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   By Rin
    How do earthworms help the
• Earthworms live in the ground and help to
  improve the soil. Also earthworms help
  feed on dead plant material that is found in
  the soil. This is why some people say an
  earthworm eats its way through the soil.
       What do worms look like?

• Earthworms are long, thin, and soft. Their
  head is rounded and their tail is more
  pointed. Earthworms do not have legs.
         Where do worms live?

• Earthworms live in 6 feet borrows. Also
  they live in water.
         What do worms eat?

• Earthworms eat leafs and dead plants.
  Also they eat animal they find in soil.
              Worm facts

• Worms have several hearts. Also they do
  not have eyes or ears. Worms fill up with
  slimy liquid. It keeps their skin moist.
  Some earthworms can grow to 11 feet.
  Worms live for 10 years. Earthworms are
  called night crawler. Worms have 20,000
  species. Worms has no gills or lungs.
               Works cited
• Worms by Jill Bailey
• Life Cycle of an Earthworm by Andrew Hipp
• Let’s Look at Earthworms by Suzanne Paul
            About the author
• My name is Rin. I am in 3rd grade. I am from
  Japan. I like to play with Lego and I like to play
  video games. My favorite food is sushi. Also I
  love to play baseball. My favorite baseball team
  is the Braves. Also I love to go on trips. My
  favorite place that I went is California. The best
  place at California was San Francisco. We went
  to Japan town. We went to eat Japanese food.
  The food was great. I really had fun and it was
  the greatest trip that I went on with my family.

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