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									                          Greenhouse Program Work Team Track
                            Thursday November 18 8AM-12PM
Our session is set up to be useful to educators with any greenhouse connection - ornamental, vegetable,
consumer, commercial.

8:00-8:30AM    Introduction to Greenhouse Resources in NYS
               Elizabeth Lamb, NYS IPM; Neil Mattson and John Sanderson, Cornell University
               Many resources exist to help with your greenhouse questions from Cornell, NYS IPM, and
               private industry. From insects and disease to fertilizers and plant culture, you’ll learn where to
               go to get your greenhouse questions answered.

8:30-9:15AM    Fuel Alternatives for Heating Greenhouses
               Neil Mattson, Assistant professor and Floriculture Extension Specialist, Dept. of Horticulture
               In recent years NYS greenhouse operations have identified skyrocketing energy costs as their
               greatest challenge. Find out what alternatives are available for more affordably heating a
               greenhouse. Learn practical tips to save on heat right away and explore if high tunnels (NO
               heating costs!) are right for you.

9:15-10:00AM Fun with Fertilizers
             Neil Mattson, Assistant Professor and Floriculture Extension Specialist, Dept. of Horticulture
             The reason your plant is turning yellow and refusing to grow may be lack of proper nutrients.
             Through hands-on exercises, we’ll explore what common nutrient disorders look like and we’ll
             learn how to solve the most common nutrient problems in containerized plant production.

10:00-10:30AM Break

10:30-12 noon Biocontrol: Beyond Lady Bugs
              Elizabeth Lamb, Coordinator of Ornamentals, NYS Integrated Pest Management and
              John Sanderson, Associate Professor, Dept. of Entomology
              Not all bugs are bad! With microscopes and living bugs, we'll learn about several insects
              beneficial in the greenhouse and landscape, what they help control, and the best way to use

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