Chapter 1 by ajizai


									   The Human Mosaic

Human Geography: A Cultural Approach
Aboriginal Painting, Australia. What do you think it depicts?
Catholic Church in Honduras
Buddhist temple in Laos
            I.   Introduction:
►   What is geography?
►   What is culture?
►   What is cultural geography?
►   Power, ideology & postmodernism
►   Five themes in cultural geography:
     1)   Culture Region
     2)   Cultural Diffusion
     3)   Cultural Ecology
     4)   Cultural Interaction
     5)   Cultural Landscapes
What determines the production of wheat worldwide?
                             Generalized model of a Latin American city

Explaining the processes at work shaping Latin American cities.
             Culture Region
►   formal culture regions
►   functional culture regions
►   vernacular culture regions

      terminology: cultural traits, cultural borders,
      border zones, nodes, core-periphery patterns,
      perception and identity
Inuit hunter with his dogsled team
Formal Regions of Europe
based on language and religion
East vs. west and north vs. south in Germany
Traditional rural formal culture regions of North America
Culture regions, traits and boundary (or border) zones
Aerial view of Denver. Can you see any boundary zones?
A valley filled with farms
“Dixie”: a vernacular culture region.
San Fernando Valley (“the valley”, “valspeak”, “valley girl”)
         Cultural Diffusion
                (after Torsten Hägerstrand)

► expansion    diffusion
  contagious, hierarchical, stimulus
► relocation   diffusion

  terminology: independent innovation, time-
  distance decay, absorbing barriers, permeable
  barriers, neighborhood effect, migration,
  transnational migrants & globalization
Types of Cultural Diffusion
Early diffusion of the printing press in Europe
Diffusion of HIV/AIDS in Ohio
According to your textbook, a demonstration
against the deportation of immigrants in
Germany. The banner, however, seems to
address the issue of wars, possibly in Iraq
and Afghanistan.
                    Cultural Ecology
►   Relationship between people & environment

►   Importance of adaptive strategies

►   Different schools of thought:
     a) environmental determinism
         (humans as clay to be molded by a dominant nature)
     b) environmental possibilism
          (local cultures develop within the possibilities offered by
           the environment)
     c) environmental perception
         (choices people make depend on their perception of the
          environment rather than the actual character)
            Organic vs. mechanistic view of nature
     d) humans as modifiers of the earth
         (humans mold nature)
            Ecofeminism? Are women better ecologists and environmentalists?
Environmental determinism, possibilism, & the role of culture
Environmental determinism,
possibilism, & the role of culture
Post-Katrina New Orleans
Soil erosion and deforestation in the Amazon Basin, Brazil
Landslide in El Salvador, Central America, kills more than 1,200 people in 2001.
         Cultural Interaction

► Intertwinedfacets of global cultures
► Interdependencies and uneven
  development throughout the world
► The Human Development Index
   Life expectancy, adult literacy, gross
    domestic product (see images below)
Global culture on the street of
                                      Cultural Geography: Science or Art? Both?

-social scientists develop models to better understand, say, Latin American cities
-humanistic geographers try to understand “place” (topophilia) not seeking “laws”
        Cultural Landscapes
►   visible expressions of culture
         humanized landscapes bear cultural meaning
         the art of reading cultural landscapes
         landscapes of folk vs. popular culture

►   settlement landforms, land division
    patterns, architectural styles, grave
    yards, symbolic landscapes, and the
    power of globalization
Terraced cultural landscapes in China
Yokohama, Japan, at dusk
American ranch house
Market Square in Warsaw
Westmoreland, Imperial Valley, California
Loghouse, Ottawa, Canada
Toronto landscape, Canada
Aboriginal painting / map of Arnhem Land in Australia

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