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                                     CURRICULUM VITAE (Since 1998)


Name:                                   Ann Gilbert Wylie

Title:                                  Assistant President and Chief of Staff
                                        Professor of Geology

Professional Address:                   Office of the President
                                        1101 Main Administration
                                        University of Maryland
                                        College Park, MD 20742
                                        Phone: (301) 405-6848

                                        Department of Geology
                                        University of Maryland
                                        College Park, Maryland 20742
                                        Phone: (301) 405-4079

Educational Background:

         Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 1966 B.A.
         Major:    Geology

         Columbia University, New York, New York, 1972 Ph.D.
         Major:   Economic Geology
         Minors: Mineralogy, Mining Engineering, Petrology

Academic Positions:

         Teaching Assistant, Geology Department, Columbia University, 1966-67
         Preceptor, Geology Department, Columbia University, 1967-69, 1970-71
         Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy, University of Maryland, 1972-1973
         Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, University of Maryland, 1973-1977
         Associate Professor, Department of Geology, University of Maryland, 1977-1992
         Professor, Department of Geology, University of Maryland, 1992-

         Acting Associate Dean for Research, Graduate School, University of Maryland, 1984-1986
         Special Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, University of Maryland, 1986-1987
         Acting Chairman, Geology Department, University of Maryland, 1989-1990
         Associate Chairman and Director of Graduate Studies, Geology Department, University of Maryland,
         Undergraduate Director, Department of Geology, University of Maryland, 1996-1997
         Acting Associate Dean, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Maryland,
           1999- 2000
         Assistant Provost, University of Maryland, 2000 – 2001
         Associate Provost, University of Maryland, 2001
         Assistant President and Chief of Staff, 2001 - present

Other Positions:

         Mineralogist, U.S. Bureau of Mines, January 1981-August 1981

PUBLICATIONS (27 Prior to 1998)

Refereed Publications:

Wylie, A.G., "The habit of asbestiform amphibole: Implications for the analysis of bulk samples”, Advances in
  Environmental Measurement Methods for Asbestos, ASTM STP 1342, M.E. Beard, H.L. Rooks, Eds. (1999) p. 53-
Verkouteren, J. R., and Wylie, A.G., The Tremolite-Actinolite-Ferro-actinolite series: Systematic Relationships
  among CellParameters, Composition, Optical Properties, and Habit and Evidence of Discontinuities, American
  Mineralogist 85 p.1239-1254.
Wylie, A.G. and Verkouteren, J.R., “Amphibole Asbestos from Libby, Montana: Aspects of Nomenclature”,
  American Mineralogist 85 (2000) p. 1540-1542.
Verkouteren, J.R., and Wylie, A.G., Anomalous Optical Properties of Fibrous Tremolite, Actinolite and Ferro-
  Actinolite, American Mineralogist, 87 (2002) p. 1090-1095.

Chapters or Articles in Books: (5 prior to 1998)

INVITED: Wylie, A.G. and P.A. Candela, "Metallic Mineral Deposits - Chromite" in Geol. of Pennsylvania,
  Pennsylvania Geol. Survey and Pittsburgh Geol. Survey, Special Publication 1, (1999) p.588-595.

Other Publications: (8 prior to 1998)

Prestegaard, K., Wylie, A.G. and Piccoli, P.M., Characterization of Grout Samples at Winding Ridge.” Power Plant
   Research Program, Maryland Department of Natural Resources. (1999).
Schwartz, C., A.G. Wylie, A. Davis, B. James, “Investigation of the Expansive Behavior of Chromium Tailings: Final
   Report on Phase II Investigations,” April 2000.
Piccoli, P.M., DeHarde, A., Wylie, A.G., and Prestegaard, K., “Development of a Grout for the Kempton Mine:
   Characterization (XRD, Chemical Analyses, and SEM/EPMA Data) of Starting Materials. Power Plant Research
   Project Report, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (2000).

Published Abstracts and Professional Papers presented (24 prior to 1998)

Verkouteren, J.R. and A. G. Wylie, “Microdiffraction Analysis of Fibrous Talc: Asbestos in Crayons”, 2001 Denver
   X-ray Conference, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA, August 2, 2001.
Piccoli, P.M., DeHarde, A., Wylie, A.G., “Recycling coal Combustion Byproducts: a Laboratory Study to Evaluate
   Grout Formulations for Use in the Kempton Mine Complex, Western Maryland. Geological Society of America.
   Abstracts with Programs, (2001).
Verkouteren, J.R. and A.G. Wylie, “Identification of Tremolite-Actinolite Asbestos”, 2001 Asbestos Health Effects
   Conference, May 24-25, 2001, Oakland, CA, (2001).
Verkouteren, J.R., A. G. Wylie, E. Windsor, J. Courny, R. Perkins, T. Ennis, “Powder X-Ray Diffraction for Asbestos
   Analysis”, International Centre for Diffraction Data, Annual Meeting of Members, ICDD Headquarters, Newtown
   Square, PA, March 20, (2002).
Greenwood, W. and A.G. Wylie, “The Optical Properties and Chemical Composition of Fibrous Talc” ASTM Johnson
   Conference, July 21-25, Johnson, Vermont, (2002).
Verkouteren, J.R., and A.G. Wylie, “A PLM Method for Quantitative Analysis of Amphibole Asbestos in Bulk
   Materials at 0.01wt.%”, ASTM Johnson Conference, July 21-25, Johnson, Vermont, (2002).
Verkouteren, J.R. and A.G. Wylie, “Optical Characteristics and Mineralogy of Environmental Amphibole Asbestos”,
   ASTM Johnson conference, July 21-25, Johnson, Vermont, (2002).

RESEARCH GRANTS (15 prior to 1998)

Co-Project Director “Characterization of Coal Combustion Products and Derived Grout Materials,” Nuclear Power
Plant Research Program, Maryland Department of the Environment, $10,000.


Co-Project Director “Characterization of Coal Combustion Products and Derived Grout Materials, Nuclear Power
Plant Research Program, Maryland Department of the Environment, $60,000.

Co-Project Director, "Characterization of Coal-Combustion Products and Derived Grout Material". Power Plant
Research Program, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, $40,000.

Co-Project Director, “Characterization of Coal-Combustion products and Derived Grout Material (supplement)
Power Plant Research Program, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, $60,000.

Co-Project Director, “A study of the Mineralogical Transformations in Fly-Ash Based Grouts. Maryland Department
of Natural Resources, Power Plant Research Program, $30,000.


Seven College Conference of Women's Colleges Scholarship to Wellesley College, 1962-1966.
Wellesley College Scholar, 1966.
Wellesley College B.A., cum laude
Faculty Fellowship, Columbia University, 1969-70, 1971-72.
Citation from Governor, State of Maryland, for recognition of assistance in implementation of Title IX in Maryland,
Butler Prize, Geological Society of Washington, 1989. Given for the best paper read before the Society, 1989.
Distinguished Scholar-Teacher 1995, UMCP.


        Courses taught since 1986:                   Approximate Average Enrollment

        Physical Geology                                          150
        Economic Geology                                           10
        Optical Mineralogy                                       6-10
        Ore Microscopy                                              3
        Senior Thesis Research                                     10
        Advanced Topics in Economic Geology                        14
        Geology of Maryland                                         6
        Geology and Public Policy                                  15
        Environmental Geology                                      60


        Undergraduate Thesis (beginning 1980) Major Advisor:
          Ed. Jacobsen "Coal Geology of Garrett County, Maryland" (1980)
        Sharron O'Donnell "Coal Geology of Southwestern Kentucky (1982)
        Eric Windsor "Shape Characterization of Amphiboles" (1982)
        Morris Levin "Characterization of Part of the Sykesville Magnetite District by a Magnetometer" (1982)
        Lyle Griffith "The Use of a Magnetometer in Characterizing the Beasman Prospect, Sykesville, MD." (1982)
          John Varndell "Heavy Element and Particle Size Relationships in a Sludge Disposal Site, Baltimore,
            Maryland" (1982)
        Joe Segretti "Relationship between cytotoxicity and coating of chrysotile fibers" (1982)

     Winner of the AAPG National Undergraduate Research Award

     2nd Place Winner of the AAPG National Undergraduate Research Award

Mark Beal, A Geologic Evaluation of a Placer Gold Deposit in Southern Farquier Co., Virginia (1982)
Keith Mason "A Preliminary Evaluation of Copper and Cobalt in Conjunction with Iron Mining in the
   Beasman Prospect of Sykesville, Md." (1983)
Michael D. Jones "Chromium in the Soils and Streambeds above the Hunting Hill Serpentinite Body,
   Montgomery County, Md." (1983)
Theresa Baker "Crack Growth in Quartz: The Effects of Chemical Environments" (1983)
Mark Hevey "Gas Production and Faulting in Gas Field, Kansas" (1983)
Brian Hart "A Potential Field Study of the Magnetite Bearing Deposits of the Central Portion of the
   Sykesville Mining District" (1984)
Katherine Heller "A Reconnaissance Study of the Origin of Small Talc and Serpentine Bodies in the
   Wissahickon Formation within the Maryland Piedmont" (1984)
Dan Linder "Comparison of the James Run with the Sykesville and Morgan Run Formation" (1987)
Bethany Baker "Observation on the Geology of Montgomery County from geomagnetic, aeroradioactivity
   and gravity surveys" (1987)
Valerie Gray "Reconnaissance Study on the Source of Gamma Radiation Fluctuation in Eastern Montgomery
   County" (1987)
Tom Davis "Comparative Geothermometry by Using Garnet-Biotite and Fe-Ti Oxides in the Loch Raven
   Schist (1988).
Dan Galasso "Geochemical Prospecting of Heavy Minerals to Determine if a Marker Exists for the Sykesville
   District of Carroll County, MD" (1991).
David Berry "Analysis of Trace Quantities of Amphibole Asbestos Based on the Fractal Model for Mass
   Distribution" (1994).
Bob Schultz "Determination of Asbestos in a Matrix Through Employment of the Fractal Model for Mass
   Distribution" (1995).
Allan Jackson-Gewirtz "A Comparison of Methods of Analysis of Powdered Samples" (1995).
Roberta Winters "Biological Effect of Fiber Size and Mineralogy: The Case of Talc Fibers in Hamster
   Tracheal Epithelial (HTE) and Rat Macrophage Cells (RMC)" (1995).
Mi Lim "Anomalous Optical Properties of Tremolite-Actinolite Fibers" (1995).
Tom Biolsi "Effects of absorption and thickness in measuring the index of refraction of blue glass and
   riebeckite and its application to crocidolite" (1996).
Katherine White "X-ray diffraction and optical analysis of picrolite from the State Line Quarry, PA”(1996).
Christine Rosenfeld, “Characterization of the Chemistry of the Zeolites Erionite and Mordenite as a Function
   of Morphology: An SEM/EDS study” (1996).
Matt McMillan “Lattice dimensions vs. chemical composition and optical properties of tremolite “(1997).
Russell Meyer “Lattice Dimensions, chemical composition and optical properties of crocidolite” (1999).

Graduate Research Committee Chairmanships (beginning 1985):

Master of Science

John Ossi, M.S., "A New Petrographic Method For Interpreting Coal-Forming Environments of Deposition"
Robert Virta, M.S., "An Evaluation of the Adequacy of Morphological Data for Determining the
   Carcinogenicity of Minerals (1988).
Dan Linder, M.S., "The Mineralogy and Origin of the State Line Talc Deposit, Lancaster Co., PA" (1990).
Tim Rose, M.S., "Petrology and Chemical Variation of Peraluminous Granitic Rocks from the Northern Lobe
   of the Phillips Pluton, Maine" (1991).
Jiang Feng, M.S., "Evidence for compositional variation in phyllite from Carroll and Frederick Counties,
   MD" (1996).
Diane Hanley, M.S., "Overland flow evaluation of lava flow platform" (1998).
William Greenwood M.S. “Mineralogical Characteristics of Fibrous Talc” (1998).
Mark Watson, M.S., “Effects of intergrowths on the Physical Characteristics of fibrous Anthophyllite” (1999).
Amina DeHarde, M.S., “Characterization of Grouts made from Coal Combustion By-Products: Mineralogy
   and Physical Properties” (2001).


       James Crowley, Ph.D., "Geochemical Study of Playa Efflorescent Salt Crusts and Associated Brines by Using
          Spectral Reflectance, X-ray Diffraction and Brine Chemical Data" (1991).
       Martitia Tuttle, Ph.D., "Late Holocene Earthquakes and their Implications for Earthquake Potential of the
          New Madrid Seismic Zone, Central United States" (1999).


Professional Public Service:

       Membership in Professional Societies:

          Geological Society of America (Fellow)
          Mineralogical Association of Canada
          Sigma Xi
          Geological Society of Washington
          American Association of Petroleum Geologists
          American Association for the Advancement of Science
          American Geophysical Union
          Society of Economic Geologists

       Service to Professional Societies:

          Sigma Xi, Executive Committee, UMd. Chapter (1984)
          Geological Society of America Campus representative (1985-present)
          Chairman, Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Award Selection Committee, UMCP (1986,1987)
          Mineralogical Society of America:
             Tellers Committee, 1989-1991.
             Representative to American Geological Institute, K-12 Education Committee, 1991
          Field Trip Chairman, Geological Society of Washington, 1990.
          Delegate to AAPG - Geological Society of Washington 1995-96.


       I have reviewed articles for the following publications and/or federal agencies:

          American Industrial Hygiene Journal
          American Mineralogist
          Canadian Mineralogist
          Economic Geology
          Environmental Protection Agency
          Environmental Research
          Society of Mining Engineers
          U.S. Geological Survey
          U.S. Bureau of Mines


       Co-Chairman, New York Academy of Sciences, Workshop #1. Significance of Aspect Ratio in Regulation of
          Asbestos Fiber Exposure, Conference on the Scientific Basis for the Public Control of Environmental
          Health Hazards, New York (1978).
       Invited Chairman and Organizer of "Asbestiform Minerals Symposium", AIME Annual Meeting (1979)
          Tucson, Arizona.
       Appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Education to the Task Force on Asbestos in the Schools (1980-1984).

Session Chairman, EPA Conference on Monitoring and Evaluation of Airborne Asbestos Levels Following
   Abatement, March, 1984.
Appointed reference analyst for U.S. Navy Asbestos Analysis Quality Assurance Program (administered by
   Research Triangle Institute) 1984-1990.
Session Chairman, Economic Geology III, Geol. Soc. of Amer. National Meeting, November 1985.
Member, ASTM Task Group for writing Standard Methods of Analyses of Asbestos by TEM, SEM, Phase
   Contrast Optical Microscopy and Polarized Light Microscopy. 1985-1990. Author of Polarized Light
   Microscopy Method (grey sheets).
Expert witness, Occupational Safety and Health Administration hearing on asbestos regulation, 1985, 1990.
Invited participant, Penn. Geol. Survey Conference on Mapping in the Piedmont, 1987.
Expert panel member, EPA, Superfund Bulk Asbestos Method, 1990-1991.

University Service:

Departmental Committees

   Committee of the Whole 1972-1981
   Department Chairman Search Committee 1980-81
   Department Secretary 1982-83
   United Way Representative 1982
   Development of Upper-level Courses for General Student 1984
   Building Committee (1986-1990)
   Scheduling Committee (1986-1994)
   Undergraduate Affairs Committee (1987-94)
   Departmental Field Trip Coordinator (1987-88)
   Library Representative (1987-1990)
   Acting Chair (1989-1990)
   Graduate Committee (member 1990-present; Chair 1990-94)
   Ad-hoc Committee for Departmental Policy on Training TAs. 1991 Chair
   Ad-hoc Field Trip Committee (1992)
   Salary Committee (1993; Chair, 1994)
   Ad-hoc Committee on Faculty Workloads (1994-95)
   Search Committee Chair - Associate Staff (1994-95)
   Search Committee - Faculty (1995-96)

Division of Agriculture and Life Sciences Committees:

   Science in Action, 1973, "X-ray Diffraction of Minerals"
   Committee of the Faculty, Division Council, Chairman, 1973-74, 1974-75
   Division Council, 1973-76, Chairman, 1976-77
   Committee for By-laws, Division Council, 1975-76
   Executive Committee, Division Council, 1973-76
   Search Committee, Director Ag. Exper. Station 1975-76
   Opportunities for Women in Engineering and Science Planning Committee, 1975-76
   Library Committee, 1975-1979
   Ad Hoc Committee to revise Plan of Governance, 1978
   Search Committee, Department Chairman (Geology), 1979
   Search Committee, Provost of the Division, 1980
   Ad Hoc Committee for the review of salaries of faculty women, 1982
   Ad Hoc Committee on enrollments, 1982-83
   Promotions, Tenure Review Committee, 1982-83
   Ad Hoc Committee for the review of salaries of faculty women, 1983
   Ad Hoc Committee for review of salaries of faculty women, 1984
   Ad Hoc Committee for Larry Vanderhoef Dinner, 1984
   Ad Hoc Committee for review of electron microscopy use on campus, 1985

College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences:

   PCC Committee, 1986-1987 1992-93
   Search Committee, Director of IPST, 1987-88
   Physics Chair Search Committee, 1989-1990
   Space Committee, 1989-1991
   Female Faculty Salary Review committee, 1986-1989
   Distinguished Faculty Fellowship Review Committee, 1990
   College APAC, 1990
   Astronomy Chair Search Committee, 1992
   Internal Review Committee for Department of Geology, 1992-93
   APT Committee, 1993-94, 1994-95
   Ad-hoc Committee for Faculty Workloads, 1994
   ESSIC Search Committee, Director and Faculty, 1998, Chair 1999 -2000.
   Task Force to Revise Training of High School Teachers, Co-chair, 1999-2000
   Junior Science and Humanities Laboratory Presentation, 1999


   Faculty Panel for Discrimination Case against the University, 1974
   Faculty Council, 1974-76
   Chancellor's Commission of Women's Affairs, 1975-78, Chairman, 1977-78
   Senate Adjunct Committee of Libraries and Instructional Aids, 1975-77
   Danforth Fellowship Selection Committee, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978
   Danforth Colloquia on support and Quality of Teaching on College Park Campus, 1977-78
   Library Advisory Committee, 1979-81
   College of Engineering Review Committee, 1981-82
   Vice Chancellor's Library Advisory Committee, 1982-1985
   Review Committee for the review of the salaries of faculty women, Division of Behavioral and Social
      Sciences, 1982, 1983
   Faculty Council, 1984-1986
   General Research Board, 1984-1986; Chairman 1985-1986
   Bursar Search Committee, 1984
   Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Search Committee, 1984
   Chairman, Institutional Review Board for Human Subject Research, 1984-1986
   University Representative to the Dean's Council, Consortium of Washington, D.C. Universities,
   University Patent Committee, 1985-1986
   Middle States Review Committee-Curriculum, Instruction and Research, 1985-1986
   Creative and Performing Arts Board, 1984-1985. Chairman, 1985
   CMPS Dean Search Committee, 1987
   Athletic Council, 1987-1990, 1996-2000 (Chair, Academic Committee, 1989-1990; Vice Chair of Athletic
      Council, 1996 - 2000)
   Academic Standards Committee, Graduate School, 1987-1990; Chair, 1989-90; 1992-94
   Water Resources Research Board, Scientific Review Committee, 1987, 1988, 1989
   Packard Fellowship Review committee, 1991, 1995
   Learning Assessment Outcomes Committee, Middle States Review, 1991
   Graduate Council, 1991-94
   President's Medal Committee, 1991, 1992, 1999
   Advise 5 Advisor, 1992-1998
   Graduate Council Committee on Academic Standards 1990-1994
   Graduate Council Committee on Programs, Courses and Curricula, 1993-1996
   Search Committee - Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, 1993-94
   Campus Writing Board, 1994-1995
   APT Appeals Committee, 1994, 1996
   Letters and Science Review Committee, 1994

  College of Arts and Humanities Writing Center Review Committee, 1994-95
  Search Committee - Director of Libraries, 1995-1996
  Provost's Advisory Committee on Admissions and Advising, 1995-1998;
     Chair, 1996-1998, 2000-2001
  Environmental Science and Policy Planning Committee, 1995-1996
  Review Committee, CMPS Dean, 1996
  Enrollment Management Advisory Committee, 1996-1998
  Environmental, Safety and Health Policy Committee, 1996-1999
  Steering Committee, Environmental Science and Policy Program, 1997-1999
  Screening Committee ORAU Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 1997, 1998
  UMCP representative to Mineral Resources Section, National Association of State Universities and Land
     Grant Colleges, 1997-present
  McNair Program, Mentor to Blessing Asuguo, 1997
  Undergraduate Programs Advisory Committee, 1998-1999
  Banneker-Key Selection Committee, 1999
  Task Force on grading, 1999-2000
  Steering Committee NCAA Recertification, 1999-2000
  Campus Assessment Work Group, Chair, 2000-2001
  Middles States Accreditation 5-year Interim report, Steering Committee Chair, 2000-2001
  President’s Task Force on Student Success, 2000-present
  Chair, Search Committee for the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, 2001-2002

Public Organizations:

  Rural Southeast Olney Civic Association, 1977-present.
  Wellesley College Alumnae Association, Treasurer of the Class of 1966, 1981-1986.
  Co-Chairman, St. John's Episcopal School Building Campaign, 1987-1990.
  Co-Chair, Woodley Dancing School Committee for the benefit of Wellesley College, 1994-1998.
  President, Board of Directors, Olney Children's Ballet Theater, 1994-1999.
  Interviewer of prospective students, Wellesley College, 1997 - present

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