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					               FIRST GRADE                                                          Columba

               ROCK STARS!

                                                                               October 29, 2012

     Mrs. Hawkins’ Class Newsletter
Halloween                                        Spelling
Morning: Orange You Glad You Can Read!           Spelling Test Mondays!

Wear orange if you have it! If not, I will be    Spelling is working out well when we test on
sure you have an orange sticker. Orange          Monday! Your child will have the weekend to
juice and orange snacks will be provided!        review words, and then take the test on
                                                 Monday. Hopefully this helps with busy
We will have a “Read In” and a “Laugh In”,       schedules during the week, and allows for
please come with jokes written out.              some practice time at home, too.

Afternoon: 12:30-1:45 Classroom Party            We will pretest new words by Tuesday. The
                                                 words will come home on a “Spelling” form.
              Reminder:                          These are your child’s words. All students
    You must be on the volunteer list            may try the challenge words. If your child
              to attend!                         gets the pretest words correct on their
                                                 pretest, they need to practice the challenge

                                                 Spelling words can be found on our website,
                                                 as well as on the back of the newsletter.

                                                 Reading: Be sure your child is reading each
                                                 night and that you are signing the apple
                                                 homework sheet that is due by November, 1.

                                                 Baggie Books: As soon as your child has
Parade will be at 1:45. Parents will be in the   read each book 3 times, sign and send back.
gym for the parade.                              They will get new ones within a day.

After the parade we will watch a short holiday
movie. Students will change out of their
costumes and bring them home.

Costumes must be in a labeled bag.
                    Mrs. Hawkins’ Class Newsletter Page 2

 This Week’s Vocabulary                This Week’s Highlights
 *pattern unit                          Monday
 *join (joining)                        Today we will measure Marvin to see if he grew!
                                        Today we will write Halloween story problems!
 *length                                Today is Halloween!
 *weight                                Thursday
                                        Today we are going to learn about “ing” and “sh”
                                        Today we get a chance to play board games if we
 Reminders to Students                  have had great behavior this week!
     We do not run in the classroom
     We are always respectful and
                                        Upcoming Events
     We always keep our hands to
                                           Picture Retakes have
       Spelling Words                         been changed!
from*                  being*
she*                   fish                   Retakes will be on
should*                shut
king                   shop                   11/14 @ 9:00 a.m.
sing                   dash
bring                  shell

*High Frequency Words                          Student of the Week!
       Challenge Words:                  Congratulations to Grace Davis!
              one                          You are student of the week!
                                           We are so excited to learn all
             three                         about you this week. We will
              four                            honor you every day.
                                         Thank you for being such a great
*Challenge Words are from the 100                student Grace!
most commonly used nouns list.

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