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									Note to Preparer: Remove this yellow highlighted area and the yellow highlighted sentence below if student is a U.S.
citizen or permanent resident. Signatures may be electronic and the letter sent by email only.
                                           Teaching Assistant Offer Letter
 To:                                                                              Date :
 Address:                                                                          Email:
 Program Making Offer :                  Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington

 Congratulations, according to our previous exchanges, you have accepted an appointment as a Teaching Assistant.
                          3:                                                                            4                          5
 Exact Position Title                                                                Apx. Hours/Wk :                         % FTE       %
                      3                                           6                                         6
 Monthly Salary :                                             From :                                    To :
                  7                                                                                                    7
 Budget Name :                      Epidemiology                                                        Budget No :
                                     8                                                                                        8
 Appointment Renewable :                    Yes                   No                X           No. of Renewal Quarters :
 Eligible for Graduate Appointee Insurance (GAIP)*:                         Yes:                                No:
 Eligible to Purchase Student Sickness & Accident Insurance                              Yes:                          NA:
 Eligible for Tuition Waiver Except Student Fees (~$500/qtr)                        Yes                               No
 Partial tuition support from another source :                    Yes:             No:          Apx. Tuition Owed for Year:
 Covered by UW/UAW Union Contract                       Yes                   X                  No
 Position Involves Work with Biospecimens or Patients                        Yes                                  No         X
 Position Description :
 *If this is less than a 50% FTE RA/TA/SA position (20hr/wk), you will not be eligible for insurance & tuition unless you will hold another graduate
 RA/TA/SA (not fellowship) that will make your total 50% at/through the UW, or a fellowship that provides GAIP and some tuition by itself. In you
 have RA/TA/SA positions totaling >= 50%, or you are awarded a fellowship that pays part of tuition, your RA/TA/SA salary(ies) will be lowered
 to the “with benefits” rate (Schedule 1). The salary will be paid at the standard UW rate for student’s degree coding level even if you are
 student from a department with a higher pay scale or have been paid at a higher rate in the past.

 You should read about teaching on the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) website, which will contain information
 about how to teach, run lab, quiz and discussion sections, as well as how to develop a teaching portfolio for future job
 applications. If you are new TA, you should attend the TA/RA Conference in mid- to late September. Experienced TA’s
 may attend. CTL offers an Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium in spring as well as “Fostering Future Faculty” (email Consulting on many teaching topics is also available. Information on all of the above is at International students from non-exempt countries must pass the
 Versant English Test and attend the International Teaching Assistant Program even if completely fluent in English.

 Please read carefully the notes at They contain critical insurance and
 registration requirements. If you accept this position, you are agreeing to the applicable conditions listed there.

If the above grid indicates that you are eligible for GAIP, you must read the summary below, including eligibility, dependent
enrollment deadlines, registration requirements and other regulations:

 This position is eligible to join the UAW/UW union. If you do not join, you will be charged a service fee. Information is at

 Email Response Deadline
 Return the entire letter with your signature and information to Epi Payroll* by the deadline.

 I am looking forward to working with you. If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to contact me. You may
 contact Kate O’Brien at or 206-685-1762 about general administrative questions concerning graduate student


 Faculty Signature above
 Faculty Name and Degree(s):
 Faculty Title(s):
 Faculty Address:
 Faculty Email:                                                               Faculty phone(s):
_____   I accept this award and agree to the enclosed and sited conditions and to those usually
        associated with service as a University of Washington Academic Service Employee.
_____   I decline this award.

Email faculty supervisor & copy as soon as possible & no later than deadline about your
decision. Sign & return copy of entire letter by deadline to Epi Payroll* below. Keep original for yourself.

Signature                                 Printed Name                                      Date

Please provide your contact information below for each offer:
Street Address:
City:                  State/Province:                     Zip:                     Country:
Email(s):                                                     Phone(s)

    Notify about all offers.
    Send letter with signature to RA (union rules) as pdf email attachment to student.
    *Send a copy of signed offer letter to Epi Payroll Coordinator, F-263A HSC, Box 357236, U of Washington, Seattle, WA
      98195,, Fax 206-543-8525. (Use fax or pdf email attachment if within 2 weeks of start date.)
    Upon receipt of the student’s acceptance, send it to Epi Payroll*.

STUDENT NEW HIRE FORMS: If you accept this award and have not held a UW position, complete items 1-5 below
(Nos. 1 & 2 required within 2 days after the appointment start date), and No. 6 for an international student/permanent
resident. Provide originals to Epi Payroll* on time or your insurance could be delayed a month or more. If you
have held a UW appointment, but there has been a lapse since that time, complete No. 1 and 2 below.

*Epi Payroll office is in Health Sciences F263, Box 357236 (
1. I-9: Read the the 2 page of the form carefully. You must make an
    appointment to bring the required items within 2 days after the start date to turn in the original signed form.
2. You must bring your original social security card to the Epi Payroll.
3. Conviction/Criminal History Information and Washington State Patrol Background Check: (Requires original signature.) Washington
    State Patrol form:
4. Obtain Employee ID (EID) from or employing department once appointment has been entered.
5. Procedures to handle as soon as you receive Employee ID (EID).
    a. Go to
          Select Faculty/Staff & Employee Self-service.
          Follow additional directions below.
          W4: Under “Taxes”. Enter zero if you’d don’t want additional withholding; it cannot be left blank.
          Direct Deposit Form—Under “Earnings”:
              o It requires a U.S. Account. You will need the bank routing number and your account number.
              o Obtain your first paycheck from Epi Payroll Office* or your employing department.
              o Select Earnings & Direct Deposit.
          Affirmative Action Data Form: Bullet under Employee Self-Service section. Click yellowish bar for form.
          Update Contact Information right away or you will not receive important job-related information.
              o Under Address enter current home mailing address and
              o Campus Address: Contact faculty supervisor to learn if you will have desk & obtain campus address.
              o You may use the Epi address if you will be an Epi student and have no other office: Your Name,
                   Epidemiology, 357236, U of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195.
6. International & Permanent Resident Requirements:
International Students/Permanent Residents must provide forms below (as applicable) with original signatures to Epi
Payroll* by deadline.
     I-9: Read Epi Payroll Office must see & copy your
         valid passport & I-1-551 stamp or I-94 form. You cannot complete I-9 until you arrive.
     UW Form 1007:
     W-4: International students from most countries are only allowed to claim one deduction. Consult Contact Lichang Wong at or 206-221-2621, if web site
         does not answer your question. Complex questions can only be answered by professional tax consultant.
                                       Teaching Assistant Job Description
 TA Name*:
 Course Name/Number*
 Class Time/Location*:
 Office Room No. (if applicable)
                                       TA Training Conference in September if new TA See
 Required Training
TA’s read & use the teaching resources at
(Read all the way to the bottom of the website.)

Double click the desired box and choose “checked” to select.

Teaching Duties
   Must attend TA Orientation if new TA at UW                        Maintain (update) web page
   Attend lectures [all_X_, most___]                                 Develop and maintain electronic bulletin boards,
   Conduct problem section meetings                                  discussion sites, etc.
   Facilitate discussions                                            Prepare lecture materials
   Prepare lectures for quiz sections                                Present lecture(s)
   Prepare review materials                                          Prepare PowerPoint presentations
   Hold extra review sessions for exams                              Prepare overheads
   Hold regular office hours _3_hrs/wk                               Prepare handout materials
   Tutor students                                                    Review literature
   Manage/respond to course-related e-mail                           Place course materials on library reserve
   Act as liaison/mediator between student and
   professor                                                     Logistics
   Grade homework                                                   Arrange logistics for guest speakers
   Prepare test questions                                           Obtain room for review sessions
   Proctor exams                                                    Operate video camera on occasion
   Score exams                                                      Request or acquire necessary equipment
   Maintain homework & grading records                              Attend instructor/TA meetings
   Calculate quarter grades                                         Review textbooks for use
                                                                    Order textbooks
Course Preparation/Facilitation
   Prepare web page for course materials                         Other
   Maintain (update) web page and/or course materials               Other duties as assigned & as detailed below.

 Other specific duties:
 (This box expands as you type)

 Evaluation Procedures*:           TA’s classroom teaching will be observed by instructor at least once/quarter.
                                   Instructor will also monitor formal & informal feedback from students and
                                   performance of duties indicated above. Evaluation criteria will include timely
                                   attendance & completion of tasks; student evaluations of TA; quality of TA
                                   interactions with students; clarity of TA’s explanations; clarity, accuracy and
                                   presentation of teaching, & course materials prepared by TA; interest and
                                   presentation of lecture(s) delivered by TA (if applicable) & accuracy of record-
                                   keeping;. Evaluation will also be based on timely and satisfactory completion of
                                   all of the activities identified as responsibilities of the TA. In addition, the TA will
                                   be evaluated on effective communication with the course instructor, outside
                                   speakers, if applicant and students.
                                   Other factors:
                                   TA Evaluation Form:
                                                                                TA_offer_Letter_Template.docx, Revised 2/21/13

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