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					orbeo is the joint-venture between                  A full range of CO2 related
Rhodia and Société Générale that
combines industrial, environmental and
financial expertise dedicated to
                                                    instruments and services
greenhouse gas emission reductions.

With the takeover of OneCarbon
International BV in 2009, orbeo benefits
from an extensive portfolio of high
quality emission reduction projects, and        Calgary                             Paris   Cologne
                                                                                                    Istanbul         Beijing
a widened geographic presence.                                         New York Barcelona                                       Seoul
                                             North Saltillo                                                                             Tokyo

Combined with its trading and marke- America
                                                                                    Middle East                                Asia-Pacific
ting skills, orbeo offers its clients a wide        Latin                                                      Singapore
range of innovative and diversified                America                             Africa
                                                                               Sao Paulo
products and services.
                                                 Santiago de Chile                                Johannesburg

Covering the whole carbon value chain,
orbeo is among the leading buyers and
sellers of CO2 products (680 Mt CO2
traded in 2009).                                        - -

Origination                                               Trading                                          Distribution
      Identification                                CO2 Instruments                                         Risk management
  and implementation                               Liquidity Provider                                       solutions linked
  of greenhouse gas                                                                                        to CO2 emissions
        emission                                   Over the Counter
                                                                                                               Kyoto Credits (CERs, ERUs)
   reduction projects                              Transactions via Exchanges
                                                                                                               European Union Allowances
 Developing CDM, JI                                   ECX
 and voluntary projects                               (European Climate Exchange)                              Options

 Covering all types of technology                     BlueNext                                                 Primary CER
 fields and applications
                                                      CCX                                                      VER
 Unique access to project finance                      (Chicago Climate Exchange)

 Managing project risks                               MCeX
 from cradle to delivery                                  (Montreal Climate Exchange)
                                                    Innovative and reliable
                                                    solutions to secure

                                                                                                                                                      Printed with natural inks using paper issued from forests managed under PEFC/1031-1289. Member of Imprim Vert network.
                                                    and maximize your supply
                                                    of carbon credits
                                                    orbeo uses its industrial expertise to identify and develop CDM projects
                                                    for third parties, and is currently working on about 100 projects. orbeo
                                                    can facilitate the relationship with Société Générale network to provide
                                                    collateralized loans with an Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement (ERPA),
                                                    which allow the implementation of new kind of projects.

    A technical background coming                   CO2 Origination                                       CO2 Operations
    from Rhodia’s experience
    and a large CER dealer                          Developing CDM, JI                                    Managing project risk
                                                    and voluntary projects                                from cradle to delivery
    orbeo benefits from Rhodia’s
    South Korean and Brazilian projects’            Covering all types of technology                      Fast track registration
    CER portfolio. Since 2006, Rhodia               fields and applications                                and insurance
    has had a 15% market share in issued
                                                    Unique access to project                              Ensuring and maximizing
    CERs worldwide.                                 finance                                                carbon revenues
    This important flow of CERs gives

                                                                                                                                                      Nature & Impressions.
    a competitive advantage to orbeo,               Securing carbon revenues                              Methodology, process
                                                    with privileged access                                and engineering know-how
    then able to answer tenders requiring           to secondary market
    a large volume of CERs.

                                               Know-how to develop, register and monitor Kyoto projects

    How can we help you? orbeo’s origination offer
    Signature of an ERPA*                      2   SERVICE AGREEMENT
                                                   Involving orbeo’s CO2
                                                   Operations team
                                                                                                   3       MARKETING AGREEMENT
                                                                                                           Involving orbeo’s marketing
                                                                                                           & trading team

    For a part or 100%                             Project Design Document writing                         Market intelligence for CERs
    of CER volumes by 2012                         + Methodology development                               selling strategy
                                                   (if needed)
    With Floor and / or Indexed Price                                                                      Marketing and trading services
                                                   CDM Feasibility and Engineering
    Competitive offer for post-2012                studies                                                 Assistance on CER sale
    volumes (upon negotiations)                                                                            between the Project Developer
                                                   Validation and Registration                             and third parties
    * Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement       processes

                                                   Assistance to Emission Reductions
                                                   monitoring, verification, issuance

                                                            Tour Société Générale-SW7 - 17 cours Valmy - 92987 Paris La Défense cedex - France                                  Tel: + 33 1 58 98 28 27 (France) - Tel: + 86 10 844 77 053 (China) - Tel: + 55 11 3741 3793 (Brazil)
                                                  E-mail: (Europe, Middle East, Africa) ; ;

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