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					   Translator Module Overview
• The new Translator Module for WebIEP offers a
  means for producing high quality IEP forms
  printed in Spanish.
• The module is specifically designed for a district
  translator to translate a completed IEP post-
  meeting. It is not designed for use at an IEP
• Our goal is to improve the productivity of a
  district’s translator.
   How to set the Spanish mode
• The IEP has two fields that must be set to request
   – On EV50 Page 1: The Native Language must
     be “Spanish”.

   – On EV50 Page 9 or EV50A: this question must
     be answered “Yes.” This field is grayed out
     when the Native Language is not Spanish.
Parent Consent

    This selection is the trigger for
    sending the completed IEP to the
    Translator’s work queue.
    This selection must be answered
    PRIOR to completing the IEP.
                Spanish Status
• Once the IEP is completed, and filed to history, the
  status will be set to SPAN = Spanish Translate.
     Regular IEP users can still…
• View a student record
• Print reports
              Regular IEP users
• Can still access Goal Progress and Additional Forms
• Cannot begin a new IEP
• Cannot make corrections
• Once a translator has started work on an IEP, their
  name will be displayed in the hover.
• The translator should be contacted if the IEP must be
  re-opened before the translation is completed.
       Spanish Translator User
• Log in as the Spanish translation user.
• A unique username is required to enter WebIEP as
  a translator.
  Spanish Translator User (cont)

• Users that write IEPs AND do translation will
  require two passwords.
• Translators are assigned to District(s).
• Translators cannot edit or change any part of the
  existing (English) IEP.
      Translator’s Work Queue
• A list of students with Completed IEPS that meet
  the translation criteria will appear:
   – Native Language set to Spanish
   – Parent requested translation set to True
• Once the translation is completed and filed to
  history, the student is no longer visible in the
  translation work queue.
  Translator’s Work Queue (cont)

• Only IEPs still needing translation are listed.
               Translator Notes
• Select the student to work with, and the screen for
  Translator Notes becomes available.
          Suspend Translation

• To suspend translation, the translator has the
  ability to set the status back to CMP.

• Once reset to CMP, a regular user is able to begin
  a new IEP or make an IEP correction, like normal.
       Suspend Translation (cont)

• The student is no longer visible in the translation work
• The “Parent requested translation” question must be
  re-answered before the English IEP is completed and
  filed to history.
• The student will once again be listed on the list of
  students needing translation.
        Program Functionality
• The functionality of the Spanish Module is similar
  to the English IEP side.
   – Student Searching capabilities
   – Screen layout is parallel to English IEP
   – Validations
   – Printing
   – Filing to History
Spanish Form 1
              Spanish Screens
• The new screens have additional fields for free-
  form text entry that are labeled: “Spanish
• The translators cannot change the original fields of
  English Text.
• Fields that are proper names, dates, pull down
  selections, and checkboxes do not require
Modified Data Entry Screens

                  The English fields
                  are read only.

                  Translator enters Spanish
                  Translation here.
              More Examples
• Spanish Translation fields are easy to see.
More Examples
           More Examples
Pull down selections
are displayed in English…

                 …and printed in Spanish.
    Printing Spanish IEP Forms

• Printing the IEP forms would be done in the same
  manner as the current IEP.
• The translator would have a special menu for
  selecting only the Spanish forms as we can see in
  the next slide.
Translator’s Print Menu
• The data in the blue fields prints on the forms.
• If no translation is needed, copy the text from the
  white field to the blue field.
• If left blank, nothing will print for that field.

                                      Copy the data from the
                                      English text field and paste
                                      into Spanish text field

• Since translators only work on completed IEPs
  which have been validated, IEP validations are
  limited to text fields.
• Validations take the form of warnings and check
  for the completion of Spanish text when there is a
  corresponding English field completed.
• All validations except for the Translator Name are
• Data will not print if it is not keyed into the blue
  text boxes.
Filing Completed IEP to History

• After the translator has translated all the required
  text fields, the IEP would be filed to History using
  a similar process as the Regular IEPs.
• From the History screen, the completed Spanish
  IEP PDF would be available to all users like any
  other completed history.
• Spanish Translations are marked as such in the
                IEP Status

• Once the translation is completed and saved to
  History, the student is removed from the
  translator’s work queue.
• Student’s IEP status is changed to CMP.
             Form Changes
• What is the process when forms change before an
  IEP is translated?
   – No input access to previous WebIEP versions
   – Offer blank set of dated forms
   – Use attachments for form differences
   – Will receive advance notice of form changes to
     allow completion of translations in progress
   – Since Validations are warnings, IEPS can still
     be filed to history
        Resuming Translation
• What if the English user makes an IEP correction
  and does not file the IEP back to history?
   – Translation cannot resume until the IEP is
     completed and filed back to history.
• What if the IEP was not reset to Spanish correctly
  during the IEP?
   – The SPAN status can be reset by the SELPA
     office if the IEP is completed.
        Discussion Questions

• What if the user needs to open a new IEP before
  the translation is completed?

• What if an English user makes changes to the text,
  but the original translation was never completed?

• The goal is to improve the productivity of the
  district translators by having them concentrate
  solely on the fields that require translation
• Future enhancements could include integration
  with automated translation services on the web.

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