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					The story of the Egyptorians is still unsolved; archaeologist Dr. Howard Carter
has made an astonishing discovery that King Tutankhamen (a pharaoh of
Egypt) wasn’t buried or even mummified. At this point we believe that King
Tutankhamen has been buried at a different location. Though the royals saw
the tomb, located in one of the 80 pyramids at the Valley of the Kings where
everyone thinks their relative was buried the coffin was removed nothing but
shrouds and small sentinels were found. The case has been moved to further
measures for inspection. We recorded a piece of hieroglyphics saying: he
says: hear my voice, do not avoid my words, and do not unite your heart from
what I tell you. Do not let your heart stray from god, praise the king, may you
love him, as a worker. The Egyptians believed in 12 gods: Ra the sun god,
Osiris god of the underworld, Isis wife of Osiris, Horus son of Osiris, Seth evil
brother of Osiris, Thoth god of scribes and wisdom, Hathor godess of music
and love, Sobek god of crocodiles, sekhemet godess of vengeance, Anubis
god of embalmers, bastet god of cats and home, Bes god of the household.
Howard finally cracked the case the body of Tutankhamen’s body is in the
underground tunnel in the Nile River next to a model of Sobek the god of
crocodiles and buried with him is $500,000,000 worth of gold. So once again
Howard has cracked the case!!!!!!!!!!

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