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   Careers and Employability

    Summer Vacation Work -
     Internships and Beyond
The slides from this presentation are available
What is an internship?
   Short-term position, usually in summer
   Career-related
   Usually (but not always) restricted to
    penultimate-year students
   Structured
   Aims to give a taste of the work you would be
    doing as a graduate recruit – and to
    encourage you to apply in your final year!
Why do an internship?
   Gives you better idea of career options
   Increases business awareness
   Improves your chances of being offered
    a graduate position with that employer
   Makes you more attractive to other
   Demonstrates work-related skills
What skills do employers look for in
  Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech
  Work confidently within a group
  Understand the commercial realities affecting the organisation.
  Gathering information systematically to establish facts &
  principles and solve problems
  Able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & put forward
  ideas & solutions
    Do you need to do an internship?
   Any work experience can help to develop your
    people, teamwork or organising skills, or just make
    your CV more interesting
   This does not have to be formally designated as an
    “internship” or be in the field where you hope to
    work as a graduate
   For example: work with children; customer service
    and sales work; work abroad; voluntary work
   Getting a junior role in an organisation can help you
    to get a different perspective and make contacts
    What will employers think?
   “Volunteering is well regarded: candidates
    are given a higher score within the
    recruitment process if they have done
    volunteering”          (Large accountancy firm)
   “We are aware that students can’t always
    afford to spend a month doing unpaid work
    experience or shadowing, therefore we value
    other activities like stacking supermarket
    shelves”                            (Law firm)
Some employers with internships still
available: Finance
   Lloyds Banking Group (General Management, HR)
   Ernst & Young
   Mercer
   Pricewaterhousecoopers
   Bloomberg
   Student experiences …
“The  tasks I was able to complete within
just a few weeks ranged from running
charts, creating and updating quarterly
reports and summarising the latest
economic and investment research for
colleagues ”

(Mercer Investment Consulting intern)
     Student experiences …
“I did an internship at the branch in
Reading and had real responsibilities
from day one. In my second week, I was
organising team meetings. By the end of
my stay there, I had been placed in
charge of customer satisfaction”
(HSBC summer intern, now Executive
Management trainee)
Some employers who offer internships:
For listings of firms offering law placements, and
vacation scheme deadlines, see:
 Law Careers Net

Many deadlines coming up at the end of February or
end of March

Most law firms are keen to recruit graduates in subjects other
than law, but non-law students may not be eligible to apply
for a vacation scheme until their final year.
    Student experiences …
   “I helped to compile a report for the
    Competitions Commission and had to do
    some research on pubs! In the
    commercial department I helped draft
    some terms and conditions and attended
    client meetings .. the work I was given
    was always appropriate for someone who
    had not done a law degree”
Some employers who offer internships :
   Roke Manor Research
   DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)
   Universities, e.g. Birkbeck
   MBDA
   Biosciences
   Physics
    Student experiences …
   “In my project, I cloned the Dyt1 gene to
    make a fusion protein GST, expressed it
    in bacteria and attempted to purify it. I
    learnt many new skills, including a formal
    course in confocal microscopy that will
    help me directly in the future in a career
    in science. ”
(Summer student, London Research Institute,
  Cancer Research UK)
Some more employers who offer
internships – or other work experience:
   BBC – all areas, from production to finance
   Centrica
   Four Communications
   Pearson Diversity Summer Internships (Business &
   Penguin Publishing
   Metaswitch Networks
   Swire
    Student experiences …
“I did a couple of weeks work experience on Dragons'
Den while I was still at university and I got the chance to
do a variety of things. I dealt with applications, sought
free press to advertise we were looking for applicants,
looked for new entrepreneurs on the internet, and
learned how to use a DV camera to film auditions
(something I had never done before because I hadn't
done a practical media course). After I graduated, they
rang me to come back to do a couple of weeks casual
work for Mastermind and this has since been extended “

BBC runner
Student experiences …
“During my eight weeks I met senior figures in
Pearson's businesses and worked on a range of
projects including researching competitive
intelligence data, producing a database to store
my research and the research of the team and
copywriting, as well as having fun along the
(Intern, Pearson Diversity Summer Programmme)
Student experiences …
   “I was a Summer Intern in Swire Beverages'
    Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) department
    where I assisted the manager with a few projects. I
    didn't have any experience in EHS prior, so from the
    first day I was learning new things. In one project I
    was analysing the safety procedures for Swire's
    bottling facilities in China, looking at areas for
    improvement while making the guidelines more user-
    friendly. In another, I compiled statistics related to
    work injuries that were used in a meeting to improve
    safety standards and share best practices across
    Swire Beverages' operations”
 - placements in small/medium
    organisations in all sectors
   Offers project work that will help these
    organisations to develop.
   8 week summer placement programme for 2nd
    year undergraduates. Pay: about £210 pw
   1400 projects, open to science, technology and
    engineering students
   Launched in January – new opportunities added
    regularly so register your interest online
Student experiences …
“I was placed with a construction company, an
industry I would never have considered looking into.
The internship was really inspiring; my role involved
taking control of a project. I had to carry out market
research to identify new business opportunities within
the company's business development team, gaining
valuable experience and useful industry contacts”

(Environmental Science and International Development student,
now running a social enterprise company)
Other career areas
   Not all potential graduate recruiters
    offer “internships” …
   … although many do offer career-
    related work experience
   … even though this may not be
    advertised widely (or advertised at all)
   … and could be unpaid
    The Creative Career Search
   To get work experience in advertising,
    TV, film, journalism, public relations, etc
   … you need to make the first approach
    … and to be persistent
   See
    for more advice and information
Getting an internship is just the
beginning …
   When you do obtain work experience,
    be willing to help out no matter how
    challenging or menial the task.
   Be yourself, friendly and approachable,
    but at the same time professional
   Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice
Finding Local Employers
   Employers often prefer local graduates
    for placements:
       No accommodation worries
       May want to work in the area after
   Kent – includes KentGrads database
   Elsewhere in the UK
    How to apply
   CV and covering letter – speculative applications
    and small companies.
   Application form – usually online for major
    graduate recruiters
   You need to put as much time and effort
    into applying for an internship as you
    would to apply for a permanent position
   For help see
Finding out about internships and
other summer work experience
   Careers & Employability Service Vacancy
   Speculative applications
   Graduate directories and websites e.g. and Target
   National Council for Work Experience
   RateMyPlacement
      #ratemyplacement
Other points
   Get actively involved in University
    life, so that you have evidence of
    teamwork, organising, leadership etc.
    skills for your CV
   Apply early – closing dates for the
    most popular employers are often in
    December or January
Duty Careers Adviser
   A Duty Adviser is available to help with
    queries between 10.30 am - 12.30 p.m.
    and 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. every weekday.
   No appointment needed - just drop in.
Where to find the Careers & Employability Service

                                   Opening Hours:

                                   9-5, Mon - Fri

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