     Dale F. Eickelman states: "Arab society is based upon extended-family clusters, tribe and other, coexisting
loyalties ...Closeness is constituted by compelling ties of obligation... such ties are considered to be permanent and
enduring." ( "Arab Society: Tradition and the Present, Handbook of the Middle East, p 779). A news article of 1986
quoted an Israeli officer: "Damascus is...interested in stirring up civil disobedience among the Gola Druze,
achieves this by putting pressure on relatives in Syria. By having this control over various families, they can keep alive
the question of the Golan Heights..." News articles headlined: "PLO Women Play Politically Active Role" (1979);
"Palestinian Women demonstrate in Gaza for the release of prisoners" (1988).
     The STOP plan correctly pressures the close-knit, extended Arab families and friends of those genocidists at the
top of the “execution” list. When the "execution" lists are publicized, the families and clan and village members of
those men at the top of this list will immediately put unremitting and fearful pressure on terrorist commanders to
refrain from initiating any action during the three months their loved ones are in imminent danger of execution. They
will cash in chips owed them by the terrorist commanders forcing them to renounce any terrorist strike during this
     Arafat’s past obsession to kill Jews and to conquer Israel has no leverage now to match their concern for the
safety of their loved ones. If commanders still persist on ordering terrorist attacks, regardless of the danger to their
underlings, they are unmasked as outsiders and enemies to the Arab population.
          1. Imprisoned high officials of the PLO, who permanently reside at the top of the "execution” list. They hold
enormous influence on PLO commanders in the field. They eagerly used to pass on Arafat’s orders to mount terrorist
attacks. Now that they own lives are at stake, their tune will radically change. They have no death wish. They will
order their subordinates not to mount any further terrorist strikes. Their pressure alone will end terrorism.
     In 1982, Israeli forces captured Lt. Col. Salah Ta'mari, the commander of the Fatah Youth Organization, the
senior-most Fatah member ever to have fallen into Israeli hands. In 1988, Shin Bet agents abducted Mohammed Abu
Hamam, 34, of Ramallah, a key intifada leader, who belonged to Arafat’s Fatah guerrilla group (Time, Aug 8, 1988).
Had these two been put at the top of the "execution" list, the intifada would have ended right then and there.
     Both Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and his senior deputy, Dr Abdel-Aziz Rantisi, were at one time, imprisoned by Israel.
With their names at the top of the "execution" list, Arafat’s Hamas operations would have ceased on the spot. They
like to sacrifice Arab youths, but not themselves or their own children.
     Rantisi told Al-Quds: "We are not for useless sacrifices, which would be the case if we were sending martyrs to
Hell, but we are sending them to Paradise." Rantisi’s fairy tales of virgins were for the consumption of gullible youths,
so they would martyr themselves, not believed by himself. The S.T.O.P. plan trumps the “72 virgins” fairy tale.
          2. The quandary of terrorist commanders: Once the S.T.O.P. plan becomes operative, these men face
decisions never previously required of them. Arafat ordered terrorist strikes, they obeyed, and all Arabs looked up to
them, even when some Arabs died in the attack. Relatives were fatalistic.
     Now certainty of death replaces fatalism. Huge constituencies demand that they not obey PLO or other genocidal
commanders. So do officers at the top of the list. As part of the communities in which they reside, commanders owe
far greater loyalty to these constituencies than they did to Arafat. Furthermore, if they disregard them, order an attack,
and Israelis die, the subsequent deaths of the Arabs on the “list” will be squarely blamed on the commanders, not the
Israelis, who just did what was promised.
     Professor Mylroie states, "If a leader (Arab) acts rashly, ...if his countrymen suffer from his actions, sooner or
later their anger turns against him, for his folly and brutality."
     Pryce-Jones similarly asserts: "Tribal society is a closed order. Those within the tribe are deemed to be relations
by blood, a family, by virtue of which they are to be protected and secured;...It is a zero-sum affair ...Failure threatens
tribal identity. The response will be violent and immediate. Should life be lost, the tribe is diminished and must exact
retribution. The blood feud begins." (C.C. ,pp 21-22).
     Revenge now becomes mandatory, and the PLO commander must die at the hands of the extended family and
friends, or flee. The S.T.O.P. plan has turned the Arab population against the commander. The Egyptian Mansour
Khalid wrote: "To an Arab, honor and respect by the community are interchangeable concepts...there is a strong
correlation between honor and group cohesion and group survival. Honorable behavior is that 'which strengthens the
group...while shameful is that which tends to disrupts, endanger, impair or weaken it'" Kiernan wrote: "Shame is to the
psychology of the Arab Muslim as guilt is to that of the Western Christian..." (Arafat, p 55). Pryce-Jones concurs: “To
this day, a man takes it for granted that his birth as a Sunni or Shia, or into some other sect or grouping, lays an
obligation upon him greater than any he might have as a member of his state." (C.C., p 28).
     PLO commanders know Islamocentric rules as well as anyone. The PLO commanders’ orders now lose all
potency. Honor and group cohesion carry overwhelming weight. Their decisions are predestined.
     Israel must offer PLO commanders a substantial disengagement allocation based on rank, widely circulating this
information, which will set him up as a prosperous and honorable man in the new Palestine. Deserting commanders
end the PLO commanders’ dream of conquest.
          3. Terrorist fighter face a different but equally demoralizing quandary. If some PLO commander yet orders a
terrorist attack, and they obey and kill Jews, their future is grim. If they return to their village, there won’t be a
joyous celebration for killing Jews as before. Now the bereaved relatives of those executed prisoners will murder them.
          If Israeli troops capture them, they won’t be spending a pleasant few weeks in Israeli prisons prior to
being released in exchange for hostages. The prisoners who saw their comrades being taken away for execution will
await their entry into prison with revenge in mind. They may well not see the dawn of the next day.
     Mark Fritz reports that “Hate crimes charges are routinely used to threaten a suspect into pleading guilty to
something else, since carrying a bias rap into prison teeming with race-based gangs can be as risky as a nap on the
train tracks” (Mislabeling Hides Extent of Hate Crimes,” L.A.T., August 23, 1999).
     Fear of death has very great impact on terrorist fighters. Most are not suicidal as some believe. Pryce-Jones
explains that, "Acquisition of honor, pride, dignity, respect and the converse avoidance of shame, disgrace, and
humiliation are keys to Arab motivation, clarifying and illuminating behavior in the past as well as in the present.
Honor is what makes life worthwhile: shame is a living death, not to be endured, requiring that it be avenged." (C.C.,
pp 34-35).
     Fighters facing the alternative of causing the death of friends in Israeli prisons, with his death coming soon
thereafter at the hands of the executed genocidists’ relatives and tribe, or disobeying his PLO commander, only one
choice is viable. He will turn himself in to Israeli authorities with his weapons, be amnestied and receive a generous
disengagement allocation (widely publicized), and return to the bosom of his family and clan, his loyalty to family and
clan unblemished.
     This amnesty applies for up to 30 days after the Knesset enacts the law. Terrorists present themselves at specific
locations, discreetly placed and protected by special IDF forces. Their disengagement allocation can be increased
based on the value of weapons turned in, the usefulness of information provided in their debriefing. Israel again needs
to be generous, for every defecting fighter brings on more defections and saves Israeli lives. Rashid Abu Sakr, 24,
from Gaza, a captured would-be Islamic Jihad suicide bomber, told on TV how "a payment of $6,000 to his family and
the prospect of 72 virgins in paradise convinced him to carry out the attack." (J.P., March 30, 1996). Israel can trump
the "72 virgins in paradise," with “eternity in hell,” and it can more than match the $6,000 money award.
     With their new wealth, equal or greater than a year’s wages from the PLO, these former terrorists may well decide
to use the money as grub stake and emigrate to the new Palestine and start a far more auspicious life there than as
dead-end terrorists in Israel.
     Some say that PLO fighters are fanatical and incorruptible. Dr. Arendt disagrees. “It is in the moment of defeat
that the inherent weakness of totalitarian propaganda becomes visible. Without the force of the movement, its members
cease at once to believe in the dogma for which yesterday they still were ready to sacrifice their lives...The
members...utterly fanatical as long as the movement exists, will not follow the example of religious fanatics and die the
death of martyrs (even though they were only too willing to die the death of robots). Rather they will quietly give up
the movement as a bad bet... Startling was the fact that the Waffen-SS in the last days of German resistance against the
Allies did not fight 'to the last man' and that this special Nazi combat the last weeks acted like any unit drawn
from the ranks of civilians, and bowed to the hopelessness of the situation.'" (O.O.T., pp 308),
          4. The civilian portion of the PLO infrastructure will desert, as previously stated, bringing valuable records
and documents with them when disengaging and receiving their substantial stipend.
          5. The plan uses sophisticated anti-genocidal


     E. Burns declared: "To punish, one must have such power that the culprit cannot return the punishment."
(The Strategy of Treaty Termination, p 271). Knowing that any future terrorist action in which Israelis die will result in
the certain death of their comrades, and in horrible shame for themselves, PLO fighters will refuse to engage in them.
PLO leaders will order a terrorist attack, and nobody will show up.
      a. The sentences must be carried out with automaticity! Terrorists may well test Israel's resolve believing that
Israelis will not be tough enough to carry out the sentences. Prof. Arie E. David warns: "Since to make a threat of
'enormous punishment' may raise the suspicion in the mind of the adversary that the threatener might ultimately shrink
from carrying it out, more than simply a communication of intention is usually required: one must maneuver oneself
into a position where one surrenders one's judgment and no longer has any effective choice as to how one shall behave
or respond. Therefore, a key concept in deterrence is automaticity: making retaliation depend solely on some
specified impersonal and external event. Even how the capital punishment is to be carried out must be specified.
      When things are believed to completely predictable, there is no crisis. “The conflict is 'over as soon as it
begins, there is no suspense.'" (T. Shelling, Arms and Influence 97 (1966), quoted in The Strategy of Treaty
Termination, p 9).
      The execution of ten or twenty genocidists is a far less “enormous action” by Israel than its “Peace for Galilee”
campaign by the entire IDF army, or the shelling or bombing of Lebanese villages by military planes and artillery
units, resulting in the death of hundreds of innocent civilians. The S.T.O.P. plan replaces all of Israel’s Collective
Punishment actions. Israel’s leaders should have no difficulty making the right decision.
      The S.T.O.P. component of the plan carries capability plus credibility plus automatic behavior. PLO commanders
might trick some fighters to commit strikes to test the resolve of Israel’s leaders. For some time, Israel’s leaders were
tough enough not to negotiate with terrorists. Their toughness was not backed by necessary counter-measures and the
hostages died. Now, their toughness will be backed by a plan which carries irresistible Islamocentric leverage. It will
save innumerable Israeli lives and will bring genocidal terrorism to an abrupt and permanent end. It is up to Israeli
leaders to do their duty.
      In 1938, the British hanged three Palestinians in the West Bank and had no terrorism for nearly eight years
thereafter. On the same day, Turkey sentenced 4 PLO men to death for killing 3 people, and Israel sentenced 2 PLO
members to life in prison for killing 34 people on a Haifa to Tel Aviv bus. Which country suffered hundreds of
terrorist deaths since then, and which did not?
      "Don't send out a boy to do a man's work." Killing primary targets is effective. Killing civilians along with
genocidal terrorists is not. Would Japan have surrendered if the U.S. had proven the effectiveness of its atomic bombs
by dropping them in the Gobi Desert? No. But the U.S. dared bomb two major Japanese cities. The hideous war ended
immediately. The U.S. leverage was overwhelming. The S.T.O.P. plan is Israel’s atomic bomb. Used once or twice,
and the genocidal war is over forever.
      Had the P.S.P. and S.T.O.P. plan been in place some years ago, Arafat would not have challenged King Hussein
during Black September, and thousands of Jordanian men, women and children would be alive today. Arafat would not
have destabilized Lebanon, killing thousands more Arabs. The "Peace for Galilee" campaign would have been
unnecessary, and 656 precious Israelis would be alive today. Captured Israelis would not still be languishing in fetid
Arab jails, or be dead. The Shatilla and Sabra crises would not have occurred.
      There would not have been a Shin Bet affair. Over six thousand genocidal terrorists would still be in Israeli
prisons rather than being released for a handful of Israeli POW’s to kill again, and the integrity of Israel's judicial
system would not have been thrashed. Thousands of Israeli men, women and children - victims of genocidal terrorism -
would be in the bosom of their families, enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Mashaal and Yassin
crises would not have occurred.
      Collective Punishment would have been unnecessary, including bulldozing houses of genocidal families. Israel
would not have suffered role reversal, and it would not be isolated as it is today. Rabin would not have entered into
Oslo, and Arafat would have spent his last years in Tunis, an obscure, forgotten man, instead of being buried in a
hero’s grave. The list goes on and on.
      b. An "execution" list of genocidists is randomly created, the genocidists at the top of the list being the
first to have the suspension of their sentences lifted, and executed, when a genocidal terrorist attack takes place and
Israelis or other protected individuals die. Ranking genocidal officers and functionaries are automatically placed at the
top of the list, according to rank. The "execution" list’s top hundred or so names are publicized throughout Israel, in
newspapers, on radio and television, posters, bulletin boards, and by flyers dropped on refugee camps throughout the
region. Their photos must be seen everywhere. Israel finally employs the full panoply of psychological weapons
previously used only by the PLO and its affiliates - the threat of death, media warfare, and individualized leverage.
The plan also carries the three necessary components of capability, credibility, and automatic behavior. Arafat was a
master producer and director of terrorist theater, setting the stage, and having hostages play their tearful roles asking
for the release of terrorists.
      The plan is refined by placing the genocidal prisoners in separate prisons, according to their ethnicity or kin, i.e.
Shiites, Sunis, Hezbollah, etc. each having their own “execution” and “release” lists. Now, when the genocidal
terrorists shell or send missiles into Israel, it will know exactly which group was shelling, and if Israelis or other
protected individuals die, the appropriate number of prisoners at the top of the appropriate execution list are put to
death, cremated with pig parts, and their ashes scattered in parts unknown. Now the extended families and kinsmen of
those at the top of each execution list will exert irresistible pressure on the battery-wielding terrorists not to fire their
shells or missiles, and they know exactly who they are. Such pressure never existed before. The same pressure will
also apply to those working in the small factories making the equipment and shells, as well as those who receive such
equipment and shells through tunnels from Egypt. If Israel is shelled after all, and Israelis die, all those terrorists in the
chain which caused the genocidal terrorists to be executed will face inescapable revenge. In short order, shelling of
Israeli towns and villages from north and south will cease!
      Now Israelis must prove that they can produce better theater than did Arafat. They should interview terrorists at
the top of the “Execution” list, à la "Alan Steen" in prison, and show them on television, pleading with PLO
commanders not to order any strikes, and begging their families to intercede with these commanders not to jeopardize
their lives. Rabin said that he wanted the enemy to suffer. Now it does, without making a secondary population suffer
in its place.
      c. The list is refreshed every three months, the top fifty or hundred transferred to the bottom of the list, replaced
by others. High PLO officials, commanders, etc. remain at the top of the list. This brings a new army of relatives and
kinsmen to put unbearable pressure on genocidal commanders to stay their hands from ordering genocidal attacks.
      d. When executions take place, the remains of the genocidists are cremated with pig parts, and scattered at sea or
in the desert. No burials take place, no heroes’ shrines are created. Israel did it right when it scattered the ashes of
Adolph Eichman. Why? Prof. David believes that, "In order to deter, prospective violence should be made as
frightening as possible." (The Strategy of Treaty Termination, p 8). Soft warfare is for freiers. Pryce-Jones noted that
Eurocentrics wanted to introduce “improvements,” such as persuasion, education and reason. They did not believe that
Arabs “might cling to a customary power holding that was tyrannical and murderous...Alexis de Tocqueville... in
1841...met a colonel who said to him and other Frenchmen present, 'Only force and terror, my dear sirs, work with
those fellows.'” Pryce-Jones wrote that such men were “invariably dismissed as bigots, fire-eaters, altogether a threat
to civilized values...Through firsthand experience, this colonel and his kind had in fact grasped that the colonial
powers had either to absorb and ingest the power-challenge dialectic and behave like any Muslim power holder, or else
to break it once and for all and so integrate peoples of different religions and customs into one value system." (C.C., pp
      Israel is not a colonial power, but it must use force and terror upon the PLO, methods which Arabs of the region
understand and respect, to gain acceptance to its permanent status in the Middle East. Only when this is fully
established through Islamocentric methods, can Israel introduce Eurocentric, Judaic values and standards to the Arab
world. But before peace comes war. Hippocrates counseled: "For extreme illnesses extreme treatments are most


      Israel’s leaders boast that they have never executed a “terrorist.” Technically correct, but Israel has killed
     numerous genocidists without trial, receiving world condemnation in the return, because it was done furtively..
     Under the P.S.P. Plan and its S.T.O.P. sub-section, executions carry the full legal weight of the Israel sovereign
     state.. Why do Israel’s leaders not sanction executions? The rationales are so ludicrous as to be embarrassing to
     even list. But list them I must.
               a. “It will bring pressure from anti-death penalty” argument. In 1979, then-Israeli Ambassador Chaim
Herzog argued at a press conference in Los Angeles: "We've proved that by taking strong measures against terror, we
can curtail it...[We] are not likely to include use of the death penalty...We've never executed a terrorist. The use of the
death penalty would bring pressure upon the Israeli government from Amnesty groups, public corporations, heads of
state and the Pope.” What “strong measures?” “what curtailment effected?” Thousands of graves tragically mock these
statements. Should Israel’s leaders pander to Amnesty International and the Pope, or save Israelis?
                b. “[Israel's] people and government have a profound respect for human life.” Such respect is shown
when murderers are executed, not set free. The Bible thunders: “‘Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood
be shed.” (Genesis 9:6). “He that smitheth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death. (Exodus 21:12). That
shows respect for human life; the loss of precious lives must be paid for by their murderers. Currently, the lives of
murderers are considered more valuable than that of their victims, by Israeli authorities. Saving the life of just one Jew
is a mitzvah. The S.T.O.P. component of the P.S.P. Plan places an umbrella of protection over all Jews, whereas the
U.S, placed such protection upon genocidists as they did with Arafat and now Abbas!
      Israel’s leaders’ boast of not killing terrorists is a lie. For years, they ordered the bombing and shelling of
numerous Lebanese villages, killing thousands of innocent civilians in an attempt to kill some terrorists among them.
The whole world loathed Israel for this. Mossad death squads have murdered numerous terrorist commanders and
lower-echelon terrorists throughout the world, including Zuheir Mumsen (Cannes), Awel Abdel Zwaiter, Abdel Hadi
Nakaa and Abdel Hamid Shibi (Rome), Dr. Mahmoud Hamshari, Dr. Basil Al-Kuhaissi and Mohammed Boudia
(Paris), Zayad Murchesi and Hussein Abad Al-Khair (Nicosia), Mohammed Youssef Najjar, Kamal Nasser, Kamal
Adwan, Ahmed Bouchiki and Ali Hassan Salameh (Beirut), Fathi Shikaki (Malta), Monzer Abu Ghazala (Athens),
Abu Hassan, Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad, Arafat's 2nd in Command), Samir Toukan and Abur Safwat, Abu Hassan
(Lebanon), Yassin (Gaza), and so forth. These genocidists should have been executed, but legally, upon trial and
                c. “It is akin to Nazi practices,” an Israeli official was quoted as saying. Nazi practices consisted of
killing innocent Jews. This practice is just the opposite. It kills genocidists for killing Jews.
               d. “Israel's leaders and people don't want to execute.” Only true for the leaders. “Israel’s people” strongly
endorse executions. A 1985 poll indicated that 71 percent of the Israeli population wanted the death penalty imposed,
while only 20 percent opposed it. Israel’s leaders must consider themselves part of an oligarchy, superior to the rest of
the general population. This has cost Israel thousands of lives, creating an, “extraordinary apathy and fatalism in the
country,” according to Kimche. Bertold Brecht's ironic remark might suit them: “As the government has lost the
confidence of the people, the people will have to be replaced” Actually most of the government needs to be replaced.
      A U.S. Poll by Louis Harris showed that 79 percent of those surveyed advocated a universal death penalty for
terrorists. Public support for the death penalty is overwhelming. (Los Angeles Times., Sept. 9, 1988).
               e. “It will worsen Arab-Jewish relations.” Ariel Sharon used this rationale when he voted against the use
of capital punishment in 1979. The Arabs consider violence and death normal occurrences. When the Shin Bet killed 2
terrorist prisoners after the bus hijacking, it outraged the Jews, but not the Arabs. Kill or be killed.
     Arabs respect ruthless opponents, considering other weak and dishonorable. How ruthless have Israelis been?
      1974: Prime Minister Golda Meir after the Ma'alot massacre of the children: “Any government of Israel will do
everything in its power in order to cut off the hands that want to harm a child.” Empty words.
      Then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan urged, “We must kill them.” As the Knesset called for the death penalty for
captured terrorists, Dayan said, “They must know that they will not leave Israel alive...” Empty words.
      1975: Then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin after the Zion Square bombing: “The only language they understand is
that of the sword. In that language we shall talk to them...” Empty words.
      1980: Prime Minister Menachem Begin, at the funeral of 2 ½-year-old Eyak Gluska: “Even the devil has not yet
devised a proper revenge for the blood of a child.” The PLO’s S.T.O.P. Plan does. Are Israelis up to it?
      1982: Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir, at the graveside of murdered Israeli diplomat Yaacov Barsimantov,
threatened to attack terrorists “wherever we find them...with no holds barred, with no surcease, for we have decided to
live, and to live in peace.” But Yediot Aharonot asked, after this latest murder: “Must we continue to wait until our
blood starts flowing like water?” The answer was yes.
      1985: Ma'ariv, after two Israeli schoolteachers were murdered, declared that those who kill Jews “should be
hanged until their loathsome soul departs their bodies.” Then-Foreign Minister Yitzhak Rabin, “led a move in the
Knesset to impose the death penalty against terrorists convicted of murder,” and “The Israeli Cabinet ordered a review
of proposals to mandate the death penalty for terrorist slayings.” All talk, no action. Israelis “Speak stickly and carry a
big soft,” (Cordesman’s terms).
      1986: Foreign Minister Shamir, after the Istanbul Synagogue massacre: “The Jewish blood spilled obliges the
Jewish State to intensify the war against terror organizations in every place and in every way.” Prove it!
         Unaffected by military responses, and with executions of captured genocidists rejected, Israel’s leaders made
wild threats for years, all sound and fury, but with no action. When will the time come that Israeli lives are worth more
than that of Arab genocidal killers?
     Benjamin Disraeli, one of England’s greatest Prime Ministers, declared: “I repeat...that all power is a trust; that we
are accountable for its exercise; that, from the people, and for the people, all springs, and all must exist.” The Knesset
must represent the people, not themselves. Israel’s leaders must serve the people, not themselves.
     Conclusion: The dereliction of Israel's leaders in not applying executions, the only effective and legal weapon to
counter the PLO’s death and threat of death weapon, has cost thousands of innocent lives and the maiming of
thousands more, and has brought Israel to the brink of extinction and its people to the edge of a Holocaust. Unsheathe
the ultimate weapon before it is too late.
     Death and the threat of death are psychological weapons, not military ones. The more gruesome, the more they are
prized by the Arab masses. In 1979, Begin recommended death by hanging rather than by firing squad as to least hurt
the Arabs’ feelings. George Patton held the opposite view. “Decide what will hurt the enemy most within the limits of
your capabilities to harm him and then do it.” Bashing in children's heads, shooting and throwing wheelchair-bound
Klinghoffer overboard, shooting babies in their cribs, their pacifiers still in their mouths, decapitating and
dismembering women and children with bombs, blowing people out of airplanes - the more gruesome the deaths, the
more they serve the PLO’s purpose. Such murders have no military value. They are tools to gain psychological and
political ends. A.C.Hazelip lists, “Ruthlessness and extraordinary violence” among his Twelve Tenets of Terrorism,
“essential to terrorist success.”
      Sun Tzu counseled: “Begin by seizing something that your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your
will.” (The Art of War, p 58). Arafat and other terrorist leaders knew that Israel prized its citizens. Now Israel must
seize and threaten Arabs, whom their kin, and close friends hold far dearer than the hostages, and the PLO will be
amenable to Israel’s will.
          Keeping its strongest weapon unused, Israel caved in and released 6,137 convicted genocidists in return for 16
Israeli hostages. With the S.T.O.P component, Israel can immediately regain Israeli POW’s such as Ron Arad (if he is
still alive), by convicting Sheikh Obeid and Mustafa Dirani, and setting a 48-hour deadline for their execution if Ron
Arad and the other POW’s are not released. Israel must trump genocidists’ weapons with cards higher than theirs. This
includes cremating executed genocidists with pig parts (shown on TV), so virgins will wait in vain, and throwing the
ashes from planes into the sea or onto the desert floor. Israel must learn to create fairy-tales more powerful than the
PLO’s. The P.S.P.S Plan factors in Islamocentric components, bringing the conflict to a short, painless and successful
conclusion. Too chicken? Then pay the price with your lives. A Latin proverb states: “The people's safety is the
highest law.” Israel’s leaders’ highest law must be to safeguard Israel’s citizens, not the PLO’s genocidal thugs. They
must do their duty. Israel’s population is ready for such extreme measures. Are Israeli’s leaders?


     1. If no genocidal terrorist attacks takes place within a three month period, and no Israelis are murdered, a
"Release" list is activated. The number of genocidists released from imprisonment every three months is determined
by the Knesset. It may be 5, 10, 15, etc. This list is also randomly drawn, but does not include the 100 or so
genocidists at the top of the “Execution” list. It is disseminated as widely as is the "execution" list.

          3. This list is also refreshed every three months, the top x number going to the bottom of the list, the others
moving up accordingly. If there were no time limit, family and clan members would have no incentive to pressure PLO
commanders to desist from ordering terrorist attacks. Their loved ones are in an advantageous position, and if no
Israelis are murdered for three months, they will be freed. But if a terrorist attack takes place within the three-months
time frame, and an Israeli dies, their loved ones will be moved back from the “release” list to the “execution” list. This
population will therefore add its unremitting pressure on terrorist commanders to keep them from jeopardizing the
release of their loved ones. This goes on every three months. It never ceases until genocide ceases.

     The S.T.O.P. plan thus contains both carrot and stick. It is just, fair, sensitive yet tough. It is far more focused and
effective than bombing and shelling Lebanese villages, or killing individual genocidal commanders or fighters, who
are quickly replaced. Amnesty International and other quasi-humanitarian groups’ responses must be disregarded.
     If no Israelis die, no genocidists die. They make the ultimate decision. They always did. But before, there was no
price to pay. Now the price is exorbitant and immediately paid. Jews die, genocidists die. Do the crime, pay the price.
Israel must implement the S.T.O.P. execution plan, if it values the lives of its citizens, believing that each Israeli life
saved is a Mitzva, and if it wants to climb out of the hole it has dug and wants to live as a free society in the world. .

     Yitzhak Shamir stated that "anything that weakens this terrorist [PLO] organization strengthens the chances for
peace," and Netanyahu asserted that, "The primary task in fighting to weaken and ultimately destroy that
capability [to deliver future blows]." This the S.T.O.P. plan accomplishes as no other means has or could.
     For the first time in its young history, Israel interposes a decision-making phase in front of terrorist operations.
Never before have PLO commanders had to weigh the consequences of their actions. Never before have they faced
unbearable pressures from hundreds of family members not to order a strike. Previously, raids were exciting win-win
adventures for them and calamities for Israel. Terrorists killed what Israel held dear, its citizens, at no cost to them. No
more. Now Israel trumps the death of their citizens with the death of terrorists. But to the terrorists, the certainty of
death of specific family and clan members is devastating and unbearable.
     Previously only Israelis suffered and bled. The chips were only Israeli lives. No more. Now Israel calls
in PLO chips. Previously Arabs terrorist crowed that there was no dearth of innocent victims to murder. Now Israel
responds that they hold a virtually unlimited number of terrorists to execute. And as a sovereign state, Israel can
capture many more Arab genocidists than they can capture Israelis.
     Terrorists now dance to Sabra music. Where previously Arafat and now Abbas and his co-conspirators make the
rules, Israel now does. It hold a boomerang. Each time genocidists throw a bomb or shoot a gun and kill a Jew, it
instantly kills a number of their comrades. Israel says: “Make my day.” Kill Jews and you kill your fellow terrorists.
Stop killing Jews and terrorists live. The Perpetual Dance Macabre of strike and counter-strike ends forever. The
PLO’s military infrastructure implodes like a house of cards, as commanders, fighters and bureaucratic workers
abandon the fight. Genocidal terrorism ends and peace descends upon Israel.
     Israel’s leaders promised swift and certain punishment for terrorist murderers. Empty words until now. But with a
plan which will deliver such punishment with certainty in hand, will they keep their word? The S.T.O.P. plan's motto
for terrorists could well come from Dante's inferno, "All hope abandon, ye who enter here." Abbas and the other
genocidal leaders, without bureaucracy or army, will flee or be captured and executed. To quote Corneille: "And the
combat ceased for want of combatants."


      a. Columnist Meg Greenfield summed up the frustration inherent in hijacking situations: "Our permanent
disadvantage rests on the unbearable choice we face between trying to save the lives of innocent victims and trying to
face down their tormentors without yielding. No one has figured out a way to do this well because there is no way. We
try to do both."
      Meg Greenfield did not live long enough to learn that there was a way. It simply requires putting more pressure on
the terrorists than they put on victim nations. While not recommending the method once used by the Russians, which
fail three of the twenty “ideal deterrent” qualifications met by the S.T.O.P. plan (no prior warning given, non-guilty
parties punished, illegal), they obtained the results.
      In September of 1985, four members of the Soviet embassy in Beirut were kidnapped, and one was murdered. The
Soviets then kidnapped several relatives of the Lebanese Shia Muslim leader involved, castrated and shot one, and sent
his severed organs to the terrorist leader. The three remaining Soviet hostages were immediately released.
      Benjamin Zycher, former Senior Staff Economist at the Council of Economic Advisors, contended at the time
that, "The brutality of the KGB will minimize the loss of innocent life," while "the humane approach maximizes the
loss of innocent life." He suggested that the KGB should receive the following year's Nobel Prize, "for an action
already taken that will do more for peace and for the protection of innocent life than any other likely to emerge before
the prize is awarded again.”
      Edward Luttwak describes an ideal deterrent to be, "A measure or a set of measures designed to narrow an
opponent's freedom of choice among possible policies by raising the cost of some of them to levels thought to be is based on the assumption that an opponent's intentions will go as far as his capabilities unless his
behavior is modified by deterrence."
      The unquestionable fact is that to Arab terrorists, the lives of hostages means nothing, and they have on many
occasions murdered them in cold blood. On the other hand, their kin held in Israeli and other nations’ prisons are
infinitely precious to them. Under no circumstances would they sacrifice their own for that of hostages. They could not
live down the shame. This cost-benefit factor assures the S.T.O.P. plan of success in ending hostage-taking and in
obtaining the release of held hostages.
      Almost all hostage crises involve efforts to obtain the release of specific terrorists from Israeli and
other victim nations’ prisons. For example, Abu Iyad [Khalil al-Wazir] explained the hijacking of the Israeli athletes in
Munich as a means to force the release of 200 Palestinian prisoners, Kozo Okamoto, the lone Japanese Red Army
faction survivor of the Lod airport massacre, and two leaders of the Red Army Faction in West Germany, Andreas
Baader and Ulrike Meinhof, killers of Germans and Americans. (The PLO, p 107).
      Those names were a "dead" give-away. They identified the prisoners most dear to the hostage-takers. Had the
S.T.O.P. plan been in effect at the time, Israel only needed to have threatened to execute those prisoners (legally, since
they would already have been under sentence of death), if Abu Iyad did not release the Israeli athletes, safe and sound,
within three days. The STOP plan would have boomeranged on Abu Iyad, tying his hands, and he would have been
forced to obey Israel’s demand. The hostage-taking crisis would have ended immediately in victory for Israel, and later
hostage-taking actions would have been forestalled. Hostage-taking would have permanently ceased.
       Had Abu Iyad inexplicably not obeyed Israel’s order, and murdered the Israeli athletes, as he did, he soon would
have met his death at the hands of the relatives of the executed terrorists, saving the Mossad the bother of doing it
themselves later on.
      Israel has often declared that it "gives top priority to the fate of its missing hostages and prisoners," and that it
"won't spare any efforts to bring its sons and soldiers home." Now Israel's leaders can back their promise with action,
or show themselves as weaklings. With leverage far greater than those of the terrorists', Israel can immediately regain
hostages, and stop hostage-taking forever.
      Placing total pressure on hostage-takers, Israel must broadly disseminate, at home and abroad, the threat of
execution upon the specified terrorist prisoners. Their extended families and clans will know where the hostages are
being hidden and who their jailers are. These families will demand that these jailers release the hostages prior to the
deadline, or face their wrath. The return of all hostages, even those held for years, will bring Israelis delirious joy and
celebration. Israel’s leaders will be heroes.
      If hostages are returned deceased, the agreement is voided, and the prisoners are executed. If long held hostages
are returned deceased, an autopsy will reveal if the deaths occurred before Israel made its demand, or after. If the later,
the prisoners in question are executed.

     This S.T.O.P. deterrent unit is as ideal and efficient as are all other components of the plan. Israel’s current efforts
are puny and impotent. Israel has been holding Hezbollah prisoners for 12 years. The Israeli Supreme Court stated that,
"their captivity is justified by Israel's security needs and its continuing efforts to win the return of Israeli servicemen
missing in Lebanon. In short, the justices sanctioned the seizing of Lebanese to be used as bargaining chips...In the
name of security against terrorism, Israel has co-opted the tactics of the terrorists." (L.A.T., March 10, 1998). But the
plan still remained toothless. Hamas’s Khaled Mashaal boasts that he “is capable of capturing another Shalit and
another Shalit and another Shalit and another Shalit, until not a single prisoner will remain in the enemy’s jails.” (J.P.
Jan. 1, 2010, p. 22). Israel had better put the S.T.O.P. Plan into action before such an eventuality becomes reality. Asad
knows the location and fate of the MIA’s. So did Arafat, who even returned the dog-tags from one of them.. But he
refuses to divulge any details. With teeth, the hostages are home within 3 days.

     M. Stocking the Execution Pool: Terrorists currently in Israeli prisons should be retroactively charged and
sentenced under the new Knesset anti-Genocidal Law, based on the fact that previous indemnification was obtained
under coercion and duress. Terrorists previously captured by Israel, and released under coercion, must be rearrested,
tried, convicted and imprisoned under the new law.
     Numerous genocidal prisoners, released by Israel, would have made excelled prospects for the Israeli execution
pool. Instead, according to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, some 50 percent of the 10,000 Palestinian prisoners
released by Israel since 1985 had returned to terrorism, “either as perpetrator, planner or accomplice”, killing hundreds
of Israelis (David Horovitz, J.P. Jan. 1, 2010). Excellent prospects for the execution pool are the four Hamas terrorists
sentenced to prison in June, 1999 for the killing of David Ktorza, stabbed to death on his way to synagogue. Salem
Rajab Sarsour, killer of Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan, received three concurrent life sentences plus 15 years (J.P. , Aug 6,
1999). All are now primary targets for execution if Israelis are taken hostage. Under the S.T.O.P. plan, they help end
terrorism forever, and help bring peace to Israel.


     a. Israel needs to expand and provide additional support to its Special Forces Units, to ferret out and capture
genocidists wherever located. Professors Amos II and Stolfi suggest "special intelligence gathering, special authority
in investigation, special training and techniques in international terrorist search and confrontation, additions to or
changes in the law that contribute to the effectiveness of the law enforcement authorities..." (Annals, p 74). Israel
already has such units.
     The Jaffee Study Group pointed out, "The intifada has introduced distortions to the IDF's priorities, forcing the
consumption of energy and manpower for a mission that should not be at the top of the IDF's agenda." (I.O.F.P., p 29).
John D. Hull of Time (Nov 7, 1988) reported that, "Israel's army has reached deep into its kit bag of tricks during the
unavailing struggle to quell the eleven-month-old Palestinian revolt. Two of the most feared are called 'Cherry' and
'Samson,' code names for clandestine military teams whose members, garbed in keffiyehs and speaking Arabic,
secretly stalk the leaders of the intifadeh...Military leaders...claim that Cherry (the West Bank unit) and Samson (the
Gaza unit) have arrested dozens of leaders of the uprising."
     These elite Special Anti-terrorist Units should carry out search-and-capture, rather than search-and-destroy
missions. Once cornered, terrorist units should be captured alive, if possible, to stock the “execution” pool. Israel has
an insurmountable advantage in such contests. It has far more personnel and full mobility, and the authority of law,
while the enemy must operate under cover, always hiding.

     b. The Knesset should authorize the posting of substantial rewards for the capture of known genocidists.
The U.S. does so frequently. A $2 million reward posted for the capture of Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, suspected of the
1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, brought him in from Pakistan in 1995. A suggested list of such murderers
would include Jamil Khalifa and Ismat Matawia, killers of yeshiva student Itamar Doron and Danny Vargas; Imad
Omar Kamil, killer of 19-year-old Cpl. Michal Adato. Four of fifteen murderers of Americans - Bassam Issa, Kamal
Khalifa, Yasser Khasin and Mahmad Sanwar - are easy to locate, currently serving in Abbas’s security forces! (ZOA
publication). Their names and faces should be posted everywhere. The Arab population will help find them, and will
turn them in for the rewards, as well as to obtain peace in Israel once more.

         3. Imprisoned terrorists now make very valuable “execution” stock. It no longer wastes them through
deportation such as Abed Aziz Odeh (assassin), Jemayel Shatti Hindi, (major PLO operative in the Nablus area), Jabril
Mahmoud Rujub, Jamal Mohammed Jibara, (PLO recruiter and terrorist planner), Bashir Ahmed Al Kheiri, (lawyer
who set off a bomb which killed several people), Hussein Abdul Rahman Khader, Makboul, Nazal, Yayousi, Malafata,
and many others.
    Jay Bushinsky reported in the July 26, 1997 J.P. that "Since the beginning of the month, over 100 Palestinians
have been caught trying to infiltrate into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Valuable prisoner stock. The GSS arrested 16
members of a Hamas terrorist cell suspected of carrying out a number of attacks along the Trans-Samaria highway.
These men can immediately be tried, convicted and placed in the "execution" pool. The 415 Hamas "activists"
deported to Lebanon in 1992 would have been prime candidates for the "execution" pool. Israel made a list of those to
be deported, but did not know where to send them. Israel had no plan. With the S.T.O.P. Plan, it has one.
     The J.P. of Nov. 29, 1997 reported that, "Three Palestinian policemen, who have been detained for four months in
connection with a plot to attack settlers, will not be indicted - even though the confessed and reenacted the attempted
attack - but placed in administrative detention..." Wasted execution stock.

         4. The PLO’s large arms stock. This must be captured, before it is used against Israel. Lt. Gen. Dan
Shomron, Israeli chief of staff, admitted that "there are large quantities of arms in the West Bank and Gaza." In
Lebanon, Arafat’s arms depots were in air-conditioned underground caves. The PLO’s current arms warehouses must
be piled to the ceilings with Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, mines, anti-tank weapons, and surface-to-air missiles. The
U.S. Air Force cannot account for 102 Stinger missiles. Many may be in weapon depots in Judea/Samaria and Gaza.
Russian Gen. Alexander T. Lebed claimed that more than 100 nuclear 'suitcase bombs' were unaccounted for." (L.A.T.,
Sept 29, 1997). Some may be in these very warehouses.
     Hart counsels that, "It is more potent, as well as more economical, to disarm the enemy than to attempt his
destruction by hard fighting." (Strategy, p 228). To do so will save thousands of lives.

         5. The burgeoning PLO and Hamas army must be disarmed and disbanded. The IDF must overwhelm and
force every genocidal fighter to surrender his arms. When doing so, each fighter is given a chit, to be exchanged for a
substantial amount of cash. Resistance must be met by deadly force. These military operations will preclude Israel
having to later fight an entire army, dug into fortified positions, leading to very heavy combat and great loss of life on
both sides.

         6. The umbrella feature of the plan must be immediately activated by the Knesset. It designates all
Individuals and groups which the Knesset deems require the S.T.O.P. plan’s protection, i.e., those Arabs who are
routinely murdered by the PLO and Hamas, to need protection by the S.T.O.P. Plan. Protected should include Jews and
Jewish organizations world-wide, Arabs who turn in terrorists, Arabs who support Israel, and any other individuals and
groups who, in the opinion of the Knesset, need protection.
     When any of such individuals are murdered, the designated number of convicted and sentenced prisoners are
executed, their remains cremated with pig parts, their ashes scattered. This component of the plan must be extensively
publicized, and carried out without hesitation, to be effective.


          a. The plan will save Israel billions. Michael Kinsley states that one of terrorism's goals, is "to wreck the
economy, to drain government funds from social welfare into defense." This the PLO achieved by forcing Israel to
stand guard over the entire nation, 24 hours a day. Israel's massive military operations - bombing, shelling incursions,
full-scale wars, cost billions, as well as, of course, thousands of lives, both civilian and military. The S.T.O.P. plan
requires some free television and radio announcements, some fliers, and a few executions if these become necessary.
The result: the permanent end of terrorism.
     Dan Fisher wrote over twenty years ago that, "tourism is one of the country's top foreign-currency earners. It
brought in about $1.6 billion last year (1987), roughly double the country agricultural exports and roughly comparable
to Israel's arms sales abroad." The PLO’s intifada cost Israel over $600 million dollars in tourist and other revenues
during the first seven months of the intifada. (Reader's Digest, Nov. 1988).
     With terrorism ended, the tourism industry will bloom once more. With peace, contributions and investments from
around the world will soar. Jon Kimche reported that, “In the U.S. the United Israel Appeal received $300 million the
five years before the war, $1.1 billion the next five...The dynamic response of world Jewry to the challenge of the Six
Day War seeped through every sector of Israel's economy and revitalized it." (There Could have been Peace, p 272).
Donations and in investments in Israel’s industries and products, once the nation gains permanence, security and
peace will be prodigious.
          b. Impounding and appropriating Genocidal Assets: Where will the aforementioned disengagement
allocations and other funds come from? The billions saved, no longer needed for security and retaliatory measures, has
been mentioned. Additionally, seized assets of the PLO will amount to billions. These alone will be sufficient to cover
necessary disengagement allocations, payment for turned-in weapons, “valuable information” bonuses to commanders,
fighters and infrastructure employees, rewards, etc. These costs are temporary and even when generous, quite minor.
Terrorist costs, on the other hand, if not curtailed, are ruinously high and threaten Israel’s existence.
     The Knesset should pass a law authorizing the state to seize and impound all properties and funds of genocidal
organizations and individuals. Arafat for example, maintained a bank account in Tel Aviv, paid into by Israel and other
freier providers. Israel’s government must request that all foreign nations freeze all assets of genocidal individuals,
organizations and states, and turn over such assets to Israel upon judicial demand and finding.
     In 1997, the U.S. designated 30 groups as “Terrorists,” "triggering a law that froze their financial assets in the
United States, denied US visas to their members, and subjected Americans who give them money or weapons to 10
years in prison." (L.A.T., Oct. 9, 1997). The PLO was not included.
     The United States routinely seizes drug assets and uses them for its own purposes. The L.A.T. of Sept 30, 1988
reported that, "In a move to use criminals' ill-gotten gains against them, more than $95 million in assets forfeited by
drug traffickers and organized crime figures will be spent on building more federal prison space to house them, Justice
Department officials said Thursday."
     Another article reported: "In its war against drugs, the government has expanded its battlefield to a 4,000-tree
macadamia nut plantation in Hawaii, an island off the coast of Florida, and an $850,000 house next door to rock star
Madonna's in Malibu. These are just a few of the real properties taken by the government in the pasts few weeks under
its National Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Program...At the end of fiscal 1988, which ended Sept. 30, 16, 150 properties,
worth $704 million, had been seized, in contrast with 9,129 properties, worth $480.1 million, for fiscal 1987." The first
properties the Israeli government should seize are Orient House, the newly-built gambling casino, and Arafat's palaces.
     Margo Dudkevitch reported that, "Agents of the U.S. FBI seized some $1.4 million in cash and property in
Chicago that they claimed was part of an elaborate scheme to fund Hamas terrorist operations in Israel. They arrested
Mohammed Salah (a.k.a. Abu Ahmed) 46, a naturalized American from the Kalandiya refugee camp near Jerusalem.
Salah returned to the U.S. last November after spending five years in prison in Israel for transferring funds to Hamas."
(J.P., June 20, 1998). Where did the $1.4 million come from? Follow the money trail. It will lead directly to Abbas.
     The J.P. of Dec. 27, 1997 reported that, "In the past six years, the state has paid close to NIS 100 million in
damages for injuries sustained by innocent Palestinian victims of the intifada due to army activities. According to a
Justice Ministry projection, the state will be found liable for damages amounting to another NIS 750 m. with respect to
873 suits currently before the courts and another 226 files being dealt with by the Defense Ministry."
     The PLO, not Israel is the offending party in the intifada. All payments should come out of seized PLO funds. The
Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance already permits the government to close offices and seize the property of suspected
terrorist groups.
          c. Individual and class-action lawsuits against genocidal organizations and individuals. Civil lawsuits
against racist organizations have become an effective tool against them. Families of terrorist victims, and those injured
by terrorists must initiate individual and/or class action lawsuits against the PLO and its affiliates for penalties and
damages for pain and suffering, not only in Israel, but throughout the world. Such actions in the U.S. have virtually
bankrupted the Ku Klux Klan.
     "In February, 1987, the [Southern Poverty Law] Center won a crushing decision against the Klan when an all-
white jury in Mobile, Ala., ordered the United Klans of America to pay $7 million in damages to the mother of a
young black man hanged from a tree after his throat was slit by Klansmen in 1981," and the SPLC and ADL “joined
forces in a lawsuit against Tom Metzger and the White Aryan Resistance arising from the killing of an Ethiopian man
in Oregon. They were successful in demonstrating to a jury that the perpetrators of the murder were acting at the
behest of Metzger and his organization. The damage award had serious economic consequences for the White Aryan
Resistance” (San Diego Union, August 15, 1999).
     Charlotte Gibb, a British tourist who was shot while hitchhiking from Eilat in 1997, has sued her assailant, Daniel
Okey, for NIS 1.2 million in damages in Jerusalem District Court. Gibb's boyfriend, Max Hunter, was killed in the
attack. (J.P., June 6, 1998). Hunter’s family should also institute suit.
     "U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth acted under the terms of a law, enacted more than a year after the bombing,
that allows Americans victimized by terrorism to sue governments accused of supporting the terrorists...ordered the
government of Iran to pay $247.5 million in damages to the family of an American student [Alisa Flatow, 20], killed in
a 1995 suicide bombing [April 9] in the Gaza Strip allegedly carried out by a terrorist organization [Islamic Jihad]
bankrolled by Tehran...Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-N.J.), wrote the legislation with Rep. Jim Saxton (R-N.J.)... called
the Lautenberg-Saxton Act...
     Attorneys for the plaintiff said they will try to attach frozen Iranian assets in the United States or seize Iranian
money abroad, but neither approach is certain to work...The U.S. government froze Iranian assets valued at $12 billion
in 1979 after the overthrow of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and the taking of hostages by Iran. But only about $20
million of those assets remain under U.S. control." (L.A.T., March 12, 1998).
     "Families of three Americans killed when Cuban military jets shot down two private planes asked for $79 million
in damages Thursday as the first trial under a new anti-terrorism law opened...A year ago, the families received
$300,000 each that the U.S. government plucked from frozen accounts after a United Nations aviation panel ruled that
Cuba shot down the planes over international waters in violation of international law." (L.A.T., Nov 14, 1997).
      "The Palestine Liberation Organization has settled a 12-year old case brought by the family of an American [Leon
Klinghoffer] who was killed in his wheelchair and tossed into the sea during the hijacking the Achille Lauro cruise
ship." (L.A.T., Aug. 12, 1997). The amount was not disclosed.
      But Arafat was tricky. Newsweek reported that, “Governments normally don’t act like deadbeats. But Yasser
Arafat’s Palestine National Authority wasn’t a normal government. Last month a U.S. district court judge ordered the
PNA to cough up $18.75 million a U.S. arbitrator had awarded to a telecom firm...The PNA could have put up a bond
and appealed the ruling. Instead, on July 2 the judge cited ‘evidence that the PNA may attempt to transfer assets from
its New York accounts’ and ordered the authority not to move funds held by Citibank, Arab Bank, and Salomon Smith
Barney. Arab sources say Arafat had a top aide begin emptying U.S. accounts in June; the plaintiff’s law firm...went to
the judge after getting wind of it. Arafat then asked for help from Washington [National-security advisor Sandy
Berger]...his U.S. attorneys didn’t return phone calls - or show up in court to fight the new order.” (July 19, 1999).
When the Israeli government and private parties finished suing and winning awards from Arafat, they expected him to
sit in Tunis, penny-less, twirling his Peace Medal. It never happened.


          a. Religious Dispensation: Israel's highest religious leaders should declare a din rodef, giving permission to
Israelis to kill their persecutors.
          b. The S.T.O.P. plan negates and overturns all PLO terrorist elements which were impervious to previous
counter-measures? These consisted of Control of Engagement, Surprise Element, No-cost, No-stress Warfare,
Security-proof, Invincible Offense; and Permanent Staying Power.
          c. Control of Engagement: No longer does Israel “do no more than react to blows falling upon
him with unexpected force and from unexpected directions,” conditions it has suffered for over thirty years. Now
Israel’s special forces are on the hunt for genocidists day and night, and it is PLO operatives who receive the blows,
from all directions, paralyzed from responding.
          d. Surprise Element: Retired Secretary of the Navy John Lehman observed that "surprise attack works and
always will, whether it's Pearl Harbor or the streets of New York." Now that all gencidists have been identified as the
enemy - no longer only terrorist operatives, nor all Arabs - Israel no longer chases ghosts. Israel goes on surprise
attack. Lenin warned: "Never play with insurrection unless you are fully prepared to face the consequences of your
play...Secondly, [go] on the offensive. The defensive is the death of every armed rising." Israel now becomes the
hunter, genocidists the hunted.
     Author Paul Johnson stated, "For the terrorist, there can be no hiding places. The terrorist must never be allowed
to feel safe anywhere in the world. A terrorist kept constantly on the defensive is an ineffective terrorist." Previously,
Israel’s population had to constantly be on the alert. Now it is the genocidists who must constantly look over their
shoulder, waiting for the fateful knock on the door.
     In 1988, British SAS commandos shot to death three unarmed IRA guerrillas preparing to detonate a car bomb in
Gibraltar. When told to freeze, they did not, and were instantly killed. The IRA and Sin Fein were incensed saying they
could only be killed when carrying out a violent attack. A coroner's jury disagreed. William Pfaff, L.A.T. columnist
wrote: "The state has a right to defend itself, and to kill to do so. The democratic state has a better right to do this than
any other."
     An article on Columbian narco-terrorism stated: "The trafficker's message to Colombia is blunt: no one is safe. No
place is safe. 'It is no longer a question of threats, but of death notifications,' said Enrique Santos, editor of El
Tiempo...And they have another chilling advantage in their assault on the outgunned officials: Only the traffickers
know who will be the next to die." With the S.T.O.P. plan, Israel tells the terrorists exactly who will die next if they
dare attack, and it sends out the death notifications.
     e. No-cost, No-stress Warfare: Previously, the PLO’s forces relaxed between attacks, while Israel’s forces
remained on alert 24 hours a day, year round. Now Israeli forces relax, while the PLO’s forces must hide and run 24
hours a day. If a rare terrorist attack occurs, and Israelis die, Israel quickly executes the appropriate number of
genocidal terrorists. One or two such attacks, and the war is over. The war is now a low-cost, no-stress contest for
Israel. The stress has been transferred to the PLO, Hamas and the other sub-groups.
     f. Security-proof. Fail-safe security systems previously did not existed. Brian M. Jenkins explained the
distress in fighting terrorism in the old ways: "Governments...are almost always at a disadvantage in dealing with
individual episodes. Terrorists create dramas in which they and their victims are the central figures. Except for an
occasional successful commando rescue, governments seldom get to play the role of the hero. More often,
governments are seen as reactive, impotent, incompetent.
     Intelligence has failed, security has been breached...The public sees the government only in crisis, demonstrably
unable to provide security for its citizens, sometimes yielding to the terrorists to save lives, often unable to bring its
enemies to justice. Such perceptions may corrode the links between the governed and the government..." ("Statements
about Terrorism," Annals, p 17).
     Political columnist Geoffrey Smith, referring to the Karachi hijacking and the Synagogue massacre in Istanbul,
wrote: "But the circumstances were not the same...The Karachi and Istanbul atrocities were not replays of the West
Berlin nightclub bombing...This difference illustrates one of the most important but frustrating features of international
terrorism. Every episode has in common a savage contempt for human life, a readiness to inflate unlimited suffering of
innocent people. But beyond this basic truth the conditions vary from one incident to another." President Bush
admitted: "We haven't been able to get a four-point program that would apply to every terrorist situation,"
     The S.T.O.P. plan standardizes all terrorist incidents and applies the same “four-point” response to them all.
Robert J. Samuelson wrote, "What's predictable is often preventable." There are no more dramas with terrorists
and victims the central figures. No more yielding to terrorists to save lives. No more reactive, impotent, incompetent
government. No more corrosion between government and governed. Israel’s population has faith in a government
which takes immediate and effective action. Israel’s society is served. Once the terrorists realize that Israel’s leaders
will not shirk their duty, and have the courage to take the necessary legal actions, terrorism comes to an end. If it
requires the death of some terrorists, so be it. For too long, Israelis have paid the price alone.
     g.. Tempo. No longer do Israelis wait until after a terrorist strike to act, the enemy melted away, leaving the
Israelis to bury their dead, raise their fists to the sky in impotent rage. Now Israel is pro-active, its response ready at all
times. Within 24-hours of an outrage, its response has been fulfilled. Terrorists have been executed, cremated, their
ashes scattered. Dare they strike, they pay a price far higher than they are willing to pay.
     h. Permanent Staying Power. "The fear and intimidation that terrorism thrives on are totally dependent
on the ability to deliver future blows," wrote Benjamin Netanyahu. "The primary task in fighting terrorism, then, is to
weaken and ultimately destroy that capability." Israel only weakened the PLO momentarily during its “Peace for
Galilee” campaign. Only the S.T.O.P. plan permanently destroys the PLO’s capability to strike future blows.
PLO commanders and fighters will defect en masse, far more committed to their families, tribes, villages than to the
genocidal leaders’ personal quest for glory. The PLO’s staying power melts like snow under a noon-day sun. Their
infrastructures implodes.


    The S.T.O.P. Plan’s Ideal Deterrent Qualifications. This plan did not come about haphazardly or accidentally. It
contains eighteen objective bench marks. Prior and current counter-terrorism actions have never been tested against
such an objective measuring instrument. So tested, they all fail, and many produce counter-productive, negative scores.
The bench marks of the Ideal Anti-Terrorist Deterrent:

     1. Doable with utter reliability.
     2. Unilaterally doable. No third-party assistance required.
     3. Swift and certain. Netanyahu on punishing terrorists, "there can be no hint of compromise."
     4. Specificity of threatened punishment
     5. Carries prior warning. Pre-trauma deterrence. Cost vs. reward must be weighed before striking.
     6. Threatened punishment meaningfully impacts target population, not a secondary population.
     7. Threatened punishment carries a totally unacceptable cost/benefit ratio.
     8. Precludes retaliation.
     9. Standardized, stock response. No crisis management required.
     10. Unrestricted geographically. Effective against genocidal attacks anywhere in the world.
     11. Carries umbrella of protection to all at-risk populations.
     12. Places no military personnel at risk.
     13. Minimal economic and political costs.
     14. Obtains immediate results.
     15. Ends hostage-taking. Hostages return home.
     16. Meets Israeli and international law.
     17. Punishes only criminals, with surgical precision.
     18. Conflict is localized to domestic affair, removed from international arena.

    Pre-Trauma Deterrence (Criteria # 5) is universally acknowledged as infinitely superior to Post-Trauma
Punishment. "It is time to think long, hard and seriously about...preventive or pre-emptive actions against terrorist
groups before they strike," wrote Netanyahu. But no one had yet developed such actions.
    Post-Terrorism Punishment comes too late to save victims. When inflicted on secondary populations it not only
does not harm the terrorists but strengthens them instead, and fuels more hatred against Israel.
    Terrorists hew closer to most of the above bench marks than do victim nations. For example, in January, 1987,
Islamic Jihad captured four American professors in Beirut. The organization declared: "The Islamic Jihad will free the
four hostages in exchange for the release of 400 holy war strugglers held in Zionist Nazi jails in Palestine...We set a
non-extendable one-week deadline for the exchange to take place after which period keeping the four American
hostages alive will not be of use to us and we will execute them and throw their corpses on the garbage cans of
Cyprus." How many bench marks of the ideal instrument did the terrorists meet?

         1. Doable with utter reliability: Yes.
         2. Unilaterally doable. Yes.
         3. Swift and certain: Yes.
         4. Specificity of threatened punishment: Yes.
         5. Prior warning: Yes.
         6. The threatened punishment meaningful: Yes.
         7. Unacceptable cost/benefit ratio: Yes, since victim nation unwilling to match terrorists.
         8: Precludes retaliation: Yes, when victim nations do not use capital punishment.
         12. Placed none of their military personnel at risk.
         13. Economic and political costs minimal.

    The terrorists met 10 of 18 bench marks. Israel’s actions - Bombing, shelling, bulldozing houses - meet 5 bench-
marks (1, 2, 3, 4 ,9) and fail 13.

     As stated before, for decades, Israel’s leaders swore to make terrorists pay for their heinous crimes. Arafat then,
and Abbas and other genocidal leaders now laugh in their faces. Israel’s leaders promised its people that every
conceivable weapon would be used, no option unused, to reach and punish the genocidists. Let us recall these unmet
and therefore empty threats of punishment:

     1974: Prime Minister Golda Meir after the Ma'alot massacre of the children: "Any government of Israel will do
everything in its power in order to cut off the hands that want to harm a child." Mrs. Meir vowed that Israel would
wage "a methodical, persistent and bold war against Arab terrorists."
     Then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan urged, “We must kill them." As the Knesset called for the death penalty
for captured terrorists, Dayan said, "They must know that they will not leave Israel alive... Terrorists must know,
whether they are hijackers, Japanese, Arabs or whatever, that when they come here they are coming to their death."

     1975: Then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin after the Zion Square bombing: "The only language they understand is
that of the sword. In that language we shall talk to them...We will not remain inactive. Our ruthless and unrelenting
war against murderers and those who sent them will continue with even greater vigor." Rabin swore to increase
"methods of sophistication" against the terrorists, and declared that the government would wage "unrestricted war
against Arab terrorism and take all the measures it deems appropriate and effective to combat it."

     1979: Ambassador Yohudah Z. Blum "warned the U.N. that in the face of unceasing terrorist attacks, Israel will
continue to take all measures necessary to protect the lives and safety of its citizens." That year, "The Cabinet voted 7-
5 in support of Prime Minister Begin's proposal to apply the death penalty for terrorists who commit crimes of extreme
violence and cruelty." Is genocidal murder not sufficiently extreme? Adding “extreme violence and cruelty”
conditions were a wimpish means to create an escape hatch so as to avoid meting out the death sentence. There is but
one degree of death, and but one level of punishment.

    1980: Prime Minister Menachem Begin, at the funeral of 2 ½-year-old Eyak Gluska: "Even the devil has not yet
devised a proper revenge for the blood of a child." (1980).

     1982: Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir, at the graveside of murdered Israeli diplomat Yaacov Barsimantov,
threatened to attack terrorists "wherever we find them...with no holds barred, with no surcease, for we have decided to
live, and to live in peace." But Yediot Aharonot asked, after this latest murder: “Must we continue to wait until our
blood starts flowing like water?"

     1985: Ma'ariv, after two Israeli schoolteachers were murdered, declared that those who kill Jews should "be
hanged until their loathsome soul departs their bodies." Then-Foreign Minister Yitzhak Rabin, "led a move in the
Knesset to impose the death penalty against terrorists convicted of murder,” and "The Israeli Cabinet ordered a review
of proposals to mandate the death penalty for terrorist slayings."
     Then-Prime Minister Shimon Peres said he was "ready to adopt stronger anti-terrorist measures. There is no place
for incitement and hysteria...[but] there will be no compromise when it comes to sabotage and terrorism." Peres
promised "the mobilization of maximum manpower, resources and methods" against terrorists.”

    1986: Foreign Minister Shamir, after the Istanbul Synagogue massacre: "The Jewish blood spilled obliges the
Jewish State to intensify the war against terror organizations in every place and in every way."

    All fearsome words if backed by equally strong action. But to date, they have been empty words, showing
cowardness in the use of the death penalty, which the enemy uses with enthusiasm. How much longer must Israel’s
population wait until an Israeli leader takes the appropriate, necessary and effective action?


     Chaim Herzog counseled: “When the same Nazi philosophy calling for the destruction of our people is the basic
philosophy of an organization such as the PLO, which is given Observer status in the UN, then what are we to say?
Who can challenge us if we feel that this world is still capable of cynically ignoring the massacre and destruction of
nations? Who can challenge us if our security takes precedence over other nations' political expediency?" (Who Stands
Accused, pp 15-17).
     Israel can add a publicity campaign shaming the genocidal leaders through caricatures and other means. The
throve of material for such a short campaign is enormous. The focus must be to shame them and revile their honor.
Pryce-Jones points out that, "By definition, honor and shame involve publicity. There can be no honor without show
and even swagger...A power holder must lay claims to a heroic past," (C.C., p 40).
     To Arabs, shame is worse than death. Arafat, when alive, could have been pictured, escaping on a motorcycle
from Karameh in 1968 prior to battle, "leaving hundreds of his minions to die and bleed behind him." (Arafat, pp 261-
262). Now other genocidal leaders must be targeted for ridicule (why do they not send their children to be martyred,
for example?) Pryce-Jones points out that, "At the end of Omar el-Mukhtar Avenue [in Gaza] rises a statue in the
realist-heroic mould to the PLO Soldier." An execration. Smash it. There is a "Falestin Square." (The Face of Defeat,
pp 129, 134). Tear down this taunting, disrespectful name and replace it with a heroic Israeli one.
     Shirer believed that, "Victory often goes to the daring and the imaginative." The P.S.P. plan is daring and
imaginative. Are Israel’s leaders equal to the task? Both "terrorism" and "deterrence" have the same Latin root,
"terrere" - to frighten. The S.T.O.P. plan uses one to extinguish the other. To quote George Herbert: "One sword keeps
another in the sheath."


      “The Arab Muslim culture rests on two pillars: Pride and Shame,” according to Emanuel Winston. Israel’s
strategy must therefore personally and directly threaten dictators’ pride-shame ethos. Otherwise, wars have no effect
upon them. Netanyahu quotes Immanuel Kant: “But under a [despotic] is the simplest thing in the
world to go to war. For the head of a state is not a fellow citizen, but the owner of the state, and war will not force him
to make the slightest sacrifice so far as his banquets, hunts, pleasure palaces, and court festivals are concerned...[The]
glory of its ruler is in his power to order thousands of people to immolate themselves for a cause which does not truly
concern them, while he need not himself incur any danger whatsoever,” (A Place Among the Nations, p 243). He must
be made to feel the pain.
     Israel must state up front that if threatened or attacked, it will take pre-emptive action and capture and forever
annex any territory of the enemy necessary for its self-defense, per international law. The permanent loss of land
would bring shame upon the dictator, and very likely, cost him his head. This threat will stay his hand. Never again
must field commanders such as Yigal Allon, tell his officers, “We won the war, but lost the peace,” with Israeli
soldiers dying in vain. To preclude any attack, Israel must take every measure to assure victory.
      Judea/Samaria and Gaza form Israel's sword and shield. “This is the crucial point to understand about a military
buffer space: Space buys time. The distance the enemy has to cover before it can enter Israel's populated
areas,...translates into time that Israel has to mobilize,” stated Netanyahu. “The farther the advancing column has to
travel, the more likely it is that air harassment and resistance on the ground will be able to stem the advance...The
space available for such delaying tactics is called 'strategic depth’...
      The topography of the Judean and Samarian mountains is particularly well suited for the delaying actions
necessary for Israel's defense. To an invader from the east, this range is an extraordinary obstacle to overcome...Such
an invader enters the West Bank in the Jordan River Valley, which is the lowest point on earth, more than a thousand
feet below sea level. He then has to fight his way up a cliff face that rises a daunting three to four thousand feet within
a space of seven to nine miles. This is terrain that, with the exception of a few torturous routes, is virtually impassable
to tanks and other heavy equipment.
      No amount of electronic gadgetry can replace a stone wall thousands of feet high as an obstacle to war. The West
Bank thus provides Israel not only with strategic depth but with strategic height...Israel's current width from its eastern
front to the sea is forty miles. This is bad enough, but Israel is now being seriously asked to reduce that distance to ten
miles. Against such odds, it could not survive.” (Ibid pp 261, 263-265). These are the facts, plain and simple.
      “The Zionist and religious motivation is indeed powerful; still, it is secondary to the search for security,” wrote
Prof. Harkabi. Israel's Security Principle mandates that Israel never surrender Judea, Samaria, the Gaza Strip or the
Golan Heights to anyone. This requires that Israel unify the nation forever.
      Deterrence being a critical part of security, the name of Israel’s Defense Forces should reveal both sides of its
capabilities – offensive and defensive, i.e., it should call its army its Security Forces or Armed Forces. Hitler’s Top
Secret Directive No 6, of Oct. 9, 1939, stated, “The trifling significance of treaties has been proved on all sides in
recent years. The greatest safeguard against any Russian attack a prompt demonstration of German strength.”
Power and the willingness to use it when required are key factors protecting Israel’s national security. No substitutes
for military power exist - not words, scraps of paper, buffer zones, walls, early warning systems, mutual inspections,
etc. All can be disregarded, evaded, circumvented.
      “Deterrence is cheaper than defense,” according to Luttwak. It stops wars before they begin, saving lives. Use
Islamocentric markers. Extinguish undesirable behavior. Don’t “make friends,” with enemies out to kill you. The
less a nation has regard for moral obligations the more it tends to respect physical strength - the deterrent power of a
force too strong to be challenged with impunity.
      Bully- and robber-types won’t assail anyone of greater strength. Their very belief in force makes them susceptible
to the deterrent effect of a formidable opposing force. An enemy who is given back lost territory regains honor, and
this is tantamount to zero-cost training exercises, prior to the next war. The permanent loss of the Golan Heights was
such a shame-inducing event to Hafez Assad, that he expended enormous effort to regain it, even though this territory
represents but 400 sq. miles, or 0.5% of Syria's 71,498 square miles.
      Pryce-Jones tells us that, “Tribal-religious boundaries are entirely dependent on conquest...” They do not end in
treaties, but go on forever. Israel must train Arab predators what the Western price of defeat is, or it will face Arab
wars for millenniums. Israel must specify any impersonal and external act the casus belli for Israel’s deterrent action,
such as artillery barrages from Lebanon. This is known as “automaticity.” You do this, we do that, with certainty.
Peace comes from aggression deterred, then extinguished. Hudna has two Arab meanings: a momentary armistice, or
coexistence with outside powers which cannot be conquered. This eventually leads to cooperation, co-existence and
      Proxies will no longer serve dictators. With permanent frontiers declared, Israel activates the same response upon
proxies as upon their god-fathers, known as “extended deterrence.” Under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter, Israel
declares all such attacks to be acts of war, and seizes, occupies and permanently annexes whatever territory it deems
necessary for its self-defense. Israel will accept no cease-fires, armistices, negotiations, or agreements. Case closed.
      Israel’s strategy from the day of its rebirth has been offense. Moshe Dayan asserted, "Our strength, that of our
officers and soldiers, arose from this principle: We shall never take shelter behind barbed wire or man-made
fortifications; we shall charge the enemy and hurl him back onto his own territory." (The Walls of Israel, foreword).
Have Israelis forgotten, buying the ludicrous “land for peace,” and now the “Road-Map two-state” solution myth,
which closely resembles the deal Chamberlain of Britain made surrendering the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to
Hitler? This removed the defenses of this nation and made it defenseless. It had to surrender. "As Masaryk [Prime
Minister of Czechoslovakia] addressed Chamberlain and Halifax and struggled to keep control of himself. 'If you have
sacrificed my nation to preserve the peace of the world," he finally said, "I will be the first to applaud you. But if not,
gentlemen, God help your souls!'" (Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, p.411). In the case of Czechoslovakia,
when it surrendered, its citizens became subordinates of Hitler, its men inducted into his army. In the case of Israel,
there can be no surrender, and its citizens will fight to the last man, after which all Israelis, men, women and children,
will be slaughtered. That is the difference! And their deaths will rest on the soul of Barack Obama.
      Ze'ev Schiff records that, “Orde Charles Wingate...the single most important influence on the thinking of the
Haganah...gave Yigal Allon, Moshe Dayan, and other future Israeli army commanders their first formal instructions in
warfare... carrying the fight to the heart of the enemy's activity rather than assuming a static defense...His maxim that
offense is the best defense later became one of the primary combat doctrines of the Israel Defense Force.” (A History
of the Israeli Army, pp 13-15). U.S. General George S. Patton Jr. concluded that “In war, the only sure defense is
      General Tsur, commander of the 1st. Armored Group stated: “War still remains for us a commando action
enlarged to the dimensions of a classical war...we must strike fast and hard. We are condemned to the
Blitzkrieg...Their strength [the units of the Israeli army] depends entirely on their speed, their self-sufficiency, and
their mobility...Our tanks charged as the cavalry did in olden times. They could not retreat: Where was there to retreat
to? They could not lose without condemning their wives and children to death.” (The Walls of Israel, Jean Larteguy, p
      Each time Israel used the Maginot Line or fixed-line defensive strategy, such as at Masada and hunkering down
behind the Bar-Lev line at the Suez Canal, it ended in disaster. Shelford Bidwell warns that a linear, rigid defense
without depth, is a formula for rapid defeat. Supporters of the PLO Palestinian state in Judea/Samaria and Gaza, are
setting Israel up for a Cannae on the narrow coastal plain, with wholesale slaughter the result.
      Israel’s vaunted tanks will be destroyed in their revetments, or picked off, one by one, in narrow defiles. Israel’s
superb air force will be destroyed on runways, or easily shot down taking off or landing, at their most vulnerable point.
Chaim Herzog claimed that, “A PLO-controlled Palestinian state [in Judea/Samaria and Gaza] ... could by means of
suitably sited modern surface-to-air missiles render air travel in Israel's air space impossible.” (Who Stands Accused, p
79). Retreating behind the Green Line, Israel will be breaking its own spear and spearhead. Helicopters, VTOL's and
STOL's will be of little use. Retired General Bruce Clark stated, “The helicopter is an awfully vulnerable piece of
equipment.” (National Defense, James Fallows, p 12). Israel’s forces at the Jordan River and Golan Heights,
surrounded and without hope of being relieved, will fight valiantly, and then become silent.
      In conclusion, Liddell Hart counseled: “The fundamental rule in warfare is to deny the enemy targets” (Strategy, p
197) The one target which no leader can ever permit the enemy to bring under attack is a nation’s population. The
PLO, in control of the Judean ridges overlooking Coastal Israel, has no dearth of targets. Most of Israel’s population,
its industries, supply depots, military assembly lines, airfields, harbors, all become targets to even light artillery. In this
end position, no army, air force, tank corps, can save Israel and its population from being decimated.
      A rule of statesmanship is never to take actions which one may later regret. Thomas Heywood bemoaned: “O
God! O God! That it were possible To undo things done; to call back yesterday!” Pray that Israelis need not keep
uttering this lament over and over again (Oslo, Gaza, etc.) until there is silence.
      Remember when Saddam Hussein fired some Scuds into Israel in 1991? The psychological injury was a thousand
times greater than any physical destruction. Geoffrey Aronson reported in the L.A.T. that, “Israelis, fearful of an attack
by non-conventional weapons, abandoned en masse the coastal Tel Aviv metropolis for days, even weeks after the first
of 39 conventionally armed, not very deadly Scud missiles were unleashed upon the Jewish state.” They fled to Judea
and Samaria. With a Palestinian State there, this option will be closed. Where will Israelis go when conventional shells
start falling on Tel Aviv? Of course, we know what will happen if the shells are loaded with chemical payloads. Instant
Armageddon. Long-range missiles can be intercepted. Artillery shells cannot.
      The threat of chemical and biological attack upon Coastal Israel is real. Egypt, Syria, Iran and Libya are some of
the Arab states possessing large quantities of chemical and biological stock of every kind, including cyanide, mustard
gas, and its derivatives, T, Q, and HN3, and nerve gases such as Tabun, Sarin, and Soman. Robin Wright explained
that “Chemical weapons...are simple to make, relatively easy to deliver, appallingly effective and almost impossible to
defend against on a large scale...The deadly poisons can replace explosives in conventional weaponry, such as artillery,
rocket and bombs” (L.A.T., Oct. 9, 1988). Israel must take every precaution to safeguard itself from such attack. The
further away the enemy, the safer. Currently, Israelis have three minutes from attack 500 kilometers away. From
artillery shells, it is 3 seconds.
           The 1925 Geneva Protocol prohibits chemical warfare. But that has never stopped Arab rulers from using it.
Israel has the ability to launch one or more Doom's Day nuclear missiles, but at what targets? If the PLO under Abbas
attacks, will Israel nuke Cairo, Beirut, Tehran? How about East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Shechem? In the
meantime, Arab dictators will be on vacation in London or Paris.
      To succeed, Abbas, or his successor, knows that he must win the war in lightning fashion. Ehud Yaari quoted a
top Fatah leader who stated that they must storm and annihilate Israel in a period of no more than a week. “’According
to this concept, the time element is most significant for it leaves imperialism no opportunity for intervening; if the
attack were to succeed, those backing Israel (i.e., the West) could do nothing but resign themselves to the fait
accompli.’” (Strike Terror, p 180). Golda Meir told Richard Nixon once, “By the time you get here, we won’t be here.”
      Prof. Harkabi declared: “If Israel withdraws and war comes as a result, the odds it will have to face will increase
...What is at stake is...the sheer existence of Israel...It is no good evading the unthinkable. It should be addressed
squarely.” (Arab Strategies, p 126). Israelis’ survival depends on keeping any and all Arab forces as far away from its
major population centers as possible. Otherwise, Shukairy’s boast will come true: “I estimate that none of them
[Israelis] will survive.” The Diaspora Israelis and Jews throughout the world will reassume their scapegoat roles,
subject to discrimination and persecution far greater than they are suffering today. Only a victorious Israel will reverse
this trend.
      Avoiding war will also save the local Arabs. Under totalitarian rule, they are not “free, now and forever,” as
Clinton so glibly asserted. They will no longer be available as cannon-fodder, as Muslim extremists attempt to conquer
the world. Fortunately, this campaign is no longer led by the arch-Genocidist, Arafat, felled by a mysterious disease
better known as AIDS


        Finally, Israel must secure Peace. Peace cannot be attained by putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.
Lord Samuel tried it in the 1920s, and Rabin tried to do in 1993. Willa Sibert Cather could have told them: “No one
can build his security upon the nobleness of another person.” Worse, Arafat was, and Abbas is now a murderer,
anything but noble. “The sturdiest liberal democracy depends, for the effectiveness of its government and the
maintenance of its system, on the state's holding a monopoly of force, with governmental control of obedient
security forces,” according to Jillian Becker (The PLO. p 93). Israel broke this inviolable principle when it put Arafat
in charge of ending the terrorism which he controlled (as Abbas controls it now). Israel must immediately regain this
monopoly of force, using whatever means necessary.
        Shakespeare makes the point:
                 "Immortal gods, I crave no pelf;
                 I pray for no man but myself:
                 Grant I may never prove so fond,
                 To trust man on his oath or bond."

         Peace cannot be bought by the meter. To bargain peace and security from extortionists is the height of folly.
The US and other Western nations respect independence, strength, courage and determination. Israel must gain its own
peace through its own strength. It must no longer plead for peace, or pay to be “recognized.” It must command respect
and deference. Furthermore, as Lord John Russell wrote almost 150 years ago, “If peace cannot be maintained with
honor, it is no longer peace.” The peace Rabin and Sharon tried to obtain by retreat and appeasement, while pitting
Israelis against one another, was anything but honorable.

      Conclusion: “On November 23, 1939, Hitler told his generals: “In struggle I see the fate of all beings. Nobody
Can avoid fighting if he does not want to go under....The fight must start here. No nation can evade the solution of this
problem. Otherwise it must yield and gradually go down...No calculated cleverness is of any help here; solution only
with the sword. A people unable to produce the strength to fight must withdraw...” (The Rise and Fall of the Third
Reich. p 657). Constant withdrawals will end in mass drowning in the Mediterranean. Tying your hands behind your
back to please the U.S. won’t save you either. Only the sword will defeat the PLO (aka the P.A.) and this the P.S.P.
plan provides. Only thereafter will Israel know true shlom bayit (domestic tranquility). But it will take boldness,
courage and ruthlessness.
      Law professor Arie E. David teaches: “Article 65(5) (of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, 1969)
seems to acquiesce in a fait accompli [which] changes the bargaining position of the parties and may decisively
determine the final outcome of the dispute.” Prof. David’s lesson is that either the PLO pre-empts Israel and conquers
it, or Israel pre-empts the PLO and destroys it. There can be only one survivor. Gen. Omar Bradley stated, “In war
there is no second prize for the runner-up.” If Israel acts decisively, the conflict will be short, successful, with minimal
loss of life. Question: Israelis, do you have the chutzpah?

     Addendum: Kimche recognized that, “When oil replaced coal, the Middle East and the Arabs assumed a new
importance...The United States, Great Britain and Western Europe had to put their own interests first [ahead of Israel] -
and their oil interest was a very substantial item in their security and in their economic well-being.” “During the 1970s,
known as 'the oil years,' the Arab countries as a whole exported oil worth $1,207.3 trillion, of which $604.2 billion was
used to import arms, consumer goods, and commodities.” (The Closed Circle,, p 265).
     From a purely military perspective, if oil loses most of its importance, replaced by other energy sources, the Arab
states will lose almost all of their revenue and wealth. This in turn will dry up their military purchases, bought with oil
profits. The military threat by Arab states upon Israel will largely dissipate. Israel must speed this process along.
     Liddell Hart believed that, “It should be the aim of grand strategy to discover and pierce the Achilles' heel of the
opposing government's power to make war” (Strategy, p 228). The oil barons’ weakness is of course their extreme
dependence on oil revenue. Its replacement by some other form of energy will turn the tidal wave of oil into a trickle.
Arms purchases in the billions will be a thing of the past. Planes, tanks, guns will rust in the sun.
     Israel must harness its enormous brain power and scientific and technological know-how to create commercially
viable and competitive alternative energy sources. Wealth will flow into Israel’s hands, and out of those of the Arab
sheiks. The Moslems’ potential for waging catastrophic war upon each other, upon Israel and the world, will be
     This project is critically needed for Israel’s national defense. Israel is in a phenomenal position to change the
course of world history, to correct the balance of power - politically, economically and militarily - not only in the
Middle East, but throughout the world. With no entrenched opposition from oil barons, electric power companies, or
auto industry, Israel is uniquely positioned to win the race to create alternative energy resources to replace fossil fuels.
Israel’s leaders should activate a mammoth ‘Manhattan-type’ project, an army of its most eminent scientists and
industrial experts, to create a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine powered automobile, solving
problems of weight, range, pick-up and price. Such a vehicle will end oil’s stranglehold on the world economy, greatly
reduce health-destroying pollution, end the threat of global war in the Middle East and beyond. The world’s
populations will be eternally grateful. The oil barons and arms merchants will not. The market and the potential for
profit is enormous.
     Energy resource and automobile industries are exceptionally desirable. Environmentally friendly, internationally
marketable, gigantic, permanent, profitable, prestigious, highly visible. Cars made South Korea and Sweden household
names. "Made in Israel" will become a stamp of quality throughout the world.
     Brilliant Jewish inventors and scientists may be enticed to come to Israel’s aid, to assist in its Manhattan project.
For example, Stanford Ovshinsky, whose company makes the photovoltaic cells used in the Mir space station, would
be a prime prospect. New Israeli industries will generate billions of dollars of revenue, making Israel wealthy, self-
sufficient and independent. Israel is already heavily involved in the auto industry, but not as a top-tier global player.
          The auto industry is worth accommodating because it produces such a lengthy chain of favorable economic
impacts beyond the direct jobs it creates, said economist Paulo Levy of the Institute of Applied Economic Research in
Rio de Janeiro. “The car industry has strong backward and forward linkages - backward in the production of auto
parts...and forward in the sales, service and repair sectors. That makes autos very important

as employment creators,” Levy said. “All told, Brazil's auto industry represents 12.3% of total industrial
output...” Israel, get in race.

Full Disclosure: The Star of David Logo designed by the author, will, if Israel’s government implements the
P.S.P. plan, become a highly meaningful Israeli symbol, recognized throughout the world as representing the
nation’s eternal principles. I am protecting the symbol as a Lapel Pin with a trademark, so that I can donate all
of its profits from licenses and franchises, to Israeli causes, such as hospitals, widows and orphans, in
perpetuity. The Israeli government may wish to use the symbol on currency, stamps, stationary, on monuments,
etc. At this time of crisis, Israelis and Jews throughout the world may want to show unity and solidarity for
Israel’s Principles of Permanence, Security and Peace, by wearing this Lapel Pin or arm-band by the millions.



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