Unit 3 by ajizai


									Words at Work
    7th Grade Unit 3
           cardi- heart

cardiac- of or relating to the heart
cardinal number - a number denoting
quantity (one, two, three, etc.), as
opposed to an ordinal number (first,
second, third, etc.).
cardinal- adj. of the greatest
importance; fundamental
           cardi- heart

cardiogram - a record of muscle activity
within the heart made by a cardiograph.
cardiologist- a doctor that practices the
branch of medicine that deals with
diseases and abnormalities of the heart.
cardigan -a knitted sweater fastening
down the front, typically with long
      hema/hemo -Blood
hemophiliac - a person who suffers from the
medical condition in which the ability of the
blood to clot is severely reduced, causing
severe bleeding from even a slight injury.
hemoglobin- a red protein responsible for
transporting oxygen in the blood of
hemagogue- drug or agent that promotes the
flow of blood
              ped- foot

impediment- a hindrance or obstruction in
doing something
pedometer- an instrument for estimating the
distance traveled on foot by recording the
number of steps taken.
pedigree-the recorded ancestry, esp. upper-
class ancestry, of a person or family.
               ped -foot

orthopedics- the branch of medicine dealing
with the correction of deformities of bones or
perspire- give out sweat through the pores of
the skin as the result of heat, physical exertion,
or stress
aspirate- Phonetics pronounce (a sound) with
an exhalation of breath
             ped - foot

pedicure a cosmetic treatment of the feet
and toenails.
pedestrian a person walking along a road
or in a developed area.
             derm -skin

dermatology- the branch of medicine
concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of
skin disorders.
epidermis- the outer layer of cells covering an
organism, in particular
hypodermic-of or relating to the region
immediately beneath the skin.
         spir- air/breath

conspire- make secret plans jointly to
commit an unlawful or harmful act
perspiration- the process of sweating
      Vid/Vis- look, sight

advertisement - a notice or
announcement in a public medium
promoting a product, service, or event or
publicizing a job vacancy
visualize- form a mental image of;
advisor- a person who gives advice,
typically someone who is expert in a
      Vid/Vis- look, sight

visage- a person's face, with reference to
the form or proportions of the features
Envision - imagine as a future
possibility; visualize
    Spec/Spic- look, sight
expectation- a strong belief that
something will happen or be the case
in the future
specification- an act of describing or
identifying something precisely or of
stating a precise requirement
retrospective- looking back on or
dealing with past events or situations
        Spec/Spic- look, sight

•   spectrum- a band of colors, as seen in
    a rainbow, produced by separation of
    the components of light by their
    different degrees of refraction
    according to wavelength.
 Audi/Phon- hearing, sound

Auditorium the part of a theater, concert hall,
or other public building in which the audience
audible able to be heard
auditory of or relating to the sense of hearing
audience- the assembled spectators or listeners
at a public event, such as a play, movie,
concert, or meeting
             Cap- head

captivate- attract and hold the interest
and attention of; charm
capacity-the maximum amount that
something can hold
capital-the most important city or town
of a country or region, usually its seat of
government and administrative center
            Cap- head

capitulate- cease to resist an opponent
or an unwelcome demand; surrender
capitalism- an economic and political
system in which a country's trade and
industry are controlled by private
owners for profit, rather than by the
                Cap- head

•   decapitate-an economic and political
    system in which a country's trade and
    industry are controlled by private owners
    for profit, rather than by the state.
          Neuro- brain

neurology-he branch of medicine or
biology that deals with the anatomy,
functions, and organic disorders of
nerves and the nervous system.
neuron-a specialized cell transmitting
nerve impulses; a nerve cell.
neurobiology- the biology of the nervous
           Manu- hand
manuscript-a book, document, or piece of
music written by hand rather than typed or
manipulate-handle or control (a tool,
mechanism, etc.), typically in a skillful
manumission-act of a slave owner freeing
his or her slaves.
          Manu- hand

manufacture-the making of articles on a
large scale using machinery
manual-of or done with the hands

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