Proactive Crisis Management Through Internal Crowdsourcing

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					Proactive Crisis
Management Through
Internal Crowdsourcing
Recognize a potential
crisis in the early stages
and it can more easily be
prevented from escalating.
If a crisis does ensue, early
detection enables more
effective mitigation.
Spot the Unpredictable
We would love to
have the ability to
spot every potential
crisis situation...
…but it’s just not
possible from the
comfort of
To have an effective and
workable crisis management
plan, gather the most
current information possible
at ground-zero.
How can your company
better detect a brewing crisis
in the early stages?
How can it facilitate the
efforts of the crisis
management team to cope
with ongoing crises?
How do you get an
accurate, up-to-the-
minute view of a
The Power of Internal
Internal crowdsourcing
uses the eyes and ears
of your staff to gather
critical information in
People on the scene can
provide valuable
intelligence about a
smoldering issue and
report new issues that
would otherwise be missed.
* This is not your
typical crowdsourcing.
It does not involve
social media.
Internal crowdsourcing
involves a tightly
controlled internal
group of people
involved in private
What types of “on-the-
ground” information can
internal crowdsourcing
• Real-time eyewitness intelligence
• Crisis response field reports
• Suspicious activity
• Safety risks and hazardous
• After-action assessments
• And more…
awareness and
safety are improved.
Reaction time is
Have a Direction
You don’t want to just hand
someone a laptop and tell
them to crowdsource some
You need to go in with a
1. Determine your goals
   and share them clearly
   with everyone who will be
   involved with internal
2. Decide how you will
   aggregate and utilize the
3. Consider how that
   information can best be
   used to direct your crisis
   management strategy.
A New Type of
Crowdsourcing Tool
A new crisis
application that
makes internal
True 2-way communication
 • Detailed messages
 • Forms
 • Checklists
 • Photos
 • Location-based services
Push a request for
information to specific
groups of people, then
receive detailed
Crowdsourcing is just one of the many
ways EarShot can be used:
• Security status checks
• Communications with field
• Reporting damage and safety issues
• Severe weather reports
• Remote surveys
• And more…
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    Proactive Crisis
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Description: Internal crowdsourcing is a relatively new way to use the eyes and ears of your employees to avert a crisis or reduce the impact of a crisis. (It does NOT involve social media.) Learn what it is and some strategies for using it in your organization.