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					The Community Organisers programme is designed to create a new home-
grown movement of community organising for the 21st century, bringing
communities together, giving them the power to make changes, and „igniting
the impulse to act‟.

The programme will train 500 senior community organisers, along with a
further 4,500 part-time and voluntary organisers – dedicated, motivated
people. The organisers will be recruited by and based in local hosts in the
communities where they will do their work – often in deprived areas of the

Community organisers work with residents, associations, councillors and
businesses to develop their collective power to act together for the common
good. They bring people together, identify local leaders, listen to ideas, and
support people to spot opportunities and projects which they can develop

The community organising process enables people to take action on their own
behalf and have the power and confidence to tackle the issues which are
important to them, rather than wait for the local authority or the government to
do it for them. Organising will in future enable communities to take advantage
of the new Localism framework, including the „right to buy‟ community assets
and the „right to challenge‟ public services.

In addition to training and supporting the community organisers to carry out
their roles, the Community Organisers programme will create a new
independent professional body to continue the work of the programme post
2015, when the programme reaches its end.

This body will inherit the work of the Community Organisers programme – the
training, the networks and the overall management. It will be the professional
body for the community organisers, mutually owned by them and regulating,
overseeing and maintaining quality and best practice.
The Community Organisers programme was created by the Office for Civil
Society (OCS). The OCS has chosen Locality as its national delivery partner.
Locality‟s role will be to lead the development and delivery of the scheme on a
day-to-day basis.

Organisers will be trained by Re:generate, Locality‟s training partner, to use
Root Solutions – Listening Matters , which will provide the framework for the
community organising process. Organisers are expected to listen to at least
1000 people through the process and build a network of people with the
passion and motivation to work together for the good of their community.

More information about the Community Organisers project is available at

ETEC Development Trust & Community Organisers

ETEC Development Trust, is one of 11 organisations recently chosen to host
the national Community Organisers scheme in the second cohort and is the
first in the City of Sunderland and the North East region.
5 Trainee Community Organisers will be employed by Locality, who are
delivering the national contract for Community Organisers, and hosted by
ETEC Development Trust, who will be providing mentoring, on-the-ground
support, and office facilities.
 Trainee Community Organisers will be employed on the following basis and
local recruitment is currently underway:-

Contract:    51 week Fixed Term contract
Salary:      £8.50 per hour
Hours:       30-35 hours full time per week

Role and Purpose: to help residents, groups, associations, and businesses
in Hendon and the East End to develop their collective power to act together
for the common good, through using „Root Solution Listening Matters‟, a
dialogue and action-based programme that supports transformational change
in individuals, groups, organisations and institutions

Key Objectives

To learn how to ( a) motivate and organise people in neighbourhoods by using
“Root Solution - Listening Matters” organising strategy and process and (b) to
incorporate later, other tools and approaches for animating, developing,
catalysing and focussing community action.
Background to Role
Locality, the national network for communities ambitious for change, is
coordinating a new OCS funded nationwide programme of Community
Organising. This four-year programme will be delivered in partnership with
Action to Re:generate Community Trust (Re:generate). It will provide training
and learning placements around England for people wanting to gain
experience and qualifications in Community Organising. The core of the
Partnership‟s approach to community organising is “Root Solution - Listening
Matters”, which is described as “a learning and action-based programme
created to support transformational change in individuals, groups,
organisations and institutions. The foundation of the work and training is 1:1
systematic listening and dialogue that builds trusting, respectful relationships,
networks and connectivity between and across diverse communities that
stimulates action for transformation that shifts power relationships.”

Training Information
This is a one year experiential learning programme to develop skills and
experience in Community Organising. Trainees will have the opportunity to
gain an Open College Network (OCN) accreditation in Foundations of
Community Organising and additional, deeper training, possibly resulting in a
further qualification at Higher Education level.
(Action to Regenerate Community Trust) is an enterprising social action
charity based in the UK. Root Solution – „Listening Matters‟ is a holistic
homegrown organising strategy conceived and developed while working with
communities throughout the UK in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

This working model for transformation has been developed and tested in
major cities, large towns, market towns, villages, disadvantaged estates and
mixed communities. It incorporates aspects of Freire‟s and Alinsky‟s work
and teaching and is called Root Solution – „Listening Matters‟, because we
believe that in the root cause of issues faced in society lie the root solutions.
RE:generate has continually worked to develop, adapt and use organising
techniques, participatory training methodologies and transformation training in
very complex environments.

To date thousands of people have been listened to in the UK, many have
been trained in local and national programmes and thousands have directly
engaged in activities and developments that have changed their lives and

For further information please contact:-
David J Milburn
Chief Executive
ETEC Development Trust
07738741551 / 0191 565 6414

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