CO2-2000 Carbon Dioxide Detection & Control Unit
                                                                                                   December 2004


                                          Features:                                     Applications:

                                          Two Standard Ranges:                          Working environments
                                          0-2000PPM and 0-5000PPM
                                                                                        Conference rooms
                                          Digital Readout of PPM values
                                          SPST Relay output contact at a
                                          user adjustable setpoint                      Workout room/Gym

                                          4-20mA output                                 HVAC/Ventilation

This state-of-the-art instrument           The CO2-2000 monitor provides a           Unlike other models, its simple user
measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2)              continuous, accurate reading of           interface has no complicated menus:
concentrations in the parts per million    indoor CO2 levels, making it easy to      all maintenance and calibration
(PPM) range and is ideal for               maintain an optimum level of fresh        operations are easily performed even
applications ranging from conference       air.                                      on units with no LCD display
rooms to home gyms.
                                           The CO2-2000 is easy to install and       The CO2-2000's versatility is
Fresh air contains 350-400PPM CO2.         support. Measurement output is via        enhanced by options to satisfy most
Human respiration and combustion           a 4 - 20mA current loop or a 0-10V        applications. The clear, bright 0.4"
by-products from furnaces, fireplaces      interface. A completely isolated          high LCD display option is readable
and household appliances can easily        power supply eliminates any ground        from any angle for installations where
raise indoor levels above 2000PPM.         loop or electrical interaction problems   local annunciation of the CO2
With your CO2-2000 you can watch           when multiple units are connected to      concentration is desired. For direct
CO2 levels rise as people enter a          the same controller. Low power            control applications the relay option
room.                                      consumption makes the CO2-2000            can be configured to open or close
                                           perfect for battery-operated or other     above the setpoint and is easily
According to the National Institute of     power-sensitive applications.             adjusted in the field. For plenum
Occupational Safety and Health,                                                      sampling requirements, the popular
increased levels of CO2 may                The CO2-2000's single gas                 duct option is easy to install.
contribute to "Sick Building               verification makes field calibration a
Syndrome" and symptoms such as             snap, and its superior design means
hyperventilation,       headache,          significantly longer calibration
dizziness, shortness of breath, and        intervals.

CO2-2000 Carbon Dioxide detection & control unit                                                                             Technical Data:
Operating principle                     :    Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Gas sampling method                     :    Diffusion (Duct mounting kit optional)
Measurement range                       :    0-2000PPM (0-5000PPM optional)                                  Typical specifications
Power requirements                      :    18 - 30V DC or 18-30Vrms AC
                                                                                                             Supply, install and connect at
                                             (110V AC Transformer available)
                                                                                                             locations shown on plans a required
Measurement accuracy                    :    ± 5% of reading                                                 number Acme CO2-2000 CO2
Repeatability                           :    ± 20PPM                                                         Detection Units.
Recommended calibration                 :    2 years
                                                                                                             Units shall be state-of-the-art solid
Warm up time                            :    1 minute
                                                                                                             state instruments measuring CO2
Power consumption                       :    Less than 1 watt                                                concentrations in a range of
Operating temperature range             :    0-50º C (32-120º F)                                             0-2000PPM         (or    optionally
Operating humidity range                :    5-95% RH, non-condensing                                        0-5000PPM ).
Voltage output (linear)                 :    0-10V DC full scale standard - field adjustable
                                                                                                             The Unit shall employ a Non-
Current output (linear)                 :    4-20mA (Loop : 400Ω maximum)                                    Dispersive Infrared sensor with no
CO Sensor/Transmitter
Optional LCD display                    :    4 digits, 0.4” high
                                                                   Cat. No.: CO-ST                           moving parts.
Optional relay setpoint range           :    0 to full scale
                                                                                                             Standard unit shall be for diffusion
Optional relay contact rating           :    3A @ 24V AC
                                                                                                             type monitoring. OPTION: Unit
Case Dimension                          :    135mm x 135mm x 35mm (5.25” X 3.25” X 1.4”)                     shall be provided with a duct
Enclosure material                      :    Satin finish, high impact plastic                               mounting kit should this method of
                                                                                                             monitoring be desired.

                                                                                                             The unit shall have an accuracy of
Typical wiring diagram                                                                                       no greater than ±5% of reading and
                                                                                                             shall require calibration only at a
                                                                                                             5-year interval.

                                                                                                             The unit shall have a 4-20mA
                                                SCREW                                                        current and a 0-10V DC voltage
                                                ACCESS                                                       output linear over its entire
                                                                                                             measuring range.

                                                                                                             The unit shall have a normally open
   OUTPUTS                             WIRE                                                                  (N.O.) relay output contact factory
                        -3            ACCESS               1+     POWER IN                                   set to close at 1000PPM. The relay
     4-20 mA                                                                                                 shall have a contact rating 3A @
                        +4                                 2-     24V AC or DC
  N.O. contact                                                                                               24V AC.

                                                                                                             The CO2-2000 shall be powered
                                                                                                             from a fused 24V AC circuit and
                                                                                                             shall not consume more than 1 watt
                                                SCREW                                                        at full load.

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  The information provided by this bulletin is a general description of ACME UNITS. All specifications are subject to change without notice.    2
   Installation, maintenance and other instructions provided with the equipment shall be closely followed by installers, owners and users.

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