Cell cycle, cell proliferation by eddie5690


									Lectures autumn semester 2005/06
           Blocks                               Topics                    Lecturers
                                     Introduction to the Program            F. Lang
                                     Cell cycle, cell proliferation      S. Wesselborg
                                 Mechanisms of endo- and exocytosis       K. Lauber
 General aspects of molecular        Structure and function of the
                                                                         V. Jendrossek
  and cell biology and cell                  cytoskeleton
         physiology                   Protein/protein interactions        J. Steinbach
                                  Regulation and significance of ion
                                                                            F. Lang
                                    channels in signal transduction
                                     Electrophysiology, transport
                                                                          M. Palmada
                                 physiology, NO formation and action
                                   Role of kinases and phosphatases      R. Lammers
     General aspects and             Signaling of TNF-R/NF-κB,
     principles of signal                                                S. Wesselborg
         transduction             Jak/Stat-pathway, Ras/Raf/MAPK-
                                                                         R. Lammers
                                   Introduction/signaling pathways         C. Belka
                                 Resistance mechanisms in apoptosis      V. Jendrossek
        Apoptosis 1-4
                                  Apoptosis in cancer development         M. Weller
                                     Clearance of apoptotic cells         K. Lauber
                                      Intermediary metabolism            E. Schleicher
                                Normal and impaired insulin signaling    R. Lammers

       Metabolism 1-5           Normal and impaired beta cell function     S. Ullrich
                                       Introduction to Diabetes          E. Schleicher
                                Clinical introduction to Diabetes with
                                                                         H.U. Häring
                                          patient presentation

Lectures summer semester 2006
           Blocks                               Topics                    Lecturers
                                        Introduction to cancer           S. Wesselborg
                                  Environment and tumourigenesis         M. Bamberg
                                      Genes and tumourigenesis             C. Belka
                                  Oncogenes and tumour suppressor
                                                                           C. Belka
         Cancer 1-9                p53, cell cycle and DNA-repair
                                                                         V. Jendrossek
                                        Histology of cancers             S.M. Kröber
                                       Gastrointestinal cancers          S. Wesselborg
                                            Brain tumours                 M. Weller
                                              Leukemias                   P. Brossart
                                   Introduction to DNA and protein
     Laboratory tests 1-4                                                 A. Pfäfflin
                                            Tumour markers                          R. Lehmann
                                       Laboratory tests in diabetes                E. Schleicher
                                Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)
                                                                                   E. Schleicher
                                   Genetic background of diabetes                   H.U. Häring
            Diabetes 1-2            Biochemistry of diabetic late
                                                                                   E. Schleicher
                                  Knockout-system (Cre-lox system,
                                                                                    R. Lammers
                                          conditional ko)
      Mouse models 1-3                      Knockin-system                          R. Lammers
                                            Transgenic mice                        S. Wesselborg

Seminars and courses
    Type         Time       Frequency                                 Content
 Seminar      1 hour        weekly         Work-In-Progress seminar
 Seminar      2 hours       biweekly       Literature seminar (Journal-Club for students)
 Seminar      1 hour        weekly         Introduction of scientific techniques (eg. PCR, ko-mice, siRNA,
                                           detection     of     apoptosis,    immunoprecipitation,  protein
                                           identification by mass spectroscopy, in vitro kinase and
                                           phosphatase assays, 2D-gel electrophoresis, generation of fusion
                                           proteins, transfections, patch clamp)
Practical         2 hours   biweekly       Accompanying training program for the seminar 'Introduction of
course                                     scientific techniques' with the aim to improve and broaden the
                                           spectrum of scientific methods

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