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					                         GRACE LUTHERAN WEEKLY                                                                          LIFE! SCHOOL INFORMATION MEETING – TODAY!!!!
                                                    April 15, 2007                                                 The Delegate Assembly of LIFE! School will be hosting a crucial informational
       Grace Lutheran Church                       E-mail:         LIFE! Lutheran School
710 E. 17th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401                    Fax (541) 342-2241       710 E. 17th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401
                                                                                                                   meeting regarding the future direction of the school. The meeting will be held at
        (541) 342-4844                                        (541) 342-5433             LIFE School TODAY at 2:00pm. At this meeting the Delegate Assembly will
                                                                                                                   present a detailed plan regarding the potential reorganization of the Association of
                              WHAT’S HAPPENING AT GRACE                                                            supporting churches, a re-structuring of the school’s bylaws, and implementation of
Today:              Worship w/Holy Communion – 8:30am                                                              the recent “Strengthening Schools and Congregations” team’s recommendations. The
                    Coffee Fellowship – 9:30am                                                                     Delegate Assembly asks that you please take time to attend this meeting at this
                    Sunday School/Adult Classes – 9:50am                                                           critically important time for our school. This meeting is the first of many steps which
                    Worship w/Holy Communion – 11:00am                                                             the Delegate Assembly plans to take in restructuring, rebuilding, and revitalizing
                    Special LIFE! Informational Meeting – 2:00pm                                                   LIFE! Schools relationship with the members of the Association churches.
                    (Russian Christian Worship Service – 2:00pm)
Monday:             Youth Board Meeting – 6:00pm                                                                   SPECIAL VOTER’S MEETING – There will be a “special” Voter’s meeting
                    (EVA – 7:00pm – Parish Hall)                                                                   on Sunday, April 29th at 12:00 (noon) in the parish hall to discuss LIFE! School.
Tuesday:            Worship Committee – 6:00pm                                                                     Please plan to attend this meeting!
                    Parish Planning Council - 7:00pm                                                              NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: The Newsletter deadline for submitting articles for the
                    Campus Ministry Board – 7:00pm                                                                May newsletter is TODAY!!! Please submit your articles to the church office.
Wednesday:          Breakfast Bible Study – 6:30am
                    Bell Choir – 6:15pm                                                                           USHERS: Please check the “Unavailable Usher Schedule” which is located in the
                    Stronghold Dinner/Bible Study – 7:00pm                                                        narthex. The schedule for MAY is posted. If you are unable to usher in May, please
                    Vocal Choir – 7:30pm                                                                          mark the schedule or talk to Todd Baker.
Thursday:           Women’s Bible Study – 10:00am
                    (Oregon Tuba Ensemble – 7:00pm)
Saturday:           (E.A.R.S. – 10:00am)                                                                                               Hee Haw Saturday Night
                    Youth Backwards Progressive Dinner – 6:00pm
Sunday:             MITE BOX SUNDAY / COMPASSION SUNDAY                                                                              Grub Wagon Dinner (Cowboy Supper)
                    Worship Service – 8:30am                                                                                          When: Saturday – April 28 at 5:30pm
                    Coffee Fellowship – 9:30am
                    Sunday School/Adult Classes – 9:50am                                                                                 Where: Gracevill Barn Yard
                    Worship Service – 11:00am                                                                                   Dress Code                            Entertainment
                    (Russian Christian Worship Service – 2:00pm)                                                                Western                               Music and Singing
Those activities in ( ) indicate outside groups meeting in the building.
                                                                                                                                Farm Style                            Games
              REMEMBER IN PRAYER…..                                                                                             Hee Haw down-home                     Western Trivia
              + Al Moore, Beth Richmond, Bernice Kunkel, Ken Brauner, Dorcas Beecroft,                                         Have your picture taken with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
                Vernell Freitag, Dee Dee Kaiser, Jean Frank, Al Prigge, Len Freitag,                                             Keep an eye out for the Grub Wagon sign-up sheet!
                Betty Libke, Terry Borchard, Art Beikman
              + Shut-ins: Elizabeth Youngquist, Rena Green, Lillian Rarick, Fred Schatz,
                 June Schatz, John Buckles, Jeannine Brauner
                        BIBLE STUDY OPPORTUNITIES                                                     FLOWER CHART FOR 2007…..There are still a few Sundays available to provide
    * Breakfast Bible Study – Wednesday, April 18th at 6:30am                                         flowers for Sunday worship this year. Please check the flower chart, located on the
    * Stronghold Dinner/Bible Study – Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00pm                                 bulletin in the narthex, select a Sunday, and write your name by it. Flowers may be given in
    * Women’s Bible Study – Thursday, April 19th at 10:00am                                           memory of or in honor of someone or simply to the glory of God. You will receive a
                                                                                                      reminder the week prior to your Sunday.
BIBLE CLASS GUEST TEACHER – Next Sunday, April 22 at 9:50am, Dr. Robert Sylwester
will teach some of the insights recorded in his latest book, The Adolescent Brain. No doubt, the      SPRING CLEANING?? If you are busy cleaning out closets or drawers and have extra
session will help parents and grandparents to better understand the young people in their families.   fabric (cotton, sheets, flannel sheets, etc.) or thread, pins, etc. that you want to get rid of –
                                                                                                      please bring to the church and place in the box in the narthex. The material will be used by
                        COMPASSION SUNDAY – April 22                                                  the LWML to make school bags, receiving blankets and diapers. We will be collecting
                                (Caring for the Least of These)                                       material through April.
                  There will be a Reception following the first Service.
   For millions of children in developing nations, the daily struggle for survival takes precedence                            The Lutheran Hour Broadcast
over going to school, playing games with friends or making any plans for the future. Tragically,                       Sunday Mornings – 8:00am ---- on KKNX – 840 AM
poverty is robbing millions of all hope. Children are the hardest hit by poverty and have the                             Delivering the messages is the Rev. Ken Klaus
fewest resources available to change their circumstances. The Compassion Program is committed            April 22 – “Comfort-ability” (John 21: 3) How can YOU react to the Savior’s
to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name, working hand in hand with the local church,           resurrection?
both in this country and around the world.                                                               April 29 – “Straight Talk” Guest: the Rev. Charles Brandt
   What can you do? Through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, Christ calls the members of
His church to serve as agents of salt and light to the world (Matt. 5: 13-14). Have you ever             The Lutheran Hour can also be heard on the internet or downloaded onto an MP3 player at
thought what can I do??? Sponsor a child? Through sponsorship, a child can be embraced in       If you would like to listen to The Lutheran Hour message
love and given the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty and despair and step into a future         and need assistance with the above options, please call Barb Ronne at 343-0327.
filled with hope.
   The Compassion Program is Christ-Centered, Child-focused, and Church based. They are
committed to Stewardship. 80% of all expenditures go to program expenses. Less than 20% is
spent on fund raising and administration.                                                                                   LIFE! Lutheran School News!
   Are you able to help a child? Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child? Additional
information will be available at the reception.                                                       LIFE! Lutheran School is currently accepting applications for new students for the
                                                                                                      2007-2008 school year. Anyone interested in receiving information about enrolling at
                                                                                                      LIFE! Lutheran School should contact the school office at 342-5433.
                                                                                                      THE LIFE! Preschool Class needs your help! We need Styrofoam meat trays and
                                    YOUTH NEWS                                                        berry baskets (green plastic baskets strawberries come in at the grocery store). Please
  BACKWARDS PROGRESSIVE DINNER - Saturday, April 21 – 6:00pm. Meet                                    put in box in the school lobby marked “LIFE! Preschool”. Thank you. Kathy Prehm
  at the church at 5:45pm. Mothers and sons will be dining in Eugene and Fathers and
                                                                                                      Campbell’s Soup Labels – Over 5,000 points were accumulated and mailed in
  daughters will be dining in Springfield. Ages 8 and up. If you have any questions
                                                                                                      December. The requirements have changed somewhat – we now need the UPC codes
  please call and RSVP to John Prehm at 485-5798 by April 18th.                                       from the soup labels, so make sure they are included when you turn labels into the school
PORTALS OF PRAYER is a quarterly booklet that contains daily devotions and                            Keep those labels coming!
prayers. The NEW April-June booklet is available on the table in the narthex.                         New LIFE! School Website is revised and up and running. If you have an opportunity,
A COFFEE SIGN-UP SHEET is posted on the door by the Fireside Room. If you                             please take the time to view the website at If there is something you
would like to make coffee or provide goodies, please sign up for a Sunday you would                   would like to see on the website, contact Alan Lewis, principal at the school, 342-5433.