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									                                            City of Meridian – Building Services
                                                  33 East Broadway Ave., Suite # 102
                                                         Meridian, ID 83642
                                                 (208) 887-2211 Fax (208) 887-1297

           Tenant Improvement - Submittal Requirements
This checklist provides information regarding the minimum requirements necessary before submitting a
tenant improvement to Building Services for plan review and permit issue. If complete, we will accept
your project. Incomplete projects that do not contain the minimum requirements will not be accepted.

When all minimum requirements contained in this checklist are complete you are ready to submit for
plan review. The design professional is required to schedule a plan intake meeting by calling Building
Services at (208) 887-2211. In this meeting, we will review your submittals to determine if we have all
of the required information. If complete, we will accept your submittals. The submittal fee is $150 for
all tenant improvements. This is non-refundable and included as a portion of the plan review fees.

After the project has been submitted and all plan reviews are complete the applicant will be notified that
the permit is available for pick up. The permit is typically issued within 15 business days or less after
the plan intake meeting for major tenant improvements. Minor tenant improvements meeting certain
criteria will be complete within 3 business days. Sometimes additional review time is necessary. The
total permit fee will be required when the permit is received.

Applicants shall submit plans to Ada County Highway District for major tenant improvements. For
minor tenant improvements please see item 1.5 on page 2. You must submit page 8 of this checklist
with the required items to ACHD. Your building permit will not be issued until ACHD provides
Meridian Building Services with the “impact fee certificate” or “impact fee assessment”.

If food is stored, handled or manufactured, Central District Health Department approval is required prior
to your submittal to Meridian Building Services.

All plan submittals must be stamped (sealed), dated and signed by an Idaho state licensed architect
regardless of size. Stamped & signed mechanical drawings from a licensed mechanical engineer are
required for spray booths, woodworking areas, classrooms, nail salons, kitchens and automotive repair
facilities. Additional submittals may be required at any time if determined necessary by the Building

Every tenant improvement requires a simple Meridian Planning Department sign off. In some instances,
a use change for a tenant improvement could require an application and approval with the Planning

Commercial shell and core projects must be approved and the building permit issued before you may
submit a tenant improvement project at the same location. The shell must have received a letter of
substantial completion (LSC) from Building Services before a certificate of occupancy (CO) will be
issued for any tenant improvement within the shell building. Please verify with Building Services.
     Tenant Improvement Itemized Requirements                                  June 5, 2009        2

 1.0 Itemized Requirements for Plan Intake
 1.1 _____ Tenant Improvement Building Application (Page 5). Meridian Planning must sign off at
           the bottom of this application. (208) 884-5533.

 1.2 _____ Form PW-100 This address/suite verification document is required. You must provide
           an additional copy to Ada County Highway District. (see item 1.5 below). Call Public
           Works at (208) 898-5500 to obtain. Address and suite must be on the plan cover sheet.

 1.3 _____ Certificate of Value Form (Page 6)

 1.4 _____ Central District Health Department Plans must be stamped “approved” by the health
           department if food product is to be stored, handled or manufactured. (208) 327-7499

 1.5 _____ ACHD You are required to submit page 8 separately to ACHD for any major tenant
           improvement. ACHD will email the impact fee certificate or assessment directly to
           Building Services and is required before the permit is issued. Minor tenant improvements
           may be exempt from ACHD review and submittal but must meet certain criteria. (No
           increase to tenant space or building, no change of use, occupant load must be 49 or less,
           limited scope, no hazardous or high piled storage. Building Services will make the final
           determination at the plan intake meeting). ACHD - (208) 387-6100.

 1.6 _____ Form CS (pg.3) Code summary, egress and calculations shall be on the cover sheets.

 1.7 _____ Form PS (pg.4) Plumbing summary and calculations shall be on the plan cover sheets.

 1.8 _____ Two Hardcopy Plan Sets All information on form CS and form PS must be included on
           the plan cover sheet with the correct address and suite as stated on form PW-100. The
           cover sheet shall include a key plan and show the entire building all existing tenant spaces
           and the area of construction. Architect stamp, date and signature are required.

 1.9 _____ TWO CD-ROM containing all project files in (PDF) format Building Services will
           verify one disc contains (PDF) files with all plan sheets stamped, signed and dated. The
           project disc must contain all energy compliance statements, stamped structural
           calculations, project specifications and other related construction data that is being
           submitted hardcopy for the project. You will submit the second disc to ACHD with pg 8.

1.10 _____ Meridian Fire Department requires two separate PDF files included on the
           CD-ROM (item 1.9 above) for emergency services. Instructions on page 7.

1.11 _____ Mechanical Drawings stamped and signed by a mechanical engineer are required for
           spray booths, wood working areas, nail salons, classrooms, commercial kitchens and
           automotive repair areas.

1.12 _____ 2006 ComCheck Energy Compliance for Electrical & Mechanical
           Available at (envelope is not required). Energy compliance
           statements are required. Submit one hard copy and provide on the CD-ROM.
   Tenant Improvement Itemized Requirements                                   June 5, 2009       3

CODE SUMMARY                                (Form CS)

All plan sets shall include the information on this page and conform to the adopted codes, local
ordinances and amendments. Fill in the blanks below. Provide the adopted codes and code summary
on the plan cover sheet. Has this information and the current adopted codes below been included on
the plan set cover sheets? _______

City of Meridian Adopted Codes

2006 IBC, 2006 IRC, 2006 IFC, 2006 IECC, 2003 IMC, 2003 IFGC, 2003 UPC,
2008 NEC, including local codes and amendments.

Single Use Occupancy Classification                 ___________________________________________
Mixed Use Occupancy Classifications                 ___________________________________________
  Non-Separated (yes / no)                          __________
  Separated (fire barrier yes / no)                 __________
  Fire Wall (separate buildings yes / no)           __________

Actual Building Area (square feet)                  ___________________________________________
Tenant Area (square feet)                           ___________________________________________
Type of Construction assumed for Review             ___________________________________________
Number of Stories                                   ___________________________________________
Automatic Sprinklers (yes/no)                       ________
Fire Alarm/Notification System (yes/no)             ________
Total Designed Occupant Load                        ________

EGRESS                    (2006 IBC Chapter 10 and Section 106.1.2)
Show occupant loads per location by floor area, divided by sq. ft. per person = occupant load. Show
total designed occupant load for all areas and capacity of egress components. Show total number of
exits required and locations and general means of egress. Show exit access: (common path of egress
travel and exit access travel distances). Show exits/exit discharge. Show other means of egress and
accessibility requirements.

Total Number of Exits Required _____ Number of Exits Provided _____
The plans shall clearly delineate the common path of travel. Do they? (yes/no) _____
The plans shall clearly indicate all travel distances from furthest point. Do they? (yes/no) _____

INTENDED USE (provide detailed occupancy use description)
   Tenant Improvement Itemized Requirements                                   June 5, 2009           4

PLUMBING SUMMARY                            (Form PS)

This plumbing summary sheet should reflect all new plumbing and is required for every project.
Please list the total counts of all new items below. Plans must delineate new and existing and all
locations must be shown on the architectural or plumbing sheets.

Is this summary completed below and listed on the plan cover sheet? (yes /no) ______. The code
calculations are required to be shown on the plans. Have the calculations been provided _____?

_____ Water closets                          _____ Laundry tubs
_____ Urinals                                _____ Dishwasher
_____ Floor drains                           _____ Showers
_____ Floor sinks                            _____ Hose bibs
_____ Drinking fountains
_____ Service sinks
_____ Bath Tubs


_____ Total number of single lavatory locations.

_____ Total number of double lavatory locations.
      _____ How many separate drains to each double lavatory location?

_____ Total number of triple lavatory locations.
      _____ How many separate drains to each triple lavatory location?


_____ Total number of single sink locations.

_____ Total number of double sink locations.
      _____ How many separate drains to each double sink location?

_____ Total number of triple sink locations.
      _____ How many separate drains to each triple lavatory location?
     Tenant Improvement Itemized Requirements                               June 5, 2009          5

                    Tenant Improvement Building Application

 1. Form PW-100 required by Public Works (898-5500)
 2. Project Address ________________________________________ (Exact address as issued on PW-100)
 3. Contractor ______________________________Project Name ________________________________

 4. Contractor Registration # _________________Registration Expiration Date ___________________

 5. Contractor Address__________________________________________Phone___________________

 6. Contact Person ______________________ Phone ______________E-Mail _____________________

  Tenant Improvement             = $150.00 Deposit                      OFFICE USE ONLY
  Non-refundable. Applied to total permit fee.
                                                                     Value _____________________

                                                                    Permit Fee ________________
Required Code Design Data from Plan Cover Sheet
                                                                    Plan Check ________________
Total Square Footage _____________
Use /Occupancy Classification______(IBC Chapter 3)                  Total _________________
Occupant Load _________________(IBC Chapter 10)
Automatic Fire Sprinklers _________(Yes or No)                      CDHD (Sign off required on
                                                                    the field inspection card?)

                                                                    YES ______         NO _____

Planning Department Approval ____________________________________Date_________
Planning Department CZC # ___________________ Notes:_________________________________

Design Professional of Record - IBC Section 106

Name ________________________________              Business Name ___________________________
Email ________________________________             Phone___________________________________
(email: used for sending all plan review comments)

                                                          Signature of Applicant
   Tenant Improvement Itemized Requirements                                    June 5, 2009        6

   Certificate of Value Tenant Improvement


Project Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Owner/Tenant: _____________________________________________________________________

The values estimated below will be verified and adjusted if required by the Meridian Building Official
utilizing the most current publication of the building valuation data published by the International Code

Project Value                                                     Value $ _________________
The total project value is used to calculate the building permit fees. This is the total value of all
construction work for which the permit is issued (including overhead and profit). This includes but not
limited to finish work, paint, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, medical gas, process piping, gas
piping, generator, elevators, air conditioning, fire suppression and indication systems as well as
permanent systems and equipment. If owner supplied equipment is not included then a separate permit
must be purchased. The project value should reflect actual complete assessed market and geographic
value. Show trade breakdown below separately as well as included above.

Electrical                                                         Value $ ________________
Total of all work performed (including overhead and profit). This includes but not limited to all
generator, elevator, controls, fire alarm wiring, pools, main services, transformers and all branch panels
and circuits. Include any related structural.

Plumbing                                                            Value $ ________________
Total of all work performed (including overhead and profit). This includes but not limited to water
systems, waste and vent systems, fixtures and equipment, medical gas and vacuum systems, roof drains,
pipe insulation. Include any related structural.

Mechanical                                                           Value $ ________________
Total of all work performed (including overhead and profit). This includes but not limited to fuel piping,
duct systems, ventilation and exhaust, refrigeration, hydronic piping, pipe and duct insulation.
Include any related structural.

I hereby acknowledge the values submitted reflect total project value including labor and material. This
includes permanent and installed systems.

Signature               Printed Name                   Date              Phone            Fax
 Tenant Improvement Itemized Requirements                                    June 5, 2009        7

2.0 Meridian Fire Department

      The following information is integrated into city software for emergency response. It
      provides the most accurate information available on structure design and floor plan.

      A (PDF) Portable Document Format CD-ROM for the entire project is required at the plan
      intake meeting with Building Services. (item 1.9 on page 2). Two single sheet (PDF) files
      (as specified below) for Meridian Fire Department are required on this CD-ROM. You may
      alternatively e-mail the two (PDF) drawing files to
      A basic plan view drawing with no text other than the project name and address in the title

      Single page titled Meridian Emergency Services Floor Plan - A Base Line Floor Plan
      (similar to an evacuation floor plan) that shows mechanical, electrical, fire riser, roof access
      (if provided) and includes all exterior/interior doors, interior walls, windows, stairways,
      elevators with a North arrow (preferred up). If it is a ‘multi-story’ building, include all
      floors. Do not include dimensions or column lines. Drawings should be single black lines.

      Single page titled Meridian Emergency Services Site Plan (if available). This should
      consist of a single line drawing of the building with no dimensions or column lines. Show
      the public street and parking lot location with a North arrow (preferred up) with fire hydrant

      International Fire Code Reference

      105.4.1 Submittals. Construction documents shall be submitted in one or more sets and in
      such form and detail as required by the fire code official. The construction documents shall
      be prepared by a registered design professional where required by the statues of the
      jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed.

3.0 Wastewater Pre-Treatment Requirements
      Refer to the City of Meridian Wastewater Pre-Treatment Ordinance 07-1309 Title 9 Chapter 2.
      Grease, oil and sand interceptors are required. All interceptor units shall be of the type and
      capacity approved by the city. Storm water is not allowed to drain or discharge to the sanitary
      sewer system. For complete details and requirements contact the Wastewater Pre-treatment
      office at (208) 888-2191. (8am – 5pm)
 Tenant Improvement Itemized Requirements                                June 5, 2009       8

4.0 ACHD/Meridian - T.I. Submittal Application

(This form is required at ACHD – ADA County Highway District)

All items below must be complete and submitted with this application to ACHD for
plan review. Incomplete projects that do not contain the minimum Meridian
requirements below will not be accepted by ACHD. Timely completion and submittal
completeness will affect your building permit issue timelines in Meridian.

1. Project Name ________________________________________________________________

2. Address of Project ____________________________________________________________

3. Intended Use ________________________________________________________________
4. Prior Use    ________________________________________________________________

5. _____ One copy of Meridian’s addressing form PW-100. Available by calling (208) 898-5500.

6. _____ Tenant square feet (from code design on plans as required by Meridian Building Services)

7. _____ One project CD-ROM (provide one copy of the PDF project CD as required by Meridian)

8. Meridian Planning Department Certificate of Zoning Compliance Number only if required as a
   result of use change ______________________. Meridian Planning (208) 884-5533.

9. Tenant Improvement Number assigned by ACHD ___________________________________

  Contact Information:
  Applicant Name ________________________________ Phone________________________
  Email ________________________________________ Fax __________________________
  Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________

  Design Professional Name_______________________________________________________
  Phone _________________________________________ Fax __________________________
  Email _________________________________________

 Applicant Signature _______________________________ Date submitted to ACHD_________

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