Genetics Unit Lesson One The Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and by eddie5690


									          Genetics Unit Lesson One: The Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis
                               Teacher: Katy Yam
                      Grade and Subject: 10th Grade Biology

I.    Purpose
      - Life is a cycle of life and death. To better understand how life is recreated, one
         should learn how genetic material is passed at the cellular level of life. Cell
         growth and division occurs through the processes of mitosis (somatic cells) and
         meiosis (gamete formation). By examining these mechanisms, one can then begin
         to realize how genetic variation can occur.

      -   Corresponding SOLS:
              i.  BIO.6- The student will investigate and understand common
                  mechanisms of inheritance and protein synthesis. Key concepts include:
                    1. (a) Cell growth and division
                    2. (b) Gamete formation
                    3. (c) Cell specialization
             ii. Computer Technology SOL: Grades 9-12
                   Social and Ethical Issues
                    1. C/T 9-12.4 The student will practice responsible use off
                       technology systems, information, and software.
                           a. Adhere to fair use and copyright guidelines.
                           b. Adhere to the school division’s Acceptable Use Policy as
                               well as other state and federal laws.
                           c. Model respect for intellectual property.
                    2. C/T 9-12.5 The student will demonstrate knowledge of
                       technologies that support collaboration, personal pursuits, and
                           a. Respectfully collaborate with peers, experts, and others to
                               contribute to an electronic community of learning.
                           b. Model responsible use and respect for equipment,
                               resources, and facilities.
                   Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools
                    1. C/T 9-12.8 The student will use technology resources for solving
                       problems and making informed decisions.
                           c. Use technology resources such as educational software,
                               simulations, and models for problem-solving, and
                               independent learning.

II.   Objective
      - Students will be able to:
             i.  Describe all steps of mitosis and meiosis through selected reading
                 material, lecture, and puzzle/ game activities
            ii. Understand the Cell Cycle through an internet activity
                iii.   Determine what types of cells are reproduced through each process
                       (somatic and gametes) through selected reading material, lecture, and
                iv.    Understand how genetic variation can occur throughout each process
                       through lecture and an internet activity

III.       Procedure
       -     Preparation (Day 1)
                  i.  Students will get into groups of 4
                 ii. The teacher will hand out a set of puzzles (1 puzzle on mitosis and 1 on
                      meiosis) to each group
                iii. Each group must put the puzzles in the right order to the best of their
                      ability using their previous knowledge- Approximately 20 minutes will
                      be given for the activity
                iv.   After the allotted time period for the puzzle activity is over, each group
                      will write down the order of mitosis and meiosis that they have agreed
                      upon. They will use this as a comparison to what they learn from their

       -     Assistance (Day 1/ Day 2)
                 i.   Following the preparation activity, students will be given reading
                      material covering the cell cycle, mitosis, and meiosis: Reading selections
                      derived from-
                 ii.   A set of handouts will accompany the reading material that will allow
                       students to draw and write down the steps of mitosis and meiosis.
                iii.   After the students have completed the reading, the teacher will discuss
                       the handout with the students to make sure they have filled in the
                       information correctly.

       -     Reflection (Day 3)
                 i.   Students will be taken to the computer lab to complete the “Cell Cycle
                      Internet Activity” as outlined on the corresponding handout. If the lab is
                      not available and the classroom has a few computers, students will work
                      in groups to complete the activity.
                ii. After discussing the internet activity, students will get back into their
                      original “puzzle” groups.
               iii. Each group will be given the original puzzles to put together again.
                        1. Students will not be allowed to use any notes to put the puzzles in
                            the correct order.
                        2. The first group to get the puzzles in the right order will be given 5
                            extra credit points on the next test.
               iv.    At the beginning of the following class, students will take a 10 question
                      quiz on the instructor’s Quia website; students will be given the
                      password on the day of the quiz:
 IV.    Tools and Resources
       - Software: Internet
       - Hardware: Computers
       - Web Sites: Students can use the following Quia games that the instructor has
          created as review activities-
       - Other materials needed:
             iv. Mitosis/ Meiosis Puzzles
              v. Mitosis/ Meiosis Study guides
             vi. Cell Cycle/ Mitosis/ Meiosis Reading Selection
            vii. Cell Cycle Internet Activity handouts

 V.     Technology Preparation
       - Instructional Environment Set-Up
              i. 5 computers will be located at a work station in the back of the room
       - Technology/ Classroom Management Strategies
              i. 5 students for a given period of time will work on the computers while the
                 rest of the class works on a given activity or groups of students will work
                 at each computer.
             ii. The instructor will reserve time in a school computer lab.
       - Prerequisite technology skills needed by students
              i. Basic knowledge of using the Internet
             ii. Basic computer skills (e.g., typing)

VI.    Assessment
       - Mitosis/ Meiosis Puzzle Quiz: The total score will be the number correct out of 11
          pieces and will count towards the total quiz grade for the marking period.
       - Mitosis/ Meiosis Study Guides and the Cell Cycle Internet Activity will be
          checked for completion only; these will be included in the homework grade for
          the marking period.
       - Quia quiz: The total score will be the number correct out of 10 and will count
          towards the total quiz/ test grade for the marking period.

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