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					   Chapter 8
Service at the Business Center
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• Part I Dialogues

• Part II Vocabulary Study

• Part III Listening and Speaking

• Part IV Practical Writing

• Part V Feature Reading
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                  Dialogue 1
         Sending a Fax for a Customer
Context: Yu Qing is the Business Center for Evergreen
  Hotel in China. She is receiving the hotel guest, Mr.
  kevin Green, who what to send a fax.
Pre-listening questions:
1) To which country is the fax sent?
2) Under what conditions can the service charge be

 Staff: Good morning, sir. what can I do for you?
 Guest: Good morning. I’d like to send a fax.

         2013/3/26               Presentation             page 9
Staff: To which country, please?
Guest: Canada. What’s the rate for a fax to Canada?
Staff: To Canada, it’s RMB 20 per minute, plus service
        charge. The service charge is 20%.
Guest: That’s fine.
Staff: And if the fax goes though but isn’t clear, we waive
       the service charge but you still must pay the fee for
       the telephone line.
Guest: Even if the fax can’t be read?
Staff: I’m afraid so.
Guest: Can I know the reason?
Staff: Because the Telephone Bureau charge us for the
       use of the line even if the quality of the fax is poor.
Guest: I see.

       2013/3/26                  Presentation                   page 10
Staff: I’m sorry, we have an error report. Would you like me
       to try again?
Guest: what’s wrong?
Staff: I’m not sure. There are a few possibilities. The other
       side may be out of paper, or maybe they don’t have
       their fax machines hooked up to their phone. Would
       you like them to check on it?
Guest: Well, yes, I would like to call them.
         ( After the call, the clerk tries again.)
Staff: Ok. It went through this time.

      2013/3/26                Presentation               page 11
           Dialogue 2
Typing a Document for a Customer
 Context: Yu Qing is the clerk of the Business Center for
              Evergreen Hotel in China. She is receiving a
              hotel guest, Mr. Bob Saxton, who has some
              documents to be typed.
 Pre-listening questions:
 1) How many pages does the guest want to typed?
 2) When does the guest expect to get the typed document?

        2013/3/26                  Presentation              page 12
Staff: Good morning, sir. May I help you?
Guest: Yes, I’d like to know some information on your
Staff: Certainly. You’ve found that we have
       comprehensive communications facilities and
       secretarial assistance. So we can meet the needs of
       our business guests.
Guest: That’s fine. I have some documents to be typed at
        the moment.
Staff: Is the whole document in English?
Guest: Yes. Could you tell me the rate of typing?

       2013/3/26               Presentation              page 13
Staff: For typing English, RMB 15 one page and printing,
        RMB 10 per page . Here’s sample of our fonts.
       Which would you prefer?
Guest: This one, please.
Staff: Yes. How many pages are they in all?
Guest: It will be about 18 pages.
Staff: When do you expect to get them, please?
Guest: I hope they will be ready before 4:00 p.m.
Staff: Well, it’s rather a tough job, but we’ll try our best to
      finish it on time.
Guest: Good. I really appreciate your efforts.

        2013/3/26                  Presentation                   page 14
Staff: May I have your name and room number, sir? After
     we have finished the first draft, we’ll ring you to
     check it and make necessary corrections. After that,
     we’ll print the final daft.
Guest: Ok. My name us Bob Saxton, and my room
       number is 1218.
Staff: Waite a minute, Mr. Saxton. Let me put down your
      name and room number. All right, see you later.
Guest: See you later.

       2013/3/26                   Presentation             page 15
             Dialogue 3
        Photocopying Service
Context: Mrs. Barbara White goes to the business
           center . She’d like the clerk, Yu Ying, to
           photocopy the document for her.
Pre-listening questions:
1) What size would the customer like the copy to be?
2) How many copies does the customer want?

     2013/3/26                    Presentation          page 16
Staff: Good afternoon, madam. What can I do for
Guest: Good afternoon. I’d like to have this
Staff: Well, your manuscript is not very clear, madam.
       I’m afraid the copy will not be very good.
Guest: Just try one page and let me see.
Staff: OK. How about this one, madam?

     2013/3/26               Presentation                page 17
Guest: Hmm. … Maybe we can try it a little darker.
Staff: Certainly. I’ll try it again . How about this one?
Guest: Good, that’s little better. By the way ,can you
         reduce it?
Staff: No problem. How small would you like it, please?
Guest: Half the size.
Staff: I see. Now you can find that this comes out quite
Guest: That’s fine.
Staff: How many copies do you want, madam?
Guest: Four copies, please.
Staff: Would you like me to staple them, madam?
Guest: Yes, please. What’s the charge?

      2013/3/26                  Presentation               page 18
Staff: RMB 28, madam.
Guest: Here you are.
Staff: Thank you, madam. Here is the receipt.
       Please keep it.

    2013/3/26               Presentation        page 19
                   Dialogue 4
                  Postal Service

Context: Miss Helen Jones, a guest in Evergreen
          Hotel, wants to mail letter to America. Li Hui,
          the clerk of the hotel, is receiving her
Pre-listening questions:
1) Does Miss Jones send letters and Christmas cards
   by air or by surface mail?
2) How much is the total postage?

      2013/3/26                   Presentation              page 20
Staff: Good morning. Miss. May I help you?
Guest: Good morning. Can you mail this letter for me?
Staff: Certainly, Miss. Would you want it to go by
     ordinary air mail or by express?
Guest: By express, please. It’s urgent.
Staff: Yes, by express.
Guest: By the way, Christmas is drawing near. I’d like
       to send several letters and Christmas cards to
      my family and friends in America. Would you
     please mail them for me?
       2013/3/26                Presentation             page 21
Staff: No problem. How would you like to send them,
       by air or by surface mail/
Guest: How long does it take to go by surface mail?
Staff: Around half a month.
Guest: Oh, it’s too long. How long does it take by air?
Staff: Maybe a week, Miss.
Guest: I prefer it by air. I really hope my family and
        friend can receive them before Christmas.
Staff: Thank you. What is the total postage?

       2013/3/26                Presentation              page 22
Staff: Let me check. … The total postage is RMB
        90, please.
Guest: OK. Here is the money for the postage.
Staff: Thank you, Miss. Here are your change and
        the receipt.

      2013/3/26              Presentation          page 23
        Vocabulary Study
Business center    商务中心

Service charge     服务费

Go through         (传真等)发过去

Waive              放弃,免收费用

Telephone Bureau   电话局

Possibility        可能性

Out of paper       纸用完了

Check on           核对

Document           文件

Comprehensive      综合性的

                    Presentation   page 24
Facility           设备,工具
Secretarial        秘书的,有关秘书事物的
Assistance         援助,帮助
Meet the need of   满足……的需要
Business guest     商务客人
Type               打字
At the moment      此刻,现在
Sample             样本
Font               字体
Expect             期待,希望
2013/3/26          Presentation   page 25
Tough            难对付的,费力的,棘手的
Appreciate       感激,感谢
Draft            草稿
Correction       修改
Print            打印
Arrange          安排
Put down         记下,记下……的姓名(地址等)
Photocopy        复印,复制,抄本
Manuscript       原件,原文
Reduce           减少,缩减
 2013/3/26   Presentation       page 26
Come out         结果是,显现
Staple           装订(用订书机)钉住
Staple-machine   订书机
Receipt          收据,发票
Postal service   邮政服务
Christmas Card   圣诞卡
Mail             邮寄(英国用post) ;邮件,邮递
Surface mail     普通邮件(与航空邮件相对而言)
Express          快递邮件;快运;快汇;快速的
urgent           紧急的;急迫的
 2013/3/26       Presentation         page 27
By air         由航空寄发邮件,通过航空途径

Regular mail   普通信

2013/3/26            Presentation   page 28
                         Exercise 1:
 Match the expressions on the left with the best meaning
                         on the right.
1. -----charge        a. needing prompt decision or action
2. -----urgent        b. that from which something is copied
3. -----expect        c. price asked for good or services
4. -----original      d. government system of collecting,
                        carrying, delivering, letters and
5. -----mail          e. think or believe that something will
                         happen or come

          2013/3/26               Presentation                  page 29
                          Exercise 2:
     Complete the following with words or expressions
                    from the dialogues.

1. First you need the company’s f----- -----. Make sure the
   pages are in the right order.

2. Here ‘s the first draft. please c----- it and make any
   necessary corrections, and then I’ll print the final draft.

3. I’m afraid this didn’t c----- -----very well.

        2013/3/26                   Presentation                 page 30
4. I was about to make a c----- of this document when the

  paper jammed and it stopped working.

5. How long will it take to Los Angeles by e----- a-----?

      2013/3/26                 Presentation                page 31
1. Functional Sentences
Good morning, sir. ____________
What can I do for you?
May I help you?
Can I help you?
How can I help you?
How may I help you?

   2013/3/26             Presentation   page 32

We can meet the needs of guests. We can
_______for you.
send a fax
type a document
Photocopy the document
Send an E-mail
Send letters

  2013/3/26                Presentation   page 33
Would you like me                            ?

To try again?

To try it a little darker

To try it a little lighter?

To reduce it smaller?

To photocopy on both sides of the paper?

To staple these for you?

 2013/3/26                    Presentation       page 34

May I have                   ?

The fax number?

Your name?

Your room number?

Your telephone number?

The address of the party’s E-mail?

 2013/3/26               Presentation   page 35

________would you like              ?
How many copies…it
How small…it
How large…it
What size…it
How big…the print

2013/3/26            Presentation       page 36
Do you wish to send the letter_________?
By ordinary air or by express?
By ordinary air or a registered mail?
By airmail or surface mail?
By regular letter or EMS?
By registered express or EMS?

2013/3/26                Presentation      page 37

OK. I’ll          right now.
See to it
Take care of it
Arrange it
Deal with it
Finish it

2013/3/26              Presentation   page 38
Here is______. Would you please sign your name,
The receipt
The change
The saved disk
Your fax we received this morning
Your EMS we received just now

2013/3/26               Presentation              page 39
   2. Answer the following
a. What would you say when a guest steps into the
   business center?
b. How would you answer if a guest asks what service
   you can offer?
c. What information would you wish to get first when
   sending a fax for a guest?
d. What would you say when offering your service
e. What would you say to get the guest’s requirements?
f. How would you ask the guest how he wishes the
   mail to be sent?
    2013/3/26               Presentation               page 40
g. What would you say when promising to offer a quick
h. What would you say to the guest if the job is rather
i. What would you say if you want to contact the guest
j. What would you say to let the guest sign the bill or
    receipt when delivering something to him?

     2013/3/26                Presentation                page 41
               Exercise 1:
     Listen to the short dialogues.
Fill in the blanks. Then practice with
              your partner.
    Dialogue 1
    Staff: Good afternoon. Sir.
    Guest: Good afternoon. I’d like to send a fax.
    Staff: ___________
    Guest: To America

      2013/3/26                   Presentation       page 42
Dialogue 2
Staff: Here’s the first draft. __________ and make
necessary corrections.
Guest: OK. Could you make the type a little large?
Staff: No problem. _________ ?
Guest: That’s looks a lot better.
Dialogue 3
Staff: Well, your original is not very clear. _________ to
       try it a little darker?
Guest: Yes, just try one page first and let me see.
Staff: OK. ________________?
Guest: Fine. That’s a little better.

   2013/3/26                 Presentation                page 43
Dialogue 4
Staff: Good morning, miss.              ?
Guest: Good morning. Can you mail this letter for
Staff: Certainly, miss. How would you like to send
       it, ________ or ______?
Guest: By airmail, please.

     2013/3/26                Presentation           page 44
Dialogue 5
Staff: I’d like to know some information on your service.
Guest: Yes. We have modern communications facilities
        and secretarial assistance. So we can________
        all our business guests.
Staff: That’s fine. I have some documents to be typed
       at the moment.
Guest: Here’s a sample of our fonts. ____________?
Dialogue 6
Staff: How much is the total postage?
Guest: ____________ thirty-six dollars.
Staff: OK. Here is the money for the postage.
Guest: Thank you. ___________Would you please
       sign your name here, please?

      2013/3/26                Presentation                 page 45
                     Exercise 2:
    Listen and fill in the missing information.
The customer’s requirement:____________________
The first copy reduced:_________________________
The size of the first copy: ________________________
The size of the second copy:_____________________
Which is darker:_______________________________
Why the front page seems darker:_________________
The clerk makes the front page:___________________
How many times the clerk has tried:_______________
How many copies the customer wants:_____________

     2013/3/26              Presentation               page 46
          Exercise 3:
  Listen and fill in the blanks.
Staff: Good afternoon. sir._______________?
Guest: Good afternoon. I’d like to ___________.
Staff: No problem. ___________________________?
Guest: ____________ Just try one page first and let
       me see, please.
Staff: One page comes out, sir. _______________?
Staff: Hmm… Can you make it a___________?
Guest: Certainly. The first one is__________;
        then_______What about this one?
Staff: The size seems proper but the_______________
Guest: Let’s get it lighter. How’s this one?

    2013/3/26              Presentation               page 47
Guest : Well,________________.

Staff : Yes, ______________Would you like me to
Guest : Yes, let’s try again .
Staff : What do you think of this one? Is this all right?
Guest : It’s looks a lot better.___________, please.
Staff : Wait a minute, please.________________.

      2013/3/26                  Presentation               page 48
                 Exercise 4:
     Complete the dialogue orally with the
             Chinese prompts.

Staff:                    (早上好,先生!能为您效劳
Guest: Good morning. I’d like to send a letter to
Staff: Yes._______________ (您想寄航空邮件还是普
Guest: How long dose it take by airmail?
Staff: ___________________ (大约一星期)                Guest:
That’s too long.
Staff:_____________________ (很紧迫吗?)
Guest: Yes. These designs must reach my company in
        Canada within 3 days.

         2013/3/26            Presentation                 page 49
Staff:               (如果那样的话,您可以寄特快专
Guest: How long dose that take?
Staff:____________________ (最多三个工作日)
Guest: That’s great. I will send it by EMS then.
Staff: ______________________(那好,请先填一下这张
Guest: All right.
        (After a while)
Staff: _________________________ (顺便问一下,邮资

     2013/3/26           Presentation          page 50
Guest: Fifty-six dollars, please.
Staff: __________________ (这是邮费)

 2013/3/26                 Presentation   page 51
              Exercise 5: Role Play
Mr. Mike Gray 上午到宾馆的商务中心,请工作人员张婷为他复印两
开好发票.请你和你的同桌准备这个对话 并在班上表演.

Mr. Henry Ford 想查看公司秘书发给他的电子邮件并回复,宾馆商务
元,Mr. Henry Ford 共用了55分钟,他称赞电脑使用起来方便,用现金
Miss Jane Black 请商务中心的顾萍为她打印一封英文信.顾萍告诉她
Miss. Jane Black 要求字体大一点,最后顾萍还为她存盘,文件名是“布

  2013/3/26               Presentation   page 52

  英文书信有三种常见的格式:齐头式(blocked style),因为比较简单
地址、标题、结束敬语及签名等.半齐头式(semi-blocked style),除内文
是齐左端排列外,其余均与缩进式相同.缩进式(indented style)是传统的

地址(return address),包括寄信人的地址或公司的名称、地址、电话、
电传、传真号、邮政编码以及信函编号(reference number);日期
序,美式写法按照月日年的顺序;(3)信内地址(inside address),除一般社
    2013/3/26          Presentation           page 53
行(subject line);此项多用于商务信函中,指用几个词,简要概括信
诚恳;(7)客套敬语(complimentary closing),类似于中文书写末的
可以附打字全名;(9)经办人代号(reference initials),通常是写信人

   2013/3/26           Presentation           page 54
____inside name and address
               letter’s body

   2013/3/26                    Presentation   page 55
•   _______________________________
•   ____complimentary closure
•   ____signature
•   ____name and title
•   ____enclosure

       2013/3/26       Presentation   page 56
                                   Great Wall Hotel
                                     25West Lake Road
                                      P.R. China
                                      March 10, 2005
Mr. Peter Scott
Universal corporation of the U.S
276Quality Street
Los Angeles, California
   2013/3/26                Presentation                page 57
Dear Mr. Scott,
   Our hotel can offer ten double rooms from
the 10 to 15 of May, and all of them are located
on the 16 floor. The price of each room is $180
per night including breakfast. If a 20% discount
is wanted, we will not provide breakfast free of
charge. Than you for your consultation. A
beautiful scenic spot with hills and waters, the
hotel is good palace for travels and holidays.
Welcome to the Great Wall Hotel!
                                Yours sincerely,
                                      Zhang Hua

     2013/3/26            Presentation             page 58
The Hotel Business Center

Pre-reading questions:
1) What can modern hotels offer to guests?
2) What can a fax machine do?
3) Why are the principles to be followed by the
   personnel in Business Center?

  2013/3/26                Presentation           page 59
   The Business Center plays an increasingly
important part in modern hotels. Large modern
hotels contain not only tastefully decorated guest
rooms but also advanced facilities to meet the
needs of all business guests. We live in the age of
information. Modern hotels also offer international
communications, telephone, telex, fax, typewriting,
duplicating and so on. All this makes it possible for
hotel guests to take advantage of comprehensive
communications facilities and secretarial assistance

   2013/3/26                 Presentation               page 60
while staying at hotels. With the help facilities in
business centers, they can cope with their business
effectively, conveniently and in time, which makes
modern hotels more attractive.
    A fax machine can send and receive an exact copy
of any image—typescript, handwriting, drawings or
photographs. When sending a fax for a guest, the clerk
should make sure whether the fax machine has been
hooked up to the telephone as well ad whether the
party’s number is correct. If the original paper is too
thin, the correct way is to copy the original first.
Sometimes a fax can’t go through. In that case, the
clerk may suggest the customer call the other side to
check on the connection of fax machine and placing
     2013/3/26                Presentation                page 61
paper. Usually, the charge for sending a fax consists of
the telephone line and the service charge. If the fax
goes through but isn’t clear, the latter can be waived but
the former can’t.
     Before typing, the clerk should understand the
requirements of typing and printing of the guest. The
sample of fonts is provided for the guest to choose.
While typing, the clerk should carefully distinguish every
letter, including whether it is a capitalized or in lower-
case letter. After the first draft, the guest is asked to
check and to make some necessary corrections. If
everything is the way the guest wants, the final draft can
be printed. In order to avoid viruses, the clerk only use
their own disks to save the typed document
      2013/3/26                 Presentation                 page 62
For the guest for one month.

        The photocopier may be one of the most
common facilities in any Business Center. The best
copying effect is attained by trying adjusting the
color and size more than once. So the clerk often
asks the guest: ”Would you like me to try it lighter?”
or “would you like me to reduce it a bit?” or “What do
you think of it?” and so on.

        Nowadays people prefer to use the cheapest
and fastest way to communicate with others—E-
   2013/3/26                   Presentation              page 63
The Business Center provides the guest with the
computer to get on to the Internet. Sometimes the
clerk in the Business Center will send E-mail after
the guest types the message.

       The postal service in the Business Center
covers wide range. The clerk should be familiar
with various postal kinds, including their rates and
the time .It is necessary for the clerk to offer guests
some useful information to help them choose the
proper way.

  2013/3/26                  Presentation                 page 64
  From what has been mentioned above, the staff of
the Business Center should be good at operating
various modern communication facilities. They must
be master advanced techniques and skills to cater to
the needs of guests. Besides, patience, carefulness
and enthusiasm are still the principles to be followed
by the personnel working in the Business Center.
Superior service and advanced facilities will make
guests feel pleasant and convenient and, make the
hotel become their last impressive memory.

    2013/3/26                Presentation                page 65
               Exercise 1:
choose from below an appropriate Chinese
 to match each equivalent in the passage.

装饰典雅            先进设备   信息时代            综合通讯
文秘服务            打字文本   复印机             文体样本
仔细辨别            大写字母   小写字母            避免病毒
复印效果            上互联网   满足顾客

    2013/3/26           Presentation          page 66
        Exercise 2:
    Substitution Practice
1. Large modern hotels contain tastefully
   decorated guest rooms.
       a. elegantly decorated
       b. well-equipped
       c. comfortable
       d. spacious and bright

 2013/3/26                 Presentation     page 67
2.The guests can take advantage of comprehensive
   communications facilities and secretarial
a. Advanced
b. Modern
c. Multi-functional
d. Audio and visual

    2013/3/26              Presentation            page 68
3. The Business Center provides the guest with
    the computer to get on to the Internet.
a. To send E-mail
b. To receive E-mail
c. To purchase by e-commerce
d. To download important documents

 2013/3/26              Presentation             page 69
4.The postal service in the Business Center covers
   wide range, including mailing letters for guests.
a sending EMS foe guests
b   sending postcards for guests
c   sending parcels foe guests
d   receiving EMS of guests

    2013/3/26                 Presentation             page 70
5.They must be trained to master advanced
   techniques and skills to cater to the need of
a to meet the needs of all business guests
b to satisfy the needs of special guests
c to accept the challenge of the age of
d to keep up with the needs of modern hotels

 2013/3/26                Presentation             page 71
ntation             page 71

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