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									                                                                       The School District of Greenville County and
                                                                    The Greenville County Youth Orchestras present the
                                                                  2011 Middle School Orchestra
                                                                   Friday, November 4th and Saturday, November 5th
                                                                               Riverside High School

102 Pine Knoll Drive * Greenville, SC * 29609

            The Middle School Orchestra Festival provides an exciting performing experience for seventh and eighth
 grade musicians. During the festival students will rehearse and perform with Guest Conductor Kory Vrieze. Mr.
 Vrieze is the band director at Riverside High School and Northwood Middle, where his energy and enthusiasm for
 music has made the Warrior band one of the top ensembles in the state. They will also receive coaching by GCSD
 band and orchestra directors and student members of GCYO’s Young Artist Orchestra, meet other student musicians
 from Greenville County, and hear GCYO’s Philharmonic in performance. Most importantly, they will experience
 the thrill of performing in a full symphony orchestra. Friends and family are invited to attend the concluding free
 concert at 4:00 P.M. on Saturday, November 5th which will feature the Middle School Festival Orchestra and The
 Greenville County Youth Orchestras Philharmonic.
            The cost for participation in the MSOF is $10.00 per student and includes lunch on Saturday and snacks
 both Friday evening and Saturday. The participation fee is due at registration on Friday, November 4th. Please send
 cash or check payable to GCYO along with the permission slip below.
 The schedule for the Festival will be as follows:
 Friday, November 4th                                             Saturday, November 5th
       • 6:00 Registration                                             • 8:45 Arrive
       • 6:30 Rehearsal begins                                         • 9:00 Rehearsal (sectionals)
       • 7:45 Break with refreshments                                  • 10:15 Break
       • 8:10 Rehearsal                                                • 10:30 Rehearsal
       • 9:00 End                                                      • 12:00 Lunch
                                                                       • 12:45 Rehearsal
                                                                       • 2:30 Break with refreshments
                                                                       • 4:00 Free Concert

  **Students must sign up to participate with their school band or orchestra teacher NO LATER
    than Wednesday, October 19th! By signing up, students are pledging their commitment to
                  practice and prepare the music to the best of their ability!

                        Please bring this form and payment to registration on Friday, November 4th
                             The MIDDLE SCHOOL ORCHESTRA FESTIVAL 2011

                                                     has my permission to attend the 2011 Middle School
     Orchestra Festival. The festival will be held at Riverside High School on Friday, November 4th, from
     6:00 until 9:00 P.M. and Saturday, November 5th from 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. when the concluding
     concert will be held at Riverside Auditorium.

     I can be reached by cell or telephone at

     Parent or guardian name

     Parent or guardian signature

                                                         22nd ANNUAL MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                                             ORCHESTRA FESTIVAL
                                                         Teacher Information Sheet
        The Middle School Orchestra Festival is a joint venture of the Greenville County School
District After School Orchestras Program and the Greenville County Youth Orchestras
        We are very pleased to announce our Guest Conductor Kory Vrieze. Mr. Vrieze is the
band director at Riverside High School, where his energy and enthusiasm for music has made
The Pride of Riverside band one of the top ensembles in the state.
        This year’s festival will be Friday, November 4th and Saturday November 5th and will
be held at Riverside High School. The concluding concert will feature the MSOF Orchestra as
well as the GCYO Sinfonia, under the direction of Brian Gencarelli.
        The cost for each student is $10 and is payable at registration on November 4th.
student complete the permission slip and bring it to registration with their $10 fee, cash or
check made payable to GCYO.

A teacher registration form will be sent out on e-mail where you will indicate how many
students are participating and what parts they are playing. Save a copy to your computer, fill-
in your student information and email it back to: no later than
Wednesday, October 19th.
        If you have questions regarding the festival, please e-mail, or and we will get you any additional
information you may need.

Where do I get the music?? The music will be posted on the Strings Resource Page of the
school district portal. To access the Strings Resource Page: Go to School District Portal, Click
“Curriculum”, then click “Fine Arts”. The String Resource link is on the right side of the page,
about ½ way down. Print out the scores and as many parts as you need. There are 4 titles:

     Egmont Overture
     Pit and the Pendulum
     Medieval Legend (Possible with Sinfonia)
     Simple Gifts /or Harry Pottery Theme—(has anyone all ready purchased this?)

   • Start talking about MSOF now with students and provide parent handout
   • Introduce the music as soon as it is available on the website and review with students
      attending the Festival
   • Submit your completed teacher registration form NO LATER THAN Wednesday
      10/19 and email it to
   • Remind students attending to bring permission slip and $10 on 11/4

        MSOF is an excellent opportunity for your students to participate in an All-County Full
Orchestra. Winds, brass and percussion players will be selected from the GCS band program.
String teachers are encouraged to send balanced instrumentation representing your schools
string program. We look forward to having your students with us for a great weekend!

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