17 List Building Techniques All Online Marketers Need by MattBacak


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									17 List Building Techniques All Online Marketers Need
                                                                         By Matt Bacak

List building remains paramount in online marketing because email marketing is still
one of the most effective ways of online marketing. 95% of all the daily internet
users check their emails. They do not only use email to communicate with friends
and relatives, but they use it to receive important information and transactions.

90% of online marketers owe their success to email marketing done right. This starts
with knowing how to build a list which will be responsive to your calls to action. If
you know how to build a responsive list, you are 50% done with email marketing.

This remains a challenge to many online marketers, both new and experienced alike.
Let this article enlighten you on how to build a responsive list:

1. Freebie seekers can be converted into buyers. Set up a squeeze page with a free
give away. Anyone who signs up has some interest in your product.
2. When carrying out article marketing campaign, create a link to your squeeze page
as well.
3. Pay per click is normally attracts targeted visitors. Make sure the PPC links go to
your squeeze page.
4. Swap ads with someone's list. Just make sure that both of you are in the niche.
You would want electronics subscribers for your weight loss campaign.
5. List building is all about quality, not quantity. I would rather have 800 responsive
subscribers than 5000 who would never read my emails.
6. When you promise to give something, make sure you do it first and fast. Don't
steal the show with sales pages; your visitors will be annoyed.
7. Try as much as you can to over deliver when getting opt-ins. This will make it
easier to gain the trust of your subscribers.
8. Double opt-ins are normally preferred to single opt-ins. This is to confirm that you
are receiving real emails and not fake ones.
9. One Time Offer (OTO) can amazingly increase the number of your subscribers for
free. In some cases, this would come with some profit.
10. If you are providing one time offers, single opt-ins would work for you.
Otherwise, double opt-in is the best.
11. Be careful when buying clicks, you might get fooled by fake opt-ins which are
generated by robots. These will never convert into sales.
12. If you want to buy solo ads, some of the safest places I know of are the
warriorforum and Safe-Swaps.com.
13. If you are not sure about the quality of opt-ins you are buying, try 50 or 100
clicks and observe the reaction. This will guide you on whether to continue or not.
14. Choose a good email marketing service to help you plan and manage your list.
This will assist in automation and improve your email marketing campaigns.
15. Avail a shareable product after opting in to go viral. Put a link to your squeeze
page in the product and watch.
16. Do not hype too much on your squeeze page. It will make your subscribers feel
lied to.
17. Set a goal on the number of subscribers you want to have on your list on a daily
basis. Hold yourself accountable.

There are many strategies to making money on the internet, but nothing makes
sense unless you have a big list. Email Marketing is the most profitable way to make
money on the internet. When you build a list of hot and hungry prospects you control
your future. Discover how to use the internet and turn your computer into a cash
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