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					                         Proud Heritage, Exciting Future

Recreation &
       Community    Winter 2012-2013
Services Brochure
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       Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2012-2013                           3

(BR,LR) Councillor Marty Lancaster, Deputy Mayor Ralph Hough, Councillor Mel Coutanche.
(FR,LR) Councillor Dwight Evans, Councillor Kelly Meyer, Mayor Harry Hughes, Councillor John Crawford.

We are pleased to offer the 2012 - 2013 Winter
edition of the Recreation and Community Ser-
                                                                      provides a number of opportunities for health and
                                                                      wellness this winter season.
vices Brochure. It has been and continues to be                       We encourage you to browse through the bro-
Council’s pledge to promote healthy lifestyles and                    chure and take advantage of the leisure activi-
encourage active living for our residents.                            ties and programs available. We welcome you to
                                                                      contact the Recreation and Community Services
The Township of Oro-Medonte is proud of our nat-                      Department at 705-487-2171 to help find the activ-
ural surroundings that make us a “Quality of Life”                    ity that is right for you and your family.
community. We pride ourselves on the abundance
of outdoor winter recreational activities that our  Oro-Medonte…Proud Heritage, Exciting Future
community offers through our great parks and out-
standing trails. Whether you enjoy walking, skiing, Sincerely,
snowshoeing, skating or simply taking in nature,
Oro-Medonte offers a variety of outdoor amenities
to suit all ages and abilities.
If you prefer the indoors, our Recreation and Com-
munity Services Department, in cooperation with                       Mayor Harry Hughes and Members of Council
community organizations, offer a wide-range of
exciting recreational programs and activities that
 4   Winter 2012-2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                         Mayor & Members of Council

                                                        Harry Hughes                  Ralph Hough
                                                           Mayor                      Deputy Mayor

                                                                                          Kelly Meyer
                                                                                        Ward 2 Councillor

     Mel Coutanche
     Ward 1 Councillor

      Marty Lancaster                                                                            Dwight Evans
      Ward 3 Councillor                                                                         Ward 5 Councillor                                                   

                                                                                             John Crawford
                                                                                            Ward 4 Councillor

      The Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure is produced by the Township of Oro-Medonte
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        Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2012-2013                                              5
     Senior Management Team ~ 705.487.2171

                Robin Dunn                                          Doug Irwin                                    Paul Gravelle
        Chief Administrative Officer                    Director, Corporate Services/Clerk                 Director, Finance/Treasurer
                 ext. 2237                                           ext. 5237                                       ext. 3237

                    Jerry Ball                                     Shawn Binns                                    Andria Leigh
Director, Transportation & Environmental Services   Director, Recreation & Community Services           Director, Development Services
                   ext. 6237                                         ext. 7237                                      ext. 4237

                                         Donna Hewitt                                         Tamara Obee
                           Director, Corporate & Strategic Initiatives         Manager, Health & Safety and Human Resources
                                            ext. 2537                                          ext. 2437

           Customer Service
    Mission Statement
    The Township of Oro-Medonte is dedicated to provide the highest quality of Customer Service through personal
    accountability, integrity and respect. Delivered with friendliness and pride to ensure our customers get THE BEST.
    Our Customers - Our customers trust that we provide services in a manner to recognize the individual interest of the
    citizen while serving the greater good.
    Our Employees - The Township of Oro-Medonte is committed to provide our employees with equal opportunity for
    continuous learning and personal growth.
  6    Winter 2012-2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                                  Facility Rentals
                             COMMUNITY ARENA
                             & BANQUET HALL
                             71 Line 4 North
                             Oro-Medonte Admin. Office
                             Booking Info: 487.2171

CARLEY                                                   HAWKESTONE
396 Warminster Side Road                                 3 Allen Street
Carol Chapman                                            Linda Argent
Booking Info: 835.3419                                   Booking Info: 487.5866

EADY                                                     JARRATT
73 Eady Station Road                                     837 Horseshoe Valley Road
Evelyn Reid                                              Sharon Lawlor
Booking Info: 835.5304                                   Booking Info: 329.3854

EDGAR                                                     OLD TOWN HALL
1167 Old Barrie Road West                                 833 Line 7 North
Pat Shellswell                                            Oro-Medonte Admin. Office
Booking Info: 739.7579                                    Booking Info: 487.2171

*ORO STATION                                             *RUGBY HALL
COMMUNITY HALL                                           1911 Old Barrie Road
31 Ridge Road East                                       John Johnston
Linda Crawford                                           Booking Info: 321.5799
Booking Info: 487.2939

                                        *Community Owned & Operated.
      Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2012-2013                                 7
                                       Facility Rentals
The Oro-Medonte Community centre is located above the
arena on the 4th Line @ Hwy 11 S. The hall has a capacity
of 250 people with a kitchen, washrooms, perfect for larger
functions. Tables and chairs provided (all other tableware
not provided)

•	 Birthday	parties
•	 Skating	parties
•	 Buck	and	Doe	parties
•	 Anniversary	Celebrations
•	 Training	Sessions
•	 Business	Conferences

*Note:		All	alcohol	related	functions	will	be	required	to	fol-   For information on booking this facility or to confirm avail-
low	the	Municipal	Alcohol	Policy	and	all	requirements	of	the	    able dates for rental please contact the Township Office at
policy.		                                                        (705) 487-2171 ext 7238.

                                        Rental Policies
Looking to plan a special event? Planning to serve alcoholic beverages? The Township of Oro-Medonte Municipal Alcohol
Policy provides regulations regarding the consumption of alcohol in Municipal Facilities. The Policy requires that all events
serving alcohol must have the following:
  • Trained servers
  • A Special Occasions Permit
  • A completed operational plan
  • Liability insurance naming the Township additionally insured
                    Please contact your booking agent for more information
  8    Winter 2012-2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                         Registration Information
                                                                       O N!
How Do I Register?                                      C O M IN G S O
MAIL:                                                         ONLINE REGISTRATION
Please mark your envelope “REGISTRATION” and mail it to       Coming in 2013 online self-serve e-registion will be available
The Township of Oro-Medonte, Recreation & Community           for recreation programs. Watch for up updates and infor-
Services Dept. 148 Line 7 South, Box 100, Oro, ON L0L 2X0     mation in the Spring/Summer Brochure.
FAX:                                                               How Do I Pay?
705-487-0133 Attention: Recreation & Community Services
Department. NOTE: Please utilize the Credit Card payment           1. Cheque – Payable to “The Township of Oro-Medonte”
options to complete this transaction; payment must be                  – attached to the registration form.
received to secure a spot in the program                           2. Debit card – In person
                                                                   3. Cash – In person, please do not mail cash.
IN PERSON:                                                         4. Visa or MasterCard. Simply fill out the info
1. To the Administration Office, Cashier Counter                       on the space provided on the registration form.
   Mon – Fri, 8:30-4:30pm
2. To the After Hours Drop Box
   (located at 148 Line 7 S.)
                                                                              Registration Deadline
We are now able to accept registrations over the phone at
                                                                                Winter: January 14, 2013
                                                                                   *All Fees inclusive of HST
705-487-2171. NOTE: We can only accept registrations over
the phone from individuals paying with Visa or MasterCard
and a completed registration form is still required.

Class Availability & Accepted Registration                         cheques.
All spots in programs are on a first come, first serve basis.      Refunds
You will receive a confirmation letter, approximately two          The Recreation & Community Services Department endea-
weeks after your registration is received, securing your           vours to offer programs of the highest quality and content.
spot in a course. To enquire about your status in a program        However, should a program not meet your expectations;
please call 705-487-2171.
                                                                   A full refund will be issued:
Cancellation Information                                           • For any program cancelled by the Recreation
The Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community                    & Community Services Department
Services Department reserves the right to cancel or alter          • For a refund request made prior to the second day of any
any programs, time, costs or locations outlined in this               program and will be subject to an administration fee.
brochure as required, without any notice, due to lack of
registrations, change of policy or availability of facilities or       Pro-rated refunds will be issued:
instructors.                                                       • For a medical reason if accompanied by a doctor’s
                                                                       note and will be subject to an administration fee.
Wait Lists                                                         All refund requests must be made directly to the Recre-
If you cannot be accommodated in any of your program               ation & Community Services Department, Monday – Friday,
choices, your name can be added to a wait list. Please indi-       8:30-4:30 at 705-487-2171. All refunds are subject to a $10.70
cate this on your registration form.                               administration fee per registrant transaction.
Everyone Gets to Play                                              Age Requirements for Programs
The Township of Oro-Medonte, Recreation & Community                Each program in the brochure has an age range specified as
Services Department would like to ensure that no one is            it corresponds to program content. We accept registrations
excluded from recreation programs or activities offered by         providing the individual is or will be turning the specified
the Township solely by the inability to pay registration fees.     age within the program duration.
To help make this possible financial assistance is available
to qualified applicants for most recreation programs and           Paperless Registration Confirmations
activities offered by the department. For further informa-         In an effort to reduce the amount of paper in our registra-
tion contact the Community Recreation Coordinator at               tion process, we have introduced paperless registration
705-487-2171.                                                      confirmations. Please enter your email address on your
                                                                   registration form and all correspondence will be conducted
NSF Policy                                                         electronically.
An administration charge of $20.00 will be levied for all NSF
Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2012-2013   9
 10 Winter 2012-2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure
      2013 March Break Day Camp Program

Programs are back for the week of March 11th to 15th,         Campers 10 yrs and under MUST have adult supervision
2013. There are tons of great activities to get involved      at all times during morning drop off and afternoon pick-
with and participants can register for individual days or     up. Please ensure that you accompany your child to the
the whole week.                                               camp and sign him/her in and out daily. If you will have
This year, we’re back at Trinity Community Church with        alternate people escorting your child to camp please
all its amenities, including a full size gym. The camp will   provide the Camp Supervisor a letter on the first day.
be able to run a broad range of sports and active activi-     Receipts and confirmations will be emailed upon regis-
ties to keep kids involved. Each day has a highlighted        tering your child in the program and parent packages
event in addition to numerous great camp games and            will be sent 2 weeks prior to the program taking place.
sports. There will be a special guest throughout the          Within the package there will be further information on
week. Watch for our calendar in the Spring/Summer             the guests and activities, township policies, clothing and
Brochure.                                                     meal requirements, emergency contacts and any addi-
AGES: 6-8 & 9-12         TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm                tional paperwork that’s necessary. For more information
DATES: March 11 - 15, 2013                                    contact the Township at 487-2171.
COST: $40/day or $125/week                                    * The Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services
LOCATION: Trinity Community Church                            Department reserves the right to cancel or alter any programs time,
                                                              cost or locations outlined in the brochure as required due to lack of
Before/after care: 8-9am & 5-6pm                              registration, change of policy or availability of facilities or instruc-
$10.00 for am or pm – both $20.00/day                         tors.
$30.00 for am or pm – both $60.00/week
       Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure –Winter 2012-2013                                11
            Preschool & Children’s Programs
Introduction to Playball
Twos Can Do
A fun, stimulating envi-
ronment rich in learning experiences suited to the two year
old. In this program we lay down the basic foundation of
movement in order to enable the child to accomplish more
challenging sport related skills in later years. This program
is designed to be transitional, slowly creating indepen-           Ontario Early Years Programs
dence. Parent participation may be required for the first ½
                                                                   The Ontario Early Years Centre is looking forward to
to ¾ of the program.
Maximum 6 children per class                                       delivering programs in Oro-Medonte once again this
AGES: 2 yrs                TIME: 6:00-6:30pm                       Winter. All of the programs are open to all ages and are
DAY: Wednesday             LOCATION: East Oro Public School        from 10:00 – 11:30am. Snack is provided during all of our
DURATION: 8 weeks
                                                                   morning programs. For more information on these free
FEE: $110                  START DATE: Jan. 23
                                                                   programs and to register please call the Ontario Early
Playball Soccer                                                    Years Centre at 705-325-1299.
The perfect introduction to soccer and
                                                                   Jarratt Play & Learn
team participation. Fun and non-com-
petitive games and drills introduce the                            Children and parent/caregivers join together for free play,
basic skills of soccer. No aimless run-                            learning activities, craft, snack, songs, rhymes, parachute
ning around – every child has their own                            fun and stories. This is a great way for parents/caregivers
ball and is kept busy for the entire session.
                                                                   to meet other parents in the community.
Maximum 6 children per class
AGES: 3-4yrs                TIME: 6:30-7:15pm                      AGES: 0-6 yrs                 TIME: 10:00-11:30am
AGES: 4-5yrs                TIME: 7:15-8:00pm                      DAY: Monday                   LOCATION: Jarratt Hall
DAY: Wednesday              LOCATION: East Oro Public School       START DATE: Jan. 7, 2013
DURATION: 8 weeks
FEE: $110                   START DATE: Jan. 23                    ZOOMANIA
                                                                   Come and discover different types of animals. Each week
St. John Ambulance Babysitting
                                                                   you will explore a different animal through crafts, puzzles,
This program is sponsored by St John Ambulance. Learn
how to babysit effectively. Topics include; child care, feed-      books, activities, circle time, and snack.
ing, child development, child safety, how to handle an             AGES: 0-6 yrs                TIME: 10:00-11:30am
emergency situation and first aid. The St John babysitting         DAY: Wednesday               LOCATION: Hawkestone Hall
kit is a black backpack complete with flash light, batteries,
                                                                   START DATE: Jan. 9, 2013
emergency phone number pad and it has room for home-
work, etc (available at an extra cost). Bring a doll or stuffed
animal – newborn size.
AGES: 11-15                 TIME: 9:30am-5:30pm                   Tri Sport
DAY: Saturday               LOCATION: Oro-Medonte                 Learn the basics of three popular sports, basketball, floor
                            Community Arena - Banquet Hall        hockey and indoor soccer. Each week, instruction will be
FEE: $60                    DATE: Mar. 23                         given on the selected sport followed by a scrimmage.
                                                                  Helmets and hockey gloves are mandatory and a full face
St. John Ambulance Home Alone                                     shield is recommended for the floor hockey component. All
This program is sponsored by St. John Ambulance and is            other equipment will be provided
designed to give adolescents the necessary tools to stay          AGES: 8-10                 TIME: 6:00-7:00pm
alone at home without parent supervision.                         FEE: $60                   DAY: Tuesday
AGES: 9-15               TIME: 1:00-4:00pm                        START DATE: Jan. 22        DURATION: 8 weeks
DAY: Saturday            LOCATION: Oro-Medonte                    (A) LOCATION: East Oro PublicSchool
                         Community Arena - Banquet Hall
                                                                  (B)LOCATION: Moonstone Elementary School
FEE: $45                 DATE: Feb. 23
 12 Winter 2012-2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure
                                                   Adult 18+
 ZOOMERS – refers to a unique subculture within                  Computer Photoshop Elements (Intermediate)
                                                                 Are your photos getting lost in the cyberspace of your hard
 the Baby Boomer generation that has a positive self-
                                                                 drive? Here’s the perfect course to learn how to enhance,
 concept and a passion for living life to the fullest.
                                                                 organize, share and show off your photos with creative,
 This symbol indicates that the program is Zoomer                hands on projects. Easy-to-follow instructions make the
 Approved.                                                       process easy and fun. With this informative course, you’ll
                                                                 discover how to use simple image manipulation programs
Belly Dancing                                                    that will guarantee stunning images on screen and produce
Belly dancing is the oldest dance in the world. It               the best quality pictures from your printer. Prerequisites:
has survived the centuries to become a highly-                   Computers Don’t Byte or familiarity with Windows Operat-
developed performing art, one that is right for                  ing Systems, good computer mouse and keyboard skills.
women of all ages and body types. You can expect to learn        Maximum of 6 participants.
coordination, flexibility, and muscle tone from Belly Danc-      FEE: $125                   TIME: 6:45-7:45pm
ing. It is graceful, elegant, and a fun way to get fit!          DAY: Tuesday                LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
FEE: $70                      TIME: 7:15-8:15pm                  START DATE: Jan. 22         Admin. Offices
DAY: Wednesday                LOCATION: Oro-Medonte              DURATION: 8 weeks
START DATE: Jan. 23           Community Arena – Banquet Hall
DURATION: 10 weeks

Body Pump
A heart thumping, body pumping workout of interval train-
ing - using weights, tubes and body weight - for a calorie
burning class. An amazing overall workout no class is ever
the same.
FEE: $70                   TIME: 5:15-6:15pm
DAY: Thursday              LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
START DATE: Jan. 24        Community Arena – Banquet Hall
DURATION: 10 weeks

Bootcamp – Indoor
Are you ready? Join us for this high energy class that is sure
to get you in shape in no time. Class format will include
strength, toning, speed, agility and flexibility training. All   Country and Western Line Dancing
levels of fitness welcome.                                       Line dancing continues to be a very popular
FEE: $60/session            DURATION: 8 weeks (A, B or C)        extracurricular activity. Repeating patterns of low
DAY: Monday (A)             TIME: 6:00-7:00pm                    impact line dance steps is a fun form of exercise,
START DATE: Jan. 21         LOCATION: Oro-Medonte                creating a happier and healthier body and mind. Come and
EXCLUSION: Feb. 18          Community Arena – Banquet Hall       join Shirley and a great group of people for a stress-free,
DAY: Wednesday (B)          TIME: 6:00-7:00pm                    fun filled social evening. The first half of this class is for
START DATE: Jan. 23         LOCATION: Moonstone                  beginners; the second half is for more advanced dancers.
                            Elementary School                    FEE: $85                    TIME: 7:00-8:30pm
                                                                 DAY: Tuesday                LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
DAY: Thursday (C)           TIME: 7:15-8:15pm                    START DATE: Feb. 5          Community Arena – Banquet Hall
START DATE: Jan. 24         LOCATION: Jarratt Hall               DURATION: 10 weeks          EXCLUSION: Feb. 26

                                                                 Couples Country and Western Dancing
                                                                 Always wanted to learn how to Western Dance? Now is
                                                                 your chance. The first half of this program is designed for
                                                                 basic/beginners and Level 1 dancers interested in learning a
                                                                 variety of Couples Western dances. The second half of this
                                                                 program will be for more advanced dancers to expand and
                                                                 perfect the dances they already know.
                                                                 FEE: $135/couple           TIME: 7:00-8:30pm
                                                                 DAY: Thursday              LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
                                                                 START DATE: Feb. 7         Community Arena – Banquet Hall
                                                                 DURATION: 10 Weeks
      Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2012-2013                             13
                                                Adult 18+
Intro Fitness Stretching
Any professional athlete can tell you how impor-
tant flexibility is to prevent injury. Stretching also
prevents headaches and back pain by releasing
tension and stress.
Relaxed muscles allow for better sleep and freedom of
movement. In this class, you will learn safe stretching tech-
niques that you can use everyday.
FEE: $70                     TIME: 4:00-5:00pm
DAY: Wednesday               LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
START DATE: Jan. 23          Community Arena Banquet Hall
DURATION: 10 weeks           EXCLUSION: Feb. 27

Cardiovascular, toning, conditioning and motor skill en-
hancements gained make fitness kickboxing a great way to
reach your fitness goals. Learn self-defense and experience
authentic kickboxing training without sparring. Suitable for
all fitness levels. Ages 16+
FEE: $60                     TIME: 6:00-7:00pm
DAY: Monday                  LOCATION: Moonstone Public
                                                                This session will provide gentle variations of yoga poses
START DATE: Jan. 21          School                             to help release tension and day to day stress. Through the
DURATION: 8 Weeks            EXCLUSION: Feb. 18                 practice of yoga, your body will gradually achieve greater
                                                                endurance, your spine will become more flexible, you will
Pilates                                                         gain energy and your circulation will improve. The benefits
A series of controlled movements engaging your                  of yoga will continue to amaze you.
body and mind, The Method Pilates focuses on                    FEE: $70/session           TIME: 5:30-6:30pm (A)
improving flexibility and strength for the total                (A or B)                           7:00-8:00pm (B)
body without building bulk. It promotes physical                DAY: Thursday              LOCATION: Carley Community
harmony and balance for people of all ages and physical         START DATE: Jan. 24        Hall
conditions. This refreshing workout is for everyone from        DURATION: 10 weeks
the sedentary office worker to fitness enthusiast. This
program can be your primary mode of body conditioning           Zumba
and injury prevention. The “powerhouse” – abdomen,              Zumba is a fitness based dance program that incorporates
lower back and buttocks – is supported and strengthened,        hip-hop and Latin dance into a physical workout. This is a
                                                                great cardio work out that will get you moving, while hav-
enabling the rest of the body to move freely.
                                                                ing fun. Ages 16+
FEE: $70/session (A or B)
                                                                FEE: $70/session          DURATION: 10 weeks
DAY: Wednesday              TIME: 5:00-6:00pm (A)               (A or B)
START DATE: Jan. 23                6:00-7:00pm (B)              DAY: Thursday (A)         TIME: 6:00-7:00pm
DURATION: 10 weeks          LOCATION: Oro-Medonte               START DATE: Jan. 24       LOCATION: Jarratt Hall
EXCLUSION: Feb. 27          Community Arena – Banquet Hall
                                                                DAY: Friday (B)           TIME: 10:00-11:00am
                                                                START DATE: Jan. 25       LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
                                                                EXCLUSION: Mar. 29        Community Arena – Banquet Hall

                                                                           Registration Deadline
                                                                             Winter: January 14, 2013
                                                                                 *All Fees inclusive of HST
 14      Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                                        Keen-Agers 55+
                                                                Keen-ager Yoga
                                                                No prior experience necessary! This program is designed
                                                                for beginner and will introduce participants to basic poses
                                                                and positions. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle.
                                                                FEE: $70                   TIME: 10:00-11:00am
                                                                DAY: Monday                LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
                                                                START DATE: Jan. 21        Community Arena - Banquet Hall
                                                                DURATION: 10 weeks

Computers Don’t Byte
No Experience Necessary! Bring your curiosity and your
questions to this stress-free, beginner computer class.
This course will give you an understanding of the basics of
today’s technology. Learn how to install software, create a
document and save or delete a file. You will also learn how
to create an email, attach a picture and send it, and look
information up on the internet.
Maximum of 6 participants.
FEE: $120                  TIME: 5:30-6:30pm                    Community Keen-ager Club
DAY: Tuesday               LOCATION: Oro-Medonte                This program is designed for participants to access at their
START DATE: Jan. 22        Admin. Offices                       leisure. There will be a mix of physical activity, healthy eat-
DURATION: 8 weeks                                               ing, socializing, and topics of interest. Weekly programs
                                                                will vary but will provide an opportunity for social interac-
                                                                tion with peers. The program location will alternate each
                                                                week between the two locations. For more information
                                                                on the schedule attend the first class or contact the Com-
                                                                munity Recreation Coordinator at the Township Office at
                                                                FREE                        TIME: 10:00am-12:00pm
                                                                DAY: Tuesdays               DURATION: 10 weeks
Keen-ager Line Dancing                                          START DATE: Jan. 22         LOCATION: Hawkestone Hall
For those looking to get active and moving, line dancing        START DATE: Jan. 29         LOCATION: Jarratt Hall
is an excellent activity. Great for improving gross motor
skills and coordination. This program will build strength and
increase circulation. Repeating patterns of low impact line
dance steps is a fun form of exercise, creating a happier
and healthier body and mind.
FEE: $70                    TIME: 10:30-11:30am
DAY: Thursday               LOCATION: Oro-Medonte
START DATE: Feb. 7          Community Arena Banquet Hall
DURATION: 10 weeks
          Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                                            15
              2012/2013 Public Skating Schedule
Weekly Schedule                                                           HOLIDAY SCHEDULE
 Preschool (Free)                 Tues., Wed., Fri.                       Mayor & Council Holiday Skate:
 Begins Tuesday October           10:30-11:20am                           • Friday December 14th, 2012 (6:00-7:20pm)
 23rd and ends Friday March       (exclusions: Oct. 26th, Dec. 25th &
                                                                          Family Day Skate:
                                  26th, Dec. 28th, Jan. 1st, Jan. 25th,
 8th                              Feb. 27th)                              • Monday February 18th, 2013 (10:30-11:50am)
 Seniors (Free)                   Wed. 11:30am-12:20pm                    P.A. DAY SKATES
 Begins Wednesday October         (exclusions: Dec. 26th & Feb. 27th)     • Friday January 25th, 2013 (10:30am-11:20am)
 24th and ends Wednesday                                                  *All	Holiday	&	P.A.	Day	Day	skates	are	offered	free	of	
 March 6th                                                                charge.
 Youth & Adult              Fri. 6:00-7:20pm,
 ($1.00 & $2.00)            Sun. 2:30-3:20pm                              WINTER BREAK SKATE SCHEDULE
 Begins Friday October 19th (exclusions: Oct. 26th, Dec. 14th for
                                                                          • Thursday December 27th, 2012 (11:00-11:50am)
                                            Dec. 28th
 and ends Sunday March 10th holiday skates,Feb. 8th & (moved
                            to Dec. 27th),            Feb. 10th           • Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 (10:30am-12:20pm)
                                                                          • Friday January 4th, 2013 (10:30am-11:20pm)
                                                                          *All	Christmas	skates	are	at	regular	rates.

                                                                          MARCH BREAK SKATES
                                                                          • Monday March 11th, 2013 (10:30-11:20am)
                                                                          • Tuesday March 12th, 2013 (10:30-11:20am)
                                                                          • Wednesday March 13th, 2013 (10:30-11:20am)
                                                                          • Thursday March 14th, 2013 (1:00-1:50pm)
                                                                          • Friday March 15th, 2013 (10:30-11:20am) & (6:00-7:20pm)
                                                                          *All	March	Break	Skates	are	at	regular	rates.

                                                 OUTDOOR RINKS
Through the work and dedication of over 100 volunteers the Township is able to
provide 7 Community Outdoor Ice Rinks across the Township. The rinks are open
based on weather on ice conditions.

Current outdoor rinks are:
1. Sweetwater Park                    50’x 100’, on a multi-purpose pad, lighted
2. Ravines of Oro-Medonte             50’x 100’, on a multi-purpose pad, lighted
3. 4th Line Park                      60’x 120’, on a multi-purpose pad, lighted
4. Shelswell Park                     50’x 100’, on a multi-purpose pad, lighted
5. Ramey Memorial Park                60’x120’, on a multi- purpose pad, lighted
6. Hawkestone Com. Hall               50x100’ on a multi -purpose pad, lighted
7. Shanty Bay                         50’x 100’, on a multi-purpose pad

Outdoor Rinks Committees are a great way to get involved and make a difference in your community. They are also a
great way for high school students to complete community service hours. Many of the outdoor ice rink committees are
in need of additional volunteers for the 2012-2013 winter season. To get involved please contact Justin Hodgkinson at

Ice Users please help us by:
• Shoveling the snow before and after use
• Not bringing nets or other objects onto the ice surface
• Respecting other users, recreational skating and hockey can occur together, consider sharing the ice
• Contributing a few hours to the Outdoor Rink Committee to help flood and maintain the ice
• Reporting any concerns to the Recreation and Community Services Department
 16      Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                                COMMUNITY EVENTS
                                           MOONSTONE SANTA CLAUS PARADE
Sunday, December 2, 2012
1:00 p.m.
Following the parade, the Moonstone Volunteer Firefighters welcome everyone back to the Fire Hall for a community
gathering including refreshments, fun and the opportunity to meet with Santa!
Please donate to the Food Drive at the Fire hall; all food items will be donated to the Salvation Army. Along the parade
route, the Moonstone Firefighters will be having a “Boot Drive”. Please consider a donation, as all proceeds will be given
to the Moonstone Parks and Recreation Committee to enhance our own community.
Advertise your local business - Put a float in the Parade!
Contact Lila Osborne @ 835-5236

                                                                        WARMINSTER SANTA CLAUSE PARADE
                                                               Warminster is once again running their annual Santa Clause
                                                               Parade this year. The parade will take place on Sunday De-
                                                               cember 23rd, 2012 at 2:00pm at the Fire Hall in Warminster.
                                                               Please join us with friends and family to take in the parade.

             2012/2013 FREE HOLIDAY SKATES
Mayor & Council Holiday Skate:
• Friday, December 14th, 2012 (6:00-7:20pm)
Family Day Skate:
• Monday, February 18th, 2013 (10:30-11:50am)
                                                                                      FAMILY DAY
                                                               Once again, Friends of Sugarbush will be hosting an event
• Friday, January 25th, 2013 (10:30am-11:20am)                 at Sweetwater Park.

Bruce Stanton Skate                                            Back this year, the Cardboard Toboggan Race. People have
                                                               been known to use tin foil, garbage bags, shower curtains,
• Thursday, December 27th, 2013 (6:00-7:20pm)
                                                               plastic sheets, etc.
                                                               You can use whatever you choose (except for wood, steel
                                                               and fibreglass) as long as it isn’t attached to an actual sled
                                                               Participants must bring their own protective head gear,
                                                               such as bike or hockey helmets
                                                               Judging will include the furthest distance, most creative
                                                               design, etc.
                                                               This is a terrific family event for everyone to participate in
                                                               with designing, building and racing their toboggans.
                                                               For registration and guidelines email:
        Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                                    17

     ORO-MEDONTE SKATING CLUB                                         ORO-MEDONTE MINOR SOCCER
 The Oro-Medonte Skating Club is a non-prof-                      Early Bird Registration $75.00 until February
 it organization that teaches the fundamen-                       15th. Registration closes March 31st, don’t be
 tals of skating to children 3 & up. We are a                     disappointed, register early!
 Skate Canada sanctioned club offering Can-
                                                                  We always encourage new volunteers and ideas
 skate (learn to skate) and Starskate (tests and competition)
 programs. We would like to offer a Pre-Power program this fall
                                                                  for our association. Visit our website at
 depending on numbers. This season our skaters will participate
 in our bi-annual year end carnival.                                         WARMINSTER SOCCER
 For more information contact us at       Warminster Soccer Club is completely volunteer driven,
 or call Ann Marie at 705-487-7448                                and we are always looking for mor help, wheter it be
                                                                  coaching, helping the executive, lending a hand at the an-
                                                                  nual BBQ. Please visit our websit for more info:

    ORO-MEDONTE MINOR HOCKEY                                             ORO-MEDONTE MINOR BALL
 Oro Minor Hockey season is currently under-                       Congratulations to all players, families and coaches for
  way for information on practice and game                                        another great season.
  schedules visit:
              or call 705-725-3455                                              VASEY MINOR BALL
                                                                   VMB would like to thank all participants and volunteers
                                                                                for another successful year.

The Oro-Medonte Minor Sports Association, formed in fall 2008, works with 6 minor sports associa-
tions in the Township of Oro Medonte to help promote and support minor sports in our community.
  The member associations work collectively to set out goals for the OMMSA that will help improve
                                 minor sports in our community.

       SPORT                   ASSOCIATION                    REGISTRATION PERIOD                SEASON COMMENCES
      Baseball              Vasey Minor Ball                       Spring - March                         May
                         Oro-Medonte Minor Ball                    Spring - March                         May
       Soccer          Oro-Medonte Minor Soccer                       January                             May
                        Warminster Soccer Club                         April                              June
      Hockey                Oro Minor Hockey                        May - August                       September
      Skating           Oro-Medonte Skating Club           September through January                    October

                 For more information on each of these associations visit our website
 18      Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                 Offered Through Community Hall Boards
              JARRATT COMMUNITY HALL                                          EDGAR COMMUNITY HALL
              Fall / Winter Activities                        Edgar Craft and Bake Sale
Monday & Wednesday: Blue Dragon Martial Arts
                                                              Saturday December 1 from 10:00am to 2:00pm
Monday: Ontario Early Years
                                                              Bid Euchre Tournament
Tuesday: Keenager Club (alternating weeks, see program
                                                              Saturday December 15 at 1:00pm
section for more info)
                                                              Bid Euchre
Wednesday: Bass Lake Snowrunners
                                                              First and third Wednesday – 8:00pm
Thursday: Township programs - Bootcamp and Zumba
                                                              Progressive Euchre
Friday: Dancetastic
                                                              Friday Nights – 8:00pm
Contact Township office or booking agent for information:
Hall available for private rentals - local community groups   Call 739-7579 for details
and youth groups special consideration.
New Hall Board members welcome
                                                                             CARLEY COMMUNITY HALL
                                                              The Carley Community Hall was built in 1912 as a function-
                                                              ing one room school house. The Hall is now used as a Com-
                EADY COMMUNITY HALL                           munity Hall and has maintained its glorious heritage décor.
                                                              It has a fully functioning modernized kitchen, large open
Eady Christmas Concert – Saturday December 8
                                                              wooden floor space, elevated stage and two washrooms. It
7:15pm at Eady Hall
                                                              is set in an idyllic country setting in Oro-Medonte Township.
                                                              The lush grounds, are ideal for family picnics and weddings.
                                                              The Hall is used for Community fundraising events, family
                                                              reunions, Art Shows, birthday parties and much more.
                                                              If you are interested in more information call Carol at 705-

                                                                      ATTENTION ALL TABLE TENNIS PLAYERS
                                                              Any seniors interested in participating in a Table Tennis
                                                              Club please contact Ann Budge 705-835-3318
          Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                                    19
                   Offered Through Community Hall Boards
                                              HAWKESTONE COMMUNITY HALL
              Weekly Schedule
TOPS 2:00pm
Ladies Fitness class 8-9pm
HAACA monthly meeting 3rd Monday
Library/ Resource Centre 10am – 12 pm
Keenager Club 10 am – 12 pm
Beavers & Cubs 6:45pm
Scottish Dance - Children and Adults -
Hawkestone Singers 7:30pm
Euchre 1-4pm
BallroomDancing - 7:30pm
Library/Youth Resource Centre 10am – 12 pm
                                                                   Sunday December 16th – Hawkestone Community Chil-
                        Special Events
                                                                   dren’s Party 1-3pm. Maria Sandke is coordinating the
Saturday December 15th – Hawkestone Singer Winter Cocert           event and can be reached at
The Hawkestone Singers cordially invite you to their annual
Christmas in the Village Concert to celebrate the holiday          Monday December 31st – New Year’s Dance
season. Under the direction of Choral Director Scott Boyer         After last year’s Red Carpet affair, the Hawkestone Com-
and Musical Accompanist Tara Johnson, and also including a         munity Association is coming full circle with this year’s Red-
repertoire of beautiful seasonal selections, this promises to      neck New Year’s Eve party, Monday, December 31st. Dress
be a most enjoyable for all. Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 - 7:30 p.m.   the part if you like, with a Hawkestone dinner jacket (aka
Hawkestone Hall (3 Allen St.) Tickets: Adults $10.00 Children      plaid shirt) and put on your dancing shoes for the annual
(12 and under) $5.00 For tickets and/or information please         fun with the local folk and kin. Tickets are $25 and include
contact James Hamilton: 705-487-1526                               a late night buffet, DJ, prizes and a cash bar. Tickets will be
                                                                   available at the Village Gallery or by calling Jennifer Alton
                                                                   705-327-3120. Tickets are limited so get your tickets early or
                                                                   gather up your posse and book a table.
 20       Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                                      COMMUNITY INFO
       ORO-MEDONTE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY                                            ORO DISTRICT LIONS CLUB
You will be sure to enjoy the topics, homemade treats at           The Oro District Lions Club has 42 service minded men and
break, taking part in or viewing the flower shows; as well         women that meet on the first and third
as, socializing with other gardeners and residents who enjoy       Wednesday evenings at the Oro Sta-
learning about gardening and our environment                       tion Community Hall. They run fund
                                                                   raising activities during the course of
If you have not yet been able to attend one of our Meetings,       the year in an effort to “give back to
why not join us. All are held at the Oro-Medonte Community         their community”.
Centre (Guthrie Arena, Line 4 and Hwy 11 S.), beginning at
7:30pm.                                                            2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of
                                                                   the Club. The Lions are thankful for the support that they
Monday, December 3 – Speaker: David Hawke: “Wildflow-              have received, and proud of the impact that they have been
ers: Legend and Lore”:                                             able to have in our great Township, province, country and
Learn the history and growth characteristics of local Wild-        the world.
flowers.                                                           Please look us up on Facebook (/Oro District Lions) or at our
O-MHS	looks	forward	to	welcoming	you.                              e-clubhouse on the web.

              ORO AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY                                               HELLO MOONSTONE!
The Oro Agricultural Society would like to thank all the vol-      Your Parks and Recreation Committee has launched a new
unteers, sponsors, participants and the Township for at-           website! We are a committee of local residents that has
tending this year’s fair. We look forward to seeing you next       been working to build and improve Ramey Park for the last
year, September 13th & 14th, 2013.                                 19 years. We are going to use our new website site to let
                                                                   Moonstone know what projects the committee is working
                                                                   on, what events we are planning, and provide a way for the
                  SUMAC CULTURAL PASS                              community to connect about anything related to our park
                                                                   and/or recreation activities in the area.
@ a Library near you…
                                                                   Please visit us at to see
On May 16th Sumac, Simcoe County’s Cultural Network                what we are up to. You can also connect with other Moon-
launched a great partnership with the libraries of Simcoe          stone residents through our twitter account @moon-
County. Beginning June 1st, Sumac’s 15 member sites are            stoneparks or on Facebook
offering a variety of discounts and value adds to library
patrons using their library card to access the new Cultural
Places Pass. Available at all libraries and branches across        Hope to see you there!
the county, patrons can reserve a pass for the day through
                                                                       The Moonstone and District Parks and Recreation
an innovative online booking system from the comfort of
their own home. Passes can then be picked up at their local                            Committee
library and used for their specific request date. The on-line      Chair: Bruce Quinn
booking system can be accessed through Sumac’s website             Co-Chair: Dan Parr
at                                                  Secretary/Treasurer: Naomi Wachowiak
The launch was held at the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage            Members at Large: Rick Yule, Denise Osborne, Debbie Chris-
Museum. Sumac members brought a bevy of interesting                tianson, Cheryl Walsh, Deby and Harold Wood, Jayne Hoop-
and interactive displays showcasing the various programs           er, Ed Barkley, Kim Kearns.
and activities offered at their sites. Coldwater Public School’s
Grade 5/6 class was on hand to experience and demonstrate
some of the activities that are currently offered at sites peo-
ple will be visiting when they sign out their Cultural Places

Celebrate the culture of Simcoe County through a library
near you.
          Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                                   21
                                       COMMUNITY INFO
         COLD WATER SAFETY AND SURVIVAL TIPS                        Techniques for Delaying Hypothermia
                           (Oro-Medonte, ON)- The Barrie            If you find yourself alone and exposed to cold water, use
                           Ontario Provincial Police would          the Heat Escape Lessening Position (H.E.L.P.) to reduce heat
                           like to remind Autumn and Winter         loss from your core body temperature and delay side effects
                           water users of the following, being      of hypothermia.
                           around frigid or frozen water can
                           be a distraction from the serious        H.E.L.P. is performed as follows:
                           risk of Cold Water Immersion.            • Cross your arms tightly against your chest.
                           If you’re heading out for a fall boat-   • Draw your knees up and against your chest.
ing or ice fishing trip in winter keep the following in mind:       • Keep your head and face out of the water.
According to the Lifesaving Society of Canada the majority          • Take a Safe Boating Course to learn more about the
of cold water fatalities occur close to shore and victims are            stages of hypothermia and rescue procedures.
often thrown unexpectedly from their boats without wear-
ing a Lifejacket or PFD or go through the ice:                      Huddle Position
•    Out of 130 boating deaths, 60% drowned in water                If you and your passengers find yourselves exposed to
     under 10 degrees C                                             cold water and are unable to swim to shore or climb onto a
•    More than 82% were not wearing (or incorrectly wear            floating object, you should assume the “Huddle Position” to
     ing) a Lifejacket or PFD                                       delay the onset of hypothermia and increase your survival
•    63% were less than 15m from shore/safety                       time:
•    26% were thrown overboard                                      • Place your arms around each other’s mid to lower back
•    48% were in a boat that capsized or was swamped                     and pull together so your chests are close to each
                                                                         other’s sides
 The implications are simple. You can maintain your safety          • Intertwine your legs
so long as you are knowledgeable of the risks, know how             • Place any children in the middle of the huddle
to perform the survival techniques and are wearing a prop-          • Keep unnecessary movements to a minimum in order
erly fitted and approved Lifejacket and appropriate cold                 to conserve energy
water/weather boating gear.
                                                                    Cold Water / Cold Weather Survival Gear
Expect The Unexpected                                               • Always Wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or
Knowing what to do if you’re unexpectedly immersed into                  Lifejacket when boating.
cold water dramatically increases your chance of survival.          • Have extra layers of dry, light clothing and a water or
Immersion in cold water can result in cold shock response,               wind proof outer layer on board.
incapacitation, hypothermia and cardiac arrest.                          Gear specific to cold environments (ice fishing) offers
“1-10-1” is an easy way to remember the first three phases               better protection against the elements and can delay
of cold-water immersion and the approximate time each                    the effects of hypothermia:
phase takes.                                                        • Wet Suit: traps and heats water against the body and
The phases of Cold Water Immersion are:                                  should be used with a floatation device. Many people
1. Cold Shock Response                                                   wear wet suits when doing water sports
2. Cold Incapacitation                                                   such as wakeboarding
3. Hypothermia                                                           or waterskiing to prolong the length of their season.
                                                                    • Dry Suit: Remains dry on the inside and should be used
                                                                         with a floatation device and thermal liner.
                                                                     • Survival Suit: Helps retain body heat and works as a full
                                                                         body floatation device.
                                                                     • Immersion Suit: To be used in extreme conditions.
                                                                     • Exposure Coverall: A PFD with thermal protection
                                                                    Be sure to choose the cold weather protection gear that is
                                                                    appropriate for your fishing activities.
                                                                    Remember no ice is ever safe ice expect the unexpected.
                                                                    Never proceed onto an ice surface without checking it first.
                                                                    Never ice fish alone.
                                                                    A little bit of preparation goes a long way in ensuring your
                                                                    safety and those around you.
22   Winter 2012 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                           Now AcceptiNg
                                              patients from the townships of tay,
                                              oro Medonte, Springwater and Severn.
                                              The Huronia Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic
                                              provides primary health care services and
                                              preventive care to people of all ages. Whether
                                              you need to have a complete physical or need
                                              to visit us with a minor illness or to manage a
                                              chronic or complex illness, the clinic is here
                                              for you or your family.

                                                  Call the clinic directly to begin the
                                                registration process at 705 835 7545
                                                         or visit our website at
                                           for more
                                                            We are located in
                                                   Horseshoe Valley, Oro-Medonte.
          Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                                    23
                                       COMMUNITY INFO
Family Physicians

If you are without a family doctor, please register with
Health Care Connect by calling 1-800-445-1822. Please have
your health card readily available. Or if preferred, you can
register online at
are family doctors in the Orillia area accepting patients.

Immunization Clinics

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit offers clinics in all
local health unit offices in Orillia, Barrie and Midland. This in-
cludes routine childhood and adult shots as well as influenza
immunization. Call 705-721-7520 to book an appointment .
Please specify the office location that you would like to use
when you call. Appointments are necessary.
Orillia – 2nd and 4th Monday of the month – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Barrie – Every Wednesday – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 2nd Mon-             Breast Screening Is Available Without Referral From A
day of the month 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                    Family Doctor

Midland – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of the month – 9             The Ontario Breast Screening Program is available at Oril-
a.m. to 4 p.m.                                                       lia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital. To book your appointment
                                                                     telephone 705-325-2201 x 3292 or you can telephone Ontario
Foot Care Services and Chiropody                                     Medical Imaging located at 100 Colborne Street, Orillia. Tele-
                                                                     phone 705-326-2244.
To access information regarding chiropody and foot care
services in your area please contact the North Simcoe Mus-
koka Healthline at then search “chi-

                           Oro-Medonte Septic Services
                                      Electronic Tank Locates

                                          RR#1 Oro Station
                         (705)734 - 0677 or (705) 487-2536
    Tim McHardy                www.
24   Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

        Advertising in the Oro-Medonte Township Recreation & Community Services Guide is a great
        opportunity to promote local and area businesses to Oro-Medonte and the surrounding
          • Wide distribution to approximately 10,000 mailboxes throughout the Municipality,
             as well as high visibility on the Township’s website which gives advertisers significant
             exposure for the low cost of one advertisement.
          • Guides are also distributed throughout the Township in local convenience stores,
             community halls, and the administration building ensuring all residents obtain a copy.
           • You would need to advertise in 3 different local papers to get the same level of
             exposure across the Township.
             ie:	Business	Card	Size	in	Guide	=	$	129.99	or	in	3	Local	Newspapers	=	$	283.00
           • The shelf life of the guide is much higher than any advertisement in a local
             newspaper or flyer because it is a resource of a
             vast amount of information that residents refer to
             throughout the season.
           • This publication is produced three	times	a	year
                           Spring/Summer – February
                                   Fall – August
                               Winter – November
          With	an	added	discount	offered	for	advertising	in	all	3	issues!

        As an additional marketing opportunity, businesses have the
        ability to gain exposure for their companies on the rink boards and walls at the Oro-Medonte
        Community Arena, offering substantial exposure for 7 months of the year.
         Size                                           Dimensions                                      Price
         Eighth Page                               3.7083” wide x 2” high                              $129.00
         Quarter Page      Banner (7.375” wide x 2” high) or Vertical (3.7083” wide x 4.9107” high)    $259.00
         Half Page                              (7.375” wide x 4.9107” high)                           $359.00
         Outside or Back Cover                   (7.375” wide x 9.875” high)                           $799.00
         Inside Front or Inside Back Covers
         Quarter Page       Banner (7.375” wide x 2” high) or Vertical (3.7083” wide x 4.9107” high)   $299.00
         Half Page                               (7.375” wide x 4.9107” high)                          $429.00
                             10% DISCOUNT FOR A YEARLY COMMITMENT OF 3 GUIDES
                              DEADLINE FOR SPRING GUIDE 2013 – JANUARY 18
                                           Book Your Spot Today!
          For further information on advertising in the next upcoming guide and to obtain
           an advertising contract, please call 487-2171 or E-Mail:
         Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                           25
                                  COMMUNITY INFO
The Friends of Sugarbush volunteer                          The Friends of Sugarbush are a dedicated volunteer group
group was registered as a Ontario Non-                      whose sole ambition is to have a positive impact on com-
Profit Organization with the mission                        munity spirit, without recognition. We wish to join with all
statement “To Grow Community Spirit                         residents in celebrating the uniqueness of Sugarbush, and
in Sugarbush”. The group quickly set to                     how lucky we all are to live here!
work planning and organizing several                        Please contact us at the email address listed below if you;
community events in Sweetwater Park,                        •       Have ideas to help build community spirit.
with cooperation from the Township of Oro-Medonte. The      •       Want to be a event volunteer
events have flourished annually and are enjoyed by many     •       Have suggestions for anything that will lead to the
families.                                                           betterment of the community overall.
•         Family Day (February)
•         Sugarbush Day (Third Saturday of June)               
•         Spring Garage Sale (May)
In relation to our mission statement, we believe these
events have been very successful. In addition, we work
closely with the Sweetwater Park Ice Rink Coordinator to
offer assistance with funding and volunteer requirements.
 26      Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                                      PARKS & TRAILS
The Township is a playground for the outdoor enthusiasts.      of a migrating bird, mountain biking on single track, taking
Countless opportunities are available for outdoor recreation   the family for a walk, or going off-road there is a trail for you.
on area trails in the Simcoe County Forests, Copeland For-     Permitted uses vary by trail. For more information please visit
est, and the Lake Country Oro-Medonte Rail Trail. There is a or see page 27.
trail experience for all! Whether you are catching a glimpse
Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013   27
                     PARKS & TRAILS
 28      Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                                       WINTER 2013 EVENTS
Anyone is welcome to join us on any of the
following events. Be sure to bring water.
For more information about the club call
Wayne at 705-835-7018 or visit the Ganara-
ska Hiking Trail website www.ganaraska- .

Sunday January 06 (1:30 pm) MODERATE
Ski or Snowshoe in the Drury Tract. Meet at
# 2407 Oro-Medonte Line 3 N, just south of
the Bass Lake Side Road. Must contact Bob
705-728-8985 or Marjorie 705-722-8732.
Monday January 14 (9:00 am)         EASY
Ski or snowshoe at the Wye Marsh Wildlife
Centre, Midland. Meet at Crown Hill United
Church to carpool; admission fee; bring a
lunch. Must contact Wayne 705-835-7018 or
June 705-721-0621.

Sunday January 20 (1:30 pm) MODERATE
Ski or snowshoe in a Simcoe County For-
est. Meet on the Bass Lake Side Road, just
east of Oro-Medonte Line 7. Must contact
Wayne 705-835-7018 or Lois 705-728-8985.                        Monday February 25 (5:30 pm)                  EASY
                                                                Potluck Supper followed by a moonlight ski or snowshoe
Monday January 28 (9:00 am)      EASY/MODERATE                  and social time. Meet at 5 Bunker Place at Horseshoe
Ski or snowshoe at Scenic Caves Collingwood. Meet at            Valley, just off Alpine Way, near the 4th line. Must contact
Crown Hill United Church to carpool; admission fee; bring       Holly or Wayne 705-835-7018
or buy a lunch. Must contact Mary 705-725-6252 or Janis
705-728-9348.                                                   Monday March 4 (9:00 am)                  MODERATE
                                                                Ski or snowshoe in the Bracebridge Resource Manage-
Sunday February 3 (1:30 pm)                 MODERATE            ment Centre. Meet at Crown Hill United Church to carpool.
Ski or snowshoe in Bass Lake Provincial Park. Meet at the       Bring a snack and water. We may stop at Tim Horton’s for
winter entrance on the 15th line at the east end of the lake,   lunch on the way back. Must contact Wayne 705-835-7018
there is a parking fee. Must contact Marjorie 705-722-8732      or Mary 705-725-6252.
or Mary 705-725-6252.
                                                                Sunday March 24 (5:30 pm)
Monday February 11 (9:00 am)       MODERATE                     ANNUAL MEETING and POT LUCK SUPPER. Meet at
Ski or Snowshoe in Blueberry Plains at Wasaga Beach.            Dalston United Church, 1734 Penetanguishene Rd., just
Meet at Dalston United Church to carpool. Bring a lunch         north of the Old Barrie Rd. Bring your own plate, mug and
and drink. There is a park fee. Must contact Peter 705-721-     cutlery and a main course, salad or dessert. Supper at 5:30
4277 or Betty 705-722-4418.                                     pm, short meeting at 6:30 pm, followed by a presentation.
                                                                Contact Bob or Lois 705-728-8985.
Sunday February 17 (1:30 pm)       MODERATE or EASY
Ski or snowshoe in Copeland Forest, some hills. Meet at
the parking lot on Ingram Rd, just east of the 4th line. Must
contact Bob 705-728-8985 or Holly 705-835-7018.
         Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                             29
                               Municipal Information
Township of Oro-Medonte All-Terrain Vehicle Usage

The Highway Traffic Act(HTA) was amended in 2003 to
permit local municipalities to enact by-laws to permit the
operation of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) to travel upon
roads under the jurisdiction of the Municipality subject to a
number of rules and regulations as set forth in the Act.

In 2010 Council passed By-Laws permitting ATV use on
specified Township roads enabling ATV access from
designated parking to Lake Simcoe for winter recreation
purposes. ATV use isnot permitted on any other roadways
or municipal land as per the HTA and Parkland By-law.
           By-law No. 2012-184 - Areas permitted
ATV’s as defined in the HTA are permitted on roadways
under the jurisdiction of the Township within the following
boundaries from January 1, 2013 – March 15, 2013.
Northern boundary – Hwy 11
Southern Boundary – Lake Simcoe
Western Boundary       – Line 1 South
Eastern Boundary       -- Line 14 South from Hwy 11 to the
Rail Trail             --Line 15 South from the Rail Trail to   Regulations (316/3):
                          Lake Simcoe                           • Equipment (Brakes x 3, lights, front and rear), max
Please see map on page 30                                          weight 450 kg, max width 1.35M, low pressure tires,
                                                                   Federal safety standards (Motor Vehicle Safety Act
Exclusions                                                         and American National Standards Institute) and all
• Ridge Road/Shanty Bay Road – Under the jurisdic                  equipment must be operating properly.
    tion of the County of Simcoe. (Can only cross at 90         • Operator must be at least 16 years of age and hold a
    degree angle)                                                  valid G2/M2 driver’s license or greater;
• Private roadways                                              • Must wear an approved motorcycle helmet;
• Sidewalks and walkways                                        • ATV registered, plated and insured;
• Ditches, drainage areas and other portions of road all        • Towing of trailers is permitted provided HTA require
    owances outside of travelled portion of the road               ments are met;
• Oro-Medonte Rail Trail                                        • Cannot operate on right-of-ways (medians) between
• Unopened road allowances and right of ways                       opposing lanes of traffic;
                                                                • Speed limits lower than posted limits:
Operating Periods                                               o 20 km/h – highways where speed limit is 50km/h or
Season: January 1, 2013 to March 15, 2013                          less
Times: 6:00am – 10:00pm                                         o 50 km/h – highways where speed limit is over 50 km/h

Operation of ATV’s is limited to the travelled portion of the   Exemptions:
roadway.                                                        o Persons driving an ORV directly across a highway
                                                                o Farmers and licensed trappers;
                   Highway Traffic Act                          o Public works employees – includes hydro, emergency
Definition:                                                         services, telephone, and rails workers while performi
Under the Highway Traffic Act an “All-Terrain Vehicle”              ng duties.
means an off-road vehicle that:
a) Has four wheels, the tires of all of which are in contact    For more information refer to
    with the ground;
b) Has steering handlebars;
c) Has a seat that is designed to be straddled by the
    driver, and;
d) Is designed to carry a driver only and no passengers
 30     Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                             Municipal Information
                                All-Terrain Vehicle Usage Map

                                      WINTER RECREATIONAL PARKING
The Township of Oro-Medonte has enacted several areas throughout the Township where parking is permitted for Winter
Recreational Activities.

These areas include:
o The East side of “5/6 Sideroad” 50 metres north of “Ridge Road West” to the Rail Trail.
o The North side of “Black Forest Lane” 140 metres from the intersection of “Ridge Road West” and “Black Forest
    Lane” to the cul-de-sac
o The North side of “Lakeshore Road East” 125 metres east of “Line 12 South” to 125 metres west of “Line 13 South”
o The North side of “Lakeshore Road West” 470 metres west of “Line 7 South”, westerly for a distance of 930 metres.
o The East side of “Line 6 South” from “Lakeshore Road West” to Lake Simcoe”
o The East side of “Line 11 South” from “Hawkestone Wharf Gate” northerly 150 metres
o The East side of “Line 12 South” 125 metres north of Lakeshore Road East, northerly to the Rail Trail
o The East side of “Line 14 South” from 50 metres north of “Lakeshore Road East” for a distance of 528 metres
o The North side of “Woodland Drive“ 125 metres east of Line 15 South, easterly for a distance of 150 metres.
         Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                                  31
                               Municipal Information
                    LIBRARY SERVICES                                   PART TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
Access to literature, re-                                       The Township of Oro-Medonte employs part-time staff an-
sources, internet use and                                       nually to provide services to residents in our parks, recre-
literacy programming are                                        ational and instructional programs. All positions receive
all important services that                                     training and may require certain qualifications such as First
libraries provide.                                              Aid & CPR.
As a resident of the Town-
ship, library memberships                                                             HOW TO APPLY
are available, free of                                          Resumes should be addressed to the Recreation & Com-
charge, at the following                                        munity Services Department and can be sent via mail, email
libraries:                                                      or fax by the deadlines that apply to each position. For a
        • Barrie Public Library                                 complete job description and application procedures visit
         60 Worsley St. Barrie, ON.                             the website at
         Phone: (705) 728-1010
         Website:                                                 ARENA
        • Orillia Public Library                                Casual Facility Operator – resumes received at any time.
          36 Mississaga St. West, Orillia, ON
          Phone: (705) 325-2338                                                MARCH BREAK DAY CAMPS
          Website:                  Supervisor and Counselor positions – resumes received
        • Coldwater Library                                     before February 1st, 2013.
          31 Coldwater Rd. Coldwater, ON.
          Phone: (705) 686-3601                                                VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
          Website:                  The Township offers a variety of volunteer opportuni-
        • Midland Public Library                                ties such as our Outdoor Rinks or Counselors in Training
          320 King St. Midland, ON                              programs. We are always looking for friendly, outgoing
          Phone: (705) 526-4216
                                                                volunteers to share their skills and time to assist us with
                                                                our programs.
Please take advantage of the many opportunities and enjoy
all the services that the relationships with these libraries

The Corporation of the Township of Oro-Medonte is com-
mitted to the identification and removal of barriers, as well
as the prevention of new barriers, for persons with disabili-
ties. The Township has an established Accessibility Advisory
Committee (AAC) which works closely with the Township
to remove barriers and improve accessibility in the Town-
ship. Over the past 12 months the Township through recom-
mendations from the A.A.C has made significant gains with
improving accessibility including:
• The renovation of the Township Administration Office to
  improve accessibility and customer service
• The development of a revised Accessibility Plan
• Training of all staff, volunteers, committees, and
  contractors in respect to providing accessible customer
• The redevelopment of an accessible playground at
  Bayview Memorial Park.
For more information or to view the Accessibility Plan visit
the Township website at
 32      Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                               Municipal Information
                           transporation & environmental services

The Township of Oro-Medonte requests the co-operation
of all motor vehicle owners in keeping vehicles from ob-
structing snow removal operations on all roads under the
jurisdiction of the Township.
The Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O., 1990, Chapter 8, Section
170, Subsection (12), prohibits the parking of vehicles in
such a manner as to interfere with snow removal opera-
Further, The Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O., 1990, Chapter 8,
prohibits any person from depositing snow or ice upon a
roadway without permission, in writing, from the appropri-
ate road authority.
Necessary action will be taken against persons contraven-
ing these Sections of The Highway Traffic Act.
The Township of Oro-Medonte would like to thank you for
your co-operation.

If a streetlight on your street is out or needs attention,
please report it to the Transportation and Environmental
Services Department at (705) 487-2171.

                                     IMPORTANT REMINDER ABOUT SNOW BANKS
The Transportation and Environmental Services Department crews would like to remind parents, and their children, to
avoid buildings forts and tunnels by the side of the road, as well as avoid letting children slide or snowboard on snow
banks. This constitutes a real danger for your kids.
Motorists and snow removal trucks do not always see your kids, and may not be able to brake on time. Furthermore,
snow clearing vehicles can bury your kids, into their forts, without even having knowledge of it. Please encourage your
children to play in the snow, behind the house, in a park, where their safety isn’t compromised.
Snow banks also present problems for garbage/recycling collection. For safety reasons, please place garbage containers,
bags and recycling boxes on the ground, not on top of the snow banks, and as close as possible to the road, without put-
ting the items on the travelled roadway.
The Township or Oro-Medonte Transportation and Environmental Services Department thank the public for its co-opera-
tion and assistance in keeping children, and workers, safe during the winter season.
          Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                               33
                                Municipal Information
                            transporation & environmental services
             POSSIBLE WATER TESTING SCAM                                             SELLING YOUR HOME?
The Township of Oro-Medonte has received many phone                      GET YOUR FINAL WATER METER READING
calls from residents enquiring about a company offer-            If you are selling your home, please contact the Transporta-
ing drinking water tests on behalf of the Township. This         tion & Environmental Services Department prior to the clos-
company is also telling residents there are water quality        ing date to arrange for a final reading of your water meter.
problems in the area.
This past year has identified similar scams involving un-                   ANNUAL AND SUMMARY REPORTS
identified individuals coming to residents’ doors stating        Copies of the Annual Report and Summary Report for all
that they are testing the Township’s drinking water. These       municipally owned and operated water systems, prepared
individuals are not connected with the Township of Oro-          in accordance with Ministry of the Environment require-
Medonte.                                                         ments, are available free of charge from the Township Ad-
                                                                 ministration Centre located at 148 Line 7 South, by calling
The Township would like to remind residents of the follow-       705-487-2171, or on the Township’s website at:
1. Township employees will be carrying appropriate identifi-
cation, and
2. Township vehicles will be used for service calls
Township residents are encouraged to contact the Town-
ship office at (705) 487-2171 if any further clarification is
required in identifying Township employees.

                                Municipal Information
                                                corporate services
                   PUSHING OF SNOW                               Enforcement Division at 705-487-2171, during regular busi-
With winter around the corner, the Municipal Law Enforce-        ness hours, or at 705-487-6499, after hours. The Township
ment Division would like to remind all residents that it is an   provides animal control services for Canines only. All wild
offence to push snow onto Municipal Property per By-law          animal related inquiries should be referred to the Ministry
No. 2008-159. Any person found to contravene such provi-         of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940.
sion may be subject to a fine.                                   With the warm weather around the corner, the Municipal
                                                                 Law Enforcement Division would like to remind residents
               WINTER PARKING RESTRICTION                        that dogs within Oro-Medonte must be leashed at all times
Municipal Law Enforcement Division would like to remind          when off of the owner’s property. Any dog found running
all residents that between the days of October 15th and          at large may be impounded at the OSPCA Orillia Branch
April 30th inclusive, no person shall park or leave standing     facilities located at 467 West St. North in Orillia. Any dog
a vehicle so as it interferes with the operation of winter       impounded from within the Township limits will not be
road maintenance. Any vehicle found to have interfered           released until a valid Canine Release Form is obtained from
with winter road maintenance may be issued a parking             the Township and all cost associated have been recovered.
infraction. You cooperation in helping to ensure our roads       The Municipal Law Enforcement Division will make all ef-
are properly maintained is greatly appreciated!                  forts to return the dog to its owner before impounding the
There are permitted parking areas on Municipal roads in          animal. All owners of a dog(s) are required to purchase a
the Township for individuals engaging in winter recreation-      dog tag per By-law No. 2011-177. By purchasing a dog tag,
al activities on Lake Simcoe. These areas can be viewed          Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are able to identify
on the Township’s website and are signed with a “P” in a         any dog at large and take the appropriate measure for
green circle.                                                    a safe return. Please note, it is an offence to fail to re-
                                                                 move any excrement left by your dog on either Township
                     CANINE CONTROL                              property or private property. Respect your neighbors and
Canine Control Services are provided by the Township’s           remove all excrement and dispose of such excrement in a
Municipal Law Enforcement Division 24 hours a day/7              sanitary manner.
days a week. Should you witness a dog bite, aggressive
dog, or a dog at large, please contact the Municipal Law
 34       Winter 2013– Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                               Municipal Information
                                            development services
Building permits
The Township of Oro-Medonte’s Building depart-
ment is responsible for the enforcement of the On-
tario Building Code. This is done through examining
building plans and specifications, issuing permits
and performing inspections through the various
stages of construction.
The purpose of the Code is to set standards for con-
struction to minimize the risk to the health and safe-
ty of the occupants of a building and to provide for
the barrier-free accessibility into a building and the
energy efficiency of that building.
What is a Building Permit?
A Building Permit is a license which grants legal per-
mission to undertake the construction, alteration,
repair or change of use of a building or structure.

Requirements for Permits
Building Permits are typically required for the fol-
• New Buildings
• Additions to Existing Buildings (regardless of size)                          ON-SITE SEWAGE SYSTEM
• Repair, Renovation & Alteration of Existing Buildings (in
  cluding rebuild of an existing deck)
                                                                                 INSPECTION PROGRAM
• Prefabricated and Relocated Buildings
• Building Systems (heating, fire protection, etc.)              Effective January 1, 2011 the Ontario Building Code was
• Various Structures (decks, some retaining walls, solar pan     amended to establish the mandatory and discretionary on-
  els >5m2 in total area on a building)                          site sewage system maintenance inspection program.
• Installation of Plumbing, Drains and Sewers
                                                                 The legislated areas of the Township (1) Areas located with-
• Demolition
                                                                 in 100m of Lake Simcoe Shoreline and within 100m of other
• Change of Use of a Building
                                                                 lakes or ponds and permanent rivers or streams in the Lake
• On-site Sewage systems (New and Replacement
                                                                 Simcoe Watershed and (2) in vulnerable areas located in the
                                                                 Source Protection Plan of the Clean Water Act.
A building of less than 10m2 (107sqft), not attached and         Initial notices were sent to all properties within the 100m
more than 1m from any structure and does not contain             boundary earlier this year. Reminder notices will be by
plumbing, does not require a building permit.                    year end. Notices for the vulnerable areas identified by the
                                                                 Source Protection Plan will be sent out by year end.
We rarely question our safety when we are in the buildings
we live, work, shop or play. This is because of the high stan-   If you have any questions, please contact the Building De-
dard in which buildings in Ontario are constructed.              partment.
If you are unsure as to whether a permit is required or not,
please contact the Building department.
         Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                                 35
                               Municipal Information
                                              finance department
                     PROPERTY TAXES                                                 MAKING PAYMENTS
Property taxes are calculated annually by applying Coun-         Tax and water payments can be made in the following man-
cil approved tax rates to property assessment values as          ner:
provided by the Municipal Tax Assessment Corporation             • In person at the Administration Centre using cash,
(MPAC). Payment for property taxes is due in four install-       cheque or by Interac between 8:30am and 4:30pm. After
ments on the last banking day of February, April, July and       hours payments can be left in the drop box located at the
September respectively.                                          south door of the building.
                                                                 • By mail (cheques only) to the Administration Centre.
                                                                 Cheques should be made out to the Township of Oro-
                                                                 Medonte and the roll number of the property should be
                                                                 written on the cheque.
                                                                      - Post-dated cheques are accepted and can be
                                                                      dropped off at, or mailed to the Administration Centre.
                                                                 • Telephone/Internet Banking and ABMs:
                                                                      - When setting up the Township of Oro-Medonte as a
                                                                      vendor please note that there will be two options, one
                                                                      for water payments and one for tax payments.
                                                                      - The account number will be the roll number for the
                                                                      property leaving off the last four zeros.
                                                                 • At the counter of most financial institutions. For this op-
                                                                 tion you will need to bring in your payment stub attached
                                                                 to your bill. Please confirm with the teller whether they are
                                                                 applying the payment to your tax or water account.
                                                                 • Pre-Authorized payment plans are available for the pay-
                                                                 ment of taxes only.

                               Municipal Information
                                         fire & emergency services
            HAVE A FIRE SAFE HOLIDAY SEASON                               HEATING SAFETY – TIME FOR A CHECK-UP!
Every year in Ontario, the joy of the holiday season is marred   Protect your family against Fire and
by tragic fire deaths.                                           deadly Carbon Monoxide by following
The Oro-Medonte Fire & Emergency Services urges you take         a few tips.
a few life-saving minutes to protect yourself and your fam-      • Have your chimneys cleaned and in-
ily.                                                             spected every year,
Test your smoke alarms to make sure they are in good work-       • Have your heating systems inspected
ing order and change the batteries. Replace your smoke           annually by a qualified service techni-
alarm if it is more than 10 years old.                           cian.
Review your fire escape plan. Do all members of your house-      • Install a CO alarm to alert you to the presence of deadly
hold know two ways out of every room?                            carbon monoxide gas.
Keep your Christmas tree away from all heat sources and          • Protect your home from sparks. Use a fire screen around
never place lighted candles on or near the tree.                 the fireplace.
Treat fire with respect, don’t burn wrapping paper or rib-       • Watch for smoke coming into the room. This could indi-
bons and always use a fireplace screen.                          cate a blockage in the chimney or a faulty damper control
Make sure candles are in a secure holder and place them out      mechanism
of the reach of children.                                        • Allow the ashes from your wood stove or fireplace to cool
Is your woodstove safe? The Ontario Fire Code requires           before emptying them into a metal container with a tight
homeowners to ensure their home heating appliances and           fitting lid. Keep the container outside.
chimneys are safe, this requires periodic inspections and        Fact – Creosote is a major cause of chimney fires!
maintenance by a WETT certified technician/chimney sweep
Install and test Carbon Monoxide detectors.
 36      Winter 2013 – Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                              Municipal Information
                                      PERMIT PARKING - Upcoming changes for 2013
Parking Permits:
In an effort to improve waterfront access for Township ratepayers and provide a mechanism for cost recovery through
non-resident user fees, The Township has amended its Bylaws to extend seasonal permit parking regulations (Weekends
from Victoria Day to Labour Day – Bayview Memorial Park and Line 9 Boat Launch) to 7 days a week (Victoria Day Week-
end to Labour Day inclusively) at the following locations:
• Bayview Memorial Park
• Line 9 Boat Launch
• Carthew Bay Boat Launch
• Shanty Bay Launch
• Shanty Bay Wharf

Annual parking permits are provided to Oro-Medonte ratepayers at no charge. Non-resident seasonal permits are also
available for purchase at a cost of $110.00/year. (Non-resident day passes will continue to be available for Bayview Memo-
rial Park and Line 9 Boat Launch). Parking permits will be available for pick up at the Township of Oro-Medonte Adminis-
tration Office starting January 2, 2013 (Proof of residency and Valid ID are required when picking up passes).

A valid parking permit must be displayed on all vehicles when parked in the above-noted areas during the prescribed
dates. Any vehicle found to be parked in these areas without displaying a current valid parking permit will be ticketed.

For more information please contact the Recreation and Community Services Department

                                                                                  Children’s Fitness Tax Credit
                                                                  Effective January 1, 2007, a federal tax credit is avail-
                                                                  able to cover eligible fees for enrollment in a physical
                                                                  activity program for children under 16 years of age. The
                                                                  Children’s Fitness Tax Credit will cover eligible fees up
                                                                  to $500 for enrollment in a physical activity program
                                                                  per calendar year. A separate disability tax credit is
                                                                  available for DTC – eligible children up to 18 years. This
                                                                  credit is to facilitate access by children and youth to
                                                                  physical activity and recreation programs, to help them
                                                                  maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
                                                                  For more information visit

                                                                                         Play, Live, Be Tobacco Free – Join
                                                                                         the movement
                                                                                         Looking for a way to help your
                                                                                         children get the most out of their
                                                                                         recreation and sports activities?
                                                                                         Volunteer to help the group
                                                                                         become a leader in Tobacco-Free
                                                                                         Sport & Recreation. Visit www.
                                                         for a how-to tool kit or call
                                                                  Your Health Connection at the Simcoe Muskoka District
                                                                  Health Unit at
                                                                  705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520.
        Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure – Winter 2013                              37
                              Community Contacts
Oro-Medonte Minor Sports Association          Scottish Dancing                                705-487-5866
Oro Minor Hockey                            705-725-3455
Oro-Medonte Minor Figure Skating           705-487-7448    Lawn Bowling(Nelson Jordan - Barrie Area) 705-722-3088
Oro-Medonte Minor Ball               Beavers, Cubs, Scouts                           888-726-8876
Oro-Medonte Minor Soccer                    705-725-2833
Vasey Minor Ball              Ed Moriarty 705-835-0190     Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders 877-323-4544 ex 513
Warminster Minor Soccer Sherry Shaver 705-326-1915         ALC - Susan Grant                               705-326-6788
Barrie Ringette Assoc.        Lisa Mallion 705-737-3799
Copeland Forest Stewartship Initiative      705-326-1620   4 H Ontario                   Marianne Fallis 519-824-0101 ex472     
Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association    705-728-8985         Koole Orchard                                    705-722-7833         Bob Marshall         Barrie Speedway (Line 7)                        705-487-0279
Hardwood Ski & Bile                   705-487-3775                                  Barrie Triple Drive-In (Line 4)                   705-487-2212
Horseshoe Valley Resort               705-835-2790                                    Big Cedar Estates                                705-325-7100
Oro-Medonte Rail Trail                                     Big Curve Acres                                 705-487-2000                              
Mount St. Louis Moonstone              705-835-2112        Chappell Farms                                    705-721-1547                                   
Heritage Hills Golf Club              705-726-8200         Gryphon Theatre                                  705-728-4613                    
Orillia Golf & Country Club           705-325-0678         Images Fall Studio Tour                          705-325-0514                                   
Settler’s Ghost Golf Club             705-733-3595         Junior Farmers                            
Shanty Bay Golf                        705-721-1922        Kempenfelt Head Office                           705-728-9975                                      Ontario’s Lake Country                          866-329-5959
Simoro Golf Club                       705-721-1822                                              Orillia & District Snowmobile Club               705-326-2130
Treehaven Golf & Country Club         705-487-3220         Orillia & District Food Bank                     705-327-4273                                       Orillia Opera House                              705-325-2095
Shanty Bay Go Karts                   705-719-9998                                   Oro African Church Nat’l Historic Site            705-487-2171
PARKS & FACILITIES                                         Oro Agricultural Society                         705-487-1753
Bass Lake Provincial Park                 705-326-7054     Oro District Lion’s Club                
Burl’s Creek Family Event Park            705-487-3663     Oro Marigold Jolly Elders                        705-487-5352
Township Contacted Bookings                705-487-2171    Oro-Medonte Chamber of Commerce                  705-487-7337
Bayview Memorial Park Picnic Pavillions          
Vasey Picnic Pavillions                                    Oro-Medonte Horticultural Society
Lion’s Ball Diamonds                             
Vasey Ball Diamonds                                        Oro-Medonte History Association                 705-487-6336
Shanty Bay Ball Diamond                                                       Geoff Booth
Warminster Ball Diamond                                    Oro-Medonte Road Watch                           705-835-5190
Oro-Medonte Community Arena                                Shaw’s Maple Syrup & Pancake House               705-325-4347
 38      Winter 2013– Township of Oro-Medonte Recreation & Community Services Brochure

                            Community Contacts
SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS continued                          Twin Lakes                                    705-325-1318
Simcoe County Farm Fresh                    705-734-2075                               SCHOOLS/PRESCHOOLS continued
Simcoe County Museum                        705-728-3721   Simcoe Muskoka Catholic School District       705-722-3555                          
Women’s Institutes        Pauline Chappell 705-721-0553
Future Air (Barrie Regional Flight School)  705-487-1843   Elementary Schools                                           Notre Dame                                   705-326-0979
Lake Simcoe Regional Airport               705-487-0999                                  Ecole Samuel de Champlain                    705-326-7050
Barrie Public Library                       705-728-1010   Secondary Schools                                   La Source                                    705-730-6625
Orillia Public Library                      705-325-2338   Nouvelle Alliance                            705-737-5260                                Patrick Gogarty S.S.                         705-325-9372
SCHOOLS/PRESCHOOLS                                         Ecole Saint-Louis                            705-549-3677
Shanty Bay Nursery School Dora Dobson       705-722-0119   Ecole Frere Andre                             705-726-1324
Treasured Kids School      Sharon Kelsall   705-835-2111   St. Joseph’s High School                     705-728-3120                      
Simcoe County District School Board         705-728-7570                                            Post Secondary Education
                                                           Academy of Learning (Barrie)                   705-721-8119
Elementary Schools                                         Academy of Learning (Orillia)                 705-327-2907
East Oro                                    705-487-2047   Barrie Adult Learning Centre (Barrie)        705-725-8360                                        Georgian College (Barrie Campus)              705-722-1560
Guthrie                                     705-487-2532   Georgian College (Orillia Campus)             705-325-2740                                        Georgian College (Midland Campus)            705-526-3666
Shanty Bay                                  705-722-0900   Lakehead University (Orillia)                705-330-4008                                        North Simcoe Adult Learning Centre (Midland) 705-526-8936
Moonstone                                   705-835-2021   Ontario Business College (Barrie)              705-721-1597                                            Orillia Learning Centre (Orillia)            705-325-9279
W.R. Best                                   705-729-9591   Toronto School of Business                    888-562-5155
Warminster                                  705-325-6711   CHURCHES                                        Christadelphian Church                       705-325-0781
Ecole St. Joseph                            705-549-3124
Secondary Schools                                          Forest Home United Church                    705-325-5102
Barrie Central                              705-726-1846                                        Crownhill – Dalston United Church            705-728-6015
Barrie North                                705-726-6541   St. Columbkille                              705-325-1033                                        St. George & St. Reiess Centre              705-487-5473
Eastview Central                            705-728-1321   St. George Anglican Oro                     705-686-3663                                
Le Caron                                    705-549-3202   St. John the Baptist & St. Elizabeth Coptic 705-487-5473
Midland SS                                  705-526-7818   St. John’s Anglican Church – Craighurst      705-721-9722                                        St. Thomas Anglican Church                    705-722-7111
O.D.C.V.I,                                  705-326-7394                                        Trinity Community Presbyterian              705-487-1998
Park Street                                 705-326-7386                                        Vasey United                                705-835-2903

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