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					                             24/1 Urbanizacion Neptuno
                                 Carrer de Londres
                                   COVETA FUMA
                                    El Campello

Getting There

Fly into Alicante. Budget airlines (eg EasyJet, RyanAir) offer frequent, cheap flights
all year departing from a number of UK airports.

Airport Transfers
The C6 bus will take you into Alicante. Buses depart every 20 minutes from a bus
stop directly outside the airport terminal building. Tickets cost 2.70 Euros per person.
Leave the bus in Alicante at Marq Station (Estación Marq) which is located directly
opposite the bus stop. The bus has an electronic display alerting passengers of the
next approaching stop.

Train (known locally as the T Tram or Tranvia, in Valencian)
From the Marq station, trains to Coveta Fuma depart 15 minutes and 45 minutes
past the hour. Take the Line 1 (L1) train bound for Benidorm. The first train departs
06.15hrs, the last 22.45hrs.
On arriving at Coveta Fuma train station getting to the villa is a short walk (see
Figure 1). Cross the rail track by the footpath and turn right onto the road. Follow the
road for c.100 metres, when the road splits follow the right-hand fork (Carrer de
Londres). The main Urbanizacion Neptuno entrance is c.50 metres down the road on
the left. Ascend the steps, turn right alongside the swimming pool, climb the steps
and the villa -- 24/1 -- is in front of you.

                                           Fig 1

On Arrival

The utilities will all be turned on and ready to use. When you leave, don’t worry about
turning any of the utilities off. However, it will be useful for you to know the following.

The consumer box/tripper switches are located in the cupboard immediately above
the fridge. The mains ON/OFF switch is the large black switch between the two sets
of tripper switches. The ON position has the switch upright; the OFF position is at
9.00 o’clock (see Figure 2). To turn the power off or on, rotate the switch slowly to
the required position.

                             Fig 2: Switch at ‘ON’ position.

The power may fail if too many appliances are used at the same time (ie washing
machine and kettle). Reset power using the trip switches.

The gas cylinders are stored outside in the cupboard under the stairs next to the front
gate (see Figure 3). The key to the cupboard is hung on the back of the front door.
                                  Fig 3: Gas cupboard

The butane gas (4 or 5 bottles) to the front of the cupboard feeds the cooker and hot
water boiler. Propane gas (2 bottles) stored to the rear of the cupboard feeds the
living room gas fire (should you need it). Should you find all the gas bottles are
empty, the local shop will deliver butane or propane to the villa. If you get a receipt
we’ll refund the cost.
To change gas bottles switch the gas regulator to the ‘Off’ position, remove regulator
by pulling up the black collar, the regulator assembly can then be lifted off the bottle.
Fit regulator to new gas bottle by lifting the black collar and pushing regulator firmly
onto the bottle. Push down collar to ‘lock on’. Turn switch to the ‘On’ position.

To turn the water on or off, the stop cock is located outside, to the rear of the villa in
a recess under the bedroom windows (see Figure 4). Remove roof tile and lift metal

             Figure 4: Stop cock (black handle) is upright in OFF position.
                        Turn handle 90 degrees to ON position
Day-to-Day Stuff

Ensure all rubbish is bagged up and secured. Rubbish and recycling bins are located
at the road junction approaching Neptuno. A second rubbish bin is just under the
bridge on the left.

Wild Life
Spain is hot. And, the local wildlife thrive in the heat. Mosquitoes, cockroaches and
spiders are all equally at home in Spain’s climate so taking care keeping floors and
work surfaces clean will go a long way in discouraging those creepy-crawlies.
Mosquitoes can be regulated by keeping doors closed at night when interior lights
are on.

Clothes Washing
Please do not use the washing machine’s soap powder tray, rather use liquid soap
and pour directly into drum. We commonly use a 40 degree wash setting. A washing
line is located on the first floor terrace. Clothes pegs are kept under the kitchen sink.

Ensure fridge dial is set to number 3.

Window Blinds
To open, pull strap gently from the top and slowly raise the shutter. To close, pull
strap gently from the bottom horizontally out towards you allowing the blind to drop,
but do not let the blind fall under its own weight. Closing or opening the blinds too
quickly may result in them lifting out of their rollers.

Verandah Blind
Ensure verandah blind is retracted each night.

General Information

If you are unsure how to use any appliance, a number of instruction manuals are
stored in the living room to the side of the sofa.

Internet access is available in the locale of the Neptuno Bar. Ask the owner, Karl, for
access details.

Local Store
Supermercado is located opposite the Coveta Fuma rail station. Opening hours:
             Week days     09.30-14.00hrs and 17.00-19.30hrs
             Saturday      09.30-12.30
             Sunday        Closed
Times may change so check opening hours at the supermarket.

Local Post Office
Located in the far hut to the rear of Supermercado. Opening hours:
               Weekdays         12.30-14.00hrs
Again, times may vary.
Local Car Hire
Car hire is available through the owners of Supermercado, Coveta Fuma.
Alternatively, Edi Rent a Car (English speaking) located near El Campello can
provide week long rentals with pick-up and drop-off at Alicante airport for around 90
Euros per week. Telephone 0034 96 5632810.

Local Taxi Service
Arrange through the owners of Supermercado, Coveta Fuma. Telephone: Antonio
0034 965 638541 or mobile 0034 630 1070088.

There are a number of supermarkets in El Campello. The larger stores are open
09.30-21.30hrs daily (eg SuperCor, opposite the rail station).
Carrefour is located on the N332, 8km south of Coveta Fuma, heading towards

El Campello market is held every Wednesday but locations vary so ask on the
urbanizacion where to go.

Shops, but not the large supermarkets, are generally closed 14.00-17.00hrs.

Public Holidays
Spain has many public and regional holidays (Saint’s Days, etc) when all shops and
other services are closed or limited. It would be wise to check online for the period
you are visiting.

Trains (Line 1)
From Coveta Fuma, trains running south to El Campello and Alicante depart 16
minutes and 46 minutes past the hour. The first train departs 07.16hrs, the last train
From Coveta Fuma, trains running north to Benidorm and on to Denia depart 13
minutes and 43 minutes past the hour. The first train departs 06.13hrs, the last train
Note: Coveta Fuma is a request stop. When approaching the station press the ‘open
door’ button located on the train doors, this will alert the driver to stop the train.
Purchase a ticket from a machine at larger stations or from those located on the
If you plan to make frequent use of the trains, purchase a rail card from the Alicante
or El Campello Tram ticket office. Ensure you purchase a rail card covering the
zones you will travel within. The card can be recharged using the ticket machines.
Cards are used by holding them in front of the sensors located in each train carriage
-- one swipe per person, per trip.
Ticket Inspectors are frequent travelers on the trains and will impose an instant 50
Euros fine if you have failed to purchase a ticket or have not swiped your travel card!

Local Bars and Restaurants
The urbanizacion boasts the Neptuno Bar. A number of bars and restaurants are
also located in Coveta Fuma’s plaza, which can be reached by leaving Neptuno,
walking down the hill, passing under the bridge and turning right up a steep hill which
leads directly to the square, passing Sin’s Bar en route (internet access available
here; quiz nights held every Monday from 10.00pm). Alternatively, walk to the rail
station, pass over the track and walk straight on following the road down to the
Books, DVDs, etc

The house has a number of our books, DVDs and maps scattered around – feel free
to use them but please remember to replace those you use upon leaving. The
television is connected to the urbanizacion’s satellite (see choice of channels below).

Your Last Day

Ensure all windows are shut, locked and blinds down. Close verandah blind.
Please leave the house as you’d wish to find it. Lock all doors and gates.


Should there be a problem with any of the utility services, the hot water boiler, etc
please ‘phone Garry (078 3503 5299) or Alice (078 2153 7979) and we will arrange
to have the matter resolved.
Satellite Channels

BBC1                  1
BBC West              49
BBC2                  2
ITV1                  177
ITV2                  184
Sky News              291
BBC News              57
Euro News             129
CNN                   110
Parliament            58
Bloomberg             67
Cannel 4+1            99; 100; 101; 95; 7
E4                    119
Channel 5             81
Film 4                133
France 24             138
Info TV               165

Most of these are accurate, however, if you discover any errors let us know and we’ll
update the list.

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