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                                                                                     Chicago’s period-instrument orchestra
                                                                                          Garry D. Clarke, Artistic Director

Baroque Band seeks an experienced professional who is attracted by the opportunity to help shape routine
procedures. Subsequently, the successful candidate will be responsible for establishing a system of day-to-day
processes and procedures for the position within the framework set out below. These processes and procedures
will align the operational business plan with the organization’s vision and mission. The Personnel Manager reports
to the Artistic Director.

The Personnel Manager is responsible for administering orchestra musicians. This includes enforcing the musicians'
work contract, preparation and maintenance of payroll and other records plus scheduling of musicians. The
Personnel Manager serves as a liaison between the conducting staff and musicians and the management and
musicians. The Personnel Manager will be expected to attend all morning and afternoon rehearsal services along
with evening sound check rehearsals and performances.

    1.   Liberal flextime policy to work either from home or the office for non-service related work.
    2.   Compensation is commensurate with background and experience.

Orchestra Personnel
    1.   In conjunction with the Artistic Director, maintain select list of players suitable for hire as extras or
    2.   Secure from Artistic Director instrumentation needs of each piece performed.
    3.   Hire extra and substitute musicians, consistent with orchestra's artistic standards and Artistic Director’s
         guidelines, as necessitated by repertoire and player absence.

    1.   Arrive at all service venues early to check all preparations, inform orchestra personnel or stage
         technicians of any last-minute changes.
    2.   For rehearsal venues, coordinate with venue managers to make certain the location is ready and meets
         musician contract guidelines.
    3.   Provide five-minute call for rehearsals and notify conductor of the start and close of rehearsals.
    4.   Respond to conductor and musician requests, problems, and issues arising out of or in connection with an
         imminent service in a manner consistent with past practice, musicians' work contract; communicate such
         events to the Artistic Director as soon as possible for collaboration and final approval of action to be
    5.   Coordinate changes in seating, on-call musicians, and engagement of last-minute substitutes due to
         unscheduled absence or tardiness.
    6.   Make personnel announcements at rehearsals as required.

         1   30 East Adams Street | Suite 1204 | Chicago, IL 60601 | (312) 235-2368 | E-mail: |
                                                                                      Chicago’s period-instrument orchestra
                                                                                           Garry D. Clarke, Artistic Director

   7.     Monitor recording sessions; ensure that all recording and broadcast contracts that govern these sessions
          are followed.
   8.     Coordinate with rehearsal venues and musicians to arrange for delivery and/or storage of large

   1.     Prepare master schedule consistent with provisions of the musicians' work contract and individual
          musicians' contracts.
   2.     Recommend schedules to Artistic Director with supporting documentation consistent with musicians'
          work contract, individual contracts, repertoire, and Organization artistic standards.
   4.     Advise Artistic Director regarding schedules and conditions for home services, tours, and run-outs.
   5.     Assist guest artists with travel and lodging arrangements.

Work Climate
   1.     Assist in drafting modifications to work rules under the direction of the Artistic Director.
   2.     Advise the Artistic Director regarding the interpretation of and adherence to all contracts consistent with
          general professional orchestra practice, the musicians' work contract.

   1.     Provide necessary documentation to accountant in order to ensure that rostered, extra, and substitute
          musicians receive timely and accurate compensation; track payroll variations and other miscellaneous
   2.     Complete attendance sheets for each service.
   3.     Secure all necessary signature approvals for personnel payment; ensure timely distribution of checks;
          resolve all financial discrepancies with accountant.

   1.     Provide accountant with personnel list and corresponding attendance records for concert programs.
   2.     Research special projects as requested by the Artistic Director.

   1.     Will work in an environment where processes and procedures need to be established and documented.
          S/he will be responsible for establishing such systems for the position that will align the operational
          business plan with the organization’s vision and mission.
   2.     Must be available for evening and weekend hours as necessary.
   3.     Must own smartphone with data plan capable of sending and receiving email and text messages.
   4.     Must provide own transportation to all services in the Greater Chicagoland area.
   5.     Must have computer or laptop for remote record keeping and communication work.

          2   30 East Adams Street | Suite 1204 | Chicago, IL 60601 | (312) 235-2368 | E-mail: |
                                                                                     Chicago’s period-instrument orchestra
                                                                                          Garry D. Clarke, Artistic Director

    1.   Senior Orchestra Leadership: Artistic Director and board members.
    2.   Indirect Production Personnel: webmaster, accountant, and administrative staff.
    3.   Artistic leaders: Guest Conductors and soloists.
    4.   Artistic staff: Musicians and guest artists.

    1.   Venue Management and production crew.
    2.   Contracted stage crew as needed.
    3.   Recording and broadcast engineers along with related crew.

    1.   Establishing a system of process and procedures for the Orchestra Operations, Personnel department that
         align the operational business plan to the organization’s vision and mission.
    2.   Adhere to financial budgeting limits prescribed in all areas of responsibility, including audition expenses,
         doubling fees, extra players, overtime, premium pay, etc.

    1.   Log significant events in connection with rehearsals or concerts such as complaints, tardiness, and failure
         to wear appropriate dress, general deportment, and HVAC problems.
    2.   Maintain official rehearsal clock.
    3.   Start and stop all services and scheduled breaks in accordance with the musicians' work contract.

    1.   Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
    2.   Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills essential along with concise writing proficiency.
    3.   Proven problem-solving skills in high-pressure environment.
    4.   Proven performing arts administration experience in orchestra personnel.
    5.   Special consideration given to candidates with experience in open source content management systems.

    1.   Prior orchestra experience required; or relevant combination of education and/or training and
    2.   Special consideration given to candidates with ability to read music and a thorough knowledge of Baroque
         orchestral repertoire and instrumentation.

         3   30 East Adams Street | Suite 1204 | Chicago, IL 60601 | (312) 235-2368 | E-mail: |
                                                                                   Chicago’s period-instrument orchestra
                                                                                        Garry D. Clarke, Artistic Director

Application Instructions
Please send a resume with three professional references and a personalized cover letter explaining why
this job is a perfect fit for you to:

Baroque Band
C/O Personnel Manager Opening
30 East Adams Street
Suite 1204
Chicago, IL 60601

Or apply online at

About Baroque Band
Founded in 2007, Baroque Band has rapidly established itself as one of America’s most exciting period-
instrument orchestras. Based in Chicago, IL the ensemble was hailed by the Chicago Tribune in 2009 as
one of the top ten most important happenings of the decade in Chicago classical music, and picked by
the BBC Music Magazine as one of America’s foremost period-instrument ensembles, Baroque Band is
now an established and celebrated part of Chicago’s cultural life.

       4   30 East Adams Street | Suite 1204 | Chicago, IL 60601 | (312) 235-2368 | E-mail: |

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