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PS- VMG_ org struc1.docx by ajizai


									                                          ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE

                                          OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR
                                     MA. THERESA G. VERA, MD, MHA, MSc

  Planning and Management Unit
     Ms. Debbie Rabi (organic)                                       Administrative Unit
     Ms. Headly Velasquez (contractual)                                Ms. Mercedita Flores (organic)
     Ms. Glyn Kempis (contractual)                                     Ms. Teresita Nicolas (organic)
     Ms. Violeta Valerio (organic)                                     Ms. Evelyn Manatad (contractual)
                                                                        Mr. Ronnie Wenceslao (organic)
                                                                        Mr. Dennis Espinosa (detailed)

                                            PROCUREMENT DIVISION
                                            Ms. Minda Marie Gugol (organic)
                                                  OIC Division Chief

Procurement Unit                                                           COBAC Secretariat
   Ms. Wilma Laya (organic)                   Good and other Related Services       Civil Works
   Mr. Joel Baccay (contractual)                Ms. Rafaela Lopez (organic)           Ms. Gloria Rosalio (organic)
   Mr. Alfie Aguilay (contractual)              Ms. Carla Bedeo (contractual)         Mr. Giovanni Agudo (organic)
   Ms. Jemima David (contractual)               Mr. Carlo Sabado (contractual)
   Mr. Jonathan Calvario (contractual)          Ms. Alyanna Buenaobra
                                               Consulting Services                   FAPS
                                                 Mr. Pablo Nabong (organic)            Ms. Lily Rose del Rosario
                                                 Mr. Christian Mojica (contractual)       (contractual)
                                                                                        Mr. Peter Regino (contractual)
                                               FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE

                                                OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR

Planning and Management Unit
1.   Plans activities of the Procurement
     Service/COBAC Secretariat                                       Administrative Unit
2.   Formulates policies/programs                                    1. Provides general administrative services/
3.   Conducts/coordinates training activities                           support such as:
4.   Plans and prepares procurement advocacy                              Receiving/ Releasing
     activities                                                           Human Resource transaction
5.   Conducts monitoring of CHDs and DOH                                  Venue/ Meal Arrangements
     hospitals                                                            Office Supplies Inventory/ Distribution
6.   Maintains database of DOH Procurement                                Transporting Service
     Practitioners/TWG/Point Person
7.   Undertakes procurement price reporting
8.   Manages the Simplified Suppliers Registration

                                                 PROCUREMENT DIVISION

Procurement Unit                                               COBAC Secretariat
1.   Consolidates the PPMPs from various Bureaus/Services      1.   Conducts government/foreign funded procurement
     to come up with the DOH Annual Procurement Plan                activities for goods and services/ civil works/
     (APP) / Supplemental APP (SAPP)                                consulting services
2.   Ensures procurements are in accordance with the DOH       2.   Provides administrative support to the COBAC
     APP                                                       3.   Organizes and makes all necessary arrangements for
3.   Prepares the Notice of Awards (NOA) / Purchase                 BAC and Procurement Oversight Committee meetings
     Orders (PO)/ Contracts/ Notice to Proceed (NTP)                and conferences
4.   Prepares endorsement of all request after the issuance    4.   Prepares Invitation to Bids, Bidding Documents,
     of NTP                                                         Minutes of the Meeting and Resolutions of the BAC
5.   Administers the blacklisting/suspension process           5.   Advertises in the Newspaper/posts in the PhilGEPS
6.   Prepares and submits documents of perfected                    and DOH websites
     transactions to COA, AS-MMD and end-users.                6.   Acts as the central channel of communications for the
7.   Monitors status of the procurement packages                    BAC, TWG, observers and other units
8.   Handles refunds of bidders bond                           7.   Assists in managing the procurement process
9.   Administers procurement with PS-DBM                       8.   Conducts procurements through UN agencies (FAPs

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