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					How to organise a competition for National Year of Reading
Many teachers and librarians have asked us if they can run their own National
Year of Reading competitions – and of course we said YES!

Below are some details about running your own version of our Read This! competition

Chances are you have an idea in your head already for the competition. Our Read This! competition
is based on teens telling us what book they think their peers should read in 2012 and then doing a
book reviewer in an original way – such as a poster, poem, song, bake a cake, sew a cushion – you
get the idea. You may have another idea altogether.

You may also like to do the competition on your own for a group of kids, or partner with another
school, library or classroom.

It’s best to draw up the rules of the competition first as this will provide the basis for your
competition. Questions to ask yourself are:
      What ages should I limit this to
      Who will provide the materials
      What is the opening and closing date for entries
      How should entries be submitted (electronically, physically etc)
      What are the prizes
      Who will judge
      Make sure they provide their name, age and other contact information
      Will you display the entries somewhere – do you need their permission to display their
      Make sure there’s a statement about the decision of the Judges shall be final and binding
      You may need to make sure they are aware of copyright rules when they put their entry
         together. Go to if they are confused
         about use of music / images / etc. On this page you will find links to websites that contain
         music and images that you can legally use.

Have a look around at other terms and conditions for competitions.

Prizes can be tricky. Especially if you have no budget. You could either chat with your principal about
getting something simple as a first and second prize. –Or you could visit a local business and see if
they want to provide first and second in return for some promotion?

Treat judging as fun and everyone will want to be involved. Just ask other teachers, librarians or
parents and maybe even the local councillors or school board.

You might want to design your own poster to promote your competition. Feel free to use any of the
logos on our wiki – or see if
someone in marketing or the art department will help. Make sure the kids also help with spreading
the word.

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