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                                                               O RGANIC                         NEWS
       NOP ANNOUNCES ORGANIC                                                                    March 23, 2010
                                                                                                   Issue 13
                               PASTURE RULE
    esto ers
Li v u c
     d          THE P ASTURE A CCESS R ULE
                                                                                            S PECIAL POINTS OF
                                                                                                INTEREST :
    On February 12, 2010 the National             finishing period and breeding bulls
 Organic Program (NOP) published a final          that are not sold as organic;             ∗   NOP Announces
 rule that establishes pasture standards
 for organic livestock. The Access to Pas-    •   Each certified operation must include         new PASTURE
                                                  a functioning pasture management              RULE
 ture rule specifies that organic milk and
 meat products come from organically-             plan into their OSP which includes        ∗   Check Before
 raised ruminants that are actively grazing       records of rations, feeding and graz-         You Use—input
 on pasture. In other words, “livestock           ing schedule and a method for calcu-          requirements
 must actively graze on a daily basis dur-        lating DMI and DMD;
 ing the grazing season, have access to       •   Plans will be verified annually during
 the outdoors, and not be confined during         the on-site inspection.
 the non-grazing season.”
                                              The effective date of this rule is June 17,        D ATES TO
 What this means to you:                      2010 for new livestock producers seeking
 •   Access to pasture for at least 120       first time certification. Renewing appli-         R EMEMBER !
     days throughout the grazing season       cants have until June 17, 2011 to fully
                                              comply with this rule. Please plan for ex-    ∗   May 1, 2010
     (days do not need to be consecutive);
                                              tra time during your inspection to address        Final Application
 •   Diet consisting of at least 30% dry      this new rule.                                    Deadline
     matter intake (DMI) from pasture
                                              IDALS is currently working on the devel-      ∗   Cost-share
     grazed during grazing season totaling
                                              opment of forms for you to include in your        deadline 9/30
     at least 120 days;
                                              Organic System Plan (OSP). You will be
 •   Limits Dry Matter Demand (DMD)           notified when these forms are available.
     from dry matter fed to no more than      A great comprehensive resource for the
     an average of 70%;                       new organic pasture rule can be found
 •   Clarifies the outdoor access require-    at:.
     ment for non-ruminant animals; 
 •    Exceptions to this rule include:
     calves up to 6 months; slaughter         .
     stock exempt from 30% DMI during
P AGE 2                                                                                          O RGANIC   NEWS

           C HECK          BEFORE YOU USE
           When completing your application for            so that as changes occur to a product status we
           renewal each year, you are required to          are able to notify each producer listed in conjunc-
submit labels for any new products you are consid-         tion with said product. It is very possible when you
ering using in the coming year. Please make sure           are interested in using a product that the decision
the labels you submit are legible and show ALL of          has already been made as to it’s usability and a
the ingredients clearly. If you are not able to pro-       simple answer can be provided. If a determination
vide a label, we will need a list of all the ingredients   has not been made, please allow for adequate time
as well as supplier information so if needed we can        for our staff to investigate the product and make a
contact the supplier. When decisions are made              decision. DO NOT use a product before approval
regarding new products, the product is entered on a        has been given as it may impact your organic certi-
database. We also associate producer and product           fication.

    T han              WE      ASKED , AND YOU ANSWERED !
            This year we offered applicants the op-        postage and paper. This is one small step we can
 portunity to obtain their application on-line for a       take to lower our costs and aid to our efficiency and
 $25 savings and we are happy to report that the           timeliness in corresponding with you. If you are
 number of you agreeing to go “electronic” took us         interested in receiving notifications, newsletters and
 by surprise. By printing the forms and mailing them       updates electronically, and have not already re-
 in to us we were able to save precious time and           sponded to us, please contact Tammy Stotts at:
 money. We will utilize email more this year as it is
 an easier way to correspond and requires less staff
 time in composing and sending letters as well as

As with everything in life, change is imminent.            having to issue a notice of suspension. Any No-
If your situation has changed and you are no               tice of Suspension issued is also reported to the
longer seeking renewal from IDALS, please no-              NOP and may complicate future certification.
tify us as soon as possible. We will send you a            Contact Mary Nieland at 515-281-7656 if you
”Notice of Surrender” form. You will still be al-          have questions regarding this matter.
lowed to sell your organic product that was
raised while your certification was active. By
notifying us as soon as possible, we will avoid
scheduling your annual inspection and avoid
P AGE 3                                                                                       O RGANIC N EWS

  AND,       THE WINNER IS …….

                                                         •   Production expense of organic farms averaged
                                                             $171,978 compared with the nationwide con-
                                                             ventional costs of $140,075
 Okay, so it’s not Iowa, but we are holding our own.
 In our newsletter last April we informed you about •        Organic operations had an average of
 the organic production survey and asked that you            $217,675 in sales, compared with $134,807 for
 participate. Well, the tally is in and it would stand       all farms
 to reason that California, with one of the longest
                                                       •     Nationwide, 2008 organic sales totaled $3.16
 growing seasons, led the Nation in organic produc-
                                                             billion, including $1.94 billion in crops sales and
                                                             $1.22 billion in sales of livestock, poultry and
 Make no mistake, we are on the move. Prior to               their products
 this census, USDA Economic Research Service
 (ERS) ranked Iowa 4th in the number of organic          •   Challenges sited by survey respondents in-
 producers at 453 and 10th in the number of acres            clude regulatory, production, management and
 in organic production at 64,158 acres. The latest           marketing issues. Despite these obstacles
 results show Iowa 9th in the number of U.S. farms           78% indicated they plan to maintain or increase
 at 518 comprising 94,568 total acres.                       their organic production over the next five
 According to a News Release by the National Agri-
 cultural Statistics Service in cooperation with     What does all this mean for Iowa?
 IDALS, the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Kath-    • Comparing both data sets (NASS and ERS),
 leen Merrigan said, “This was USDA’s first wide-       Iowa has had an approximate growth of 64% in
 scale survey of organic producers, and it was un-      the number of organic farms and a 37% growth
 dertaken in direct response to the growing interest    in the number of dedicated cropland acres
 in organics among consumers, farmers, business,        since 2000;
 policymakers and others.” The information being
 released will be an important building for future   • In Iowa, 2008 organic sales totaled 71.5 million,
 program and policy development.”                       making Iowa’s contribution 2% of the U.S.
 Some notable results include:
                                                     • Average sales from organic farms in Iowa were
 • Most organic producers sold their products lo-       $138,118 with average production expenses
     cally (within 100 miles from the farm)
                                                        per farm in Iowa totaling $107,667
 • 83% of organic sales were to wholesale chan- To see the complete results of the 2008 Organic
     nels including processors, millers and packers Production Survey go to: http://

                     MAY        1 2010
                     DEADLINE IS FAST APPROACHING!!!!!
                     The early deadline for certifica-   Remember if you haven’t sent your application in
                     tion was March 15 and a re-         the deadline has been changed to May 1. Appli-
                     cord number of more than 140        cations postmarked after this date will not be
                     of you took advantage of the        accepted.
                     discount being offered.
P AGE 4                                                                                                                O RGANIC    NEWS

              Wallace State Office Building                  O RGANIC            BUY / SELL SPOT
   Ag Diversification and Market Development Bureau
                     502 E 9th Street
                                                                           No listings.             here. The role of IDALS will be
                Des Moines, Iowa 50319
                            Wanted                                to forward your e-mail informa-
                                                                                                    tion to interested parties, so
Please direct questions/comments regarding newsletter to:                                           please include all contact infor-
                                                          mation in your e-mail. It’s free;
                   Phone: 515-281-7657                        For Sale     No listings
                                                                                                    and you have an interested
                    Fax: 515-281-6178                                                               audience. You may contact
                                                              Send us your e-mail request           Tammy Stotts by e-mail:
                                                              and we will post the information
  Maury Wills, Bureau Chief
  515-281-5783                            C OST - SHARE                 STILL AVAILABLE ,
  Matthew Miller, Organic Inspector                          WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
                                                              While the cost-share pro-           3. User Fees are eligible
  Geraldine Fridlington, Documentation Specialist             gram has been around for a             While IDALS does not
  515-242-6343                                                while now, there are still             charge a user fee, some                   questions. The following list          certifiers do and this is a
                                                              of items is being offered to           reimbursable cost.
  Mary Nieland, Intake Specialist
                                                              help you obtain the most
  515-281-7656                                                                                    4. Open your Mail                            benefit from this program:
                                                                                                     Cost-share applications
                                                              1. Don’t procrastinate                 are sent in the same en-
  Tammy Stotts, Marketing Program Coordinator
                                                                 Submit your application             velope that your organic                               as soon as you get your             certificate comes in so
                                                                 certificate. The deadline           be sure to open it.
  Emily Wadle, Marketing Specialist                              is September 30th (or
                                                                                                  At this time we do not know
                                                                 until funding runs out).                                                                 how long this program will
                                                              2. Certificate date—not             last or if it will be renewed
  Steve Pedersen,                                                inspection date                  for 2011. We encourage
  Organic Inspector                                              Be mindful that the date         you to take advantage of the
  515-281-7608                                                   the certificate is issued        program while it is available.
                                                                 determines eligibility, not
                                                                                                  For additional assistance or
                                                                 when the inspection oc-
                                                                                                  questions regarding the
                                                                                                  cost-share program, contact
                                                                                                  Mary Nieland.

                                                            F ARM TO S CHOOL
                                                            D IRECTORY I NFORMATION
                                                            CALLING ALL ORGANIC HORT              tify local farmers and the products
                                                            FARMERS — IDALS is seeking            they have. If you have completed
                                                            you. If you have not already com-     the survey and have indicated a
                                                            pleted a fruit and vegetable direc-   willingness to sell to schools, we
                                                            tory application, please do so now.   will be contacting you soon. If you
                                                            We are in the process of putting      haven’t considered this opportu-
                                                            together a directory that school      nity, you may want to. Visit our
                    Finally?                                procurement staff can use to iden-    website for more!

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