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Topic Peace on the platforms Author Mohammed Abdul Shakur


									                                 Islamic University
Topic: Peace on the platforms
Author: Mohammed Abdul Shakur Ethiopian security
Version Num.: 10
Page Num.: 131
Year of Publication: November 1390 November 1970


Peace on the platforms
Student: Mohammed Abdul Shakur Ethiopian security

What our brothers Septum Rae                After the glory of his redemption of Kings
After him king Horses                         And collapsed in front of the great
Platforms and to their parents                Unable to climb the speakers
And they believed in the highest Moue         Not reach kings and princes
And fractions of fractions Martha              And failure to Caesar and the curve
Serve the kings of Persia and Also              And They are after their own me
It was not their motto (and national), but      Prayers and the prayers of their motto
Over time, they should bless God and                  desert and penalty
Too weak a weapon the West invaded                    despair and fatigue
He went riding delusions and deceptions               forget for his foolish
They follow the enemy in all evil                     And evil and to follow the tradition
They say we build policy                               HD and your hypocrisy construction
How religion and sang heart shame                      And innocent of them, religion
for the Straight Oshawa                              The glory of their fathers please
Abandoned his approach straight preferred           And guidance of Allah is not a torsion
Claim to have lost DS                      The security of mind that goes against the drug?
How to please Tam salvation and the sea                 And successively (1) storms?
And peace on the platforms of the printed         D are the people of His Excellency the sky
Possessed good old souls Alba                    T. Yes, yes, the guidance and the Fathers
What'll be crying that I lived Excellency               And call if he sings call
Regret after the lost pride                             And if it is useless crying crying

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