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					This document contains a synopsis of enhancements to VistA software that have been developed at local VA
Medical Centers. These local enhancements are called Class III products. These lists do not necessarily represent
the entire list of local modifications that are running at VA Medical Centers. Two lists are provided, that are
distinguished as follows:

CIII Self-Reported Inventory

Class III Desired Nationally
  *Data is current as of 1/8/13
psis of enhancements to VistA software that have been developed at local VA
 nhancements are called Class III products. These lists do not necessarily represent
tions that are running at VA Medical Centers. Two lists are provided, that are

            A listing of CIII products that were self-reported on or before 2009 by VA
            Medical Centers as a result of a data call for this information.
            A listing of CIII products that were submitted by local VA Medical Center
            or VHA Program Office staff for adoption into the National VistA
            software. These CIII products may or may not appear on the CIII Self-
            Reported Inventory.
                    Application Name                 Location
            Executive Briefing Book /
          9 Performance Data Warehouse           VACO - Other

         10 EP Reporting                         Ann Arbor, MI

            Office of Research Oversight (ORO)
         13 Decision Support System            Washington, DC

            GUI QI - User input of any type of
         14 QI Incident ===>> PSO on station     San Francisco, CA
   GUI Health Summary Emergency
15 Backups                               San Francisco, CA
18 M Data Extractor (MDE)                Ann Arbor, MI

19 CEC SCHEDULING                        Ann Arbor, MI
24 MENU                                  Ann Arbor, MI

28 VANOD VistA Data Extractor            San Francisco, CA

34 EMPLOYEE HEALTH                       Ann Arbor, MI
   NT / Exchange Account Request         West Los Angeles,
48 Form                                  CA

                                         West Los Angeles,
49 GLA Research Billing Impact Form      CA
                                         West Los Angeles,
50 DDTP Tracking                         CA

52 E&M DISTRIBUTION MENU                 Northport, NY

53 RENO VESTING SOFTWARE                 Northport, NY

   GPD Residential Care Daily Tracking   West Los Angeles,
54 System                                CA
   VISN 22 OCC Caregiver Resource        West Los Angeles,
55 Directory                             CA
                                    West Los Angeles,
56 GLA Knowledge Store              CA

57 AOD Daily Report                 Northport, NY
                                    West Los Angeles,
58 Clinical Support Team FAQ        CA
                                    West Los Angeles,
59 Senior Resource Directory        CA
                                    West Los Angeles,
60 IM Request Tracking              CA

                                    West Los Angeles,
61 Goal Sharing Tracking            CA

                                    West Los Angeles,
62 IRM Training Calendar            CA

   Sedation Procedures Collection   West Los Angeles,
63 Tool                             CA
64 Daily Active RX List             Northport, NY
65 MENU                              Northport, NY
                                     Tennessee Valley
66 Patient Movement List - Alternate Nashville)
                                     Tennessee Valley
69 Respiratory Active Orders         Nashville)

70 ACA Monitor                      San Francisco, CA
   Flagged Inpatients with Missing
71 Data                              Northport, NY
                                     Tennessee Valley
   Inspector's Print Pharmacy        (Murfreesboro,
72 Dispensing Report                 Nashville)
                                     Tennessee Valley
73 Inspector's DEA41 Report          Nashville)
                                     Tennessee Valley
74 Pending PRN Effectiveness by RN   Nashville)

                                     Tennessee Valley
75 Patient Temp address Audit        Nashville)
   Billable appts with/without pce   North Texas HCS
80 data                              (Bonham, Dallas)
82 REPORTS MENU                      Northport, NY

   Clinic Appointment List - date    North Texas HCS
83 range                             (Bonham, Dallas)

   VISN 16 New Depression
85 CaseFinder                        Little Rock, AR

                                     Tennessee Valley
   CPRS Inpatient and Outpatient     (Murfreesboro,
86 Contingency                       Nashville)

                                     Tennessee Valley
88 Team 1-8 Med patient lists        Nashville)

   VISN 16 - Substance Abuse Case
89 Finder                            Little Rock, AR
                                     Tennessee Valley
   Process Telephone Refills from    (Murfreesboro,
90 Mumps AudioCare                   Nashville)
                                     Tennessee Valley
   Pharmacy Mumps AudioCare          (Murfreesboro,
91 options                           Nashville)
                                    Tennessee Valley
 97 ZZPS LOCAL VIEW DRUG            Nashville)

                                    Tennessee Valley
 98 ZZPSX CMOP LOOKUP               Nashville)

 99 Dallas CMOP WebSite             VACO - Other

100 Drug Images                     VACO - Other

101 Class III Contingency System    Ann Arbor, MI

103 Auto Generate Code 5 Report     Northport, NY

104 Medical Media Loaner Software   Dayton, OH
                                       Tennessee Valley
106 LRZZFAST                           Nashville)

    Center for Chronic Disease
    Outcomes Research (CCDOR): M
    code for VISTA data extracts for IRB
116 approved research studies            Minneapolis, MN
    Center for Chronic Disease
    Outcomes Research (CCDOR): Web
    based applications for IRB
117 approved research studies            Minneapolis, MN

    Center for Chronic Disease
    Outcomes Research (CCDOR):
    Locally developed data collection
    and processing applications for IRB
118 approved research studies           Minneapolis, MN

    Center for Chronic Disease
    Outcomes Research (CCDOR): SAS
    code to extract administrative data
    from Austin mainframe for IRB
121 approved research studies           Minneapolis, MN

125 Nurse IntraOperative Reporting     San Francisco, CA

126 Medical Media Workorder            Dayton, OH
130 Proficiency Rating Software        Dayton, OH
    Hoptel Reservation System (version
131 2)                                 San Francisco, CA

134 W/ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES              Northport, NY

137 Loaner Laptop-PC Tracking System Dayton, OH

138 PACKAGE                             Dayton, OH

139 Pharmacy Patient Data Ext           Ann Arbor, MI

141 Clinic Cancellation Statistic Report Northport, NY
143 IRM staffing file                Dayton, OH

                                     West Palm Beach,
144 Trouble Log                      FL

                                     Tennessee Valley
151 ZZ ROOM-BED LIST                 Nashville)

152 CPRS 5 Years Back Selection      San Francisco, CA

153 CPRS ABDOMINAL GIRTH             San Francisco, CA

154 CPRS Add Attending Info          San Francisco, CA

155 CPRS Add Start Date to Screen    San Francisco, CA

156 CPRS Alert Urgency D/C Summ      San Francisco, CA

157 CPRS Alert on Order Release      San Francisco, CA

158 CPRS Autolink Team Alerts        San Francisco, CA

159 CPRS Blood Bank Warning Message San Francisco, CA

160 CPRS BMI                         San Francisco, CA

162 CPRS Bulletin Unflagged Orders   San Francisco, CA

163 CPRS Change Discharge Copy       San Francisco, CA

164 CPRS Chart & Work Copies         San Francisco, CA
165 CPRS Clozipine Labs            San Francisco, CA

166 CPRS Delay Order Release       San Francisco, CA

167 CPRS Dictation Number          San Francisco, CA

168 CPRS Double Print              San Francisco, CA

169 AOD log menu                   Ann Arbor, MI

170 CPRS Electronic Wait List      San Francisco, CA

171 CPRS Expiring Alerts           San Francisco, CA

172 CPRS Expiring Lab Alert        San Francisco, CA

    LAMBS (Lab Animal Management   Eastern Colorado
173 Business System)               HCS (Denver)

174 CPRS Flag for NHCU to OR       San Francisco, CA

175 CPRS GUI Modifications         San Francisco, CA

176 CPRS IDDM Alert                San Francisco, CA

177 CPRS IV Amounts                San Francisco, CA

178 CPRS Intermec Printer Codes    San Francisco, CA

179 CPRS Lab Collect Changes       San Francisco, CA

180 CPRS Lab Order Cross Check     San Francisco, CA

181 CPRS ListMan Lab Formatting    San Francisco, CA

182 CPRS Local Reports             San Francisco, CA

183 CPRS Lock Team Lists           San Francisco, CA

184 CPRS Lodger Search             San Francisco, CA

185 CPRS Methadone                 San Francisco, CA
186 SR LOCAL TRIGGER ADDED           San Francisco, CA

187 SR Estimated Case Length         San Francisco, CA

188 Positive prostate biopsies       San Francisco, CA

189 PAID Seperation Letter           San Francisco, CA

190 IFCAP Barcode Reader Upload      San Francisco, CA

191 Error Trap Variable Search       San Francisco, CA

192 Encounter Form XSRL3 Problems    San Francisco, CA

193 CPRS Warf/Enox Bulletins         San Francisco, CA

194 CPRS Time Added to Rpt Header    San Francisco, CA

195 CPRS Save D/C Orders             San Francisco, CA

196 CPRS Pain Display                San Francisco, CA

197 CPRS Print D/C Orders            San Francisco, CA

198 CPRS Print Arrays                San Francisco, CA

199 CPRS Printer Heads up for RX     San Francisco, CA

200 CPRS PRINT NOTICE                San Francisco, CA

201 CPRS PrImary Physician Display   San Francisco, CA

202 CPRS Prosthetics                 San Francisco, CA

203 CPRS Protocol 2 Dialog Convert   San Francisco, CA

204 CPRS Pt Address                  San Francisco, CA

205 CPRS Pulse Ox                    San Francisco, CA
    CPRS Pt Select Demographic
206 Display                           San Francisco, CA

207 CRS PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER         San Francisco, CA

208 CPRS PCMM Teams                   San Francisco, CA

209 CPRS Nutrition Assessment Rpt     San Francisco, CA

210 CPRS Never DC NHCU-ASIH mvt       San Francisco, CA
    CPRS Nature of Order Default to
211 Telephone                         San Francisco, CA

212 IRM KEY LOG SOFTWARE              Dayton, OH

    Electronic Timekeeping for
213 Residents Program                 Dayton, OH

214 Modification to PAID Package      Atlanta, GA

215 Pre-Cert for Scheduled Outpatient Puget Sound HCS

    Human Research Study              National Program
216 Intervention Software             Office HSRD

217 Local Earnings Statement          Atlanta, GA
    ADPAC New User Request
218 (Administrative and Clinical)     Shreveport, LA

                                      Tennessee Valley
    Admitted Patients List            (Murfreesboro,
219 ZZ PNT ADM                        Nashville)
                                     Tennessee Valley
    Discharged Patients List         (Murfreesboro,
220 ZZ PNT DIS                       Nashville)

    Carematix Blood Pressure Reading National Program
222 Interface                        Office HSRD

                                     Tennessee Valley
223 ZZ CENSUS                        Nashville)

224 Cisco Configuration Utility      Shreveport, LA

                                     Tennessee Valley
    Release a User                   (Murfreesboro,
227 ANU XUSERREL                     Nashville)

                                     Tennessee Valley
230 MHV (My HealthyVet) options      Nashville)

231 ADP Equipment Request            Shreveport, LA
                                     Tennessee Valley
234 pyxis interface                  Nashville)

                                     Tennessee Valley
    Outpatient Prescription Search   (Murfreesboro,
235 ZZPS OPT RX SEARCH               Nashville)

                                     Tennessee Valley
237 AAJ DRUG SEARCH                  Nashville)
238 O.R. Viewer                     San Francisco, CA

                                    West Los Angeles,
239 JetOrg                          CA

                                    Tennessee Valley
    Pharmacy Monthly Chart Review   (Murfreesboro,
240 ANTPS PH DRRN                   Nashville)

    A&MMS Additional/Replacement
241 Equipment Priority              Shreveport, LA

                                    Tennessee Valley
243 PCG VA Data Extract Utility     Nashville)
    Continuing Education Funding
244 Request System                  Shreveport, LA

                                    Tennessee Valley
245 ANU DG ADVDIR                   Nashville)
                                    Tennessee Valley
246 ANU DG DNR UNMARK               Nashville)
247 cMore Endoscopy System   Ann Arbor, MI
                             Tennessee Valley
249 ANU DG DNR ENTER         Nashville)

                             Tennessee Valley
252 BCMA reports             Nashville)
                     Tennessee Valley
254 SUD Casefinder   Nashville)
                                    Tennessee Valley
255 VA Nursing Outcomes Database    Nashville)

256 Cairo Billing Tools             Indianapolis, IN

260 Surgery Complication Patterns   Dayton, OH

263 Gui Mail                        Indianapolis, IN
264 CPRS Patient Picture Display         Boise, ID

266 Visual Aid for Clinic Appointments   White City OR

269 CPRS Performance Monitor             St. Louis, MO

270 Team caseload by range of dates      San Francisco, CA

    Team caseload by treating
271 specialty                            San Francisco, CA

273 Clinical Information Backup          St. Louis, MO

274 NURS Staff File Clean-Up Report      San Francisco, CA

275 Electronic Security Agreement        St. Louis, MO
    Unlock Patient Order or TIU
276 Document                             VISN 20 CIO Office

278 Advanced Directives data fields      Ann Arbor, MI

279 Handbook Program                     Puget Sound HCS
    V10 DSS Reports Database - Access
282 Database                          Dayton, OH

283 DSS Extracts                     Dayton, OH

284 Report Request Web Application   Dayton, OH
285 Patient Meal Ticket Program        Dayton, OH

    Visual Studio Reporting Services
286 Projects                           Dayton, OH

287 DSS Austin ADHOCS                  Dayton, OH
    St. Louis VA Medical Center Phone
290 Directory                         St. Louis, MO

291 DSS Liaison Web Application        Dayton, OH

292 N&FS auto print software          Dayton, OH
    List of Excluded Individuals and
293 Entities                          Indianapolis, IN
    Credentials & Privileges Document
294 Search                            Shreveport, LA

    Re-Occurring Reports Web
296 Application                        Dayton, OH

297 Duplicate Appointment List         Indianapolis, IN
298 CLASSROOM SCHEDULER             Northport, NY

299 VISN 11 Most Recent BP Report   Ann Arbor, MI

301 Space / Resource Request        Shreveport, LA

303 Reports Database Web Application Dayton, OH

305 My PEAK                         VISN 19

307 Vesting Software                Dayton, OH

308 TEMPO Web Training Records      Shreveport, LA
309 Medication Reconciliation Report   Northport, NY

                                       New Jersey HCS
    Motor Pool Computer System         (East Orange,
310 (GUI)                              Lyons)

312 FEE BASIS EXTRACT                  Indianapolis, IN
                                       West Los Angeles,
314 Arizona Clinic Check-In            CA
    Drug Inquiry - Northwest Network
315 Drug Lookup                      Puget Sound HCS

316 High Cost Rx Report [PSO HI COST] St. Louis, MO
    Intranet Home Page
317 Announcement Request              Shreveport, LA

318 Diabetes Software                  Dayton, OH

319 MCCF and Coding                    Dayton, OH

320 HRMS Form 97 Reporting             Dayton, OH

    BCMA (Bar Code Medication
321 Administration) Reports            Ann Arbor, MI
323 Fee Basis Consult Tracking Report   Shreveport, LA

326 DOWNTIME Contingency Note           Ann Arbor, MI

328 Alpha Location File                 Ann Arbor, MI

329 OBVAMC Phone Directory              Shreveport, LA

330 SCHEDULING SYSTEM                   Indianapolis, IN

    Pharmacy Demographics Routine
331 PSODEM                              St. Louis, MO

332 NUCLEAR MEDICINE SYSTEM             Indianapolis, IN
334 Software Documentation System   Dayton, OH

335 MCCR Watchdog                   Ann Arbor, MI

336 SPD Equipment tracking          Dayton, OH
    Outpatient Pharmacy Activity
339 Reports                         Puget Sound HCS

                                    West Palm Beach,
341 FORM - Refrigeration Log        FL

342 Device Line Tracking            Puget Sound HCS
343 WEB-BASED PHONE DIRECTORY         Indianapolis, IN

344 V10 DSS Clinic Matching           Dayton, OH

345 Incentive Therapy Package         Dayton, OH

                                     West Palm Beach,
347 FORM - Radiology Cases Reporting FL

348 Inpatient Pharmacy Bingo Board    VISN 20 CIO

                                      West Palm Beach,
353 Pager, Cell, Radio, Phone Tools   FL
354 V10 DSS Labor Mapping              Dayton, OH

355 ELIGIBILITIES                      Northport, NY

356 PRINT ROUTING SLIPS (LOCAL)        Northport, NY

357 Clinical Privileges pkg in VistA   San Francisco, CA
    V11 Reject Product Matching
358 Database                         Dayton, OH

359 PATIENT INQUIRY                  St. Louis, MO

360 HOWDY                            St. Louis, MO

361 DSS Pharmacy RVU Database        Dayton, OH

362 DSS Prosthetic RVU Database      Dayton, OH

    Allow up to 180 DAYS SUPPLY on
363 selected DRUG entries            St. Louis, MO

    Functional Status Outcome
364 Database (FSOD).                 VISN 20 CIO Office

365 Chronic Mentally Ill             VISN 20 CIO Office

366 Clinic Recall - V20              Puget Sound HCS
368 Microbiology Data Download           Puget Sound HCS

370 Provider Tracking                    St. Louis, MO

371 Outpatient Prescription File Search Puget Sound HCS

372 Contingency Applications             Shreveport, LA

373 Programmers' Tool                    Puget Sound HCS

374 IV Strength Edit for Dosage Limits   VISN 20 CIO Office

375 Prosthetics FL 10-90 Letters         VISN 20 CIO Office

376 Patient Recall System                Long Beach, CA
    On-Line Earnings and Leave
377 Statement                         VISN 20 CIO Office

378 8B Code String Search             VISN 20 CIO Office

379 Leave Accrual Balance Estimator   VISN 20 CIO Office
    Telequit Smoking Cessation
    Telephone Counselors Software     West Los Angeles,
380 Program                           CA

381 Employee Service Record Cards     VISN 20 CIO Office
                                      West Los Angeles,
382 Baker 2000 Robot Interface        CA
    Arizona GUI Appointment Bingo     West Los Angeles,
383 Board                             CA

384 High Cost Audit                   Dayton, OH

    UR Database (Utilization Review
386 Database)                         Little Rock, AR

    DIT (Document Information
388 Tracking) Database                Little Rock, AR

    MRR DB (Medical Records Review
389 Database)                         Little Rock, AR

391 Falls Database                    Little Rock, AR

393 HPC Research Database             Little Rock, AR

394 C-PAP Database                    Little Rock, AR

    ERRecRvw DB (Emergency Room
395 Record Review Database)           Little Rock, AR

396 Mortality Database                Little Rock, AR
397 On-Line Security Agreement       Walla Walla, WA

    Death/Mortality Report Macro
398 Program                          Little Rock, AR

399 On-Line Security Agreement       White City OR

400 On-Line Security Agreement       Roseburg, OR

401 Stay Days Macro Program          Little Rock, AR

403 VISTA Package Purge              Dayton, OH

404 Equipment Committee Application St. Louis, MO
                                    N. Florida/S.
    CONSULT ANALYSIS AND            Georgia HCS
405 MANAGEMENT                      (Gainesville)

406 Remote Coordinator Information   VISN 20 CIO Office
                                     N. Florida/S.
                                     Georgia HCS
410 PHONE DIRECTORY                  (Gainesville)

411 Pain Outcomes Database           Cleveland, OH

414 KB-SQL                           Puget Sound HCS

415 Custom alerts                    Hines, IL

423 Baker Pharmacy 2000              Walla Walla, WA
424 McKesson Accudose System         Walla Walla, WA
                                     Northern Indiana
                                     N. Florida/S.
                                     Georgia HCS
429 Vista Recall Patient             (Gainesville)

                                     New Jersey HCS
    PCS Training Fund Tracking       (East Orange,
430 Database                         Lyons)

                                     N. Florida/S.
                                     Georgia HCS
431 WORK ORDER SYSTEM                (Gainesville)

    List Appointment Patients with
432 Glucose Meters                   Puget Sound HCS

433 WinRMS                           Long Beach, CA

    Non-Formulary Drug Order and
436 Approval via CPRS                Cleveland, OH

437 FIND UTILITY                     Ann Arbor, MI

438 CPRS Blood Bank Warning Message Upstate NY HCS
                                    West Los Angeles,
440 RSS Newsreader - News poster    CA

441 Pharmacy Bingo Board            Walla Walla, WA

442 User account creation utility   Ann Arbor, MI

444 MIRB                            Long Beach, CA

                                    West Palm Beach,
445 FORMS Medicine/Primary Care     FL

447 System Status Dashboard         VISN 20 CIO Office

    Leadership and Workforce        Oklahoma City,
448 Development System              OK
                                 Oklahoma City,
450 VACareers & VAVacancies      OK

451 Cache System Tools           VISN 20

                                 West Palm Beach,
453 FORMS Mental Health Clinic   FL
                    West Palm Beach,
454 FORMS Nursing   FL
                                    Grand Junction,
455 Calendar                        CO

456 On Line Application             Cleveland, OH

457 Unlock User's Mailbox           VISN 20 CIO Office
                                    Oklahoma City,
458 Executive Recruitment           OK

                                    Oklahoma City,
459 HRRO Education Support System   OK
                         West Palm Beach,
462 FORMS Pharmacy       FL

                         Grand Junction,
463 Voluntary Services   CO
                  West Palm Beach,
464 FORMS Rehab   FL
                                     Grand Junction,
465 QUASAR Audiology                 CO

                                     Grand Junction,
467 MCCR Bill Class Counts           CO
                                     Northern Indiana

    Security Agreement/Rules of
    Behavior, annual automated
472 renewal process                  Cleveland, OH

    Single parameter edit via user
473 option                           Upstate NY HCS
                                          Northern Indiana

                                          Grand Junction,
475 Transcription                         CO

    Picis CareSuite-Vista Imaging
476 Interface                             San Francisco, CA

477 Picis-Vista Access/Verify Interface   San Francisco, CA

478 picis adt and lab interface           San Francisco, CA

479 AJCC staging sheet compliance         Upstate NY HCS
                                      West Palm Beach,
481 FORM Family Support Program       FL

483 Tiu Objects                       Puget Sound HCS

484 Provider On Call                  Lexington, KY

487 MICHM mental health case finder   Long Beach, CA


490 Consult Reports                   Roseburg, OR

     Tricare Patients Demographic and
491 Ins. Data                         Northport, NY

    FORM - Social Work Emergency      West Palm Beach,
492 Fund                              FL
                              West Palm Beach,
493 PAYROLL Options (local)   FL
                        West Palm Beach,
494 Computed Findings   FL
                                     West Palm Beach,
495 TIU Objects                      FL

496 Print List of Non-Active Drugs   Northport, NY

                                     West Palm Beach,
497 Part-Time Provider Activity      FL
                                     Northern Indiana

499 BCMA Report Scheduler            Upstate NY HCS
501 Printer Switch for Pharmcy      Upstate NY HCS

503 BCMA PRN Effect Report          Upstate NY HCS

                                    West Palm Beach,
504 PPD Reading Due Emails          FL
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
505 PCMM REPORTS                    (Gainesville)
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
506 AEC TRACKING                    (Gainesville)
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
507 WAIT LIST REPORTS               (Gainesville)

508 ELIGIBILITIES                   Northport, NY

    BCMA Contingency User Access
510 Messages                        Upstate NY HCS

                                    West Palm Beach,
511 Respiratory Fit Testing         FL

                                    West Palm Beach,
513 FORMS Blind Rehab               FL

514 BCMA Contingency Error Messages Upstate NY HCS
515 BCMA Contingency Team Printing    Upstate NY HCS

516 Telephone Directory (Facility)    Lebanon, PA

517 On-line Computer access request   Roseburg, OR

519 Clinic Workload Report            Roseburg, OR
                                      Northern Indiana
520 DANVILLE CLASS III                HCS

524 Monitor OR Resource Devices       Lebanon, PA

527 Patient Birthdays                 Lebanon, PA

528 QuitSmart Smoking Cessation       Upstate NY HCS
                                      West Palm Beach,
530 FORMS DBaseIV data base Packer    FL

532 Lab Calculator                    Roseburg, OR

                                      West Palm Beach,
535 Network Accounts                  FL

                                      West Palm Beach,
536 FORM - Eye Exam                   FL

538 Respiratory Drug Search           Lebanon, PA

                                      West Palm Beach,
539 FORM Dialysis Treatment Note      FL

                                      West Palm Beach,
540 Hazard Alert                      FL
                                       New Jersey HCS
                                       (East Orange,
541 Background Checks                  Lyons)

                                       West Palm Beach,
542 Cache Record Unlock                FL

544 Background Monitor HL7 Links       Lebanon, PA

    Electronic Data Dictionary/Acme
545 Global Lister                      Walla Walla, WA
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
546 REPORT ON TOP/DMC RECEIPT          (Gainesville)

                                       West Palm Beach,
547 FORMS - Flu Immunizations          FL
    Electronic Data Dictionary/Acme
548 Global Lister                      White City OR

550 TIU Health Summary Objects         Dayton, OH

                                       West Palm Beach,
551 FORM Invasive Procedures           FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
552 CBOC utilities for reimbursement   FL
                                       N. Florida/S.
    FEE BASIS REPORT FOR               Georgia HCS
553 UNAUTHORIZED CLAIMS                (Gainesville)
                                      West Palm Beach,
555 FORMS MAS support                 FL

556 Programmer Tools                  White City OR

557 Local TIU objects                 St. Louis, MO

560 VMS USER SECURITY REPORT          St. Louis, MO
                                      Northern Indiana

                                      Grand Junction,
564 Net Pay (L)                       CO

    Mental Health Provider Feedback
566 Reports                           Cleveland, OH
                                  N. Florida/S.
567 DAYS - LC WORKSHEET           (Gainesville)

568 Primary Care Panel Management   Cleveland, OH

                                    Grand Junction,
569 Network Health Exchange         CO
    Nutrition & Food Service Report
574 Auto-Queue System                 Dayton, OH
                                      N. Florida/S.
575 CHAMPVA RXs                       (Gainesville)

                                      Grand Junction,
577 Short Filing Time Frame Report    CO

579 VISN Clinical Guidelines          Cleveland, OH
                                      N. Florida/S.
                                      Georgia HCS
580 DATA ON JOINT PROCEDURES          (Gainesville)
                                 West Palm Beach,
581 ISO menu and utilities       FL

583 Admit Document Checker      White City OR
                                N. Florida/S.
584 215                         (Gainesville)
585 INTERFACE                   Dayton, OH
586 Consult Setup Reporting       Dayton, OH

                                  West Palm Beach,
587 FORMS Social Work             FL

588 Random Drug testing program   White City OR

589 Security Sign-in              Saginaw, MI
                                     Grand Junction,
                                     N. Florida/S.
                                     Georgia HCS
591 LEAVE/PAY TOTALS FOR NURSING     (Gainesville)

                                     Grand Junction,
595 Enter/Edit Indicator Statement   CO

                                     Grand Junction,

597 LAB BYPASS PROGRAM               White City OR

                                     Grand Junction,
598 Canteen Menu Display             CO

599 REPORTS                          Wilkes Barre, PA
                                   Northern Indiana

                                   West Palm Beach,
602 ADPAC Utilities                FL

603 MH Patients w/o Primary Care   White City OR

604 OMNICELL DEVICE                Dayton, OH
                                   West Palm Beach,
605 FORM - Home Based Primary Care FL

                                   Grand Junction,
606 Telephone Directory            CO
608 Objects                          Upstate NY HCS
    Patient Yearly Demographics
610 update                           St. Louis, MO

613 FIM Monitor                      Saginaw, MI

    FORMS Presentation/database of
    who reviewed presentation and    West Palm Beach,
614 how long it took                 FL

    Automatic Queue of Patient
615 Assigment Worksheets             Dayton, OH

617 Sensitive Record Report          Lexington, KY
    Women's Health (WV) -
619 modifications to class I routines   Upstate NY HCS

                                        N. Florida/S.
                                        Georgia HCS
620 FEE BASIS - MAKE A REPORT           (Gainesville)

621 Compliance Audits                   Saginaw, MI

622 Cairo Toolbox                       Ann Arbor, MI
                                        New Jersey HCS
                                        (East Orange,
624 Employee G & L                      Lyons)

                                        N. Florida/S.
625 NURSING HOMES                       (Gainesville)
                                       West Palm Beach,
626 FORM Interdisciplinary Care Plan   FL
    Third Party Follow UP Summary
627 Report                             Saginaw, MI
    VISN 11 Clerk
628 Productivity/Collected Report      Saginaw, MI

                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
629 PICK A CLINIC/LAB TEST             (Gainesville)

    Non Formulary/ Prior Auth Consult
632 Report                            Long Beach, CA

    Zebra printer label interface to
635 CPRS                               Upstate NY HCS
                                    New Jersey HCS
                                    (East Orange,
639 Reporting Leave Program         Lyons)

642 TELEPHONE DIRECTORY             Dayton, OH

                                    West Palm Beach,
644 ER Utilities                    FL

    Respiratory Therapy Treatment
645 lists                           Dayton, OH
                               Grand Junction,
647 Kill User Job/Task         CO

648 Clinic Checkin             Ann Arbor, MI

649 Lab Order Notification     Saginaw, MI

                               Grand Junction,
650 RC SEND BACK               CO

655 PACT Program Reports       Dayton, OH

                               Grand Junction,

                               Grand Junction,
657 Sensitive Patient Lookup   CO
                                 Grand Junction,
658 Turn-in Report               CO

663 IT Payroll                   Tomah, WI

668 PATCH TRACKING MODS          Dayton, OH

                                 Grand Junction,
671 PCE/Claims Tracking combo    CO

                                 Grand Junction,
679 Check for Later'd Telecare   CO
                                 N. Florida/S.
680 ORDERS                       (Gainesville)

682 Computed Findings            Upstate NY HCS
    VISN 19 Data Warehouse   Grand Junction,
683 Extraction               CO
                             N. Florida/S.
    FISCAL BREAKOUT BY       Georgia HCS
684 APPROPRIATIONS           (Gainesville)

                             New Jersey HCS
                             (East Orange,
685 OR Schedule V2.0         Lyons)
                                       Grand Junction,
686 Facility Admissions with Imaging   CO

                                       N. Florida/S.
    LOCAL SURGERY NOTES - 4            Georgia HCS
688 CATEGORIES                         (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
690 PAY PERIODS                        (Gainesville)

692 MEDICATION ORDERS                  Dayton, OH
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
693 FEE BASIS SALRIES                  (Gainesville)
                                       New Jersey HCS
    Electronic Computer Access         (East Orange,
695 Request (ECAR)                     Lyons)
                                       N. Florida/S.
696 1358s                              (Gainesville)

697 Non-VA Meds Report                 Bronx, NY
698 Dietetics Birthday Report     Tomah, WI

699 Pneumonia Screening Program   Dayton, OH

703 Waiting List Review (TSK)     Ann Arbor, MI

                                  West Palm Beach,
705 FORMS Pain                    FL
706 Required H&P Checker               White City OR

    Research Project Tracking System   West Los Angeles,
708 (RPTS)                             CA

710 SF-36 SURVEY                       White City OR

711 ATR Local Directory Menu           Walla Walla, WA

713 RDIS Research Website              Palo Alto HCS

716 Update Phone Directory             White City OR
    IRM Customer Service Request
717 package                            White City OR

    Research Personnel Management      West Los Angeles,
722 System (RPMS)                      CA

730 REGISTRATION (DG)                  Palo Alto HCS

731 DSS EXTRACTS (ECX)                 Palo Alto HCS
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
734 INCOMPLETE TEST STATUS             (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
    LOCAL/LAB ORDERS BY                Georgia HCS
735 COLLECTION DATE                    (Gainesville)

737 Tampa Telephone Directory          Tampa, FL

                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
738 LOCAL - LAB ROLLOVER               (Gainesville)
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
740 READMISSIONS REPORTS            (Gainesville)
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
742 ACTIVE RX LIST                  (Gainesville)
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
743 ISO REPORTS                     (Gainesville)
                                    N. Florida/S.
    Special Reports for Billing &   Georgia HCS
744 Insurance Information           (Gainesville)

745 Open Access Software            Northport, NY
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
746 N&FS Reports (automated)        (Gainesville)

                                    Northern Indiana
                                       N. Florida/S.
    Patients Admitted Within Specified Georgia HCS
749 Time/Date                          (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
750 Electronic Service Record Card     (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
    No NURS DISCHARGE Note for         Georgia HCS
751 Pt/Ward Selectable                 (Gainesville)
                                       West Palm Beach,
752 FEE BASE REPORTS                   FL

756 Surgery/Anesthesia Service Reports Tampa, FL
                                       N. Florida/S.
757 LOCAL                              (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
758 Provider Info Vcode                (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
759 ON CALL PACKAGE                    (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS

766 TIU Objects                        Wilkes Barre, PA

    Ethic Consult to Ethics Advisory   West Palm Beach,
767 Committee & Abuse Reporting        FL
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
769 ASU/DSU BULLETIN                   (Gainesville)

770 MHSL ELECTRONIC LOG                Dayton, OH

                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
772 PROPERTY PASS                      (Gainesville)

774 Seclusion and Restraint tracking   Upstate NY HCS

775 Prosthetic Oxygen Package          Dayton, OH

777 IRM User Access Utilities          Biloxi, MS

                                       West Palm Beach,
779 Voting by Email                    FL

781 MicroScan Interface                Wilkes Barre, PA

                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
782 Nursing Dashboard                  (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
784 Nursing Reports                    (Gainesville)

785 Epidemic Surveillance System       Durham, NC

787 Missed Opportunities Report        Durham, NC
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
789 Engineering - Work Order Reports   (Gainesville)

791 SPD ATTEST Printout                Cincinnati, OH
                                       N. Florida/S.
    Abbreviated Patient Inquiry for    Georgia HCS
792 EMS                                (Gainesville)

                                       West Palm Beach,
796 Order Entry Utilities              FL
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
797 ADMISSION STATISTICS               (Gainesville)
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
799 Brief Provider Information         (Gainesville)
    Emergency Room Walk-in for past
800 24 Hrs                          Tampa, FL
803 Hepatitis Lab Utilization Review   Cincinnati, OH

805 Facility SPOT                      Ann Arbor, MI

                                       West Palm Beach,
806 TIU Utilities                      FL

807 Local Library Package              White City OR
                                      West Palm Beach,
810 HIMS Utilities                    FL

811 VISN SPOT                         Ann Arbor, MI
    Treatment Plan/Case Manager
812 package                           White City OR

    Coronary Artery Disease
815 Intervention                      San Francisco, CA

    Encounter 'Action Required' Rpt
816 Queued for CBOC's                 Dayton, OH

820 Problem List                      Madison, WI

821 Clinical Reminder Simplified      San Francisco, CA

823 Lab Delta Checks                  Dayton, OH
825 Alert Reports and Utilities        Biloxi, MS

                                       West Palm Beach,
827 Consult Utilities                  FL

828 Convert CMR                        Lexington, KY

835 Denial Management Audit Report     San Francisco, CA

838 Primary Care Panel Management      Cleveland, OH

    Employee Phone Lookup
843 Application                        Dayton, OH

844 Appointments for rejected patients San Francisco, CA
846 FEE BASIS Report (ALL POV)         Cincinnati, OH

    Mental Health Provider Feedback
847 Report                             Cleveland, OH

848 Local Gains & Loss utility         White City OR

    Visits by SSN and County to Stop
852 Codes                              San Francisco, CA
    Urgent Care X-Ray Evaluation
854 Menu                               Cleveland, OH

857 (GMRA)                             Palo Alto HCS
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
860 Discharges from Psychiatry         (Gainesville)

862 GEN. MED. REC. – VITALS (GMRV)     Palo Alto HCS
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
865 Local Operation Report             (Gainesville)
866 ASIH lists                         White City OR

868 Clinical Reminder Reports GROUP    Cleveland, OH

869 Current Address Status             White City OR
    Workers Comp Tracking
871 Application                        VISN 6

    Critical Abnormal Lab Value
872 Reports                            Cincinnati, OH

877 Local Vendor Data Cleansing Rpts   Tampa, FL
880 Nutrition Assessment            Cleveland, OH

881 Patient problem list            White City OR

882 ACXEIBO1                       Battle Creek, MI
                                   N. Florida/S.
                                   Georgia HCS

884 Inpatient list                  White City OR

885 Package Access                  Dayton, OH
886 48 Hour Post Discharge Summary   Upstate NY HCS

888 Residential Care Log Program     White City OR

889 ACXEIBO2                         Battle Creek, MI
                                     N. Florida/S.
                                     Georgia HCS
890 RECORDS ACCESSED                 (Gainesville)

891 Drug Class Look-up               Dayton, OH

893 Provider Visits and Diagnoses    San Francisco, CA

894 Surgery Cancellation Report      Dayton, OH

895 Pharmacy 2000 Interface          Upstate NY HCS
896 LAB (LA, LR)                    Palo Alto HCS
    Patient's Residence Telephone
900 modification                    Chillicothe, OH
    VA NURS OUTCOMES DATA     Grand Junction,
901 (VANOD)                   CO

904 PAID (PRS)                Palo Alto HCS

                              NY HCS (New York
905 Contingency Data Viewer   City, Brooklyn)

906 Display upcoming appts    San Francisco, CA
    Person Class Certification (PERSON
907 CLASS CONFIRMATION)                Dayton, OH

908 NCPS SPOT                         Ann Arbor, MI

                                      NY HCS (New York
909 Radiation Therapy Log             City, Brooklyn)

911 PHARMACY (PS)                     Palo Alto HCS
                                Grand Junction,
913 Patient Data Review         CO

                                New Jersey HCS
920 REPORTS MENU                Lyons)
                                       Grand Junction,
921 OMNICELL Interface                 CO

923 MyHealtheVet Participant Listing   Upstate NY HCS

924 IRMS WORK ORDER SYSTEM             Tampa, FL

926 Alert Creation Tool (ACT)          Ann Arbor, MI
                                     Grand Junction,
927 ENOSUS IE product                CO

930 IRM Electronic Equipment Request Cleveland, OH


942 MCCF Insurance Match             Augusta, GA
                                     West Los Angeles,
959 AIS-Automated Information Access CA
                                     West Los Angeles,
960 ArtsProficiencies                CA

    Automated Request for Personnel West Los Angeles,
961 Action (ARPA)                   CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
962 Daily Download-Web               CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
963 Employee Master Index            CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
964 Employee of the Month Program    CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
965 GLA Lockshop                     CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
966 GLA Policies                     CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
967 GLA Residents                    CA

    JetOrg - Automated Position      West Los Angeles,
968 Description Listings             CA
                                     West Los Angeles,
969 New Employee Orientation Site    CA
                                     West Los Angeles,
970 PDP                              CA
                                     West Los Angeles,
971 Phone Directory                  CA
                                     West Los Angeles,
972 Proficiency Tracker              CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
973 Vulcan                           CA

                                     West Los Angeles,
974 Vulcan_CEO                       CA
                                       West Los Angeles,
975 WebHR                              CA

979 Remedy-AMES/MERs synch             Dublin, GA

980 VISN Telephone Directory           Dublin, GA

981 VistA Patient Recall               Dublin, GA

982 Disaster Assistance                Dublin, GA

986 Automated Access Request           Dublin, GA

990 Pharmacy Green Book                Dublin, GA

992 Pharmacy Drug Report/Letters       Dublin, GA

994 Transcription Line Cnt-Radiology   Dublin, GA
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
996 ARThirdPartyBills Cube             (Gainesville)
                                       New Jersey HCS
                                       (East Orange,
997 Nursing Admission Assessment       Lyons)
                                   Grand Junction,
 998 PCG Public Consulting Group   CO

1003 Patient Safety Log (PSLog)    Ann Arbor, MI

1004 Drug Prescriptions            San Francisco, CA
                                    New Jersey HCS
     Computer Downtime Notes        (East Orange,
1005 Program                        Lyons)

1006 Continuing Medical Education   Dayton, OH

1007 Pharmacy Reports               White City OR
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
1009 Denials Cube                   (Gainesville)

                                    West Palm Beach,
1011 Red Team/Blue Team             FL

1013 Dietetic reports               White City OR

                                    West Palm Beach,
1015 Escort Request                 FL
                                    New Jersey HCS
                                    (East Orange,
1016 TIU Objects                    Lyons)

                                    West Palm Beach,
1017 CPRS View Only                 FL
                                       West Palm Beach,
1018 FORMS Restraint and Seclusion     FL
                                       New Jersey HCS
                                       (East Orange,
1019 Mental Health Treatment Planner   Lyons)
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
1024 ACTIVE CLINIC'S BY STOP CODE      (Gainesville)

                                       West Palm Beach,
1025 FORM Surgery                      FL

1026 EAPPEALS                          Louisville, KY
     Healthcare Failure Mode Effect
1027 Analysis Listing (HFMEA listing)   Ann Arbor, MI

1032 Telecare Record Manager            Dayton, OH

1034 IG Special Reports                 Louisville, KY

1035 Data Warehouse Ad Hoc Reporting Cleveland, OH

     Requests for Application Changes
1037 software                           Dayton, OH

     FORMS Nursing ER Assessment,       West Palm Beach,
1038 Nursing Triage, AOD Log            FL

1039 HSR&D DATA WAREHOUSE               Indianapolis, IN

1043 Call Log Reporter                  Dayton, OH

1044 Downtime note                Upstate NY HCS
1045 AGREEMENTS                   Louisville, KY
1046 SUPPORT SYSTEM               Indianapolis, IN

1047 MCCF and coding                    Dayton, OH
     CPRS Contingency Plan (San Fran is
1048 the name they use)                 Wilkes Barre, PA
                                        New Jersey HCS
                                        (East Orange,
1049 BRS Third Party Referred Software Lyons)

                                        South Texas HCS
                                        (Kerrville, San
1052 User Assistance Tracking (UAT)     Antonio)

1053 Contract Review and Processing     Ann Arbor, MI

1054 PHARMACY (PS)                      Palo Alto HCS

1059 ISO COM Object - Agree to Terms    Salt Lake City, UT
                                        N. Florida/S.
     LOCAL MOD -                        Georgia HCS
1061 PRCPAGRO/PRCPAGRI                  (Gainesville)
                                        N. Florida/S.
     BCMA UNDOCUMENTED PRN              Georgia HCS
1063 EFFECTIVENESS                      (Gainesville)

1064 GUI Error Trap                     Upstate NY HCS
                                        South Texas HCS
                                        (Kerrville, San
1065 New Depression Case Finder         Antonio)

1067 Facility Locator (FacLoc)          Ann Arbor, MI

                                        New Jersey HCS
                                        (East Orange,
1068 Food/Drug Interactions             Lyons)
1069 SUMMARIES                         Louisville, KY

     CPRS Site Parameters Monitoring
1070 Software                          Dayton, OH

1071 Non Paid Menus                    Salt Lake City, UT

1072 Inpatient Satisfaction Survey     Tampa, FL
     PYXIS Interface - Drug dispensing
1077 machine                             Salt Lake City, UT

                                         West Palm Beach,
1078 ON-CALL GUI                         FL

                                         N. Florida/S.
     SURGERY PRE-OP MEDICATION           Georgia HCS
1079 WORKSHEET                           (Gainesville)
                                         New Jersey HCS
                                         (East Orange,
1083 Clinic Recall System                Lyons)

                                         New Jersey HCS
                                         (East Orange,
1085 Non-Va Meds                         Lyons)

     11 screen mod for Pre-Register a    Grand Junction,
1087 Patient                             CO
                                        New Jersey HCS
                                        (East Orange,
1089 Depression Casefinder              Lyons)

1090 PALLIATIVE CARE                    Louisville, KY
                                        West Palm Beach,
1092 CFC Forms Print                    FL
                                        N. Florida/S.
1094 STOP CODES                         (Gainesville)

     Inpatient DRG (Diagnosis Related
1096 Group)                             Lexington, KY

1097 Employee Health Package            Salt Lake City, UT

                                        NY HCS (New York
1099 Bed Control Application            City, Brooklyn)

1101 CPRS (OE/RR) Bingo Board           Madison, WI
1121 Environment of Care               Alexandria, LA

1146 Downtime Note                     Salt Lake City, UT

1148 Restricted Fileman Access Software Dayton, OH

1150 Erroneus Note Tool for CACS       Salt Lake City, UT

                                  New Jersey HCS
     CHECKING AND RELEASING       (East Orange,

     Delete Test Patient
1154 Encounters/Appointments           San Francisco, CA
                                        West Palm Beach,
1156 Fileman Helper Utility             FL

     Diabetic Patients who need extra
1161 help                               San Francisco, CA

1163 CLASS III MOD TO 'DGRPD'           Northport, NY

1166 Reminders Due Labels               San Francisco, CA
     Environmental Management
1167 Request System                     Indianapolis, IN

1170 Veteran's Health Gateway           Dayton, OH
     Display class III vesting information
     on patient lookup- class III mod to
1171 'DPTLK'                               Northport, NY

1174 PHARMACY (PS)                        Palo Alto HCS

1175 DIETETICS REPORTS                    Louisville, KY

1176 Clinical Productivity                San Francisco, CA

                                          New Jersey HCS
                                          (East Orange,
1177 Ward Stock Request Form              Lyons)
     Adds travel mode to options
     Load/Edit Patient Data and Patient
1178 Inquiry                            Richmond, VA
                                        N. Florida/S.
                                        Georgia HCS
1180 Prosthetics Local Reports          (Gainesville)

                                          Tennessee Valley
1183 ANU NEXT APP                         Nashville)
                                          N. Florida/S.
     Local WO Transfer for Incoming       Georgia HCS
1184 Inspections                          (Gainesville)
                                      Tennessee Valley
     ANU LOCAL OPEN PTF (Patient      (Murfreesboro,
1186 Treatment File) LIST             Nashville)
1187 'HLLP'                          Northport, NY

1189 RALS G PLUS                      Louisville, KY

1190 Travel Eligibility               San Francisco, CA

                                      Tennessee Valley
     419 Report by Division           (Murfreesboro,
1192 ANU LOCAL 419 RPT - DIVISIONAL   Nashville)

                                      Tennessee Valley
     Employee List by SSN             (Murfreesboro,
1193 ZZEMPTD                          Nashville)
     Insurance Precertification for
1194 Outpatient Appointments          San Francisco, CA
                                      Tennessee Valley
     Print/Display Policy Text        (Murfreesboro,
1197 ZZNPPRT                          Nashville)

     Patient Safety Assessment Tool
1198 (PSAT)                           Ann Arbor, MI

                                   NY HCS (New York
1200 Pharmacy Issues Application   City, Brooklyn)

1203 Nursing Workload Reports      San Francisco, CA
     Shutdown access to enter or
     transfer work orders to IRM, ADP
1204 and TELECOM shops                  Richmond, VA

1205 KERNEL (XU)                        Palo Alto HCS

                                        NY HCS (New York
1206 Fee-Based Referrals Database       City, Brooklyn)

     Patient Safety Assessment Tool
1208 Maintenance Tool (PSAT Maint)      Ann Arbor, MI

     Clinic Name and Stop Code Edit
1210 Notification                       San Francisco, CA

1211 Patient Safety Curriculum (PSC)    Ann Arbor, MI

1212 Outpatient Coding Sheet            St. Louis, MO
     Report deceased veterans with
1213 outstanding debt                   Salt Lake City, UT

1215 Print priority 7&8 Veterans        Salt Lake City, UT

1217 TheraDoc - DSS                     Salt Lake City, UT

1218 Surgery local templates            Salt Lake City, UT

1219 Admission from Surgery Package     Salt Lake City, UT
     Local Filemanager
1220 print/search/inquire routine       Salt Lake City, UT
     Local disposition Log with Primary
1221 Care Provider                      Salt Lake City, UT
     Report of patients with 5 leading
1222 0's and no ZZ                      Salt Lake City, UT

1224 Adds "ZZ" to test patient names      Salt Lake City, UT
     Find New Person Office Phone by
1225 DUZ                                  Salt Lake City, UT
     Spot check on Purchase Card
1226 Reconciliations                      Salt Lake City, UT

1227 Find Unreferenced Bill#              Salt Lake City, UT

1228 Delete unreferenced bill number      Salt Lake City, UT
     Add patient info to the
1229 appointment list                     Salt Lake City, UT
     More than 20 clinics can be
1230 selected                             Salt Lake City, UT
     Makes screen 1-15 editable in pre-
1231 registration                         Salt Lake City, UT

1232 Detailed Inpt Movement Audit         Long Beach, CA

1233 Makes old embosser work              Salt Lake City, UT

     Pay Period data - DSS 459 Compare
1234 PP data                            Long Beach, CA
     Make VIC prompt not appear in pre-
1235 registration                       Salt Lake City, UT
     Changed default From YES to NO
1236 for printing                       Salt Lake City, UT

1237 Abnormal Radiology Notification      Long Beach, CA

1238 A5A Patch Tracking                   Montana HCS
     Employee Health Notification and
1239 Tracking                             Montana HCS
1240 Pharmacy Anticoagulation Program Montana HCS

                                      West Palm Beach,
1241 MCCR Reports                     FL
                                      Northern Indiana

                                       West Palm Beach,
1249 FORM - Laboratory Results Letters FL

1251 Lab Quality Control Options      Cincinnati, OH

1252 CAVHS Online Referral Process    Little Rock, AR

                                      New Jersey HCS
                                      (East Orange,
1253 Tricare Daily Report             Lyons)
                                      N. Florida/S.
                                      Georgia HCS
1255 TELECARE ROUTINES                (Gainesville)

                                 N. Florida/S.
                                 Georgia HCS
1258 CAVHS Health Summary Viewer    Little Rock, AR
                                    Northern Indiana
1259 SAGINAW EOB REPORT             HCS

1261 CAVHS Nursing Administration   Little Rock, AR

1262 BCMA Reports                   Upstate NY HCS
                                    New Jersey HCS
                                    (East Orange,
1265 Health Summary Backup          Lyons)

1266 RDCC Data Registry             Columbia, MO

1268 Return Interval Report         Upstate NY HCS

1269 Dictaphone ISSI Tracking       Upstate NY HCS

1272 RECALL CARDS                   Portland, OR
1274 Pyxis. Omi Cell                 Upstate NY HCS

1277 LOCAL VESTING REPORT            Saginaw, MI

1278 AR Performance Monitor          Upstate NY HCS
                                     New Jersey HCS
                                     (East Orange,
1280 Vestment Utilities              Lyons)

1282 25K or Greater Purchase Cards   Tampa, FL

1284 Person Class/Degree edit        Long Beach, CA
                                     New Jersey HCS
                                     (East Orange,
1288 Substance Abuse Casefinder      Lyons)

1289 User Access                     Cleveland, OH
                                        Tennessee Valley
1292 ZZDG PROB LIST PRINT               Nashville)

     Patch monitor Compliance Date
1293 within 5 days                      Long Beach, CA

1294 PAID Annual Leave Projection       Upstate NY HCS
                                        N. Florida/S.
                                        Georgia HCS
1295 Inpatient infection warning list   (Gainesville)

                                        Tennessee Valley
1296 ZZ NUR PRT PNT CLASS/WARD          Nashville)

1298 ChampVA Insurance                  Tampa, FL
                                        N. Florida/S.
                                        Georgia HCS
1299 Radiology/Surgical Path Report     (Gainesville)

1300 Consults with 7 DAY                Long Beach, CA
                                        N. Florida/S.
     Surgery Alert - Anes Care End Time Georgia HCS
1302 Null                               (Gainesville)

                                        N. Florida/S.
     scheduled appointment list by      Georgia HCS
1303 physical location                  (Gainesville)
1304 Security Sign-on                   Lexington, KY
                                        Tennessee Valley
1308 ZZ NURS PATIENT WORK LIST          Nashville)

1309 Consult Monitor                    Long Beach, CA

1310 Biweekly PAID Information          Upstate NY HCS
                                        Tennessee Valley
     Basic employee inquiry             (Murfreesboro,
1311 ZZ EMP INQ                         Nashville)
                                        N. Florida/S.
                                        Georgia HCS
1313 Prosthetics - CAT Program Report   (Gainesville)

     VISN 2 MCCF-Extraction Reporting
1318 System - VistA M side            Upstate NY HCS
                                      N. Florida/S.
     PRC Purchase Card Credit Due     Georgia HCS
1319 Report                           (Gainesville)

1321 VISN9 Patient Recall               Memphis, TN
                                        Tennessee Valley
     Next of Kin                        (Murfreesboro,
1322 ZZ DG DISPLAY NOK                  Nashville)
                                        N. Florida/S.
     Radiology - local department       Georgia HCS
1323 schedule                           (Gainesville)
                                        N. Florida/S.
                                        Georgia HCS
1325 SURGERY patient list               (Gainesville)
1327 KEY - AVK IBDFZ ENC MGR           Upstate NY HCS
                                       Tennessee Valley
     ZZ DG DISCH PER                   (Murfreesboro,
1328 WARD/TIMEFRAME                    Nashville)

1332 Suggestion Program                Upstate NY HCS

1336 KEY - AEL CASHIER                 Upstate NY HCS

1340 IP Infection Control Monitoring   Memphis, TN
                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
1341 ACTIVE DISCHARGE ORDERS           (Gainesville)
1342 Outpatient Precertification    Long Beach, CA
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
1344 Local Surgery Reports          (Gainesville)

1345 Employee Health Management    Memphis, TN
                                   N. Florida/S.
                                   Georgia HCS

1347 KEY - AVK FB ENTER EDIT        Upstate NY HCS
                                    N. Florida/S.
                                    Georgia HCS
1348 H&P Report                     (Gainesville)

1349 Credential Statistics          Cleveland, OH

1350 Nutritional Support Systems    Memphis, TN
     Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Bar
1351 Codes                            Lexington, KY
                                      N. Florida/S.
     REPORT: Unit LOS by Surgical     Georgia HCS
1352 Specialty                        (Gainesville)

1355 KEY - AVK BUFFER                 Upstate NY HCS

1356 Surgery Package Modifications    Madison, WI

1357 KEY - AVK IB PT/INS EDIT         Upstate NY HCS

1358 MedSelect for Pharmacy           Memphis, TN

1361 Lanier/Radiology                 Memphis, TN

     Laboratory Turnaround Time
1362 Reports                          Cincinnati, OH
1363 KEY - AVK IVM ADDR UPDT RPT        Upstate NY HCS

1365 TIU Objects                        Cleveland, OH
     Sort Group Report (with P.O.
1367 Comments)                          Madison, WI

1369 KEY - AVK MPI/PD COORD             Upstate NY HCS

1370 VALOR                              Philadelphia, PA

1371 Barium Swallow Followup            Memphis, TN
     Print Status of Allowance Report
1378 (Print Status of Funds)            Madison, WI

     Health Department/Disaster
1379 Monitoring                         Memphis, TN

1380 Home Health Management             Memphis, TN
     Electronic Data Dictionary/Acme
1381 Global Lister                      Roseburg, OR

1384 AHVB                               Fayetteville, AR
     Admission Notification to Primary
1385 Care provider                         Long Beach, CA

1386 UNSIGNED ORDERS/NOTE                  Dayton, OH
     Annual Emp. Phone information
1387 check                                 Roseburg, OR

1389 PSJ/PSG                               Fayetteville, AR

1390 Payroll: print multiple pay periods   Roseburg, OR

1391 Top 25 Prescribed Drugs - By Cost     Memphis, TN

     Backup Health Summaries - CPRS
1393 downtime contingency                  Madison, WI

1394 PSO`                                  Fayetteville, AR

1395 Display Alert Bill Numbers            Madison, WI

1396 Drug File edit tracking               Upstate NY HCS

1398 LR                                    Fayetteville, AR

1400 LR                                    Fayetteville, AR

1401 ERIChecklist Web Application          Cleveland, OH
1403 AIS Security Agreement             Cincinnati, OH
     Top 25 Providers Prescribing the
1404 Top 25 (Prescribed) Drugs          Memphis, TN

1405 Incomplete STAT/ASAP test status Wilkes Barre, PA
     Cardiology/Ejection Fraction
1406 Patients                         Memphis, TN

1408 REGISTRATION     (DG)              Palo Alto HCS

1411 Work Order System                  Huntington, WV

     Work Order Request without
1415 Priority field                     Upstate NY HCS

1417 Security Agreement at Sign-on      Memphis, TN

     Terminal session locks
1424 AJNLOCK                            Huntington, WV
1425 Laboratory Summary Reports Lists Madison, WI

     Medical Record Review Web
1426 application                     Cleveland, OH

     Respiratory Therapy Treatment
1427 lists                           Dayton, OH
1428 ACL Test                        Long Beach, CA
1429 SYSTEM (EAS)                    Palo Alto HCS

1431 Orders Bingo Board              Columbia, SC
     Transferring and Closing Out Work
1432 Orders                            Upstate NY HCS

1433 Breeze Archive                    Long Beach, CA
     eAppeals Accounts Receivable
1435 Contract                          Upstate NY HCS

1436 Employee Co-Pay Debt Report       Columbia, SC

1438 CBOC Vesting                      Long Beach, CA

1440 Common Reference Data             Cleveland, OH

     Preventive medicine reminder
1441 dialog for Nursing                Long Beach, CA

1443 Vesting                           Long Beach, CA

1444 Oeiff Combat vet tracking         Long Beach, CA

1448 Daily Vesting Web                  Long Beach, CA
     BRSI - Benefit Recovery Vendor for
1449 Aged Receivables                   Upstate NY HCS

1450 Computer Downtime Note            Wilkes Barre, PA
1451 Death Reports                      Dayton, OH

1452 Expired Veteran Debt Report        Columbia, SC

1453 MH active patient report           Roseburg, OR

1454 DENTAL USER STATUS                 Long Beach, CA
     Priority 7&8 Veterans without
1455 identified insurance               Columbia, SC

1456 VISN 12 Call Center ADT package    Madison, WI

1457 Non-formulary Tracking             Upstate NY HCS

1458 C2 Drug List                       Columbia, SC

1459 VCS Applications                   St. Louis, MO

1460 Carotid Studies Report             Columbia, SC
1463 Employee of the Month              Roseburg, OR

1464 Discharge Follow Up                Long Beach, CA
     Surgery Pre-Op & Post-Op Wait
1466 Times by Specialty                 Memphis, TN

                                        NY HCS (New York
1467 Surgery SPD Project                City, Brooklyn)

1470 Error List Builder                 Long Beach, CA

1471 Print a Request - Radiology Exam   Charleston, SC
1472 Abnormal Radiology Code 1          Long Beach, CA
     Repeat Reason for Radiology film
1473 usage                              Charleston, SC

     Pharmacy Patient Report of
1484 Contact                            Charleston, SC

1485 Food/Drug Counselled prompt        Charleston, SC

     Pharmacy Med Inspection for
1486 Wards/Clinics                      Charleston, SC

1487 Outpatient Pharmacy Label Mods     Charleston, SC

1490 Appointment Management Mods        Charleston, SC

     Add teaching letters to print
1493 scheduling letter function         Charleston, SC

1494 Appointment List                   Charleston, SC

     View Alerts to supervisors when
1496 employees request leave            Charleston, SC

     Employee Reports from Supervisor
1497 menu                             Charleston, SC

     Approving Official Workload Credit
1505 Cards                              Charleston, SC
     Add/Delete Employee as
1510 Supervisor to all T&L's            Charleston, SC
     Nutrition Assessment Health
1521 Summary Component                  Columbia, SC
                                       West Palm Beach,
1522 ACA Recall System                 FL

1524 Hospice                           Long Beach, CA

1525 VCS Collections Database (TOP)    St. Louis, MO

1526 ACED AMIS REPORT                  Upstate NY HCS

1527 DG-Registration                   Upstate NY HCS

     Nuclear Medicine Cardiac Imaging
1529 Project                          Puget Sound HCS
1530 Index Patches                    Long Beach, CA

1531 Pending Hardware Installations    Dayton, OH

                                       West Palm Beach,
1532 Scheduling utilities              FL

     Non-Formulary Drug
1533 Approval/Disapproval Statistics   Memphis, TN

1534 Inpatient PCMM Report             Long Beach, CA

1536 Non-Formulary Drug Requests       Memphis, TN
1538 ISO Reports                       Long Beach, CA

1539 POLICE & SECURITY      (ES)       Palo Alto HCS

1540 VCS Human Resources Database      St. Louis, MO

1541 Transcription Watch (TWatch)      Puget Sound HCS
1542 QAN-Incident Reporting               Upstate NY HCS

                                          West Palm Beach,
1543 Pharmacy Utilities                   FL

     DG-Registration - Patient
1544 Wristband Devices                    Upstate NY HCS
     Guidance for Needle Biopsy -
1547 Health Summary Component             Columbia, SC

1548 Last Week's Unvested                 Long Beach, CA

1549 CHAMPVA PRINT MENU                   Dayton, OH

1551 MCP                                  Long Beach, CA

     Clinical Outcome Research
1553 Initiative (CORI) -VistA interface   Puget Sound HCS

1554 Complete Request Consult             Columbia, SC
     Health Summary Component -
1556 Intake & Output                      Memphis, TN

1558 Mental Health Follow Up              Long Beach, CA

1559 QAN-Indicent Reporting               Upstate NY HCS

1560 Personnel Action                     Puget Sound HCS
     Suppress quick order 'attention'
1561 field                                Columbia, SC
1564 VISN 15 Telephone Care             Topeka, KS

1565 Send Patient to Pyxis              Columbia, SC
     Isolation/Precaution List for
1566 Inpatients                         Memphis, TN
                                        South Texas HCS
                                        (Kerrville, San
1567 CPRS mod to ORCSAVE2               Antonio)

1569 Print Food Labels                  Upstate NY HCS

1572 Business Intelligence Data Cubes   Cleveland, OH
1573 Missing Network Names              Long Beach, CA

1574 Order Greater than 24 Hours        Puget Sound HCS
     Care & Bereavement (C&B) Leave
1575 Balance - Employee                 Memphis, TN

1576 QAP-Survey Generator               Upstate NY HCS

1577 Ambulatory Care Ad Hoc Report      Upstate NY HCS

1581 Nearly Vested                      Long Beach, CA

     Care & Bereavement (C&B) Leave
1583 Balance By T&L - Supervisor        Memphis, TN

     Consult Print Options with Unique
1585 Variable treatment                Puget Sound HCS

1586 Next Week's Unvested               Long Beach, CA

1587 Clinic Mailing Labels              Dayton, OH
     Informatix Laboratories
1588 Corporation (ILC Omni Cell)        Lexington, KY
1591 New Users                          Long Beach, CA

1593 Influenza Report                   Memphis, TN

1594 Record Tracking                    Upstate NY HCS
1595 Package Tables                     Long Beach, CA
     Make Appointment Option
1596 Modified                           Upstate NY HCS

1598 Transcription Tracking System      Puget Sound HCS

1599 Substance Abuse Patients           Long Beach, CA

1601 Record Tracking                    Upstate NY HCS

1606 Provider Profiles                  Long Beach, CA

1607 Clothing Room Inventory System     Puget Sound HCS

1609 Open Access                        Topeka, KS

1610 Directors Treating Specialty Report Lexington, KY
                                         Northern Indiana
1611 MHV UTILITIES MENU                  HCS

1612 Diabetic Retinopathy Report        Roseburg, OR

1613 Coding Tracking System             Puget Sound HCS

1614 Patient Valuables - alert          Chillicothe, OH

1616 Inpatient Pharmacy Workload        Memphis, TN

1617 Organ Donor                        Chillicothe, OH

     Marrow Transplant Unit lab
1618 summary                            Puget Sound HCS
     Unbilled Routine to Update Reason
1619 not Billable for Inpt, Outp, and RX Upstate NY HCS

1621 CWT Payroll System                 Puget Sound HCS

1622 Outpatient Pharmacy Workload       Memphis, TN

     Nursing Care Team Report Menu
     developed by Mary Holmes (no
     longer here). Uses a local file 607-
1624 CARE TEAM                            Madison, WI

1625 Guardian information               Chillicothe, OH

1629 Radiology Dashboard                Long Beach, CA

1631 Enter/Edit Patient Condition       Upstate NY HCS

1633 DG-Registration                    Upstate NY HCS

1637 Remote Insurance Check             Long Beach, CA

1638 Patient Condition List Print       Upstate NY HCS

1639 DOMID                              Puget Sound HCS

1640 GUI Mail                           Erie, PA

1642 Health Summary Contig. Plan        Long Beach, CA
     "Excessive" Active Prescriptions
1644 Reporting                           Memphis, TN

1647 TIU Objects                         Erie, PA
                                         N. Florida/S.
                                         Georgia HCS
1648 REPORT BY PRIMARY DX                (Gainesville)
     VistA Routine - Female problems
1651 on Male patients                    Puget Sound HCS

                                         West Palm Beach,
1653 MAS Utilities                       FL

1655 [SD Build] Set Up A Clinic Option   Upstate NY HCS

1656 Travel                              Erie, PA
1657 ADT Print Notification Report      Cleveland, OH

1661 VistA Routine - Radiology Report   Puget Sound HCS

1663 Employee Health                    Columbia, SC

1664 HIMS Data Validation               Long Beach, CA

1667 Provider Prescription Statistics   Memphis, TN

1668 Personal List Edit Documentation   Puget Sound HCS

1671 AOD MAA LOG                        Erie, PA

1673 Count Acc'n Tests by Div           Roseburg, OR

     Electronic Employee Suggestion
1675 Program                            Columbia, SC

1680 VISN 16 SUD Case Finder            Topeka, KS
1681 VANOD VistA Data Extractor        Erie, PA
                                       Tennessee Valley
1684 Visn 9 Data Warehouse extractions Nashville)

1686 Suicide Asessment                 Long Beach, CA
                                       Tennessee Valley
1687 Memphis Recall System             Nashville)

1689 Inpatient Allergy Report          Memphis, TN

     VISN 16 New Depression Case
1691 Finder                            Erie, PA
                                       Tennessee Valley
1692 Vested/Unvest patients            Nashville)
     VISN 16 Substance Abuse Case
1694 Finder                            Erie, PA

1695 VAcinity phone book               Puget Sound HCS

                                       Tennessee Valley
1696 Daily vestment stats              Nashville)

1697 Restricted FileMan                Topeka, KS

     Orders Performance Monitor
1698 Report                            Upstate NY HCS

1699 Fee Basis Provider Pay Monitoring Memphis, TN

1705 Surgical Follow Up Monitor        Long Beach, CA
                                         West Los Angeles,
1706 TEMPO Inquiry Web Page              CA

1707 Dictaphone Transcription Interface Erie, PA
                                        N. Florida/S.
                                        Georgia HCS
1708 REPORT ON FIMS PATIENTS            (Gainesville)

1709 Find Bad Pt Movements               Long Beach, CA

1710 Update YTD Vesting              Long Beach, CA
     BCMA Medication Log - Orderable
1711 Item                            Memphis, TN

                                         N. Florida/S.
                                         Georgia HCS
1712 No show report by stop code         (Gainesville)
                                         N. Florida/S.
     History &Physical Examination       Georgia HCS
1713 Reports                             (Gainesville)

1715 PURE                                Long Beach, CA

     Integrated Billing (Percentage of
1716 Patients Pre-registered Report)     Madison, WI

1717 VALOR                               Long Beach, CA

     Reminders due report for whole
1718 clinic by date of appointment       Upstate NY HCS

                                         N. Florida/S.
                                         Georgia HCS
1719 Allergy/unreleased orders report    (Gainesville)

1721 Appointment cancellation report     Roseburg, OR
                                         South Texas HCS
     Electronic security agreement at    (Kerrville, San
1722 sign-on                             Antonio)
1723 CPRS Contingency              Erie, PA
                                   N. Florida/S.
1724 SPECIFIC DX                   (Gainesville)

     Check-Out Completion by Div
1726 Report                               Roseburg, OR
1728 VISTA CGI                            Long Beach, CA

1730 Unsigned Note Viewer                 Upstate NY HCS
                                          N. Florida/S.
                                          Georgia HCS
1731 Patient list by room/bed             (Gainesville)
1732 Data Warehouse                       Long Beach, CA

1734 Clostridium difficile data extraction Puget Sound HCS

1735 Palliative Care Planning             Erie, PA

1736 Dietetics Tray Ticket pitch change   Columbia, SC

1737 Request User Account                 Battle Creek, MI
1740 AR Reporting (Allied)                California HCS

1741 Reproduction Requests                Erie, PA

1742 Cancelled Lab Orders                 Memphis, TN
                                          N. Florida/S.
                                          Georgia HCS
1743 Clinics with no appointment          (Gainesville)
1744 Duplicate Laboratory Orders       Memphis, TN

1746 Clinic Utilization Report         Roseburg, OR

1747 CODE RED Software                 Huntington, WV

                                 South Texas HCS
                                 (Kerrville, San
1748 COLLAGE                     Antonio)
1749 MONITOR                     California HCS

1750 Lodger Room number on Diet cards Puget Sound HCS

1752 Pre & Post Surgery Glucose        Memphis, TN

1753 Pyxis Modifications               Columbia, SC

1755 Vitals on Admission               Memphis, TN

                                       N. Florida/S.
                                       Georgia HCS
1756 Diabetes patient list with labs   (Gainesville)

1757 Microbiology Work Cards           Puget Sound HCS
1758 PCG DATA EXTRACT UTILITY          California HCS

1762 AUI1 SEC POLICY REVIEW            Boise, ID

1763 Lab labels                        Puget Sound HCS
                                           N. Florida/S.
     inpatient list with DX and treating   Georgia HCS
1764 spec                                  (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
                                           Georgia HCS
1765 NARCOTIC RX REPORT                    (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
                                           Georgia HCS
1766 Invalid med route report              (Gainesville)

1769 Death Review List                     Roseburg, OR
                                           N. Florida/S.
     BCMA IV PERCENT COMPLETE              Georgia HCS
1770 REPORT                                (Gainesville)

     Radiology transcription gui and
1771 mailing notifications                 Puget Sound HCS
                                           N. Florida/S.
                                           Georgia HCS
1773 NEW PC PATIENTS                       (Gainesville)

1774 HEALTH SUMMARY (GMTS)                 Palo Alto HCS

1776 TORT DB                               Ann Arbor, MI

1777 IFCAP Daily Review option             Puget Sound HCS
     Travel Record Inventory Program
1778 (TRIP)                                Ann Arbor, MI
1779 INTEGRATED BILLING (IB)               Palo Alto HCS

     Inventory additional Item Storage
1781 Location                              Puget Sound HCS

1782 CPRS Feedback                         Puget Sound HCS
1783 LAB MESSAGE (LA)                   Palo Alto HCS

1784 IP Orders Bingo                    Puget Sound HCS

     Glucose POC HL7 message errors
1785 list                               Puget Sound HCS

     Observ Discharge Discrepancy
1786 Report                             Long Beach, CA

1787 Lab test turn-around reports (TAT) Puget Sound HCS

1789 IFCAP Approving Officials Alert    Puget Sound HCS

1790 ADT reports by date range          Long Beach, CA

1791 Skin Wound Database                Puget Sound HCS

1792 IRM Help graphical interface       Puget Sound HCS

1793 Purchase card summary statistics   Long Beach, CA

     Pharmacy 2000 - Outpatient
1794 Robotics (ILC/McKesson)            Puget Sound HCS

1795 Programmer Tasks                   Puget Sound HCS

1796 Robot-Rx and AcuDose               Puget Sound HCS
1797 Positive PPD bulletin              Long Beach, CA

1798 TIU Statistical extracts           Long Beach, CA

     Purchase reconcile/approve alert
1799 displayed on Vista sign-on         Long Beach, CA

1801 H&P monitoring report              Long Beach, CA

1802 FastFill                           Puget Sound HCS
     AUTOMATED FIRST PARTY              Northern
1803 WRITEOFF                           California HCS

1804 LAB SERVICE (LR)                   Palo Alto HCS

1807 AudioFAX                           Puget Sound HCS

1808 LAB SERVICE      (LR)              Palo Alto HCS

1809 Non-Vested Patients by Date Range Puget Sound HCS

1810 User Access Requests               Houston, TX
1812 Medical Center Memoranda           California HCS
     TCP patient admitted/died within 3 Northern
1813 days                               California HCS

1814 Backup Health Summary System       California HCS
     Discharges of patients with        Northern
1815 Insurance                          California HCS
1816 Employee Clearance System        California HCS

1817 Mammogram Search                 California HCS
     Sharing Agreement Lab Tests      Northern
1818 Report                           California HCS
1819 Inpatient Status of Photo ID     California HCS
1820 Pap Smear Report                 California HCS

1821 Label Print with Today's Date    California HCS

1822 BCMA Downtime Note               California HCS

1823 Patients w/Insurance - Rx List   California HCS
1824 Random Bills for QA              California HCS
     Re-Generate Unbilled Amounts   Northern
1825 Report w/ Filing Time          California HCS

1826 Diabetes Study                 California HCS
1827 Vista PhoneBook                California HCS

1830 ARIA                           Hines, IL

1831 EPRP Coding Cube (ENTRCODE)    Hines, IL

1832 EPRP Coding Cube (WHATREAT)    Hines, IL
     Functional Status Outcome
1836 Database (FSOD)                Erie, PA

1837 User Security Checks           Shreveport, LA

1842 BCMA After Hours Support       Cleveland, OH

1847 Electronic Wait List           Wilkes Barre, PA

1848 IRM Check In/Out               Cleveland, OH

1850 CPRS Bingo Boards              Danville, IL
1851 PC Team High Risk Patient Report   Madison, WI

     Interface for OSPAC Inpatient
1852 medication packaging machine       Cleveland, OH

2240 Edit an Existing User (Local)      Madison, WI
2242 Open Access                          Wilkes Barre, PA

     Disallow access to own patient
2243 record                               Madison, WI

2244 Veteran Travel Package               Danville, IL

2246 LIST                                 Wilkes Barre, PA

     Claims Proccessing and Eligibility
2247 (CP&E)                               Denver, CO (HAC)

2248 Local Alert                          Columbia, SC
2251 Create a Clinic Request           Battle Creek, MI

2252 Increase Telecare Call Log        Columbia, SC

2254 Alerting on Lapse of Lab Orders   Danville, IL

2255 VERA CLINICAL REMINDER            Wilkes Barre, PA

2256 Tiu Patient Data Objects          Cincinnati, OH

2258 Document Imaging System           Denver, CO (HAC)

2259 COMBAT VET OIF/OEF REPORT 1.1 Wilkes Barre, PA
     SUD Continuity Case Finder (ALDR
2260 SUBABUSE)                          Madison, WI

2261 ED Display Board and Tracking Log Upstate NY HCS

2263 Facility SPOT - Web Version        Ann Arbor, MI

2264 C broker client                    Loma Linda, CA

2265 Cardiology Scheduler               Ann Arbor, MI

2266 Python Broker                      Loma Linda, CA

2267 Java Broker                        Loma Linda, CA

2268 Inventory Sales Data Dump          White City OR
2269 Online G&L                         Loma Linda, CA

2270 IT Inventory Tracking              Loma Linda, CA

2271 Resident Logon Capture             Loma Linda, CA

2272 - CONTINUITY OF CARE          Louisville, KY

2276 Account Creator                    Loma Linda, CA

2277 Personnel Action GUI               Puget Sound HCS

2278 Static IP Tracker                  Loma Linda, CA

2280 SOAP Application Server            Loma Linda, CA
2282 ARHNET HEALTHNET EXTRACT           California HCS

2284 Clinical Procedures Gateway        Loma Linda, CA

2285 Orders/Appointments Bingo Board Loma Linda, CA

2286 CBOC Contingency plan              Cleveland, OH

2287 Bed Management System              Loma Linda, CA

2288 Goal Sharing                       Loma Linda, CA

2289 Non-Vested by Incorrect Provider   Puget Sound HCS

2290 Default Stop Date                  Columbia, SC
2291 MEDICATIONS                        Puget Sound HCS

2293 Morphology Code Search, SNOMED California HCS
2294 TIU Alert Package                Danville, IL

                                      NY HCS (New York
2297 Surgery OR Request Calendar      City, Brooklyn)

2298 LTC Patient Review               Puget Sound HCS
     Generate Pre-cert bulletin for
2299 MCCR                             Columbia, SC

2300 Daily Patient Condition          Puget Sound HCS

2301 Billed CPT's by Provider         Upstate NY HCS
     Pharmacy Patient Medication
2303 Information                      Puget Sound HCS

2305 Palliative Care                  Wilkes Barre, PA
2306 Calendar                         Portland, OR

2307 On-Call Schedule                 Portland, OR
     Capital Equipment Request
2309 Database                         Portland, OR
2312 PROBLEM RX'S ON HOLD             Puget Sound HCS
2313 Outlook Address Book             Portland, OR

2314 Computer Based Training Modules Portland, OR

2315 Ad Hoc Lab Report                California HCS

2316 NDC BARCODE CHECK                Puget Sound HCS

2318 V2 Report Scheduler Daily        Wilkes Barre, PA

2319 Outlook Address Book Editor      Portland, OR

     Automated Information Security
2320 Agreement                        Danville, IL

2321 FILE PICK LIST AWAY              Puget Sound HCS

2322 LABEL                            Puget Sound HCS
2323 PATIENT INQUIRY (LOCAL)          Portland, OR

2325 LAB RESULTS LTTRS FOR PTS        Portland, OR

2328 RESULT LETTER FOR PTS            Portland, OR

2329 CALL CENTER PACKAGE              Bay Pines, FL

2330 Mail Renewal List                Puget Sound HCS

2331 MED ADMIN RPT (MARS) BACKUP      Portland, OR

2332 Provider Profiles                Portland, OR

2334 TRAVEL LOG                       Puget Sound HCS

2335 INSTRUMENT INTERFACES            Portland, OR


     Lab Personnel Tracking for the
2337 Accu-Chek Inform Glucose Meter   Anchorage, AK
2338 DOCUMENT MANAGER                Portland, OR

2339 SURGERY                         Louisville, KY

     Contingency Patient Data for
     Medication Administration and
2340 Health Summaries                Danville, IL

2342 DDOTS/CREDIT                    Shreveport, LA

2343 CLIN PATH ELEC SIG              Portland, OR

2344 UNSIGNED CLIN DOC MGR           Portland, OR

2345 RX Bag Mail                     Puget Sound HCS


2347 Conference Registration         Portland, OR


2349 PVAMC Internet Web Site         Portland, OR

2350 RENEWAL PROG FOR VET            Portland, OR

2351 LAB RESULTS TO DIETETICS        Portland, OR

2352 CRS Resource Guide              Portland, OR

2353 VIRTUAL PATIENT FLAGS           Portland, OR
     Pharmacy Rx Mail Metering
2354 Interface                      Puget Sound HCS


2357 Lab Summary Reports            Danville, IL

2358 OUTPT LAB RESULTS TO PROV      Portland, OR

2359 PVAMC Intranet Web Site        Portland, OR

2360 Device Coordination Requests   Portland, OR

2361 SURG NOTIF TO REM SITES        Portland, OR

2366 PORTLAND VAMC PHONE BOOK       Portland, OR

2367 SUSPECTED PT ABUSE (HOME)      Portland, OR

2368 HEPRANIZER                     Portland, OR

2369 Strategic Planning Database    Portland, OR

2370 ePost                          Portland, OR

2372 Surgery Patient Labels         Anchorage, AK

2374 GLUCOTRON 5000                 Portland, OR

2375 Student Tracking Database      Roseburg, OR
2376 NURSING CARE PLAN                 Portland, OR
     Fiscal Outsourcing Database(Under
2377 development)                      Portland, OR

2379 CONSULT TO PROG NOTE              Portland, OR

2381 ADD DRUG PRICES CPRS MENU         Portland, OR

2382 AEDTIU*                           Bronx, NY

2383 Form Management System            Portland, OR

2384 FOBT MISSING RESULTS LTTR         Portland, OR

                                       NY HCS (New York
2386 Computer Telephone Directory      City, Brooklyn)


2389 Incident Reporting System         Portland, OR

2391 Survey System                     Portland, OR


2395 Patient Label                     Butler, PA

2399 LAST VENDOR ORDERED RPT           Portland, OR

2401 UNTRANS TIME CARD                 Portland, OR

2402 Inpatient Activity Report         Portland, OR

2403 Systems Tracking Database         Portland, OR
2406 SYSTEM                        North Chicago, IL


2411 PHARMACY LTTRS TO PT          Portland, OR

2414 AHWB*                         Fayetteville, AR

2415 DERM BX PATIENTS              Portland, OR

2418 IT Knowledgebase              Portland, OR

2419 ACTIVE NEW PERSONS (TASK)     Portland, OR

2420 AHWS*                         Fayetteville, AR

2422 ARVDGC                        Shreveport, LA


2426 ARVISOS2                      Shreveport, LA

2428 TROPONIN USR OPTS & TASKS     Portland, OR

2429 ARVISOSR                      Shreveport, LA


2435 TEST PATIENTS W/APPOINT       Portland, OR

2440 Controlled Substance Schedule   Lexington, KY

2441 ALDZSCI                         Little Rock, AR

2444 ALEXSEC5                        Little Rock, AR


2447 AMTEBC                          Fayetteville, AR

2449 Directory Opt-Out               Butler, PA


     Fee Basis - Alaska VAHSRO Fee
2452 Schedule                        Anchorage, AK


2456 STATS                           Portland, OR

2457 TRIP TICKET REQUEST SYSTEM      North Chicago, IL

                                     North Texas HCS
2458 LAB DIIM                        (Bonham, Dallas)

2459 EMSHG Intranet Website          Bay Pines, FL

2460 VETS WAIT LIST > 30 DAYS        Portland, OR

2466 Wristband printing to Zebra    Butler, PA
     VISN 20 Employee Recognition
2467 Program                        Portland, OR

     DIFR (Dynamic Interface for
2472 Research)                      Tampa, FL

2473 Mental Health Staffing         Butler, PA

2475 Lab Critical Values            Danville, IL

2476 Vista Phone Book               Portland, OR

2478 Bio-Med Parts Inventory        Butler, PA

2479 WOC Employee Tracking Database Portland, OR

2481 Pre-Pacakged Drugs             Butler, PA

2485 CPRS Contingency Plan          Butler, PA
     Turn around time for Pathologists
2489 ADACD724                            Bay Pines, FL

2490 Equipment Desk                      Butler, PA

2494 ADACD427                            Bay Pines, FL

2495 ACTIVE NURSING ORDERS DIV           Portland, OR

                                         NY HCS (New York
2496 Clinic Recall                       City, Brooklyn)
     Fee Basis - Suspense Letters -
2497 Eliminate printing codes 42 and 45 Anchorage, AK

2498 ADACD516                          Bay Pines, FL

                                       New Jersey HCS
     GREEN SHEETS ADMINISTERED         (East Orange,
2499 WASTE                             Lyons)

2502 Downtime Progress Notes           Danville, IL

2503 VANOD                             Salt Lake City, UT

     Fee Basis - 7079 Authorization
2504 Letters                           Anchorage, AK

2506 Print Expired Drugs               Walla Walla, WA

2507 Print NHCU diet orders            Walla Walla, WA

2508 Remote Scheduling                 Danville, IL
                                       New Jersey HCS
                                       (East Orange,
2511 Drug Stock Request                Lyons)

2513 Downtime Note                     Lexington, KY

                                       NY HCS (New York
2519 Police Exam Bulletin              City, Brooklyn)

2522 Home Dialysis System              VACO - Other

2523 Interface to Pyxis machine        Cleveland, OH

     Automated Allotment Control
2529 System                            VACO - Other

     CPRS Inpatient Contingency Plan
2531 Software                          San Juan, PR
     Patient Inquiry - Identify VIST
2532 Patient                           Bay Pines, FL

2535 ARC Interactive Reporting         VACO - Other

     CPRS Outpatient Contingency
2536 Program                           San Juan, PR
     Unannounced Audit of Cash
2537 Assests                           VACO - Other

2538 CPRS Broadcast System             San Juan, PR

2539 AND FILES                         Louisville, KY

2541 Mental Health Treatment Planner   San Juan, PR

2544 Lab Patient ABO List              Bay Pines, FL

2546 Patient BMI Report                Bay Pines, FL

2555 CPRS Feedback Tool                Battle Creek, MI
2559 Queue monitor for Vista Imaging   Atlanta, GA
     Electronic Work Order
2562 ENEWOD                            Battle Creek, MI

     Changes to Radiology/Nuc Med
2566 Request                           Atlanta, GA

2568 LAB SERVICE (LR)                  Palo Alto HCS
     Work Order Completion
2571 ACXPENCM                          Battle Creek, MI

2572 Government Vehicle Request        Atlanta, GA

     Work Order
2573 ENWOD2                            Battle Creek, MI
     Pharmacy Patient Med Chart - Non- Northern
2574 VA Meds                           California HCS

2575 LAB SERVICE             (LR)      Palo Alto HCS

2577 Automated AOD log                 White City OR

2578 LAB SERVICE             (LR)      Palo Alto HCS
     Fee Basis - Unauthorized Claims
2579 Letter                            Anchorage, AK

2581 Combined Clinic List              White City OR

2582 POW/PHARMACY REPORT               Portland, OR

2583 CAIRO Purchase Tracking           Battle Creek, MI
                                         NY HCS (New York
2584 Education-Request Tracking          City, Brooklyn)
     Patient Advocate consumer
2586 contact report                      White City OR

2587 (HBHC)                              Portland, OR

2588 IRM Event Log                       California HCS

2589 Case Manager Profile Information    White City OR

     Lab - Allow Dis-Usered Providers to
2590 be Selected                         Anchorage, AK
     Work Order
2591 ENWOD1                              Battle Creek, MI
2592 TRACKING)                           Portland, OR

                                         NY HCS (New York
2593 On-Call Database                    City, Brooklyn)

2595 Proficiency Report System           California HCS
     Rejected Enrollments with
2596 Appointments                        White City OR

2597 Radiology reports for service       Long Beach, CA

2598 ERRONEOUS NOTE PROGRAM              Portland, OR

     Work Order
2599 ENWOD                               Battle Creek, MI
     Task Lab HL7 interfaces on System
2600 Start                             Atlanta, GA
     Inpatient List by Team/Ward (JCAH
2601 format)                           White City OR
     Lab - Alignment of Lab Cumulative
2602 Report                            Anchorage, AK

2603 Telephone Directory (2001)         Battle Creek, MI

2604 PRCNENG                            Battle Creek, MI
     Modify HL7 v1.5 start for TCP/IP
2606 device                             Atlanta, GA

2608 Critical Value Report              California HCS

2610 Vista Inventory System             California HCS

2611 ECXSCLD                        Battle Creek, MI
2612 AND OPERATORS                  Portland, OR

     Health Summary Cytopathology
2613 GMTSLRCP                           Battle Creek, MI

2614 OUTPATIENT PHARMACY (PSO)          Las Vegas, NV

2616 GTS Query DHCP                     White City OR

     Health Summary Cytopathology
2617 GMTSSSSS                           Battle Creek, MI
     Upload C&P exam to TIU then copy Northern
2618 to AMIE package                  California HCS

2619 Inpatient Medication (PSJ)        Las Vegas, NV

     Health Summary Cytopathology
2620 GMTSUP                            Battle Creek, MI

2621 OUTPATIENT PHARMACY (PSO)         Las Vegas, NV
2622 Surgery reports for service         Long Beach, CA

2623 Surgery Credentialing Web Report California HCS

2624 Patient Information (PTI) Project   Anchorage, AK

2625 DVBCEDIT                            Battle Creek, MI

2626 LAB                                 Las Vegas, NV
2627 DVBCBULL                         Battle Creek, MI


2629 MEDICINE                         Las Vegas, NV

2630 SCHEDULING                       Las Vegas, NV

2633 HL7                              Las Vegas, NV

2634 CLINICAL REMINDERS               Las Vegas, NV

2635 TIU                              Las Vegas, NV

2636 BK LOOKBACK PROGRAMS             Portland, OR

2637 INCIDENT REPORTING               Las Vegas, NV
2638 LOOKUP                           Portland, OR

2639 TOOLKIT                          Las Vegas, NV

2640 LAB GRAPH                        Portland, OR

2641 ADD I/O PANEL TO COVERSHEET      Portland, OR

2642 Locally created TIU Objects      White City OR

     Custom Potential Cost Recovery   Northern
2643 Report                           California HCS

2644 Print ICD 9 Code Report          Roseburg, OR
2645 Print Single                     California HCS

2647 Fee Estimates                    Anchorage, AK
2648 PATIENT                          Portland, OR

2649 Lapse Lab Container Orders       California HCS

2650 GUI Mail                         Anchorage, AK

2651 CHANGES ON MED FORMS             Portland, OR
2652 LABELS                           Boise, ID

2653 AOD Options                      Boise, ID

     Training and Education
2654 Management Program (TEMPO)       VACO - Other
     Battery change label for Zebra
2655 printer                          Boise, ID

2656 Intra-VA Consults                Montana HCS

2658 COMPLETION REPORTS               Boise, ID

2659 Chaplain's Assessment            Boise, ID
2660 INFORMATION                      Boise, ID

2661 FMS EMPLOYEE OPTIONS             Boise, ID

2662 FEE BASIS OPTIONS                Boise, ID

2664 MUSE EKG                            California HCS

     Tracking Continuing Education
2665 (TRACE)                             VACO - Other

     Added code to National routine,
     GMRCMED, a Medicine package         Northern
2666 interface routine                   California HCS

     Search for Critical Value Flagged   Northern
2667 tests                               California HCS
2668 Tricare Billing Reports             California HCS

2669 View Insurance Buffer               California HCS
     Women's Health Lipid Panel          Northern
2670 Results                             California HCS
     Research Management System          West Los Angeles,
2671 (Windows)                           CA

                                         West Los Angeles,
2672 ePROMISe                            CA

2674 COMBINATION PACKAGES                Portland, OR

     INTERMEC 3000/4000 Series 1x2       Northern
2675 Label Format                        California HCS

2677 User Calling Statistics Report   California HCS

     Uninstalled Patches by           Northern
2678 Programmer                       California HCS

2679 Zebra 1x2 label print            California HCS
2680 Payment log into Excel           California HCS

     List HMO Plans by Insurance      Northern
2681 Company                          California HCS
     Resend Range of Rad HL7          Northern
2682 Messages                         California HCS
2683 HGBA1c Search                     California HCS

     Patient counts with Insurance     Northern
2684 status                            California HCS

2685 REPORTS/OPTIONS                   Portland, OR

2686 VARIOUS VESTING REPORTS           Portland, OR

2687 REPORTS/OPTIONS                   Portland, OR

     Lab Order Summary by Coll.Type,   Northern
2688 Date Range                        California HCS
2689 Fee Vendors                       California HCS
2690 100 Random Pt Regs                California HCS
     Multidivision Next Available      Northern
2691 Appointment List                  California HCS

2692 VARIOUS LOCAL LAB RELATED         Portland, OR

     Report for 100 Random Patient     Northern
2693 Encounters                        California HCS

2694 VARIOUS LOCAL SURGERY             Portland, OR
2695 100 Random Vendors                California HCS
2696 Enhanced Patient Movement List    California HCS

2697 EDUCATION PACKETS                 Portland, OR
2698 Pot.Cost Recovery Rpt             California HCS
2699 Find Active Options         California HCS

     VISTA Ping Times Web page and      Northern
2701 Statistics                         California HCS

2702 Random Patient Print by Provider   California HCS
2703 13 Month Follow-up                 California HCS
2704 Authorized Absence List            California HCS
2705 Fentanyl Patch Report              California HCS

2706 VARIOUS DSS/EC REPORTS             Portland, OR
     Check Local Copies of Incoming     Northern
2707 Routines                           California HCS
2708 Death w/i 30 days Post-Op          California HCS

2709 OR PREP FOR VISITORS               Portland, OR
2710 Clinic Check-ins by User           California HCS
2711 Surgeon Profile List               California HCS
2712 Clinic Check-outs by User          California HCS

2713 Missing Data + Circulator          California HCS
2714 Lab Backup Draw List               California HCS

2716 Expiring Enteral Rx Report         California HCS
2717 COS DA Sign on Task                California HCS
2719 Eligibility Code Visit Report      California HCS
2720 Clinic Wait Time Export            California HCS

2721 Help Desk Survey Statistics        California HCS

2722 Clinic Prov Leave Approval Task    California HCS
     Help Desk Electronic Work Order    Northern
2723 System                             California HCS
     Nurse Total Hours of Training by   Northern
2724 Primary Location                   California HCS
     Center for Rehabilitation and      Northern
2725 Extended Care Patient List         California HCS

2726 Discharges for a Specialty         California HCS
2727 Duplicate Encounter Report          California HCS

     Appointment FollowUp Program        Northern
2728 (TeaCup Program)                    California HCS
2729 No-Show/Checked-In Report           California HCS

2730 Delete ANY Reminder                 California HCS
2731 Inpatient Roster                    California HCS
2732 Unauth Claims/MillBills Sample      California HCS

     Unknown Insurance for one           Northern
2733 Division                            California HCS

2734 CPG/PI Management System            California HCS

     Local mods to Exercise Tolerance    Northern
2735 Test (ETT), Medicine package v2.3   California HCS

2736 Expiring Rx Mail                    California HCS
2737 Medi-Cal rate look-up.            California HCS
2738 Electronic Programming Requests California HCS
     Menu Pre-rebuild and Post-rebuild Northern
2739 Check Task                        California HCS
2740 Consults By Provider/Date         California HCS

     WinExit Screen Saver Registry/ACL   Northern
2742 Setter                              California HCS
     Local mods to Holter test in
     Cardiology module of Medicine       Northern
2743 package v2.3                        California HCS
2744 Employee Title Inquiry              California HCS
     Local Pharmacy Telephone Care       Northern
2745 Application (TCP)                   California HCS

2746 PKG                                 Portland, OR

2747 V21 Screen Saver                    California HCS

2748 Medical Record Review Web App       California HCS

2749 gARF                                California HCS

2750 LOCALTO CORE VISTA -TIU PKG         Portland, OR

2751 PKGS                                Portland, OR

2752 LOCALTO CORE VISTA -SR PKG          Portland, OR
2753 LOCAL TO CORE VISTA -FH PKG    Portland, OR


2756 and PSJ)                      Portland, OR

2757 and PSG)                      Portland, OR

2758 ROBOTS                         Portland, OR

2759 LOCALTO CORE VISTA -DG         Portland, OR

2760 LOCALTO CORE VISTA -DGBT       Portland, OR

2761 LOCALTO CORE VISTA -SD ,PX     Portland, OR

2763 LOCAL TO CORE VISTA - PRCA     Portland, OR

2764 LOCALTO CORE VISTA -GMRA       Portland, OR
2765 LOCALTO CORE VISTA - GMTS     Portland, OR



2768 LOCALTO CORE VISTA -DVBC      Portland, OR

2769 LOCAL TO CORE VISTA-VALM      Portland, OR

2770 LOCAL TO CORE VISTA--MC       Portland, OR

2771 LOCAL TO CORE VISTA-RA        Portland, OR

2772 LOCAL TO CORE VISTA - QAP     Portland, OR

     Emergency Department Display
2774 Board                          San Juan, PR

2779 Incident Reporting System      San Juan, PR

2781 Process Telephone Refills      Cincinnati, OH

2784 Troponin Turnaround Time       Cincinnati, OH

2785 User Access Request            Hines, IL

     BCMA - Health Summary
2789 Contingency                    Hines, IL

2791 PPD REPORT                     St. Louis, MO

2794 Palliative Care Planning       Cincinnati, OH

                                    NY HCS (New York
2798 PPD Exam Notice                City, Brooklyn)

     Create Downtime-Bookmark
2799 Progress Note                  Cincinnati, OH

2802 ORWDX                          St. Louis, MO
     AEG 683 B Official (TSK)/Wait List
2806 Report                               Cincinnati, OH

     Delete Ward Location for             NY HCS (New York
2807 Outpatient                           City, Brooklyn)

2808 OIF/OEF Combat Veteran Report        Cincinnati, OH
                                          N. Florida/S.
     Count of CPRS orders between         Georgia HCS
2809 12m and 8am                          (Gainesville)

2813 Clothing Room Tracking               Cincinnati, OH
                                          N. Florida/S.
                                          Georgia HCS
2814 CPT Codes                            (Gainesville)
                                          N. Florida/S.
                                          Georgia HCS
2815 TIU Reports                          (Gainesville)

     Mental Health - Compensated          VCSC Program
2816 Work Therapy (CWT)                   Office
                                          N. Florida/S.
                                          Georgia HCS
2817 Priority 8 e and g pts w fut appts   (Gainesville)

2818 PHOENIX CLINIC CHECK-IN              Las Vegas, NV
                                          N. Florida/S.
                                          Georgia HCS
2821 Patient Discharged by Zip Code       (Gainesville)

2822 DATA WAREHOUSE EXTRACTS              Las Vegas, NV


     Mental Health - Healthcare for   VCSC Program
2826 Homeless Veterans (HCHV)         Office

2827 LRSORA2                          St. Louis, MO

2831 RECONCILIATION                   Las Vegas, NV
                                      N. Florida/S.
                                      Georgia HCS
2832 Documents by Author and Cosigner (Gainesville)
2834 PHONEBOOK                        Las Vegas, NV

2838 Administrative Applications      VACO - Other
                                      N. Florida/S.
                                      Georgia HCS
2839 TIU Visits without Notes         (Gainesville)

2841 PHOENIX VA (APGKOBx)             Butler, PA

2842 PXRMZOIS                         St. Louis, MO

     Mental Health - Mental Health
     Intensive Case Management        VCSC Program
2843 (MHICM)                          Office
2846 (AVIBEDM)                          Las Vegas, NV

2848 (AVIBWAIT)                      Las Vegas, NV

2849 REMINDER PROGRAM                   Altoona, PA

2850 TIU Objects                        Philadelphia, PA

2851 Pharmacy Archival Retrival/Search Hines, IL

2852 SEPARATELY                         Las Vegas, NV

2855 MAA Log File                       Philadelphia, PA

3011 GUIMAIL                            San Francisco, CA

3015 Open Access                        Detroit, MI
3016 Local Data Repository (LDR)    Philadelphia, PA

3019 Compliance Audits Menu         Detroit, MI

3020 RX Pad accountabiltiy          Boise, ID
                                    New Jersey HCS
                                    (East Orange,
3021 eAppeals                       Lyons)

3022 Vesting Softtware              Detroit, MI

     Random Listing of visits for
3024 compliance audit               Loma Linda, CA

3026 TSN Database                   Upstate NY HCS

3027 AKDBB6SS                       St. Louis, MO

3030 MIRB                           Philadelphia, PA

                                    New Jersey HCS
     Patient Record Flag Request    (East Orange,
3034 Software                       Lyons)

3035 Audiology Orders by Provider   Bay Pines, FL

3037 LAB QC Program                 Upstate NY HCS
     TIDES Depression Care Managers
3038 (DCM)                              Cincinnati, OH

3039 Update - Start - Program Manager Boise, ID

3040 IRMS                               Philadelphia, PA
     Discrepancy Package, Application
3041 Coordinator                        Loma Linda, CA

3043 MAF APPT (LOCAL)                   Las Vegas, NV

3050 Attending/Admission Notes          Loma Linda, CA

3053 Screeen Saver                      Boise, ID

3054 A4D MEANS TEST (LOCAL)             Las Vegas, NV
     Patient Discharge for Length of     NY HCS (New York
3058 Stay (LOS)                          City, Brooklyn)

3060 Inspector General Special Reports   Loma Linda, CA

                                       New Jersey HCS
     Pharmacy Patient Safety - Display (East Orange,
3061 of Critical Fields                Lyons)

3064 PLAN                                Altoona, PA
3065 (LOCAL)                             Las Vegas, NV

                                         Oklahoma City,
3066 CPRS GUI object                     OK

3067 Delinquent Order Report             Bay Pines, FL
3068 ZPEH (LOCAL)                        Las Vegas, NV

3070 Pulmonary Function Tests            Boise, ID

     IFCAP - Choose correct form type
3071 PRCSEA                              Battle Creek, MI

3072 MICOM (LOCAL)                       Las Vegas, NV
3074 ADB MCCR TOOL KIT (LOCAL)          Las Vegas, NV

3075 Staff Service Record Screen for T&L Bay Pines, FL
3077 (LOCAL)                             Las Vegas, NV

                                        Oklahoma City,
3078 Sugery notes and addendums         OK

     Staff Servcie Record Screen for
3079 Service                            Bay Pines, FL
3080 CALENDAR (LOCAL)                   Las Vegas, NV

                                        VCSC Program
3081 VHA Bed Control                    Office

3082 OMNI                        Loma Linda, CA
3083 (LOCAL)                     Las Vegas, NV

3084 VTel/Conference Room Scheduler     California HCS

3085 GEN. MED. REC. - VITALS (LOCAL)    Las Vegas, NV

3087 GRAMPS (LOCAL)                     Las Vegas, NV
3088 NOIS (LOCAL)                       Las Vegas, NV
3090 PLAN                               Altoona, PA
3091 (LOCAL)                            Las Vegas, NV

                                        Oklahoma City,
3092 Lab test lookup CPRS               OK

3093 MIRB                               Loma Linda, CA
3094 Mental Health Treatment Planner   Boise, ID
3095 (LOCAL)                           Las Vegas, NV
     Pharmacy Orders BB via
3096 Manual/CRT                        White City OR

3097 Broker Registry Setter            California HCS
3098 (LOCAL)                           Las Vegas, NV
3099 (LOCAL)                           Las Vegas, NV

3100 Total orders by physician         Bay Pines, FL

     Safety / Environmental Automated
3101 Facility Evaluation              VACO - Other


3103 PCTS (LOCAL)                      Las Vegas, NV

3104 Endoscopy Schedule Viewer         Boise, ID
3105 Vesting Police Software       Cincinnati, OH

3106 Organ Transplant              Washington, DC
3107 (LOCAL)                       Las Vegas, NV
3108 Patient DFN Look-up           California HCS

                                   Oklahoma City,
3109 FOBT Orders CPRS              OK

3110 Wristbands to Zebra Printer   White City OR

                                   NY HCS (New York
3111 SureryRequest                 City, Brooklyn)
3112 Surgery Sign-Off Filter           California HCS

3113 QUASAR (LOCAL)                    Las Vegas, NV

3114 QUASAR PATCH #3 (LOCAL)           Las Vegas, NV
     100 Random Outpatient             Northern
3115 Encounters                        California HCS
3117 APM (LOCAL)                       Las Vegas, NV

3118 GUI Intake and Output             Boise, ID

3119 Performance Monitor Brief Report California HCS

3122 (LOCAL)                        Las Vegas, NV
3123 (LOCAL)                        Las Vegas, NV

3125 Chips Routines                    Puget Sound HCS
3126 TEAM (LOCAL)                      Las Vegas, NV

3127 CP-TRACK                          VACO - Other
3128 VOLUNTARY SERVICE (LOCAL)         Las Vegas, NV
     Fiscal Air Force Radiology Patient   Northern
3129 Report                               California HCS
3130 (LOCAL)                              Las Vegas, NV
3131 ZIP4 Look-up                         California HCS

3132 PROGRESS NOTES (LOCAL)               Las Vegas, NV

3133 PYXIS                                Loma Linda, CA
3134 Primary Care Clinic Free Slots       California HCS
3135 Patient Address Checker              California HCS

3136 ClinicVue                            Boise, ID

3137 Computer Room Scheduler              California HCS
     Fix Missing or Incorrect Patient     Northern
3138 Counties                             California HCS

3139 Patient Photo                        Boise, ID
     Active Patients by Primary Care     Northern
3142 Provider by Site                    California HCS

3143 LRAPF                               St. Louis, MO

3148 VPE/Electronic Data Dictionary      Milwaukee, WI

3203 Directives Online                   Boise, ID

3204 Panel Administration                Boise, ID

3205 Outpatient Clinics Recall           Loma Linda, CA

                                         New Jersey HCS
                                         (East Orange,
3206 Fleet of Pharmacy Reports           Lyons)

3207 List of newly diagnosed diabetics   Bay Pines, FL

3208 User Administration                 Boise, ID

3209 Systems Utilities                   Hines, IL
     List of cardiac cath patients and
3210 mortality statistics                Bay Pines, FL
3212 Education site for TEMPO            Boise, ID

     Short Active Patients by Primary    Northern
3213 Care Provider by Site               California HCS


3215 TEMPO records online                Boise, ID

3216 New Depression Casefinder           Loma Linda, CA
3217 Sensitive Patient Access            California HCS

3218 Advanced Clinic Access Monitor      White City OR
     Mump routine - Z1041P1 - BED
3219 SECTION REPORT                      Palo Alto HCS
     B2K report for Beneficiary Travel   Northern
3220 Claim File #392                     California HCS

3221 Sync/Store ID                       Boise, ID

3223 Cardiac cath stats - without names Bay Pines, FL
3224 Fee Basis 7078 Estimates           California HCS
3225 Fee Basis Invoice A/O FCP          California HCS

3226 Pallative Care                      Loma Linda, CA
3227 Microscan Interface               Upstate NY HCS
3228 Fee Basis Payments All FCP        California HCS
3230 Fee Basis Pharmacy Invoice Report California HCS
     Pharmacy Non-Formulary Consult
3231 Tracking                          Loma Linda, CA

3232 Mump routine - Z10A                Palo Alto HCS

     OIFOEF VBA/VHA Summary             VCSC Program
3233 Reporting                          Office

3235 CUSTODY RECEIPT PROGRAM            Altoona, PA

     Add/Edit Mental Health Case
     Manager and Team ;MH Case
     Management Report; MH Case         Northern
3237 Mgr/Team Inquiry                   California HCS

                                        VCSC Program
3238 Part Time Physician verification   Office

     Lab Report update - add
3239 Name/Address to report             Upstate NY HCS
3240 PROGRAM                            Altoona, PA

     Waiting List Official/Review/Rx
3242 Benefit Eligibility                Loma Linda, CA
     List of benzodiazepines given to
3244 alochol patients                   Bay Pines, FL

3245 Employee Leave Pattern by T&L      Bay Pines, FL

3248 M routine Z10B                     Palo Alto HCS
3249 Prosthetics 1358 Report            California HCS
     Mental Health Case Manager         Northern
3250 Download                           California HCS

     IRM/ADPAC/Programmer Chat          Northern
3251 Room                               California HCS

3253 FM Access Codes Listing            Ann Arbor, MI
3254 PROGRAM                            Altoona, PA

                                        VCSC Program
3255 PCMM Referal and Case Manager      Office
3256 Prosthetic 660                     California HCS
     Patient Address Information for
3259 Importing                          Loma Linda, CA
3260 Revenue Report                       California HCS

3261 80th+ Birthdays List                 California HCS

3262 TIU Objects                          San Juan, PR
     Integrated Billing - Total Vets by
3263 Discharge                            San Juan, PR

3264 CHAMPVA Bills                        California HCS
3265 Control Point Activity BME Report    California HCS

3266 Mump routine Z10KYO                  Palo Alto HCS

3269 ICU Outcome Improvement Project Loma Linda, CA

3271 AOVLOS1                              Palo Alto HCS
     Colorectal Cancer Care
3274 Collaborative (C4)                   Loma Linda, CA

3275 SUD Continuity of Care Casefinder Iron Mountain, MI

3277 M routine Z10LR0                     Palo Alto HCS

     Veterans w/Insurance and Inp
3280 Admissions                           San Juan, PR

3281 Clinic Workload Report               California HCS

                                          Pittsburgh HCS
                                          (Heinz, Highland,
3282 e-promise                            University)

3283 Mental Health PTSD patients          Bay Pines, FL
     Next Available Appointment Wait   Northern
3284 by Site (Wide)                    California HCS
     Alert for ID PRF Admissions
3285 ADACD530                          Bay Pines, FL

3286 Daily Bulletin                    Upstate NY HCS


     Integrated Billing - Veterans
3291 w/Insurance and Opt. Visits       San Juan, PR

3292 EKG Stuff from IMAGE>EKG task     California HCS

3293 DEPRESSION CASEFINDER             Altoona, PA

3295 Person Class Report               Bay Pines, FL
     Transfer Personal Templates
3296 ADACD549                          Bay Pines, FL

     Health Summary - Confidential
3297 Meds Last 5 Yrs Display           Anchorage, AK
3298 Monitor Error Trap                California HCS
     Vesting CPT/No Vesting Provider      Northern
3300 Compile                              California HCS

3301 Person class (alpha) report          Bay Pines, FL

                                          NY HCS (New York
3303 DOH Report Manager                   City, Brooklyn)
3306 Person Class Report                  California HCS

     Person class report with no
3307 effective date                       Bay Pines, FL
     Failed Access Attempt Log            Northern
3310 Summary                              California HCS

                                          Pittsburgh HCS
     Research Management System           (Heinz, Highland,
3311 (RMS)                                University)

                                          NY HCS (New York
3312 Patient Demographic Checklist        City, Brooklyn)

                                          NY HCS (New York
3314 Room Scheduler                       City, Brooklyn)

3315 Mump routine - Z10LRA0               Palo Alto HCS

3316 Total alerts per person for a service Bay Pines, FL
3317 Metric Conversion Calculator      Loma Linda, CA

3318 GUI Mail                          Upstate NY HCS
     Alerts per person for a service
3319 (delimited)                       Bay Pines, FL

     Patient antibiotics report
3321 ADACD749                          Bay Pines, FL

3322 Mump routine Z10LRA1              Palo Alto HCS

3324 EMR - Contingency                 Upstate NY HCS
     Recalculate 1358 Balances for Fee
3325 Basis                             Bay Pines, FL
     View Lab Results - Mump routine -
     Z10LRA2, Z10LRA3,
3326 P                                 Palo Alto HCS

3327 IFCAP - Inquire Credit Charge      San Juan, PR

     Total number of kidney transplant
3330 diagnoses                          Bay Pines, FL
3333 Utilities for contract help desk . California HCS

                                        Pittsburgh HCS
                                        (Heinz, Highland,
3334 M Routines                         University)
3335 Consults by Provider and Date      California HCS

3337 Uniques                            Lexington, KY
3339 Humanitarian Emergency Bills          California HCS

3340 VISN VERA Optimizing                  Cincinnati, OH

     Unpaid Purchase Card Transactions
3341 with Paid Amount                  Bay Pines, FL

3342 Enter/Edit Drug Message               San Juan, PR

3344 H&P Missing/Incomplete                California HCS

3346 Administrative Database               Houston, TX

3347 AMOR ALERTS BY DIVISION               California HCS
3348 Chaplain Ward List                    California HCS

3349 print radiology verification report   Roseburg, OR

     IFCAP - Unapproved Rec-Elapsed
3351 Days                                  San Juan, PR

3353 print PPD report                      Roseburg, OR

3357 Big Springs Transcription Options     Roseburg, OR

3358 OIF/OEF adhoc report for VISN         California HCS
                                        Chicago, IL
3359 ANAADP1 (KERNEL)                   (Westside)

3362 Advance Clinic Access              Cincinnati, OH

3365 blood pressure report              Roseburg, OR

     Region 1 consolidated scheduling   Northern
3368 letter printing                    California HCS

3371 IFCAP - Audit Reconcile Report     San Juan, PR

3375 AFVDSLB FREE TEXT BC LABEL         Cincinnati, OH

3376 AIS Access Agreement               Minneapolis, MN

3377 AUTO CHECK-IN                      St. Cloud, MN

3382 CEFU SCHEDULER                     Minneapolis, MN

3383 Clinic Cancellation                Minneapolis, MN

     Conference Room Scheduler Black
3384 Hills HCS                       Black Hills HCS

3385 CRC/NIDA Automated Billing         Minneapolis, MN

3386 Critical Jobs Monitor              Minneapolis, MN
3387 Discrepancy/Delinquency            Des Moines, IA

3388 Electronic Data Dictionary         Togus, ME

     Encounter "Action Required"
3389 Report                             Central Plains HCS

3394 Imaging Abnormal Letter            Minneapolis, MN
     Inpatient Nursing End of Shift
3395 Reporting                          Minneapolis, MN

3396 IVR                                Fargo, ND

3398 M Data Extractor (MDE)             Iowa City, IA

     Open Access Reminder (Appt Recall-
3400 Reno)                              St. Cloud, MN

3404 Pharmacy Bingo Board               Minneapolis, MN

3410 System Policies                    Black Hills HCS

3413 Victory Program Editor (VPE) Shell Minneapolis, MN

3414 VISN 23 Nursing Data Application   St. Cloud, MN

3415 CI Nursing Application-old         St. Cloud, MN

3416 VISN 23 Fee Basis Data Application St. Cloud, MN

3417 CI Fee Basis Application-old       St. Cloud, MN

3418 Payroll Data Application           St. Cloud, MN

3419 Primary Care Data Application      St. Cloud, MN

3420 SPD Data Application               Central Plains HCS

3421 DSS Patient Cube                   St. Cloud, MN

3424 MDE Extract Monitoring (DTS)       Fargo, ND
3425 Datawarehouse DTS Packages       Fargo, ND

3426 VISN 23 Lab Test Data Extracts   Omaha, NE

3427 VISN 23 Help Desk                Minneapolis, MN

3428 VISN 23 Security Web Applications Minneapolis, MN

3430 IRM Leave Calendar               Minneapolis, MN

3431 Mail Manifest Interface          Minneapolis, MN

3432 Taskman Job Monitor              Minneapolis, MN

3433 Patch log                        Minneapolis, MN

     Granting access to National
3435 Support                          Minneapolis, MN

3436 Telephone number updating        Minneapolis, MN

3438 Monitor New Globals              Minneapolis, MN

3439 Server response                  Minneapolis, MN

3440 Disk Space Monitor               Minneapolis, MN

3441 Backup monitor                   Minneapolis, MN
     Auto-notify of VISTA integrity
3443 problems                         Minneapolis, MN

3444 Create Escort Services Request   Bay Pines, FL
     Employee transfer of roles
3445 ADACD301                         Bay Pines, FL
3447 WPB PATCHMAN                        California HCS
3449 Radiology RVU                       California HCS

3450 Health Summary Contingency          Bay Pines, FL

     List Leave Requests (Multiple T&L
3453 Units)                              Bay Pines, FL

3455 ADACD459                            Bay Pines, FL

     Outpatient Health Summaries for
3457 contingency                         Bay Pines, FL
3459 Fee Basis Short Term Care           Cincinnati, OH

     Monthly Outpatient Billing by
3460 Service/Clinic/CPT/Provider         Bay Pines, FL

3461 Operation Report                    Bay Pines, FL

                                         NY HCS (New York
3462 Upload Radiology Report             City, Brooklyn)

3463 Eugene patient list             Roseburg, OR
                                     Chicago, IL
3464 AXARPCN / PATCHMAN              (Westside)
3465 Vista Introductory Announcement California HCS

     Knowledge Repository for CACs
3467 ADACD517                            Bay Pines, FL

3468 Intra/Post Op Complications         Bay Pines, FL
     Operation Requests for a Day
3469 (including Postop Care)             Bay Pines, FL

3471 Open Access Recall                  Loma Linda, CA

                                         Chicago, IL
3472 SROMEN-OPER/SURGERY                 (Westside)
3474 Surgery Pre-Op Anitbiotics Report   California HCS
                                         Chicago, IL
3477 SROMEN-POST / SURGERY               (Westside)

3478 Pick List Assist                    Bay Pines, FL

                                         New Jersey HCS
                                         (East Orange,
3480 CHEMO DRUG OBJECTS                  Lyons)

3481 Pay Period Exceptions by Service    Bay Pines, FL

3482 View Alert Manager                California HCS
     Progress Note update after System
3483 Downtime                          Loma Linda, CA

3485 Mass Record Retirement              Bay Pines, FL

     Pay Period Exceptions By Multiple
3486 T&L's                             Bay Pines, FL

                                         North Texas HCS
3487 Ethics Consult Grid                 (Bonham, Dallas)

                                         North Texas HCS
3489 Labs Sendouts-Specialty Labs        (Bonham, Dallas)

                                         North Texas HCS
3490 VALOR Bureau Of Prisons             (Bonham, Dallas)
                                    North Texas HCS
3491 VALOR Outreach Services        (Bonham, Dallas)

                                    North Texas HCS
3495 AGMYOD BED AVAIL               (Bonham, Dallas)

                                    North Texas HCS
3496 AGMY BILLABLES                 (Bonham, Dallas)

                                    North Texas HCS
3502 AGMY GLUCOSE TESTS MONITOR     (Bonham, Dallas)

                                    North Texas HCS
3504 AGMY IFCAP PO EDISTATUS        (Bonham, Dallas)

                                   North Texas HCS

                                North Texas HCS

                                    North Texas HCS
3507 AGMY LAB TEST MIN/MAX FIELDS   (Bonham, Dallas)
3508 MENU (Local)                   (Bonham, Dallas)

     AGMY PC-COUNT&TOTS BY          North Texas HCS
3509 HOLDER                         (Bonham, Dallas)

                                    North Texas HCS
3510 AGMY-PO BY DATE/SERVICE/FCP    (Bonham, Dallas)

                                    North Texas HCS
3511 AGMY-PO BY DATE/FCP/VENDOR     (Bonham, Dallas)

3512 DATE                           (Bonham, Dallas)

     AGMY LAB/WC BLOOD-DRAW         North Texas HCS
3515 MENU                           (Bonham, Dallas)

                                    North Texas HCS
3516 AGM SDAPP INPT                 (Bonham, Dallas)
3517 BULLETIN                        (Bonham, Dallas)

     AGMROUT ROUTING SLIP            North Texas HCS
3518 w/PHONE                         (Bonham, Dallas)

     AGMSDAV Display Clinic          North Texas HCS
3519 Availability Pattern            (Bonham, Dallas)

     AGMADDR Employee Address        North Texas HCS
3520 Inquiry                         (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3521 AGMINSCK                        (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3522 XUS1A                           (Bonham, Dallas)

     AGN BONHAM ADM/DC & AGN         North Texas HCS
3525 BONHAM ADM/DC REPORT            (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3528 AGN BON MH PE                   (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3530 AGN INQUIRY PULL LIST           (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3531 AGN BON DSS IL                  (Bonham, Dallas)

     AGM IRMZPTREC                   North Texas HCS
3533 ACCESSEDBYONESVC                (Bonham, Dallas)

     654DBU COMPLIANCE AUDIT         North Texas HCS
3534 MENU                            (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3535 CTX Clinical Reminder Reports   (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3536 AGMC ADMISSION BED REQUEST      (Bonham, Dallas)

                                     North Texas HCS
3539 JAD TRICARE NIGHTLY SCAN        (Bonham, Dallas)
                                        North Texas HCS
3540 AGMY OR PROC BILLABLE INS RPT      (Bonham, Dallas)

     Local Mod to add Combat Veteran North Texas HCS
3541 Status to CPRS pop up box       (Bonham, Dallas)

                                        North Texas HCS
3542 Local Pharmacy Data extract        (Bonham, Dallas)

                                        North Texas HCS
3546 AGNJWC Wellness Center GUI         (Bonham, Dallas)

     Infectious Disease Blood Culture   North Texas HCS
3547 Report                             (Bonham, Dallas)

     Local Conference Call Scheduler    North Texas HCS
3549 GUI                                (Bonham, Dallas)

                                        North Texas HCS
3550 AGNLIST INSTALLED PATCHES          (Bonham, Dallas)

                                        North Texas HCS
3554 AGNXUERR DR SRCH                   (Bonham, Dallas)

                                        North Texas HCS
3571 TRICARE Pharmacy Billing           (Bonham, Dallas)

     Semi Annual Database Analysis
3581 (.SAS)                             Ann Arbor, MI

3582 CPRS Pager Alert                   Loma Linda, CA
     Download Reconciliation of PO/Sub-
3583 CP                                 Bay Pines, FL

     CPT/ICD9 Procedure Reports Main NY HCS (New York
3585 Menu                            City, Brooklyn)
3586 Home Oxygen Patient Address List Bay Pines, FL

3587 ELECTRONIC DATA DICTIONARY         Cincinnati, OH

3589 Recall Outpatient Postcards        Loma Linda, CA

3590 Practice Profiling                 Loma Linda, CA
     Substance Abuse Continutity Case
3592 Finder                             Loma Linda, CA

                                        Pittsburgh HCS
                                        (Heinz, Highland,
3593 National Mental Health Data Set    University)
3594 System Utility Monitors          Iron Mountain, MI

3595 Culture Survey (.sas)            Ann Arbor, MI

3596 Waiting List Official            Loma Linda, CA

3597 Zebra Wristband                  Boise, ID

3598 Clinic Check-In                  Loma Linda, CA

     Quarterly Surgery Report by      Northern
3600 Provider                         California HCS

3602 Automatic 820/F16 Distribution   Loma Linda, CA

3604 ADP Equipment Request System     California HCS

3605 BCMA Backup System               Loma Linda, CA

     Local Bi-annual Surgeon          Northern
3607 Credentialing Report             California HCS

3608 BCMA IV NO ACTION                Loma Linda, CA

3609 Vista Phone Directory            Iron Mountain, MI

3610 Advanced Directives package      Boise, ID

3611 Dietetics routines tasked        Iron Mountain, MI
3612 One-VA VPN Survey                  California HCS
3615 MESSAGE                      Boise, ID

3616 Test Barcode printer and reader    Boise, ID

3617 ADPAC utility functions            Iron Mountain, MI

3618 Martinez Ward Diet Activity Report California HCS

3619 Laboratory Test Ordering Statistics White City OR

3620 McAffee upgrade fixer              California HCS

3621 Automated Rules of Behavior        Iron Mountain, MI

3622 Biscom Fax Com                     Loma Linda, CA

3623 Mumps Audio Fax                    Loma Linda, CA
3624 patient reports                   White City OR

     Ward Collection Summary for Lab   Northern
3625 Orders (RRCDRAW)                  California HCS

3626 Update RRC Error Trap             California HCS
     On Line Patient Services -
3627 Audiocare System                  Long Beach, CA
3628 Nutrition Assessment              California HCS

3629 Jobs posting application          Long Beach, CA
3630 Vehicle Request                   California HCS

3631 What's New - News admin           Long Beach, CA
     Deaths by                         Northern
3632 Service/Ward/Shift/DOW            California HCS

     Goal Sharing Team submissions -
3633 Intranet                          Long Beach, CA

                                       NY HCS (New York
3634 Purchasing Requests Database      City, Brooklyn)

3636 Fee Basis option                  Boise, ID

     MARTINEZ DIET ORDERS and          Northern
3637 SACRAMENTO DIET ORDERS            California HCS
                                         NY HCS (New York
3638 CTW Timesheet Tracking              City, Brooklyn)

3639 Printers Tracking System            Long Beach, CA

3640 Metric Conversion Utility           California HCS

3641 SmartTerm Script Modifier           California HCS

3642 Credential & privileges verification Long Beach, CA

     Generate Late Consult Tracking E-
3643 Mail                                White City OR

3644 WinRMS                              Memphis, TN
3645 pharmacy DUE options               Roseburg, OR

3646 medical service standby roster     Boise, ID

3647 VMS Print Queue Job Transferer     California HCS
     Track and Manage Research
3648 MIRB                               Memphis, TN

     Scheduled printing of Early/Late
     Trays only for Martinez            Northern
3650 Communication Office               California HCS
     inpatient religious preference
3651 reports                            Boise, ID
     IFCAP Web Running Ballance         Northern
3652 Report                             California HCS

3653 reproduction office options        Boise, ID
3654 VistA GuiMail                      California HCS
     Scheduled printing of NPO/PASS
     report in Martinez Communication   Northern
3655 Office                             California HCS
     Informatix Baker Pharmacy 2000     Northern
3656 Robot                              California HCS
3658 ILC Pyxis Inpatient Interface     California HCS

3659 Clinic message system             Boise, ID

     ADDITIONAL DIET ORDERS for        Northern
3660 Martinez and Sacramento patients. California HCS

3661 LOCAL CONSULT ALERTS              Boise, ID
     CPRS Research Flag (GUI Interface
3662 for Research Subjects)              Memphis, TN

     Scheduled local Tabulate Patient
     Meal Preferences to run in          Northern
3663 Martinez Communication Office       California HCS

3664 Local Telephone Directory           Boise, ID

3666 Translators                         Boise, ID

     Scheduled printing of the Tabulate Northern
3667 Standing Orders                    California HCS

3668 Process Telephone Refills           Boise, ID
3670 MENU                                Roseburg, OR

3671 Reception Log                       Roseburg, OR

3672 Chart Review Data                   Roseburg, OR

3673 Stuff EKGs IMAGE into EKG file      California HCS

3674 AOU STOCK EXPIRATION DATE           Roseburg, OR
3675 Selected combo of drugs   Roseburg, OR

3676 Pharmacy options          Roseburg, OR
3677 SCHEDULING OPTIONS              Roseburg, OR

3678 mental health options           Roseburg, OR

     Patient Weight Changes tasked   Northern
3679 report                          California HCS

3680 billing options                 Boise, ID
3681 FEMALE VETS                          Boise, ID

3682 Purchasing options                   Boise, ID

     Tracking of diabetic patients' clinic
     visits to PODIATRY,
     OPHTHALMOLOGY, and                    Northern
3683 OPTOMETRY                             California HCS
3684 COUNSELLING OPTIONS                   Boise, ID

3685 prescription searchs by drugs        Boise, ID

     List diabetic patients who didn't
     have eye appointment in the past     Northern
3686 year                                 California HCS
3687 Station electronic Bulletin Board    California HCS

     Daily tasked run to update a local   Northern
3688 cross-ref in the ORDER file          California HCS
3689 TIU bad abbreviations                California HCS

3690 TIU Unapproved Abbreviations         California HCS
3691 PAID Leave balance estimator     California HCS
     Disruptive Behavior Committee    Northern
3692 Patient Review                   California HCS
3693 Daily Bulletin                   California HCS
     VISN 21 Pharmacy Data Mart       Northern
3694 Extract                          California HCS
3695 PICIS Interfaces                 California HCS

     Electronic Access Request Form   Northern
3696 (ARF)                            California HCS

     ATHENA Decision Support System
     (ATHENA DSS), also known as
     ATHENA-Hypertension (ATHENA-
3697 HTN)                             Palo Alto HCS

     Customer Relationship            Northern
3698 Management (CRM) - Siebel        California HCS

3700 Human Resource Tracking System   Topeka, KS

3703 Local CCPC Application           Topeka, KS

3704 HRC Information Warehouse        Topeka, KS
     IFCAP - Open PC Order
3706 Unreconciled Transactions            San Juan, PR
     IFCAP - Turned-In Equipment
3707 Report                               San Juan, PR
                                          Maryland HCS
     Translux Pharmacy Bingo Board        (Baltimore, Perry
3709 (PSZZ)                               Point)

     Integrated Billing - Update Status
3711 on Inpatient Unbilled Entries        San Juan, PR

                                          Maryland HCS
                                          (Baltimore, Perry
3712 ADDS PHARMACY SYSTEM (VEFS)          Point)

     Integrated Billing - Update Status
3713 on Outpatient Unbilled Entries       San Juan, PR

     Integrated Billing - Update Status
3715 on Rx Unbilled Entries               San Juan, PR

3717 Travel Tracking                      Washington, DC

     Integrated Billing - Held Charges
     Held Charge Local Report (no
3718 Pharmacy Info)                       San Juan, PR

                                          Maryland HCS
     Approved Abbreviation System         (Baltimore, Perry
3719 (ABB)                                Point)
3721 Recall                             Washington, DC

                                        Maryland HCS
     CareVue Chart Clinical Information (Baltimore, Perry
3722 System                             Point)
     Surgery - Attending Wound
3727 Classification                     San Juan, PR

     CMS-1500/UB-04 Inmediata Claims
3728 (VMS-DCL)                       San Juan, PR
     Document Storage Systems ACM
3731 Software                        Bronx, NY

     Document Storage Systems CCM
3732 Software                           Bronx, NY

     Document Storage Systems VIP
3733 Workplace                          Bronx, NY
     Document Storage Systems VIP
3734 Director                           Bronx, NY
     Document Storage Systems
3736 Treatment Planner                  Bronx, NY

     Electronic Equipment Request
3737 System                             Bronx, NY
     Employee Leave Database (under
3738 development)                       Bronx, NY

3739 Hines TIU Objects                  Bronx, NY
3740 IFCAP Menu Driver                  Bronx, NY

3743 Local Drug Intervention Tracking   Bronx, NY

3744 Local Investigational Drug Tracking Bronx, NY

3745 N. Chicago CPRSHS Backup           Bronx, NY

3746 Admission Assessment Feature       Bronx, NY
     ADP hardware/PC software
3747 Request Package                    Bronx, NY

3748 Automated VistA to SQL exports     Bronx, NY

     Automatic user termination and
3749 active user stuff                  Bronx, NY

3750 Bronx TIU Objects                  Bronx, NY
     BSRI Third Party Billing
3751 Transmission                       Bronx, NY

3752 Computer Access Request Wizard     Bronx, NY

     Consults & On-Call Scheduling web
3753 page (under development)          Bronx, NY

3754 Daily Admission Lists              Bronx, NY

3755 Device Tracking Package            Bronx, NY

3756 New Person Processing              Bronx, NY

3757 Vesting Software                   Bronx, NY

3758 Online Employee Education System Bronx, NY

3759 Phoenix GUI Notes                  Bronx, NY

3760 Phoenix TIU objects                Bronx, NY
3762 Review Epogen Prescriptions        Bronx, NY

3763 Trouble Call System                Bronx, NY

3764 VISN2 CPRSHS Backup                Bronx, NY

3765 VISN2 TIU Objects                  Bronx, NY

3766 Bronx VAMC Policies                Bronx, NY

3767 Active Directory Group Mgmt        Bronx, NY

3769 Send (ftp/put) Mccf Data Extract   San Juan, PR

                                        Maryland HCS
     PCG VA DATA EXTRACT UTILITY        (Baltimore, Perry
3771 (VEPE)                             Point)

                                        Maryland HCS
     Victory Programmer Environment     (Baltimore, Perry
3772 (%ZVEM)                            Point)
3774 PATCHMAN                           Washington, DC

                                        Maryland HCS
                                        (Baltimore, Perry
3776 DHCP MAF Appointment System        Point)
                                        Maryland HCS
                                        (Baltimore, Perry
3777 Decedent Affairs                   Point)
                                        Maryland HCS
                                        (Baltimore, Perry
3779 VESTING SOFTWARE                   Point)
                                        Maryland HCS
                                        (Baltimore, Perry
3780 Obsolete QUIC Extracts (A3QM)      Point)
                                      Maryland HCS
                                      (Baltimore, Perry
3781 TIU Objects                      Point)

3782 UPDATE                           Washington, DC
3785 Surgery Time Out Verified        California HCS

3786 Card-swipe check-in              Phoenix, AZ
                                      Maryland HCS
     Pyxis using ILC Interface from   (Baltimore, Perry
3787 Infomatix Laboratories Corp      Point)

3788 Checked-in Patients List         Phoenix, AZ

     Nursing Admission
3789 Assessment/Reassessment          Phoenix, AZ
                                      Maryland HCS
                                      (Baltimore, Perry
3790 Os-Pac Machine                   Point)

3792 employee CPT code Report         Roseburg, OR

3793 TIU Objects                      Phoenix, AZ

     Make TIU Stub for Operation      Northern
3794 Report (Op Report)               California HCS

3795 DISCHARGE SURVEY LETTERS         Washington, DC
                                      Maryland HCS
                                      (Baltimore, Perry
3796 Retired Records Main Menu        Point)

     Inventory GUI/Equipment Loan
3797 Tracking                         Phoenix, AZ
3798 Dietetics Note GUI               Phoenix, AZ

                                    Maryland HCS
                                    (Baltimore, Perry
3799 Center Memoranda Control (ZQA) Point)

3800 LETTERS                          Washington, DC

3801 Auto-queueing of Diet reports    Phoenix, AZ

3803 GUI VMS File Editor              Phoenix, AZ

3804 Electronic Data Dictionary       Wilmington, DE

3805 Patient Schedule              Phoenix, AZ
                                   Maryland HCS
     BCMA 24 hour MAR for Downtime (Baltimore, Perry
3806 Contingency                   Point)

3808 VISN 3 RVU Extracts              Wilmington, DE

                                     Maryland HCS
                                     (Baltimore, Perry
3809 Options for PRSA OT MENU (PRSZ) Point)

3811 Depression Case Finder           Wilmington, DE
                                      Maryland HCS
                                      (Baltimore, Perry
3813 Metric Conversion Utility        Point)

3814 Remote drug order printing       Phoenix, AZ

3815 BCMA CONTINGENCY                 Wilmington, DE
3816 Terminate Locked Process           Phoenix, AZ

3817 Discharge Instruction sheet        Phoenix, AZ

3818 Unsigned Orders Email to Providers California HCS
                                        Maryland HCS
     Health Summary for Downtime        (Baltimore, Perry
3821 Contingency (AXA)                  Point)

     Delete Unsigned Orders Task      Northern
3823 (UNSIGNED ORDERS > 35 days old ) California HCS

                                        Maryland HCS
                                        (Baltimore, Perry
3824 Wristband to Zebra Printer         Point)

3826 ADDS/VistA Interface Software      Martinsburg, WV

3827 Outpatient contingency             Phoenix, AZ

3828 EVACUATION EVENT FILE              Martinsburg, WV
3829 ePROMISE                        Philadelphia, PA

3831 Patient letter                  Phoenix, AZ

3832 MIRB                            Philadelphia, PA

3834 GUI MAIL 2.3                    Martinsburg, WV

3837 LABORATORIES CORPORATION        Martinsburg, WV

3839 Local Bill Status Report        Phoenix, AZ

3841 GUI Trend Report                Phoenix, AZ

3842 ADACD415 CLASS III ROUTINE      Martinsburg, WV

3843 PHONE DIRECTORY                 Martinsburg, WV

     BCMA PRN Medication Report by
3844 Patient [PSBZPRN]               Martinsburg, WV

3846 BCMA PRN Report by Ward         Martinsburg, WV

3848 CLINICAL CORE PRIVILEDGES       Martinsburg, WV

3849 CMI REPORTS FROM ARC DATA       Martinsburg, WV

3850 M AudioCare                     Anchorage, AK

3851 COMPLIANCE AUDIT MENU           Martinsburg, WV
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
3858 Zebra Labels for Laboratory Service Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
3859 Deposit Tracking                    Point)

                                          Maryland HCS
                                          (Baltimore, Perry
3860 Search for high/low values of test   Point)
                                          Maryland HCS
                                          (Baltimore, Perry
3862 M Data Extractor (MDE)               Point)
3863 PROCEDURES                           Martinsburg, WV

3864 COPE REPORT ROUTINE                  Martinsburg, WV
3866 ROUTINE                              Martinsburg, WV

                                          Maryland HCS
     Display of open work orders for      (Baltimore, Perry
3867 same location                        Point)

3868 DIRECT WORKLOAD REPORT               Martinsburg, WV

3870 RX'S                                 Washington, DC

                                          Maryland HCS
     Community Outreach Menu              (Baltimore, Perry
3872 Options                              Point)

3873 ELIGIBILITY INQUIRY                  Martinsburg, WV
3874 LINK                                 Martinsburg, WV
3875 Equipment Turn-Ins              Washington, DC

3877 Equipment Check-Out             Washington, DC

3879 READY                           Martinsburg, WV

3880 TO 'LRVER3A'                    Northport, NY

3881 BCLS SCHEDULING PROGRAM         Martinsburg, WV

3882 Unvested                        Washington, DC

3883 EWL MONTHLY REVIEW              Martinsburg, WV

3885 Unvested Patient Spread Sheet Washington, DC
3887 PROBLEM LIST                  Martinsburg, WV

3889 Patient Statistics Report       Washington, DC
     SUD (Substance Abuse)
3890 CASEFINDER                         Martinsburg, WV

3893 CONSULTS REPORTS                   Washington, DC
     ILC Omnicell Interface -
3894 InpatientPharmacy                  Northport, NY

3895 Process Out Terminated Employees Washington, DC
3896 SITES ENTER/EDIT                 Martinsburg, WV

3897 HOME HEALTH ADMISSIONS             Martinsburg, WV

3898 INSURANCE INQUIRY                  Martinsburg, WV

                                        Maryland HCS
     Bulletin to alert users of IFCAP   (Baltimore, Perry
3899 actions to be processed            Point)

3900 POP3 Server                        Washington, DC

                                        Maryland HCS
                                        (Baltimore, Perry
3904 CPG/EPRP-Reminder Reports          Point)

3905 AQNURSE*1.1*0                      Martinsburg, WV

                                        Maryland HCS
     Various Local Laboratory Reports   (Baltimore, Perry
3906 (ATSC*)                            Point)

3907 Travel Abusers Report              Washington, DC

3908 INSURANCE LETTER                   Martinsburg, WV


     OmniCell Supply Cabinet Interface
3910 to GIP                            Washington, DC
3912 MENU                              Martinsburg, WV

3913 NEXT OF KIN INQUIRY                Martinsburg, WV

3914 ERROR                              Dublin, GA
                                        Maryland HCS
     Employee Payroll Inquiry           (Baltimore, Perry
3916 (ZZPR6027)                         Point)
3917 PROBLEM LIST                      Martinsburg, WV

3920 C&P ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE          Washington, DC

3921 PATEINT FLAG                      Martinsburg, WV
                                       Maryland HCS
                                       (Baltimore, Perry
3922 ASIH Movement Bulletin            Point)
                                       Maryland HCS
     LITTLE ROCK PRN RPT BY WARD       (Baltimore, Perry
3923 (PSBZPRNW)                        Point)
     Class III local modification to
3924 Appointment List.                 Northport, NY

3926 PRIMARY CARE PROVIDERS            Martinsburg, WV
                                       Maryland HCS
     PRNs Given Report by Patient      (Baltimore, Perry
3927 (PSBZPRN)                         Point)

     Future Appointment Display in
3929 Scheduling                        Northport, NY

                                       Maryland HCS
                                       (Baltimore, Perry
3930 Added items to CPRS pop up box    Point)
     PRN Effectiveness INC/DC Patients Maryland HCS
     (APAPRN) PRN Effectiveness/DC     (Baltimore, Perry
3932 PTS/Delimited (APAJV PRN)         Point)

3933 ROI LETTERS PRINT                  Martinsburg, WV

     Update physician in the admission
3934 and discharge movement file.      Washington, DC

3935 SPIRITAL ASSESSMENT MENU           Martinsburg, WV

3936 STAFF DEGREE UPDATE                Washington, DC

                                        Maryland HCS
                                        (Baltimore, Perry
3937 RADWhere & VistA Interface         Point)

                                        Maryland HCS
     Delimited Crossmatch:Transfusion   (Baltimore, Perry
3938 Report (132) (APABBXM)             Point)
3940 PACKAGE                            Northport, NY
     Phoenix Stuff Downtime Note
3943 Program                            Northport, NY

3945 DANGLING POINTER UTILITY           Washington, DC
3949 UNCOLLECTED ORDERS                Martinsburg, WV
     Send tasked output to a Device,   Maryland HCS
     Local User/Mail Group, and/or     (Baltimore, Perry
3950 Remote Email Address              Point)

                                       Maryland HCS
     LOCAL UNVERIFIED REPORTS-         (Baltimore, Perry
3951 APATUVR                           Point)

                                       Maryland HCS
                                       (Baltimore, Perry
3953 MUMPS AudioCare Rx Refills        Point)

3954 PULL STATION FILE                 Martinsburg, WV

3957 POLICE MENU [APB]                 Martinsburg, WV

3959 PAT INFO PROFILE]             Martinsburg, WV

3962 PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS              Martinsburg, WV
3964 VISTA PATCH MONITOR                Martinsburg, WV
                                        Maryland HCS
     Medication Chart Outpatient        (Baltimore, Perry
3965 (ARJSAP1)                          Point)

3966 Send Alert to Pager                Durham, NC

3968 DRUG FORMULARY ON-LINE             Martinsburg, WV

3970 Monitor Unprocessed Alerts         Martinsburg, WV

3972 EARNINGS AND DEDUCTIONS            Martinsburg, WV

3973 STATUS OF FUNDS]                   Martinsburg, WV

3974 Print Special Letters              Durham, NC

3975 Outpatient Prescription Search     Martinsburg, WV

3976 EARNINGS STATEMENT                 Martinsburg, WV

3977 Pre-Packaging Labels               Martinsburg, WV

3978 [AREO R/O REPORTS MENU]            Martinsburg, WV

3979 Prescription Ranking Cost Report   Martinsburg, WV
3981 PROFILING]                         Martinsburg, WV

3982 Vista Automated Patching Utility   Martinsburg, WV

3984 EMPLOYEE HEALTH MAIN MENU          Martinsburg, WV
3985 Bronx Employee Edit         Northport, NY

3986 FIRE EXTINGUISHERS          Martinsburg, WV


3988 VISN PAID DATA              Martinsburg, WV

3990 Fire Alarm                  Washington, DC

3991 FIRE HYDRANTS REPORT        Martinsburg, WV

3992 CareVue Progress Notes      Martinsburg, WV

3994 Caevue Alerts                    Martinsburg, WV

3995 DOM IT MAINTENANCE               Martinsburg, WV

3996 Carevue Vital Signs              Martinsburg, WV

3997 Biscom Fax Utility               Martinsburg, WV

3998 RadaRx [ANUADE*1.0               Martinsburg, WV
                                      Maryland HCS
                                      (Baltimore, Perry
3999 MUSE CV                          Point)

4000 Mumps Audio Fax                  Martinsburg, WV

4002 PERSONNEL ACTION (SF 52S) arpa   Martinsburg, WV

4003 Isolation Alert System           Martinsburg, WV

4005 PROSTHETICS MUMPS EXTRACT        Martinsburg, WV

4006 SMOKE DETECTOR REPORT            Martinsburg, WV
                                      Maryland HCS
                                      (Baltimore, Perry
4007 RVU Software                     Point)
4008 SPD EQUIPMENT TRACKING         Martinsburg, WV

4009 LARGE PRINT MEDS               Martinsburg, WV

4010 CONTINGENCY                    Northport, NY
4011 UTILITY                        Washington, DC

4012 MUMPS AUDIOCARE SYSTEM         Northport, NY


4014 DRUG FORMULARY ON-LINE         Martinsburg, WV
4015 BCMA Tools                       Phoenix, AZ

4016 MEDICINE           (MC)          Palo Alto HCS
4017 (PXRM)                           Palo Alto HCS
4018 REPORTING (OR)                   Palo Alto HCS

     Billing - Search Bad Procedure
     Coding Methods (CP) and Revenue
4020 Codes (RC)                      San Juan, PR

4023 Provider Profiling Information   Miami, FL

                                      West Los Angeles,
4025 GLA Trainee Management Sytem     CA
4026 Access Queries and Reports      Washington, DC

4030 Invasive Procedure Template     Miami, FL

4031 Duplicate Lab Orders Report     Miami, FL

4034 Asists report by service        Miami, FL

4035 Auto terminate inactive users   Washington, DC

4036 Research Compliance Program     Phoenix, AZ
     Office of Academic Affiliations
4040 Support and Data Center             St. Louis, MO

4041 OAA Operational Support System      St. Louis, MO

4042 Clinical Trainee Registration System St. Louis, MO
     View Lab Results -
4043 LRR2,Z10LRR21                        Palo Alto HCS

4045 Air Force Affiliation Adhoc Reports Albuquerque, NM

4046 Air Force Affiliation Billing Package Albuquerque, NM

4047 IFCAP Adhoc Reports                 Albuquerque, NM

4048 PAID Adhoc Reports                  Albuquerque, NM

                                         Tennessee Valley
4062 USER LOGON STATS                    Nashville)

4064 TIU Objects                         Big Spring, TX

4066 AR Trend Report (GUI)               Phoenix, AZ
4069 Outpatient Pharmacy Barcode     Big Spring, TX

4072 Radiology Workload Reports      Big Spring, TX

4074 Lab Rals/G Meters               Big Spring, TX
     VA Nursing Outcomes Database
4075 (GUI)                           Big Spring, TX

4076 Performance Measures PPMS       Big Spring, TX

4077 Provider Feedback               Big Spring, TX

4079 Electronic Security Agreement   Big Spring, TX

4081 DRUG ALERT TRAIL                San Francisco, CA

4084 LEAVE PROJECTION                San Francisco, CA

4090 WinRMS                          VACO - Other


4093 CONSULT TRACKING REPORT         Northport, NY

4095 IG SOFTWARE FOR AUDITS          Atlanta, GA
4097 GREATER THAN 30 DAYS            Iron Mountain, MI

4098 LOCAL WAIT LIST                 Detroit, MI

4100 Auto-Check-In                   Tucson, AZ
     ANNUAL LEAVE BALANCE            West Los Angeles,
4102 PROJECTIONS                     CA

4113 Inpatient robot                 Tucson, AZ

4115 SELF CLINIC CHECKIN             Amarillo, TX
4118 Credentialing                       Tucson, AZ
     Visn 10 Primary Care Panel
4119 Management                          El Paso, TX

4121 AudioCare                           Tucson, AZ

4124 Outpatient Contingency Report       Phoenix, AZ

4127 Pre-Registration Pkg                Phoenix, AZ

4128 Leave and Earning Statements        White City OR

4129 Vestment Utilities                  Tucson, AZ

4130 NEW DEPRESSION CASEFINDER           Amarillo, TX

     Mailman Interface William
4131 Beaumont Army Medical Center        Phoenix, AZ

     Lab Alerts for Pap Smears, Tissue
4134 Exam, Etc                           El Paso, TX

4137 Compliance Officer Menu             Tucson, AZ

4139 GuiMail                             Tucson, AZ

4142 MANAGEMENT                          Amarillo, TX

4143 Conference Room Scheduler           Tucson, AZ

4144 IG SOFTWARE FOR AUDITS              Amarillo, TX

4146 Instant Health Line                 Tucson, AZ

4147 RECONCILIATION APPROVALS>30         Amarillo, TX

4149 INTAKE UPDATE PATIENT               Tucson, AZ

4150 ANNUAL LEAVE STATUS                 Palo Alto HCS
4152 HOWDY LAB CHECK-IN                Prescott, AZ

4154 Get Pathology Report into Vista   Amarillo, TX

4157 TROPONIN TURN AROUND TIME         Northport, NY
4158 SCAM SOFTWARE                    Northport, NY

     Unapproved Abbreviation in the
4159 Order File (101)                 Northport, NY
     Unapproved Abbreviations Report -
4160 TIU                               Northport, NY

4161 MOROT POOL REQUESTS                Northport, NY

4162 Waiting List Survey                Big Spring, TX

     DVBA - Automated Med Info
4163 Exchange - DVBA C PENDING RPT      Anchorage, AK

     Lab - Default 'Close/Ship a Shipping
4164 Manifest' to Ship                    Anchorage, AK

4165 TIU Objects                         Anchorage, AK
     Radiology - change to option 'Print
     By Routing Queue' - routine
4166 RARTST1                             Anchorage, AK
4168 MDD Case Finder                       Big Spring, TX
     Enhancement to Vista option
4169 'Patient Movement List'               Anchorage, AK
     Inhancement to DG Historical
     Inpatient Listing to include intial
4170 patient diagnosis                     Anchorage, AK

     Scheduling Letters - Pre-
4171 Appointment Letters Automated         Anchorage, AK

4173 MRSA Nares/Isolation List             Big Spring, TX

4174 VISIT LOG                             Reno, NV

4175 VESTMENT UTILITIES                    Reno, NV
4177 Open Access Reminders         Reno, NV


4179 Personnel Health              Reno, NV

4180 Security Agreement Log        Reno, NV

4181 RECONCILIATION SHEET          Anchorage, AK

4182 Appointment Card Project      Big Spring, TX

4184 Appointment Recall Reminder   Big Spring, TX

4185 National Help Desk options    Big Spring, TX
4186 MRSA Reporting System               Memphis, TN

4187 Suicide Watch Index                 Reno, NV

4188 Remote Access Log                   Reno, NV

4189 Aging TriCare Audit                 Reno, NV

4190 AOD Log                             Reno, NV

4191 VistA Logon Audit                   Reno, NV

     Clinical Practice Guidelines Data
4192 Extracts                            Reno, NV

4193 Cost Center Audit                   Reno, NV

4194 Tickler Alerts                      Reno, NV

4195 Observation Alerts                  Reno, NV

4196 Van Rider Cancellation Alerts       Reno, NV

4197 Incomplete Records Alerts           Reno, NV
4198 New Patients Alert             Reno, NV

4199 User Account Security Alert    Reno, NV

4200 Means Test Alert               Reno, NV

4201 Radiology Billing Audit        Reno, NV

4202 Appointment Lists Menu         Reno, NV

4203 Use or Lose Leave Calculator   Reno, NV

4204 Clinic Configuration Monitor   Reno, NV

4205 VistA Data Extractor           Indianapolis, IN
     Appointment Cancellation IVR
4206 System                         Loma Linda, CA

4207 Generic CPRS COM Object        Loma Linda, CA
4208 Notes Manager                        Loma Linda, CA

     Clinical Procedures HL7
4209 DataGateway                          Loma Linda, CA

4210 Generic Forms Framework              Loma Linda, CA

5006 Clinic Recall/Letter (Puget Sound)   Togus, ME

5008 Denials Management (Saginaw)         Togus, ME

5009 DHCP User Report Menu                Togus, ME
     Mental Health Depression Case
5018 Finder                               Togus, ME

5023 PCG Data Extract Utility (VISN 1)   Togus, ME
     Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
     Continuity of Care Casefinder (VISN
5032 16)                                 Togus, ME
                                      White River
5036 System Access Request            Junction, VT

5037 CAIRO - PRACTICE PROFILING       Wilmington, DE

5038 PROVIDER CREDENTIALING           Wilmington, DE

5039 OPEN ACCESS                      Wilmington, DE

5040 PRZD DISCREPANCY                 Wilmington, DE

5041 DUE PILOT TEST                   Wilmington, DE

5042 AUDIO CARE - Appointment Suite   Wilmington, DE

5043 AUDIO CARE - Pharmacy Suite      Wilmington, DE

5045 W/APPOINTMENTS                   Wilmington, DE

5046 MISSED OPPORTUNITIES             Wilmington, DE

5047 SEARCH                           Wilmington, DE

5048 TROPONIN TURNAROUND TIMES        Wilmington, DE
5050 DISPLAYED                        Wilmington, DE
5051 BROADCASTS MENU                     Altoona, PA
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5054   Equipment Personal Custody        Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5055   Eappeals                          Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5056   Pre-Certification                 Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5057   Local Computed Findings           Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5058   Workmans Comp &Tort               Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5059   First and Second Employee Record Point)
       Local routins for various reports Maryland HCS
       from the Equipment Personal       (Baltimore, Perry
5060   Custody Program                   Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5061   Automated Drug Sreen Collections Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5062   Print multiple patient labels     Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
       Update PCProvider and PCTeam in (Baltimore, Perry
5063   the Patient File                  Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5065   Environmental Rounds              Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5066   SUD Casefinder                    Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5067   Homeless Casefinder               Point)
                                         Maryland HCS
                                         (Baltimore, Perry
5068   Desktop Faxing                    Point)

5069 MHV-Secure Messaging                Bedford, MA
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5070 Biscom Fax                         Roxbury)

                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5071 1st Run Yield                      Roxbury)

                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5072 820 Reports - Mail Forwarding      Roxbury)

                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
     BRATS Budget Resources and         Plain, West
5073 Assets Tracking                    Roxbury)

                                         Boston HCS
                                         Brockton, Jamaica
                                         Plain, West
5074 Date Expiration Notification Report Roxbury)
                                         Boston HCS
                                         Brockton, Jamaica
                                         Plain, West
5075 Discrepancy Package                 Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5076 MRSA                               Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5077 Physician Productivity Report      Roxbury)

                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5079 Site Tracking Update Forum         Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
     Mental Health Depression Case      Plain, West
5080 Finder V1                          Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
     Mental Health Substance Use        Plain, West
5081 Casefinder V1                      Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5093 Environment of Care                Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5094 Dangerous TIU Abbreviations        Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
     Access Request (Vista, Exchange,   Plain, West
5095 NT)                                Roxbury)
                                        Boston HCS
                                        Brockton, Jamaica
                                        Plain, West
5096 Tasked Fims Dailey Bulliten        Roxbury)
                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
                                     Plain, West
5097 Lab Micro Extract               Roxbury)
                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
     Mental Health Depression Case   Plain, West
5098 Finder V1                       Roxbury)
                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
     Mental Health Substance Use     Plain, West
5099 Casefinder V1                   Roxbury)
                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
                                     Plain, West
5100 New Person Edit                 Roxbury)
                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
                                     Plain, West
5101 Equipment Inventory             Roxbury)
                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
                                     Plain, West
5102 Extend Termination Date         Roxbury)

                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
                                     Plain, West
5103 Fit Test                        Roxbury)
                                     Boston HCS
                                     Brockton, Jamaica
                                     Plain, West
5104 Needs Assessment                Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5105 Patch Module                     Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5106 Staffing Report HR               Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5108 VANOD                            Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
     Process Telephone Refills from   Plain, West
5109 Mumps AudioCare                  Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5110 Employee Health                  Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5111 Chaplain's Reports               Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5112 Bed Management System            Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5116 Emergency Department Display     Roxbury)
                                      Boston HCS
                                      Brockton, Jamaica
                                      Plain, West
5119 Clinic Recall                    Roxbury)
                                          Boston HCS
                                          Brockton, Jamaica
                                          Plain, West
5120 Missed Opportunities                 Roxbury)
                                          Boston HCS
                                          Brockton, Jamaica
                                          Plain, West
5121 Equipment Turn-In                    Roxbury)
                                          Boston HCS
                                          Brockton, Jamaica
                                          Plain, West
5122 Staffing Report IRM                  Roxbury)
     Provider Encounter Quarterly
5123 Reports                              Upstate NY HCS

5124 Occupation/ Series User Update       Upstate NY HCS

5126 OP RX Finish Count by RPh            Upstate NY HCS

5127 Drug Cost Tracker                    Upstate NY HCS

5128 Pharmacy Printer Switch              Upstate NY HCS
     BCMA Divisional Missing Dose
5129 Request follow-up                    Upstate NY HCS

5130 Pims Daily Dash Board                Upstate NY HCS

5134 HL7 Logical Queue Daily Clear        Upstate NY HCS

5135 CBOC Quick Order Reports             Upstate NY HCS
     Users Verify Code Change
5136 Messages                             Upstate NY HCS
     Pims Mumps Audio Fax Clinic
5137 Messages                             Upstate NY HCS
     FEE Basis Report Of Contact Delete
5138 Messages                             Upstate NY HCS
     Provider Scorecard Tom Ash
5139 Reports                              Upstate NY HCS
     Emergency or High Priority Work
5140 orders                               Upstate NY HCS

5141 Work Order Transfer Tracking         Upstate NY HCS
5147 BMS (Bed Management System)      Upstate NY HCS

5157 AVKARDIV function                Upstate NY HCS

5161 48 Hour Discharge Survey         Upstate NY HCS

5163 AVK Cancelled Clinic Report      Upstate NY HCS

5173 HS Contingency                   Clarksburg, WV

5174 New Depression Case Finder       Coatesville, PA

5175 Substance Abuse Case Finder      Coatesville, PA

5176 Automated Means Test             Coatesville, PA

5178 BCMA Prints                      Coatesville, PA

5179 Employee Leave Patteran Report   Coatesville, PA

5180 ARK                              Erie, PA

5181 SENSITRAC                        Erie, PA

5182 CARETRACKER                      Erie, PA

5183 PYXIS                            Erie, PA

5189 AFKN                             Iron Mountain, MI

5197 AFWE                             Iron Mountain, MI

5207 AJEJ                             Iron Mountain, MI
5217 AJVMH                                Iron Mountain, MI

5225 ALDR                                 Iron Mountain, MI

5234 AQDM                                 Iron Mountain, MI

5244 AGSOPS OPT RX SEARCH                 Martinsburg, WV

5245 AMQRNH LARGE PRINT MEDS              Martinsburg, WV

5246 APPEALS                              Martinsburg, WV

5250 AWB IG SPECIAL REPORTS V 1.1         Martinsburg, WV

5251 AWCC                                 Martinsburg, WV

5252 EQUIPMENT INVENTORY 613              Martinsburg, WV

5261 PHARMACY BINGO BOARD                 Martinsburg, WV

5262 PRE-PACKING LABELS                   Martinsburg, WV

5264 PTS MEDICATION ERROR INQUIRY         Martinsburg, WV

5266 RX COST BY SVC & PROVIDER            Martinsburg, WV

5267 RX RANKING COST REPORT               Martinsburg, WV

       Visn 16 New Depression
5271   CaseFinder                         Northampton, MA
       SUD Continuity of Care Patient
5272   Case Finder                        Northampton, MA
       Bookmark Progress Note After
5274   Downtime                           Northampton, MA
       Employee Service Record Card for
5275   Supervisor                         Northampton, MA

5276 Pre-Registration Letters             Northampton, MA

5277 AOD Log                              Northampton, MA
     Electronic Access Security
5278 Agreement                          Northampton, MA

5279 TIU Unapproved Abbreviations       Northampton, MA

5280 Recconciliation Approvals >30 days Northampton, MA

5281 HTN (Hypertension) Report          Northampton, MA

5282 Allied Reporting Menu              Northampton, MA

5283 Compliance Audits Menu             Philadelphia, PA

                                        Pittsburgh HCS
                                        (Heinz, Highland,
5284 New User Request                   University)

                                        Pittsburgh HCS
     Vacancy/Promotion                  (Heinz, Highland,
5287 Announcements                      University)

                                        Pittsburgh HCS
                                        (Heinz, Highland,
5288 VistA Phone Directory              University)

                                        Pittsburgh HCS
                                        (Heinz, Highland,
5293 OSPAC                              University)

                                        Pittsburgh HCS
                                        (Heinz, Highland,
5295 Recall Letter                      University)

5302 Unique NPCDB Errors                Providence, RI

5304 Bristol Vet Home Care              Providence, RI

5305 Veteran Care Community Center      Providence, RI

5307 Historical Inpatient Listing       Providence, RI
     List Discharges by Treating
5308 Specialty                          Providence, RI

5309 Patient Diagnosis List             Providence, RI
     VCCC Enrollees w/wo other clinic
5310 appt                               Providence, RI
5311 Roman Catholic Inpatient List      Providence, RI
     Various Religions and
5312 Denomainations Inpatient List      Providence, RI

5313 Upload Transcribed C&P Data        Providence, RI

5314 Local Cloning Menu with CPRS       Providence, RI

5315 BP Results Reporting               Providence, RI

5316 Statistical Report                 Providence, RI

5317 Acute Care Health Summary          Providence, RI

5318 Print out of State Rx Costs        Providence, RI

5319 Employee Uniform                   Providence, RI

5320 Outpatient Cost List               Providence, RI

5322 Inpatient Roster/Firms             Providence, RI

5323 Mortality Report                   Providence, RI
     Reservation System for Volunteer
5324 Service                            Providence, RI

5325 Inpatient Room-Phone List          Providence, RI
5326 Inpatient List LOS 30 or Greater   Providence, RI

5327 Veteran Co-Pay Information Inquiry Providence, RI

5328 Policy Tracking                    Providence, RI

5329 Treatment Plan                     Providence, RI

5330 Daily Admissions                   Providence, RI
     Discharged 3A Patients List
5331 w/Previous Adm-Sched Appt          Providence, RI

     Discharged Patients List with
5332 Scheduled Appointments             Providence, RI

5333 Schedule of Operations Report      Providence, RI

5334 Quality of Care Review             Providence, RI

5336 Contingency Appointment List       Providence, RI

5337 View Proivder Local                Providence, RI

5338 Record Pull List Local             Providence, RI

5339 Total Usage of Stock Report        Providence, RI

5340 Fiscal 1358 Utility                Providence, RI

5341 12-HOUR ORDERS OPTIONS             Washington, DC

5342 Patient Active Notes               Washington, DC

5343 ASISTS Delinquencies               Washington, DC

5344 Consults Options                   Washington, DC

5345 Service Connected 70% Billed       Washington, DC
5346 Encounter Reports                   Washington, DC

5347 ATS FCP SCAN (DC)                   Washington, DC

5348 ATS FORWARD F16 MESSAGES            Washington, DC
5349 REPORT                              Washington, DC

5350 Report Vendors Without Tax ID's     Washington, DC

5351 RX Cost Per Patient                 Washington, DC

5352 Update Movements from Orders        Washington, DC

5353 Bed Tracking Package                Washington, DC


5364 User Access Request                 Hines, IL

5371 PATIENT INSTRUCTION                 Martinsburg, WV

5372 REVENUE OFFICE REPORT               Martinsburg, WV

5374 Fiscal 1358 Utility II              Providence, RI

5375 Patients Not Enrolled in Anti-Coag Providence, RI

5376 Fiscal Purchase Order Utility       Providence, RI

5377 Fiscal Bill Reason Utility          Providence, RI

5378 Pre-Anesthesia Report               Providence, RI

5379 Pre-Anesthesia/No Consults          Providence, RI

5380 Surgical Procedures Report           Providence, RI
     Surgical Inpatient Vascular Registry
5381 Report                               Providence, RI

5382 Major Surgery Inpatient Report      Providence, RI
5383 Edit Status of Stack Documents    Providence, RI

5384 Pay Period                        Providence, RI

5385 Risk Assessment 30 Day Followup   Providence, RI

5386 Lab Results Entry                 Providence, RI

5387 Lab Patient Report                Providence, RI

5388 Infection Control Survey Report   Providence, RI

5389 *Stat Turnaround Time (Local)     Providence, RI
5390 Patient Ward Lab Summary           Providence, RI

5391 Lab Cums by Treating Specialty     Providence, RI
     Lab Barcode Download for
5392 Intermec 4100                      Providence, RI

5393 Lab Ordering Patterns of Lab Tests Providence, RI

5394 Lab Max Order Frequency Check      Providence, RI

5395 Reconciliation Approvals > 30 Days Providence, RI

5396 Temporary Transaction Listing      Providence, RI

5397 Employee 8B Record Code Search     Providence, RI

5398 Update PRSE(452 Service Field      Providence, RI

     Outpatient RX Data for ACCESS
5399 Database                           Providence, RI

5400 Display a Case (SWS)               Providence, RI
5401 Post-Operative Follow-up Report       Providence, RI
     Addiction Severity Index Case
5402 Finder                                Providence, RI
     List Patients in need of MHICM
5403 Screening                             Providence, RI

     Build a cloning source from an
5404 existing user                         Providence, RI

5405 Cloning with CPRS                     Providence, RI

5406 Polypharmacy VISN Report              Providence, RI
5407 Security Log In Tracking              Providence, RI

5408 Clinic Recall for Primary Care clinics Providence, RI

5409 Local Routing Slips                   Providence, RI
     3A Readmits w/Recidivsm Rate
5410 Report                                Providence, RI
5411 AA Appointment Slots                Providence, RI

     Contingency Reports for Lab,
     BCMA, ER, Inpatient,s and
5412 outpatients                         Providence, RI

     ASI Patient List with visits to
5413 Substance Abuse                     Providence, RI

5414 Controlled Correspondence System Providence, RI

     Clinical Procedures tracking
5415 Reports                             Providence, RI

     Enrolled Patients in Primary Care
5416 clinics w/o assigned provider       Providence, RI

     List Patients with New Diagnosis of
5417 Depression                          Providence, RI

     List MHBS Patients w/o Primary
5418 Care clinic visit                   Providence, RI

     List MHBS Patients with Primary
5419 Care/Specialty clinic visit         Providence, RI

5420 Admissions/Visits with Multiple Dxs Providence, RI

5421 New Patients Track                  Providence, RI
     List Appointment Wait List by
5422 County                              Providence, RI

5423 List PCMM Panel                     Providence, RI

5424 Computer Security Agreement         Providence, RI
     Place Progress Notes after
5425 Downtime                            Providence, RI
     Print Mailing Labels for TPB
5426 Patients                              Providence, RI

5427 Unique SSN Report by Clinic           Providence, RI

5428 Ward Activity List                    Providence, RI

5429 Workload Summary by Clinic            Providence, RI
     Print Scheudling Letters for
5430 Smartmailer                           Providence, RI
     List Patients w/specific Dx/CPT on
5431 Given Drugs                           Providence, RI

     List High/Low Values of a Test by
5432 Provider/PT                           Providence, RI
     Patient in Enrolled Clinics with No
5433 Show Appt                             Providence, RI
     List patients with Eye Clinic
5434 appointment                           Providence, RI

     List Patients with VCCC
5435 appointments                          Providence, RI

5436 Daily Bulletin of VAMC Clinic Appts Providence, RI

5437 Rad/Nuc Exam Tracking List            Providence, RI

5438 List Pre/Post OP Notes                Providence, RI

5439 Data Match Source Report              Providence, RI

5440 Tasked Inpatient Expiration Report Providence, RI
5441 List Patients who meet PFT Criteria Providence, RI
     Report of Returns to Surgery w/Att
5442 Surgeon                             Providence, RI

5443 Veterans Awaiting Appointments      Providence, RI

5444 Vista User Signon Log               Providence, RI
     List DC/Cancelled Consults to
5445 Selected Service                    Providence, RI

5446 Workload Verfication Report         Providence, RI

5447 List CPT Usage by Resident          Providence, RI

5448 Unique SSN Report - All Years       Providence, RI

5449 Unreleased Report with Barcodes     Providence, RI
     Visit Rpt by Xmitted OPT Encounter
5450 w/Unique SSN Total                 Providence, RI

5451 Provider Entered Orders Report     Providence, RI

5452 Precerification Bulletin           Providence, RI

5453 Waiting List reports               Providence, RI
     Electronic Encounter Form Tracking
5454 Reports                            Providence, RI

5455 Patient Lab Value Result Report    Providence, RI
5456 TIU Note Visits Report               Providence, RI

5457 Patient Movement Reports              Providence, RI
     Special IB Report for Cat C Bills and
5458 Collections                           Providence, RI

5459 Dietetics to Event Capture Extract   Providence, RI

     Extract Prosthetics Workload to
5460 Event Capture                        Providence, RI

     Patients with OPS appt with FIRM
5461 Status                               Providence, RI
5462 LABELS #2                            Providence, RI

5464 Vista Patient Recall System          Providence, RI

5465 GI Clinic Recall                     Providence, RI

5466 Consults Reports                     Providence, RI

5467 Lansoprazole Due Collection report Providence, RI

5468 Rxs Costs by Providers               Providence, RI
5469 Commonly Dispensed Drugs            Providence, RI
     One Pt.'s Suspended Labels
5470 (WINDOW)                            Providence, RI

5471 Pull Specific RX Number (WINDOW) Providence, RI

5472 Partial RX (WINDOW)                 Providence, RI
     Specific Drug Costs by Provider
5473 Class                               Providence, RI

5474 Medication Profile (6months only) Providence, RI
     Print Inpatient/Outpatient Drugs
5475 by Diagnosis                      Providence, RI

5476 Pharmacy Recall Letters             Providence, RI
     Prints New Scripts Productivity
5477 Report                              Providence, RI

5478 Prints Refill Productivity Report   Providence, RI

5479 List Patients with active drugs     Providence, RI

5480 Patients with active RXs >0-99      Providence, RI

5481 Drug combination search             Providence, RI

5482 Pharmacy Drug Costs (Local)         Providence, RI

5483 View a Drug (Special)               Providence, RI
     Special Cost Report for IV
5484 Pharmacy                            Providence, RI
     Special Cost Report for UD
5485 Pharmacy                            Providence, RI

5486 Quick Edit Prescriptions            Providence, RI
5487 Finalize a Work Schedule            Providence, RI

5488 Maintain RX Form Letters            Providence, RI

5489 Kinetics Reportings                 Providence, RI
5490 Inpatient Roster ** Local **          Providence, RI

     Find Next Available Appointment -
5491 Group of Clinics                  Providence, RI

     Display Clinic Availability - Group of
5492 Clinics                                Providence, RI

5493 Treatment Plans Tracking              Providence, RI

     Discharged 3A Patients List with
5494 Previous Adm-Sched Appt               Providence, RI
     OPS, SATP, PTSD Unique SSN
5495 patients reports                      Providence, RI
     Addiction Severity Index Case
5496 Finder                           Providence, RI

5497 Local ASI Report                 Providence, RI
     List Providers with Unsigned
5498 Orders                           Providence, RI

5499 Unique SSN Encounters Report     Providence, RI

5500 JCAHO Tracking Rports            Providence, RI

5501 Respiratory Fit Testing          Providence, RI

5502 Safety Training Bulletin         Providence, RI

5503 Safety Fire Dirll Bulletin       Providence, RI

5504 Safety Disaster Drill Bulletin   Providence, RI

5505 Safety Hazard Tracking           Providence, RI
                                      Connecticut HCS
                                      (Newington, West
5506 COS Report Package (ATV1)        Haven)

                                      Connecticut HCS
                                      (Newington, West
5507 GSA Vehicle Request (ATVV)       Haven)

                                      Connecticut HCS
                                      (Newington, West
5508 Medical Device Tracking (ATVM)   Haven)

                                      Connecticut HCS
     Phone Directory Look Up System   (Newington, West
5509 (ATVP)                           Haven)

                                      Hudson Valley
                                      HCS (Castle Point,
5510 Incident Reporting System        Montrose)

                                      Hudson Valley
                                      HCS (Castle Point,
5513 MIPLUS Data Extraction Program   Montrose)

                                      Hudson Valley
                                      HCS (Castle Point,
5522 AKW 1..2                         Montrose)

                                      Hudson Valley
                                      HCS (Castle Point,
5529 AOK                              Montrose)

                                      Hudson Valley
                                      HCS (Castle Point,
5531 BRATS                            Montrose)

                                      Hudson Valley
                                      HCS (Castle Point,
5534 CODE SEARCH                      Montrose)

                                  New Jersey HCS
                                  (East Orange,
                                       New Jersey HCS
                                       (East Orange,
5537 LAB MONITOR REPORT                Lyons)

                                       New Jersey HCS
                                       (East Orange,
5538 PATIENT ROSTER                    Lyons)

     Advanced Clinic Access Waiting
5539 Time Performance Measures         Bronx, NY

5540 REPORT                            Bronx, NY

     Mental Health Consecutive No-
5541 Show Report                       Bronx, NY

5542 Nurse 12/60 Working Hours Report Bronx, NY

5543 Authorized Absence Report         Bronx, NY

     Patient Future Appointment ID
5544 label                             Bronx, NY

     Patient New Drug in Last Six Month
5545 Object                             Bronx, NY
     Employee Leave Database (under
5546 development)                       Bronx, NY

5547 CCHT Active Patient List          Bronx, NY

     Emergency Patient Department
5549 Tracker                           Saginaw, MI
5551 Vista Patient Recall              Saginaw, MI

5552 Telephone Record Manager          Saginaw, MI

5553 Mental Health Treatment Planner   Saginaw, MI

5554 Performance Monitoring Program    Saginaw, MI

5555 Morning Report                    Saginaw, MI

5556 Help Desk/Inventory               Saginaw, MI

5559 On-Line Incident Reporting        Danville, IL

5560 RX Talyst                         Danville, IL

5562 Radiology Report HL7 Interface    Danville, IL

5564 DSS TeleCareRecord Manager        Danville, IL

5569 ePIR incident reporting           Ann Arbor, MI
     Inventory GUI/Equipment Loan
5570 Tracking                          Ann Arbor, MI

5571 Online Data Dictionary (ODD)      Ann Arbor, MI

5572 AEMS/MERS Inventory Reports       Ann Arbor, MI

5573 Help Desk                         Ann Arbor, MI

5574 GAL Updater                       Ann Arbor, MI

5593 Coding & Compliance               Battle Creek, MI

5594 Combat Vet Urg Care               Battle Creek, MI

5595 Compliance Audits Menu            Battle Creek, MI
     Primary Care Appointment Count
5598 AJRAPPTS 1.1                       Battle Creek, MI

     Copayment Discrepancy
5601 AQNPSDPT                           Battle Creek, MI

     Financial Data Report
5602 AJRVCFO_1_0_1.KID                  Battle Creek, MI

     Small barcode labels for inventory
5603 AENEEZZ                            Battle Creek, MI
     Uploading pagers serial numbers
     for barcode program
5604 AJRBP2                             Battle Creek, MI

5607 LIMITED_FILEMAN_ACCESS             Battle Creek, MI
     Compares patient status to Primary
5608 AQNPSDPT                           Battle Creek, MI
     Miscellaneous TIU Objects
5611 APGKOB8                            Battle Creek, MI

     OEF/OIF Vets on wait list
5612 ACXEWLOE                           Battle Creek, MI
     Employees Quick Reference
5614 ACXL 200                           Battle Creek, MI

5616 ACXLDIS2                           Battle Creek, MI
     Retrieves vendor info
5617 ACXLVEND                           Battle Creek, MI

5618 ACXEEWL2                           Battle Creek, MI
     Return Visit Stats
5619 AUMZRVI                            Battle Creek, MI

5620 Patient Recall Software            Atlanta Ga.

5621 Clinic Check In                    Atlanta Ga.
5622 RADNUC REPORTER                 ATLANTA, GA

5626 Talyst AutoPack                 Augusta, GA

5635 Visits Without Progress Notes   Dayton, OH

     Missing Person Class
5636 Bulletin/Reports                Dayton, OH

5637 AGSSABUL                        Dayton, OH

5638 AGSPRTL, AGSPRTLC               Dayton, OH

5639 Radiology Timing Report (AGSRTR) Dayton, OH

5640 Social Work Patient Inquiry     Dayton, OH
5641 Inpatient Lookup (AGSPTLK)          Dayton, OH

5642 OE/RR Default Devices Auto-Queue Dayton, OH

5643 OUTPATIENTS BY DIAGNOSIS            Dayton, OH

     List all orders for a time period
5644 report                              Dayton, OH

5645 Inactive Orderable Item Search      Dayton, OH

5646 SEARCH SOFTWARE                     Dayton, OH

5647 DAYS OLD OPTION                     Dayton, OH

     Leave Pattern by T&L Unit
5648 (AGSRL4,AGSLPT)                     Dayton, OH

     Health summary Component for
5649 Nutritional Assessment (AGSMR)      Dayton, OH
5650 INFORMATION                           Dayton, OH

     Non Formulary Quarterly Mail
5651 message (AGSPSQ)                      Dayton, OH
     Drugs in file 50 that are missing a
5652 VA Drug Class (AGSPSQD)               Dayton, OH

     Anti-Psychotic Drug reports
5653 (AGSPSYC, AGSPSYC1)                   Dayton, OH

     PTF Productivity Report By Clerk
5654 (AGSPTF)                              Dayton, OH

5655 PCMM                                  Dayton, OH

     Change Future Lab Tests to another
5656 test                               Dayton, OH

5657 DAYTON PATIENT AUDIT                  Dayton, OH
5658 Lab Collection Summary            Dayton, OH

5660 PCXLINK GLUCOSE MONITOR           Dayton, OH

5661 Routine Find (AGSRFIND)           Dayton, OH

     Radiology Missing Images
5662 (AGSRMIR)                         Dayton, OH

     Engineering Print from Equipment
5663 Inv. File (AGSRCH3)              Dayton, OH

     Engineering Print from Work Order
5664 # file (AGSRCH2)                  Dayton, OH

     Send New Patch Info to Application
5665 Coordinators (AGSWLLTP)            Dayton, OH

     Inpatient Roster With Diagnosis
5666 (AGSROST)                         Dayton, OH

     Monitor CPRS parameter changes
5667 (AGSPARA)                         Dayton, OH
5668 Print Patient Labels (AGSSLAB)     Dayton, OH

     Social Work Patient Edit
5669 (AGSSWPT)                          Dayton, OH

     Quarterly Statistics for the
5670 Director's Office (AGSTATS)        Dayton, OH

     Room/Bed Telephone Edit
5671 (AGSTELED)                         Dayton, OH

     Compute VMS file names for test
     and production accounts
5672 (AGSTFILE)                         Dayton, OH

     Non-Vested Prime Care
5673 Appointments Report (AGSVEST)      Dayton, OH

     Advanced-access scheduling
5675 Letters (AGSAASLT, AGSAASTX)       Dayton, OH

     Application Coordinator
5676 Information (AGSACINQ)             Dayton, OH

     Verify/Electronic Signature Code
5677 Delete (AGSVER)                    Dayton, OH

     Edit additional fields when adding a
5678 new user (AGSCAC)                    Dayton, OH
     Consult Turnaround Report
5679 (AGSCONS, AGSCON1)                Dayton, OH

     Update CPRS User Mailgroup
5680 (AGSCPRS)                         Dayton, OH

     Patient Consult/Visit Inquiry
5681 (AGSTRAN1)                        Dayton, OH
     Patient Statistics - Religious
5682 Preference (AGSRELG)              Dayton, OH

     Treating Specialty Printout
5683 (AGSTREAT)                        Dayton, OH

5684 Admission list to mail messages   Dayton, OH

5685 Error Log software (AGSERTRP)     Dayton, OH

5686 Error Screen Listing (AGSERS)     Dayton, OH

5687 TIU Titles QA Check (AGSTIU)      Dayton, OH

     Consult Services Without Users
5688 (AGSCSWOU)                        Dayton, OH

     Distribution Account Report
5689 (AGSDARPT)                        Dayton, OH

     Engineering Work Center Report
5690 (AGSWCRPT)                        Dayton, OH

     Security Warning Clinical only
5691 (AGSWARN)                         Dayton, OH
     Auto purge of of code sheets
5692 (AGSGCSPG)                        Dayton, OH
     Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
     Clinic Appointments for Inpatient's
5693 Escorts (AGSPMRAL)                  Dayton, OH

     Unique Patient Appointment
5694 Search (AGSPCTS)                   Dayton, OH
     Discharge List by Physician
5695 (AGSPRDIS)                         Dayton, OH

5696 OI&T Daily Messages (AGSIRMD)      Dayton, OH

     Deactivated Users - Yesterday,
5697 Today & Tomorrow (AGSNPDIS)        Dayton, OH

5698 New Person Fields Edit (AGSNPE)    Dayton, OH

5699 HIGH DOLLAR CLINICS (KPA)          Dayton, OH

5700 Workgroup Lookup (AGSWGLK)         Dayton, OH

     Virtual Radiology Software
5701 (AGRRAHL)                          Dayton, OH

     IRM System Password Changes
5703 (AGSPASSW)                         Dayton, OH
     Visits + Pre-Registration
5704 (AFWEZZKE)                        Dayton, OH

5705 Provider Sign On List (AGSPART)   Dayton, OH

     Estimated Creatinine Clearances
5706 (AGSCREAT)                        Dayton, OH

5707 Person Class Edit (AGSXPIRE)      Dayton, OH

5708 IB/AR Audit Report (AFVNAUD)      Dayton, OH

     Use or Lose Annual Leave
5710 Estimator (AGSUSEIT)              Dayton, OH

5711 Lab Summary Report (AGSUPSM)      Dayton, OH

     Switch Bed Report
5712 (AGSWBRP,DGSWITCH)                Dayton, OH

     CIPS Certify an Invoice
5713 AIN)                          Dayton, OH

5714 GSACUSR)                     Dayton, OH

5715 VMS Account Report (AGSVMSIN)     Dayton, OH

     Access Code Print (XUZNEW,
5716 AGSUSRLT)                         Dayton, OH
     List Local Mods and Checksums for
5717 Patchs (AGSKLM, AGSZTPP)          Dayton, OH

     Monthly Database Correction
5718 Report Bulletin (AGSDBCO)           Dayton, Oh

5719 Dental Purge (AGSDENTE)             Dayton, Oh

5720 Print Engineering Files (AGSDIPRN) Dayton, Oh

5721 DNR Report                          Dayton, Oh

5722 Deceased Vet Family Labels          Dayton, Oh

     Shared mail access from reading
5723 new mail prompt (AGSEBULL)          Dayton, Oh

     Customer Satisfaction Survey
5724 Reminder (AGSCSB)                   Dayton, Oh

     IRM Data Storage Library (AGSDAT
5725 and AGSDAT1)                     Dayton, Oh

     Device Deltetion Monitor
5726 (AGSDVDEL)                          Dayton, Oh

     Domiciliary - Patients Appts List
5727 (AGSDOMAP)                          Dayton, Oh
     Enable Prompting for Comments
5728 (AGSCOMAD)                         Dayton, Oh

5730 Disaster Phone List (AGSDIS)       Dayton, Oh

     Hospice NOK Mailing Labels
5731 (AGSDGPM1)                         Dayton, Oh

5732 Inactive User Report (AGSDEAC)     Dayton, Oh

     Local mod to RARTST changes
5733 purge mail reciepients             Dayton, OH
     Print Mailing labels AGS1
5734 (AGS1,AGS2,AGSDXRX)                Dayton, OH

5735 PHARMACY CBOC (AGSCBOC)            Dayton, OH

     Health Summary Type clean-up
5736 (AGSHST)                           Dayton, OH

5737 Coumadin Report (AGSDCOU)          Dayton, Oh

     Controlled Substance Report
5738 (AGSDEA)                           Dayton, Oh

     Deaths by Location List w or w/o
5739 autopsy (AGSDEAD)                  Dayton, Oh

5740 Consult Monitor routine (AGSCON) Dayton, Oh
     Nursing Email Autoqueues
5741 NURZARNC, and XMZAQUE)             Dayton, Oh

     Pending Consults 30+ days old
5742 (AGSCNA)                           Dayton, Oh

     Bulletin for Pre Certifications
5743 (AGSCERTI,SDM1A)                   Dayton, OH
     Modification to Histopathology
5744 Worksheet (LRAPH)                  Dayton, OH

5745 Invalid Data List (AGSVALD)        Dayton, OH
     TIU Access with no ASU Class
5746 (AGSTIUSR)                         Dayton, OH

     Look up a string in a global
5747 (AGSKGLOB)                         Dayton, OH

     Generate MAS Alerts for Clinics and
5748 ACT,SDREACT)                        Dayton, OH

5749 )                           Dayton, OH

5750 (AGSNOPKG)                         Dayton, OH
5751 (AGSAPP)                          Dayton, OH

5752 DELEGATE MENUS (AGSMD)            Dayton, OH
5753 REPORT (AGSMENUH)                 Dayton, OH


5755 REDELEGATION (AGSXQ6)             Dayton, OH

     Check for Methadone Drugs

5757 UPDATE TIME ZONE (AGSMMTZ)        Dayton, OH

     Test account key compare
5759 (AGSKYCHK)                     Dayton, OH

     List active local modific
5760 ations (AGSLOCAL)                 Dayton, OH

5761 Monitor TCP/IP Links (AGSMONL)    Dayton, OH

5762 ASU user class display (AGSUSR)   Dayton, OH
     Spinal Cord Patient Admission
5763 Message (AGSPINAL)                 Dayton, OH

     Personnel with programmer access
5764 mail message (AGSPRGKY)          Dayton, OH

5765 VistA Patch Monitor (AGSPCHK)      Dayton, OH
5766 (AGSCBOC1, AGSCBOC2)               Dayton, OH
     Bold Print for URGENCY=STAT on
5767 Lab Reports (AGSBOLD)              Dayton, OH

5768 PC FILE TRANSFER (AGS2WORD)D       Dayton, OH
     Missing NT Account Bulletin
5769 (AGSCLIEN)                         Dayton, Oh
     IRM Comp Time Earned Report
5770 (AGSCOMP)                          Dayton, Oh

5771 Client Server Deactivation Check   Dayton, Oh

     Venipunctures per day Count
5772 (AGSLR1)                           Dayton, OH

     Outpatient Lab Tests Per Day
5773 (AGSLR2)                           Dayton, OH
     Urines Collected per Day (Count)
5774 AGSLR3                             Dayton, OH
     Referral Test Count per month
5775 (AGSLR4)                             Dayton, OH

5776 Micro Count Specimens (AGSLR5)       Dayton, OH
     Dialogs without ancestors
5777 (AGSDIAG)                            Dayton, Oh

     Voluntary Inpatient List
5778 (AGSVOLST)                           Dayton, OH

5779 Audit Reports (AGSAUDIT)             Dayton, Oh
     Provider list for Credentialing
5780 (AGSAMOD)                            Dayton, OH

     Employees Missing VA Number
5781 (AGSMSVAN)                          Dayton, OH
     MCCR - Autoqueue for IB Bill Status
5782 Report (AGSMCCR2)                   Dayton, OH

5784 Abnormal Lab alerts (AFPHALRT)       Dayton, OH

     Master List of Patients in the Pt.
5785 Tower (AGSBROWN)                     Dayton, OH
     Master List of Catholics in the
5786 Patient Tower (AGSCATH)              Dayton, OH
     Open PTF records and their
     locations (AFWE LOCATE OPEN
5787 PTF)                                 Dayton, OH

5788 Schedule of Operations (AGSRSOO) Dayton, OH

5789 Team List Update (AGSTMA)            Dayton, OH
5790 +Hgb>12 report (AFWEZZPQ)         Dayton, OH

5791 Audit Vista Accounts (AGSAUD)     Dayton, OH
     Master List of Inpatients
5792 (AGSCHAP)                         Dayton, OH

     Restore/Define VT320 Function
5793 Keys (AGSVT320)                   Dayton, OH

5794 Transportation Fleet File (552021) Dayton, OH

     Purchase Card Audit report
5795 (ALDIPCR)                         Dayton, OH

     Unique/Visits/New by division
5796 (AFWEXE7G)                        Dayton, OH

     Pending Consults + Note
5797 (AFWEZZ63)                        Dayton, OH

     Unapproved Abbreviations Report
5798 (AEDTIU)                        Dayton, OH
     Purge Scheduled Admission Auto-
5799 Queue (AGSADMIT)                Dayton, OH

     Asists Data for MS-Access
5801 (AGSASIST)                        Dayton, Oh

     Various Local Computed Findings
5802 (COMPFIND)                        Dayton, OH

     Diabetics that Need Eye Exams
5803 Report (ATSCMSB6)                 Dayton, OH

5804 Surgical Risk Report (AFWEX3Z)    Dayton, OH
     Electronic Earnings and deductions
5805 Report (AOXPAID)                   Dayton, OH


     Employee Health Mantoux Test
5808 Report (AGSEHMT)                   Dayton, OH

5809 Function Program (AGSFUNC)         Dayton, OH

     Function routine for Dayton
5810 (AGSFUNC1)                         Dayton, OH

5811 ZZISOFILE552036 GUI EXT T/O   Dayton, OH
     Incomplete Records >30 Days
5812 Alert/Report (AGSIRVW)        Dayton, OH

5813 DATAVALIDATION (AGSELOC1)          Dayton, OH

     Female Vets Mailing Labels
5814 Template (AGSFVETS)                Dayton, OH

     Homeless Performance Measures
5815 Package-Variables Killer (AGSHKILL) Dayton, OH

     Engineering Shop Expenditure
5816 (AGSHOPEX)                         Dayton, OH

5817 Transaction Item List (AGSHPEX1)   Dayton, OH

5818 (AGSIKAQV)                    Dayton, OH
     New Insurance Companies Added
5819 Bulletin (AGSINBUL)                  Dayton, OH

5820 NARES software (APJMRSA)             Dayton, Oh

     Presidential Birthday Greetings
5822 (AGSBIRTH)                           Dayton, Oh

5823 SF-71 List (AOVTAE01)                Dayton, Oh

5824 Rx Data Extract (AKETYMDS)           Dayton, Oh
     Business Rules report (AFV RULES
5825 ALLOWING EDIT)                       Dayton, Oh
     Print Wristband to a Zebra printer
5826 (APGKWBAN)                           Dayton, Oh
     A&MMS (Acquisition and Material
     Management Services)
     Outstanding 2237's Report via E-
5827 mail (AGS2237S)                      Dayton, Oh

5828 10+ Active/Suspended RXs        Dayton, Oh
     Purge Appointment Status Update
5829 Log (AGSAMP)                    Dayton, Oh

5830 IV Additive (AGSIVMIC)               Dayton, OH

     Fee Basis Batch Number check
5831 (AGSFBP)                             Dayton, OH

     Risk/Non-Risk Assessment 30 Day
5832 Follow-up (AMSSRA)                   Dayton, Oh
     Type of Order Review Report
5833 (AFQMORDR)                      Dayton, Oh

5834 Polypharmacy Report (ANQRXPT)   Muskogee, Ok

5835 MUMPS Audio FAX                 Dayton, OH

5836 OCCURRENCE SCREEN MODS          Dayton, OH

     Budget Resources and Assets
5837 Tracking System (BRATS)         Dayton, Oh

5839 MRSA – NARES REPORTS            Cincinnati, OH

     Copy of "EADT ADT History
     Expanded" Health Summary
5843 Component                       Cincinnati, OH
5845 BRSI Third Party Billing        Cincinnati, OH

5848 ADMISSION ASSESSMENT            Cincinnati, OH

5853 Changes to "Make Appt" Option   Cincinnati, OH
     Flow Improvement Inpatient
5855 ADAQGAI1                        Asheville, NC
     Waiting List
5857 AEGV*1.0*999                    Asheville, NC

5858 AHGCP*1.0*0                     Asheville, NC
     Epidemics data pull.
5859 AHNCMEP*2.0*6                   Asheville, NC

5860 AOSMSA                          Asheville, NC
5861 APGKBCMQ                       Asheville, NC
     CAC Alert Monitors
5863 AQDCACALERT                    Asheville, NC
     Fee Basis Form
5864 AQDFB583                       Asheville, NC

5865 AQDIMAGE                       Asheville, NC

5867 AQDMHSB and AQDMHSP            Asheville, NC

5868 AQDPROB                        Asheville, NC

5869 ATVVD MANAGER MENU             Asheville, NC

5870 ATVVF USER MENU                Asheville, NC

5871 AVIM CS RED WHITE AND BLUE     Asheville, NC

     Accounts Receivable
5875 AWCARPM                       Asheville, NC

5876 CEFU SCHEDULER                 Asheville, NC

5877 ENZ KEY - REQUEST MENU         Asheville, NC

5878 KPAS                           Asheville, NC

5879 LRZKAF* (Routine Namespace)    Asheville, NC

5880 PRSAZ*1.0*0                    Asheville, NC

5881 R3ITINV EXTRACT JOB            Asheville, NC

5883 VCI*1.3*1 (Diet File Build)    Asheville, NC

5884 Local NOIS (LOIS)              Salem, VA
     ALFW-VISN16 Data Warehouse
5889 Extraction FOR VISN09"         Salem, VA
5891 MRSA FLAG                         Durham, NC

5892 MRSA REPORT                       Durham, NC

5899 AQDME                             RICHMOND, VA

5900 AQDMI                             RICHMOND, VA

5901 AQDTURN                           RICHMOND, VA
     Prosthetics Address Labels
5903 AQDADD                            RICHMOND, VA

5904 LRZKAF20                          RICHMOND, VA

5908 AQDIM                             RICHMOND, VA

5910 AQDCAN                            RICHMOND, VA
     Print Intermec 4100 Labels from
5911 AQDRLBL                           RICHMOND, VA
     Print Zebra labels from CPRS
5912 AQDZEB                            RICHMOND, VA
     Print pharmacy labels
5914 AQDPHA                            RICHMOND, VA

5915 AQDRLX1                           RICHMOND, VA

5916 LRZBAR8                           RICHMOND, VA

5917 AQDRMZ1                           RICHMOND, VA

5918 AQDB1F                            RICHMOND, VA

5919 LRZFO1                            RICHMOND, VA

5920 AQDRLX                            RICHMOND, VA
     Print Schedule 2 Prescription
5922 AQDLABEL                          RICHMOND, VA

5926 Pyxis Interface with VISTA        RICHMOND, VA
5928 Bed Cleaning/Tracking Software    RICHMOND, VA

     Expiring Meds Reports (1P NHCU,
5932 1N NHCU, 1Q NHCU)                 RICHMOND, VA

5934 Richmond Equipment Menu           RICHMOND, VA

5935 Leave Without Pay Report          RICHMOND, VA

5936 Methadone Patient Main Menu       RICHMOND, VA

5941 Reasons Not Billable #2           RICHMOND, VA

5943 Patient Identification Routine    RICHMOND, VA

5947 TIU note search routine           RICHMOND, VA

5950 Central Registration Check        RICHMOND, VA

5952 Local Pharmacy to                 RICHMOND, VA

5953 ORZ Pharmacy Service Copy On/Off RICHMOND, VA

5954 TIU objects                       RICHMOND, VA
     Computed Findings (CLINICAL
5955 REMINDERS)                          RICHMOND, VA

5957 Surgery wait list (brief and one)   RICHMOND, VA

5958 RADIOLOGY Register Patient          RICHMOND, VA

5959 RADIOLOGY Register Patient          RICHMOND, VA

5960 CONSULT "no alert" parameter        RICHMOND, VA

     Engineering work order - blocks for
5961 those packages using LOIS           RICHMOND, VA
     Engineering work order mods for
5962 LOIS pkg                            RICHMOND, VA

5967 Pharmacy Mod                        RICHMOND, VA
     Daily Activity Log
5968 Pharmacy Mod                        RICHMOND, VA

     Confirming Balance Adjustments
5969 Pharmacy Mod                        RICHMOND, VA
     Nurse Bal Report
5970 Pharmacy Mod                        RICHMOND, VA

       Confirming Balance Adjustments
5971   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Print Labels
5972   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Drug costs by provider
5973   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Remote Call
5974   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Cutoff Data
5975   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Bottle Labelling
5976   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Label Adjustments
5977   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Label Adjustments
5978   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
       Label Adjustments
5979   Pharmacy Mod                      RICHMOND, VA
     Bottle Labelling
5980 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA
     Bottle Labelling
5981 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA
     Code for ADDS Machine
5982 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA
     Action Profile
5983 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA
     OTC Drugs
5984 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA
     Drugs followed by Cost
5985 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA
     Drug Costs by Provider
5986 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA
     Action Profile
5987 Pharmacy Mod                         RICHMOND, VA

     BCMA Med Admin History
5996 Contingency                          Salisbury, NC

5998 PRN REPORT                           Salisbury, NC
     BCMA Automation of Missed
6001 Medication Reports                   Salisbury, NC

6045 654DBU ACC REC AUDITS MENU           Beckley, WV
     Surgery delay times & associated
6064 SRZSTRT (Routine Name)               Beckley, WV

6315 Audit Scheduling (supervisor tool)   Lexington, KY

6316 Pharmacy Co-pay                      Lexington, KY

6318 Bartender                            Louisville, KY

6319 Mumps Audiofax                       Louisville, KY

6320 Optifill                             Louisville, KY
     Pharmacy dispensing machine
6321 ADDS                                 Louisville, KY

6322 Pyxis                                Louisville, KY
6323 Vitals-CASMED                        Louisville, KY

6327 Emergency Dept Display               Louisville, KY
     Mental Health Treatment Planner
6329 (DSS)                                Louisville, KY

6330 Telephone Record Manager (DSS)       Louisville, KY

6331 Quantim Coding (DSS)                 Louisville, KY

6334 Scheduling - Memphis Modification Memphis, TN

6341 OEF/OIF CPRS Pop-Up                  Memphis, TN

6343 Emergency Department Tracking        Memphis, TN
                                          Tennessee Valley
6346 Audit trail for Wristbands           Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6347 Physician Verification (Site only)   Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6348 TRM/VHG                              Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6349 R3 Inventory Extract                 Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6350 DocManager                           Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
     MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant          (Murfreesboro,
6352 Staphylococcus Aureus) Screen        Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6353 Unapproved Abbreviations             Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6354 Missed Opportunities                 Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6355 Med Recon Tools                      Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6356 OEF/OIF                              Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6357 Personal Custody Receipts            Nashville)
                                          Tennessee Valley
6358 Talyst Interface                     Nashville)

6362 AMD Delivery Report                  Bay Pines, FL
     Ins. Source of Info=Data Match
6365 (with Amounts)                       Bay Pines, FL

6369 Employee Service Change report       Bay Pines, FL

6370 In Use Equipment Audit               Bay Pines, FL

6371 Last Sign On >30 Days                Bay Pines, FL

6374 NPI Taxonomy Print                   Bay Pines, FL
     Purchase Card Reconciliation with
6377 Card Number                          Bay Pines, FL

6378 Running Balances with Vendor         Bay Pines, FL

6379 Signature Block Title Print          Bay Pines, FL
     Turn-in or Lost/Stolen Equipment
6383 Audit                                Bay Pines, FL

6393 Patient BMI Report                   Bay Pines, FL

6395 Total alerts and status by recepient Bay Pines, FL
6414 Daily Electronic Wait List            Bay Pines, FL
     Work Order
6416 ACXPENCM                              Bay Pines, FL

6426 Mental Health PTSD patients           Bay Pines, FL

6443 Psych admits                          Bay Pines, FL

     Fee basis patients who have a
6459 copay and no billable insurance       Bay Pines, FL
     Fee basis claims by vendor and
6460 date                                  Bay Pines, FL

6462 Fee basis report                      Bay Pines, FL

6463 Fee basis bills                       Bay Pines, FL

     Storage Request
6465 ALMSREQ                               Bay Pines, FL

     Update old orders with old
     orderable item to new orderable
6473 item update lab order file            Bay Pines, FL

6474 Nursing Blood Product Note extract Bay Pines, FL

       Get patient movement for date
6475   range, check for MRSA labs          Bay Pines, FL
       ENTER/EDIT 123.5 DAYS TO D/C
6476   ON DAYS TO D/C FIELD                Bay Pines, FL
       Object code to return all pending
6477   orders for patient                  Bay Pines, FL
       Cleanup "AE" X-REF on ^GMR(123
       as IX^DIK doesn't touch it
6478   consistenly                         Bay Pines, FL
       Modified LRWRKINC for all local
6479   CBOCs                               Bay Pines, FL
       Examine file 100 for open lab
6480   orders, categorize and count        Bay Pines, FL
6481 Delta check for DXC vs. Glucometer Bay Pines, FL

6482 Get Duz find error in trap.         Bay Pines, FL
     Find notes associated with specific
6483 patient                             Bay Pines, FL

6495 Telephone database                  Miami, FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
6498 PAYROLL Options (local)           FL
     Forms Inpatient Admission History West Palm Beach,
6502 and Physical                      FL

                                         West Palm Beach,
6503 Pharmacy Utilities                  FL
                                    West Palm Beach,
6506 Forms Vitals/PC Screen         FL

                                    West Palm Beach,
6508 Forms Pain                     FL

     Forms Discharge Note Patient   West Palm Beach,
6509 Instructions                   FL

     Form Nursing Admission         West Palm Beach,
6511 Assesment                      FL

                                    West Palm Beach,
6513 FORMS Pharmacy                 FL
     FORM Radiology Medication   West Palm Beach,
6516 Reconcilliation             FL

                                 West Palm Beach,
6519 FM SECURITY CODES           FL

                                 West Palm Beach,
6523 LAB Turn around times       FL

                                 West Palm Beach,
6526 Radiology GUI               FL

                                 West Palm Beach,
6530 FORM Missing Patient        FL

                                 West Palm Beach,
6531 FORMS Medication Error      FL

                                 West Palm Beach,
6538 FORMS DNR Note/order        FL

     FORMS Active Meds with No   West Palm Beach,
6539 Allergy Assessment          FL
                                       West Palm Beach,
6540 FORMS Employee Awards             FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
6541 Primary Care Lab Letters          FL

     FORMS West Palm Beach Patch       West Palm Beach,
6542 Tracker                           FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
6543 Contingency Program               FL
                                       West Palm Beach,
6546 Employee Locker Tracker           FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
6550 Environmental Rounds              FL

     GUI Phone Directory/VistA Phone   West Palm Beach,
6551 Directory                         FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
6552 New Patient for Primary Care      FL
     FORMS Project Planning and        West Palm Beach,
6555 Management System (PPMS)          FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
6556 Generic Remote Proceures          FL

     FORMS Delphi New Person and       West Palm Beach,
6557 Patient Objects                   FL

     List of Donor & Tissue Requestors,
     Bleeding Time Nurse, Intrepreters, West Palm Beach,
6560 HIV counselors, PICC - Print Entries FL

                                       West Palm Beach,
6571 CPRS View Only                    FL
                            West Palm Beach,
6574 FORMS - Audio/Speech   FL
                                  West Palm Beach,
6580 Health Summary Objects       FL

                                  West Palm Beach,
6581 Cell Phone/Pager Utilities   FL

                                  West Palm Beach,
6586 FORMS Nutrition              FL

                                  West Palm Beach,
6587 MRSA Tools                   FL
     FORM Project Management               West Palm Beach,
6589 System                                FL
                                           a HCS
6590   MCCF REVENUE INQUIRY                (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6592   RX PATIENT SCAN VERIFY              (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
                                           Georgia HCS
6595   BCMA variance report                (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6598   Fee Basis report for POV 71         (Gainesville)
       Fee Basis Stoplight Report by       a HCS
6599   Invoice                             (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6600   Electronic Service Record Card      (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6601   Fee Basis Open PTF Report           (Gainesville)
       Multi EIL (Equipment Inventory      a HCS
6602   Listing) Extract                    (Gainesville)
       Calculate Individual Nephropathy a HCS
6603   Risk Factor                         (Gainesville)
       Radiology CT Scan Inpatient Data a HCS
6604   Display                             (Gainesville)
       Open PTFs with civil hospital       a HCS
6605   payments                            (Gainesville)
       Open PTFs with civil                a HCS
6606   hospital/ancillary payments         (Gainesville)
       FB Perf Meas - Completion of non- N.Florida/S.Georgi
       VA PTF records within 14 days after a HCS
6607   bill paid                           (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6608   FB Batch Status Report              (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6609 Uniform Allowance Report              (Gainesville)
     FB Payment Processing Report - All    a HCS
6613 Fee Programs                          (Gainesville)
     Leave Summary for all T&Ls            a HCS
6615 assigned to user                      (Gainesville)
     Leave Summary for all T&Ls            a HCS
6616 assigned to user - delimited format   (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6617 Inventory Sweep Report                (Gainesville)
     Fee Basis > $25000 paid for           a HCS
6619 Inpatient/Outpatient                  (Gainesville)
     Equipment Inventoried Previous        a HCS
6620 Day                                   (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6625 Inpatient Data for Radiology          (Gainesville)
                                           a HCS
6626 CNH Activity Report - delimited       (Gainesville)
     Inventory report that has not been    a HCS
6627 inventoried >365 days                 (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
     CONSULT SUPPLY AND DEMAND             Georgia HCS
6628 REPORT                                (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
6629 STOP CODE                             (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
                                           Georgia HCS
6630 SERVICE CONSULTS REPORT               (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
     CONSULT SUPPLY AN DDEMAND             Georgia HCS
6633 REPORT (TOTALS)                       (Gainesville)
                                           N. Florida/S.
                                           Georgia HCS
6634 DISCHARGE STATISTICS BY WARD          (Gainesville)
                                   N. Florida/S.
                                   Georgia HCS
6636 IN PC                         (Gainesville)
6637 BE SENT TO PATIENTS           (Gainesville)

     Report to find incomplete Clerk     a HCS
6643 orders                              (Gainesville)
                                         a HCS
6645 LOS Stats by division               (Gainesville)
     Patient list by room bed for all    a HCS
6646 services on a ward                  (Gainesville)

                                         a HCS
6649 Bereaved Family member survey       (Gainesville)

     Report of pending Radiology orders N.Florida/S.Georgi
     written in date range by specific  a HCS
6652 provider                           (Gainesville)
                                        a HCS
6655 Patient Check in sheets            (Gainesville)

     Report of orders in date range by   a HCS
6658 day of week                         (Gainesville)
     Report of orders in date range      a HCS
6659 displayed in 2 hour increments      (Gainesville)
     Report to find patients enrolled in   N.Florida/S.Georgi
     PCMM teams who do not have a          a HCS
6663 prior PC appt                         (Gainesville)

     Report for consults with specific     a HCS
6664 last action taken                     (Gainesville)

     Report to check on Neurology wait a HCS
6666 list patients                     (Gainesville)

6668 MRSA Surveillance                     Tampa, FL

6671 EWL CURRENT SUMARY REPORT             Tampa, FL

6672 CONSULTS SUMMARY REPORT               Tampa, FL

6674 ED Patient Tracking Board             Tampa, FL
     Modified "PRINT THE DATA FOR
     INTERIM REPORTS" to add
6984 comments.                             North Chicago, IL
      "INPATIENT LIST" modified to leave
      out SSN's and give patient room
 6985 and bed for operator's.            North Chicago, IL

 6986 PROVIDER DIAGNOSTICS REPORT         North Chicago, IL

 6987 Patient wristband software          North Chicago, IL

 6988 Social Workers assigned to patients North Chicago, IL

 6996 ASQREPORT OF CONTACT                Tomah, WI

 7017 PCG VA Data Extract Utility (VEPEP) Tomah, WI


 7039 MRSA Inititative Program            Tomah, WI

 7040 COPILOT                             Tomah, WI

                                          VA Eastern Kansas
                                          Health Care
      ATMLBL Print Equipment Labels       System (Topeka &
 7062 on a Zebra Printer                  Leavenworth)

13788 New Depression Cass Management St. Louis, MO

13819 Compliance Software                 Biloxi, MS

13826 IFCAP Misc                          Biloxi, MS

13829 IT Utilities                        Biloxi, MS

13840 Security Tools                      Biloxi, MS

14313 DSS/Theradoc                        Houston, TX
14316 DSS/Telecare/VHG                   Houston, TX

14317 DSS/DocMgr                         Houston, TX

                                         Central Texas HCS
                                         (Austin, Marlin,
15826 MH New Patient Reports             Temple, Waco)

                                         North Texas HCS
16086 Vestment Utilities V 4.1           (Bonham, Dallas)

                                         North Texas HCS
16087 National Routine: DPTLK            (Bonham, Dallas)

                                         North Texas HCS
16088 National Routine: SDAL0            (Bonham, Dallas)

16097 Region 1 software for on-call     Albuquerque, NM
      Help desk software for Long Beach
16098 Remedy Help Desk                  Albuquerque, NM

16100 Quadramed from DSS,Inc.            Albuquerque, NM

16101 Victory Programmer Environment     Albuquerque, NM

16102 Mckesson Robot                     Albuquerque, NM

16103 VistA Gui Mail                     Albuquerque, NM
      Electronically Signed Agreeement
16104 Forms                              Albuquerque, NM

16105 Verified FORUM Patches             Albuquerque, NM

16106 Post Office                        Albuquerque, NM

16107 Region 1 Xerox post card           Albuquerque, NM

16108 BCMA Contingency                   Albuquerque, NM
16109 Health Summary Contigency          Albuquerque, NM

16110 Clinic Recall - V20                Albuquerque, NM

16111 Wait List - AEG 683 B OFFICIAL (   Albuquerque, NM

16112 Wait List - AEG 683 B REVIEW       Albuquerque, NM

      VISN 10 Primary Care Panel
16113 Management                         Albuquerque, NM

16114 Emergency Department Daily Log     Albuquerque, NM

16115 Purchase Card alerts               Albuquerque, NM

16116 Accomodation Planning              Albuquerque, NM

16117 Palliative Care Planning           Albuquerque, NM

16118 MCCF Kashner Data Extract          Albuquerque, NM

16119 Chaplains' Menu                    Albuquerque, NM

16120 TIU Objects                        Albuquerque, NM

16121 Renal Dialysis                     Albuquerque, NM

16122 Hepatitis C Bulletin               Albuquerque, NM

16123 Combat PTSD & Cardiac Morbidity Albuquerque, NM

16124 Vitek Interface for Lab            Albuquerque, NM

16125 HTN PAR                            Albuquerque, NM

16126 Consult Report by Grouper          Albuquerque, NM
16127 FOBT PAR                             Albuquerque, NM

16128 OEF/OIF Listing                      Albuquerque, NM

16129 BHCL Resident Activity Listing       Albuquerque, NM

16130 Discharge Tracking Tool              Albuquerque, NM

16131 Payroll Pay Period Data              Albuquerque, NM

16132 24 hour discharge follow-up calls Albuquerque, NM
      PCP patients with multiple future
16133 appointments                        Albuquerque, NM
      Alert for PCP that one of panel has
      encounter in Emergency
16134 Department                          Albuquerque, NM

      Track/Disable/Terminate file 200
16135 entries                              Albuquerque, NM

16136 Facility Phone Directory             Albuquerque, NM

16137 Surgery Electronic Signature         Albuquerque, NM

16138 ED visits by patients < 17 yo        Albuquerque, NM

16139 Intake Update Patient                Albuquerque, NM
      VISN 18 M extractions for
16140 Proclarity Data Cubes                Albuquerque, NM

16143 Lab Rals/G Meters                    Big Spring, TX

16146 Big Spring Transcription Interface   Big Spring, TX

16148 Appointment Card Project             Big Spring, TX

16149 TIU Objects                          Big Spring, TX

16150 On-Line Telephone Directory          Big Spring, TX

16151 Sensitive Record Security Bulletin   Big Spring, TX
      VA Nursing Outcomes Database
16152 (GUI)                                Big Spring, TX
16154 Equipment Inventory (GUI)              Big Spring, TX

16155 Purchase Card Reconcile Report         Big Spring, TX

16157 Local Bill Status Report               Big Spring, TX

16158 MDD Case Finder                        Big Spring, TX

16162 Compliance Audit Reports               Big Spring, TX

16164 BCMA Contingency Plan                  Big Spring, TX
      APT TPD PP: Options for 8B display
      - timekeeper, employee and
16165 supervisor                             Portland, OR
      ACA billing average (from Ann
16166 Arbor)                                 Portland, OR
      ACA Outpatient Appt List (from
16167 Ann Arbor)                             Portland, OR
      AEG 683 wait list options (several
      options in this namespace from
16168 other site)                            Portland, OR
      Alpha Appt List for Excel (for
      visually impaired staff/super) (Opt:
16169                                        Portland, OR

      APHID (vet self-checkin) vs Clerk
16170 Report                                 Portland, OR
      Emergency Room Pt Wait List
16171 RPT)                                   Portland, OR

      Appointment Cards (from
16172 Sacramento) (R1AC namespace)           Portland, OR

16173 APT INPT ROBOT WARD UPDATE             Portland, OR

16174 APT JIM RFIND WITH AN                  Portland, OR

16175 Templates to menu options              Portland, OR

      Audiology/Speech Appt List (opt:
16177 SDZ.AUDIOAPP)                          Portland, OR
16178 AXV DISCHARGE (VISN 20)             Portland, OR

16179 AXVSUD (VISN 20)                    Portland, OR
      Variety of other AXV namespace
16180 software (VISN 20)                  Portland, OR
      Correct Erroneous Discharge
      Summary Dates (opt: APT FRANK
16182 FIX ERR. DATA)                      Portland, OR
      Non-Programmer Create lab object
      (use nat'l option and local rtn
16183 APTTIU9)                            Portland, OR
      Daily inpatient admit flag report
      (tasked/manual) (opt start
16184 w/BJIRF)                            Portland, OR

      Discharge 'appt' compare with
      actual discharge (OPT: APT RPTS PT
16185 W/DC AND APPT)                     Portland, OR
      Edit lab data name in 'Risk Model
      Lab Test' file (opt: APT EDIT LAB
16186 DATA NM 139.2)                     Portland, OR

      Enter/edit own mail code (via local
16187 phone book option)                  Portland, OR

      Fileroom Inactive Patient Report
16188 For Non-Activity (opt: APTFARC)     Portland, OR

      Inaudible phrase in TIU document
16189 from contractor (opt: APTAUDIBLE) Portland, OR

16190 Local IMED options                   Portland, OR
      Inpatient on Specific Drug (opt: APT
16191 BCMA SPECIFIC DRUG)                  Portland, OR

      Local PTF Close-Out menu (opt:
16192 BJPTF)                              Portland, OR
      Multi-Facility Bed Days Report
16193 (Opt: APUMHOF)                      Portland, OR

      Report notifications by provider
      'stuck' due to surrogate loop (Rtn:
16194 APUTLJ0W)                           Portland, OR

      Notify Service Contacts Potential
16195 Inactivation of Staff (APUINACU)    Portland, OR

      Nursing Case Management (Opt
16196 namespace: APUNCM0)                 Portland, OR

      Outpatient Encounter Wkld Stats
16197 (AQH NPCDB WORKLOAD STATS)          Portland, OR

      Patient Movement by Wards (Opt:
16198 DGZZ.6CINFO)                      Portland, OR
      Patients w/Specific Insurance (no
      option, one-time rpt run by
16199 templates in file 2)              Portland, OR

      Pending Outpt RX List (Opt: APT
16200 PENDING FROM DANCE SMITH)           Portland, OR

      Patient DOD w/in 4 days ECU 'appt'
16201 (no opt, local rtn APTBDD)         Portland, OR

      PTF (Patient Treatment File) BY
      DIAG FOR STATE RPT (no opt,
16202 templates only)                     Portland, OR

      Quick User Inq for CACs (APT USER
16203 INQ FOR CAC)                      Portland, OR
      Reminders Due with PCP (opt:
16204 PCP)                              Portland, OR
      Report on one vet in MHV (My
      HealtheVet) Prescription file (no
16205 option, templates)                   Portland, OR

      Report By Clinic (Pt, When Appt
16206 Made, CO) - (no opt, templates)      Portland, OR

      view Current OR activity (locally
      call option Rolling OR & it is option
16207 SRZAVOR)                              Portland, OR

      Report by Person Make Appt (APT
16208 FACILITATOR FOR MARY ANNE)      Portland, OR

      Report User Class Membership of
      Phys but Resident (Opt: APT
16209 RESIDENT WITH PHYSICIAN)             Portland, OR

      Local security key APT SDM
      TRNING on all appt options that
      require training and all appt
16210 protocols that require training      Portland, OR

      Report on staff with APT SDM
16211 TRNING key (Opt: APT SDM KEY)        Portland, OR

      Signature Block Compliance (opt: 2
16212 in namespace APT SIG )             Portland, OR
      TIM Edit Other Staff Office Phone
16213 (TIM))                             Portland, OR
      Task Check Qued Ran (Opt: APT
16214 TASK QUE)                          Portland, OR

16215 (bulletin)                           Portland, OR
         7 counties treated by our facility
        declared disaster & no power.
        Generate list of pts & contact info
        for those on any of particular 10
16216   drugs                                 Portland, OR
        Restrict assignment of DIUSER
16217   option to programmer                  Portland, OR
        Document machine acct
        appropriate, contact, reason, code
16218   security                              Portland, OR
        "User Entering" added to SC wait
16219   appt                                  Portland, OR

16220 Remove SSN from appt list               Portland, OR

16221 Add vet home number to appt list        Portland, OR

16222 Local lodging program                   Portland, OR

16223 Create Suspense List for Provider       Portland, OR

16224 ECU document pt chief complaint         Portland, OR

      ECU print documents as did when
16225 local checkin process                   Portland, OR

      ECU Bulletin Antibiotic for
16226 Pneumonia                               Portland, OR

16227 APT INACT FOR BUS OFFICE                Portland, OR

      Notary Listing on local phone book
16228 (and web phone)                    Portland, OR

      Classified Listing/Location: Local
      'sorting' category for local web
      phone book (web phone
16229 documented previous spreadsheet) Portland, OR
      compare file 450 separation w/file
16230 200 termination date               Portland, OR

16231 All clinics w/physical location        Portland, OR

      Notify ADPAC/staff of clinic details
16232 for letters, card, audiocare         Portland, OR

      Capture clinic details before
16233 change/send msg                        Portland, OR

16234 Lock cancel clinic same as cancel pt Portland, OR

      Add facility name/addr to lttrs &
16235 form feeds                             Portland, OR

16236 Enter/display special clinic details   Portland, OR

16237 Allow (prompt) print pre-appt lttr     Portland, OR

16238 VISN20 call in SDM1A                   Portland, OR

16239 Local IT Assignment Reports            Portland, OR

16240 Several local inventory reports        Portland, OR

      TIMS Manual Update of Equipment

16242 Adjust line feeds for FH labels        Portland, OR

16243 Zebra printer for wristbands           Portland, OR
      Notify mail grp of pt dod w/in 4
16244 days ER                                Portland, OR

      Screen ZZ merge pt from inquiry
16245 (only show test pts)                   Portland, OR
      Mark 'purge of sensitve' options as
16246 out of order                        Portland, OR

16247 ISO Lookup/options                     Portland, OR

      User Lookup For ISO (opt: APT ISO
16248 PERSON LOOKUP)                    Portland, OR

      Local filed 'reason sensitive' added
16249 to 38.1 file & options               Portland, OR

16250 VISN20 Vesting                         Portland, OR

16251 Change default for pt sign off (ADR) Portland, OR

      Place mailout outpt rx on vanc
16253 division/correct division              Portland, OR

16254 show rtning loc for pending orders Portland, OR

16255 Print d/c education packets            Portland, OR

16256 change filds available for edit prov   Portland, OR
      Remove word 'pager' from form
16257 513                                    Portland, OR
      Added fields to NOIS files to asst
16258 w/local use                            Portland, OR
      Local mod to print 5 MARS (Med
16259 Admin Report)                          Portland, OR

16260 Two locals in list manager rtns        Portland, OR

16261 audit set on DEA field in file 50      Portland, OR

16264 Chg default not ask for records        Portland, OR

16265 display priority of med (timeliness) Portland, OR

      Note for below: when local
      templates used instead of nat'l --
      nat'l is copied and the extra flds
16266 that staff felt necessary are added Portland, OR
16267 Limit anesth rpt to supervisor           Portland, OR

16268 add fld and xtra chck (SROADOC1) Portland, OR

16269 Allow user view file attrib any file Portland, OR
      Add sex and age to attending surg.
16270 Rpt                                  Portland, OR

16271 check for 0 node                         Portland, OR

      change Q statement in attending
16272 surg rpt                                 Portland, OR
      Surgery Cancellation Report
      change Q statement in cancel rpt,
16273 enter commnts                            Portland, OR
      Calls local rtn various areas
16274 (SRZMENU                                 Portland, OR

        Call local rtn in SRONEW, chg nat'l
16275   templates to local                     Portland, OR
        List PACU nurse on rpt (local fld in
16276   file 130                               Portland, OR
        2 local checks for 'good' date in
16277   SROP                                   Portland, OR
        Tell user case already scheduled,
        verify they want to continue (local
16278   in SROPER)                             Portland, OR

16279 change Q in list op rtn (SROPLIST        Portland, OR

16280 2 calls to local rtn SRZPLSTS            Portland, OR

      Go to local rtn SRZOPREQ from
16281 SROPREQ                                  Portland, OR
      In SROREQ1, display req post-op
16283 care                                     Portland, OR

16284 In SRORESV, chk for or rm entered Portland, OR
      In SROSCH1, go to local version of
16285 rtn                                   Portland, OR
      In rtn SROSCH2, call local version of
16286 rtn                                   Portland, OR

16287 In SROXAOP set up 'b' cross-ref          Portland, OR
      In rtn SRSCAN add $G and chg =""
16288 to <                                    Portland, OR

      In rtn SRSCAN0 'chg field in
16289 template frm 1.099 to local 648057      Portland, OR
      In rtn SRSCD 5 local mods involving
      hdrs, local set, form feed, and
16290 display                                 Portland, OR
      In rtn SRSCHCC, chg nat'l fld to
16291 local 'req' person                      Portland, OR
      Note local rtn SRZUTLC,
16292 from various SR* rtns                   Portland, OR

      In SRSCHD2 call 2 local rtns to save
16293 who/by into local flds & disp info Portland, OR

      In SRSCHUN, call local SRZUTL to
      stuff data into local flds & there is
16294 another chg from nat'l fld to local     Portland, OR

      In SRSCHUN1 chg nat'l templt to
16295 local & call local rtn SRZUTLD          Portland, OR

      In SRSCHUP, local chg for Q and
16296 comment out code to allow update Portland, OR
      In SRSDIS, local mod 'use local srug
16297 spec on display'                     Portland, OR

16298 In SRSKILL2, kill local variables Portland, OR
      In SRSRBS & SRSRBS1, note 'format
16299 45 to 50'                         Portland, OR
      In SRSREQUT, chk for variable
16300 definitition                      Portland, OR

16301 In SRSRQST, three local mods          Portland, OR
      In SRSRQST1,2 places call local
      template & not nat'l, 1 call to local
16302 rtn SRZUTLD                           Portland, OR

      In SRSUP1, 2 locals: 1 $G added
16303 and local template instead of nat'l Portland, OR
      In SRSUP2: added $D on "SS" node
16304 & change Q                          Portland, OR
      In SROSPL, chgd so get attending
16305 and not surgeon                     Portland, OR
      In SRSCAN0, chg from nat'l fld to
16306 local                                Portland, OR

      Noted for rtn SRSCAN0 but is fld
16307 input transform (fld .14 and .164)   Portland, OR

      VISN20 purchase - 3M software
16308 dealing with "Mill Bill"             Portland, OR

16309 Vitals/Measurements (GMRV)           Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16310 TIURS mod #1                         Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16311 TIUVSIT mod #1                       Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16312 TIULAPIC mod #1                      Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16313 TIULD mod #1                         Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16314 TIULQ mod #1                         Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16315 TIUPP3 mod #1, 2 & 3                 Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16316 TIUPP3 mod #4 & 5                    Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16317 TIUPRPN2 mod #1 & 2                  Portland, OR

      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16318 TIUR1 mod #1                         Portland, OR

      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16319 TIURM1 mod #1                        Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16320 TIUSRVLO mod #1                      Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16321 TIUSRVR1 mod #1                    Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16322 TIUSRVR2 mod #1, 2 & 3             Portland, OR
      Text Integration Utility (TIU) -
16323 TIUR2 mod #1                       Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16324 Reporting (OERR) - ORB3TIM2        Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16325 Reporting (OERR) - ORCSAVE2        Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16326 Reporting (OERR) - ORPR00          Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORPRF mod #1,
16327 2 & 3                              Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16328 Reporting (OERR) - ORQ1            Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16329 Reporting (OERR) - ORQ11           Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16330 Reporting (OERR) - ORQ12           Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16331 Reporting (OERR) - ORQPT2          Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16332 Reporting (OERR) - ORQPTQ1         Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORQQVI1 -
16333 mod #1, 2 & 3                      Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16334 Reporting (OERR) - ORUTL           Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORWCV - mod
16335 #1 & 2                             Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORWD1 - mods
16336 # 1-5                              Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16337 Reporting (OERR) - ORWDPS3         Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORWORB -
16338 mods # 1-7                         Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16340 Reporting (OERR) - ORWPCE3         Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16341 Reporting (OERR) - ORWPS           Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16342 Reporting (OERR) - ORWPS1          Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16343 Reporting (OERR) - ORWRP1        Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORWPT1 -
16344 mods #1-6                        Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORWU - mods
16345 # 1-3                            Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16346 Reporting (OERR) - ORWUL         Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16347 Reporting (OERR) - ORWU1         Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16348 Reporting (OERR) - ORTASKX       Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16349 Reporting (OERR) - ORPR02        Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16350 Reporting (OERR) - ORPRS04       Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16351 Reporting (OERR) - ORWORR        Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16352 Reporting (OERR) - ORCSEND1      Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
      Reporting (OERR) - ORWPT1 -
16353 mods #1-6                        Portland, OR
      CPRS / Order Entry Results
16354 Reporting (OERR) - ORWD2         Portland, OR
      MailMan (XM) - XMC1 , XMLTCP &
16355 XMLZUTL                          Portland, OR

16356 MailMan (XM) - XMJMT             Portland, OR

16357 MailMan (XM) - XMLSWP0           Portland, OR

16358 MailMan (XM) - XMP               Portland, OR
      Health Summary (GMTS) GMTSDA
16359 & GMTSLRME                       Portland, OR
      Health Summary (GMTS)
16360 GMTSADHC                         Portland, OR
      Health Summary (GMTS)
16361 GMTSDGA2                         Portland, OR
      Health Summary (GMTS)
16362 GMTSMCPS                         Portland, OR

16363 Lab-women's health link          Portland, Or
16364 APU NH MTH PAID CIV HOSP           Portland, Or

16365 Equipment Inventory location audit Portland, Or

16366 Equipment Inventory date audit     Portland, Or

16367 APECAP                             Portland, Or

16368 Added APE node to C&P routines     Portland, Or
      Comp and Pen
16369 Local mod in DVBCPRNT              Portland, Or

16370 Display PID box                    Portland, Or

16371 TOGET^APECAP                       Portland, Or

16372 DVBCUTL4 loop thru 'PE'            Portland, Or

16373 APU CODE SHEET STATUS EDIT         Portland, Or

16374 APU PRC RR PROC'D BY FISCAL        Portland, Or

16375 APU PRC PO STATUS EDIT             Portland, Or

16376 APU PRCZ MOP EDIT                  Portland, Or

16377 ACKQCP                             Portland, Or

16378 QAPCST                             Portland, Or

16379 QAPED mod 1                        Portland, Or

16380 QAPED mod 2                        Portland, Or

16381 LA7DVC                             Portland, OR

16382 LRZ_TAT_XMICRO                     Portland, OR

16383 LR7OR3                             Portland, OR

16384 LRGEN                              Portland, OR
16385 LRMIBL     Portland, OR

16386 LRPHEXPT   Portland, OR

16387 LRPHSET2   Portland, OR

16388 LRSTUF2    Portland, OR

16389 LRWD       Portland, OR

16390 LRAP       Portland, OR

16391 LRUMDP     Portland, OR

16392 LRWRKIN1   Portland, OR

16393 LRGEN1     Portland, OR

16394 LRUMD      Portland, OR

16395 LRUMDS     Portland, OR

16396 LRACS      Portland, OR

16397 LRUMDM     Portland, OR

16398 LRBARB     Portland, OR

16399 LRAPD1     Portland, OR

16400 LRAPDSR    Portland, OR

16401 LRRS       Portland, OR

16402 LRAPMRL    Portland, OR

16403 LRAC1      Portland, OR
16404 LRLL1A         Portland, OR

16405 LRLTR          Portland, OR

16406 LRMIBUG        Portland, OR

16407 LRMINEW2       Portland, OR

16408 LRPHSET        Portland, OR

16409 LRUTW          Portland, OR

16410 LRRP1          Portland, OR

16411 LRRP2          Portland, OR

16412 LRLL & LRLL1   Portland, OR

16413 LRCENDE1       Portland, OR

16414 LROE           Portland, OR

16415 LROE1          Portland, OR

16416 LRORD          Portland, OR

16417 LRORD2A        Portland, OR

16418 LROW           Portland, OR
16419 LROW1                   Portland, OR

16420 LROW2A                  Portland, OR

16421 LRPHITE1                Portland, OR

16422 LRVER3A                 Portland, OR

16423 LRWLST                  Portland, OR

16424 LRCE                    Portland, OR

16425 LRARCHK                 Portland, OR

16426 LRVER4; LRVR5; LRVER5   Portland, OR

16427 LRVR1                   Portland, OR

16428 LRVR3                   Portland, OR

16429 LRWU                    Portland, OR

16430 LRGVP                   Portland, OR

16431 LRVER2                  Portland, OR

16432 LRAP                    Portland, OR

16433 LRAPBK                  Portland, OR

16434 LRAPCUM                 Portland, OR

16435 LRAPD                   Portland, OR

16436 LRAPDA                  Portland, OR

16437 LRAPLG1                 Portland, OR

16438 LRAPV                   Portland, OR
16439 LRAUAW     Portland, OR

16440 LRAURPT    Portland, OR

16441 LRSPRPT    Portland, OR

16442 LRSPRPT2   Portland, OR

16443 LRWLST     Portland, OR

16444 LRAR01     Portland, OR

16445 LRAC6      Portland, OR

16446 LRAPF      Portland, OR

16447 LRMIEDZ3   Portland, OR

16448 LRMIPC     Portland, OR

16449 LRMIPSU    Portland, OR

16450 LRMIPSZ2   Portland, OR

16451 LRMIPSZ5   Portland, OR

16452 LRORD1     Portland, OR

16453 LRORD2     Portland, OR

16454 LRORDD     Portland, OR

16455 LROS       Portland, OR

16456 LROW2      Portland, OR

16457 LROW5      Portland, OR

16458 LRPHLIST   Portland, OR
16459 LRRP1                            Portland, OR

16460 LRWU1                            Portland, OR

16461 LRX                              Portland, OR

16462 LRACS                            Portland, OR

16463 MCARP                            Portland, OR

16464 MCARPS2                          Portland, OR

16465 Pre-Cert for Scheduled Outpatient Puget Sound HCS

16469 Device Line Tracking             Puget Sound HCS

16470 Clinic Recall - V20              Puget Sound HCS

      Upload from VistA New Person File
      to COTS Help Desk application and
16475 database using Cache Objects      Puget Sound HCS
      List Appointment Patients with
16476 Glucose Meters                      Puget Sound HCS

16480 Electronic Loan Form (ELF)          Puget Sound HCS

16481 Clothing Room Inventory System      Puget Sound HCS

      Marrow Transplant Unit lab
16482 summary                             Puget Sound HCS

16484 Clostridium difficile data extraction Puget Sound HCS

16486 Microbiology Work Cards             Puget Sound HCS

16490 Tiu Reporting tool                  Puget Sound HCS

16491 IFCAP Daily Review option           Puget Sound HCS

16492 BCMA GUI Reports                    Puget Sound HCS

16495 IP Orders Bingo                     Puget Sound HCS

      Pharmacy 2000 - Outpatient
16501 Robotics (ILC/McKesson)             Puget Sound HCS

16503 Robot-Rx and AcuDose                Puget Sound HCS

16506 Non-Vested Patients by Date Range Puget Sound HCS

16507 Non-Vested by Incorrect Provider    Puget Sound HCS

16516 Prepack Unit Dose Labels            Puget Sound HCS
16518 LABEL                           Puget Sound HCS
16519 CONTROL                         Puget Sound HCS

16521 TRAVEL LOG                      Puget Sound HCS

16525 Visn 20 Drug Inquiry            White City OR

16526 CMI MH Manger                   White City OR

      Finding Appointments - OPTION   Eastern Colorado
16528 AHAZZNXTPT                      HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16529 Option AHJZCPAY                 HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16530 Pharmacy Patient Extract        HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16531 Option DGPTZTRL                 HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16532 Option IBZOA31                  HCS (Denver)
                                      Eastern Colorado
16533 Option FBZPAY                   HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16534 Option IBZPREG                  HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16535 Option IBZPIB                   HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16536 Anticoag Package                HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16537 Appointments - AHACNP           HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16538 Local phone directoy            HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16539 PAID DATA EXTRACT               HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16540 PROBLEM LIST                    HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16541 Intro bulletin edit             HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16542 EEG reporting system            HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16543 Find Printers in parameters     HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16544 Inpatient scheduling program    HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16545 Preliminary Report for PFT      HCS (Denver)

      Physician Document Completion   Eastern Colorado
16546 Report                          HCS (Denver)

                                      Eastern Colorado
16547 Vascular Lab Report             HCS (Denver)
                                       Eastern Colorado
16548 LOCAL ROUTING SHEET              HCS (Denver)

      Local Routing Sheet with         Eastern Colorado
16549 Medication Reconciliation List   HCS (Denver)

                                       Eastern Colorado
16550 AHWAIT LIST STATISTICS           HCS (Denver)

      AHWAIT LIST STATISTICS >6        Eastern Colorado
16551 MONTHS                           HCS (Denver)

      PTS WITH VISITS TO ONLY ONE      Eastern Colorado
16552 STOP CODE                        HCS (Denver)

                                       Grand Junction,
16553 HAIG Diabetes                    CO

                                       Grand Junction,
16555 Travel                           CO

                                       Grand Junction,
16559 Patient Count                    CO
                                Grand Junction,
16560 TQI Motivational          CO

                                Grand Junction,
16562 Waiting List              CO

                                Grand Junction,
16563 Kill DISV/DOSV NODES      CO

                                Grand Junction,
                                 Grand Junction,
16567 IPEC Rebuild Lab Data      CO

      PRINT A DRUG INSTRUCTION   Grand Junction,
16570 SHEET                      CO

                                 Grand Junction,
16575 Equipment Inventory        CO

                                 Grand Junction,
16578 REIMBURSE HMO              CO
                                       Grand Junction,
16582 LOCAL ICNs                       CO

                                       Grand Junction,
16583 PTS W/O GENDER FIELD             CO

                                       Grand Junction,
16584 Flag Category for Collection     CO

                                       Grand Junction,
16585 Modified Billing lag time rept   CO

                                       Grand Junction,
16586 Claims Tracking WORKLOAD/MAS     CO

                                       Grand Junction,
16588 Quick Review Coding Status       CO
                                          Grand Junction,
16589 Adverse Drug Reaction Totals        CO

                                          Grand Junction,
16590 Diabetes - HAIG Lab Tests Extract   CO

                                          Grand Junction,
16591 AMIS Report                         CO

      BCMA Med Admin History              Grand Junction,
16592 Contingency                         CO
                                Grand Junction,
16593 Clinic Bingo Board        CO

                                Grand Junction,
16595 Diabetes Mellitus/HBA1C   CO
                                     Grand Junction,
16598 Generate CPRS Monitor Web Data CO
              Grand Junction,
16601 VCALC   CO
                                          Grand Junction,
16604 3M Encoder Product                  CO
      Report of patients with 5 leading
16610 0's and no ZZ                       Salt Lake City, UT
      Report employees with
16621 outstanding co-pay debt             Salt Lake City, UT
      Spot check on Purchase Card
16624 Reconciliations                     Salt Lake City, UT

16632 24 hour report                      Sheridan

16633 Pre-packaging labels                Sheridan

16634 Display Pay Period Earnings         Sheridan

16635 Compliance Officer Audit Menu       Sheridan

16636 Tasked Appointment Lists            Sheridan

16637 Lab Review by Date Range            Sheridan
16638 Tasked router print                 Sheridan
16639 SC Tasked Report                    Sheridan

16640 Work Order Cost Report              Sheridan

16641 Homeless Program Reports            Sheridan
16642 VISN 19 Data Warehouse              Sheridan

16643 Patient Roster Whiteboard           Fresno, CA

16644 Pharmacy Bingo Board Driver         Honolulu, HI

16645 BCMA MAR Contingency System         Honolulu, HI

16646 Blaster Wristband Printer Driver    Honolulu, HI

      Fee Basis Consult Alerts by PCP
16647 Provider                            Honolulu, HI

16648 IB Universal Claim Forms for HMSA Honolulu, HI

16649 Local Modifications Finder (KIDS)   Honolulu, HI
      User Account Letter (Generate
16650 Windows Username)                   Honolulu, HI
16651 Resource Slots Monitor              California HCS

16652 VistA Imaging Monitor               California HCS

16653 EQUIPMENT LABEL                     PALO ALTO HCS

16654 XRAD                                Palo Alto HCS

16655 PICIS                                Palo Alto HCS
      Auto load repetitive item lists into
16656 IFCAP                                San Francisco, CA
      Interface secondary Omnicells with
16657 GIP                                  San Francisco, CA

      Inventory Tracking at Point of
16658 Deployment                          San Francisco, CA
      Inventory Tracking at Point of
      Deployment Interface with
16659 Ames/Mers                           San Francisco, CA

16660 Means Test Letter Tracking          San Francisco, CA

      Medication Reconciliation
16661 Questionnaires                      San Francisco, CA

      Migration Tools for Regional
16662 Storage System                      San Francisco, CA

      New Unit Dose Label Format for
16663 Zebra Printers                      San Francisco, CA

16664 Physician Verification Report       San Francisco, CA
      Research: Lab data extract for
16665 Art Wallace                        San Francisco, CA

      Set Default Inpatient Pharmacy
16666 Unit Printer                       San Francisco, CA

16667 BMI Statistics for Patients        San Francisco, CA

16668 CSP Electronic Signature Editor    San Francisco, CA

16669 CPRS Team List Edit Restrictions   San Francisco, CA
      CPRS Cover Sheet Electronic Wait
16670 List                               San Francisco, CA
      Daily, Positive HIV Antibody Lab
16671 Test Report                        San Francisco, CA

16672 Discharge Appointment Tracking     San Francisco, CA

16673 Appointments - eLogBook            San Francisco, CA

16674 End of Shift Report                San Francisco, CA

16675 Generic Orders TIU Object          San Francisco, CA

16676 Historical Patient Roster          San Francisco, CA

16677 Holiday Alert                      San Francisco, CA

16678 Hoptel (VistA/CSP)                 San Francisco, CA

16679 New Employee Daily Email           San Francisco, CA

16680 New Employee Requirements          San Francisco, CA

16681 Out of Bounds GFR Scanner          San Francisco, CA
      Post Hoc Consult/Closure Note
16682 Associate Tool                       San Francisco, CA
      Research: Data extract for
16683 Robert Stamper                       San Francisco, CA
      Research: Data extract for
16684 Maria Wei                            San Francisco, CA

16685 Significant Weight Change Scanner San Francisco, CA

16686 SignOut                              San Francisco, CA

16687 Show/Edit Resource Device Tasks      San Francisco, CA

16688 TIU Patient Notification Letters     San Francisco, CA

16689 User Login Enable/Disable            San Francisco, CA

      VA FileMan XML Extract and DD to
16690 Schema Builder                   San Francisco, CA

16691 VistA HFS Manager                    San Francisco, CA
      Welch Allyn Vitals Interface
16692 to VistA                             San Francisco, CA

16693 Cognitive Vendor Printer Update      San Francisco, CA

16694 Critical Business Info Audit Trail   San Francisco, CA

16695 Dental Service Tissue Tracking       San Francisco, CA

16696 Heart and Soul Study                 San Francisco, CA
      Scheduled Appointments and
16697 Insurance Coverage                   San Francisco, CA
      Social Work Team caseload by
16698 range of dates                      San Francisco, CA

16700 Zebra Lab Label Printer Update      San Francisco, CA

16701 Combat Veteran Report               San Francisco, CA

16702 QI Incident Reporting System        San Francisco, CA

16705 BMI Assessments                     San Francisco, CA

16706 CHF Patients on Diuretics           San Francisco, CA

      Clinical Reminders Reports and
16707 Tools                               San Francisco, CA

16710 OEF/OIF Veterans statistics         San Francisco, CA

      On-time Starts (of Surgical
16711 Procedures)                         San Francisco, CA
      Parkinson's Disease patients with
16712 ICD-9 of 332.0                      San Francisco, CA
      Primary Care for Mental Health
16713 Patients                            San Francisco, CA

16714 Suicide Risk Assessments            San Francisco, CA

16715 Unvested Psych Patients             San Francisco, CA

16716 VERA Data Validation                San Francisco, CA

16717 Vestment Utilities v.4.1            San Francisco, CA
16718 Victory Programming Environment Reno, NV

16719 BCMA Backup                        Reno, NV

16720 CPRS Backup                        Reno, NV

16721 Omicel                             Reno, NV

16722 Pyxis                              Reno, NV

16723 Picis                              Reno, NV

16724 Baker 2000                         Reno, NV

16725 Adds                               Reno, NV
      Patient Reminder mail out card
16726 ssytem                             Reno, NV

16727 VISN21 Wall to Wall IT Inventory   Reno, NV

16728 ALTZ GET TEXT FROM SPOOLER         Loma Linda, CA


16730 ALT3ZMASIPATIENT INQUIRY           Loma Linda, CA


16732 R1AC POSTCARD MENU                 Loma Linda, CA

16733 DGPREZ INFO UPDATE                 Loma Linda, CA

16734 ALS9 PROS OPEN PURCH MENU          Loma Linda, CA
16735 Employee Record Screen             Loma Linda, CA

16736 Equipment Inventory                Loma Linda, CA

16737 Patient Insurance Verification     Loma Linda, CA

16738 VISN22 NBC PO FTP OPTION           Loma Linda, CA

16739 LOCATION                           Loma Linda, CA

16740 RSI Data Extract                   Loma Linda, CA

16741 ALSI ITS PACKAGE SUPPORT           Loma Linda, CA

16742 Pulmonary CP Reporting Interface   Loma Linda, CA

17922 MAGVIEW                            Las Vegas

17923 MHTP-DSS                           Las Vegas

17924 AUDIOCARE                          Las Vegas

17925 Error Trap Checker                 Phoenix, AZ
                                                                                           Technology /
                                Short Description
This application supports Business Intellegence and Adhoc reporting of Performance
Measure and Veteran Satisfaction data.                                             ASP

                                                                                     Java, JavaScript, SQL,
Tracks Electrophysiology Clinic patient and device data.                             Web services
Application stores and tracks ORO Regulatory Compliance Cases, Routine Reviews,
Adverse Event Monitoring, and other ORO compliance activities. Use is limited to
the 3Health Provider Systems staff of ORO Cental and Regional Offices. Developed
2002-2003.                                                                           SQL

Delphi application with VistA sign-on which enables user to enter QI Incident of
category: Falls, Med Error, Missing Person, Parasuicide, or Other. Questions asked
are in compliance with Appendix C, VHA HANDBOOK Health Provider
Systems050.Health Provider Systems

User posting may be done anonymously. Upon submission, a View Alert is triggered
to one or more individuals as defined in a parameters file. Data stored in two VistA M, Delphi
files. There is a separate Delphi executable that uploads QI Events according to a   M
specified date range into an Excel Spreadsheet.                                      Delphi
We have the following Health Summary Emergency Backups which run on the M
side, are written to VMS files, are zipped with password protection & ftp'd to
designated clinical work stations. Upon a system crash users can access data thru a
Delphi application on certain PCs, using a soft password. Information can be viewed
thru GUI application or printed to a slaved printer on Emergency Med Centr Power.

Backups currently in use include:

Outpatient data for patients seen in last 3 years - updates weekly

Inpatient data for all current inpatients - updates nightly

Lab data for scheduled Lab Appts - updates nightly

Individual backups for each CBOC - runs weekly                                        M, Delphi, C++, DCL,
                                                                                      batch file on ftp
COTS program used to extract local Vista files to SQL Server tables                   Vendor application

Room scheduling software                                                              M

Report used to track compliance issues                                                M
The VANOD VistA Data Extractor (V-VDE) was developed for the VA Nursing
Outcomes Database Program. It is Class III software that extracts data from VistA
for the seven indicators that VANOD is collecting. Participating VA medical centers
install the V-VDE                                                                     M, Delphi

Utilizes a local file to track employee TB tests, asbestos tests and physicals.    M
Allows VHAGLA users to request NT and/or Exchange accounts, which then gets
processed by the responsible person(s).                                            .NET
Used for statistical tracking of Research projects. CPT codes, and other related
impact dated are inputted over the course of a Research project. Such data is then
used to recover costs involved.                                                    Cold Fusion
Used internally by the dual-diagnostic day treatment program for statistical
tracking, case load tracking, lunch lists.

Main menu for the E&M software.                                                       M

Software for vesting patients and for tracking of patient vestment status.            M

Board and Care placement tracking. Was originally known as the 'Hots Database,'
contained within Access. It has been improved as full Web/SQL application             Cold Fusion

Intranet caregiver resource directory.                                                Cold Fusion
Document management system allows users to upload and search for documents.

Prints the morning AOD Report for each shift selected for all patients

seen in the emergency room. The narrative option allows ENTER/EDIT of the
narrtive portion of the AOD Report. The narrative is stored in a local FileMan file.   M
Allows CACs and other clinical support/CPRS coodinators to maintain a FAQ for
VHAGLAHS staff to access.                                                              Cold Fusion
Intranet online application for GRECC staff to update, which contains resource
information for seniors.                                                               Cold Fusion

Used for staff to request statistical information and to track its progress.           Cold Fusion

Used to track the Goal Sharing employee incentive program.

Teams enter their submissions and progress in a web form. Over the year, the
teams and committee can track each teams progress, all the way through the
earning of any awards at the end of the Goal Sharing Award period.                     Cold Fusion
Allows individual to sign-up for classes in the IRM training room, while also allowing
instructors to reserve space.

We have several versions of this calendar on our intranet for other training
rooms/courses, but they all use the same basic application.                            Cold Fusion
Allows for statistical collection and retrieval of sedation procedure information.
Such information is often requested by JCAHO, thus it's important for us to have
this information in an online format.                                                  Cold Fusion

HOLIDAYS. The medication list is reviewed with the patient ensuring that all
medications are correct and current. Patients are asked to add any medications or
over the counter remedies they are using. List of options included in this


Routine compares the clinic name in the 'AOK' x-reference of file 632218,with the
clinic name in the Hospital Location file #44. It the clinic name has changes in file
#44, the routine changes the clinic name in the localfile, updating the 'AOK' x-
reference. A mail message is sent to the AOK REINDEX mail group, informing them
of the changes made. No action need betaken.


Enter Clinics for Active RX Profiles Enter the clinic name and printer where the
active RX list will print for each patient with a clinic appointment.


A nightly job is queued to print patient profiles/active RX's for selected clinic       M

Software used to submit and evaluate a suggestion.                                      M

SELECTION                                                           M

Shows open and / or not acted upon Respiratory Orders                                M
The ACA (Advanced Clinic Access) Monitor is designed to automate some of the
otherwise manual data collection efforts that most VA medical centers have
introduced for the purpose of achieving ACA goals. That’s how it started here at the
San Francisco VAMC.

Providers and facility managers were faced with the need to collect statistics to use
in evaluating clinic activity. So we developed a tool that measures delay to
appointment, backlog, supply and demand using VISTA derived information: the
ACA Monitor.                                                                          M
This option loops through the pre-registration call list file,

and flags patients with missing demographic data, health insurance data and means
test in need of updating. A letter prints for each flagged patient informing them of
missing data. A pre-printed form is included in the mailing, with data elements in
need of updating highlighted. The form can be brought to Central Intake for
speedier data entry. There is also an option to print a summary (worksheet).

Options Included in this functionality:


This option loops through the pre-registration call list file, and flags patients with
missing demographic data, health insurance data and means test in need of
updating. A letter prints for each flagged patient informing them of what data is
missing. A sheet to fill out the missing data is included. This sheet can be brought to
the Central Intake for speedier updating.



This option asks for a date range and will count the number of Central Intake letters
that were printed for each day of the time period specified, and give a total count.
This is a statistic report.




MODIFIED PSDEA41 RTN for CS Inspectors

;CHANGED PSJ RPHARM KEY TO ANTPS CS KEY                                                   M

To chart PRN effectiveness via VistA
ANTPSTMA ;ANTPSADD with temporary addresses only
     ;3/3/03 LJA
     ;originally copied from PSOADDR
     ;;7.0;OUTPATIENT PHARMACY;**127**;DEC 1997
     ;External reference to ^DIA supported by DBIA 2602                                   M
Multiple options to view all appts with or without PCE data and Future appts

Enter appointment start/stop date, Means Test Eligibility, Print by TERMINAL DIGIT?

Prints out lots of different billing type data

Special menu for the Inspector General office for variousl reports.                      M

local program to list patients enrolled in clinic but no appt since a certain date

This program assists the Mental Health Department in identifying patients who are
newly diagnosed with depression and need to be followed with care.                M

Options that run via taskman. Both generate a health summary depending on if
they are an inpatient or coming in as an outpatient. The routine runs prior to MN
fort+1 and searches the wards and clinics. The data is sent to VMS and FTP'd to a
server. All workstations have the shortcut to the server for each contingency in the
event of a VistA downtime. At 4am, the data is pushed to approximately 20
workstations harddrive in the event of a network outage.                             M

Multiple options to print each team list 3 times per day. Looks like a copy of a class
i routine that was modified to look for a specific team list.

ANUMT5 ; slc/CLA - Report formatter for patient lists ;7/3/97 08:28

      ;;2.5;ORDER ENTRY/RESULTS REPORTING;**24,56**;Jan 08, 1993

INQ    ;called by option ORLP EXAMINE/PRINT - Inquire to review/print lists              M

The SUD Case Finder is Class III software developed by VISN 16 to assist the Mental
Health Line in identifying substance abuse patients entering new treatment who
should maintain continuous treatment for at least 90 days.                          M

Automatically process refills from the MAF - copied the class i option and made it
work via taskman                                                                         M

No refills via maf and rx's filled by MAF                                                M
NUMBER: 15915                   NAME: ZZPS LOCAL VIEW DRUG


 TYPE: run routine            CREATOR: DEVLIN,VITALIA M

 ROUTINE: ZZPSVW                                                                      M
NUMBER: 16664                   NAME: ZZPSX CMOP LOOKUP

 MENU TEXT: LOOKUP OF CMOP DRUGS             TYPE: run routine


DESCRIPTION: Routine supplied by Robert Woolfolk,CMOP for lookup of CMOP
drugs by ID, VA Product Name, or NDC; 1/14/99 - LJA.

 ROUTINE: ZZNDF                                                                       M
Medical Centers use the Web site to track prescriptions sent to the Patients. Local
staff uses to track the Automated Prescription Process.                               SQL, ASPX
Windows Base application used to capture images of prescription drugs so
pharmacist have a QA refrence while filling prescriptions                             .NET

The Class III Contingency system sends inpatient and outpatient contingency data
for CPRS and BCMA to selected Contingency PCs throughout the hospital. If the
VISTA system or network fails the patient contingency data can be accessed by
authorized users. The contingency system pulls data from VISTA, sends to a
windows server which then pushes out to the contingency PCs.                          M

This option auto-generates a code 5 report for Radiology , and sends it to the Code
5 mail group. Code 5 bulletins sent Saturday through Thursday use parameters 'All
Code 5's not yet Printed=NO', and a date range of 11/1/05 through today. Bulletins
that are sent on Fridays use 'All code 4's not Printed=YES', and a date range of T-30
through today as its parameters.                                                      M

This software package was developed to allow the Medical Media department an
electronic means of tracking equipment that it loans to users in the Medical Center.
These features include reservations, cancellations, users who are delinquent in
returning equipment and historical data on equipment.                                M
NUMBER: 16866                  NAME: LRZZFAST
 TYPE: run routine            CREATOR: ALSUP,LINDA JO
 DESCRIPTION: This option bypasses normal ordering, accessioning, and data entry.
Only those tests in the MUANCILLARY accession area can be selected; created
9/8/00 for Mboro nursing use - LJA. note: edited 9/16/04 for use by both inpt
divisions for POC testing.
 ROUTINE: ANTLRFST                                                                  M
Custom M code written locally by CCDOR programmers to extract data for IRB
approved research studies. Code is tested on the VISTA mirror account, and is
forwarded to designated IRM programmers on and/or off site (per study protocols)
to run on production. Resulting data are returned directly to a secure CCDOR server
via the VA intranet.                                                                M

Web based applications developed by CCDOR programmers to collect primary data
per requirements of IRB approved research studies. Data reside on secure CCDOR SQL, HTML,ASP, Java
servers and/or Web Ops servers.                                                Script

Local applications developed by CCDOR programmers to collect, process and clean
primary and/or administrative data per requirements of IRB approved research
studies. Data reside on secure CCDOR servers.                                          VB,Access, SQL

Custom SAS code developed by CCDOR programmers and data managers to extract
administrative data per requirements of IRB approved research studies. Extracted
data reside on secure CCDOR servers.                                                    SAS
Delphi application to allow OR nursing staff to enter all intraoperative surgical
observations and data. Process is similar to existing surgery Vista options and data is
stored in surgery package. Completed operations can be reviewed and
electronically signed.                                                                  Delphi

The Medical Media Work Order Entry Package is a set of locally created programs
and files which allow for the entry and tracking of all Medical Media work requests.
It also provides several administrative reports for medical center use. Creates a
simple process for entering a new work request. Allows for the technician to input
the final data and close out the work request. Provides a variety of management
reports for local use, including AMIS (Automated Management Information System)
reports, cost center reports, a listing of all open (incomplete) work requests,
research work requests, and a listing of completed work requests.                    M
The Proficiency Rating Tracking Software is used to track the completion of ratings
for Title 38 employees. The software generates 90, 60, 30, and 14 day notifications
to service chiefs and care line managers. The software generates various reports
including overdue lists, proficiency date changes, and employees missing a
proficiency date.                                                                   M
Delphi gui for scheduling beds for overnight patient stays prior to an appointment
or procedure.                                                                       Delphi

Prints a list of bill, sorted by Clinic, Service or Provider, with charges for each bill,
and receivables for the bill.

The data is being pulled from the BILL/CLAIMS file #399. The

routine searches the file for bills within the date range, and pulls the bill number,
patient name, bill classification and status. Only outpatients with procedures and a
status of '4' FOR PRNT/TX are pulled. The Clinic and Providers are pulled form the
'associated clinic' and provider' fields in the 'procedures' subfile. Charges are pulled
from the 'total' field in the 'revenue code' subfile'.

An Accounts Receivable component was added to the routine. A column for AR foR
each bill, and total was added. The Debtor field (Insurance information) was added
to print for each bill.                                                            M

The Loaner Laptop-PC Tracking System maintains information about the items made
available for loan by the Dayton IRMS to staff members at their facility. Data is
stored describing currently-loaned items as well as reservations for future loans.
Items taken out of service for maintenance are also tracked. Completed loan and
maintenance transactions are recorded in an archive file. Various reports may be
generated from data in the scheduling or the archive files.                        M
 This software allows the Quality Management Service Utilization Reviewers to
collect and store Utilization Review data and to forward review information to
appropriate medical staff.                                                         M, Access
Gathers patient demographic data and sends it to the VISN 11 Pharmacy team to
update their VISN 11 database.                                                     M
Report was created to measure VISN 3 performance guidlines regarding Clinic
Cancellations (CM ACHA-01)

Sort by date range, and stop code or clinic, and number of

days before the clinic appointment that the clinic was canceled. Ex: number of
days > (30). The routine will search for clinics that were 'cancelled by clinic with less
than 30 days notice given. Total number of clinic appointment will be counted for
each clinic, and total cancellations meeting the criteria will be added for each clinic
and divided to get the percentage of cancelled appointments that were not
cancelled timely.                                                                         M
The IRM Staffing File was established to automate the scheduling of many of the
repetitive system maintenance tasks performed by IRM. Currently, the IRM Staffing
File handles scheduling of VistA Cluster Standalone backups, server updates during
VistA Cluster Standalone backups, Windows server and VistA Tapechecks, Training
Surveys, IRM Inservice Instructors, IRM Staff covering the Front Desk each week,
the IRM programmer with extra duties for the current month and the IRM Staffer
on call for the month.                                                             M

This application allows IRM on-call Staff to enter information regarding trouble calls
received after-hours. A mail message is generated to the timekeeper as well as
other staff members for possible follow-up. The information is also stored in a
fileman database for management reports and statistics.                                M, Delphi

NUMBER: 15703                   NAME: ZZ ROOM-BED LIST



 ENTRY ACTION: W !!,*7,"*** CALL EX 3664 OR 3665 IF YOU ENCOUNTER AN                  M

Add a "5 Years Back" selection to the date range on the CPRS reports tab              M


CPRS Add Attending Info                                                               M

CPRS Add Start Date to Screen                                                         M

CPRS Alert Urgency D/C (Discontinue Medication) Summ                                  M

CPRS Alert on Order Release                                                           M

CPRS Autolink Team Alerts                                                             M

CPRS Blood Bank Warning Message                                                       M

body mass index for CPRS                                                              M

Sends a email bulletin when orders are unflagged.                                     M

CPRS Change Discharge Copy                                                            M

CPRS Chart & Work Copies                                                              M
CPRS Clozipine Labs - Lab test is already ANC, so calculated ANC is commented out. M

Changes the default response and the wording of the delay release question.           M

Used to facilitate the simultaneous printing of a second copy of chart orders      M
A local software allows AOD (Administrator Officer of the Day) to Check in/out and
log the daily entries by the shifts.                                               M

CPRS Electronic Wait List                                                             M

Adds a custom message for expiring alerts (ListMan CPRS)                              M

CPRS Expiring Lab Alert                                                               M
This software takes care of the Animal Research, Accounts Receivable, Accounts
Payable, all Supply Items, Inventory, ACORPS, tracks all animals, maintains the
education and training for all of the animal research employees, and handles all
qualification f

CPRS Flag for NHCU to OR                                                              M

CPRS GUI Modifications                                                                M, Delphi

CPRS IDDM Alert                                                                       M

CPRS IV Amounts                                                                       M

Special printer codes for Intermec printers.                                          M
Do not prompt with a default value on Lab Collect collection type and allow up to
30 days for Lab Collect.                                                              M

Add additional counts to the cross check report: "Canceled in 69 but active in 100"
& "Active 'ZZ' set to lapsed" Also, added special checks for DCing active orders.     M

Display sample comments in bold for selected lab tests.                               M

CPRS Local Reports PLUG IN                                                            M

CPRS Lock Team Lists                                                                  M

Include lodger info in the order activity alerts                                      M

CPRS Methadone                                                                        M
DSS uses the surgery field OR CLEAN UP TIME to report certain workload units. This
field is computed, based on OR CLEAN START TIME and OR CLEAN END TIME data.
OR nurses usually only enter OR CLEAN END TIME (or nothing)
and use TIME PAT OUT OR as equivalent to the START TIME field. DSS data is
grossly inaccurate without both pieces of data.A trigger on TIME PAT OUT OR (a
required field) was added to automatically update OR CLEAN START TIME.             M

Calculate SR Estimated Case Length                                                    M
Generates alert for positive prostate biopsies to GU nursing group - POS PBxs
display final AP dx of adenocarcinoma or focal high-grade prostatic intraepithelial
neoplasia.                                                                            M

PAID Seperation Letter                                                                M

IFCAP Barcode Reader Upload                                                           M

Error Trap Variable Search                                                            M

Encounter Form XSRL3 Problems                                                         M

CPRS Warf/Enox Bulletins                                                              M

Add the time to the date in the headers of printed OERR reports                       M

CPRS Save D/C Orders                                                                  M

CPRS Pain Display                                                                     M

CPRS Print D/C Orders                                                                 M

CPRS Print Arrays                                                                     M

CPRS Printer Heads up for RX                                                          M

CPRS PRINT NOTICE                                                                     M

Add primary physician and related contact data to the Primary Care dialog box.        M

CPRS Prosthetics                                                                      M

CPRS Protocol 2 Dialog Convert                                                        M

CPRS Pt Address                                                                       M

CPRS Pulse Ox                                                                         M
CPRS Pt Select Demog Disp                                                              M

CRS PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER                                                              M


CPRS Nutrition Assessment Rpt                                                          M

CPRS Never DC NHCU-ASIH mvt                                                            M

CPRS Nature of Order Default to telephone                                              M
This software maintains the inventory of all keys in use by IRM personnel and their
designees.                                                                             M

This set of files, routines and options allows for electronic timekeeping for
Residents. There are a variety of options which allow for editing the resident
timecard information, printing the time card, entering/editing electronic signature
codes, adding new residents, changing resident status, lock/unlocking of timecards,
and electronic transmission to Fiscal Service for processing.

This software also sends a yearly reminder to the Resident Time card staff to review
and update the Resident/Fellowship file. The Fiscal application coordinator receives
the bulletin as well to follow up with the staff.                                    M

Modification to Leave Request options to generate messages to Supervisors when
request is cancelled, and to Employee when request is dis/approved.                    M
This was orginally developed in VISN 7 under AAHINBUL. This software is used to
assist with identiying outpatient procedures/visits that require prior authorization
from inusrance companies.                                                              M

This is a client/server application that facilitates tailored interventions in IRB-
approved health services studies (HSR&D). We made the application client/server
in order to avoid having to store any data on individual workstations.                 .NET, SQL

Option to provide employee with a brief overview of their earnings statement.          M
Web based utility for requesting computer access and menu keys for new                 JavaScript, SQL, .asp,
employees.                                                                             vbscript
NUMBER: 15683                   NAME: ZZ PNT ADM



LISTS ALL PATIENTS ADMITTED ON A SELECTED DAY                                          M
NUMBER: 15684                  NAME: ZZ PNT DIS



LISTS ALL PATIENTS DISCHARGED ON A SELECTED DAY                                      M
This is a service which runs on a Windows 2003 Server. It simply pulls de-identified
blood pressure readings from a home blood pressure monitor system provided by
Carematix, a VA approved Vendor.                                                     .NET, SQL, C#

NUMBER: 15752                  NAME: ZZ CENSUS

 MENU TEXT: WARD BED CENSUS             TYPE: run routine


Written in Perl. This utility allows the management of all Cisco devices. It uses a
web based front-end with both Net::Telnet::Cisco and Net::SSH::Perl perl modules.
The administator is able to create script and device files. By choosing the
appropriate script and device file combination or device file and typing the
commands into a text field the administrator can issue a single set of commands to
a list of devices.                                                                  , Perl

NUMBER: 7826                  NAME: ANU XUSERREL
 MENU TEXT: RELEASE A USER          TYPE: run routine
 ROUTINE: X8^ANUXUSMG                                                               M
AQD MHV 52.43 DIVISI Print file 52.43 entries EN^AQDMHV4
AQD MHV 52.43 PRINT Print All refill requests EN^AQDMHV2
AQD MHV ALPHA PRINT Print file 52.43 entries EN^AQDMHV
Allows ADPACs and Service Chiefs to request ADP equipment via a web based           JavaScript, SQL, .asp,
utility.                                                                            vbscript
OPTION LIST                                 JUN 14,2006 10:20 PAGE 1
NAME                      MENU TEXT                    ROUTINE

VEFSP P BATCH        Pyxis Batch Transmissions START^VEFSPBAT
VEFSP P CLEAR        Clear old queries from tr CLEAR^VEFSPSHO
VEFSP P DISPLAY      display all queue transac PATLOOK^VEFSPSHO
VEFSP P IRM MENU        Pyxis IRM Menu
VEFSP P PURGE        Purge ILC P Queue        VEFSPKIL
VEFSP P SEND        Send one patient (dfn) ad ONE^VEFSPTSD
VEFSP P SHOW          Show ILC P Ready Queue VEFSPSHO
VEFSP P STOP        Stop the ILC Pyxis interf END^VEFSPSHO
VEFSP P SURGERY        Send Surgery Data       VEFSPBTS


NUMBER: 2895111                     NAME: ZZPS OPT RX SEARCH
 TYPE: run routine               CREATOR: ALSUP,LINDA JO
 DESCRIPTION: Creates a report of patients with an active RX for a specified drug or
drug class - OR - for an Rx filled during a certain time period for a specified drug or
drug class. It also can create a report for "patients on TWO drugs or drug classes at
the same time" for either active Rxs or Rxs filled withn a specified date range;
received from Dayton Va per request of pharmacy 1/19/05- LJA.
 ROUTINE: AGSOPS                                                                        M

NUMBER: 2894601                     NAME: AAJ DRUG SEARCH
 MENU TEXT: Drug Search Without Fileman
 TYPE: run routine               CREATOR: ALSUP,LINDA JO
 DESCRIPTION: This option will search the RX file for all entries that in a time range
that got a certain drug. It will look for fills or refills. This will run significantly faster
than a search in fileman for the same thing. You will need a template name or
number in the patient file to save the results in.
 ROUTINE: DRUGST^AAJUTI16                                                                      M
Delphi app - displays any given day's scheduled surgical cases on a single screen
with all relevant data including pt name/id, location (pre-op, op, post-op),
procedure, estimated start & end times, estimated procedure/case lengths, actual
case lengths, status bar, % completion, times of O.R. admission, induction
completion, beginning & end of procedure and O.R. discharge, key surgical staff and
case urgencies. Allows pre-op changes to be made to pt/case room assignment,
staff assignment and start times. Recalculates average case lengths (O.R.
admit/discharge) and stores in VistA file. Pulls current and historical data from VistA
files.                                                                                  Delphi, M
Uses intranet Web to display dynamic Position Distribution Listings for the
organizations served by Human Resources. Links to sql database consisting of PAID
files extracted using M routines to display data about employees assigned to the
positions.                                                                              Cold Fusion, SQL
NUMBER: 2894370                    NAME: ANTPS PH DRRN
  TYPE: run routine             CREATOR: ALSUP,LINDA JO
 DESCRIPTION: created 6/24/03 per request of pharmacy and NOIS
 IPH-1101-10523; LJA.
  ROUTINE: AKVSRTI2                                                                     M

                                                                                       JavaScript, SQL, .asp,
Web based utility for reporting equipment priorities to A&MMS.                         vbscript
OPTION LIST                                 JUN 14,2006 12:18 PAGE 1
NAME                      MENU TEXT                    ROUTINE


                                                                                       JavaScript, SQL, .asp,
Web based system for processing educational funding requests.                          vbscript, Perl
NUMBER: 10593                 NAME: ANU DG ADVDIR
 TYPE: run routine          CREATOR: SCRUGGS,CARNETTA M
DESCRIPTION: Displays Advance Directive status and Organ Donor status, by
patient or by ward group.
 ROUTINE: ANUADVD                                                                      M
NUMBER: 4044                 NAME: ANU DG DNR UNMARK
 MENU TEXT: Unmark Patient as DNR TYPE: run routine
 PACKAGE: REGISTRATION            ROUTINE: ZZDRH83                                     M
Implementation of CAIRO COTS/VISTA Interface for Provation cMore Endoscopy
sytem. The Provation cMore Endoscopy server receives patient data from VISTA
and sends Endoscopy reports back to VISTA TIU. Both directions of data transfer
function through HL7 communications between the cMore Endoscopy server and
VISTA.                                                                             M
NUMBER: 4042                              NAME: ANU DG DNR ENTER
 MENU TEXT: DNR Enter                         TYPE: run routine
 ROUTINE: ZZDRH77                                                                  M
OPTION LIST                                 JUN 14,2006 13:03 PAGE 1
NAME                  MENU TEXT                    ROUTINE

AVJ PSB PRN % UNDOC Undocumented PRN Effect. AVJPRNT
AVJ VISN2 MH 30DAY F MH Follow-up 30 days afte EN^AVJMH30
OPTION LIST                                 JUN 14,2006 13:25 PAGE 1
NAME                      MENU TEXT                    ROUTINE

ALDR NEWMDD        New Depression CaseFinder ALDRMDDQ
ALDR NEWMDD CHECK     New Depression Patient Ch ALDRMDDH
ALDR NEWMDD LR      New Depression Encounter/ ALDRMDDF
ALDR SUBABUSE     SUD Continuity Casefinder ALDRSUBQ

additional routines utilized:
ALDRMDD value = 16628369
ALDRMDDA value = 26001637
ALDRMDDB value = 30439879
ALDRMDDC value = 15431989
ALDRMDDE value = 28444177
ALDRMDDF value = 4937050
ALDRMDDG value = 14455396
ALDRMDDH value = 18782988
ALDRMDDI value = 27214226
ALDRMDDJ value = 32274755
ALDRMDDK value = 13800190
ALDRMDDP value = 40235989
ALDRMDDQ value = 8944168
ALDRMDDR value = 27851605
ALDRMDDS value = 26731928
ALDRMDDT value = 22017887
ALDRSUB value = 14771497
ALDRSUB2 value = 13975212                                                          M
NUMBER: 2895470                NAME: VA NURS OUTCOMES DATA (VANOD)
DESCRIPTION: This option is for broker calls. VANOD is the national Nursing
Outcomes Data project in VACO and based in Seattle Contact: Yu-Fang Li,

Enter RETURN to continue or '^' to exit:
RPC: VANOD PR                                                                        M

Extracts data from Billing files for use by CFO's and MCCR personnel. Puts it into
ascii delimited format. Uses RPC broker and therefore can be used between sites.     , M, Delphi

allows the user to obtain a report of surgeries fitting selected criteria. The user
enters the date range to look for, the CPT(s) of the surgeries needed and the type of
complications the user would like to look at. The user is then able to further search
the the surgery file for other specified criteria.
The other search criteria that the user can choose from are; age of patient (this
looks for patients in a user specified age range), surgical provider ( the user may
choose to look at one specific provider, the PGY of the provider or the attending
provider), sex of patient, POW patient, agent orange patient, inpatient or
outpatient surgery , a specific anesthesiologist, or gulf war patient. The user can
choose any or all of these search criteria to limit the search of the surgery file.   M

Graphical User Interface for Vista Mail.                                             , M, Delphi
The CPRS Patient Picture Display displays an important piece of demographic data, a
patient’s photograph, when selecting a patient in CPRS. This photo is pulled from
VistA Imaging, where patient photos are now stored via the new VIC/PICS
workstations. CPRS Patient Picture Display now allows for a visual confirmation of
the patient helping ensure quality patient care and reducing errors

                                                                                        Delphi, M, Delphi
The CPRS Bingo board software presents unverified patient orders on a read-only
monitor for nurse use in the inpatient wards. The orders are cleared when they are
either verified or manually cleared through the CPRS Bingo Board menu options.
The software was originally developed by VAMC Long Beach and subsequently
modified by VAMC Indianapolis.                                                     M, M, Delphi
A web based display of CPRS response times for various elements of the CPRS
coversheet.                                                                        M, Java

This Class III software was written at the request of Social Work Svc and allows
users to generate a report by selecting a date range to list a group of patients along
with short ssns, admission and discharge dates, admitting facility treating speciaties,
and lengths of stay (in days). Also displays all relevant (Social Work) TIU note titles
entered for the date range.                                                             M

This Class III software was written at the request of Social Work Svc and allows
users to generate a report by selecting a Facility Treating Specialty (file #45.7) and a
date range to list a group of patients along with short ssns, dates of admission and
lengths of stay (in days). Included in the report are all relevant (Social Work) TIU
note titles for the date range and their corresponding dates.                            M
Web display of Health Summaries for inpatient, outpatient and potential ER
patients to be accessed when the Vista system is unavailable. BCMA MAR reports
also generated.                                                                          M, vms, basic scripts
This Mumps routine was developed to assist VA Nursing Outcomes Database
(VANOD) sites identify nursing staff locations in order to validate administrative
reports. This Class III software pulls data from NURS Staff File & PAID to identify
nursing employee                                                                         M

Displays and requires Vista user agreement of the VISN15 Security Agreement.       M
Allows a non-privilaged user to unlock a patient order or TIU lock using CACHe/VMS
software.                                                                          M

Created some local fields in the Patient file and modified the DGRPD routine to
display those Advanced Directives information in the patient inquiry.                   M

This program asks the clerk if the patient was given a patient handbook.                M
The V10 DSS Reports Database is designed to give DSS site teams the ability to
diplay several DSS reports and mapping tables in one locations. Data is downloaded
from DSS using Toolkits and Adhocs and data is pulled from other DSS mapping
databases and imported into the DSS Reports MS Access database. This database is
populated by DSS site teams and then distributed to Medical Center service line and
careline managers and Admin officers. The database is organized to match the
organization of the medical center so the user can select their respective careline or
service and then review the DSS data for their respective departments. Reports
include labor mapping, obligation mapping, CMR mapping, FTEE, Account Costs,
Workload, Audit Clinic Workload, RVU, Unit Cost per Product, and Productivity.         , MS Access

Extract data from VISN 10 Vista Systems to populate DSS DB on SQL Server. This is
run monthly. It uses KBSQL on each of the five Vista Systems. DTS Packages in SQL
are used for the move. There are 18 extracts that are imported at each site. Some
are not included at 757 due to them being Outpatient only (ex..unit_dose_extract). SQL

This is a web form that asks what data need a user wants. The data is stored in SQL
table and alerts are sent to DSS Staff about the request. Once accepted by a staff
member, a folder is created to store the report(s). When the report is complete,
the staff member completes the process from an admin site and the requestor is
notified and provided a link to the document. Surveys are sent out for completed
reports to gather feedback about the process.                                       VB, JavaScript, SQL
This software program allows the Medical Administration staff to enter, print,
monitor and purge information relating to the Outpatient meals given at this
medical center through the use of meal ticket vouchers. Several options are
available to the staff to accomplish the above. The MAS Meal Ticket file was created
to store patient information relating to the Meal Ticket program. The following
information is stored: DATE of Issuance, Patient Name, Type of Meal, Reason for
Meal, Comments, Dollar Amount, and Issuer of Meal Ticket.

The Enter/Edit Meal Ticket software option allows Medical Administration staff to
enter and/or edit patient information in the Meal Ticket file. This will allow
outpatients to receive meal vouchers for a specified amount on a given day. The
type of meal can only be breakfast or lunch.

The Daily Patient Meal Report produces a list of patients that are slated to receive
meals on the current date. This report is printed automatically and given to the
Canteen (cafeteria) staff.

The MAS Patient Meal Ticket Inquiry option allows the Medical Administration staff
to make inquiries into the MAS Meal Ticket file.

The Purge MAS Meal Ticket file reminder is automatically sent to designated
Medical Administration staff. Upon receipt of the reminder, the MAS Meal Ticket
file will be purged of old data. This reminder and the purge is scheduled to be done
on a monthly basis. The previous month's data will be removed by date range.

The Print A Meal Ticket option allows the staff to print a single meal ticket for a
patient on a given day. This option is used when the automatic list has already     M
Develop projects in VS2003 for Deployment on a Reporting Server. This enables
rich reporting of data to our customer base. Data can be shown in graphical format
through the web.                                                                    .NET, SQL

Pull ADHOCS from Austin. Data is placed in OUTD files in Austin and moved over to
SQL using batch files and ftp. DTS packages are setup and called when the OUTD
file has been successfully FTP'd over to a network folder. The packages move the
data to a staging database on SQL and the table is modified to include an extract
date and modify the datatypes if necessary. Then the data is imported into the
production table on SQL. There are 11 Adhocs that are imported monthly.           SQL
This is a Intranet web based application used by our VA operators as well as all
hospital employees. It was created to provide a tool for appropriate clinical and
administrative communication as well as cut down on calls to our telephone
operator switchboard. The online web telephone directory includes:

1) A telephone directory of St. Louis all employees 2) all hospital locations 3) all
switchboard operator phone numbers for all of VA medical centers 4) a listing of St.
Louis ADPACs by service and their phone extension 5) A convienient Emergency
Code list (for example Code K) and the phone # 6) A link to the St. Louis white &
yellow pages and 7) a link to the affiliated medical universities phone directory
pages. All references to links outside of the intranet provide appropriate warnings M, VB, JavaScript,
and open up separate windows for security reasons.                                   SQL, php,.bat

DSS Program Analysts provide DSS Tasks to the Field and track progress. This app
allows the liaison analyst to assign tasks to the field liaisons. Once completed, the
field liaisons indicate so through a website and the record is flagged as complete.
The liaison analyst can communicate to the field through the admin page and check
on the progress of tasks for 5 sites.                                                   VB, JavaScript, SQL
This software will print reports for 14 pre-defined Dietetics options. The software
enables Nutrition and Food Service Personnel to provide the responses to the
various questions for the reports along with the print time and device. The reports
are automatically printed on daily basis based upon the parameters entered by
staff.                                                                                  M
Compares HHS LEIE database to the New Person File, Fee Basis Vendor File, and
Vendor file for posssible "hits".                                                       ,M
Allows staff with a need to know to check the credentials and privileges of our         JavaScript, SQL, .asp,
providers.                                                                              vbscript

Reports from the Report Request that users want repeated on a specified
timetable. This app allows DSS Staff to schedule a report to be recurring based on
either an annual, quarter, monthly timetable. A form is filled out and one of the
above selections is made. The record is stored in SQL and when the update date
approaches, alerts are sent out to remind staff that the reports data needs to be
updated. Alerts are sent out every couple days until the request is satisfied. Data in
the table is modified based on the selection. If Monthly with no end date, then
after the update is run, the next date for the data to be updated is set and the
process starts all over again.                                                         VB, JavaScript, SQL

Duplicate Appointment List to assist facilities in determining veterans who have
been scheduled for more than one appointment in the same clinic. Care should be
taken to review each appointment to ensure that it has, indeed, been made in
error. There may be occasions where multiple appointments for the same clinic are
appropriate, i.e. Physical Therapy, Radiation Therapy, etc.                       M, M
Allows user to schedule meetings, education, etc. for various rooms in the Medical
Center. user selects a room, and then a day and block of time that the room will be
in use. Once a block of time is selected for a room, the time period for that room
will be blocked and a description of the usage, for how long and who booked the
room. No other user can schedule the room for that time period.
Room usage and scheduling can be viewd by day, month, week, etc. An example of
the viewing screen is added below:
Calendar for Irm Training Room Bldg 12             Today is JUN 15,2006
     JAN 2006 || Memos for TUESDAY JAN 3,2006                      |
 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa|| 7am 8 9 10 11 12 1pm 2 3 4 5 6 7 |
  1 2< 3> 4 5 6
  8 9 10 11 12 13 14||                                |
 15 16 17 18 19 20 21|| 11:00am/60 HDR 3/15/05             DORWIN,KAREN |
 22 23 24 25 26 27
 29 30 31       |
<MAIN menu> Day, Week, Month, Edit, View, List, Six, Other
Select:                                                                                M
Sends data through Mailman for most recent blood pressure on a patient. This
information will then be utilized in data cubes used by pharmacy to better correlate
blood pressure with a patient's medications.                                           M
Allows services to submit and track space and/or resource requests with a web          JavaScript, SQL, .asp,
based utility.                                                                         vbscript

Web front end to give users access to DSS Reports Database                             VB

A web based employee education delivery and tracking system. Users can login get
a personal list of training requirements, view the material, take a test and print
certificates. The software communicates directly with the TEMPO database to
report training that has be completed and to download user accounts.               .NET, SQL

This software is intended to assist the Clinical Managers and facility administrators
in maximizing facility revenue through vesting of all possible patients. It contains an
indicator displayed during patient lookup to prompt the user when a patient is not
vested but should be. Extract utilities allow managers to review vesting activities
over time. Files are provided to allow the site to control which CPT codes and
which Person Classes are appropriate for a vesting visit. This software was originally
written at the Reno VAMC and imported for use at Dayton with a few changes.             M

Allows users to view their training records.                                           SQL, .asp, vbscript
The report was designed evaluate the reviewing patient medication initiative.

This option will allow the user to search orders for a specific NATURE OF ORDER or
order STATUS. There are two formats available. one is a detailed display that is
printed in real time as the order number that meets the search criteria is
encountered. There is no further sort capability for this format.

 The second format is the columnar format which will allow the sort by ENTERING
person or by SERVICE/SECTION. Modification to the colunmar format, allows a
search by DISPLAY GROUPS. The output was modified to print the field "Orderable
Item", in place of the order number. This format works best if sending the output
to a 132 column compressed printer or to the BROWSER device.                      M

A computer system to generate, save and print motor pool trip

tickets for shuttle, vehicle, and patient trips.                                            M, Delphi
This program extracts data from the VistA Fee Basis Payment file for upload into
Excel (or other Database). It is used primarily by the Fee Basis Manager in VISN 11
to compare fee basis costs between sites.                                                   , M,DELPHI
Used to check in patients for clinic appointments by scanning the veterans
identification card.                                                                        M

This software will allow the local field of last update in price to be updated.             M
Class III modifiction of Class I routine PSOCST10 to allow selecting one to all active
Outpatient Sites (file 59) to limit the report of high cost prescriptions to the selected
divisions.                                                                                  M
Allows staff to request announcements to be placed in the "Hot Topics" section of           JavaScript, SQL, .asp,
the Intranet home page.                                                                     vbscript
 The Diabetes Reporting Software, written by John Laich of the Cleveland VAMC,
gives detailed reports of the care given to identified Diabetic patients. Several
reports illustrate different aspects of their care.                                         M

This software facilitates the proper coding procedures for patient billings.                M
 used to run the Form 97 Notifications. Email messages are generated to HRMS
when various Form 97 transactions are within 45 days of expiration. Email
messages are also generated when various Form 97 transactions are missing
required data fields.                                                                       M
Reports for use with BCMA.

3 Reports - 3 Routines: AVJIVRPT,AVJIVRT2,AVJPRNT                                           M
Provides a tracking method for fee basis consults and the funding estimated and
obligated.                                                                             M

Enters a note for inpatient records when the computer system was down.                 M

Extracts fee basis data for user                                                       M
Allows users to search for employee phone extensions using any combination of 5
different criteria.                                                                    SQL, .asp, vbscript

SCHEDULING. WE HAVE HAD IT HERE FOR 8 YEARS.                                           M, M

Class III modification of Class I routine PSODEM, used by several outpatient and
inpatient applications. Modifications were made to display the patient's PCP, PC
Team, PCP Facility, patient's Primary Service Area (based upon state & county),
patient file Remarks field, and an indicator if the patient lives outside of the St.
Louis area. Research done by pharmacy that needs to be communicated to their
staff and ordering providers is also displayed in the form of Clinical Warnings.       M

This documentation system consists of three files. The files are structured to be
flexible and can be used for three types of documentation. The three types are for
Class 3 software, Local Modifications, and VMS COM files. Class 3 software is any
routine, package or templates that have been developed by a VA and
is not part of a nationally supported package. VA site does include
Dayton. Local Modifications are modifications to a nationally
supported package that are made at our site only.

IRM Software Documentation File (552120)
 This file contains all of the lookup information and stores word
processing fields that can be used later by IRM programmers. The
information includes who has checked out this program, who has
reviewed the program, what other routines are being called by this
program or referenced by this program, and files used. Word processing
fields are used to describe to IRM personnel the function of this
program, changes made to the program after the original write date,
and how the program works (Logic of code). There is also information
about the source of the program, was it written at your site or did it
come from another VA site. A location field is used so that IRM can
create numbered folders for the programs and easily find their

Documentation Type file (552121) is a static file that holds the type
of documentation such as Option, Template or COM. The information in
this file can be expanded but should never be deleted. The size of
this file will be very small.

IRM Software Index file (552122) holds Software documentation. The                   M
Message to MCCR (Medical Care Cost Recovery) for
Admitted/Discharged/Transferred Patient with Insurance.                              M

This software will allow SPD to keep track of equipment easily. It
consists of several options and reports. An option to request equipment from SPD
is placed on the common menu of all users. When a user requests a piece of
equipment the request will be printed to a printer in SPD. SPD has options to mark
this as sent to a ward or a patient. The equipment can also be marked as out for
repairs. Several reports are included with this software that will enable SPD to
maintain their equipment.                                                          M

This software will help monitor Pharmacy workload                                    M

Collect and store temperatures from refrigeration units.Keeps history of out of
range, contingency initiated/stopped, work order. Requested for JCAHO purposes. M, Delphi
This software will allow a site to track how many days from the time a order for a
procedure has stated in the ICU on a patient to the time that an ICU note is being
created.                                                                           M

This MS Access database is designed for DSS Site Teams so they can review clinics
rejects that do not have a product built DSS. DSS receives a feeder key for clinics
that display the stop and credit code. This database also displays a crosswalk with
the clinic name so it is easier to review each clinic reject. The result are copied to
the V10 DSS Reports Database so Service and Careline managers can assure that
clinics are getting accurately accounted for in DSS. Data is pulled from DSS
Warehouse that includes data from DSS and the DSS CLI VISTA extract.                     SQL, MS Access

The Incentive Therapy package keeps track of incentive therapy workers hours, pay
and vouchers. This package includes several reports that allow a user to look at the
IT workers' hours, payroll and vouchers. It also includes reports to look at IT
workers by supervisor as well as one individual IT worker. This package includes
options to Enter and Edit information for the IT worker.                             M

Searches Radiology exams and displays/prints/saves results. Local RPC calls created
to obtained data from the Radilogy Files. Radiology Form is a utility to empower
Radiology Management to pull data in varies way to analysis.

Search by: Date Range, Patient, CPT Code, Imaging Location, Requesting Physician,
Primary Interpreting Staff,Verified By, Diagnosis(s), Stat Only, and if ReportText or
Impression Text contains certain word(s).Gives User:

Gives User: Exam; Request Date, Exam Status, Exam Date, Type of Imaging,
Requesting Physician, Procedure, Imaging Location, Requesting Physician,
Requesting Location, Primary Diagnosis, Exam Status Change History. Report;
Report Date, Report Status, Request Urgency, Verfied Date, Verified by, Report
Status Change History.

Other Tabs; CPRS View of Exam, Wait Times Report, Exams by Status, Amended
Reports (shows before and after text).                                                   M, Delphi
The “VISN-20 Inpatient Bingo Board V1.0” package is a Windows-based application
that provides a visual interface for viewing Inpatient Pharmacy orders from local
and remote VistA databases.                                                              M, Delphi

Create local tool for organization of newly created files for management and
distribution of Pagers, Cell Phones and Hand Held Radios. This interacts with Access
Agreements where the User must electronically sign acknowledging the equipment
that has been loaned. Option created that enables user to locate local telephone
PIN number. Future development will include other VAMC equipment. The project
consisted of local Fileman files and local fields in file 200.                       M
This database is designed to to maintain DSS labor mapping and FEE provider
mapping tables by updating employee information through interfaces with the DSS
SQL Warehouse PAID Data and user adjustments of employee mapping. The
database is then builds an upload file that can be sent to the Austin DSS VCNV
tables.                                                                         SQL, MS Access

The option was designed to ensure appropriate co-payment requests are sent to

The option searches through the pharmacy patients, flagging

those patients that are alive, and who have at least one active script. The patients
are sorted by name. The report prints the patient name, ssn, primary eligiblity code
This option was created to the patient status(from the routine slips to be printed by M
(from the patient file), and allow the clerk to select the pharmacy patient file).
clinic or by patient name in alphabetical order

This option is used to generate Routing Slips for either all

clinics or a specific patient. This option allows alphabetical sorting of the routing
slips by the patient's name, within sorting by clinic if selected. Also added is a line
for the providers signature.


Roll & Scroll/List Manager pkg for tracking of
privleges/credentials/licenses/certifications for all Nursing, MD, Residents &
Fellows. Has input/edit, display & print options. Has Delphi Gui Interface for input
of Residents/Fellows. Pkg has evolved at station since 1997.                              M, Delphi
This database is used to help identify rejects of new product interfaces in DSS. The
product attempts to locate the proper DSS product number for each rejected feeder
key. This products also prepares the rejects to be copied into DSS.                  , MS Access
Modifications to PATIENT INQUIRY to display additional information in header - PSA,
SCI, HOSPICE. Also display Inpatient phone number after ROOM-BED and display
Medicare info collected by SWS.                                                      M
Automated phlebotomy log-in process: Patient swipes VIC card at log-in
workstation, program searches for lab orders pending, and prints order labels for
phlebotomy staff                                                                     M

This database takes actual drug cost information fromt the Drug file via a SQL Data
Warehouse and calulates RVUs to be used in DSS Pharmacy Departments                   SQL, MS Access
This database is used to calculate DSS RVU for Prothetic departments in DSS. The
Prosthetic VISTA data is pulled from a DSS SQL Warehouse.                             SQL, MS Access

Allows Pharmacy to flag selected drug entries for OK FOR 180 DAY SUPPLY. This
allows Pharmacy to override the CPRS order, which is limited to 90 day supply,
thereby decreasing mailing and drug supply costs and provide less re-order for the
patient.                                                                           M
This software sends VistA E-mails to the Occupational Therapy Staff when a patient
with the diagnosis or related diagnosis of CVA, TBI or Amputations has been
admitted and discharged. This will allow the staff to follow up with a FIM
evualuation.                                                                       M

A CPRS pop-up box will be displayed for chronic mentally ill patients who still need
to complete their individual or group visits before September 30 of the current
fiscal year and has an entry in the AXVCMI MH Patient File. The pop-up box will not
display the mental health note if a CMI MH patient has met the requirements.         M

The Clinic Recall Software is designed to allow facilities to implement Clinic Recall
scheduling. The software creates a ‘holding’ area for patients who are to return to
clinic with their primary care or speciality provider clinic greater than 30 days.
Patients are entered into the software for the month that they are to return; and
when that month arrives, the patient will be sent a postcard or letter reminding
them that they were to be seen. The patient will be instructed to contact the VA to
schedule an appointment that will be within 5 days of their phone call. An
appointment will not be made in the Vista Scheduling system until the patient calls.
There is a protocol that will be added to SDAM menu protocol so users can access
Clinic Recall within appointment manager and there is a stand-alone option for
entering a Recall.                                                                    M
This suite of applications runs extracts of Microbiological data in "^" delimited
format allowing import to other statistical packages or spreadsheets for reporting
Hospital Antibiograms,Organism isolation frequencies,and other epidemiology data.
The application was originally developed at Houston VA and is been implemented at
VA Puget-Sound with modifications from the original routines.                          M
Used by the Chief of Staff office in St. Louis to track the provider status history. A
date is entered and a status (active/inactive) is enteted and the history is
maintained. This provides needed information, especially for residents, who come
and go, on there administrative history.                                               M

This patch will create an option that will report patients with an active Rx for a
specified drug or drug class - OR - for an Rx filled during a certain time period for a
specified drug or drug class. It also can create a report for "patients on TWO drugs
or drug classes at the same time" for either active Rx's or Rx's filled within a
specified date range. User selects search type (drug or drug class) and date type
(active Rx's or date range). Report must be queued to 132 column printer. The job
should NOT be run during normal business hours.

The routine AXVOPS is a clone (with VISN 20 changes) of routine AGSOPS, which
was sent out to some sites from Dayton                                                    M

Programs that send backup reports of inpatient data in case of network failures.
Computer Outage Health Summarys,Lab Results                                               M, Microsoft FTP

This patch contains one option that allows VistA programmers and VistA system
managers to view changes

to routines, files, protocols and other elements of VistA applications, brought into
VistA through KIDs builds. It also helps track V20 released software.                     M

Locally developed IV Strength Edit Class III modification to the National IV check
routine in VistA. The fields are populated by upper and lower dosage limits to
prevent a major prescribing error for IV additives. It involves adding two new fields
in the IV Additives file: Strength Upper Bound and Strength Lower Bound. It is
invisible to users until the requested dosage is outside of the range entered into the
upper and lower fields. An onscreen alert is displayed immediately to the user.        M

These changes print out the patient address for the vendor.                               M

Used to support advance clinic access. A patient recall system developed using List
Manager to manage patients return visit. Instead of scheduling a return
appointment 3, 6 or even 12 months in future, recall date is entered in system. A
postcard is sent to the patient 2 weeks before the recall date asking patient to call
number on card to scheduled appointment.                                              M
This option is added to the Employee Menu for use by all employees. This is a
electronic statement released as a courtesy prior to receipt of the official VA pay
statment.                                                                             M
This is a stand alone program written to for the payroll offices to do a search of
timecards for information located in the 8B string.                                   M
This software gives leave accrual balance estimates and consolidated T&L listing of
employees leave balances.                                                             M

Protocols for smoking cessation health technicians to use when counseling veterans
about smoking cessation.                                                           M
This software gives access to employee service records to timekeepers and
supervisors. It is locked by T&L access.                                           M

Pharmacy system used to dispense pills.                                               M
GUI program used display patients that have checked in for their clinic
appointments.                                                                         Delphi

Pull data from CHGDTL/STDCOST ADHOCS using FTP/Batch Files from Austin and
merge them together from SQL to get High Cost Products that can be researched
and fixed by the DSS Processing Team. This run once monthly.                          SQL, FTP, Batch Files

An ACCESS Database constructed to capture, store and analyze data relating to
Utilization Review inspections read from customized scan forms.                     VB, SQL
A ACCESS database that keeps track of routed documentation that travels from one
office/agency to another (for signatures, editing, etc.) so that users can find out
where their document is at any given time. Significantly reduces lost
documentation.                                                                      VB, SQL

This ACCESS database automates the process of users entering data captured from
Medical Record Review Inspections by entering the data from a scanned form.
Reduces data entry time from approx 4 hours to approx 7 minutes.                      VB
An ACCESS database that is used to capture and store details relating to patient
falls.                                                                                VB
An ACCESS database which allows the entry, storing, and reporting of sensitive data
from the Research Department.                                                         VB, SQL
An ACCESS database that allows data entry, storing, retrieval, analyzing and
reporting for information on C-PAP units.                                             VB, SQL

This database automates the process of users entering data into the database from
Emergency Room Record Review Inspections by entering the data from a scanned
form. Reduced data entry time from approx 4 hours to approx 7 minutes.             VB
This ACCESS database uses raw death/mortality data produced by VISTA reports.
The raw data is first ran through an Excel macro which scrubs and formats the data
and saves it as a file to be imported into the database for tracking, trending and
reporting.                                                                         VB, SQL
This program allows users to sign their annual security agreement in VistA.              M

This EXCEL program takes raw data from a Death/Mortality Report generated in
VISTA and 'scrubs' it complete with formatting. Reduces manual formatting time
from approx 12 hours down to approx 1.5 minutes.                                         VB

This program allows users to sign their annual security agreement in Vista.              M

This program allows users to sign their annual security agreement in VistA.              M

This EXCEL program takes raw data from a Patient Discharge Report generated in
VISTA and 'scrubs' it complete with formatting. Computes patient length of stay
times. Reduces manual formatting time from approx 3 hours down to approx 53
seconds. Used for local and VISN-Level reporting.                                        VB
 The VISTA Package Purge file was created to allow the software staff to track the
archiving and purging of software package data. The software staff can add, edit,
inquire and print from this file to keep the software package archiving/purging
capability up to date.                                                                   M
This application is used to record and manage the requests sent to the equipement        VB, JavaScript, SQL,
committee.                                                                               php

This application consists of several reports (23) used for the cleanup, tracking,
management and analysis of consults                                                      M
This allows the remote coordinators to due maintenance work on their users with
access to other VISN sites.                                                              M

Available to all users - menu driven - user can get phone number and other
pertinent details for a individual, service or ward/clinic                               M
This ASP/ASP.NET application provides a survey for Pain Clinics to fill out tracking
pain scores of patients in their clinic. The Data is stored in a SQL database which is   VB, .NET, JavaScript,
then used for reporting.                                                                 SQL

Software for SQL                                                                         M, SQL
Routine tied to patient lookup that notifies roll and scroll and CPRS of patient risks
(Fall, Security, ect..)
This routine will ask for a patient name
and allow user to set standard fall and security alerts
which will set the approiate nodes in
file ^AJEY(578160, node 1 for custom alert
node 2 for fall risk and node 3 for security alert                                       M, Delphi

Outpatient Pharmacy Robot System                                                         M, Delphi, RPC Broker
Inpatient Pharmacy System                                                                M
This package has local files and options that assist our chaplain department in
recording and tracking workload for individual chaplains                                 M
Created to provide a means to track and notify patients being processed by clinics
supporting the Advanced Clinic Access project. Provides multiple reports on status
of appointment and clinics.                                                              M
The program was written in Microsoft Access for PCS Nursing Education department
to maintain a cohesive electronic record, retrievable information from any
computer within our integrated site. This program keeps records of budgetary
amounts allocated per student in Program per school and per Fiscal Year and
Semester.                                                                                , Microsoft Access

This package is used by all users to enter work orders for IRMS assistance. Several
problem categories are set up and depending on the category, bulletins are sent to
the staff of the appropriate section. Reports are also available.                   M

This application identifies patients with glucose meters via the prescription file.
Those patients with appointments having an ACCU-CHEK Comfort Curve-H Test Strip
prescribed to them with either an Active, Suspended, or Refill status will print on
the clinic printer the day before the patient’s clinic appointment. This helps staff
identify which patients need to be reminded via phone call to bring their glucose
meter in with them to their appointment for result download.                         M

A Windows based database that extracts data from VISTA. WinRMS extracts PAID
and financial data for management of VA Research funds. This software was
provided by a contractor affiliated with ORD, and is locally installed on a VA server.

   Providers can order Non-formulary drugs via Consults in CPRS. Completion of
the Consult by an approving official marks the drug as approved or denied and
updates the N/F Drug file for viewing by Pharmacists when finishing the drug order.
Pharmacist processes order for N/F Drugs only when approved. A background job
runs every fifteen minutes to update the N/F Drug file based on the Consult and TIU
Document. Orderable Items are restricted to selected user classes in order to
control approving officials for selected N/F Drugs.                                    M
This VMS level utility developed by Richard Ray allows designated users to find Vista
jobs on the computer cluster and kill the job if necessary. It can also find a printer
and has very nice print handling for printers with problems. It will reset the que and M, VMS DCL
provide other troubleshooting steps.                                                   commands

Via a LES RPC, when a transfusion order is requested in CPRS the existence of a TIU
note titled "ATYPICAL RED CELL ANTIBODY" causes a popup window that reads

   "There may be a delay in obtaining blood"

   "Please plan accordingly"                                                             M, Delphi
Shows news. Allows VHAGLA assigned staff to post own news articles which can be
viewed in RSS format                                                            Cold Fusion

display information about pharmacy orders                                            M, Delphi, RPC Broker
Allows designated users to create bare bones account (without codes) for Users
within their service. Allows addition of the primary menu if the ADPAC is delegation
authority for that menu. Upon completion a bulletin is sent to the ISO for access
code processing.                                                                     M

MIRB is an Access-based database that faciliates research protocol tracking. The
database is used to track protocol submissions and reviews. Research Committee
Death and
letters Noteminutes are auto-generated from the data archived in the database.      SQL
Diabetic Travel Document
Dialysis Monthly Patient Review
DNR Note/Order
Echo/Doppler Report
EEG Report Form
Electromyography Report
FLU SHOTS 07-08 (Mass Immunizations)
FLU SHOTS 07-08 (Pri Care, Spec Clinics & CBOCs)
GI Consult and Follow-up
GI Letters
GI Pre Procedure Assessment
HBPC Survey
History Intake
Holter Tape Note
Infectious Disease History & Physical
Inpatient Admission History & Physical
Invasive Procedure Note
Minor Operative Procedure
Missing Patient Risk Assessment (Providers)
Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Team
PC Lab Letters
PC Smoking Cessation Clinic
Physician Initial Note for Seclusion/Restraint
PPD Reading
Primary Care History & Physical
Pulmonary Function Test Interpretation
Rapid Response Team                                                                 M, Delphi

This displays a combined exception list of System information in VistA.             M

An intranet system that supports ECF, LEAD, TCF, ECF Performance, VA All Employee VB, .NET, JavaScript,
Survey, ECF CDP, Strategic Planning, Workforce Development                        SQL
VACareers is an internet-based recruitment web site for healthcare vacancies in
Veterans Health Administration.                                                       Cold Fusion
1. displays how much space in the Cache Container

2. Clean up history journal files in Cache

3. scans for old broker port usage. local RPC Broker calls, and national RPC Broker
WPB used a combination of Delphi,                                                     M
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPC Broker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPC Broker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPC Broker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPC Broker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:

AIMS – Abnornal involuntary movement scale
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
Day Treatment Progress Note
Geropsychology Assessment
High Suicide Risk (On/Off)
MH & BS Treatment Plan
MHC Case Management
MHC New Patient Diagnostic Interview                                                  M, Delphi
WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPCBroker calls, and national RPCBroker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:

a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPCBroker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPCBroker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPCBroker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPCBroker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:

AIMS -Abnormal involuntary movement scale

Alcohol Screen - AuditC without Recommendations

BRC Nursing Weekly Pill Count

BRC Reassessment                                                                      M, Delphi
NUMBER: 11215                  NAME: ABOC GROUP MENU TEXT: Calendar Group
Enter/Edit TYPE: run routine CREATOR: POSTMASTER DESCRIPTION: This option
allows you to add/edit/delete calendar 'groups'. ROUTINE: GROUP^ABOC

NUMBER: 6925                  NAME: ABOC MENU MENU TEXT: Calendar
TYPE: run routine CREATOR: POSTMASTER DESCRIPTION: Through this option you
can maintain a personal calendar, todo list, and general information on 'index'
cards. ROUTINE: ABOC                 TIMESTAMP: 55585,54242 TIMESTAMP OF

NUMBER: 6926                       NAME: ABOC PURGE MENU TEXT: Purge Inactive
Calender Users TYPE: run routine                  CREATOR: POSTMASTER
DESCRIPTION: This option will allow you to purge inactive users from the Calendar
file, and optionally give statistics on existing users. ROUTINE: ABOCUPU

Procedures to allow merit promotion candidates to apply for positions on line. The
electronic process is used for only those applications who have access to VA's     VB, .NET, JavaScript,
Intranet                                                                           SQL
This option unlocks a mailbox that was locked up in another session by terminating
incorrectly.                                                                       M

Human Resources application system for executives.                                  SQL
The database is a system of records established to support the VHA Health
Professionals Educational Assistance Program authorized by USC 38 Chapter 76.
System of Records 115VA10 - Education Debt Reduc tion Program; and System of
Records 110VA10 - Employe                                                           VB
WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPCBroker calls, and national RPCBroker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:

a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPCBroker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPCBroker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPCBroker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPCBroker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:

Pharmacy Returns Inventory

Review Rx by Non-VA Physician

Home Infusion Therapy

Parenteral Nutrition Order Form                                                   M, Delphi
109 menu options
NUMBER: 5288                     NAME: ABSV ADD AWARD CODE MENU TEXT:
Award Code to Single Time Card TYPE: run routine               CREATOR:
is used to identify a volunteer for an award. ROUTINE: H^ABSVTED UPPERCASE
TEXT: Loop Thru Time Cards for One Month TYPE: run routine               CREATOR:
allows the user to loop through the time cards for a single month and enter award
FOR ONE M                                                                         M
WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPC Broker calls, and national RPC Broker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPC Broker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPC Broker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPC Broker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPC Broker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Note
ECP Rehabilitation, Restorative, Supportive Referral Note
Electromyography Report
Mobility Aid Assessment
OT Mental Health Assessment
Physical Therapy Examination
PMR Note
Recreational Therapy Assessment                                                       M, Delphi
18 menu options

NUMBER: 10901                       NAME: ACKQAS CDR MENU TEXT: Generate A&SP
Service CDR TYPE: run routine CREATOR: ALVIAR,MARIA M                 PACKAGE:
QUASAR DESCRIPTION: The Generate A&SP Service CDR option generates and
prints the RCS 10-0141 report for Audiology and Speech Pathology. If your CDR is
reported by Division, you must enter the Division for which the report is to be
generated. You must then enter the month for which the report is to be
generated. The total number of clinic visit hours for the month is displayed. You are
prompted for the total number of paid hours. You can enter a flat number of
hours to be distributed among all education/training and research accounts or you
can enter hours for each account individually. You are then asked for pass through
account hours. When entering hours for these accounts, keep in mind the number
of clinic visit hours. Do not let the number of hours remaining go below the total
number of clinic visit hours. The A&SP CDR is an 80 column report which displays
only the CDR account numbers with activity during the date range. ROUTINE:

NUMBER: 13356                NAME: ACKQAS CDR PRINT MENU TEXT: Print A&SP
Service CDR TYPE: run routine CREATOR: ALVIAR,MARIA M           PACKAGE:
QUASAR DESCRIPTION: The Print A&SP Service CDR option prints the RCS 10-014 M

TEXT: Bill Classification Counts By Date TYPE: run routine              CREATOR:
POSTMASTER DESCRIPTION: Will provide a count of the Billing Classifications for a
given date range which user will provide. ROUTINE: ADBMCR02 UPPERCASE
MENU TEXT: Workload Data Report          TYPE: run routine CREATOR: POSTMASTER
DESCRIPTION: Counts the copay bills within a specified date range which were paid
before generating a letter, and also gives a count of copay bills in that date range
which did generate a letter. Prints total # of 2 conditions. ROUTINE: ADBMCR01
UPPERCASE MENU TEXT: WORKLOAD DATA REPORT                                            M

Routine to stuff downtime progress notes in the inpatient records.                      M

   New employees and current employees (annually), are required to read and
acknowledge the VA Security AIS agreement and Rules of Behavior. This package
automates that process by checking a field in the New Person file and dis-allowing
access to CPRS or VistA until the employee reads and acknowledges the AIS
agreement via Electronic Signature. The date of acknowledgent is stored in the AIS
filed and deleted every year so the employees will be forced to read it again.

Other Vista updates in File 200 (New Person File) are also accomodated.                 M

Option passes the parameter to be edited to ^XPAREDIT                                   M
Report of consults not included in the consults package.                        M

8 menu options

Lookup     TYPE: run routine CREATOR: POSTMASTER        PACKAGE:

NUMBER: 10598                    NAME: ADJTRAN HOLD DELETE MENU TEXT: Delete
Entry in Holding File TYPE: run routine         CREATOR: POSTMASTER

This application receives HL7 messages from the Picis CareSuite ICU

system containing information about the location of patient documents.

The information from the message is used to file the patient documents

within Vista Imaging via the Imaging Background processor API. There is

no user interface for this application.                                         M
This is a Broker application used by the Picis CareSuite ICU computer

information system to query Vista for demographic information for the

signed on user. Only users holding this option are allowed to logon to

the Picis CareSuite system.                                                     M, Delphi

This is an application that translates class 1 Vista ADT and Lab HL7

messages to a HL7 format that is accepted by the Picis CareSuite ICU computer

information system.                                                             M

This routine provides a comparison of patients entered in the tumor registrar
(oncology package) with whether they have their AJCC staging sheet completed (in
TIU)                                                                             M
This GUI form is used to identify staff who will report for duty during emergency
situations. An additional Vista routine creates armbands for the selected staff
members and their family members when they report for duty.                              M, Delphi
60+ Tiu objects for pharmacy, dietetics, admnistrative functions.

60+ objects manipulated from other m routines for objects.                               M

This system allows creation of a Database, DIZ(596005, containing providers on call
for given specialties. This system consists of 5 M routines, AKWDOC - input on call
data, AKWINQ - on call inquire, AKWPCL - on call by speciality, AKWACL - all
specialties on call, and AKWKOC - delete daily on call.                             M

mailing labels from zebra printers

1.Options to send e-mails to the responsbile staff when consults are not scheduled
within 3 and 5 days. 2. eports Consult requests other than Routine for selected
entry date range, and selected or ALL Services. Output is formatted for EXCEL. 3.
Report of patients', discharged within selected date range, consult requests. Output
is formatted for Excel. 4. Selected Patient(s) Consult List (Excel)Report of selected
patient(s) consult requests for selected request date range. Output is formatted for
Excel                                                                                 M

MENU TEXT: Tricare Patients Demographic and Ins. Data

DESCRIPTION: Report will print Tricare patient's name and address, and insurance
information in a spreadsheet friendly format. The time frame will be user defined
based on clinic visit dates. New patients entered into the file within the time frame,
and with no clinic appointments, will be printed with a '*'preceeding the name.

Funds are Indigency Fund, Homeless Fund, Dialysis Fund and Womens Fund. After
an Initial Assessment, can provide Cash and/or Non-Cash assistance to Veterans.
Non-Cash can be Clothes, Canteen Coupons, Winn Dixie Vouchers, etc. System
Saves and Prints SubVouchers.

Saves Data in DBaseIV files.                                                             M, Delphi
 provides a listing of leave dates used as they are reflected now
vice with the timecard was originally submitted.
 Provides an easy/quick means to do a leave audit.
These three reports provide payroll a means to catch people
 using more leave or comp time then they have available
prior to the timecard being processed. It allows payroll to send the timecard back
to the timekeeper and avoid the time/expense of doing timecard corrections/leave
4)     TURN ON/OFF VIEW ALERTS FOR T&L(supervisors)
5)     TURN ON/OFF VIEW ALERTS FOR T&L(approvers)
 6)     TURN ON/OFF VIEW ALERTS FOR T&L(timekeepers)
These reports allow supervisors to have menus and be able to pull up
timecard/employee data without receiving the numerous alerts
  timekeepers need to post the cards.
 Allows approvers, timekeepers & supervisors to get a snap shot of
their employee’s leave balances by T&L without viewing each of
their employee’s screen individually.
 Reports CompTime Earned and CompTime Balance in a Pay Period Range.\
 11)     AXALB450
This routine finds all active employees and prints a label for each.               M
These are the computed findings developed locally to extract clinical data needed
for the creation of local clinical reminders:
BMI > 27
BP >139/89
Future Appointments in 323
HEP b c ab POS
HEP b s ab POS = 1
HEP b s ag CONF POS = 1
HEP b s ag POS
Hb A1c >10
PSUZ NUMBER OF ACTIVE RX'S                                                          M
Locally created Text Integration Utilities Objects to extract data from clinical
packages for note creation:



MCAR                                                                                 M
Prints a list of non-active drugs for a specified time period.

Searches through the drug file for drugs that have not had a prescription issued
within the specified date range.                                                     M

Utility built to determine activity of a user on the system (remote or on station)
through sign on log, TIU author, Surgery, Orders, Time & Attendance, Radiology,
and Patient Appointments. It was intended for Part-Time Physicians but has been
expanded for other uses, i.e. Information Security Officer. More Modules can be
built as long as package/file have timestamps of User access.

Local File created to document Terminal Servers IP address used for Remote Access.
SIGN ON IP address compared with in house IP address and local file to determine
location of User (Remote or In-house).                                             M
Allows pharmacy staff to enter values and perform the calculations to determine
the use of creatinine.                                                             M

Allows to set reports from BCMA Class 1 and local reports to auto print daily at
specfic times.                                                                       M
Allow for Pharmcy to change Printer for CPRS Orders for different locations.           M

Report for BCMA PRN Effectiveness. Provides data that the CLass one report does
not.                                                                                   M
This option is tasked to run nightly, after midnight.

The option reads the Visit file, finds any employee or volunteer who is due to have a
PPD Reading. Those employees and volunteers whose reading is due, are sent an
email to alert them to get their reading.                                             M

As set of routines that is used for cleanup and maintenance and analysis of Primary
Care panels.                                                                        M

Software designed to track AEC (Assessment & Evaluation Clinic) requests as it flows
through the system                                                                   M

A set of routines used for the analysis and management of wait lists.               M
The option searches through the pharmacy patients, flagging those patients that are
alive, and who have at least one active script. The

patients are sorted by name. The report prints the patient name, ssn, primary
eligiblity code (from the patient file), and the patient status(from the pharmacy
patient file).                                                                         M

When a user access a BCMA Contingency. A message is sent back to vista notify a
mail group what BCMA Cont PC and Who and the Date/time it was accessed.                M

The main purpose of this application is to assist Safety Service and Employee Health
to track employee(s) that are medically cleared for respiratory fit testing. It consist
of Local FileMan File, M routines, Options and e-mail bulletin.                         M

This GUI form is used as a directory to many of the GUI/Windows applications used
at the medical center. The list of forms is maintained in a .txt file. This file is read
and presented in a section 508 compliant format. There is also a BRC Patient
Education form that meets 508 requirements.                                              M, Delphi

Allows contingecy errors to be sent to vista.                                          M
Allows to group different Mas location into one team or nurse unit. When printing
user only needs to select one unit. Not select 8-10 mas locations.                       M
Menu options and files to support our facility online telephone directory. Has
Inquire, Print, Edit (Telephone Operators only) Options.                                 M
Allows supervisors to request VistA access for their employees through the
computer. There is an approval process for requests to go the correct approving
authority prior to IRM service assigning access.                                         M
This is a local modification of the Scheduling Package Clinic Workload Report. It
prints all clinics together and totals at the bottom. Use Clinic Workload Report if
you want expanded information.                                                           M
Options for MCCR and registration areas to provide insurance and billing infor not
availabe in class I packages                                                             M

This tasked option will monitor the available slot numbers of the OR Resource
devices in the Resource File.                                                            M

List patient birthdays for a given time period.                                          M

Smoking cessation sessions are maintained and patients to contact are reported.          M, Delphi
This GUI form is used by IRMS to delete(age off) and consolidate many of the
DBaseIV data bases used to support other WPB GUI forms.                                  Delphi

Locally developed calculator function for various lab tests.                     M
When new users are entered into file 200, this utility automatically generates a
network username and password and sends the necessary info, creating an entry in
active directory.                                                                M, VB, Delphi

This GUI form uses a DBAseIV dataa base to temporarily store patinent information,
pt. status, tests and results of an eye examination. Data is used to create a TIU
progress note that is entered into VistA and signed by the provider.               M, Delphi

Lists inpatients using that are using a set of specified drugs for respiratorial care.   M

This GUI form uses a DBaseIV data base to hold patient data collected over the
course of a dialysis treatment. At the conclusion of treatment the data is compiled
into a TIU progress note, entered into VistA and signed by the nurse. The patient
record is then deleted from the DBase data base.                                         M, Delphi
A reporting application used by the office of Safety to receive any report(s) of
hazardous condtions found in within the facility.

This application uses M routines and VA fileman file and e-mail bulletins.               M
Used by Human Resources, IRM, Voluntary and Police to enter and track
fingerprinting of new staff, residents, students, volunteers and others that require
computer access.                                                                          M

On a Cache system, this utility internally compiles a list of current locktable entries
and allows a staff member to specify a patient name, order number, TIU note
number or other criteria to find and release a specific lock.                             M

This option uses a routine to monitor HL7 LINKS as defined in the HL LOGICAL LINK
file (870).                                                                               M

Gives a different data dictionary and global lister views.                                M

(Treasury Offset Program)/DMC (Debt Management Center) PAYMENT.                           M
These 2 GUI forms support the entry of TIU progress notes and encounter data for
annual flu shots. One of the forms is designed to support a mass immunization
clinic. It is designed the write the TIU progress note and complete all encounter
data for each patient. At the end of a clinic session, the nurse in charge can sign all
of the notes for that session.                                                            M, Delphi

gives a different view of the data dictionay and global information                       M

This is various Health Summary objects that originated at Cincinatti, San Francisco,
and Phoenix. Dayton did make a few mods on some of these TIU Objects                 M
This GUI form is used to document invasive procedures done on patients. It creates
TIU progress notes and allows the provider to sign the note. It also saves a history
record in a DBaseIV data base.

This history data base can be opened in Excel and is used to support the number of
procedures completed for physician priviledging.                                       M, Delphi
This is a series of M routines which gather data from vista files and compiles reports
to allow management to verify that usage/billing by outpatient clinics (contracted
CBOC) is appropriate.                                                                  M

Report for Unauthorized Claim Disposition and status Statistics. Gives type of
disposition, # of claims and the amount claimed.                                          M
"WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPCBroker calls, and national RPCBroker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).
The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPCBroker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPCBroker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPCBroker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPCBroker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:
30 Day Letter
Clinic Cancellation
Clinic Request
MAS Customer Service Contact Log
MAS Patient Cancellation Note

These forms are used to document patient "no shows", cancellations, telephone
calls, and requests.                                                                  M, Delphi
1. Kids local mods checker 2. QA checker of option file to verify indexes 3. QA
checker of new person file to check menu and index pointers. 4. Routine for
searching VistA files for fields containg a certain string.                           M

Various TIU objects for use within Progress notes.                                    M

Daily Vista mail message of the previous days VMS user access.                        M, vms
Options allow IRM staff easier entry, maintenance, tracking, and reporting from the
VHS&RA ADP TRACKING SYSTEM file.                                                      M
NUMBER: 10437                   NAME: AELWIL NET PAY MENU TEXT: Net Pay (L)
(L)                                                                                   M
 Routines are used to create the Mental Health Panel Management and Summary
Management Reports for the VISN. These reports are designed to be exported to
Excel and then further manipulated.                                                   M
Code goes through 450 and gets all new employees during a time frame. Then goes
to the V Skin file to determine if they had their PPD done within 30 days of starting
employment. Based on their EOD, look back 6 months and forward 300 days to
determine if test were a result of pre-employment. Only does LC division and only
those folks 35 or over.                                                               M

Routines are used to create the Primary Care Panel Management and Summary
 Management Reports for the VISN. These reports are designed to be exported to
Excel and then further manipulated.                                            M
NUMBER: 13248                    NAME: AFJX PATID REPORT MENU TEXT: Network
Health Exchange Check Messages TYPE: run routine                 CREATOR:
option goes through all the messages in the Mailbox belonging to
NETWORK,HEALTH EXCHANGE, and checks to see if any contain "bad data". Among
the things checked is patient age, in an attempt to ensure that the message
contains data from the correct requested patient. A report on the results is
produced. Note that this option is only needed to check messages received at
your site before you installed patch AFJX*5.1*26. Messages received afterwards
are checked as they are received. ROUTINE: AFJXVER UPPERCASE MENU TEXT:

Network Health Exchange Add Patients TYPE: run routine     CREATOR:

Network Health Exchange Nightly Purge TYPE: run routine     CREATOR:
Due to the number of Nutrition & Food Service Reports that required auto-
queueing, two files were set-up to allow N&FS to maintain the parameters and the
location for the various print options. The options available for set-up are stored in
Attachment 1. This will prevent problems with receiving the reports that are desired
by the user.

The software will include an option to allow for establishing the required
information for automatically printing the reports. This option will request from the
user all the answers to the prompts as well as device and time information. Once
an option is set-up it will print every day automatically based upon the parameters.
There may be multiple entries for the same option to allow for printing at different
times with different parameters.

 The N&FS Auto-queue Option will ask for all of the necessary parameters to
establish a report for automatic printing. This requires set-up for the option in the
N&FS Option File. For each option, the same prompts that appear when manually
running the option will appear when establishing an auto-queue.                          M

Routine loops through prescription file for billable patients with orginal rx or refills
within a date for 1 day only.                                                             M
NUMBER: 14250                      NAME: AGR MCCR SHORT FILING TF RPT MENU
TEXT: Short Filing Time Frame Report TYPE: run routine                   CREATOR:
VILLELLA,FRANK DESCRIPTION: Local option to print those claims created by auto
biller that have a shot filing time frame. This will pull any filing times that contain a
zero as in 30 days, 60 days, 180 days. ROUTINE: AGRSFTF                      TIMESTAMP
FRAME REPORT                                                                              M
 This software runs six data extracts on a monthly basis: Unique Patients With CHF
& Rx Filled; Unique Patients w/Diagnosis & Lab; Emergency Department Evaluation
of Chest Pain; Early Treatment of Acute MI;Unique Patients with Diabetes and
Inpatient Evaluation and Therapy.                                                         M

List of patients that had joint proceedure operations. Shows pre-op and post-op
length of stay.                                                                          M
ISO main menu and utilities for ISO to easily manage daily functions and tasks.
Select ISO Main Menu Option: ?
 1 New Employee Activation ...
DESCRIPTION: Tool developed that consists of New Employee enter and access
reports for ISO (Remote Users entry), HRMS (Paid Employee Entry), Provider
Privileging Coordinator (MD Entry)
 2 ADPAC Utilities Menu ...
DESCRIPTION: Will be described separately under ADPAC Utilities
3 Security Officer Menu ... (National)
4 MAS Patient Information ...(Local Menu with National Options)
 5 Termination Utilities ...
DESCRIPTION: 1. AFPH TUS1 (Cincinnati option modified to facilitate the
identification and termination of VistA users who haven’t signed-on with a specific
number of days – WPB modification consist of local file to exclude some users from
  6 ISO Miscellaneous ...
Description: Utility created for ISO to easily manage and maintain the following;
Auto-Sign on agreement, protocol research, user timed read over 5 minutes, New
VARO personnel entry, New paid personnel inquiry, Place user in DISUSER status,
Local mail group edit and local Mailman search.
 7 Information Security Officer Menu ... (National)
8 Mail Group Edit (National)
9 VA Fileman User Menu ... (DIZUSER – National Menus combined)
 10 Display/Print Access or Internet Agreement
DESCRIPTION: (Local option – described separately under WPB ACCESS
 11 ISO Reports ...
DESCRIPTION: Utility created for ISO to easily combine reports/reporting options. M
Option goes through all current inpatients, looking for admits that occurred on or
after selected date. Then check for existence and

timeliness of a selected group of TIU documents. Option can produce a delimited
text file for use in Excel, and can print the data, or display on the users screen in
print format, or in HyperText link format.                                              M
Created at the request of FISCAL to assist when a deposit is out of balance. User
indicates the # of the 215 and Patient's Name, Bill # and Amount Paid are returned
for all on that 215.                                                                    M
  This software is the mods and local routines written by Terry O'Bryan at Kansas
City. Phone 816-922-2948.                                                               M
This is a series of options to list the consult services by service/section. The report
will list key information about the various consult services established for this
Medical Center. In addition, the software will remove all deactivated users from
the set-up on consult services. Two quarterly QA Checks are also included. The first
identifies any services without a service/section and sends a mail message
requesting the Clinical Coordinator correct. The second check sends a mail message
to the application coordinator and service chief with the consult services assigned
to their areas for review. It will also send a bulletin to the IRM software section if
any of the application coordinators or service Brokerhave beennational RPC Broker M
WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPC chiefs calls, and terminated.
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPC Broker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPC Broker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPC Broker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPC Broker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:

Abuse Report
Chaplain Menu
Community Nursing Home Follow-up
Community Nursing Home Telephone Follow-up
Community Respite Follow-up
CRC – Community Residental Care Follow-up
Emergency Fund
Fisher House Referral Form                                                            M, Delphi

This is the taskman job that will select patients for random drug test selection based
on the parameters in file 692106, and send mailman messages to all team
members, and any additional recipients specified in the parameters file.               M

Users sign electronic security agreement                                              M

To provide totals to the VISN. Report provides leave pay totals for Nursing Service
T&Ls. User must enter desired pay period(s).                                           M

TEXT: Enter/Edit Indicator Statement TYPE: run routine         CREATOR:

Enter/Edit Indicator Statement File TYPE: run routine               CREATOR:
option will allow the user to enter new or edit existing indicator statements in the
Indicator Statement file (# 575069). ROUTINE: EN1^AJAXEE UPPERCASE MENU

Enter/Edit Oversight Group File TYPE: run routine               CREATOR:
option will allow the user to enter new or edit existing oversight groups in the
Oversight Group file (#575065). ROUTINE: EN2^AJAXEE UPPERCASE MENU TEXT:

CANCELLATION REPORT                                                                    M

This option bypasses normal ordering, accessioning, and data entry. Where the
results are in hand and no information regarding the order is in the computer.         M
Canteen Menu Display       TYPE: run routine CREATOR: LATHAM,KAREN L
MENU TEXT: CANTEEN MENU DISPLAY                                                        M

Assists in OIG auditing. This software is a set of special reports written for the
Inspector General Office to provide consistent OIG reporting at all sites.             M
Option allows the pharmacy staff to print mailing labels for the three different size
possibilities they use.                                                                   M
WPB has empowered ADPAC's to manage their packages, patches, files, menus,
options, keys, mail groups and Service Employees.
Select ADPAC Utilities Menu Option: ??
User Management ... [AXAZ MANAGING USERS]
Key Management ... [AXAZ MANAGING KEYS]
Option Management ... [AXAZ MANAGING OPTIONS]
WPB Patch Management Interface [AXAPCH USER INTERFACE]
ADPAC - IRM options ... [AXA ADPAC IRM]
 FM VA Fileman User Menu ... [DIZUSER]

The local options allow ADPAC's to update some fields in the new person file, to
view which adpac have allocation rights to which menus/keys to request for their
service employees menus, create and maintain mail groups, view, test approve
package patches, clean up menus, build menus, view security of fileman files,
release users, check and delete disuser status and a local inquire which is in readible
format for user's access.

We send a bulletin out to all ADPAC's daily for New USERS entered into the system
and when the user will be attend New Employee Orientations. This gives ADPAC's a
chance to give proper menus out to the new users and be ready to assist user at
New Employee Orientation. Another bulletin is generated when Users change         M

Gives a report of MH patients without a primary care doctor assigned.                     M
This is a set of local mods and routines made for the OMNICELL device installation.
VEFSO OMNICELL MONITOR, PSJCOMR.                                                          M
WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPCBroker calls, and national RPCBroker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).
The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPCBroker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPCBroker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPCBroker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPCBroker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:
Fall Assessment
HBPC Note Reviewer
HBPC Nursing Admission
HBPC Nursing Note
HBPC Patient Education
HBPC Preventive Health
HBPC Survey
HBPC Form Navigator                                                                   M, Delphi
TEXT: Telephone Directory-Detailed Dept/Facility TYPE: run routine

Telephone Directory-Detailed Employee TYPE: run routine       CREATOR:

Telephone Directory-Quick Dept/Facility TYPE: run routine    CREATOR:
DIRECTORY-QUICK DEPT                                                                  M
Numerous TIU objects to provide a variety of data formats:

Lab-(~100 active) Traditional objects, plus an approach to provide a panel of like
tests providing the most recent value from the numerous like tests- needed post db

Radiology- (~15 active) Traditional impression and/or last date done

Pharmacy- (~20 active) Traditional views plus expired, certain drug classes only,
nonva meds, P&T meeting date (for substitutions),etc.

Patient demographics- (~ 80 active) Traditional data plus combat status, period of
service, service connection, etc.

Vitals- (~6 active) Traditional

Misc- Framingham risk calculation, BMI, CPT for TRUS biopsy recall, patient health
education barriers, visit/inpt info, last incidence of a certain procedure (cpt), gaf
score, ejection fraction, certain note title completion, an address that strips blank
lines from the formatting, etc.                                                         M
Displays to user upon patient lookup whether patient has had demographics
updated within last year.                                                               M

enables QM to monitor FIM (Functional Independence Measures Physical Medicine
and Rehab Services)                                                               M
This GUI form is set up to run a presentation in PowerPoint for example. The form
requires the user to sign in to VistA. It then executes the presentation in
PowerPoint. It tracks the number of minutes that the user takes to complete the
presentation. Upon tcompletion the form writes a record to a DBaseIV database.
The database can be opened using Excel to create a report of usage of the
presentation.                                                                     M, Delphi

This program consist of one file, four options, and one routine. There is only one
user option. The user option is used to setup which wards recieve Nursing Patient
Assignment Worksheets. The option sets all the fields in a local file. The data in the
file is the Nursing Ward location, printer which will print the worksheets, which time
period to print the sheets, and which days to print. Three of the options are queued
options, one for 7a.m., one for 3p.m. and one for 11p.m. The queued options
generate the actual printouts based on file parameters. Routine AGSASSV2 has been
added with three new options to call it. This addition uses the same methods to
print the Nursing End-of-shift                                                         M
The Sensitive Record Report is created by an M routine, AKWSRR, which runs
nightly and sends a bulletin to the ISO in regard to current or previous employee
admissions.                                                                            M
VISN 2 has made modifications to 3 Women's Health (WV) Class I routines.

The modification to routine WVLABWP will find the case manager for the facility of
the person who verified the lab report, and sends a mail message (test notification)
to that person.

The modification Routine WVLETDQ adds another prompt “Print by case manager?”
to the WV option PQ – Print Queued Letters – and filters the letters to print only for
the selected case manager.

 The modification to routine WVLRLINK adds a line of code to eliminate duplicate
tests being created in the women’s health package – a problem reported by VISN 2.
The routine was edited per the developer and will modified in an upcoming patch.


Pulls data from the Fee Basis Payment file. User selects a date range and then may
select additional sorts by CPT, Program type and Vendor. They may also select if
they want names, ssns, amount claimed and/or amount paid to print.                 M

Selects random records for compliance auditing                                    M
The CAIRO Toolbox will allow you to edit the following fields: INITIAL, SIGNATURE
DIGITAL PAGER.                                                                    Delphi, M

Utilized by Human Resources, Fiscal, IRM, and Employee Health to track employee
gains, losses and service transfers by pay periods.                                      M

Local Report of Contract Nursing Home Patients (fee basis).

Want only those admitted to the program during certain FYs. Need name, full ssn,
NSC or % of SC status, length of authorization which means length of time in the
NH, and the name of the nursing home. Alphabetical by pt name.                           M
This GUI form is used to track an inpatient's nursing care from admission to
discharge. The form uses a DBaseIV data base to retain data for the duration of the
patient's stay. Problems to be resolved during the patien's stay are forwarded from
a set of other forms used by other disciplines. These forms are the Inpatient H&P,
Nursing Admission Assessment, Social Work Assessment and the Nutrition Inpatient
Assessment                                                                          M, Delphi

Produces Thirdy Party Insurance Follow Up report                                        M

Report on MCCR collection statistics                                                    M

Prompts user to select a clinic or clinics and loops through 44 looking for
appointments in the date range selected. Based on the date, it jumps to the lab
dataNon for lab tests Prior Auth Consultfrom the date of dataappointment. different
The file Formulary/ for the prior year Report extracts the from several                 M
areas of vista including the consult package, the note subject field,select text from
the associated prior NF/PA note, and total number of rxs for the period requested.
The report provides two types of output in a columnar format as described below.

Report data is based on the consult note subject containing drug name, type and
action delimted with a coma.

  Example: Cilostazol,nf,0.

  1st piece is drug

  2nd piece is type of request nf - non formulary or np -prior        authorization

  3rd piece is action 0 or 'd' - denied, 1 or 'a' - accepted,or 'e'


Reason for denial is extracted from the text immediately following the word

'reason' in the body of the consult note.

Routines facilitate use of Zebra printers for CPRS labels.                              M
Program was written to electronically track compressed tour schedules and leave
requests for weekly coverage planning.                                                , Microsoft Access

 This is a set of programs that are used to display or update employee telephone
numbers. Most users can only update their own phone number. Designated
people can update all the phone numbers in their service. Lookups can be by name,
which displays only one person. Also, by phone number or service which can
display many people. Only active employees are displayed. Active users are any
user who is either a VA employee, has an active computer access code, or who is an
active provider.                                                                   M
This option lists ER Admissions, by Provider, for a date range.

This option lists any pair of ER visits that are within 72 hours of each other. Looking
the TIU Document file (#8925) for note title EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT
Printing fields: Reference Date, Patient Name, Note Signed by, and Primary
Diagnosis.                                                                              M
The primary function of this software is to generate a list of ACTIVE/ PENDING
orders for respiratory-therapy orderable items for patients who are identified as in-
patients. This function may be utilized as a scheduled task or as an interactive

A secondary function of this software is to generate an e-mailed listing of the
contents of the file #552702 and send it to a specified mail group. This file contains
a list of respiratory-therapy orderable items.                                         M
NUMBER: 11368                 NAME: AJB IRM KILL JOB MENU TEXT: Kill User
Job/Task (l) TYPE: run routine CREATOR: LEHMAN,CATHERINE R        X ACTION

System Status (l)  TYPE: run routine CREATOR: LEHMAN,CATHERINE R
STATUS (L)NUMBER: 13584                NAME: AJB RANDOM 100 MENU TEXT:
Compliance - Random 100 Routine TYPE: run routine         CREATOR:


Allows patients to self check-in by either swiping their VIC card or entering their
SSN. This reduces the amount of time spent standing in line.

See miscellaneous for local modification comments.                                    M

Checks status of lab orders and prints pending ones                                   M
NUMBER: 14602                     NAME: AJB RC SEND BACK MENU TEXT: RC SEND
BACK            TYPE: run routine CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P             PACKAGE:
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE DESCRIPTION: Allows bills to be sent back to Regional
60037,55203 UPPERCASE MENU TEXT: RC SEND BACK                                         M
This is a collection of reports by diagnoses groups with each report listing all
patients with the appropriate diagnoses/procedure codes dated within the fiscal
year being reported. It is used to print out monthly reports of discrete Dayton
patient populations at risk for amputations.                                          M
DISPLAY OPTION?: YES DESCRIPTION: Routine established to allow printing of
patient demographic information prior to appointments. ROUTINE: ARSSDRT
DEMOGRAPHICS                                                                          M
TEXT: Sensitive Patient Lookup TYPE: run routine CREATOR: VILLELLA,FRANK
MENU TEXT: SENSITIVE PATIENT LOOKUP                                                   M
TEXT: Turn-in Report for Selected Status TYPE: run routine       CREATOR:
LATHAM,KAREN L DESCRIPTION: Routine obtained from Roseburg OR VAMC for
the use of the A&MM Expendable Tech ROUTINE: AJBTISR
SELECTED ST                                                                           M

IT PAY FILE used by PM&RS staff for Incentive Therapy workers payroll and W-2
information. Program includes local routines, FM templates, and menu options;
NAME field points to PATIENT file(#2). Data is entered into local global, DIZ(676059, M

Mods to patch tracking files with supporting routines. This adds programmer
responsible fields for specific packages and prints bulletins and reports listed by
programmer and by date patch is due to be installed.                                  M

NUMBER: 13169                   NAME: AKVCT PCE/IBT COMBO MENU TEXT:
PCE/Claims Tracking combo TYPE: run routine CREATOR: ALVIAR,MARIA M
PACKAGE: AKV CT ENHANCED DESCRIPTION: This option allows the coder to
review the data entered in PCE. The progress notes can be reviewed while in PCE,
make any necessary changes to PCE, and then be automatically place in Claims
Tracking to document that the claim has been reviewed and whether or not it is
billable. Option requested by Toni Woodard to facilitate encounter cleanup and
claims tracking cleanup at the same time. ROUTINE: AKXPCEIB
PCE/CLAIMS TRACKING COMBO                                                             M
Check for Later'd Telecare Messages OUT OF ORDER MESSAGE: To be inactivated,
contact DSS for more details. TYPE: run routine           CREATOR: REED,ERIN L
TELECARE MES                                                                          M

Report provides a list of Engineering Work Orders after a date range has been
provided.                                                                             M
These are the computed findings developed locally to extract clinical data needed
for the creation of local clinical reminders:

yrs, TITLE-CONTAINS, Urine Protein NEG, V2 CREATININE > 1.4, V2 DIV AL, V2 DIV
VETERAN?                                                                              M
NUMBER: 14162                   NAME: ARDW VistaView Menu MENU TEXT: VISN
19 Data Warehouse Extraction Menu TYPE: run routine           CREATOR:
BRADLEY,JAY P DESCRIPTION: VistaView extraction Menu allows for extraction of
VistA data for the VISN 19 data warehouse. ROUTINE: ARDWVIEW UPPERCASE

NUMBER: 14161                     NAME: ARDWDWS MENU TEXT: Monthly VISN 19
Data Warehouse Extraction TYPE: run routine                  CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P
DESCRIPTION: This routine extracts data from VistA to populate the VISN 19 data
warehouse. Subject areas extracted include outpatient pharmacy, prosthetics and
reference files such as patient, staff, drug and hospital location. This routine should
be scheduled to run monthly on the first weekend of the month. An HFS device
must be designated as an output device. As each subject area is extracted, the data
is put into the ^XTMP global. When the extraction is done, the data is copied to an
HFS device in a TXT file. Then an FTP command file is submitted to transfer the data
to the VISN 19 server. When the FTP process is completed, the data is removed


User will enter a receipt number and the report will return by fund, prin, int and
adm $s and the RSC (Revenue Source Code) code.                                     M
Replaces white boards used by the Surgery Dept. to keep track of cases and
patients. The OR schedule for the day is presented on wall monitors and on the
VANJHCS intranet so doctors, nurses, and managers can see which procedures are
scheduled in which rooms and patient status (pt checked in, entering operating rm,
etc). Cases can be added and cancelled in real-time. All patient information is    Java,
HIPAA-compliant.                                                                   Javascript,SQL,Struts
TEXT: Facility Admissions with Imaging Requests TYPE: run routine
CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P DESCRIPTION: This program prints admissions (out of
file #405) and matches imaging requests for each admission. All such imaging
requests are flagged if they are "ABNORMALITY, ATTN. NEEDED". The data is
selectable by date range and may be limited to data only for CT, MRI, Ultrasound or
Mammogram, or it may encompass all imaging types. It also prints detail or only
totals. This report requires compressed print, i.e., margin width of 132 columns.
MENU TEXT: Facility Admissions with Lab Test Requests TYPE: run routine
CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P DESCRIPTION: This is an option to report facility
admissions and associated laboratory test requests. This okckage for the

TEXT: Imaging Turn-around Times TYPE: run routine CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P
DESCRIPTION: This report gives imaging turn-aroud times for the following imaging
types: CT Scan, Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI. The information is returned
is number of exams, total hours to transcribe, average hours to transcribe, total M

All patients in a date range (excluding cancelled) that have had surgery. 74 note
titles were divided in to 4 code types. 1 is pre-op process & will start looking 30
days prior to time in OR. 2 is Immediate pre-op process and will start looking 24
hours prior to time in or. 3 is Post op process and 4 is Admission process and both
will start looking 24 hrs prior to time out of OR and stop 30 days after.             M

Routine allows user to identify multiple pay periods, select a T&L and then totals
the amount of comp time earned, by employee per pp.                                   M

 This option will list new Respiratory Medication Orders and display a listing of the
current Respiratory Medications for review by the Respiratory Staff.                  M
Code goes through 459 and gets all employees. It checks then in 450 for those who
have a pay plan of fee basis and have not been separated. Then goes back to 459 to
get dollar values by pay period.                                                      M
ECAR's function is to provide a secure electronic access argreement form that can Javascript,SQL,HTML,
be used remotely throughout VISN3.                                                    Struts

Goes through the AB xref of 442, using a beginning date, and calcs
the unliquidated balances on all 1358s.                                               M

Identifies documented medications other than VA prescribed (i.e., herbals) from
NON VA MEDS file {DIZ(537145,}. This is a modification of Class III software (original
software from Bronx VA; modified by Jesse Brown VA).                                   M
Copy of Class I routine (FHBIR) renamed to ASQFHBIRTHDAY. Removed prompts for
date, location, and printer, so it can be scheduled through VistA TaskManager. M

This software provides reports to be used by Laboratory and Infection Control
Services in the Legionella Study. One group of reports will allow users to look for
increases in the number of a particular organism or the emergence and spread of a
resistant organism. Four separate reports can be generated. Information can be
grouped by location, organism, physician, and patient. Users can pre-select the
reports or reports may be selected individually. Each report can include all grouped
information or be restricted to a single group. A second group of reports will allow
the users to see if specific text such as pneumonia or infiltrate is included for test Pa
& Lat and Single View Chest Xray for the current inpatients.                              M

It generates reports with the following information:
All appointments in all clinics that are more than 30 days from “desired date”
All appointments in Primary Care that are more than 30 days from “desired date”
All appointments in any of the performance measure clinics that are 120 days or
more from “desired date”.
And related to each appointment that falls out, it provides the following
information (and more)
SITE NAME (which facility)
      SSN (of the pt)
      APT DATE
      CLINIC (actual name of the clinic)
      SC (gives whether SC or not and what percentage)
      DIF (difference between appointment date and desired date in days)
      CLERK (the person who entered the appointment)
      APT MADE (the date the appointment was entered into the scheduling
      RX (whether the pt is in receipt of a prescription, yes or no)

     DATE ENTERED INTO FILE (date the pt was entered into VISTA, registered)

     FU (whether or not this is a follow-up appointment)                                M

This GUI form provides an initial assessment or reassessment of a patient's report of
pain. Most often it is used for pain scores of 4 or greater. The form creates a TIU
Progress Note detailing the data entered. The form also sends a health factor to PCE
that works in conjunction with a Pain reminder. The reminder is triggered when a
pain score of 4 or greater is entered in vitals. Completion of the form and the
sending of the health factor will satisfy this reminder.                              M, Delphi
This local option checks to see if all inpatients have had a H&P (history and physical)
note at least once per year.                                                            M

Database management system for tracking protocol submissions through the
compliance committee process (IRB, IACUC, SRS, R&D). Also tracks and cross
references employee training status, employee project assignments, generates
agendas, minutes, and correspondence. Reconciles project status with ePROMISe
via data download with ePROMISe.                                                        , Visual Foxpro

Locally developed to include questions that are asked for the SHEP surveys.             M

VistA menu options for station phone directory and contact information.                 M

This is data base to manage Research projects and investigator compliance at the
VA Palo Alto Health Care System.                                                        Java, JavaScript, SQL

Updates the web.                                                                        M/HTML

Options used by IRM Service to enter service requests by users.                         M
Tracking database for personnel in Research (VA and WOC). Also tracks funding
dates for VA-funded PIs. Manages appointment status, generates SF-52s, space
assignments, and performance appraisals                                                 , Visual Foxpro
DGDIS      ILC McKesson Outpatient Interface

DGRPC      ILC McKesson Outpatient Interface

DGRUADT0 Skip invalid ward for RAI/MDS

ECXAPRO Added AMIS GROUPER to the report for Prosthetics Service AND show
info when crash occurs                                                                  M
Lab requested that the core report for incomplete test be broken out to report by
division. Report shows test, urgency, accession number, date/time, location, SSN,
patient and status of specimen.                                                         M
This requires that the user select a division. Prints a report of ordered tests for a
collection type (LAB COLLECT, SEND PATIENT or WARD COLLECT) and a date. Core
code copied, then modified.                                                             M

Telephone directory of current employees consisting of 13 options and en editor
menu consisting of add/edit options                                                     M
Looks in file 68 after the Lab nightly jobs are done and reports
how many "9" nodes have been created. It takes a 9 node to
detemine for sure that the rollover has completed. Sends alert to LIM and IRMS
staff.                                                                                  M
Reports that can give Readmissions within XX hours                                       M

Report given to patient on discharge, listing active rxs with expanded sig.              M

Reports created for ISO for sensitive patients documentation                             M

Special Reports for billing & insurance that provide high-dollar clinics, insurance, &
no billable insurance information (seven each). future clinic appointments. A
The software permits the entry of reminders for                                          M
nightly is queued to print the reminders and send messages regarding letters that
will not be printing, such as deceased patients, and patients who came in before the
reminder date to the same clinic or an associated clinic.

Local Modifications to the software were made. Northport created a local file to
enable the users to send unique reminder letters to clincs with specific clinic stop
codes, and have the reminders print to the stop code specific printers. Other local
options created:


This option allows entry/edit of clinics to be searched through, for the CLINICS W/O
REMINDERS report. This option is being added to the Reno Open Access project.



Report searches for primary care clinic appointments and tries to find a matching
reminder in the Reno Open Access software. Patients with no matching reminders
are flagged and printed. Patients with future appointmentsor future reminders for
other primary care clinics are printed. A matching reminder is a reminder for the
same clinic as the appointment.


Report searches for primary care clinic appointments and tries to find a matching        M

Series of reports tasked to generate data at different times throughout the day.         M

This option assists social work staff in tracking the length of stay for inpatients.     M
This report asks for a specific date and a specified military increment of time and
searchs the PTF file for patients admitted during that time period on the dates
requested.                                                                            M

Display of limited information for users with T&L (time and leave) access to
indicated employee                                                                    M

This is a report on patients with a discharge date but who did not have a NURS
DISCHARGE note. Info comes from PFT file.                                             M
The main purpose of these reports/applications is to report information about
patients that is pertinent to fee base.                                               M

Options for reporting by anesthesiologist, report of cases that are missing correct
Anes Care start/end times, report for surgeon credentialling.                        M
Request was to get the total number and dollar value of the short term fee
authorizations and the # and dollar value of those actually received. They also want
those that were authorized but no claims done.                                       M
Report for the Business Office that lists the provider, degree, svc/section, person
class, area os specialization, va code and
 specialty code.                                                                     M

Designed for COS office to enter physician on call schedule and send to mailgroup.    M
Report to find appts for patients w/Tricare or ChampVA eligibility 15 days into the
future. Option, SDZR/TRICARE EMAIL scheduled to run each Fri @0600hrs with
results delivered in an email message to Business Office.                             M

Various TIU objects used to pull information from Pharmacy, Pt demographics, Lab
results,mamograms,PCP for use in TIU templates, Clinical Reminders and generic
orders. These object utilize various routines from Phoenix, VAMC.                     M
Ethic Consult to Ethics Advisory Committee

Communication Tool between Employees and Ethic Advisory Committee concerning
patient ethics concern. This option resides in the common option menu and uses
routine AXAETHIC. The purpose of this routine is to display instruction of ethical
issues and then allow user to send questions to a mail group (ETHICS) information
only in one step.

Abuse Reporting

Communication Tool between Employees and Abuse Team concerning patient
abuse concerns. This option resides in the common option menu and uses routine
AXABUSE. The purpose of this routine is to display instruction of abuse issues and
then allow user to send information to a mail group (ABUSE) information only in
one step.                                                                             M
We have wards set up for our day stay surgery so that orders can be written within
CPRS. As these are not true wards, patients admitted need to have their admission
deleted at the end of the day, so that the G&L stays correct. This bulletin runs at 2
different times at the end of the day to check if any patients are remaining and send
a message to a mailgroup for action.                                                     M
The Mental Health Service Line (MHSL) Electronic Log will replace the manual
recordings of all patient and shift activity currently being tracked by the staff within
the Mental Health Service Line.
The MHSL Electronic Log is an option that consists of a listing of menu options that
will allow the staff to enter/edit patient and shift activity. The activity entered is
based on the three shifts currently assigned to the staff. The activity for each
individual shift should be entered during the shift worked. The user can optionally
print a report of log activity for any date. Activity includes admissions, transfers,
discharges, absent bed check, ASIH, return from ASIH, and many others including
the staffed assigned for each shift. An email message will be automatically
generated on a daily basis at the end of the overlapping period following the
midnight shift. The message will report the patient and shift activity for all shifts
beginning with the previous day’s Day shift and ending with current date’s Midnight
shift. The email message is sent as priority and information only to the G.MHLOG
mail group. You will not be able to reply to the message or edit old shift
information.                                                                             M

Software to maintain property passes for equipment issues to employees. Also
includes the ability to send bulletin to a mailgroup if decativated users still has
equipment signed out and if item is marked as returned in equipment inventory file. M

Routines written to tie the mental health data entry (with modification to meet
JCAHO standards) to a TIU progress note. Completion of mh data entry compiles
the note and uses the TIU parameters for note completion and signature. Beginning
in the MH package provides the tracking to support timely release.                M
This package allows the Prosthetic Service to track patients on the Home Oxygen
Therapy Program.                                                                  M

A collection of options used by IRM to enhance user access management.              M
Local Routine/Option/File used when Facility needs to Vote on issue or selection of
a person.

Option located under common option menu. Turned off/on my key when it needs
to be used.                                                                            M

Routine used for the interfacing of the Microbilogy MicroScan (LabPro) instrument
with VistA via the Data Innovations Instrument Manager. Routine LA7UIIN3               M

Series of reports for nursing - ADT data, man hours, productive hours, and
workload. Options are available to manually run the reports and a select few are
tasked to run every two weeks for inclusion in Nursing dashboard project.              M
Reports provide data for nursing management on salaries, manhours, productive
hours, family care leave                                                           M

Epidemic Surveillance System                                                       SQL, M, SQL
Excel formated report to list appointments that were cancelled after their
scheduled appointment time.                                                        ,M

Series of reports to summarize time & costs, tech hours for engineering shops      M
Infection Control tasked printout of results of spore testing on
SPD sterilization devices. This printout is neccessary to
 assure compliance following a recent JCAHO visit. Tasked to printout on SPD and
Infection Control Printers daily.                                                  M

Used to look up patient address for mailing if leave without picking up personal
effects                                                                           M
WPB has provided tools and reports to enhance and simplify supporting order entry
results/reporting within CPRS
Unsigned Orders with Order dialogue
Search Orders for specific
Employee Health List Edit
Update Voluntary List
Pending Occult Blood Orders
Stats for Orders
Orders Placed by Radiologists
Unsigned Orders with Order dialogue
Orders, Entered By' Not Equal 'Signed By'
Purge Unsigned/Unreleased Orders 30 days old
Breakfast Lodger Meal
Evening Lodger Meal
Inactivate Lodger Meal
Noon Lodger Meal
Purge Notifications by User
Search for Discharge Orders                                                       M

Report that gives admission transfer and discharge statistics for Nursing          M

VISTA display of brief information on selected provider                            M

Routine to provide listing of veterans who visited ER past 24 hrs.                 M
This Option is a Utilization review for Followup Hepatitis C Testing. Enter Multiple
Patient Names to extract all Liver and Hepatitis Lab Test Results and Comments for
the past 3 Months.                                                                   M
Patient Safety Information system - supports development and management of
patient safety Root Cause Analysis data at field facilities.                         MS Access, VB, SQL

WPB has provided tools and reports to extract data from the Text Integration
Utilities files to the specifications of their local users:
Author/Title Report (local)
Print Service Uncosigned Progress Notes
Print Service Unsigned Progress Notes
Titles and Dates for Patient Labels
New TIU Document Totals
Check for New Patient using Primary Care Notes
Print Progress Notes for A Patient
Pharmacy Notes by Signer
Pharmacy Service Notes
Search for Text Orders                                                                 M
This package is used for checking library items (books, videos, tapes, etc) in/out and
is tied to the patient file. It can look up books like a card catalog and
patients/employees can be checked on to see if they have anything checked out. It
is also used for printing catalog cards, and labels.                                   M
WPB has developed tools for HIMS to edit, extract and print medical record data. A
local file was developed to maintain release of information data along with options
to enter,view and retrieve data. Below are the listed
the menus:
HIMS Transcription Menu
Remove Cosign on Note PM
Performance Monitor
HIMS Medicine Procedure Fixes
HIMS Remove TIU from Consult
MAS Patient Information
Temporary PN entry
Temporary Cosign required PN entry
Outside Transcription Menu
ROI Other Comment List
ROI Purpose Statistics
ROI - Display Rescissions
ROI - Enter/Edit Rescission
ROI - Enter New Request
ROI - Print
ROI - View an Entry
List ROI by Date/Purpose/Releaser
List ROI by Date/Releaser/Purpose
List Providers with List Privileges
List ROI by Date/Releaser/Purpose
List Providers with List Privileges
List ROI by Purpose/Date/Releaser
List ROI by Purpose/Releaser/Date                                                     M
Patient Safety Information system - allows VISN level view of patient safety RCA      VB, JavaScript, SQL,
data submitted by VISN facilities.                                                    VBScript
Case Managers enter data into this program that helps them track their patients
and future appointment needs.                                                         M
Identify patients with coronary artery

disease and ischemic heart disease who have an LDL >100.                              M
Queuable option to run the Encounter 'Action Required' Report in detail for the
previous work day at various CBOC's. The report specifically prints encounters for
the Primary Care/Medicine Stopcode in Date/Time sequence for the selected
location.                                                                             M
Routines ALWGPLC and ALWGPLC1 combine to create various health summary
protocols that fulfill JCAHO requirements for problem list                            M

Simple front end to the reminders report of the Clinical Reminders package            M
This is a series of locally created delta cheks. The include the following: MB Index,
Acid Phosphatase, Hemoglobin (Based on percentage of change instead of absolute
change).                                                                              M
These options are used by IRM staff and also include some options for use by CAC's. M
WPB has developed utilites to extract, print and report from the Consult
Management files.
These are the utilites we have provided locally for our staff:
Consults Sent After Hours
Consult Tracking Service
Consults by Day Report
Consult Mean Completion Times
Completed Consults
Consult Stats Report
Consult Completion Statistics
Consult DCd/Canceled Statistics
Print Consults by Status with Notes
Print all Pending Consults by Service
Print all Pending Consults by Service                                               M

This routine, AKWCMR, will convert existing CRM's to a new CMR depending on the
selected Category Stock Number.                                                         M
This option asks the user for a date range, and then reports on all bills in that range
in the Explanation of Benefits file #361.1.

Its output is ";" delimited.                                                          M

Searches for Primary Care patients
Counts Per Provider: Provider Panel, Demographic Measures, Outpatient Utilization,
Inpatient Utilization, Top 10 DRG, VA Specialty Visits, Continuity Measures,
Outpatient Pharmacy, Radiology Measures, and Clinicical Reminders.                 M

This are web-based applications that allow the user to look up either an employee
phone number, reverse-lookup number, or provide a listing of employees by station
and service. The application pulls from a SQL table which has been populated with
data from VISTA using a weekly KB-SQL extract.                                      Cold Fusion, SQL, asp
Kathy Gottschall asked me to create an option to let her know whenever a patient
whose current enrollment status is 'Rejected; Initial Application by VAMC' has been
given an appointment.                                                               M
This Software starts in the Fee Basis Payment File and Searches

 patient by DFN. For each DFN the search looks at each Vendor listed for this DFN.
Within the Vendor file traverses thru the multiple PATIENT VISIT TYPEs for Date
Paid. If the Date Paid is within the period specified by the User of this option and
the patient is listed with a type of SHORT TERM or HOME NURSING, the application
will then extract the Authorization pointer and use

this to get the Diagnosis from the Fee Basis Patient File. This option prints all POV's.
Data printed to the screen is delimited by "^", for transfer to Excel.

2.Civil Hospital payments that are linked with Fee authorizations. Each of the
authorizations has a purpose of visit that is used to separate the authorizations.         M

Searches for Mental Health panel patients:

Counts per Provider: Demographic Measures, Outpatient Utilization, Inpatient
Utilization, Top 10 DRG, VA Specialty Visits, Outpatient Pharmacy, Pharmacy
Measures 1/2/3, Radiology Utilization, Clinical Reminders                                  M

Options for the G&L at White City                                                          M

Identify stop codes whose clinics at SF VAMC are visited by patients whose counties
are served by the CBOCs. Such stop codes could be candidates to having equivalent
clinics established at the CBOCs, thus better serving the patients, so they don't have
to travel as far to get the care they need.                                            M

Used for X-Rays read by ATR when Radiology is not-available                                M
GMRAPEM0 ILC McKesson Inpatient Robot Interface

GMRAVAM0 ILC McKesson Inpatient Robot Interface

Runs through the PTF file and gets patients discharged during a date range from
psych wards. Of those patients, it notes which ones have had an encounter in 30
days from the date of discharge.                                                           M

GMRVED2 ILC McKesson Inpatient Robot Interface                                             M

Local report to print the operation report - includes desired fields for coding            M
Gives options for printing ward admissions/discharges by date, and census on ASIH
days or ASIH by ward locations.                                                          M
Multiple Routines:
Searching for patients seen in different groups (primary care, sci, firm, cboc,
females), then evaluating specific reminders for each group                              M
This option is used to toggle the current address status field of the patient file for a
patient from valid to invalid and back. It can also be sued to print a patient's address
on a device (ex, address label printer)                                                  M

Tracking application for workers comp management                                          VB, SQL
Series of routines and Options for Critical Abnormal Labs

CRITICAL VALUE REPORT-software to comply with CAP regulation. Will search, by
requested Accesion area, for critical values for specified time period
Withinaccession area will print by Patient name: 1. The Critical value of a test 2. The
value of the same test just prior to the critical value. 3. The value of the same test
just following the critical value. 4. The comment for the critical value that should
include who was notified.

Lab Abnormal Value -same as above only report is for abnormal Values


Software makes calls to AFRLSOR1, AFRLSOR2 and AFRLSOR3.

Ask date range,accession area,Lab test how to sort. The critical report created
includes the verification time of Labs.                                                   M
This Vendor Data Cleansing Report displays open POs created within the last 12
months for local vendors that do not have an FMS code.                                    M
SEARCH for patients with an outpatient visit during past week.
User can select one/all divisions, 1+/all clinics.
Not looking at stops to Lab or Xrays.
Not looking at visits to East Liverpool or Otis Moss.

ELIMINATIONS: Patient will NOT be included if any of the following are met:

1. Dietetic Encounter within 365 days:
Patient has an encounter in the Dietetic package with the past 365 days.

2. Hemodialysis/Renal/HBHC visit within past month:
Patient was seen in either the W HEMODIALYSIS*, W RENAL*, W
W HBHC clinics within past 30 days.

3. Currently Enrolled in Hemodialysis/Renal/HBHC clinic:
Patient is currently enrolled in one of the following clinics: W HEMODIALYSIS*,

4. Future Nutrition/Dietetics appointment:
Patient has a future appointment to W RENAL* clinics or stop code 123, 124, or

5. More than 3 No Shows with 1 year:
Patient has had more than 3 No Show appointments within the past 365 days.

6. Consult to Nutrition within 1 year.
prints a patient problem list for a selected date for a selected group of Prmary Care
clinics.                                                                              M
Copied National routine IBOHLD1 and made modifications to print rx numbers that
are not billed and to include whether or not the patient has RX coverage. A local
menu option created to call the modified routine.                                     M

Evaluate if inpatient who ultimately expired were referred to hospice/palliative
care.                                                                              M
prints inpatients who have no discharge date in PTF file but an expected discharge
date in TMT plan file.                                                             M
This is a package of routines and options which provides information on fileman
access to a given package. Data fields have been added to the New Person file and
the Package file to track application coordinator information along with package
access.                                                                            M
This applications allows VISN 2 users to document the followup phone call made to
patients who are discharged from the hospital.                                    M, Delphi

Information concerning the Residential Care Program                               M
Copied National routine IBOHLD2 and made modifications to print rx numbers that
are not billed and to include whether or not the patient has RX coverage. A local
menu option created to call the modified routine.                                 M

WHEN.                                                                                   M
Allows a user to select a drug class or drug name, and get a list of other drugs in the
same class. There is an option in VISTA and a GUI look-up off the tools menu in
CPRS.                                                                                   M, Delphi

Jane Hageman asked me the following:The contractor at the Eureka CBOC has
requested a report to help them with the annual reviews of their Nurse Practitioner.
I don't have a canned report that will give me the patient name and the diagnosis. I
can get one or the other, but not both. Can you help?
I have had requests for this type of thing in the past so a report like this will be
useful to more than one clinic chief.                                                M

This file was created to store surgery cancellation reasons as published by the Chief
of Staff's office. These reasons are connected with the Surgery Package
cancellations reasons. A report can be generated which will sub-total the number
of surgeries by cancellation reason.                                                  M
ILC interface for Parata Outpatient Medication dispensing system. Local
modifications have been made by VISN 2 due to our unique configuration with
multiple sites/one system. Some of our sites use the dispensing robot and others
do not.                                                                               M
LA7DLOC Modified to divert Chem, and Micro lab test PICIS

LA7DVEXT Modified to add Snomed code in to lab HL7 message for PICIS

correct and prevent lab results being assigned to the wrong DFN per CIS patch
instructions modified to skip the Greenwich time, back to old format Receives X as
CCYYMMDDHHMM and returns X as internal date/time *OBSOLETE (emtek)

Zebra printer)



Displays phone number and displays flag if address need updating                     M, Fileman
 TYPE: Broker (Client/Server)       CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P
DESCRIPTION: This option is for broker calls. VANOD is the national Nursing
Outcomes Data project in VACO and based in Seattle Contact: Yu-Fang Li,
RPC: VANOD ROU                                                                          M
PRSEED4 Added a list of local fields that can be edited for the option “CLASS FILE
EDIT:”                                                                                  M

Delphi app that parses contingency data into individual pt data for viewing or
printing.User can view/print single pt or entire clinic. A version that encrypts pt data
is developed but not implemented at present.                                             Delphi
Frank Schoenfeld asked for an application to display the upcoming appointments of
OEF/OIF veterans at MP or Womens clinic, so that a PTSD Team member could
meet them.

The application emails a weekly list of upcoming appointments.                          M
This routine will send an alert and an e-mail on the first day of each quarter to all
Service chiefs with employees having valid Person classes. The e-mail will list all
those individuals, their person class, and its expiration date, if any. It will also list
the individual's electronic signature block information. The alert will allow the
Service Chief, Assistant Chief, or ADPAC to certify the people in their services with
unexpired person classes. The alert will be redelivered daily for 30 days, but the e-
mail will only be delivered on the first day of the quarter. After 31 days, the alerts
will be removed and delivered to the Chief of MAS, the Assistant Chief MAS, and the
ADPAC for MAS for followup.

The intent is for the service to review the person classes and signature block
information assigned to their staff to ensure that both remain accurate. Accurate
person classes are crucial to getting full credit for the work done by those who take
care of our patients. For accurate documentation, it is imperative that the
electronic signature block appropriately reflect the individual's credentials and title. M
Patient Safety Information system - allows NCPS staff to view patient safety RCA
data submitted by facilities and enter value added data.                                 MS Access, VB, SQL

Takes large paper spreadsheet used to document RT and files it as 50 text files in
VistA. Delphi GUI interface allows for viewing and entering data. RPC's store data in
Vista. Became moot after purchase of new RT computer system                           Delphi
PSGDSP Syracuse Mod Rx Laser Labels for discharge instruction

PSGPLFM Send the 'NO DRUG COST FOUND’ mail message to Holders of the PSJU
MGR key


 TYPE: run routine            CREATOR: LEHMAN,CATHERINE R



A08 v2.3 MESSAGE.

This option is not intended to be run from programmer mode. No output to the

screen is intended. When this job is scheduled through TaskMan a routine will

loop through the Hospital Location file "S" node and generate an A08 HL7 v2.3

message for all appointments for today that have a status of "No action taken"

or "Future".

It should be scheduled to run after midnight but before 0400 hours.

PSGMAR3 Modified for BCMA printing of the 24 hrs MAR                             M

Special menu for the Inspector General office for various reports.               M
NAME: VEFSO O ACTIVATE FACILITY        MENU TEXT: Activate a Receiving Facility

 TYPE: run routine           CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P

DESCRIPTION: Activates a Receiving Facility.




 MENU TEXT: Deactivate a Receiving Facility

 TYPE: run routine           CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P

DESCRIPTION: Deactivates a Receiving Facility



NAME: VEFSO O PATIENT DISPLAY          MENU TEXT: Display Queue for a Patient
The program consists of one routine and a new menu option, which was added to
the existing class 1 option. The program performs a data extract of all MHV
participants.                                                                      M
This application was designed to track work orders for IRM. There are seven menu
options design for various IRM sections and ADP Coordinators. There are 43 option.
7 Local files                                                                      M
                                                                                   JavaScript, SQL,
Supports development and management of patient safety alerts.                      VBScript

 MENU TEXT: Copy M Object to Another M Object

 TYPE: run routine             CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P

DESCRIPTION: This option allows the user to copy the definition from one M

Object to a new M Object without having to manually re-enter all of the




NAME: VEPE M OBJECT CREATE/EDIT             MENU TEXT: Enter/Edit M Objects

 TYPE: run routine             CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P


DESCRIPTION: This routine is a front end to creating and editing M Objects.

Used in tandem with the ENOSUS IE product.

   The IRM Electronic Equipment Request package allows selected users to request
IT equipment. The request is routed through the Service approving official to the
IRM approving official and to the IRM technicians when ultimately approved for
installation. Reports and tracking tools facilitate the process.                  M

PSGOER API to the ILC McKesson Inpt Robot and Pyxis Interfaces

PSGOERI Removed verifying nurse and physician from receiving Med Orders
Automatically Re-Instated mail Messages

PSGOETO ILC McKesson Inpatient hooks for PYXIS and Accudose Interface

PSGOEV ILC McKesson hooks for the Inpatient Robot and Pyxis Interfaces. Also local
Mod for the food/drug notification for dietetics (D DIET^AOWFDN)

this option prints patient info for which there is insurance billed at sites other than
the home site                                                                             M
On-line AIS Agreement form.                                                            .NET, SQL

Displays Resident competencies by PG Year and level.                                 Cold Fusion, SQL
The application allows managers to input SF-52 data using simplified intranet-based
data entry. Once submitted, the request may be tracked by the manager using the
intranet. Human Resources staff have the ability to assign and reassign the SF-52 to .NET, SQL, AZMan,
membe                                                                                ADAM

Web based application provides HR staff and managers with commonly needed
staffing reports as well as capability of creating reports as needed.                  Cold Fusion, SQL
The EMI is a "one-stop-Employee-data-shop" repository, developed to speed the
development of client applications. Employee data is extracted from heterogenous
sources (Active Directory, VISTA Paid and New Person files, Police & Security badge    M, .NET, Cold Fusion,
system, etc).                                                                          SQL
Online submission and tracking for the Employee of the Month program. The
application is similar to the Employee Suggestion Program (it uses the same
database), but is used for this different VAGLAHS program.                             Cold Fusion, SQL
Web based, data driven, EMI enabled application which facilitates the logging of
keys, assignment of keys to GLA employees, matching of keys to locations, matching
of employees and locations, tracking of keys, and the retrieval of keys from
employees at t                                                                         .NET, Cold Fusion, SQL
The Policy Tracker is an automated workflow application that facilitates the
creation, collaboration, approval, and publishing of Medical Center Policies. GLA
Policies merges client server and web based functionality to promote a broad level
of collaborat                                                                          Cold Fusion, SQL

Web Application & SQL Server database. Application allows Employee Education to
manage resident processing in association with Human Resources.                     Cold Fusion, SQL
Automated Position Distribution Listings using standardized/approved Position
distribution listings and unique PD numbers in PAID. By combining PDL's with PAID
data automatically we can generate PDL's, identify vacancies and facilitate the use
of ARPA to                                                                          .NET, SQL
This application allows scheduling of NEO for incoming employees - Part of WebHR
overall application                                                                 .NET, SQL

Application for entering/editing/ tracking Personal Development Plans.                 .NET, SQL
Web based, data driven, EMI enabled application which facilitates searching of
employee contact information.                                                          Cold Fusion, SQL
This application allows Clinical Management to track the status of Title 38 employee
proficiencies.                                                                         Cold Fusion, SQL
This project is designed to help Process Solutions staff better manage projects.
Developers and application clients can communicate and document product issues,
enhancement requests, bug fixes, etc.                                                  Cold Fusion, SQL
This project is designed to help CEO Staff to better manage projects. Project
managers and project clients can discuss and document projuct issues, timelines,
etc.                                                                                   Cold Fusion, SQL
Captures HR workload, streamlines productivity and provides canned and AdHoc
reports. WebHR Supports the following features: Automation of data collection,
Automation of HR processes, Report Generation (PME, Balanced Scorecard), Web
Interface (WebHR, SQL                                                                  .NET, SQL

Syncs Remedy inv and A/M                                                               Mumps/Fileman

Telephone directory from GAL                                                           Mumps/Fileman

Patient appt recall system                                                             Mumps/Fileman

Disaster handling                                                                      Mumps/Fileman

Automates access requests                                                              Mumps/Fileman

Automated Green Book to keep up with mailouts                                          Mumps/Fileman

Print Drug Report/Letters to Vets on certain drugs                                     Mumps/Fileman

Radiology Transcription Line Count for HIMS                                            Mumps/Fileman
This is a cube that contains active data from the Accounts Receivable file. It links
this data with data from the BillClaims file. The cube can be used to categorize the
bills by age (0-90, 91-120, 121-180, and >365)                                         Cache Objects, SQL

GUI application that aids nursing staff in completing their Nursing Admission
Assessment Note.                                                                       M, Delphi

 TYPE: run routine            CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P



 Option for PCG staff to move uploaded files (FACILITY*.txt)

 in Windows FTP Server Anonymous directory to PCG directory and then remove

 files from Anonymous directory.



 TYPE: run routine            CREATOR: BRADLEY,JAY P


DESCRIPTION: Option for PCG staff to retrieve the monthly extract

Communication tool for conveying vital but non-emergent information to patient        JavaScript, SQL,
safety community                                                                      VBScript

Audrey Stephens requested a capability to search for patients who were prescribed
certain drugs by certain providers during a certain date range. Here's her request:

We are getting ready at Santa Rosa to set up the "automatic" narcotic renewal
program and need to have a search done of our patients on narcotics. We will be
setting up an Access Database similar to the one used currently in Pharmacy Service
by Louise Wu to print out the actual Rxs. Here is the narcotics list: CODEINE SO4
30MG TAB ***PLAIN*** [She goes on to list other narcotics.]

We want to know our patients prescribed these narcotics within last 3 months by
our providers.                                                                        M
Automates placing a progress note in all inpatient charts stating there was a
computer downtime and to look at the patient record.                                   M
The Continuing Medical Education Package consists of a set of locally created
programs and two files that allows tracking and reporting of continuing education
seminars and courses offered at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical
Center.                                                                                M

1. Print Renewal RXs:prints a list of patients with RENEWAL field set equal to "YES",
for yesterday's date. 2. Print n+ Active RX's In Certain Drug Classes: This option
iterates through all of the prescriptions in the Prescription File (#52) and for each
patient, extracts all of the active RX's with n+ prescriptions in four specified drug
classes: CN302, CN400, CN609 and CN709                                                M

This is a cube that contains data extracted from the Explanation of Benefits file that
has a claim status of "denied".                                                        Cache Objects, SQL
Modification to routine ORWPT1 was added to display 'RED TEAM'
or 'BLUE TEAM', to the right of the Attending name, on the Header of each tab in
Field 548015, in file 200, was added to identify the HOSPITALIST
TEAM (set of codes)                                                                    M

1. Inpatients with nutrition status level: creates a report on inpatients showing their
nutrition status level. 2: modified version of option FHASNR4: prints a patient or all
of the patients with a selected minimum amount of prescription.                         M
Local option located under Common Menus to request an escort.
The routine prompts users for certain information, i.e, Patient; Speciman or Other,
Pickup location, Destination, Bed gurey, wheelchair, special instructions. The
routine then sends email to escort group. The information is stored in local file for
management purposes.                                                                    M

We utilize a variety of Class III routines to pull Vista data from various packages into
a TIU Progress Note to help clinical staff document in the CPRS patient record.          M
Allow users to have view only access to all tabs in CPRS.
Created a modification to routines (ORQQCN2 & TIURSVP) to
make a call to a local routine (AXAASU). The modification
limits users with a local ASU Class (VIEW ONLY USER) from
writing progress notes, addenda and entering comments to
consults. The local ASU class is used in conjunction with
the parameter ORWOR DISABLE ORDERING.                                                    M
This GUI form is designed to track a patient's progress through an episode of
restraint/seclusion. Data for the episode is stored in a DBaseIV data base. The initial
assessment initiates a TIU progress note and stores the note's IEN in the data base.
Subsequent assessments are automatically addended to the original progress note.

When the patient is released from restraints/seclusion the total time in restraints is
calculated an added to the final addendum. After the final addendum is entered in
TIU, the patient's record is deleted from the restraint/seclusion data base.           M, Delphi

COTS GUI program designed to assist in the preparation of Mental Health
Treatment Plans.                                                                          M, Delphi
Routine will print all the clinics for a stop code that has a null inactive date and null
reactive date, or those clinics with a reactive date that is at least one month prior
to the month requested. of Delphi, local RPC Broker calls, and national RPC Broker M
WPB used a combination
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPC Broker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPC Broker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPC Broker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPC Broker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:

Anesthesia Menu
Anesthesia Pre and Post Operative Assessment
Brain Death Note
Cerebrovascular Duplex Evaluationr
Form used to declare a patient brain dead.
Informed Consent Note
Invasive Procedure Database Update (NO NOTE)
Invasive Procedure Note - includes arterial line, central line, bone marrow, LP,          M, Delphi

Billing software for Delinquent Bills due                                                 M
Communication tool for sharing completed HFMEA (Health Care Failure Mode and            JavaScript, SQL,
Effect Analysis) descriptions and contact information.                                  VBScript

Software used by the Tele-Nurse Program to retrieve patient medical records from
VISTA and then to log new information of the call as a telephone encounter.      SQL
Reporting software for IG involving Wait Times, Turn Around Times and Number of
Requests for Laboratory and Imaging                                              M

Report Models are built using department/user specific SQL Server 2005 tables in
the data warehouse. End-users activate Microsoft's Ad-Hoc reporting tool, Report
Build, through Reporting Services. This tool give the end-user the ability to explore
the data model, create their own reports, and save then to the server for later use. SQL

This software was created to store requests that an application coordinator may
submit to IRM. It will keep track of the requests for primary menu additions,
secondary menu options, keys and mailgroup additions and subtractions. A
template will allow the coordinators to enter in the request while a separate
template allows the proper IRM staff member to review, accept or disallow the
request. A print template will print out all of the requests that have not been
completed so that the progress of the request can be tracked each day.                  M

These GUI forms were designed to use a single FileMan data base. Using this design
data can be shared among all the forms. The Nursing ER Assessment allows a nurse
to sign off a note at end of a shift; the following nurse can pick up the patient and
automatically append to the previous note. The AOD Log is designed to be able to
sign a patient into the ER and track the patient's progress from Triage to the ER. The
AOD Log also produces a daily(24 hr) log in an Excel spreadsheet that consolidates
all the activity in the ER.                                                            M, Delphi
ACCESS TO DO SQL QUERIES.                                                              , MDE,SQL
Software connection into the Telecare Record Manager (TRM) to identify the calls
taken by individual sites. Lists all calls in a quick view window. Can be manipulated
to print out by call types, dates, etc...                                              SQL

A routine which enters a note reflecting the timeframe of computer downtime. The
routine was originally from Phoenix and addressed current inpatients. It was
modified to enter outpatient appts scheduled during that timeframe and the ability
to address individual divisions (CBOCs) if needed.                                      M
Users can electronically sign the Rules of Behavior & Cyber Security form on a yearly
basis.                                                                                  M
COLONOSCOPY PREP WILL WORK BEST FOR THE PATIENT                                         , M,DELPHI
 This software facilitates the proper coding procedures for patient
 billings and helps in recovering medical costs.                                        M
Utilized for a patient's health summary during a computer crash or extended               M, Delphi, C++, DCL,
downtime. It is used for current inpatients, and outpatients who were seen in the         batch file on ftp
last 2 years.                                                                             server

Software used to send third party billing information to vendor (BRSI).                   M

Tracks user requests (from receipt to resolution) to the facility Help Desk.              M
Contract management tool for NCPS contracts and recurring license and
maintenance agreements.                                                                   MS Access, VB, SQL

PSGPER ILC Mckesson Inpatient Robot Interface                                             M

Information Security Awareness and HIPAA training module. When signing onto
CPRS or VistA users will be prompted to take the training if it has been one year
since their last training. The place where it checks fr their last training date is in the
New Person File with a local created date field.                                           Delphi

Local mod in CORE routine to add vendor number to print                                   M

Several routines used by nursing staff to generate a variety of reports for
undocumented prn effectiveness.                                                           M

Provides a graphical interface to viewing the VistA error trap. Has built in
functionality to sort by DUZ, type of error etc. Allows for count of a particular type
of error to show analysis of frequency. Provides ability to comment on problem
solving and serve as later resource for continued error.                               M, Delphi

Locates new cases of major depressive disorder                                       M
                                                                                     JavaScript, SQL,
Patient Safety Manager, Patient Safety Officer, other patient safety contact/mailing VBScript, MS Access,
tracking/management system.                                                          VB

The pharmacy orderable items with potential food drug interactions were marked
with a warning and displayed to the pharmacists during order verification.

Tasked option to run every hour to create health summaries for inpatients and
Tricare patients that copies to the local drives of designated pcs in case of computer
downtime. Text files can be viewed fromt he contingency pcs.                           M

Setting up locations within OE/RR has been standardized and is increasingly
essential since the implementation of physician order entry. To provide service
copies for processing and chart copies for filing, it is extremely important to have
accurate site parameters. These options are executed quarterly to check the
standardized site parameters and alert staff to any exceptions to standardized
values. It identifies currently inactive clinics/wards, delete the entry in the
PARAMETERS file for each and print a report listing each. Generates a report of
entries for Active Clinics/Wards in file #44 for which there is no entry in file 8989.5.
Checks the designated site parameters for compliance with designated values. A
report is generated listing clinics and wards and their non-compliant parameter
This is Fileman menu, edit/print/inquire menu option or deleted.
values.aTracks whenever a parameter is added, changedto keep track of our WOC or M
non paid people working at the facility:

Select Non-Paid Master Menu Option: ?

 1    CFL Non-Paid Menu ...

 2    OD Non-Paid Menu ...

 3    OAA Non-Paid Menu ...

 4    HR Non-Paid Menu ...

 5    RESEARCH Non-Paid Menu ...

 6    VOLUNTEER Non-Paid Menu ...

 7    CONTRACTING Non-Paid Menu ...

 8    LIBRARY Non-Paid Menu ...

 9    HR Approved Display


This is a VISN 8/JAH VAMC sponsored Inpatient Satisfaction Survey                    M
Captures via HL7 messages to the PYXIS server to update PYXIS Med machines at
the nurses station and OR as to patients on the wards.                               M

This form creates on call dates so that you always have 365 days to enter/edit the
on-call person. A second tab lets you view/print the 365 day on-call schedule.       M, Delphi

Used by Pharmacy staff to capture delayed, pending, and unreleased medication
orders from the ORDERS FILE for patients scheduled for surgery in user defined date
range. Pharmacy staff uses this worksheet to manually prepare these medications. M

Tracks patients that need to return for care.                                      M
 The Non-Va Meds project was initiated at the NJHCS. It's purpose was to display
critical or significant drug-drug interactions between Non-Va Drugs and Va-Meds by
notifying the physician or pharmacist interactively of any negative interactions.
This 3rd class software was used in the development of the 1st class Non-Va Drugs
interaction software. editing screens 1-5 to now allow editing of
Making a change from                                                               M
screens 1-11.
The Pre-Register a Patient option is similar to the Load/Edit Patient
Data option, however, where the "load/edit" option displays 15 screens, the
"prereg" option only displays 5 screens. BOST requested access to the first 11
screens in "prereg" .
Modifications were made to routine DGRPV to allow access to the first 11 screens,
as well as enter the date/time stamp that is available in the "prereg" option, but not
the "load/edit" option.
Below are the modifications made to routine DGRPV:
Line SC7+6
    . S DGRPVV="000001111111111"
    . S DGRPVV="000000000001111" ;MON/DDE-DG*436*05
(On this line, each 0 or 1 represents the screen numbers in
registration. The 0 indicates the screen can be edited and the 1
indicates it cannot be edited. The line was changed to have 11 zeroes (rather than
the initial 5 zeroes) to allow edit use of editing of screens 1-11 (rather than only
screens 1-5).
Line ELVER+5
    S:'DGELVER DGRPLAST=$S($G(DGPRFLG)=1:11,1:15) ;MON/DDE-DG*436*05
This line indicates which screens will be presented. Initially, it shows
screens 1 thru 5 (1:5) will be presented, however the modification
changed it to 1:11 to allow screens 1 thru 11 (1:11) to now be presented.              M
Software uses order checks to identify veterans who are prescribed an
antidepressant. Alerts and clinical reminders are triggered.                           M

Tracks patients who have certain chronic and terminal diagnostic codes.                M
This option will print all of the Combined Federal Campaign forms
for the entire active staff at our facility.                                           M

Report of all future appointments within a date range defined by end user for user-
specified stop codes.                                                               M

This routine, AKWDRG, helps support the Utilization Management activities defined
by VHA Directive 2005-040, September 22, 2005, Utilization Management Policy
and VISN 9 Directive 10N9-04-06 Utilization Management. Additionally, this routine
helps to identify which patients need to be reviewed for continued stay.           M

Used by our Employee Health people to enter information such as mantoux, etc..
MUMPS and FILEMAN are both used. Very strange how it works, but it does.               M

The Bed Control database application was developed based on input and the
cooperation of a multi-disciplinary team made up of physicians, nurses,
administrators, IRM, unit clerks, social workers, and others.

Unfortunately, we found that the VistA bed control functionality didn’t really match
our day-to-day requirements and important

info was not accessible. This resulted in:

Units experienced grid lock; patients experiencing long waits for appropriate beds;
and units needing to make multiple transfers, often during ‘WHEN’ hours, resulting
in a large unit burden

Among the benefits realized since the Bed Control application became operational

Optimized bed capacity and decreased bed turnover time; Improved operational
efficiency (eg earlier and more expeditious discharges)

Increased revenue for the medical center; Common data set and tools shared by all
and an improved staff understanding of the processes involved in bed control;
Impending transfers are tracked automatically and communicated as early as
possible; Bed preparation by EMS has greatly improved; Etc.                       VB, SQL, MS Access
Displays inpatient orders on bingo board screens on devices in nurses stations on
inpatient wards.                                                                  M
WEB application Created for VISN 16 this replaces Hazardous Surveillance and
allows automated inspection creation, site specific management and reporting of
deficiencies for ENVIRONMENTAL Rounds                                                        .Net, HTTP, ASP

Allows IRM to add a note to all inpatients, indicating the time range the computer
system was unavailable. Uses an automatic template that goes in as a note on all
inpatients. This alers those reading the chart. May remind them to look for some
paper records. This is autosigned as a TIU note by CUZ id of John Ludima.                    M

This code restricts fileman access for users based on local fields contained in the
NEW PERSON file and based on local fields contained in the PACKAGE file. These
fields are file range in the package file and packages accessed in the New Person
file. The fileman user can use the print, search, and inquiry options only for the files
they are allowed to access. There are further restictions in printout times, forcing
users to queue print jobs in the evening or early morning.                               M


Program PSODISP is used by the pharmacy to release prescriptions. It allows the
entry of any Pharmacist name who holds the PSORPH key. Appropriate changes
were made that dis-allowed the entry if the DUZ does not match.

Naeem Mian


From Jane Hageman: Another thing that has always annoyed me is that we have
hundreds of test patient visits that are either action required or checked out with
transmission errors. I wonder since they now look at that in KLF if it doesn t work
against us, are they able to tell that it s a test patient and ignore it since no data has
transmitted? It sure makes all or our local reports look full and may inflate local
data used by the clinic/service chiefs for productivity. I still think that the test
patient stuff is necessary in production because learning in the test account, just
doesn t work, but ..

Do you think there would be anyway for Gary to do an option thing that swept
through the past year and deleted all check outs for TEST patients then deleted all
of the encounter info.(provider,cpt,dx,etc), and then cancelled all of the action
required appts for TEST PATIENTS only.                                                       M
This is a small set of functions that encapsulate the most common fileman
programming calls. These include calls to DIC, DIE, DIR, and a few extra calls such as
a date range selector.
Each function contains several parameters, most of which if not supplied will
default to the most common options. Return values are returned via variables
supplied by reference. The actual value returned by the function is a 1 or 0 (True or
False) indicating the success or failure of the call.
All calls are heavily protected by the NEW command and are safe to call even from
within fileman templates if necessary.                                                 M

Dr. Jose Miramontes requested:

I have clinical/quality care challenges that I would have an easier time solving if I
could target my interventions. For example, diabetic patients come up frequently.
What if I could run a Santa Rosa patient sort looking for all diabetics in our practice
with a hba1c >9% or an LDL >120. That would allow me to review those cases to see
why we are not doing a better job.                                                      M



Mary Delancey writes:

Every month I have to run reports for Diabetic Eye Exams and Mammography due
for patients with appointments in the following month. I then go through the lists to
check to see who is a SF patient (not just referred here for surgery or such).

Now I type those names into the "Patient Address Labels program. I then have to
reformat that list so I can print the names to envelopes. I would prefer a
spreadsheet, but would happily take a VistA report with a single column output.         M
Users can request services from Environmental Management Group. It helps the
managers of the group track the requests and assign them.                               ,M
Protocol system of algorithms set up electronically to triage patients who contact
the Tele-Nurse Program with clinical issues.                                            SQL
Local modification to routin DPTLK to display class III vesting information on patient

Modification calls Reno's Class III Vesting Application.                          M
PSGPLFM Send the 'NO DRUG COST FOUND’ mail message to Holders of the PSJU
MGR key instead of the distributed mail group                                     M
Modified dietetics print routines to strip the extension number from the room/bed
number when printing dietetic lists.

FHNO2, FHNO31, FHORD11, FHORD13, FHORD81, FHORE21                                        M

Ofelia Ambriz contacted me last month to produce a report for Rob Daroff to track
resident productivity.

I created an option which, given a time period and a selection of clinics, reports, by
clinic, on the services (a count of CPT Codes and associated RVUs) of each provider
associated with those clinics. At the end of the report is a summary by provider.      M

Track the utilizaion of drugs for each ward. A computerized drug stock order form
allows ease of ordering by electronically presenting the name of and allowable
quantity of each drug that can be selected for a particular ward. Each ward has its
unique selection of drugs that can be requested. The data is then electronically
stored by form, ward, requestor and order date.                                          M

This mod adds the Travel Mode of the patient and if enrolled in a Group Practice
Clinics, to options Load/Edit Patient Data and Patient Inquiry.                          M

Series of purchasing reports for Prosthetics                                          M
NUMBER: 5795                    NAME: ANU NEXT APP
 MENU TEXT: Next Available Appointment for Clinic(s)
 TYPE: run routine             CREATOR: SCRUGGS,CARNETTA M
DESCRIPTION: this option will display the date name and slot for the next available
appointment for ALL the clinics or the clinics that contain the characters entered as
part of the name.
 ROUTINE: ANUNXG                                                                      M

Local Engineering option to print incoming inspection sheets with the appropriate
work order                                                                               M
NUMBER: 2893628               NAME: ANU LOCAL OPEN PTF LIST
 CREATOR: 0              ROUTINE: ANUDS5                                            M

Blood Glucose levels are uploaded into the patient lab results for viewing by
providers                                                                     M

There is currently no automated way to determine travel eligibility. Member
Services determines it by looking at various screen displays. We need to put this
information in the hands of doctors and social workers and clerks in an automated

Ken Swasey asked me to create a routine to determine travel eligibility.            M
PSOB Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot Interface

PSOCAN2 Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot Interface

PSOLBL Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot Interface

PSOLLL1 Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot Interface

PSOSULB1 Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot Rx Interface

PSOSUTL Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot Rx Interface


NUMBER: 2893621                 NAME: ANU LOCAL 419 RPT - DIVISIONAL
 MENU TEXT: Print 419 by Division TYPE: run routine
 CREATOR: BLACK,KATHLEEN L         ROUTINE: ANUDS4                       M
NUMBER: 15814                  NAME: ZZEMPTD

 ROUTINE: ZZEMPTD                                                                   M
The insurance carriers of some patients require precertification for some outpatient

I created an option, scheduled to run once a day in the morning, before everyone
gets to work. It goes through all of the outpatient clinic appointments made the
previous day, looking only at those appointments for clinics with certain stop codes.
For those patients with active reimbursable insurance or indemnity policies, it sends
a message to the mail group G.PRECERT, so that, if necessary, the members of that
mail group can contact the insurer to get precertification of the visit.              M
NUMBER: 16437                    NAME: ZZNPPRT
Automated tool used as a checklist at the facility level to verify that the essential
components of the patient safety program are in place and as a cognitive aid to
assist patient safety managers during routine environmental assessment
inspections.                                                                          VB, SQL, MS Access
PSOLBLN Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot and Lexmark Laser Mods (Syracuse Mod

PSOLBLN1 Lexmark Laser Mods (Syracuse Mod Rx Laser Labels)

PSOLBLN2 Lexmark Laser Mods (Syracuse Mod Rx Laser Labels)*LOCAL MOD's HAVE

A full-fledged database application, encompassing multiple departments and
campuses, which tracks resolution status, reporting, and trending of patient
pharmacy issues like: ‘Service Connection’, ‘Billed For Outpatient Meds While (An)
Inpatient’, ‘Meds Not Wanted Or Asked For’, ‘Refills Not Received’, in addition to
approximately twenty others as well.

Data is entered and accessed by all those requiring access to real-time pharmacy
incident data (e.g. Patient Rep Office, Pharmacy, Compliance, MCCF Call Center,
Social Work, etc.).

The application features many innovative methods to alleviate errors (and data-
entry tediousness): Drop-down lists with auto-filtering, data-validation (for
example: even a simple task such as entering a patient or provider name is
scrutinized by hundreds of lines of code), and dozens of pre-written (‘canned’)
statements, automatically filtered based on content and user-group, are extensively

Other innovative features include an automatic email generator for effortless
sharing and collaboration of patient data (while following strict privacy guidelines)
and a report generator which provides users, after just a few clicks, with literally
thousands of different possible reports.
                                                                                        VB, SQL, MS Access

Nursing workload is currently reported using option PXRR PCE ENCOUNTER

Each individual clinic has to be entered manually every time workload is reported
for an ambulatory care clinic group. Currently, clinics belong to clinic groups, as
delineated in the CLINIC GROUP (#409.67) file. These groups are incompatible with
how nursing workload is reported. A need exists to group clinics in different ways,
which is not possible in file 409.67.

Also, there are prompts in the option which are always answered in the same way.
It is desirable to hard-code the answers.                                               M
With the implementation of NOIS locally (LOIS) we needed to stop the entry and
transferring of work orders to IRM shops.

d) DESCRIPTION OF TEST METHODOLOGY: Stops use of Work Order package for
local IRM use. Users trying to enter a new work order will                            M

XUS Display credit cards reconciled to approve, display leave request action to
approve, allow users to read news bulletin, forced Rule of behavior for new user      M

Tracks data related to operations that can't be performed in-house and are instead
contracted to external providers.                                                  VB, SQL, MS Access

Tool to manage the questions and references within the PSAT, automated, and to
produce an Excel version of the PSAT                                                  MS Access, VB, SQL

At this facility, many clerks have the capability of creating new clinics, and changing
the names and stop codes of existing clinics. The problem is that frequently
mistakes are made which can have serious ramifications.
I added a new-style xref to the NAME (#.01), STOP CODE NUMBER (#8)fields of the
HOSPITAL LOCATION (#44) file. This xref calls routine ^ARHBSC to send a bulletin
when the stop codes are edited.
The routine ^ARHBSC sends one bulletin if a new clinic is added. It includes the
clinic name and the STOP CODE NUMBER (#8) and CREDIT STOP CODE (#2503)
If an existing clinic is edited, one bulletin is sent if the STOP CODE NUMBER is
edited, and another bulletin is sent if the CREDIT STOP CODE is edited.                 M
Contact management tool for patient safety curriculum and patient safety
curriculum workshop participants.                                                       MS Access, VB, SQL

Data Sheets for each outpatient event for use by coders and billers.                  M

VEPE routines from station 544                                                        M
Prints priority 7&8 veterans who are not covered by insurance and have had
admission or outpatient appointment w/in the last 2 years.                            M

Extracts Patient Data for search and reporting capabilities                           M

Local templates for editing surgery cases.                                            M

Mumps routine ^SRSRQST1 - allows user to schedule an admission from the surgery
package                                                                         M
Using local namespacing of ARF or ARE and assigning file numbers to the files
specific usres need access to without running part 2 of the kernel.             M
Mumps routine, ARDDISPO, that gives the local disposition log with Primary Care
Provider                                                                                 M
A mumps routine, ARDTSTP1, that gives a Report of patients with 5 leading 0's and
no ZZ.                                                                                   M

Mumps routine. ARDTSTPT, that Adds "ZZ" to test patient names                            M

Mumps routine, ARFHM1, that Finds New Person Office Phone by DUZ                         M

Mumps routine, ARFIPCR, that does a Spot check on Purchase Card Reconciliations. M

Mumps routine, ARFTKD3, to find unreferenced bill number                                 M

Mumps program that deletes unreferenced bill number.                                     M
A mumps routine, SDZAL0 and SDAL0, that adds patient information to the
appointment list.                                                                        M

a mumps routine, VAUTOMA, that lets you choose more than 20 clinics.                     M
A mumps routine, DGRPV, modified to make screen 1-15 editable in pre-
registration.                                                                            M

Displays all patient movement file entries for any selected admission for a given
patient, including treating specialty movement entries. Includes who entered the
movement and who last edited the movement, with date/times.                              M
Mumps routine, DGREG00, DG1010PA,DG1010P, mod was made to make old
embosser work.                                                                           M
Prints report that compares a specified pay period against the previous pay period
and lists any changes in name, cost center, subaccount code, or T&L unit by
employee. Developed for use by DSS.                                                      M
Mumps routine, DGQEMA, was modified to make VIC prompt not appear in pre-
registration                                                                             M
Mumps routines, DG1010PA, DG1010P, Changed default From YES to NO for
printing.                                                                                M
Radiology Code 1 and Code 1 Tumor reports generate a view alert to requesting
provider, primary care provider, attending if patient is an inpatient and members of
mail group                                                                               M
Local package to help track patch installation and local modifications made to Class I
packages. Also helps provide a checklist for patch installation and reports to assist
with patch installation.

This is a local modified version of the A5A Patch Tracking that was given to us to use
back in 1990's by the SLC-FO (back then, SLC-ISC). Some upgrade was done to bring
it up-to-date.                                                                         M
Employee Health tracking and user notification system (reminders of their yearly
Mantoux tests required).                                                               M
Assists the Pharmacy Anticoagulation team to process their work using a GUI local
application.                                                                            M, Delphi
The main purpose of these applications is to assist the Medical Care Cost Recovery
with daily reports on different subjects from data that already exists in vista
database. It consists of M routines,options.                                            M
This option allows the pharmacy staff to print patients' prescriptions and
appointments associated with the patient.                                               M

This GUI form Prints Reagent Labels giving the following fields...
LabInstrument: LX A
Lot Number: 0303166
Exp. Date: 9/30/07

     In Use:
The form gives the user dropdown lists for Instruments, Tests, and Printers. User
has the ability to edit these lists, print a test label, and to print labels from current
or previous list.
This GUI form allows the user to enter a list of patients to receive one of the
following letters… Normal Results, Abnormal Results, Normal/Abnormal letter. The
letters are formatted so that they can be stuffed into a window type envelope.
User selects appropriate radio button (Normal, Abnormal, Combined). Then the
user continues by adding patients to the list. After the last patient is added, the list
is sent to their printer.                                                                 M, Delphi
Series of routines that allow Lab to setup,enter,monitor and graph Quality Control
of Lab Test.                                                                              M

Allows all CAVHS employees to send referrals to Nursing Boards via electronic
process and allows Board Chairs to track and review the referrals online.               ASP
This daily report lists any type of order placed for a patient with the MAS eligibility
code of "TRICARE/CHAMPUS" or "SHARING AGREEMENT" with the exception of lab
orders and Herbal/over the Counter/Non-VA Med orders. A daily report is sent to a
mailgroup                                                                               M

Special routines wriiten for Telecare that will send a message to a mailgroup with
information on calls recieved during a time period. Tasked to run twice daily.          M
DOCUMENT                                                                                ,M

Set of reports dealing with clinic cancellations.                                       M
Allows for improved viewing of Health Summary Contingency text files. Eliminates
patient safety issue, can be used with encrypted zip files for HIPPA compliance, and
provides easier functionality for searching and printing from patient documents      VB

Allows compliance officer to print report of explanation of benefits file.                  M

Provides ability for administrative employees to enter and track selected data
specific to administrative tasks such as Overtime, Call-ins, and other information.         VB

Have several BCMA reports for IV infusing, Held or refused Report, Manual Med
Entry (Chiu) vs Gui, Top 25 Prn Text Used, Complete Unkown status, PRN med/ Pain
Score report. Patch on Report, Night task to remove medication patch after
discharge.                                                                       M

Used as a backup when Vista systems are down. Patient Health Summaries are
updated and sent to specified backup pc's and may be printed as needed.                     M

The report reviews all clinic visits within a stop code within a specific date period
(we usually run it for a recent 2-3 week period concluding about two weeks prior to
the run date) and searches to see the date when the next visit for that same clinic is
scheduled in VISTA. The difference between the index clinic data and the follow-up
visit as scheduled is calculated: we call it the return visit interval. This is different
from the revisit interval as it identifies when the clinician initially intended the
return visit to be; revisit rate captures urgent care or other return visits that may
have occurred prior to the anticipated return visit date. The return visit interval
intervals are a marker of how the clinician likes to schedule. The reality of what
actually happened is best captured by the return visit rate. The report that Steve
Schmitz developed here lists all of the clinics in a given stop code with the number
of visits captured in the time period selected, the mean return visit interval for the
clinic and also the percent of clinics scheduled out six months or more.


Process of tracking notification on document statuses received from ISS System              M
Allows primary care clerical staff to store, track and print recall cards to be sent to
patients as appointment reminders.                                                          M
Pharmcy interface to vista medication orders to unit to allow staff to get medication
out of the unit.                                                                      M
Vesting package sends mailman messages to appropriate staff regarding vesting
status of outpatients                                                                 M
Provides listing by insurance company showing # of 3rd party bills where payment
is received either 45 or > 45 days after bill was

printed. Percentages for each category are displayed as well as the number of bills
with no check date recorded if a payment is made, and

number of bills with no payment received.                                                M

Calculates vestment status of patients based on data in local Vista database.            M

This program written for purchasing agent to run a report providing subtotals on
purchase card POs by federal procurement data system categories with total by
selected date. PO amount greater than $25,000.01.                                        M

Edit of Person Class and degree. The existing methods for editing the Person Class
only displays the provider type. For the physician provider type there are 174 so a
user you does not know which of 174 which the the user was previously assigned. A
Screenman edit was created that displays the VA CODE. In addition the edit of the
degree is available that is screened to only accept the format listed in VHA
DIRECTIVE 2001-013, March 12, 2001                                                  M

Software for Substance Abuse Continuity of Care measure.                                 M

The User Access design is part of a web development infrastructure. It is used to
manage user access to web based applications. It is written in Active Server Pages
(ASP) interfacing with a MS SQL 2000 database. It queries Active Directory to obtain
a list of valid users and stores these in its database. There is a web frontend that
web system administrators use to manage the user’s access to locally developed
INTRAnet applications. With it they can grant/deny a user access to applications,
assign access levels for an application to a user, run reports to see which users have
access to what applications, sync the list of valid users in the database with Active
Directory, etc… Currently only users and not groups can be assigned access to
applications (ie. group functionality not supported). An ASP class named cSecurity
encapsulates all of the functionality needed by the developer for user access (along
with the cDB & cAD classes for accessing the database and active directory).

                                                                                         , ASP & SQL2000
Added an additional bulletin to Patch Monitor program to send a priority e-mail
when the compliance date for a patch is within the next 5 days. The existing
software sends a report daily of all uninstalled patches that can contain 20 - 40
items to look through. This gives the IT specialist enough warning to following up
and meet the compliance date.                                                          M

Projections Annual leave for full time employees through end of calendar year.         M

report includes name, ssn, division, room/bed, and infection alert.                    M
NUMBER: 15846                    NAME: ZZ NUR PRT PNT CLASS/WARD
 TYPE: run routine             CREATOR: DEVLIN,VITALIA M

Option that runs routine to pull requested expiration dates for ChampVA Insurance. M

For surg path reports in date range, see if radiology has an exam                      M
Tool to monitor compliance of acting on a consults within 7 calendar days. Output
designed to import in to Excel                                                         M

VISTA mailman message to alert surgery department when a case has a null value in
the anesesthesia care end time                                                    M

This routine prints an alphabetical list of patients by clinic for a physical location and
checks the date insurance was last verified. If greater than 180 it notes on the
report for the clerk to verify. The report also includes wait list info, xray appt. time,
lab appt time, ekg appt. time. you may request up to 10 copies to print.
This system consists of two changes to national software. On the one hand the
Kernel Package, XUS, is modified to examine the users last sign-on agreement if the
last sign-on agreement is a year old or older the user is prompted to sign a new
security sign-on agreement, if not signed the user is locked out of further use of the
system. On the other hand the second modification is to the national ORWPT, this is
the same procedure for users signing on through CPRS. This system is comprised of
five locally developed routines, AKXSEC, AKXSEC1, AKXSEC2, AKXKRN, and
AKXPOPUP, respectively.                                                                M
NUMBER: 15788                    NAME: ZZ NURS PATIENT WORK LIST

Copied the 'Consult Performance Monitor Report' [GMRC RPT PERF MONITOR] to
include group. This grouped the information by areas of responsiblity assisting in
following up on areas to meeting the performance measures.                            M

List deductions and Net Pay as of current Pay Period                                  M
NUMBER: 15671                   NAME: ZZ EMP INQ
 MENU TEXT: Basic Employee Inquiry TYPE: run routine

Item History for CAT Program national option for RMPR ITEM HISTORY does not pick
up type of transaction = "repair"                                                M

Specified group of reports providing site level analysis of MCCF activity in VISN 2   M, SQL

report for Purchase Card Coordinator - indicates total reconciled charges and
compare against PO total amount to see what credits are due                           M

Allows for patients to be sent postcard asking them to call for an appointment in
the future versus scheduling the patient in the future which minimizes no shows
and creates open slots for immediate care patients.                                   M
NUMBER: 15795                   NAME: ZZ DG DISPLAY NOK
 MENU TEXT: NEXT OF KIN DATA           TYPE: run routine

Tasks to print the daily schedule for various radiology imaging locations             M

COUNT OF SURGERIES for IN/OUT PT STATUS by division.                                  M
Security key used to limit access to edit options only available to AICS/ADPAC
Support/Supervisor and IS.

Options that this key locks:






 TYPE: run routine       CREATOR: DEVLIN,VITALIA M
 ROUTINE: ZZOD1                                                                        M

Allows all VISN 2 employees to enter Suggestions through our VISTA database.
Other modules included are: suggestion management and suggestion evaluation.
The suggestion evaluation module is also available in a GUI.                           M, Delphi
Security key used to limit access to Agent Cashier Menu to specific Fiscal staff per
Financial Management Compliance Officer.

Option that this key locks:



Tracks and monitors infectious patients                                                M
LoopS through the orders file for a date range and find all the
discharge orders that have a status of active.
prints name, ssn, date of order, type and status                                       M
Used in obtain prior authorization for treatment from insurance companies
requiring it.

For a selected date range pulls data for patients with appointments and
reimbursable insurance. Data elements PATIENT IEN, PATIENT

PRECERTIFICATION. Output is "^" delimited and is automatically queued to P-
MESSAGE. When printing message to screen to capture, at DEVICE prompt enter
0;500;9999999 and from SmarTerm Tools Menu select Start Capture making sure
Save as type: is All Incoming Data.


Series of reports for surgical procedures completed                                M

Manages and monitors employee health annual health screens.                        M

PRINTS LABELS...                                                                   M
Security key used to limit access to site parameter specific editing access only
available to Fee Support/Supervisor and IS.

Options that this key locks:





Report for NHCU (Nursing Home Care Unit) patients to show admit date and last
H&P date. This report will show 10/1/1998 as admit date due to integration.        M
                                                                                   SQL, Reporting

Tracks Nutritional Support needs for patients                                      M
Modified the National routine, RAORD6, to print the patient SSN in a barcode
format.                                                                                   M
Length of stay report for unit by surgical specialty - only reports surgical specialty IF
patient had surgery. If no surgery, but placed on unit, then reports these patients
separately.                                                                               M
Security key used to limit access to listed options editing access only available to
ADPAC MCCF/Supervisors and IS.

Option that this key locks:

IBCN INSURANCE BUFFER PROCESS                                                           M

Modifications made to several Vista Surgery Package M routines to modify input
templates and information printed on surgery reports. Also added local fields to
surgery package to comply with JCHAO stancards.                                         M
Security key used to limit access to listed options editing access only available to
ADPAC MCCF/Supervisors and IS.

Option that this key locks:



Dispenses medications to patients                                                       M

Radiology transcription                                                                 M

For Microbiology- JCAHO TAT report for Microbiology.
 Accession Area must be Micro subscripted and must be a Yearly accession in order
for this option to work. This option looksfor all
 Comments that include the word NOTIFIED.
For Chem subscripted test by draw time-Per JCAHO requirement, Chem/Hem TAT
measure, using DRAW TIME Can only be used with Daily Accession, user must
define Accession area Lab test, date range and urgency.
For Chem Subscripted test,Chem/Hem TAT measure, using either Lab
 Arrival Time or Lab Order Time. Can only be used with Daily Accession
 Areas                                                                            M
Security key used to limit access to IVM Address Updates Pending Review option for
IS Support and appropriate Veterans Service Center (VSC)/MAS staff.

Option that this key locks:


Objects coded in M to add text to notes in CPRS. Examples include Lab results or
proir Health Factors.                                                                M
Routine ALWPRCSP runs a sort group report. This routine was copied from
PRCSP1B and the programmer edited FLDS at PROJ+3.                                    M
Security key used to limit access to Site Parameter Edit for CMOR option to IS
Support staff. Editing affects the processing of CMOR requests.

Option that this key locks:


Valor is a database of Vista and Austin data used for medical research at Phila VAMC
by CHERP members                                                                     SQL
Notifies key providers of need for followup of esophagram needs when a barium
swallow exam is order in Radiology                                                   M

Routine PRCZSOA prints a status of allowance report.                                 M

Sends data to local health department of emergency statistics of
patient complaints with encrypted numbers for patient id. Health department
monitors all local hospitals emergency care for any outliers of abnormalities.       M

Tracks patient referred to home health, by date referred and location referred to.   M

Gives a different data dictionary and global lister view.                            M

BCMA Local Options, Routines, etc.                                                   M
Nightly tasked job checks for all admissions from previous day and if patient has a
future appointment in a primary care clinic, it sends a bulletin to primary care
provider notifying them of patient admission.

Bulletin includes admitting dx, attending, ward and date of future appointment.

Another tasked job prints admission notification worksheets.

These reports are used daily by UM to complete 100% inpatient Interqual coding.
This data is then compiled, analyzed and presented to Executive Mgmt to assist in
making decisions to guide the MC in optimal use of resources. This Data is also sent
to the VISN for use in comparative studies with our VISN VA’s and then used
nationally for comparison.


These interactive options enable the user to obtain a report of unsigned orders or
notes for a selected range of dates/times. At the same time, the user may elect to
have new alerts sent to the expected signor. The user may also elect to have e-mail
notices sent to each expected signor. Each report covers all expected signors for
one service within the selected range of dates.                                     M
NUMBER INFO.                                                                        M

Edited PSGOEE; PSGOER; PSGOETO;PSGOEV;PSJCOMR; PSJOEA1 for OmniCell                             M
This has been copied from national with local modifications for a stand alone
option.                                                                                         M
Total # of original fills, refills, cost, and cost per fill for each of the top 25 prescribed
drugs - by cost.                                                                                M
Application that sends both in and outpatient health summaries to designated pcs
in the nursing stations so that the most current patient data is readily available
during CPRS/VISTA downtimes.                                                                    M

Edited Routine PSORXL to add "hook" for the ADDS program.                                       M
Routine ALVABILL displays Alert Bill Numbers. This routine was copied from
PRCAUT2.                                                                                        M

Program to audit changes made to File #50 entries                                               M

Edited LRAPBR1 aand LRAPBR4 per Cap to include address in report                                M

Mandate from VISN to change MOF from 0-120 to 0-365                                             M

                                                                                                JavaScript, SQL, ASP,
Users can enter results of their Environmental Rounds Inspection checklist into a               VBScript, Reporting
website. Data is stored in a SQL 2005 database and allows for historical reporting.             Services (ASP.NET)
AIS security agreement,add 2 fields to File 200 ‘AIS Agreement Date’ to ‘AIS
Electronic Signature Date’.Look at date Security Agreement was last signed by user,
if date exceeds one year automatically require users to reread and validate
acknowledgement of the AIS notice using both ssn and electronic signature.

Top 25 provider data (total # of original fills, refills, cost, and cost per fill) for each of
the top 25 prescribed drugs - by cost.                                                         M

Accessioned STAT and ASAP lab orders that have not been verified by lab techs.               M
Extracts ejection fraction patients/used with Health Summary Components and
Clinical Reminders                                                                           M

DGPWB Print patient writband on the Blaster printer                                          M

Provides access to authorized users to enter IRM Work Orders for work requests.
Allows for status tracking, assignment to individuals, and communication with
requester, allows for concurrence to be received from other individuals as well.             M

Buffalo users requested that the Priority field be removed from the Work Order
request option so users could not set the priority. Priority field is set by Eng. staff.
This change was only made for Buffalo staff                                              M
Requires anyone to read and sign a security agreement for cyber security and hippa
requirements before accessing vista/cprs/medical records. Passes completion to
Tempo.                                                                                   M

Allows a terminal session to be locked for 30 minutes, and requires a verify code to
unlock, otherwise session is terminated.                                             M
The following 16 routines have been developed to allow Laboratory users to be able
to run various reports from the lab package:

ALVLCAT Allow user to be more selective in what they want counted

ALVLCAT0 Allow user to be more selective in what they want counted

ALVLIST Allow user to manually queue the CH and MI Summary List

ALVLIST1 Ceate a lab summary list used in the event of downtime

ALVLIST2 Allow lab data from yearly accession areas to print summary

ALVLIST3 Used with ALVLIST2 to print summary list

ALVLIST4 Includes yearly acc areas that are CH Subscript

ALVLIST5 Lab Summary List-CH queued nightly

ALVLRST Print lab result for specified test, not Micro

ALVRUTW Displays lab test info for lab

ALVLSRF Surg/Lab Micro positive culture result

ALVLSRT1 Short access list, Prompts for date/pulls 11 accession areas

ALVLSRT2 Used with ALVSRT2                                                           M
Will be used by QM to create checklists in a web format and to be submitted in a
sevure web environment. Data entered is stored in a SQL database to provide          JavaScript, SQL, ASP,
historical reports.                                                                  ASP.Net,

The Respiratory-therapy Treatment Lists display current orders for inpatients. Each
list contains floor/room/bed for patient, that patient's full name and full SSN. For
each current respiratory-therapy order for that patient, the Start Date, Stop Date
and Order Number are displayed followed by the Ordered Items and the Order Text.
The lists are sorted by floor and then by room/bed. Lists may be generated
automatically or manually. The interactive option enables generation of full lists or
partial lists for single floors.                                                      M
Validity test of network names for all VISTA users.                                   M, qbasic

EASMTL6A Skip the bad address in the printing letter                                 M

GUI/Broker application to display unverified orders for patients on a ward.          M, Delphi
Eng. wants to capture who is transferring a work order, what Shop it is being
transferred to and the date it was transferred. Also would like to capture who is
closing out Work Orders and the date Work Orders are being closed.                     M

Automated index of Emailed newletter                                                   M, HTML, BASIC
Product to collect delinquent receivables by transferring out accounts to a
collections company called eAppeals                                                    M, Secure Web site

Report employees with outstanding co-pay debt                                          M

Tracks annual vesting at contract (whittier) CBOC.                                     M, qbasic

The Common Reference Data design is part of a web development infrastructure. It
is written in Active Server Pages (ASP) interfacing with a MS SQL 2000 database.
There are many common drop-down-list-box fields, such as Division, Service, etc...
used throughout our web applications. This reference type data is stored in a single
database table. There is a web frontend that web system administrators can use to
add/update/delete this reference data. An ASP class named cRef encapsulates all of
the functionality needed by the developer (along with the cDB class for accessing
the database) and makes it easy to add new reference type fields.                    , ASP & SQL2000

A reminder dialog including 14 reminder dialogs was created to faciliate Nursing
staff to address Preventive medicine measures within the scope of Nursing.

This serves as a 'one stop shopping' to address a Patient's reminders that are due.
In addition a Health summary object embedded in the note title at the top, lists all
reminders due for a patient.                                                           M, Java

Identifies Who's been vested for the current FYR                                       M

Tracking of Iraqi vets                                                                 M

Reports on incoming unvested patients.                                                 M

This is a collection vendor that receives VISN 2's aged receivables                    M

Puts a computer downtime note into every inpatient's chart.                            M
Created to report inpatient deaths. The reports provide totals only.
There are a total of 6 options; 3 where the user can select the date range and 3 that
are queued to provide the previous months totals and sent to a printer.
1. Deaths with an Autopsy subtotaled by Discharge Specialty
2. Deaths without an Autopsy
3. Deaths with and without an Autopsy subtotaled by Discharge Specialty               M

Report deceased veterans with outstanding debt                                         M

For selected discharge date range from selected ward, prints
patient list with PC Provider, PC Team, MH Team, Adm and Discharge dates,
categorized 'Active' or 'Episodic'.                                                    M

Reports on Dental Provider status                                                      M
Print priority 7&8 veterans who are not covered by insurance and have had an
admission or outpatient appointment w/in the last 2 years.                             M

Supports VISN 12 Centralized Call Center located in Madison VAMC. Updated
patient, room/bed, and staff information is processed to provide a centralized
database for the Call Center operators. Staff and Room/Bed information is
processed daily. Patient information is updated as triggered by actual patient
movements within the PIMS package using HL7 messaging. This software resides on
each VISN 12 hospital's VISTA system as well as on numerous servers located at
Madison. Namespace: ALW*                                                        M, SQL

Tracks information on patients dispensed non-formulary drugs                           M
Print patient list of Schedule II Drugs and Lortab/Hydrocodone
This application allows veterans canteen service employees to create purchase
orders, receive merchandise, post sales, post accounts receivables, track inventory,
maintain payroll deduction accounts.                                                 VB/Oracle/Sun

List of patients for date range having both 93880 or 93882 and 75671                   M
Used to track and enter a nomination of for employee of the month.                     M

Documents follow up appts for all inpatients                                           M

Average time in the holding area is calculated for sugeries (by Surgical Specialty).   M

This project is to add SPD Commnents as a required field when making a Surgery
request.                                                                               M

Identifies data entry errors in CPRS                                                   M

Have report display patient address and phone number after room-bed.                   M
Radiology Service notifies physicians through Mailman when a procedure they
ordered is identified as abnormal                                                    M

Allows rad tech to enter in reason for repeat films                                  , Fileman

Allow pharmacy personnel to enter in a report of contact. Only used and viewed by
pharmacy personnel.                                                               M

Certain drugs are marked as possible food/drug interactions. If a drug is marked in
the drug file as yes for possible interaction, the user is prompted if the patient was
counselled on food/drug interaction. If drug not marked, then user doesn't see the
prompt.                                                                                M

Computerize the medication inspection for wards and clinics (VA Form 10-0053)        M

Don't print allergy and pages 2&3 of outpatient pharmacy RX label                    M

Added street address, telephone number, insurance and bad address indicator.
Displays after patient name in appointment management.                               M

Add teaching letter as a choice when printing scheduling letters for radiology
procedures                                                                           M

Modified current appointment list to display vested information, phone number,
temporary phone if available, has insurance and length of appointment                M

When an employee enters in a leave request, a view alert is sent to the supervisor.
This allows the supervisor to see leave requests sooner without having to check the
Supervisor menu for pending leave requests all the time.                            M

Modified routines to allow timekeepers access to supervisor reports, (ex. Employee
leave patterns, used, requested; prior pay period adjustments and expenditures     M

Report of CC approving offical workload - used by Purchase Card Coordinator          M

Allows payroll to add or delete employees as supervisors to T&L's                    M

Nutrition Assessment Health Summary Component                                        M
This system is used for all clinics within the WPB VAMC. There are strict criteria to
enter a recall record into the file. The pt is placed on the recall if the appt is to be
further than 60 days out. Letters are auto -generated prior and post recall dates to
remind pts to call for appts. WPB has created local warnings, capacity tools and
reports, tasked jobs and routines to convert status when necessary, as well as many
reports and functions created to manage this file.                                       M, Delphi

Reports on patients in the Hospice                                                     M

single user Microsoft Access 2003 application that tracks debt owed the VCS.           , Microsoft Access

Standalone Class III package for tracking Chaplain visits.                         M
Vista option for Veterans Benefits Counselors. Routine DGOVBC2 was modified for
the Veterans Benefit Counselors so that the VBC visit informaiton could be entered
and displayed on their Worksheet.                                                  M

Application to allow entry of data pertinent to cardiac imaging associated with
stress testing, storage of data elements, generation of report, filing into VistA
Radiology package, resolution of local and interfacility consults.                     M, Delphi
Index new Patched to Vista                                                             M

This option lists the Pending Hardware Installations.                                  M

For each non-formulary drug, the number of ROUTINE approved/disapproved and
STAT approved/disapproved requests is generated. Subtotals for each requesting
provider are also generated.                                                   M

All inpatients without a PCMM Provider                                                 M
Non-Formulary drug requests (requesting provider, patient, drug, approval
status)are generated for a (selectable) duration.                                      M
User disposition reports for the ISO.                                                  M

ESPORP used West Los Angeles VAMC report instead.                                      M

monitors employee information                                                          , Microsoft Access

Application to track incoming transcriptions from off-site transcription companies,
to tabulate the lines, words, characters, store the statistics and transcription in
VistA, signal local transcription department file has been processed.                  M, Delphi
VistA routine QANPSD1 used to print a Pseudo VA 10-2633 worksheet. A local
modification was made to include an explanation of each severity level so it would
be easier for the user to make the appropriate selection.                             M
This options prompts the user to select drugs to be searched
from the prescription file. It asks for a start and end date
and will only report those prescriptions for those drugs filled
or refilled in the date range.
This option will list all active (including suspended status) of one patients
medications with the SIG1 schedule.
This option is for IB use.                                                            M

Vista option for device specifications for patient wristbands. Local modification was
made to routine DGPWBD to add a different barcode set up to the option.               M

Rad/Nuc order where the procedure is CT GUIDANCE FOR NEEDLE BIOPSY S&I                M

List all Outpatients from prev. week who are still unvested.                            M
 Series of sort and print templates from the patient file that pull information related
to CHAMPVA patients for MCCF.


Web page of the Medical Center Policies                                               M
Reception of data from the OHSU built CORI system used by Gastroenterology
departement for endoscopy exams to generate a report to file in the waiting VistA
medicine procedure. Also resolves local and interfacility consults associated with
the exams.                                                                            M

Object/component to return complete request consults for GABAPENTIN                   M

Intake & Output data for inpatients.                                                  M

Tracks Follow ups of Mental Health Patients                                           M

VistA utility used by the Incident Reporting package. A local modification was made
to routine QANUTL3 after data base integration to sort the bulletin by division.     M
This menu systems allows for the entry, editing, inquiry and printing of SF52, other
non-52 Personnel Actions, and Awards.


Routine to turn off the editing of the 'attention' field for a quick order            M
We have dedicated nursing staff at VA EKHCS that provides after hours telephone
support for the other Medical Centers in our VISN. The software assists nurses in
writing structured progress nots associated with each Veteran contact. Is currently
used in conjunction with CORS.                                                      M, Delphi

Send an individual patient to pyxis.                                                       M

Isolation/Precaution List for Inpatients                                                   M

Routine ARHCORD removes orders from bingo board after nurse verifies                       M

Print Food Labels                                                                          M
Data is extracted from the VISN 10 Vista Systems into a SQL Server Staging database
where the data is merged and loaded into the SQL Server data warehouse. The data
is extracted from Vista using SQL Data Transformation Services (DTS) jobs. The jobs
run ei                                                                                     SQL
Reports on Users with no Network Name listed in VISTA                                      M
Produce a listing, given input such as location, service, type of order), for all orders
not signed in the last 90 days that met the criteria of unsigned for more than 24
hours.                                                                                     M

Full-time title 5 and title 38 employees can check their available C&B leave.      M
VistA option for the Survey Generator. Routine QAPRELS was modified to screen
the surveys before selecting them for Release or disabling them. Individual must
hold the QAP Manager Key or have created the survey in order to release or disable
it.                                                                                M

The Ambulatory Care Ad Hoc Report would occasionally error out with a string
length error when the number of CPT codes for a visit was too large. The CPT code
and the CPT code text were being displayed. Modified SCRPW241 to quit so the
CPT text will not display (code only). Quit added before CPT text is called.      M

Patients who might be upcoded to a vesting code.                                           M

Supervisors can check C&B leave balances for employees in T&L units assigned to
them.                                                                                      M
This option contains local Consult print options for Provisional Diagnosis status(s)
Ranges of PROVISIONAL DIAGNOSIS.                                                           M

Patients scheduled next week who are unvested.                                          M
This routine will compile a search template of all patients who have been scheduled
in specified clinics within the last two years. The information is stored in a template
and used to produce mailing labels.                                                     M

Omni Cell Interface                                                                        M
Users starting within the last 90 days.                                                   M

Biweekly report on all influenza diagnoses is sent to Infection Control.                  M
VistA Registration option makes a call to record tracking routine RTQ3 to check for
active records. Local modification made to RTQ3 to display a message if inactive
records exist. Also, a modification in RTQ3 sets a local variable to save the admit
location for Omnicell.                                                                    M
Reports on Package Support                                                                M
Routine SDM1A modified to send a VistA mailman group a notification bulleting of
need for insurance pre-certfication.                                                      M

Used by transcription to track line counts and turn around times                          MS Access Database

Tracks Substance Abuse Patients                                                           M

VistA optin to Print Pull List. Routine RTP31 and RTP311 modified to have an
Inactive record flag and Patient primary care team added to Pull List. RTP31 sets
and prints local variables, RTP311 adds inactive to print column header.                  M

Tracks workload of a specified list of providers.                                         M
The Clothing Room Inventory System Software is used to track the

belongings of patients who are admitted to this facility. All Clothing Room patient
entries are stored in the Clothing Room Patient File.                                     M

Modified Donald Unruh's ACA (Advance Clinic Access) Software to function correctly
in our Integrated Database/Multiple Divison environment. Reno is neither multi-
divisional nor an integrated database.                                             M

This routine, AKWTSH, lists the number of patients per treating specialty by ward
location.                                                                                 M
This package allows pharmacy staff to track the status of prescriptions entered
through the my health evet web site                                                       M

prints information on diabetic retinopathy patients.                                      M

Automation of tracking forms to ensure all elemnts were being met in the chart.           MS Access Database
Field added to the patient file. Upon discharge if this field has been set to yes, will
alert staff the patient has items in Patient Valuables.                                   M, Fileman

IV (Intravenous) & UD (Unit Dose) workload by pharmacist.                                 M

Field added to the patient file to inquire if the patient is a organ donor.               M, Fileman

Application to pull, display, and print pertinent lab data in format suitable for
medical rounds on a bone marrow transplant unit                                           M, Delphi
A routine to update all reasons not billable within a specified date range              M

Automated Tracking System for CTW Payroll                                               MS Access Database
New, partial, and refill RXs Processed & Released by each Pharmacist/Pharmacy
Tech.                                                                                   M
The following routines and menus were locally created to provide Nursing Service
with Care Team Reports:

ALVCARE      Care Team Report             Type: Menu

ALVCAREBED Care Team Report-Edit Bed Room Type: Edit

ALWCAREE      Care Team Report, Edit         Type: Routine

ALWCAREP      Care Team Report, Print         Type: Routine

Two Local Files:

  1 607-CARE TEAM                 (312 entries)

   2 607-CARE TEAM SERVICE               (53 entries)                                   M
Fields added to the patient file, for information on Guardianship, next of kin (nok),
and emergency telephone numbers.                                                        M, Fileman

Normalized dornload of Rad files with NO patient Identifyable Info.                     M
This option allows editing of the patient condition for the ICU's patient condition
list, routine DGZPCE                                                                    M

The VISTA generic selection utility was limited to 20 selections. Modified routine
VAUTOMA to increase selection prompt to allow for up to 85 selections.                  M

Queries other stations for data on patients w/o insurance.                                M
This option is used to print the patient condition list for the ICU's for distribution to
various spots in the hospital, routine DGZPCL                                             M

Domiciliary Tracking System                                                             MS Access Database

GUI Interface for VistA Mail                                                            M, Delphi

Loads 2 days of Health Summaries to a server.                                           M
Patients with appointments (usually for the next day)are checked for "excessive"
(>x) number of active prescriptions (excluding supplies). Pharmacy examines the

The issue was a large number of patients had "excessive" number of active
prescriptions.                                                                     M

Class III routines to pull various data pieces into Progress Notes                 M
Loops through file 45 (PTF) prints NAME, SSN, ICD9, DATE OF DISCHARGE, TYPE OF
DISPOSITION of patients that have the specified PRIMARY diagnosis within a date
range.                                                                             M

Provieds a listing of Male patients with Female problem codes                M
Edited the template to include two new prompts:



Remove Default Diagnosis prompt from template                                      M

Bene Travel traacking                                                              M
This mumps report will printout, based on an input parameter, either all of the
Admissions, Transfers and Discharges (Patient Movements) for the Bed Control
Office for all Wade Park (Cleveland) wards and certain Brecksville (another
Cleveland location) wards OR all of the Admissions for the Utilization Review Office
for both Wade Park and Brecksville wards. This routine can be called interactively
by an end-user where they'll be prompted for a start and end date/time OR by
taskman in which case the current date/time will be the end date/time and the start
date/time will be calculated based on the WAITTIME variable past to it (value in
minutes). Report currently set to printout automatically every hour to Bed Control. M

Provides report of those patients with AAA, Aort, Anuer                               M

Web-based SQL application to track additional information not in VISTA on
Employee PPDs and FLU Shots                                                           SQL

All PCE errors are reported to HIMS Daily.                                            M
For a (selectable)provider:

The Executive Summary lists the total number of fills, total number of refills, the
total cost, and the total quantity of prescriptions ordered by the physician for a
(selectable) timeframe.

The detailed output lists the same information by each drug ordered.

This option is used by CACs and ADPACs to setup Personal

 Document Lists for Clinicians. This allows pre-configuration of TIU PERSONAL
DOCUMENT TYPE LIST prior to CPRS Log on if user has been created in the NEW
PERSON file for selecting USER Progress Notes, Consults, Discharge
Summary....NOTE TITLES with the use of "USER" for additional types. This also
allows for setting the DEFAULT TYPE (you may only select active documents within
the PARENT CLASS). DO NOT modify Parent Class from this option.                       M

Maintains log of activity by MAA and AOD                                              M

This is a copy of LRUPACA rewritten locally for totals by division.                   M

Web-based SQL application to track Employee Suggestions                               SQL

Modifications are to be made to Pamela Croston's Case Finder so that it works
correctly in our Integrated, Multi-Divisonal environment.                             M
Extracts data from facility VistA system to a central database for evaluation and
review.                                                                              M, Delphi

Visn 9 Data Warehouse extractions                                                    M

Converts CPRS surveys to a spreadsheet.                                              M

Business Office Patient appt recall system                                           M

Inpatient Allergy Report(patient, room-bed, allergy)                                 M

Assists Behavioral Health staff to identify patients diagnosed with depression who
need to be followed with at least 3 visits within 84 days of diagnosis.              M

Memphis class iii for vested/unvested patients - run via taskman and sends msg to a
group of users                                                                      M
Assists Behavioral Health staff identify substance abuse patients who should
maintain continuous treatment for at least 90 days.                                 M
Gui front end to emulate phone book for user phone number lookup, editing of
VistA phone number data, find service and ward phone numbers, and miscellaneous
other commonly used information.                                                    M, Delphi

     ;intended to be run daily, as an option, to recaculate vested status for all
patients admitted or with an outpatient encounter on the previous day                M

.Local front end to VA FileMan to restrict file access.                              M

Option tasked to run orders performance data report in format compatible with
Access.                                                                              M
A user can check (for assigned T&L units only) the annual $ limit, the $ amount
billed for/by Fee Basis providers.                                                   M

Checks Follow up on Surgical Clinics                                                 M
VHAGLAHS customization of an application used by employees to view what
courses they still need to take online to full-fill their annual education requirements,
along with the ability to view their complete Tempo record. Adapted from a
previously developed application. Needs a copy of the Tempo database to function. Cold Fusion
This is a set of routines for a transcription interface utilizing unreleased patch
TIU*1*97 to enable use of the Dictaphone product for transcription of various
transcription types.                                                                     M

Report giving list of patients admitted previous day needing FIMS screening. Goes
to a mailgroup                                                                       M

Identify corrupted/incomplete entries in file 405 that impact G&L/BSR calculations   M

Analyzes all patients YTD and sets the Vesting flag.                                 M

BCMA Medication Log for Orderable Items.                                             M

Used in place of the SD NOSHOW REPORT.
gets all the clinics within a division for a stop code, then gets all the appointments
for a date range and checks the status of the appointment and then counts them for
total appointments, noshow appointments, noshow appointments with rebook,
total noshow, and then calculates the percentage of noshows.                           M

Reports on H&Ps (History and Physical Examination) signed by Attending in a date
range - used to ensure 24 hour signing compliance                                    M

PCE/Progress Note Analysis.                                                          M

Routine ALWIBJD was copied from IBJDIPR and modified to add insurance counts
for Chief, PAFS.                                                                     M

Laundry Tracking                                                                     M

Lists reminders due (off of a customized list of reminders) for patients with an
appointment on a specified date for a clinic (or list of clinics).                   M

This routine loops through the AF xref of the Orders file for a date range and prints
the name, ssn, date of order, type and status when the TO field=allergies and Status
field=unreleased. It checks for both inpatient and outpatient.                        M
For selected date range and default provider, prints report of patient's cancelled
and/or no show appointments.                                                          M

Mod to Kernel XUSRB requires user to sign electronic security agreement before
allowing sign on to VISTA.                                                           M
Utilizes a predefined Health Summary to be utilized during periods of extended
VistA downtime                                                                       M, Delphi, C++, DCL

Report asks for a ward and a diagnostic code and gets all
inpatients on that ward and gets their active problem list matching the specified DX. M

For selected date range of outpatient encounters, other than Originating Process
Type of Credit Stop Code, prints by division, count of encounters, date of oldest
check out blank, count of check out blank or >5 working days, and count of date last
edited >5 working days. Also includes only encounters of status allowing check out,
but for 'INPATIENT APPOINTMENT' and 'NON-COUNT'.                                     M
Computer Gateway Interface for Vista                                                 M

Allows clinical users to view unsigned notes in CPRS through the Tool Menu.          Delphi

This routine asks for a ward and then prints patient data for all patients on the ward
- name,SSN,room-bed,age,sex                                                            M
Normalized data warehouse                                                              M
Application to pull patient and lab data from patients with positive cultures and/or
serology for C.difficile                                                               M

Application to assist Social Service provide palliative care.                     M
Local modification to FHMTK1C to increase pitch size and adjust column alignments
for tray tickets.                                                                 M
Routine ACXEXUS1 is used by ADP Coordinators to request an access code for users
in their service. The option builds a mailman message and sends the required
information to the appropriate IMS support person as well as a copy to the
requesting ADP Coordinator. Routine ACXXMNOP is used to automatically request
menus or options from IMS.                                                        M

Report for calculating fees for Allied, contractor for AR services                   M

Application for tracking requests for reproduction.                                  M

A daily report on cancelled laboratory orders.                                       M

A report on Duplicate Lab Orders for a (user selectable) timeframe.                     M
Prints clinic appointment slot utilization for selected month, or range of months,
grouped by user's choice of stop code, provider, or clinic type. Also allows printing
only selected clinic or provider.                                                       M
Provides alerting mechanism to Police if a disturbance occurs and a panic switch is
activated. Alerts are given overhead and are given to speciafic locations within the
facility.                                                                               VB
COLLAGE is an interactive website for VHA employees and communities of practice.
Its focus is the facilitation of quality of care improvement through the sharing of
grass root knowledge, best practices, and job expertise. COLLAGE is a product of an     VB, .NET, JavaScript,
HSR&D                                                                                   SQL, ASP

Monitoring system to assist providers to assess service connection                      M

add Lodger Room number onto Diet Cards from local lodger program                  M
Pre & Post Surgery Glucose data. Analysis to include the average change
(increase/decrease) in Glucose and the % of cases with increased/decresed Glucose

The concern was average Post-Surgery Glucose was higher than the average Pre-
Surgery Glucose.                                                                        M

Modifications to inpatient pharmacy routines to enable Pyxis interface.                 M
Vitals for the date of admission.
A hospital performance measure required that certain vitals be measured upon
admission to the hospital.                                                              M
Prints a list of patients seen in a selected clinic for a date.

The output contains patient name, last 4, hgb a1c test results and the date of the
specimen                                                                                M

Automatic printing of work cards to append to microbiology accession slips to track
progress of culture workups.                                                          M
Captures data from an external Insurance database to add to Integrated Billing
Insurance buffer                                                                      M
Set of routines and options to allow users to review and sign the current Security
Policy. Requires an electronic signature yearly. Results maintained in a separate set
of files.                                                                             M

Local routines through LRLABEL4 to print Intermec and DataSouth labels for lab
specimens                                                                               M
prints name, ssn,DX,age, and treating spec of inpatients sorted by ward/room/bed          M

Daily report on narcotics RXs from previous day                                           M
Loops through the "AF" xref for a date range. Gets when entered, name, and
orderable item for records that have a DC REASON TEXT = Missing or invalid Med
Route                                                                                     M

Lists for selected date range of invasive procedures, patients with date of death
within 30 days of same, including subsequent outpatient encounters and providers M

Counts the various stats for iv's within a date range and calculate the percentage
that were complete for each ward location.                                                M
VistA tasked routines to send daily email listing radiology transcriptions filed in the
previous 24 hour period including case number. Also automates printing to secure
areas those transcriptions filed with status of ABNORMALITY ATTENTION NEEDED.
A gui application allows fast examination of cases filed today, yesterday, and the
day before.                                                                               M, Delphi

Reports on new Primary care patients w appts greater than 30 days.                        M

provide patient education on health summary report.                                       M
Tool to review and analyze Tort claims (hard copies received from OMLA) for
potential patient safety vulnerabilities and solutions.                                   MS Access, VB, SQL

This is a routine run option taken from option [PRCH P/C REP6] and Routine
PRCHRP6 to pull the original national report with added fields from file 442. this
report includes the "Description and "BOC" fields from 442 enabling the user to
eliminate the secondary look up of this information. Local option modified from the
above listed routine.                                                               M

Tool for managing travel estimates and reconciling with actual costs                      MS Access, VB, SQL
IBCEFG7 realigment for UB92 multiple pages printout at the top of form                    M

After the implementation of the NIF (National Item File)we lost the field that stored
the location of the item on the pick-ticket report. It was replaced with a national
description field. The local routine has added back in the Storage Location for the
warehouse on the Picking Ticket Reprint option.                                       M
Allows providers to send an anonymous message to a Vista Mail Group. It is used
for a variety of purposes from suggestions to request to fix erroneous data entered
in Vista.                                                                             M, Delphi
LAXTRCT modified to skip the Greenwich time, back to old format                      M
Displays Pending Inpatient Medication Orders. In addition from being used from
individual workstations a large monitor in the Inpatient Pharmacy displays this data
which is continuously updated.                                                       M, Delphi

This routine lists the Glucose POC HL7 messages that are not filing in VistA because
of an error. This replaces the National View alert that is generated when an error
occurs. User finds National alert difficult to work with as alert must be processed
one by one and disappears if not careful about exiting out of them. This routine
lists the Patient identifier and result that errored for easy manual entry.          ,M
This report searches through discharges for the user-selected date range and lists
several discrepancies including:

Observation admit followed by transfer movement

Observation discharge where LOS is more than 24 hours

allowing staff to make corrections in a timely manner                                     M
Options to print lab test turn around information in a format that can be easily
captured and pulled into Excel or other spreadsheets                                      M

Option and Routine uses modification of National Routine for listing Purchase Card
approvals that are pending under the Purchase Card Menu.

This option makes the alert visible when the user logs on. If the alert is processed it
jumps the user to the Purchase Card Menu where the approvals can be completed.
The national routine required that the user be in a specific menu before the alerts
would be generated or seen. Sometimes the user did not use that menu for several
days. This alleviated the long wait for approvals.                                        ,M
Group of reports that list admissions, transfers, discharges by date range, ward,
treating specialty.                                                                       M
This application was to be a complete database to store Skin Wound Tracking
Information. This project is currently on HOLD.                                           M, Delphi
Application to pull data from class III file (IRM HELP). This file contains useful
information on 1) programming practices, 2)class III appliations in use, 3) downtime
procedures, as well as 3) COTS applications including general procedure manuals
and re-booting informatiion.                                                              M, Delphi
Group of reports listing purchase card user statistics, transactions, amounts, for all
CPs or a single CP.                                                                       M
This is a COTS system that receives data from the Outpatient Pharmacy package and
then operates Bakercell and AutoScript III Robot that packages the medication for
Dispensing.                                                                               M, VB, C++, SQL
Application to allow maintaining database in VistA of projects with dated notes on
progress. Limited reporting capabilities.                                                 M, Delphi

Inpatient Pharmacy medication packaging and inventory control system.                     M, VB, C++, SQL
Bulletin sent to primary care provider and infection control nurse in Vista if PPD
reading entered in file 9000010.12 is >9.                                              M

TIU Statistical report extracts can be downloaded and imported into Excel
spreadsheet for data analysis and reports to management.

Statistical reports also provide statistics on use of TIU note titles by provider and or
Health care group. Data analysis from these reports is presented to management M

The purchase reconcile/approve alert is displayed when user signs into Vista in
addition to displaying when user accesses IFCAP options.                                 M
Provides a list of patients with their billing information that have not been billed for
a given date range                                                                       M

Report lists all notes with a given title within user-specified date range, includes
admission date if within 2 days before the note date or 30 days following.             M

FastFill is an automated Outpatient Pharmacy medication packaging and inventory
control system use in the Pharmacy Controlled Substance Vaults.                       SQL
Provides a listing of patient potentially eligible for writeoff and then imports them
into a VISTA template which completes the process.                                    M
LRAPPA add autopsy to selection list in addition to SP,CY and EM try "AY" instead of
"AU"                                                                                  M

Prescription Telephone Refill request and Appointment Reminder System. Calls
Patients to remind them of upcomming appointments and allows Patients to call in
and request a refill or check the status of a prescription.                      M

LRLSTWRL Modified to show seven characters for location instead of four                M

Non-Vested Patients by Date Range                                                     M
Electronic requesting of adds, changes, and deletes for all user account activity.
Uses electronic signature functionality for authorization. All requests are signed by
Service Line ADPAC, Service Line Executive, Information Management Service Line,
and Information Security Officer.                                                     M

Stores and tracks Medical Center Policies                                              M
This M routine tracks admissions and deaths that occur within 3 days of a telephone
advice call. This tool will flag such cases for management to look into what advise
nurse did was appropriate or if there is something that could be improved.

Patient called Telephone Care Program, and then either

 1. got admitted within 3 days. 10/19/2000

 2. died within 3 days, with or without admission. 5/13/2002.                         M

The Backup Health Summary System is based on the emergency health summary
system we obtained from SFVA. This system produces various reports (inpatient and
outpatient health summaries, lab draw list, and a Medication Administration
Record) which can be accessed during scheduled and unscheduled VistA or network
downtime. M routines generate the reports and VMS com procedures FTP the files
to FTP servers which then push the reports out to the designated workstations.

Reports produced by this system:

Emergency Health Summary           (daily)

Brief Outpatient Health Summary (daily)

Medication Administration Record (every 30 minutes)

 (for BCMA contingency )

HBPC Health Summary            (daily)

Lab Draw List            (daily)                                                      M

Report of Discharges of patients with Insurance for a date range                      M
The Employee Clearance System was originally obtained from the Palo Alto VA and
modified to meet VANCHCS requirements. This system is basically an electronic
version of the Employee's Clearance From Indebtedness form. Clearance forms are
intiated electronically by the clearing employee's supervisor. A notification is sent to
all services from which the employee must clear from, and if there is no
indebtedness the employee can be cleared electronically by each service. If there is
an indebtedness, the indebtedness is noted and the employee is only cleared once
the indebtedness has been taken care of. Once all other services have been cleared,
Payroll will do the final clearance and udpate the PAID system. If the employee has
not cleared all services, Payroll witholds the employees last paycheck. This system
also notifies the Clinical Applications group to set up a surrogate for the clearing
employee's view alerts.                                                                  M
This report allows the user to search for specific mammogram procedures by exam
date range for the TRICARE/CHAMPUS or Sharing Agreement patients for the Air
Force 60TH group. Output is exported to Excel.                                           M, Excel

Report generates list of lab tests performed for Sharing Agreement patients.            M

Report of Inpatient and whether or not they have a photo id in VistA Imaging            M
This report provides a list of pap smear test performed on Sharing Agreement
patients.                                                                               M

Modified routine EN^DGPLBL which is called by local option for modified behavior
and for original behavior from national option (DG PRINT PATIENT LABEL)

This option prints patient labels that contain the Patient Name, Social Security
Number, and Date of Birth. An optional fourth line contains the Inpatient Location
of the patient was changed to contain today's date when called from local option.
When called form national option function is unchanged.                                 M

Option obtained from the Phoenix, AZ VA. This option is run after the VistA system
has been brought back up from either planned or unplanned downtime. The option
generates a note into patient records stating that the BCMA system was not
available for a specified timeframe and that records for medication administration
for that timeframe can be accessed through Deliverex.                              M

Report of Patients that have gotten a Prescription and have insurance over a date
range. Can be ran for one insurance company or all insurance companies.                 M

Report of randomly selected GI, Radiology and Laboratory Bills Over a date range.       M
Add insurance filing time frame to below report
94                                                                                    M
Data extractions for diabetes study performed on an annual basis by one of the
VANCHCS endocrinologists. Routines provide last ten results for a number of
laboratory tests for diabetic patients using insulin or oral hypoglycemics. Output is
provided to the endocrinologist in Excel format.                                      M, Excel
GUI/Web Employee Contact Information Lookup Program. Also includes Vista Roll
& Scroll interface.                                                                   M, Java
Annual Report Website

                                                                                     .NET, SQL
EPRP Coding Data Analysis Tool

                                                                                     .NET, SQL
EPRP Coding Data Analysis Tool

                                                                                     .NET, SQL, MSAS
Notification to Occupational Therapy Staff of admissions and discharges with
diagnosis requiring a FIM followup.                                                  M

Application used to track completion of required security checks for employees,
students, volunteers and contractors. Tracks all documentation required such
2280's, SAC's, 85/85P's, position sensitivity and risk, MBI and BI, etc.             M
Users enter BCMA requests after normal business hours and are contacted by the
help desk in the morning.                                                            SQL, asp

Appointments over 30 days.                                                      M
IRM Staff must check in and out upon arrival and departure. Management recieves
reports with detailed information.                                              SQL, ASP

Terminal display of unverified patient orders, by location, that are waiting to be
processed from CPRS.                                                                 M
NAME: ALV HIGH RISK PATIENTS MENU TEXT: PC Team High Risk Patients (Frequent

 TYPE: run routine              CREATOR: HOLMES,MARY L

DESCRIPTION: This option allows the user to choose a Team, # of Occurrences,
and date range. If the patients on a given team were seen more than the # of
occurrences in the selected date range they will appear on a report showing the ssn,
patient, PC Provider, PC Team, visit date, indication of Inpatient or Outpatient, and
primary diagnosis.


 UPPERCASE MENU TEXT: PC TEAM HIGH RISK PATIENTS (Frequent Flyers)                     M
   The Inpatient Pharmacy uses the OSPAC machine to automatically process and
pack medications. The interface is a set of modified Inpatient Pharmacy routines
that send the pick list data to a VMS file which is in turn triggered for transmission
via FTP to the OSPAC machine. A command procedure in VMS is submitted by the M
routine.                                                                               M, VMS

Allows editing of local fields in addition to national fields in the New Person file.

NAME: ALWXUSEREDIT           MENU TEXT: Edit an Existing User (Local)

 TYPE: action                CREATOR: KRIEG,JEAN A



DESCRIPTION: Local option created specifically for ADPAC holders. Allows for
editing of New Person file fields: Title,Service/section, Office phone, and Room.
Users that have been terminated can't be edited.



 TIMESTAMP: 55516,52764

 UPPERCASE MENU TEXT: EDIT AN EXISTING USER (LOCAL)                                     M
1. Determine which clinics will use OA

2. Do not schedule future appts in those clinics, leaving slots open for patients to
call & make appts within 30 days.

3. After patient's appt provider instructs patient when he wants them to call &
make appt for certain date & ask clerk to enter an OA reminder for that date.

4. On the day the reminder is due a reminder letter is printed & mailed to the

5. Patient calls, requests, & gets an appt within 30 days.                             M

Routine ALWDGSEC disallows access to own patient record.

ALWDGSEC ; SECURITY Mods to DD Patient file ; JAK/MAD ; 1/26/96


     ; Allows display of SSN/DOB if entry not found in DG SECURITY LOG file

     ; Does not allow lookup if lookup entry SSN=DUZ SSN                               M
Application provides enter/edit, approval, and reporting functionality for daily
transportion of veterans provided by the medical center.                               M
Assists facilities in determining veterans who have been scheduled for more than
one appointment in the same clinic. Care should be taken to review each appt to
ensure an error has not been made.                                                     M

An application built on the VistA infrastructure to process all claims for the
CHAMPVA, FMP, CWVV, Spina Bifida, and Mail Order Pharmacy Programs
                                                                                       M, M, Java, VB, Cache
                                                                                       Objects, SQL

Hook from the patient lookup routine to check a local alert file for various patient
alerts.                                                                                M
Automated program for users to request set-up of a new clinic, changes to existing
and inactivation. Request are reviewed by the Clinic Evaluation Team to determine
correct stop code. Also tracks if the clinic needs to be included in the contingency
program and which PC should get the files. Also tracks if clinic should be included in
the call list for the AudioCare Appointment Reminder program.                          M

DSS Telecare RPC only returns 300 log entries, and we have and need to see all of
them - local mod to DSICDDR0                                                          M
CPRS functionality for lab order checks is automated with informational alerts to
providers for lab orders being changed to a status of lapsed. Also runs an
automated alert 30-days prior for unreleased lab orders that will be deleted during
the lab order check.                                                                  M
Computed finding routine to check patient admissions for vesting purposes OVER 3
YEARS.                                                                                M
Various routines created both locally and from other VAMCs that are used to pull
patient data from various VISTA files and display the data in Progress Notes,
Consults, etc. The routines are used in the TIU Object method field #9 of the TIU
Document Definition file #8925.1                                                      M

This system is customizeable COTS product that we interface with our CP&E system M, VB, Cache Objects,
to deliver electronic processing of claims and determinations of eligibility.    SQL

Runs the combat vet OIF/OEF report.                                                   M
The SUD Case Finder is Class III sofeware developed to assist the Mental Health Line
identifying substance abuse patients entering new treatment who should maintain
continuous treatment for at least 90 days.


No modifications to any software or globals on the VistA system occur. Data is
extracted into temporary globals that are removed at completion.

The nine (9) M(umps) routines are in the ALDRSUB namespace.

ALDRSUBQ request date range and queue report

ALDRSUB find patients with stay or visits during selected date range

ALDRSUB2 check for admission or visits in prior 90 days

ALDRSUB3 count visits in 30, 60 and 90 days

ALDRSUBA count visits in 30, 60 and 90 days, part 2

ALDRSUBB count visits in 30, 60 and 90 days, part 3

ALDRSUBP print routine

ALDRSUB4 print routine
This GUI application tracks patient care in Emergency Room and displays the
patients who are currently in the Emergency Room.                                       M, Delphi
                                                                                        Cold Fusion,
Patient Safety Information system - supports development and management of              JavaScript, SQL,
patient safety RCA data at field facilities                                             ActionScript

broker client written in c                                                              ,C

Keeps track of appointments for Cardiology in Electrophysiology, Cath, COU, Echo,
Holter, and Nuclear Medicine. Techs or anyone with access/verify code can add,
edit, and delete scheduled appointments to these departments. They can also keep
track of departmental alerts and notices, like a certain doctor being off, or lab Java, JavaScript, SQL,
closures, with a "Daily Alert" feature.                                           Web Services, AJAX

broker client for python scripts                                                        , Python
JavaBroker is a Java library that allows client applications to connect to VistA and
execute RPCs.                                                                           Java
This option takes the Inventory Sales report from GIP and prints it in a flat file to
export to Excel.                                                                        M
Display the G&L report online                                                         Cold Fusion

GUI application to enter and track IT equipment                                       java/GWT
captures the logon for all residents for the day and stores them in an a database for
reporting timekeeping                                                                 Java/SQL

Assist the Mental health Group in identifying substance abuse patients entering
new treatment who should maintain continuous treatment for at least 90 days.          M

Allows adpacs to enter account requests and IT staff to create them                   Java, Cold Fusion, C#

Delphi interface for GUI version of Personnel Actions                                 Delphi

tracks and manages an IP subnet                                                       Delphi, Cold Fusion

java application server that easily wraps java classes/methods into SOAP requests     Java

Extracts of billing data for QA and compliance programs                               M
allows users to enter data and submit it via the CP interface, also manages
worklists.                                                                            Java, Delphi
bingo board for the wards that shows if patients have orders and provides a list of
inpatient appointments                                                                Cold Fusion

  Health Summaries (HS) are sent daily to CBOC P/Cs via FTP of a VMS file. In case
of unplanned downtime, the CBOC can print the HS for all of the patients with
scheduled appointments. The CBOCs select their own HS and a queued backround
job prints the HS to a VMS file and submits a command procedure which transmits
that file via FTP to a designated P/C (connected to a printer) in the CBOC. Each
CBOC has its own HS and queued background job.                                        M, VMS

create a graphical view of patients in the medical center. Also provides functionality
to manageg scheduled admits and document isolations and etc.                           Java, Cold Fusion

web application to manage goal sharing projects                                       Java, Cold Fusion

Non-Vested by Incorrect Provider                                                      M

Local modification to Pharmacy to display default stop date.                           M
Prints a PMI with areas to mark patient responses during a review session of the
Patient Medication History session.                                                    M
Local modification of the MORPHOLOGY code search, SNOMED [LRAPSM] option to
display patient IEN instead of last 4 of the SSN, SEX and AGE fields. Modification was
requested by Clinical Applications to identify patients with prior abnormal
colonoscopies who require follow-up. Display of the IEN facilitates identification of
patients, review of records and recording of appropriate follow-up interval in the
patients charts.                                                                       M
Alerts are sent to the members of designated mailgroups in VistA based upon user
entry of specific text within TIU documents. The alerts are used to identify follow-
up required for patient care needs.                                                       M

When surgery OR requests have been entered in VISTA SR package,

the VISTA OR information is automatically updated to a view only calendar. The
'calendar' program has been pushed out to designated workstations. Once OR
request is changed in Vista, change will automatically be reflected in calendar.

This system has two parts.

First part is an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) routine/procedure in Vista. This Vista
RPC routine interacts with the vista Surgery package and sends information to a
client-side application on any workstation.

The second part is the client-side application interface (GUI) that issues the calls to
the RPC procedure in Vista. The client-side implementation consists of 2
components RPCEngine.dll & Surgery.exe. The GUI interface look like a calendar.

                                                                                          M, VB, Delphi

Database that tracks Long Term Care Pharmacy reviews and provides reports to
assist the Pharmacy when the next Long Term Care Review is needed.                        M

Local modification to Scheduling to generate precert bulletin for mccr.                   M
Database has key points of care that the Nursing Staff want to pass between shift
changes.                                                                                  M
CPT Procedure codes billed by Provider (Detailed and Summary available) Does not
include LAB/XRAY charges.                                                                 M
Produces a PMI that is used during the Medication Review process when a patient is
discharged or counseled at the time of Dispensing.                                        M

Assists in delivering high quality care for inpatients with life-limiting illness.        M
Web-based event calendar                                                                  , ASP/SQL

Web-based on-call scheduling system. Used by all of PVAMC                                 SQL, ASP
                                                                                          SQL, ASP, MS SQL
Capital equipment request tracking and processing for submission to IFCAP                 Reporting Services
Print Rx's that are on hold that have a problem.                                       M
Web-based version of the Outlook Address Book                                          SQL, ASP

Web-based Toolbook training modules                                                    , Toolbook

Modification of a modification obtained from the Las Vegas VA to the Search for
High/Low Values lab report. Allows Air Force users to specify lab tests and date
ranges to check for patients who had specific tests run. The report only extracts
data for Air Force hospital locations which are hard-coded in the routine.             M
This will check for synonyms for drugs from the barcode format


 The leading digit and last five digits are removed and then a query of the drug file is
done. The internal entry number (IEN, NUMBER, .001) and name (.01) fields are
then displayed.                                                                          M

This will auto task PSB Missed Med reports. What this can do is auto print a Missed
Med report to different printers per shift or daily and uses start/stop times.      M
Web-based application that allows users to edit their Outlook address book
information                                                                         SQL, ASP

This software provides functionality for electronic information security agreements.
The functionality includes on-line electronic signature, reporting, check for current
agreement at sign-on, and automatic disuser if agreements are not current.            M

Jobbed task to automatically file away Unit Dose Pick List.                            M
This option asks for the Rx number and will display the logic used to determine
what Drug Name will be printed on the Rx Label.

The National Logic used to determine the Print Name on the Label

 1. Does the Rx have a Trade Name Entry, if yes Print it!

 2. Is the Rx Drug marked for CMOP and has NDF information

     if so it will check for both an NDF and PSNDF info.

     If it has both it will print the VA Product Name from

     file 50.68.

 3. Otherwise it will use the Generic Name from file 50.                               M
Compiliation of 25+ pt info for lookups

                                                                                         M, Delphi
Generate TIU notes can be printed for pts

GUI for prov to send result letters to pts

                                                                                         M, Delphi

A VISN 8 initiative to capture Bill information for patient calls into the VISN 8 call
center. Once the data is entered a mail message is sent to the Call Center mail
group informing members that the call was received. Once the problem entered
has been remedied, the status is set to 'complete' on the call log, and a message is
sent stating the call is complete. The clerk menu contains options for entry, update,
and inquiry. The supervisor menu contains print options.                               M
     ; Purpose: Give a PATIENT list of Rx's in the CPRS Rx Pending
     ; Input: Starting date, default to earliest in file
     ;       Ending (Stop) date
     ; Output: List of Patients and SSN's (unformatted to permit
     ;       pasting the ssn into VISTA)                                               M
Downtime Contingency - Updtd every 30 m


Web-based application that provides additional information about providers               SQL, ASP
Database and reporting system to assist in tracking Patient Travel.
It displays the patient's name, status, special instructions and last 3 travel entries
then allows editing of the special instructions and travel log.                          M
Data from instrument to Vista files (such as Witt)

Data from outside contractor to Vista files


Lab Personnel Tracking for the Accu-Chek Inform Glucose Meter allows the Lab to
enter personnel names and unique lab ids into a Vista database for the purpose of
printing personnel bar-coded Zebra labels for each person in lab to attach to their
badge. The operator of the Accu-Chek Inform Glucose Meter can scan their unique
lab id number into the meter versus manually entering a 9 digit code for each use of
the meter. The meter is used to measure whole blood glucose in patients. The
advantage of the bar code read of the user id is that it saves lab personnel time
from repeatedly entering their user id and eliminates errors in operator
identification when reviewing and monitoring whole blood glucose testing.            M, Zebra
Pkg of opt to allow facilitators to manage trans doc & correct errors

Modified surgery data entry option to go through all the screens at once instead of
having to select each screen individually.                                          M
Files are created from VistA for MARs, Inpatient/Outpatient health summaries, and
appointment lists at regular intervals (depending on the report). These files are
ftp'd from VMS to machines at our facility and CBOC's in the event they will be
required for patient care.                                                          M
Application submitted to use tracking program developed by NIH for clinical
trials, regulatory documents and financial documents by affiliate LSUHSC on a
secure website. Encrypted sensitive information can only be transferred/reviewed
by participating sites.                                                             SQL

Pkg of options for pathology


Pkg of opt for CIO man, edit, assign, surr to unsigned clin documents

Track transfer of Prescription Medications ( with Controlled Substances and
Chemotheraputics ) from the Outpatient Pharmacy to the Patient with electronic
signature of who were involved in the transport.                                       M
Allows disch med reconciliation

                                                                                       M, Delphi

Internet web-based conference registration                                             SQL, ASP
Discharge medication information

                                                                                       JavaScript, SQL,
PVAMC Internet Web Site                                                                HTML, ASP

Allows patient to order prescription renwal via phone & comm w/provider. This is
being looked at for possible rollout by vendor and national.

Select lab results sent to dietetics by ward (task)


Internet Community Resource Integration resource guide                                   SQL, ASP
Alert staff when pt meets certain criteria; i.e. DNR, Latex Allergy, patient is an 'opt-
out' for HIPPA purposes. Shows Vista and CPRS.                                           M
Interface to Express Business System Mail Metering System. Sends patient name
and address to the system. Database holds dates and USPS tracking number.              M, Delphi, SQL

Approx 70 sched task for various user and system maintenance


This application runs daily from a VMS batch job to create files for the previous day
with patient results from each lab accession area. These files are ftp'd to a machine
and later stored on CD to meet the Lab requirement for retention of this data.        M
All labs on outpatient sent to prov that saw patient in clinic via Vista

                                                                                       JavaScript, SQL,
PVAMC Intranet web site                                                                HTML, ASP

Web-based network device, port management                                              SQL, ASP
Notification of surgeries sch, op rpts, surg pat path rpts comp sent remote site for
referral pts

Elec pb (user, service, cat, specialty items; i.e. notary listing)

                                                                                       M, Delphi
Allow reporting/tracking of suspected pt abuse in 'home' environment

Pkg of options: writes notes, orders, med, reports (flow sheet available)

                                                                                       M, Delphi

System that tracks strategic planning and ACA initiatives                              SQL, ASP

Web-based broadcast announcement system                                                SQL, ASP
Option "Labels for Surgery Patients" to allow Surgery to print a variable number of
Surgery Patient Labels (1 to 10) to a Zebra printer. The labels contain the name of
the site, the patient's name and SSN. The labels are attached to patient
documentation/paperwork.                                                               M, Zebra
Inpatient glucose tool -

                                                                                       M, Delphi

Student tracking database used by Education, HR and IT                                 SQL, MS Access
Care Plan program for inpt nur staff

                                                                                   M, Delphi

Outsourcing tracking system, Under development                                     SQL

Allow designated user to mtch prog note w/consult to allow closing of consult

                                                                                   M, Delphi
Tasked job runs wkly to updt drug prices on designated CPRS menus


TIU DANGEROUS ABBREIVATION REPORT                                                  M

Electronic form request and management system                                      JavaScript, SQL, ASP
Once week task searches guiac tests for results. Sends letter if not find


This product allows the user to search for numbers on all three campuses by name,
service or ward.                                                                  M
Ordering an ISS from Quick order, auto compose prog note


Computer system incident reporting and tracking system                             SQL, ASP
Web-based survey application
                                                                                   JavaScript, SQL,
                                                                                   HTML, ASP
Various written for providers


Print patient label on Zebra Printer                                               M
Item-Last Vendor Ordered Report

Add T&L which certifies suprv card

Inpatient activity report which pulls data from the electronic VISN 20 Reporting   Cache Objects, SQL,
System                                                                             ASP

Computer systems tracking database. Tracks systems and associated components       JavaScript, SQL, ASP
ASSISTS THE NEW USER IN LOGGING INTO VISTA.                             M

Local patient pict display prgrm. Used reg for pt lookup, 'missing pt,' & by Police

                                                                                      M, Delphi
Various routines written for pt notif drug chg


BUSINESS OFFICE REPORTS                                                               M
Various options and routines for DERM BX PATIENTS


Web-based IT knowledgebase                                                            SQL, ASP
Populate local file with Active Users


LOCAL SECURITY PROGRAM                                                                M

DELINQUENT MEDICAL RECORD                                                             M
Patients rec drug on list, generate report


Several tasks and user options involving troponin


SENSITIVE RECORD ACCESS REPORT FOR ISO                                                M
Allow users reserve and cancel day-use lot parking


Daily report to scheduling of appts held by test pts

Option to allow user to view prov Person Class details plus if 'vesting'

This routine, AKWNRC, lists drugs and schedules of administration for all patients on
a given ward.                                                                         M
SPINAL CORD INJURY -- local file created for the SCI coordinator to manage
information on all identified SCI patients at this facility.                          M
RANDOM SECURITY LOG -- search for a random sample of sensitive patients that
have had their record viewed by date range                                            M
Travel Office uses doc spec trvl needs outpt


ELECTRONIC BILL CAPTURE                                                             M
Prints list of inpatients who have opted-out of restricting their names from the
inpatient roster so that they can receive mail, etc.                                M
Ward staff enter pt spec trvl nds for discharge


The Alaska VAHSRO Fee Schedule is based on Medicare Rates. Alaska does not use
the RBRVS Schedule. The 75% Schedule only applies after 4/1/05 for AK Place of
Service. Options Calculate Payment Amount and Enter Payment were changed.
Created routines to load Alaska's rates into the Fee Basis Fee Schedule file as
transferred from a an Excel file released from Colorado, to an OpenVMS text file, a
Fileman HOLD file then the Fee Basis Fee Schedule file.                             M, Excel, OpenVMS
Request Escort for Pt or Request Courier Pickup

Call up view by ward of bed occupancy info

OFF STATION TRAVEL.                                                                 M

HL7 DIIM INTERFACE                                                                  M - This website has links to web applications which are used by
VHA/EMSHG staff for reporting data to the Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel
System (DEMPS)(VHA) and the Exercise Calendar application (EMSHG). Although         M, Cold Fusion, SQL,
there are several                                                                   Java
Team run report of all vets on SL > 30 says

Report by Grouper - percentage of compliance each stat


Print patient wristbands on Zebra printers                                            M
Web-based employee recognition Awards) system. Allows users to nominate and           SQL, ASP, SQL
Human Resources to process nominations                                                Reporting Services
Program was developed in response to the stand down for the purpose of tracking
training, education and licensure for those individuals involved in human studies
research                                                                              , PERL, Java Script

Maintain list of Mental health staffing for management                                M
This application extracts data and stores it into a local file from the LA7 Message
Queue file. That data is matched with other data from the critical value lab report
to show tracking times from when the results were entered into VistA until they
reached patient care staff.                                                           M

Web-based version of the Vista phone book                                             SQL, ASP

List parts needed by Bio-Med for reparing equipment                                   M

Without compensation employee tracking database. Used by Research, HR and IT.         SQL, MS Access

Maintain inventory of pre-pagaged drugs                                               M

Present patient health summaries to providers when VistA is not available.            M, html, vbscript
Turn around time for Pathologists for SP, CY, AU and BM. Modification of ^LRAPTT.

Output lookslike this:
Enter beginning date for search: T-20
Enter ending date for search: T-10
Do you want delimited detailed output ? NO.....................
TAT Report from JUN 2,2006 to JUN 12,2006

                        TOTAL        PATHOLOGIST
                    PER BREAKDOWN            BREAKDOWN
>2 <8         CY NAWAB         3     7.1        42
>2 <8         CY WANG         1      4.5       22
>2 <8         CY ZITMAN       4      11.4       35
>2 <8         SP MASON         4     8.2        49
>2 <8         SP NAWAB        6      20.7        29
>2 <8         SP TANNENBAUM      2        6.7       30
>2 <8         SP WANG         3     9.7        31
>2 <8         SP ZITMAN       20      25.0       80
>7           BM NAWAB         1      25.0       4
>7           CY WANG        1      4.5        22
>7           SP WANG        2      6.5        31
<3           CY NAWAB        39     92.9        42
<3           CY WANG        20      90.9       22
<3           CY ZITMAN      31      88.6       35
<3           SP MASON        45     91.8        49                                  M

Track information Technology equipment during actions such as repairs.              M

ADACD427 ;BP/CD 1/31/00 Utility to report running ^HLLP HL7 Message Processor
for LAB INTERFACE(1,2,3,4,5),Device DAWNING(1,2,3,4,5) and EN^LA7UIIN jobs for
UNIVERSAL INTERFACE(1,2,3,4) and provide discretionary restart.                M
Allow div to get rpt of act nur orders & TIMS tailor rpt

This software automatically prints reminder letters to

remind patients of upcoming followup appointments.                                  M
Changed Vista routines FBCHSL1 (to check/quit to avoid including codes 42 & 45 on
Inpatient Suspense Letters and routine FBAASLP (to check/quit to avoid including
codes 42 & 45 on Outpatient Suspense Letters), Vista options FBAA Suspension
Letter print, FBAA suspension Letter indiv) Fee Basis Suspense Letters do not need
to include codes 42 "allowable fee schedule" and 45 "contracted amount" since
vendors already know the amount as these are standard deductions (medicare
rates). Vendors do not need to receive a letter indicating what they already know.
This change also saves on printing and mailing costs as the weekly mail outs were
considerable.                                                                      M
The class 1 green sheet form was modified to tract the reason for Administered
Waste in drug utilization. The date/time, patient, dose, and amount, are recorded
along with the reason code for the waste (ie dropped, contaminated, order
changed, package damage, patial order, patient unavailable, refused by patient,
solution contaminated)                                                             M
Progress notes are created for storage in patient records identifying
scheduled/unscheduled downtime to help identify a lapse in documentation within
the record.                                                                        M
The VANOD software is a collection of M routines distributed with a KIDS build and
is currently VANOD 3.0 There is also a GUI front end that is installed on several
workstations in the facility. The program is designed to extract VA Nursing
Outcomes Data (several files about nurse staffing etc) and sends the data to the
VSSC in Austin. All of the routines and remote procedure calls are named starting
with VANOD. There is one option in the package named VA NURS OUTCOMES DATA
(VANOD).                                                                           M

Changed 7079 Authorization Letters to print patient adress on the back of the letter
to reduce use of paper. These are folded and placed into envelopes to patients. Also
modified the text displayed in the letter. Modified ID to only print last 4 of SSN.
Changed year of birth to date of birth which is used as an identifier by vendors.    M

Tasked job that Print's RXs that will expire in the next 24 hours.                 M

tasked job that prints diet orders for the NHCU patients                           M

Remote scheduling on the Illiana system for patients with appointments at
Indianapolis.                                                                      M
Allowed the entry of a new drug request(s) for procurement prior to the McKession
system. This system centralized the procurement of drugs by dispensing area to a
central procurement department for e-mail procurement.                            M

This routine, AKWDTM, creates a progress note referring to an unscheduled
downtime.                                                                             M
This software dispatches a report in the form of an email bulletin of Police Officers
that have not had a physical or psychological exam within the last year. The report
can be generated by Campus and exam type.                                             M

Record and report on home dialysis workload.                                         JavaScript, SQL, ASP
 The interface to the Pyxis machines transmits critical patient information to the
Urgent Care Pyxis machines.                                                          M

The Automated Allotment Control System (AACS) assists VHA track and manage
dollars, FTE, and workload allocations to VISNs, medical centers, and independent
outpatient clinics; and specific program activities managed by Headquarters.         JavaScript, SQL, ASP
A small program that download inpatient data on hourly basis and copy the
outcome into pre-defined computers at inpatient areas for use in case of a
downtime (VISTA or Network).                                                         Delphi
Indicate VIST PATIENT? YES if the patient is active on the VIST (Visual Impairment
Services Team) ROSTER.                                                               M
Online interactive system providing access to ARC/VERA workload and costing
information.                                                                         JavaScript, SQL, ASP

Program that stores cummulative Outpatient Health Data copied from a server to a
web-based applications on pre-defined workstations on Outpatient Clinics Areas to
be accessed in case of a downtime (VISTA or Network)                              M, HTML

Automates functions such as agent cashier audit.                                     JavaScript, SQL, ASP

A short program that create pop-up messages on selected patients or can send
broadcast messages across CPRS users after they log-on to the broker.                M, Delphi
Created by Chief, Engineering to create local reports and options.

ZCAW Namespace.                                                                      M

An interface to create the Mental Health Treatment Plan Note on CPRS.                M, Delphi
A MUMPS routine that prints a report listing a lab patient's name, ssn and abo
group                                                                                M
A MUMPS routine that produces a list of patient height, weight, body mass
indicator (bmi) and ward.                                                            M
It helps identify and correct problems associated with data within the patient's
record. It eliminates phone calls and allows for tracking.                           M and (Delphi ?)
Background job runs on a regular basis, checking whether queues (Jukebox,
JBTOHD, Import, etc.) are being processed by the Vista Imaging Background
Processor. An email is sent to a Vista mailgroup, which allows sending to text
pagers and home email accounts. Another option shows the size of the queues on
demand.                                                                              M

Local mod placed at line tag FDAT1 added line of code to print contact person name M

Modified the request that prints in Radiology when a procedure is ordered. If
NucMed, then a different request is printed. Prints case number bar code in
Radiology if reprinted after case number is assigned.                                M

LRWU Modified to always ask for patient location for outpatients                     M

Local routine for bullentin for complete work order. Routine is called in National
routine ENWO1                                                                        M

Method to reserve a government vehicle by an employee.                               M

$G added to national code to prevent undefined errors from occurring.                M

Adds Summary of Non-VA Meds Patient is taking to the standard Patient Med Chart M
LRVER3A bypass legacy data from Livermore consolidation.

LRVER4 add SEX to the process.                                                       M

Contains options to maintain the AOD log in VistA                                    M

LROLOVER $G added to avoid midnight crashes                                          M

Changed Vista routine FBUCLET1 to align address with envelope mailing window.        M
With this option the user can select multiple clinics to be combined into a single
integrated clinic list.                                                              M

Allow business office to print POW & Pharmacy Pt Status                              M

Tracks purchasing. Gui at remote location gathers data for managment use.            M
Tracks requests and approvals/disapprovals of requests for education/training
funds.                                                                                VB, MS Access

Routine QAC was expanded to include more detail.                                      M

New program written for use by HBHC to track their community sources and patient
using them. CPRS Reports tab so other staff can view patient's information             M
Client/Server GUI Program that allows for the input of IRM IT Events. Also gives the
ability to automatically notify a Mail Group and allows for easier tracking of events.
Also includes Vista Roll & Scroll interface.                                           M, Java

CM PATIENT PROFILE RPT                                                                M

Changed Vista routine LRWU1 to allow the processing of lab orders created by a
provider who is now dis-usered.                                                       M
Local mod added to have the name print out instead of the DUZ.

Program clean-up, completion, and tracking of encounters                              M

Tracks all calls received by IRM 'On-Call' person during WHEN hours and
automatically generates a 'Weekend' report for Associate Director.                     VB, SQL, MS Access
The Proficiency Report System v1.0.0 is intended to be a standard automated
Proficiency Report Filing and Tracking System. It offers an advanced graphical
interface that allows for user friendly viewing and editing of Proficiency Reports.
The Proficiency Report System takes advantage of VistA's data storage, lookup and
notification capabilities as well as leveraging it's security and electronic signature
model.                                                                                 M, Java

report for rejected and not eligible enrollments.                                     M
Several Radiology reports created for the department.

Some of these reports are used by the department to compile data for managment.
Other reports are used to track workload for different modalities, personnel and

Some of the reports have been formatted so user can be download and export to
Excel.                                                                                M
Program allow user to mark note 'error' and report other notes as 'error' while in
CPRS.                                                                                 M, Delphi

Added ZENTECH to call local rtn to print added fields at the bottom of the work
order. Added fields are Tech, HRS, MATERIAL, DATE COMPLETED, 2ND TECH, HRS,
and 3RD TECH HRS. For example: "TECH:____________________ HRS.____                    M
Tasks Lab HL7 v1.5 interface jobs that run in background. Run on System startup, or
if individual job has stopped.                                                      M

special WCO function to sort by ward or team.

Changed Vista routine LRAC6 alignment of the Lab Cumulative Report data.            M

Site telephone directory                                                            M

Local mod placed at line VEN+1 added I $G(VEN)=-1 G AW1 and added line tag AW1.
AW1 S VEN=$S($G(VEN)="":$P($G(^PRCN(413,D0,7)),U,4),1:VEN)                           M
In HLLP (startup for Hybrid Lower Level Protocol v1.5), if device is TCP/IP, then it
starts a different routine.                                                          M
option. The option searches the verified data within a given time frame looking for
the critical value flag. This local version includes the VERIFIED DATE of the
laboratory test in the output.                                                       M

 The Vista Inventory System software with user friendly enhancements has been
newly released 11/05. The core pieces allow for easy data importations from the
desktop environment into the VistA Equipment Inv file (AEMS/MERS). The software
does proper field checking and formatting to ensure that data being placed in VistA
is valid. The software enables privileged users easy access to add, edit and view
their facility's inventory. See the User Manual for more details on how the software
should be used
(                  M, Java

Local mod placed to correct formatting issues                                       M

Inpatient lookup, display of opt-out & proper statement, gives patient location     M

Local mod placed at line tag MAIN: I $G(GMTSNPG)="" S GMTSNPG=0. I do believe
to prevent from an undefined error occurring.                                 M

Modification to PSORXL to support ADDS.                                             M

Used with Rals/G                                                                    M

made a call for action profile trailer.                                             M
This is a local package developed by Kathleen L. Black of Tennessee Valley Health
Care, Nashville Tennesse. The package was developed to facilitate uploading the
dictated C&P examinations using a locally created TIU Document (ie. C&P
EXAMINATION)header. Four local routines and two input templates support the
upload look-up, edit and post-filing of data into TIU and upon provider signing the
TIU note, note is copied to the AMIE package.


Modifications to PSJCOMR and PSJOEA2 to support OMNICELL.                             M

Local mod at line tag HEADER to prevent runaway $Y
Confidential header name is not displayed properly because of runaway $Y              M

Modifications to routines PSOHLSG, PSOHLSG1 and PSOLBLY to streamline the
interface with OPTIFILL. Now only sends OPTIFILL scripts instead of every script.     M
Several local options requested by service for workload statitsitcs, managment
reports, resource allocation,scheduling and completion of OR and Non OR
procedures created.

Following are some of the options:

PCE Filing Status Report

List of operations by Wound Class

List Of Operation By Wound Class

Anesthesia Provider Report

Anesthesia Supervisor Report

Enter/Edit Complication

Daily Anesthesia Workload Report

Daily Anesthesia Workload Report

Attending Surgeon's Report
A web-enhanced version of the Vista Bi-Annual Surgery Credentialing Report.
Program includes more advanced statistics gathering and comparisons to service
totals. Creates a report based on CPT codes and patient info and derives statistics
based on those results. Parameters are Surgeon, date range and Specialties to         M, Java, JavaScript,
compare against.                                                                      JSP

Changed Vista option "SDLIST - APPOINTMENT LIST". This uses Vista routines
ANCSDAL (modified version of SDAL, ANCSDAL0 (modified version of SDAL0),
ANCPTI1, ANCPTI2, ANCPTI3, ANCPTI4, ANCPTI5). Allows users to print Patient Clinic
Information (PCI) sheets, Patient Medication Information (PMI) Sheets and Patient
Labels (PTL) from the Vista option Appointment List (SDLIST) for each patient being
seen for today's clinic appointments.                                               M, Zebra
Local mod at line tag QUE1:
QUE1 K IO("Q") W !!,"Do you want to print a review copy" S %=1 D YN^DICN
 ;*****BC/NW 7-1-96 ,7-17-95,8-24-94 (SPS) CHANGED %=2 to %=1 ABOVE                 M
Routines LRSOPC and LRSORD modified to add a sort by function for lab critical
value report.                                                                       M
Added mod to include remote mailgroup members


Program gathers names of patients with appointments within given time-frame.          M
Medicine package routines (MCAR*) modified to customize the Muse and
Sensomedics PFT interface.                                                            M
Routine ADAL0 modified to add means test and vesting Class III data, Routine
SPAMEVT modified to fix recurring error.                                              M

Routing HLLP modified to support interface to lab instrument.                         M

Routines PXRMVCPT and PXRMVPOV modified to fix recurring erros.                       M

Routine TIUPRPN2 was modified to fix a recurring error.                               M
Local programming way to help address the national issue of pts potentially
affected by BK                                                                        M

Routine QANPSD1 modified to add additional instructions on form.                        M
Special lodging for pts receiving treatment - show that as their location for info desk
& operator                                                                              M

Routine XPAR1 was modified to fix a recurring error.                                  M

While in CPRS, a user will click on recent lab display & graph will pop up            M, Delphi
CPRS: Add panel to coversheet I/O display. Display and allow input of
Intake/Output da                                                                      M, Delphi

Locally created TIU Objects                                                           M
Provides a less stringent version of the standard Potential Cost Recover Report.
Instead of excluding patients from the report for various insurance reasons this
version includes the patient but provides a warning message about various
insurance conditions.                                                                 M

The report gives a list of names according to an ICD9 code.                           M
This option is a locally modified version of the single label version of Print Future
Collection option. This option was specifically set up to print to DYMO label
printers.                                                                               M
                                                                                        Cache Objects, SQL,
Estimate how much outpatient fee has been authorized                                    OLAP

User spacebar recall get same patient from that application                              M, Delphi
This is a local option that changes the status of lab container orders in the Order file
from 'active' to 'lapsed' so they are not displayed when providers are viewing orders
for a patient.                                                                           M

GUI Mail display of Vista Mail.                                                         M, Delphi

Add windows for both divisions & if ordered for upcoming discharge                      M, Delphi

Prints AM&M barcode labels on Zebra printer.                                            M

Electronic AOD log                                                                      M

Facility based application used to track staff training.                                VB

Prints battery change label on Zebra printer                                            M

Assist tracking of Intra-VA Consults data.

This assists tracking of other data not contained in the Class I Consults package.      M

Box to display local info deemed important to communicate to staff                      M, Delphi
Option prints completion rates for biomed workorders based on selection criteria
and date range.                                                                         M

Chaplain options to enter assessment information                                        M

USED TO TRACK DAV RIDER/ROUTE INFORMATION                                               M

Tracks overtime information for enginering service.                                     M

Reports for Fee Basis                                                                   M

tracks information on patient clothing                                                  M
Our site uses the MUSE interface to send EKG results Vista's Medicine package v2.3,
Cardiology Module via HL7 messaging and using the MCAREKG listener.

Hans von Blanckensee, retired IRM Software Support Supervisor, had done some
modifications to routine, MCAR7M1, to allow the 'Release Status' to be sent from

He also edited the MCAR7M1 routine to assume that the incoming reports are
'verified', thus EKG reports coming from the MUSE will go into the EKG file with a
STATUS of 'VERIFIED', hence be viewable.                                              M
TRACE is the primary management information system used by the Employee
Education System to support it's education/training development efforts.
Additionally, TRACE is currently used to track participants of training provided by
VALU and EES.                                                                         VB, SQL

Added code to the Medicine interface routine GMRCMED that will screen draft EKG
results, to stop the alerts.                                                           M
This option is a modification of the lab package CRITICAL VALUE REPORT. It searches
verified lab data for critical value flags for the current date for specific accession
areas. The option runs on a nightly basis and the data is printed to designated
printers in the labs.                                                                  M

List of patient encounters that are billable by Tricare.                               M
This is the national option with only the view actions for the List Manager display of
the Insurance Buffer.
 Process Insurance Buffer [IBCN INSURANCE BUFFER PROCESS]                              M
Option produces results letters for cholesterol screening arranged through the
Federal Women's Program.                                                               M

Win RMS used for management of VA-funded Research funding and expenditures            , unknown

tracks project data for communication of program status with RDCC. Also used for
submitting RDIS part II project expenditure data.                                     , Unknown

Variety of reports written concerning patients and combination of 'things' such as
diagnosis, living area, insurance, drugs, icd codes, and number of appointments.
Program functionality specified by user(s). Can be one time purpose or long-term. M
Local modifications to routine that produces the Intermec 3000/4000 series printers
1x2 labels. Modified to print time in addition to the date for accession, print
urgency of STAT or ASAP, and modified to accomodate 5 digit micro accession
numbers.                                                                            M
Various routines for tracking drugs, prescriptions, and related items by variety of
ways including patient, diagnosis, lab results, cost, provider, and/or clinic. Used by
pharmacy and various other hospital for many reasons including budget, drug
purchase, trends, and patient safety.                                                     M

This option calls the pre-registration call statistics report to display a breakdown of
the current entries in the PRE-REGISTRATION CALL LOG File, #41.43 by User.

Below report with totals for user ; 12/10/2002

Option: Calling Statistics Report [DGPRE CALL STATS]

User option and scheduled daily bulletin for IRM to keep them up to date on
uninstalled patches. Sorted on Primary Programmer and then on Compliance Date
instead of by the Patch Number.

This is a local version of the option:

  Uninstalled Patch Bulletin [XTPM UNINSTALLED PATCH BULLETI]

Modifications to Zebra printer 1x2 labels that include relocation of graphic box,
relocation of Urgency, remove check digit from barcode, and printing of time in
addition to the accession date.                                                           M

Payment log into Excel                                                                    M

This is a modified version of:
  LP List Plans by Insurance Company [IBCN LIST PLANS BY INS CO]
IT only includes HMOs. This option lists insurance companies and the HMO plans
under each company. The user may select one, many or all of the insurance
companys and will include all of the HMOs for that insurance company. The report
can be run with or without a listing of the patients under each policy.           M
Option was obtained from the Reno VA. This option allows a range of Radiology HL7
messages to be resent.                                                            M
Routine searches lab results for a specific timeframe for patients with HGBA1c
values greater than 8.9. The report provides patients addresses and telephone
numbers and is used to contact patients for a Diabetic Symposium.                        M

Count of the number of patients for the first letter of the last name and if they are
covered by insurance. Used to divided up the patients among the staff.                   M

Specially created reports/options for use involving patients as inpatients and
outpatients.                                                                             M

Variety of reports concerning vestin                                                     M

Over the years, there has been local programming for users of the IFCAP package
and its components.                                                                      M

This option generates a report similar to the Lab orders by collection type summary
report, but for a date range. It reports numbers of collections, as well.           M

Generates a list of 100 fee basis vendors.                                               M

Generates a random list of 100 recent patient registrations.                             M
Local routine to print the first three dates that a clinic has open slots, modified to
permit selection of multiple divisions, or all divisions.                                M

Over the years, there has been local programming for users of the Lab package and
its components                                                                    M

This option was obtained from San Diego and produces a report of 100 random
encounters for a period of time. The list should be outpatient encounters. Details
needed would be the pt name, ssn, location/clinic, and date of service.                  M

Over the years, there has been local programming for users of the Surgery package
and its components. For variety of uses including clinical and administrative.    M
Report produces a random list of 100 vendors that have an entry in the
Procurement & Accounting Transactions file.                                       M
Calls AMOVPATM, a copy of DGOPATM that allows the user to specify any start
date, and adds a prompt for end date.                                             M
Variety of handbooks & packets written for staff and patients.

This is a descendant of FB PCR, the Potential Cost Recovery Report, that displays the
means test status.                                                                    M
Find Users/Jobs in Options. (includes false positives from irregular exits). Shows only
TODAY's logins, except before 8AM, when it also shows logins for T-1.                   M
Application obtained from SHOP,ALL "Cope Report". Reports consults not scheduled
within 7 days per directive.                                                            M
Pings each of the clinics as set interval. Writes out a web page showing the most
resent ping time and the hourly average. An option displays a table of workday
hourly means, can average across any time period for the ping time from VistA to
each clinic.                                                                            M
Prints array compiled by monthly task.

Task to compile array of randomly selected patient visits, one per provider, for the
preceding month. Queue to run on the 1st.                                              M
Report obtained from SFVA (E. Zufall & G. Beuschel). Lists patients last seen 13
months ago, without future appointments.                                               M

Provides a list of employees with authorized absences for a specified pay period.      M
Reports Fentanyl Patch administrations for a given date range from the BCMA
MEDICATION LOG (#53.79).                                                               M

Variety of DSS and Event Capt(EC) reports & options have been written over the

Reports on existing routines corresponding to those in a downloaded by not yet
installed KIDS distribution.                                                           M
AMOVQD is edit of SROQD adding SURGEON and formatting one line/record, 255
char wide.                                                                             M
Variety of reports as needed for IG, CORE, Security Reviews, etc


Provides list of clinic check-ins by user.                                             M
AMOVQL is edit of SROQL with different field subset, formatted one line/record,
360 char wide.                                                                         M

Provides a list of clinic check-outs by user.                                          M
This option generates a list of surgical cases performed within the selected date
range that are missing information used by the Quarterly Report. This report
includes surgical cases with an entry in the TIME PAT IN OR field and does not
include aborted cases.                                                                 M
This option extracts the lab uncollected draw list for the T +/- 5 days, storing them
in ^XTMP("AMOVRP6") It should be queued to run nightly after COB. The list can
be printed with the AMOVRP6A PRINT BU DRAW LIST option.

Prints Lab backup draw list for draws scheduled for T +/- 5 days that have been
extracted by the AMOVRP6 EXTRACT BU DRAW LIST option.


Report to be queued to run recurrently. (routine entry point MM^AMOVRXX)

At this time it runs monthly on the 1st of the month and reports enteral nutrition
Rx's that will expire in a 35-day window 28 days in the future.

The report is sent to the EXP ENT NUTR RX mailgroup.                                    M

Records sign ons for disbursement agreement providers.                                  M
Reports Patient Visits for a specified ELIGIBILITY CODE and APPOINTMENT STATUS
of CHECKED OUT                                                                          M
Runs AMOVSCUB to generate clinic wait time detailed report for export, by CLINIC
name or STOPCODE, for a specified date range.                                           M

Web Form to gather and display VISN Help Desks Customer Review Surveys. A link
to the survey form is provided on all help desk auto-notifications. The program
provides graphical reports of the information on monthly intervals.                     Java, .NET, JavaScript

This task is run after midnight nightly, and generates an email to the CLINIC
PROVIDER LEAVE APPROVAL mail group reporting all leave approvals for clinic
providers, to alert scheduling staff that they may need to cancel their clinics.        M
                                                                                        Java, .NET, JavaScript,
Web Application that provides an interface to create IT Work Orders.                    Bash

Provides a list of nurse total hours of training by primary location.                  M
provides a list of patients in the wards in the Center for Rehabilitation and Extended
Care.                                                                                  M
Generates list of discharges for a specialty and date range. Can be limited to
patients with insurance. If more than NUM, prints NUM random entries,
(NUM=100) Else prints all that meet criteria. Includes DATE, NAME, SSN,
HOSP/NHCU, $BILLED, $PAID.                                                             M
Reports duplicate encounters for specified date range.                          M
Provides an easy to use communication path between telephone care and providers
in order to maximize efficiency of ACA scheduling system.

                                                                                     M, Java

Lists Patients that were CHECKED-IN to a Clinic and then marked NO-SHOW              M
Per 6/27/05 request of Liz Blohm/Bob Johnson, routine AMOVSDEL (an edit of
SDEL^AQLOA6 that removes the screen that insures the reminder is in the future)
allows the deletion of past reminders. This option should be assigned and used
with care. Locked with AMOVSDEL key.                                                 M
The Inpatient Roster report is selectable by division, excludes HIPPA opt-out
patients, and displays name, ward, and room-bed.                                     M
Pulls random sample of 10 unauthorized claims and 10 Mill bills for specified date
range from FEE BASIS UNAUTHORIZED CLAIMS #162.7                                      M

Reports patients with Unknown Insurance for one division and appointment date
range. Shows patient's next appointment date/time and clinic.                        M

Allows for easy targetting of problem CPG/PI areas. Leverages the reminder system
to enable the auto-ordering of generic CPG/PI related orders for Patients. Also
includes support for automated telephone notification of the auto-orders.         M, Java

Local Modifications per Cardiology ADPAC's requests:

1) Increase MPH maximum capacity in ETT to suit our sites requirement.

2) Add Exercise Tolerance Test stages

3) Set 'OTHER CONCLUSION' word-processing field to NO-WRAP

4) Added 'OTHER REASON FOR STOPPING' field for Exercise Tolerance Test               M

Compiles Expiring Rx Report into ^XTMP("AMOVXRX", should be tasked nightly.

Prints Expiring Rx Report compiled by the Expiring Rx Compile task.

Mail expiring Rx reports to providers (Already compiled by Expiring Rx Compile task)
Invoked by Expiring Rx Mail task option, should be tasked WEEKLY, after completion
of nightly compile task.                                                             M
Medi-Cal rate look-up.                                                                M
Web Application that provides an interface to create Vista Programming Group
Requests.                                                                             Java, .NET, Perl

Primary menu look-up.                                                                 M

Print Consults sorted by Provider and Date                                            M
Set registry settings on WinXP systems to lock the Screen Saver settings to site
parameters for the WinExit Screen Saver. Also modified ACLs for some registry
settings that caused a bug in MS WinExit Screen Saver.                                C++

Modified the 'READABLE HOURS' field in Holter file.                                   M
Report displays employee title, provider degree, education, provider
type/class/specialty/va code.                                                         M
Telephone care application was developed locally to support the VANCHCS
Telephone Care Program.                                                               M

There are 68 active local modifications to Order Entry/Results Rpting

                                                                                      M, Delphi
Common Secure (Locking) Screen Saver for all workstations. Includes features such
as Logging the current user off of the machine. Also allows for use of jpeg, flash and
quotes.                                                                                Delphi
Provides web based mechanism for recording Medical Record Reviews. Also
provides report generation for these medical record reviews. Replaces what is
currently a paper process.                                                             M, Java, JavaScript
GUI Access Request Form - Web based system for requesting access to Vista
Systems/Other IT systems for new users.

Web Application that provides an interface to create IT Work Orders.                  M, Java, JavaScript
There are 24 active local modifications to Text Integration Utilities pkg

                                                                                      M, Delphi

There are 240 active local modifications to Lab & Auto Lab Instrument packages

                                                                                      M, Delphi

There are 75 active local modifications to Surgery package

                                                                                      M, Delphi
There are 4 active local modifications to Dietetics package


There are 2 active local modifications to Consult package

Active local mods to PSD namespace PSD: 1

Active local mods to PSJ namespace PSJ: 1

                                                                     M, Delphi
Active local mods PSO namespace: PSO: 23

Active local mods PSG namespace: PSG: 15

                                                                     M, Delphi
Use McKesson Inpatient Robot and Pharmacy 2000 Outpatient Robot


16 active local mods in Registration


 3 act local mods to Bene Travel

40 active local mods Scheduling pkg.

One active local mod in Encounter pkg

There is one active local modification made to Acct Receivable pkg

There are 2 active local modifications to Adverse Reaction package

There are 11 active local modifications to Health Summary package


There are 2 active local modifications to Record Tracking package

1 active local mod Quasar,

1 active local mod Women's Hlth


There are 14 active local modifications to Comp and Pen package

There are 2 active local modifications to List Manager package


There are 2 active local modifications to Medicine package


There are 2 active local modifications to Radiology package

There are 3 active local modifications to Survey Generator package

Per nat'l direction:

1 modification to DSS Extracts

1 modification IFCAP

An application that was designed for the emergency
department to maintain a log of patient information and display current patient
information. The patient
data is input through a user-friendly GUI screen and the data is stored in VistA. A
“white board” display
can be utilized to view current ED patient status. The “white board” display can be
run on any PC monitor
and in addition to the data input into the ED files; it will display current patient
order information from
VistA. Reports can be generated by using options in the GUI application, and the
reports can be printed or
exported to EXCEL for further analysis.                                               M, Delphi
A program to enter, track and monitor all the events in all types of incidents across
the Medical Center Facility.                                                          Delphi, SQL

Runs the routine that processes telephone refills from the MUMPS Audiofax              M, M

All VA's are required to meet the national VHA performance measure related to
Acute Coronary Syndrome. Software monitors turn around time of Troponin.
Modification of routines developed by Dublin, GA VAMC 557.                             M

Provides means for Adpacs to request VISTA/Network User Access requirements to
IRM. Prints User Notification letters and reports of activity. Allow entry editing and
transmition of Access Requests to IRM though email notifications.                      M

Creates MAR's and MAH's and send them to emergency powered PC's and the
network (WEB). It also sends the entire groups of each to OCE printers where they
are stored but not printed. Additionally it creates Health Summaries for both the M, Delphi,
clinics and wards and updates the WEB and individual PC's.                        VMS,TCPIP,WEB

Report to track all patients that have received a PPD and when it was read etc...      M
Various options to track palliative care patients. Reports for appointment lists, PC
teams, death listings and statistics. AHJS OPTIONS                                     M

This software searches the Patient file looking for employees that have not had a
PPD exam within one year of the current date, if their last exam was negetive. It
compiles a report and sends the data as a bulletin in Mailman to a mail group.         M

Contingency Plan Progress Notes (the "Downtime Bookmark") This program allows
you to start a job in which all inpatients (including residential admitted patients)
have a progress note placed in their system following a period of computer
unavailability. The idea is that if the system was not used, there may be medical
records present in a paper format that are therefore missing from the electronic
record, and this note serves to identify the gap in the computer version. AJEY
OPTIONS                                                                              M

Screen for tests that relate to only one of the stations in the integrated site        M
Wait List reports are generated and sent to a mail group in VistA.


From time to time, a clerk accidentally enters a ward location for an outpatient.
The systems then mistakes the Outpatient for an Inpatient. As a result, the
outpatient is unable to get his percriptions. Deletion of data from the Ward
Location field of the Patient file (#2) can only be done at the Global level which is a
nuissance for IRM. This software product safely automates the entire process, and
only requires that the user enters the Patient's Name.

COMBAT VETERAN Report based upon the Service Separation Date
Report to be used to access data on OIF/OEF combat veterans as necessary, to
accomplish assigned tasks as well as to respond to VACO requests. OPTION -
AMNU                                                                                      M

Created for a count of CPRS orders within a specific time frame.                          M
Various options:
For Clothing Room personnel to track items in storage. OPTIONS - ARLX                     M

CPT codes by Provider                                                                     M

Multiple routines which provide various reports containing information regarding
notes w/provider, date, consults, etc., as specified.                               M
Web based appliction to automate and centralize the data collection process for the
CWT program. The Department of Veteran Affairs' (VA) Compensated Work
Therapy (CWT) / Veterans Industries (VI) Program is a therapeutic work-for-pay      VB, .NET, JavaScript,
program authorized in                                                               SQL

Routine that provides all patients who have priority of 8e or 8g (from the patient
enrollment file) and then checks for all future appointments for that patient.            M

Allows veterans to scan their ID card to automatically check in for appointments.         M

Report created for discharged patients by zip code.                                       M
Data extraction from VISTA applications to local SQL server data warehouse and
VISN SQL server data warehouse.                                                           M
WEB based application to allow staff to enter/edit their personal development
Local application developed for prosthetics service to track home oxygen
prescriptions.                                                                     M
This web application automates and centralizes the data collection needs for the
Healthcare for homeless verterans program. The HCHV program is currently in
operation at 135 locations nationwide. Health Care for Homeless Veterans - Contact
Form (NEPEC Form X, rev.8/1/2004), Report of Discharge From Residential Program
(HCHV GPD Form D, Revised 9/10/02), HCHV Residential Treatment Program             VB, .NET, JavaScript,
(Monthly Admissions List)                                                          SQL

Add a count of the # of patients printed on a report                                  M
Developed by Big Springs VAMC. Allows transcription vendor to upload radiology
transcription to Vista via menu options.                                              M
This helps the user reconcile purchase card orders from file 440.6 with FMS
transactions from file 417 for a user entered date.                                   M

Completed documents Author and Cosigner                                               M
This uses cache server pages (CSP) to display phone #, location, service, etc. from
the VISTA new person file.                                                            Web Based
Consists of in-house applications to scan, index, archive library documents to be
used for web retrieval. Works with M based, applications to catalog technical
medical equipment manuals. It also covers all local in-house CEOSH programs           M, Java, VB, SQL,
including documen                                                                     Oracle, Access, ASP

Progess Notes that has visists and no notes within 24 hours.                          M

MUMPS routines named APGKOBx (where "x" indicates a wildcard, usually a
number) which are used in calls by CPRS Data Objects (e.g. "NON VA MEDS").            M

Add check for Theophylline order                                                  M
"This web application automates and centralizes the data collection for the MHICM
Initial Data Form (IDF3.1R), MHICM Follow-up Data Form (FDF3.1R), MHICM
Program Evaluation Clinical Progress Report

                                                                                      VB, .NET, JavaScript,
MUMPS routine (AVIBEDM) and menu option (AVIB EDM) used as follows: The
purpose is to prevent disposing of good drug inventory that could be used to fill
suspended prescriptions.                                                             M

This was written at the request of Dental to search for SD Wait List by either
Service/Specialty or by Clinic for a user entered string in the comments section. The
output consists of patient name, last 4 #s of SSN, comments, date entered in SD
Wait List, and desired date of appointment.                                           M

Developed by Ed Popyak, Altoona VAMC. Sends a Vista and Outlook mailmessage
to a User if they have either a leave request or a purchase card request to approve. M
Routines utilized to create TIU objects for patient religion

and next scheduled appointment.


Mumps software for both retrieving archived pharmacy information from archive
format or searching archived files for specific information without most of the
limitations of the national like searching more than one archived file at time
retriving and organizing information on a group of selected patients, drugs or other
criteria. It also enables selected users access to searches and extractions to the
archived files without restoring the archived files from tape and for date ranges that
can cover all archives.                                                                M, VMS

There are several routines all of which start with "AVIM" plus the routine AVIREMHF
which are not part of other Class 3 packages. Many of these are run infrequently
for data extractions for a variety of purposes. Each of these is namespaced per
National VA Vista conventions, i.e. the "AVI" prefix clearly identifies each one as
originating at Las Vegas and not being part of another VISTA package.               M

Routine used to record hospital activity occuring during irregular tours of duty.

Version 2.3

Created by Indianapolis VAMC.

Enhanced by San Francisco VAMC.

CAIRO                                                                                M, Delphi

Software used to send patient reminder letters for appointments.                     M
Following along the same concept as HDR. Other applications such as Crystal
reports will be able to communicate with the system.


Pulls data for revenue cycle auditing                                                  M

accounts for RX pads on the wards                                                      M

Product to collect delinquent receivables by transferring out accounts to a
collections compny called eAppeals.                                                    M, Secure Web Site

Displays vested patients                                                               M
Generate randomized listing of visits for compliance audit

This product uses VistA M code that collects antimicrobial susceptibility data,
creates an email message of this data, and transmits to a centralized database (The
Surveillance Network). Participating in this data base aids physicians in antibiotic
treatment selection and helps Infection Control monitor changes in antimicrobial
resistance patterns.                                                                 M

letters to patients with OCCULT BLOOD tests scheduled                                  M

MIRB is an Windows Access application for database management of IRB data


Allows ISO to set a date for automatic re-sign of computer security agreement
forms. User is prompted to sign form at log-in with electronic security code.          M

Creates method to submit a request to have a particular patient's record flagged.      M
Print report of costs by provider for items ordered. Originally used for Hearing Aid
costs. Allows any orderable item to be selected.                                       M

Class III program used to document and evaluate Chemistry lab instrument quality
control.                                                                               M
TIDES Depression Care Managers (DCMs) have contact with a number of
patients including those: 1) referred for assessment because they
screened positive on the annual depression reminder; 2) who will be
contacted an average of six times over six months to monitor depressive symptoms
and coordinate care; and 3) beginning an anti-depressant for whom a timely call
supports compliance and proper follow-up. Many elements of the VA's computer
system are being used, some well-known and used functions, others newly
programmed to facilitate DCM functions. All of the DCM informatics functions are
located on a separate DCM VistA menu which allows quick access to the functions
needed.                                                                          M

Common interface for launching, updating and delivering all GUIs that interface
with vista.

Used to update all computers in the hospital with the latest GUIs. Instantaneous.

It also has COOP functionality during contingency situations directing users to a
webpage giving them contingency information and directing them to a "shadow"        Delphi, JavaScript,
read only, mirror system.                                                           PHP

MIRB is an web base data integration system for database management of IRB data


Originates a Discrepancy report for Warehouse, Purchase Agent, Supervisors.         M

MAF Appointment Reminder Report File                                                M
Modified version for Loma Linda site needs.

Capture Attending Notes within Admission date T+1@2359                              M
Screen Saver offering:

1) Unlock

2) Switch User

3) User Display

Uses Flash or JPG.                                                                  Delphi

REGIONAL DIRECTORS SURVEY                                                           M
This is a simple report that creates a list of discharged patients with their length of
stays. Allows the user to select campus and discharge date range then prints the
patient name, SSN, date of admission, date of disscharnge, and ward.                      M

IG reports on Imaging, Lab and Admissions turn around and wait times.                     M

For patient safety in dispensing medications Pharmacy requested that the following
field be displayed interactively to the pharmacist and physicans when dispensing
medications ... the stop date, provider comments, and the drug message. Due to
the various specialities like Long Term, Rehab and acute care it has been extremly
difficult for the Pharmacist to keep track of the Stop Order policy governing various
medications. This was creating confustion, med errors and extra time to correct
those errors both for Physicians and Pharmacists. It was recommeded that we
display critical fields of stop date, provider comments, and the drug message just
prior to the message 'ACCEPT THIS ORDER'. This will not only remind the
Pharmacist to make a second check thus eliminating these errors. This will save a lot
of time for Pharmacists as well as the Physicans, who have to write new orders in
case of an early expiration of the order.


The SF Contingency Plan provides a method of backing up Vista Health Summary
data by writing it to VMS files which are then moved to individual PCs.                   M, Java, VB, Delphi


 This is code to pull data for chemistry blood creatinine to be used for calculated
creatinine clearance for chemo patients cCrCl (actual body weight) = [(1 for male,
0.85 for female) X (Wt in kg) X (140 age in years)]/(72 X SrCr in mg/dl)

This is a copy of the Delinquent Deliver Listing (PRCHOUT DEL)
with the 2237 number, and the originator of the request added to the printout.
This was requested by VISN 8 office.                                                      M

Interface for Breezepf to TIU.                                                            M, Delphi

Local mod at line tag ENRS0:
Added line of code to allow requestors to choose correct form type                        M
MICOM SOFTWARE - Routines to emulate Micom command port, auto-load
command list to Micom, load or display Micom date/time.
Tool Kit of Specialized Reporting Functionality for MCCR.

Print out Service Record Screen for persons in the same T&L.                          M


routines that prints a report for Surgery Service showing all nurse inter-operative
notes that have addendums.                                                            ,m

Option created for FSS. Gives information taken from the
Employee Service Record card. Lists information by Service instead of Employee.       M
Personal Calendar
The new National Bed Control System is to automatically track and process bed
change requests through different review and approval levels in VA Central Office,
and enable accurate reporting of current authorized and operating beds and/or         VB, JavaScript, SQL,
changes to bed n                                                                      VB Components

SPD interface to VISTA                                                                M
DHCP MAF APPOINTMENT SYSTEM - System for parameter control of Mumps
AudioFax reminder/Confirm

Web based program for requesting use of conference rooms, vTels, projectors etc...
Allows for the viewing of current schedules for various conference rooms. Provides
support for sending usage requests to administrators. Also incorporates the
MagicSoft (vtel s/w) server features.                                              Java, JavaScript, perl

Vitals/Measurements Module of General Medical Record.

Problem Tracking
Provides a method of writing Vista Medication Logs to backup PCs in the event of a
computer emergency.                                                                M

finds all orderable items in CPRS for HEMOGLOBIN A1C Orders and prints by date
sorted by clinic, checks lab file for results


MIRB is an Access database utilized for submission and tracking of research
including human, animal, and/or safety protocols.                                     SQL
Mental Health Treatment Planner to put in TIU notes for Plans.                     M, Delphi

ODS Patient Locator System (local)

pharmacy Bingo Board                                                               M

Small Native Windows Program that configurate the system registry to display
proper Broker Ports.

Used in conjunction with SMS to provide for uniform Broker settings across site.   C++

Reports workload data for outpatient activity

Used to collect patient address information.
A MUMPS routine to print total orders by physicians who are residents. This
routine give the user a choice of one, serveral or all physicians.                 M
Laptop / web application. Tools to conduct annual workplace evaluation and
Project Environmental Management. This system is used by VISN Surveyors to
inspect medical facilities are complying with EPA, OSHA and JCAHO standards.       VB, .NET, SQL,
Provides a Web-based tool                                                          Firebird db
Provides Clerks with a menu for entering & recording Patient Contacts whether
patient contacted them via phone, mail, in person, by fax, etc. Summary Reports
can be generated for managers.                                                     M

TWX Handler
Interface for viewing multiple rooms and multiple providers schedule for scheduling
new appointments.                                                                   M, Delphi
Created at Reno VAMC to calculate the Vesting status of a patient for Vera
reimbursment. Stores this calculation in local class III fields of the patient file . In
Cincinnati we then display this data on patient lookup and as a clinical reminder in
CPRS GUI.Current software definitions for the Vesting Police software:
Vesting Period: Current FY and two previous FY.
A patient is vested when: They are not an ineligible patient and They
 have had admission date in the vesting period or They have had an
inpatient fee basis authorization in the vesting period or They have had an
encounter coded with one of the Vesting CPT codes in the vesting period by a
provider with a vesting person class. A patient is an Active Category A patient if:

  They do not have a current means test status of REQUIRED and They do not have
a current means test status of PENDING ADJUDICATION and If they have a blank
current means test status, then primary eligibility is checked and must be one of the
following: SC 50% to 100%, Aid & Attendance, SC less than 50%, NSC VA Pension,
Housebound, World War I, Prisoner of War, Purple Heart Recipient, or Mexican
Border War. They must also have one of the following in the vesting period:
  Scheduled outpatient appointment. Added as a new patient to the patient file
during the vesting period. Had a patient movement
(adm/discharge/transfer) during the vesting period. Had a C&P request during the
vesting period. Had a Fee authorization during the vesting

period. Had a PAI during the vesting period. Note that only having

encounter information is not sufficient to classify a CAT A patient as

"active". However, they can still be marked as vested or non-vested.


Application designed to track what organs are available for transplant and who             M, Java, .NET,
needs organs. Application has been prototyped in Microsoft Access but is now               JavaScript, SQL, MDO,
slated to be converted to SQL Server and web application for enterprise-wide use.          VWS

Class III package for Performance Improvement Indicators.

Patient DFN Look-up.                                                                   M
finds all orderable items in CPRS for FOBT Orders and prints by date sorted by clinic,
checks lab file for results


PRINT WRISTBAND TO ZEBRA PRINTERS                                                          M
GUI calendar interface that displays to the user what operating room sugery
requests were made for for what day. You're able to scroll through calendar to see
future requests (days, weeks, months, etc...).                                             VB, Delphi, SQL
M routine that checks to verify that particular fields have been filled before allowing
the user to sign-off on a Surgery Entry.

This is a standalone routine that is called from the sign option and then calls the
regular sign-off nat'l routines if conditions are satisfied.                              M

Audiology & Speech Pathology Visit Tracking System


Report of 100 random outpatient encounters.                                               M

Patch Information from FORUM
Interface for entering data into National file 126.

Displayes 24 hour totals and 8 hour totals.

                                                                                          M, Delphi
This option is a local variant of SCRPW PM DETAILED REPORT. It

 generates a BRIEF report on information pertaining to Outpatient Encounters and
Progress Notes associated with them. For encounters WITHOUT signed notes, it
identifies the encounter, patient, provider and clinic. The option allows users to
screen and sort by different criteria.                                             M
VISTA Interfaces. This package contains interfaces between VISTA and COTS systems
written by Daou-Sentient.


Tracking system package for all ADP equipment.

Routines used by the CHIPS team for extractions.                                          M

VIST Roster with patient data and AMIS report.
                                                                                  VB, SQL, ASP, Oracle,
Database application used to track and provision GEMS coordinators access to Core Microsoft Access,
of Engineers CP-Track database via CEOSH Web                                      Robo
Fiscal service required a report that would help them identify Air Force radiology
patient and gather data for billing purposes.

Report is writen in M and Java (using J2EE). Report takes in the physician and date
range as parameters and provides the data from the radiology patient file. Report
assumes you know which physicians handle air force patients. Generically this
could be use to give information on any radiology patients.                           M, Java, JavaScript

Input template distribution

Option allows look-up of ZIP4 by state, city and street, or by zip code.              M

Progress Notes

Automated medication dispensing system. Interfaces with VistA.                        M

Provides list of Primary Care clinic slots that are available.                        M

Interactive patient address checker.                                                  M
Creates workflow from appointment file (Outpatient)

Checkin with Clerk,

Preventive with MA,

See Physician.

Also interfaces with Open Access.                                                     M, Delphi
Web based program for requesting access to IRM Computer Rooms.

Allows for the viewing of current schedules for computer rooms. Provides support
for sending requests to administrators.                                               Java, JavaScript, Perl

Prints county fix log by DFN for date range. Fixes missing or incorrect counties.  M
COM Object for CPRS that displays the Patient Photo from VistA Imaging for Patient
Identification/Patient Safety.                                                     M, Delphi
This option generates a report of active patients (who've had

appointments within the last 18 months, or have futureappointments) by provider
by site. It merges the lists for all site/clinic namespaces specified.          M

ADD THE ADDRESS FOR MULTIDIVISION                                                  M

Programmer Utilities                                                               M

Medical Center Directives repository - Viewable via the Intranet.                  , PHP
PCMM helper program. Catches errors in enrollment/assignment. Also reports
Resident activity for help in assessing their usage.                               M, Delphi

Tracking mechanism for future clinic appointments. Modified version of Walla
Walla's development.                                                               M

 1. Various Pharmacy Work Load Stat Reports
    - these reports help the pharmacy administration in planning the allocation of
pharmacy personnel in various pharmacy specialities. They also identify the work
load trend which in turn are used in improving work flow in each area with an intent
to provide timely service to the veterans.
 2. Various Drug Usage Reports
     - these report are useful to the clinical pharmacists in insuring that drug
regiments are used appropriately for the respective indications.
     - these report also help them in understanding any new approach in drug
     - these report help them make recommendation to the local and VISN P&T
committees on drug therapy.
 3. Various Drug Cost Reports
     - these reports help the pharmacy administration in allocating funds for
procurement.                                                                         M
A MUMPS routine that prints out a list of patients who have been diagnosed with
diabetes                                                                             M
VISTA User Management Interface.

Menus, Keys, Files, Remote user access, etc.                                       M, Delphi
Release User now sends and email and utilizes another process to remove stuck
processes then replies to the parent message.                                      M, VMS
A MUMPS routine that prints out a list of cardiac cath patients and how what
percentage were still alive after a user entered date range.                       M
Intranet site offering 174 education modules. Drops into TEMPO to reduce paper
work and entry time. 1000+ modules completed a week by users.

Should plug right into LMS if and when that ever gets approval.                         , PHP
This option generates a short report of active patients (who've had appointments
within the last 18 months (or whatever window is specified), or have future
appointments, by provider by site. While it counts all patients, it only prints those
which are missing the PC Site or PC Provider. It merges the lists for all site/clinic
namespaces specified.                                                                   M
Looks for employee birthdays and on that date sends them (and the Employee
Health Coordinator) a Vista message reminding them to get their annual health
checkup.                                                                                M
Reports data on Training completed. Editied this software to no longer go off SSN,
but Active Directory on a non Anonymous access website. Only reports now to
authenticated users.                                                                    SQL, ASP

Tracking patients who meet the Depression criteria.                                     M

Provides a list of sensitive patients accessed by a specific user.                      M

This is a utility to help gather statistics that measures the sites progress toward the
VHA ACA goal and to help identify areas which may need improvement.                     M

FY93 WARD / BEDSECTION STATISTICS using the routine Z1041P9.                            M

B2K report for Beneficiary Travel Claim File #392                                       M

Program for Single Sign On. Would resolve Active Directory and VISTA accounts.

Stores AD data in VISTA. CN Domain and SID.

Changes to Broker/CLAgent would complete this project.                                  M, Delphi

A MUMPS routine to print out cardiac cath mortality statistics (without names)          M

B2K report for Fee Basis 7078 file #162.4 (Estimated amounts).                          M
B2K report for FEE BASIS INVOICE file #162.5 for all FCP _BUT_ 67/71/800, by
treatment date.                                                                         M

Monitor patients who are at end of life status                                          M
Routines used to transmit data between VistA and Data innovations interface
product and Microscan (Micobiology lab instrument).                                     M
RECEIVED.                                                                               M

B2K report for Fee Basis Pharmacy Invoice file #162.1                                   M

Monitor and track Non-Formulary consults for pharmacy                                   M

This website is used by VHA/VBA staff to count number of verterans at Military
Treating Facilities that may be transitioning to VA care. Data entered is counts by a
number of categories. Data are used in report.

                                                                                     VB, JavaScript, SQL
Provides a method of tracking items (such as cell phones, laptops, etc) given out by
IRM service. Paper receipt is printed out for user to sign. Data is stored in VA
Fileman.                                                                             M
1) Local menu option created to add or edit entries to the local fields, "MH CASE
MANAGER", and "MH TEAM" in file #2,

(PATIENT file).


2)Local menu option: AMOR Mental Health Case Management Report

 Routine Name: YSZCASE

3)Inquiry on patient's case manager and Mental Health Team


 Routine: AMORMHPI                                                                      M
Web application used to indicate numbers of part time physicians scheduled to
work during a reporting month and the numbers that have been verified
electronically and physically.

                                                                                        VB, JavaScript, SQL

Change needed for integrated sites to meet accrediting agency requirements (CAP,
JCAHO). The name and address of facility performing the anatomic pathology lab
testing has been added to the report heading.                                    M
Based upon Vista Mailman. Provides a menu for users to enter work orders which
are then sent via Mailman. Orders are tracked and updated using Mailman which is
available to all users. Management reports are provided.                         M

Enrollment tracking of patients who meet the waiting list criteria                     M

A MUMPS routine to list the benzodiazepines that an alochol patient is receiving       M
Copy of PRSRSU-LEV-PATR Option modified to print by T&L, not by

 Supervisor report. Show leave used by an employee over date range. Choose to
display either ALL leave used or ONLY leave used the day before and the day after
scheduled days off. If displaying only leave around days off, then ANY leave which
does NOT fall next to a day off or holiday will NOT be displayed. For example 3
concurrent days of leave before a day off will display only a single day next to the
holiday.                                                                               M
Changed to non-fileman compatible global for instant clearin

g of old data and 1/3 less running time                                                M

B2K report for PROSTHETICS 1358 file #664.                                       M
Downloads patient name and their corresponding Case Manager to a local global to
be used for reporting purposes.                                                  M
Provided a web based or thick client means to chat with colleagues. This system
used an open source IRC server in conjunction with open source thick client irc
(GAIM) applications and a chat applet.                                           Java, perl

This is a Mumps routine written by Richard Ray that provides three functions. 1)
Lists used and unused FM access codes. 2) Inquire about what access a specific code
grants. 3) Full report.
This is very handy for programmers, System Managers and ISOs. They can
determine what files a user will have access by the FM code. This routine also
shows what codes are not being used, thus allowing a programmer to assign an
unused code. Finally the full list shows every package and the codes assigned to it. M
Allows User to enter a suggestion which is then sent to management mailgroup for
evaluation. Suggestions can be entered anonymously.                                  M

This web application has been developed to collect, edit, and maintain PCMM
Coordinator and Referral Case Manager data. With the proper permissions, it can
also be used to edit, add, or delete names on the national list.                       VB, JavaScript, SQL

B2K report for RECOD OF PROS APPLIANCE/REPAIR file #660.                               M

Import Patient Address for VISN request.                                               M and Fileman
B2K report of revenues by service area and treating site, for a given range of posting
dates.                                                                                 M
For veterans who have an 80th+ birthday in a specified month within the next 6
months, prints a list of names, addresses and birthdates,

that is meant to be captured to a PC .TXT file.                                         M

Local programmed for at least 283 objects to be used on TIU Notes.                   M
Modified copy of IBCONSC. Will not print demographic data, just totals. Displays the
total of Veteran billable discharges by Division.                                    M

This report generates a list of items to be billed under CHAMPVA eligibility, by
CLINIC, PATIENT, and VISIT DATE, for any date range, reporting CPT code and
PROVIDER, as well. It does not report the $ CHARGES because the correct charge
information is apparently not loaded.                                                   VB

Control Point Activity BME Report                                                       M

disable timeout on Kyocera laser printers                                               M

Measurement tool that utilizes patient mortality risk factors and LOS data. Clinic in
nature, involving the analyses of critical care delivery and management.                M

Inpatient Length of Stay data collection called by driver AOVLOS                        M

Cancer monitoring for patients who meet this criteria                                   M
Substance Abuse Continity of Care Casefinder. Developed by Pam Croston in VISN
16                                                                                      M

View Lab Results file (#Z10LRR) - Aging report (not viewed)                       M
Modified copy of IBCONSC. Prints the TOTAL of veteran patients with non-service
connected disabilities who have insurance and who had inpatient admissions during
a user specified date range.                                                      M

This option is descended from SDCLINIC WORKLOAD. It invokes the AMOVCWL
routine that calls the AMOVCWLP print routine that produces a columnar output
suitable for export to spreadsheets or external databases.                              M

RDCC Data Repository

A MUMPS routine that prints a list of Mental Health patients (and their addresses)
who are diagnosed with PTSD.                                                            M
Modified version of Clinic Next Available Appointment Wait Times report allows
selection of site clinic namespace(s), displays for

specified date ranges, all appointments made as next available appointments,
including date of appointment, when appointment was made, and by whom.                M

ALERT GENERATOR FOR ID PRF ADMISSIONS                                                 M
A daily message for staff at Albany to post current information, upcoming events,
postings and meetings.                                                                M

Generates means test letters based upon 20, 40 and 60 day appointment intervals. M
Modified copy of IBCONSC. will print the TOTAL of patients with
non-service connected disabilities who have insurance and who had outpatient
visits during a user-specified date range.                                       M
Nightly task to stuff stub entries (date/patient/"See VISTA

Imaging") for EKG images into ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (EKG) file.                           M
Assists Mental Health clinic providers in identifying newly diagnosed cases of

A MUMPs routine that prints out a report which lists the employee's name, ssn,
signature bolck name and title, specialty area and person class for one or all services
at a site.                                                                              M

Changed routine GMTSPSO7 display of CPRS Reports, Health Summary 'Confidential
Meds Last 5 Yrs' for ease of use as requested by the clinic. Includes drug, st, issued,
last filled and instructions.                                                           M

Monitor error trap.                                                                   M
COMPILEs Vesting CPT/No Vesting Provider data into

 ^XTMP("AMOVEST", invoked at B^AMOVEST. It's IO-intensive and the full extract
runs for close to an hour. It is TASKed to run nightly, but the task checks DOW and
only runs the full extract IF it's Sunday, ELSE it just updates data for visits in the last
7 days. Site-specific reports for specified date ranges can be run from the
AMOVEST PRINT option, invoked at P^AMOVEST. Also reports patients for a
selected division and visit date range that have had visits WITH vesting CPT codes
but WITHOUT a vesting provider.

It uses data compiled into ^XTMP("AMOVEST", by the AMOVEST COMPILE task.

 It uses data compiled into ^XTMP("AMOVEST", by the AMOVEST COMPILE task.               M
A MUMPs routine that prints out a report which lists the employee's name, ssn,
signature bolck name and title, specialty area and person class for one or all services
at a site. This one is sorted in alphabetic order.                                      M

This is a report option developed for the New York City Department of Health to
help them monitor for Infectious disease outbreaks.                                           M

Person class/signature report.                                                          M
A MUMPs routine that prints out a report which lists the employee's name, ssn,
signature bolck name and title, specialty area and person class for one or all services
at a site. This one is sorted in alphabetic order. This one lists only those who have
no effective date.                                                                      M
Report count of failed access attempts by DEVICE & $ZIO for all data in file, and for
last 24 hours.                                                                          M

Fiancial Management of the local research program
This program prints a summary of the Demographics for

a given patient and given to the patient so the can

check for accuracy and sign off on it if all is correct.                                      M

This application allow the Medical to schedule rooms months in advance for
conferences and training.                                                                     M

 View Lab data                                                                                M
A MUMPS routine that prints a report listing the number of alerts per person in a
service.                                                                                      M
Allows a user to enter units of measure (length, volume, temperature, etc) in British
units (e.g., inches) and receive back the metric equivalent (e.g., centimeters).      M

GUI Interface for VistA Mail                                                          M, Delphi
A MUMPS routine that prints a report listing the number of alerts per person in a
service. This one is in BENE: This format. returns whatever antibiotics the patient
Looks like this: NOTA a delimite routine                                              M
is on at the time the report is run.
If a report for inpatients only is selected, the report
will contain only patients who are inpatients on the day the report is run. Select
a date range, not exceeding 30 days past, to begin.
searching for LAB ARRIVAL TIME.
Enter last day to acquire LAB ARRIVAL TIME : T
Enter first day to acquire LAB ARRIVAL TIME : T-4
Report for 1.Inpatients only 2.Inpatients and outpatients.: (1-2): 2
Patient name and SSN Ward:1-5-N
Collected: Jun 19, 2006@05:30 Specimen: URINE Date Approved: Jun 21, 2006
GENTAMICIN                      S
CEFAZOLIN                    S
AMPICILLIN                   R
TOBRAMYCIN                       S
AMIKACIN                     S
NITROFURANTOIN                      I
AZTREONAM                        S
CEFTAZIDIME                    S
CIPROFLOXACIN                     S
IMIPENEM                      S
CEFTRIAXONE                     S
CEFOTETAN                     S                                                       M

View Lab Results file                                                                 M

We have an EMR Contingency System that uses health summary reports. The
system runs on Vista, files are written to VMS, ftp'd to a server, zipped with
password protection & copied to designated clinical work stations. Upon a system
crash users can access data thru a Winbatch application on certain PCs, using a
password. It can also be accessed via the the server using NT authenication.
Information can be viewed thru Internet Explorer or printed to a slaved printer.      M, Winbatch
Same as option PRCEC RECALC 1358 Balance, but gives all balances for any FCP that
has 'FEE ' in the title.                                                          M

View Lab Results file called by Z10LR0 routine.                                       M

Display ORACLE Records for Reconciliation. All fields shown, including audit trail. M
A MUMPS routine to print the total number of patients having a diagnosis of kidney
transplant (though not transplanted at this site).

Local mod placed at line tag MAIN:
 I $G(GMTSNPG)="" S GMTSNPG=0                                                         M
Utilities for contract help desk to change access codes, clear disuser flags, and
display last 6 digits of user SSN's.                                                  M

The M routines are run approxiamtely yearly.                                          M

Print Consults by Provider and Date of consult.                                       M
This is a listing of Routines to gather data on the number of unique patients. This
listing is a variation on a theme with slight modification depending on the
population being examined.

Total Uniques - AKWUNQ,
UCU First Timers (Uniques) - AKWUCU,
Unique Outpatients - AKWUOT,
Unique Prim Care - AKWUPC,
Unique Allergies - AKWUNL,
Female Unique Report - AKWFEM,
Homemaker/Home health Uniques - AKWHOM,
Inpatient Female Uniques - AKWFIN,
Geriatric Uniques - AKWGER,
Eligibility Uniques - AKWTONI,
Prime Care Uniques - AKWPCU,
Pulmonary Uniques - AKWPUL,
Prime Care Red Uniques - AKWPCR,
Prime Care Green Uniques - AKWPCG,
Prime Care Blue Uniques - AKWPCB,
Optometry First Timers - AKWKT1,
Ortho First Timers - AKWKT2                                                           M
This report generates a list of items to be billed under HUMANITARIAN EMERGENCY
eligibility, by CLINIC, PATIENT, and VISIT DATE, for any date range, reporting CPT
code and PROVIDER, as well. It does not report the $ CHARGES because the correct
charge information is apparently not loaded.                                       M
Software developed to be run at each site in the VISN to help optimize VERA
(Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation) reimbursement.                            M
This option is the same as the PRCH P/C Rep10 option (report)
 except that it is modified to include the Paid amount on each Purchase order.
Fields not needed were also deleted. Fiscal will use this report to download to a
spreadsheet.                                                                       M

Enter/Edit Drug Message.                                                              M
Produces a hard-coded list of H&P note types to search for most recent H&P note
(within a year) for current inpatients; output is

^-delimited.                                                                          M

The Administrative Database contains Research Service Line information in the
following categories: Administrative (key log, staff directory to include name,
principal investigator to whom assigned, telephone number and pager, building #,
room #, mail code, e-mail address); Protocols (active research studies,
Committee/Subcommittee approvals, human studies, animal studies, closed
studies); Training (mandatory, human research protection training); VA Employee
and Without Compensation Personnel (name, brief scope of work, principal
investigator to whom assigned, etc.); Space Assignments (building #, room #, type,
square feet, principal investigator name).                                            VB
 List of total alerts a user has in a division. Prints the

alert count, user ien, user name and user service/section.


Inpatient roster for chaplains.                                                       M

Used at medical committees for timeliness reports                                     M

The report will display the elapsed days since the date of reconciliation. Modified
copy of PRCHURP to include the elapsed days since date of reconcilation.              M


used by the transcription department.                                                 M

Produce adhoc report of veterans who served in operation OEF or OIF. List
outpatient/inpatient episodes of care; based upon COMBAT VET DATE.                    M
Electronic agreement letter. User required to read and sign the electronic
agreement using the correct ssn which is stored in VISTA file 200.                      M
Advanced Clinic Access, (ACA) provides tool for the medical center to optimize use
of clinic scheduling                                                                    M

prints blood pressure report for patients with certain ICD codes                        M

VISN21 attempting to consolidate printing of scheduling letters for VISNs 18-22.
Rather than printing the "typical" letter, VISN wishes to have a modern look (such as
the Kasier PostCard). An interface routine is being created to allow existing apps to
call appropriate API and pass Patient IEN, Clinic IEN, and Appointment DateTime

Working with SF VAMC (Nancy Shapiro) and VISN20 (Melissa Hughes) to copy &
modifiy some CLASS I routines and local rouitines to provide a VISN model.              Cache Objects

Modified copy of ALDIPCR (Little Rock)/ADBWPCR2 to include the following: a)
Purchase date from file 440.6 Instead of Stmt. Date b) The FCP to be limited to 4
spaces. c) Add to the report the Merchant Name.d) Add Amount (8/13/07)                  M

Print free text labels on a barcode label printer for use by supply.                    M
Force users to take Security Awareness Training annually. Vista/CPRS access
blocked when non-compliant.                                                             M

Auto Check-In for Scheduling                                                            M
Conference Room
Scheduling                                                                              M

Generate Clinic Cancellation Report                                                     M
Locally created Vista M
program used for scheduling
conference rooms.                                                                       M

Billing for lab services                                                                M
Automatically monitor the
system status and alert IT staff
of missing background jobs.
IT staff can also add program
code to check for conditions
such as VISTA email delivery
backed up or resource device
have no open slots. Alerts also
sent when the                                                                           M
Discrepancies receiving
item in warehouse                                                                  M
Electronic Data
Dictionary                                                                         M
Copied the routines from the Class I option 'Encounter "Action Required" Report'
and made enhancements to include TIU Notes attached to the encounter, and
Insurance Information on the patient                                               M
Letter created for patient with an
abnormal diagnostic code                                                           M
                                                                                   SQL, VB, ASP. Java
Inpatient Nursing End of Shift Reporting                                           Script

Allow patients to refill Rx's and check status by telephone.                       M
COTS program is used to extract
local Vista files to SQL Server
tables                                                                             M, Access, SQL

to provide open access
to clinic appointments                                                             M
Provides display on TV monitor
of patients whose prescriptions
are ready for pickup.                                                              M
Vista M program developed
for entering and updating
System Policies                                                                    M
Set of programming tools to
manage Vista routines
and globals                                                                        M

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

Data Cubes                                                                         SQL

DTS Packages                                                                       SQL Server
DTS Packages                                                                           SQL Server

M/Fileman - populates local fileman file with test data from Lab package. The file is
then extracted into the VISN data warehouse                                           M
                                                                                      SQL, VB, ASP. Java
Provides a means for users (primarily IRM) to log and report help tickets             Script
Provides documented changes of all data system accesses granted to user(s)            SQL, VB, ASP. Java
including demographics                                                                Script
Extract leave from VISTA and export to web server where it is displayed on a web      SQL, VB, ASP. Java
based calendar                                                                        Script

Send patient names and addresses to Pitney Bowes mail manifest server. Tracking
numbers are returned to Vista and available to Pharmacy as a VISTA option              M
Background job maintains log in a Fileman file of tasks running more than 10
minutes. Daily transmission of data to web server for viewing through Visn website.
Used for responding to system performance problems.                                    M, Visual Basic
As an extension of Simple Patch mentioned as separate application, pending and
completed patches information is exported to VISN webserver and displayed under        SQL, VB, ASP. Java
VISN webpage.                                                                          Script
Logs granting of VISTA access to national support to resolve Remedy tickets.
Creates entry in Fileman file documenting user name, site, reason for
access,Remedy ticket number and date/time for deactivating account. An hourly
task disuser's the account a                                                           M

Automatically displays user's telephone and pager information at VISTA sign-on with
ability to immediately make corrections.                                            M

Nightly task sends email to system manager listing newly created globals.              M

Ping VISTA servers once a minute. Send page and email message for problems.
                                                                                       CMD file
Check VISTA servers for disks with less than 1 gig free space and sends email/page
for problems.                                                                          CMD file

Checks VISTA backup log and sends Outlook message when problems detected.              CMD file
Check integrity check log file for problems and send Outlook message when
problems found.                                                                        CMD file
Prompt user for patient, to and from locations, print out Escort Services request on
device located in Escort area.                                                         M
Allows swap of primary,secondary menus, user,person class, keys sig block name &
title for employees who function in two or more roles.                                 M
The WPB PATCHMAN program is considered to be Class III software. Its primary
purpose is to assist sites in tracking updates and modifications made to Vista
software. It uses a list manager interface in conjunction with many standard
features of MailMan to accomplish this. Used properly, the WPB PATCHMAN
software allows IRM Managers, IRM Application Programmers, ADPACS, and other
interested parties to track the status of nationally released patches, test patches,
modifications to routines, and mapped routines. The amount of time saved in
installing, testing, and verifying patches combined with the software’s ability to
track local modifications constitute the major benefits of installing this software.   M

Software obtained from VISN 3 for RVU analysis.                                        M

Get HS data for inpatients and send to designated workstations.                        M

This option is a modified version of the PRSA LV LST-SUP option. It was modified to
allow a user to enter multiple T&L's.                                               M

FIND GLUCOSE W/IN 1 HOUR OF GLUCOMETER for lab QC                                      M
Get outpatient appts. for following day and create comprehensive health
summaries, send to workstations for use in the event of VistA system/network
failure.                                                                               M
Tracks Fee Basis Short Term care requests.                                             M
 Report of Montly Oupatient Billing by Service, Clinic, CPT or Provider. Modified to
ask user for Sort options, and change date used from Date bill authorized to Date of
Service Report asks for either detailed or brief, date range, and which option you'd
like the report sorted by.                                                             M

Print surgical data for surgery for that days operations.                              M
This program allow dictated radiology reports to be automatically

placed into DHCP files.                                                                M

report for Eugene clinic patients                                                M
CHANGES: Changed VSITPKG from "PCE" to "PX" because our x-ref on file 9.4did
not match what WPB assumed.                                                      M
Small M routine that displays special announcement information when users log in
to the Vista System                                                              M

Knowledge repository for Clinical Applications Coordinators                            M

Produce report of Intra/Post Operative complications for use by Quality Systems.       M
This option was modified to include the Postop Care on the report. This option will
generate a list of requested operations for a specific date. There are two formats
(long and short form) in which the requests may be printed.                         M

Tracking mechanism for appointments reminders for individual services                     M
The SROMEN-OPER input template modified to add SURG PRESENT TIME(.206)
andPREOP CONVERSE (.195) fields. The data required on Nurse Intra-
operativereport.                                                                          M

M routine that provides a Surgery based report of pre-op antibiotics and statistics.      M
  The SROMEN-POST input template modified to add POSTOP SKIN COLOR (.77)
field. The data required on Nurse Intraoperative report.                                  M
Get Pick List from VistA and present to user in a GUI application, allows user to scan
med before placing in med cart. Reduces med errors.                                       M, Delphi
An object received from Minneapolis calculated the dose of a chemotherapeutic
agent based on the estimated serum creatinine clearance. It was modified to
calculate the dose of chemotherapeutic agent based on the eGfr (Estimated
Glomerular Filtration Rate                                                                M
Modified Copy of Pay Period Exceptions. Modified to print by Service. Displays a list
of time card problems or questions for a pay period that needs to be resolved. The
name of the employee, day and date, and a short description of the exception are
displayed.                                                                                M

VistaLink application that allows for the easy display of a users View Alerts. Will
also include the functionality to take action on view alerts. Security constraints will
also be included. This software is in the development stage.                              M, Java
Create progress notes for all inpatients reminding clinical staff to review the paper
chart during the unavailability of Vista/CPRS system.                                     M
Identify records that have been assigned to a local holding location, ask user where
to transfer file to. Mark records as Inactive and move to location supplied by user
(normally GSA Federal Records Center)                                                     M
Modified version of Pay Period Exception List. Modified to print by multiple T&L's.
Displays a list of time card problems or questions for a pay period that needs to be
resolved. The name of the employee, day and date, and a short description of the
exception are displayed.                                                                  M

Provides structured input of consult data using the official Ethics Grid.                 MicroSoft Access

Provides HL7 interface and direct data transfer of lab test orders and return of
results between VistA LAB package and any non-VA laboratory (eg., Specialty Labs). M/MS Shell/HL7

Provides use of LAB package & Referral Patient file for BOP test orders.                  M
Provides use of LAB package & Referral Patient file for client Lab orders.            M

Rotating E-board & listings of discharge & admit orders & available beds.
Also includes statistical reports for monitoring and forecasting.                     M

Provides listings of procedures and lab tests where patient has billable insurance.   M

Lists lab accessions for glucose tests in a selectable date range.                    M

Lists purchase order transactions with blank/missing EDI Status fields.               M

Lists purchase order transaction data by date for an inventory point.                 M

Provides search and listings of completed lab tests and turnaround times.             M

Provides edit and list for review of Min/Max fields for laboratory tests.             M

Provides special options for monitoring purchase card use and activity.               M

Provides quick data on $ used by a PC holder for a specified card number.             M

Lists purchase order transaction data by date for a fund control point.               M

Lists purchase order transaction data by date & vendor for a fund control point.      M

Lists principle diagnosis counts by admission date range.                             M

Lists and prints barcode labels for active lab ward-collect blood draw orders.        M

Provides an inpatient appointment list in TIME order instead of patient order         M
Sends a bulletin to the FIMS (Functional Independence Measures) mail group if
certain ADMIT diagnosis are recorded for the previous day                                 M

Routing Slips that contain the phone number and address of the veteran being seen. M

Displays Clinic Availability Report that prints only the clinic pattern. Does not print
patients                                                                                  M

Look up addresses of users in your own T&L.                                               M
A routine that has been inserted in DPTLK. This causes DPTLK to FLAG the patient
that has reimbursable insurance/means test required just before looking at the
DGSEC routine. If they have reimbursable insurance, it displays a message on the
screen                                                                                    M

Modified at USER+7 and USX+6 to give user info at log on regarding reconciliations
and orders to approve.                                                             M
Sends a mailman message regarding Admissions and discharges to users who are in
a certain mail group.The report allows them to manually run the reportfor Bonham
Admissions /Discharges                                                             M

Modification to YSPHY to only allow it to be a "review".                                  M

Dallas Pull List for MCCR                                                                 M

Allows users to enter earliest possible admission to get an inpatient listing so it runs
faster than Class I option.                                                              M

Produces a report by one service of users that have accessed sensitive record             M

Menu of Class III Compliance officer options                                              M

Produces monthly clinical reminder reports for various services                           M

Switches printers at specific times to allow the admission bed reqeuest to print to
correct area                                                                              M

Scans clinic appointments for tricare and produces a report that is sent to a specific
email group                                                                            M
Produces report of operations/procedures with insurance information and other
data                                                                                 M

Pop up box to notify users if patient has an active combat veterans status           M

Produces a VMS file of pharmacy prescription data                                    M

GUI to check into and out of the Wellness Center, also includes a GUI for
Management of the Wellness Center files (locally created files)                      M, Delphi

Produces daily report of patients with positive blood cultures                       M

GUI to schedule local conference calls (still used)                                  M, Delphi

Displays the patches installed for a specified package by install complete date from
latest to earliest. The info comes from the INSTALL file (#9.7).                     M

Created a routine that will search through the ERROR LOG file (#3.075) for a user-
supplied string. Output consists of the date of the error, type of error, error
number, and the total number of errors found (that contain the string).              M

Tricare Pharmacy Billing. This software module has a local field component and a
central component. The local component allows sites to identify outpatient
prescriptions that are issued to Tricare beneficiaries, and electronically transfer
those prescriptions to the central component. Prescriptions from all participating
sites can be extracted from the central component and electronically submitted to
DOD's Tricare fiscal intermediary for payment. The central component also
processes the file of adjudicated prescriptions that is produced by the fiscal
intermediary. The central component transmits the information for the adjudicated
prescriptions back to the local components. The local component generates co-
payment charges that billed to the patient when applicable.                         M
Program run semi-annually (but often quarterly or upon request) that calculates
and graphs performance measure statistics of VA facilities and VISNs patient safety
results from the NCPS SPOT database.                                                SQL

Send a notification to a designated pager regarding new admissions                   M
Same as Option PRCSCSCP except removed the Description field so you can
download information into a spreadsheet.                                             M

This program generates a report for CPT and ICD9 procedures.                         M
Provides an online data dictionary for VistA files - Utility provides file
structure/content information for all VistA files. Used by IT specialist to provide
support for all of the VistA packages.

Print postcards for future follow up appointments. Patients are captured from the
Recall application.                                                                   M

Top-level menu for monitoring physician patient activity                              M

Casefinder for the Substance Abuse continutity of care performance measure.           M

collects program evaluation data for patients enrolled in outpatient PTSD programs.
Is based on a computer at each facility; results transmitted to MH database located
at Pittsburgh, then manually sent to Northeast Program Evaluation Center for
analysis                                                                            Delphi
Multiple system monitors to track repetitive functions within Vista - example error
trap, HL7 monitoring, repetitive mailman transmissions                                    M
Product compiles and compares data from 2000 and 2005 Patient Safety for VHA,
VISNs, facilities, facilty professions, facilty occupational codes. Summary info and
graphs are produced for each facility on web pages.

Electronic waiting list tracking                                                          M

printing option for the Zerbra wristband printers.                                        M

Automated appointment check-in by patients                                                M

Quarterly report of procedures and cases done by Surgical Service providers.


Financial Mailman Message system                                                          M

Web/j2ee/VistaLink application used for requesting equipment. The application
leverages Vista for security and user identification purposes. Data is stored in
protected XML format on the application server. Requests get submitted via web
interface, email notifications get sent to equipment management group.
Equipment Management group can open the java client to process the request.               M, Java, JavaScript,
Vistalink/Java provides the UI, while Vista/J2EE provide the storage mechanisms.          perl
Real time backup of pertinent inpatient data stored on designated PC workstations
and printable in health summary format                                                    M
This report gets printed every two years. Unlike the Quarterly report, it prints for a
specific provider and the top three principal procedure codes used for the provider.
It prints the patient's name,30-day mortality rate per patient, the patient's Inpatient
or Outpatient status, average length of stay, operation date, Surgical provider's
name.                                                                                     M

Tracking mechanism for IV orders without any action activity                              M

Lookup Vista office phone, pager # and location                                           M

used for advanced directives                                                              M

Automatated tasked dietetic meal preparation reports.                                     M
Web/j2ee Application that provides a user form for entering One-VA VPN technical
events. Data is stored in XML on application server. This is your basic web log for
technical events.                                                                   , Perl

tasked job to print surgery schedule                                                    M

IRM options to test barcode printers or readers.                                        M

Utility to display user menus/keys limited to the ADPAC service/section
responsibility.                                                                      M
This is a modified version of the Dietetics routine, FHORX1 which reports on patient
diet activities for a given Communication Office site which is the MARTINEZ DIET

Menu options are tasked to run daily at 6 A.M., 10 A.M., 11:05 A.M., 3 P.M., and
4:05 P.M.                                                                               M
Option for producing statistics by physician for lab tests ordered during a specified
time range. NOTE: the LAB ORDER ENTRY file used

as a source of this information will not contain data older than 45 days if the option
"Purge Old Orders & Accessions" has been run.                                          M

Native Windows executable used to fix bugs that prevent systems which had
McAffee v7 previously from installing version 8.0. The program modifies the
Windows registry and cleans up remnants of the v7 virusscan program that were
missed during the products unistallation. The code is written in C++.                   C++

Automated Rules of Behavior - users must sign annually by entering ssn                  M

Fax submitted electronically by Prosthetics and labs to FBOP.                           M

Calls patient's phone number - Patient appointment reminder                             M
1. Unique (Active) Patient Count-FY97 by Month

2. Top 20 Inpatient Diagnoses (ages 40-65)

3. Diagnoses, Outpatient by Provider

4. Opt Visit count by Patient

5. Unique Discharge Report, Female

6. Unique Patient Data Dump

7. Check-Out Completion by Div Report

8. Means Test Req'd by Division                                                       M
This is a re-work of the LRDRAW option for Taskman Operations. This is the lab
printer version. Change the printer in each of the calls to get the proper lab device
to operate. The first argument is the IEN for File 44. It allows the abreviations can

 changed with impunity.                                                             M
This option is used to run by demand or by batch to update the RRC Error Trap
global from the current Error Trap. This will reach back as far as 30 days. See the
code to reach back even further.                                                    M
This web application allows patients to inquire about their appointments and copay
balance.                                                                            M, Cache Objects

Nutrition Assessment                                                               M
This application allows HR department to post the current jobs opening at long
beach VA both on Internet and Intranet. It stores current job announcments only in
SQL. Admin Application requires HR staff to login to the system to post the
announcment.                                                                       Cold Fusion, SQL
Motor Pool vehicle request processing routine obtained from VA Palo Alto.
Generates an alert ot the engineering mail group for processing.                   M

This application allows administrators to communicate with the staff on latest news
and updates by entering current information in News admin system n Intranet.        Cold Fusion, SQL
Search Criteria 1. PTF discharges with type of disposition containing 'DEATH'

Counts number of patients that died per service (service of discharge specialty) and
ward (ward at discharge) by shift and day of week. Gerontology discharges are
separated from the Medicine service.

Data is delimited by "^" for importing to Excel.

Print Elements

1. # Unique: Number of patients treated in the service/ward for the time period

2. # Deaths: Number of patients that died

3. Shift 1: Number of patients that died between 07:30 - 16:00

4. Shift 2: Number of patients that died between 16:01 - 24:00

5. Shift 3: Number of patients that died between 00:00 - 07:29

6. Sun: Number of patients that died on Sunday 7. Mon: Number of patients that
died on Monday                                                                         M

Allows emplyees to register goal sharing team and submit the goals via Intranet.
Admins and goal sharing committee approve and asign the award points via the
admin system which allows them to track no. of teams registered electronically.        Cold Fusion, SQL

Tracks purchasing requests within IRM.                                                 VB, SQL, MS Access

excel download


reports                                                                                M
Generates Martinez Ward Diet Order List; sort on Dietetics COMMUNICATION
Office, either Martinez or Sacramento.
Soon to be completed (as of 6/23/06) application tracks the hours worked and
money owed to veterans employed by our facility's CWT program (run by James
Morris).                                                                                  VB, SQL, MS Access

Allows group of technical staff to add, update and track VistA/NT printers. This
Internet based application gives ability to obtain and update detailed information  Cold Fusion, SQL,
on the network printers such as IP, Mac Address, Face Plate no., location and more. SMTP

Metric Conversion Utility for Length, Area, Height, Volume, and Temperature.

Native Windows executable that searches the users hard drive in search of all
SmartTerm script files. It then identifies whether the relevant file is meant for
NCHCS Vista system. If so, it modifies the login script correspond with recent
changes due to visn wide Vista system consolidation.
SP: 101910 - NCHCS - Northern California Health Care System                               C++

Allows credentialing staff only to verify the staff privileges inquiry at Long Beach VA
on Intranet.

Data is exported to SQL database from PrivPlus database. Staff verifies ROI from the
inquirer, inputs thier information and generate the letter of physicians standing at
Long Beach VA. It also generates the report of whole transaction for privacy officer. Cold Fusion, SQL
This option will generate an e-mail message to the responsible person for
scheduling consults for a clinic. The data displayed is as follows: Date of request
Requesting Provider Clinic Status Patient & Last 4 of SSN                             M
Research Financial sotware package which interfaces with VISTA and FMS to directly
download PAID, and F-16 fiscal control point actions.

Interfaces with ePROMISe to generate RDIS II annual fiscal report to the Research
and Development Computer Center (RDCC) in Baltimore.
Dietary Supplement E-mail message

Lansoprazole DUE (TASKED)

Drug Utilization Evaluation Menu


Omeprazole DUE (TASKED)

Omeprazole DUE (TASKED)

Enter/Edit DUE Protocol

Enter/Edit DUE Protocol

DUE Daily Task


SEND WARFARIN E-MAIL MESSAGE                                                      M

emergency standby schedule options                                                M
DCL program that can save print jobs off of a VMS print queue, delete the print
queue, create a new queue and resubmit the print jobs.
SP: 101910 - DCL = ?                                                              , DCL

Product developed for the Richmond, VA VA Medical Center to track and manage
Research Protocols                                                                SQL

Generates Early/Late Trays report; prints on Martinez DIET2

printer. MTZ^AMOVFHEL calls ^FHORE21                                              M

used by the Chaplains                                                             M
Web/j2ee report of IFCAP running ballances (Vista option PRCSCPB). Provides a
web based interface to this original IFCAP report.                                M, Java, JavaScript
1. Reproduction List Copies

2. Reproduction Request                                                           M

GUI interface for VistA Mailman (CWMA GuiMail)                                    M, Delphi
Generates NPO/Pass report; prints on Martinez DIET2 printer.

Local routine, MTZ^AMOVFHNO calls National routine,F1^FHORD5.                     M

M Interface to support use of Pharmacy 2000 (Baker) robot.                        M
M entry points in standard pharmacy routines to support Pyxis system.
Team Member Absences Enter/Edit                                                  M

Team Clinics Appointment Count

Check a Clinic's Team Affiliation

Clinic List by Team Affiliation

Count of Pts Enrolled in Team Clinics

Team Contact Statistical Report

Discharged Patients Next Appointmen

Discharged Patients Sched/Unsched Appts

Firms Disposition Report

Edit Mail Message Flag

Firms Inpatient List-BLUE (TASKED)

Firms Inpatient List-GOLD (TASKED)

Firms Inpatient List-MASTER (TASKED

Firms Inpatient List-PURPLE
Local option is tasked to run after midnight nightly. Runs routine

AMOVFHOR to print additional diet orders (bag lunch) to diet printers for both
Martinez and Sacramento.                                                         M
Option ran by TaskMan to check for non-received Consult

Requests.                                                                        M
GUI interface program for CPRS that flags veterans enrolled as research subjects in
VA approved clinical research studies. Once activated after a veteran is enrolled in
a clinical research study, a warning flag "pops-up" when the CPRS record is accessed
by a provider alerting them that this veteran is participating in a research study and
will alert the provider to further information. Includes templates for types of
medication used in the study, possible adverse reactions, medication contra-
indications, and study contact information, emergency contact information.
Research Informed Consent forms are scanned via the video jukebox linked to the
enrollment template/notes thereby documenting the entire consent process.

This is a scheduled option to print the Tabulate Patient Meal

Preferences [FHSEL5] report. It sets up the variables and calls Q1^FHSEL2.

Should be scheduled for 6:00 AM on DIET2.                                                M

options for pagers, fts, services, and employees information.                            M

options to edit and display translators                                            M
This scheduled option prints the Tabulate Standing Orders report son DIET2 at 0601

Local routine, TSO^AMOVFH sets up the variables and calls Q1^FHSPTAB.



runs the routine that process telephone refills for Audiofax                             M

tracks gsa vehicle reservation for off station travel                                    M

options for the Reception Desk

Prints Hospital Review counts for selected date range.                                   M
Nightly task to stuff stub entries (date/patient/"See VISTA

Imaging") for EKG images into ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (EKG) file.                              M

AUTO REPLENISHMENT/WARD STOCK                                                            M
Prints active scripts of selected combination of drugs sorted
1) physician.                                                    M
  <No Description>
  <No Description>
  <No Description>
5) rx's by team
  Will print for selected PC Team, by PC Provider, list of
  patients with currently active RX's that will have ....
6) rx fill/refill count by clerk
  Prints counts by Clerk of RX Fills/Refills for selected date
  <No Description>
  <No Description>
  <No Description>
   <No Description>
   <No Description>
   Will count from outpatient RX file frequency of drug
   issues while patient show as inpatient on 2SA.
13) SELECTED COMBO OF DRUGS                                      M












1) print mental health scheduled appointment
2) print mhicm stats report
  <No Description>
3) print individual peer attribution report
4) print mh active patient report
  <No Description>
5) unique mental health patients
  Produces total figures only for number of unique patients
  seen in mental health only, mental health plus other
  specialties, and those seen only in other specialties....
6) mental health active/episodic report
7) mental health inpatient list
  <No Description>
8) mental health inp list (historic)
9) psych/substance abuse trans <72 hrs                                        M
This option now runs monthly and sends a list of CREC patients

with weight changes over the last 180 days greater than +-10% to mailgroup,
IRM/CREC.                                                                     M

AR/Delinq options                                                             M
inpatient and outpatient reports for female vets                                   M

discrepancy traking options                                                        M
This tracks the diabetic patients who have had visits in the



HIV counselling information                                                        M
Active RX Average Fills

Active RX Count for Specified Drugs

Match Active RXs to Specified Drugs

Search RX File for Specified Drugs                                                 M

This lists diabetic patients who did not have a past, future or

pending appointments in either the OPHTHALMOLOGY or OPTOMETRY clinic stop

codes within the past year.


For the time being this task is run 4x daily, to update the

AMOV xref in the ORDER file, that permits fast inquiries of order status by provider
and date, because the creation of new orders dosn't seem to execute the xref.        M

Local menu options:

1) Compile TIU Template Bad Abbrevs

2) Edit My TIU Template Bad Abbrevs


4) Compile Unapproved TIU Abbreviations

5) Print Bad Abbrevs in TIU Notes

6)Unapproved Abbreviations MaiL
Looks at the amount of Annual Leave, Approved Annual Leave and the Leave Group
and estimates the amount of Annual Leave at the end of the Pay Year and the
amount of Use or Lose.                                                           M
Option let you send a mail bulletin about a Disruptive Patient Behavior to the
Disruptive Behavior Committee.                                                   M
Displays the Daily Bulletin to the user when they login the first time each day.
Option to display it anytime.                                                    M


Sends reports VistA Imaging as a PDF also gets Patient Information out of VistA       M

Provide Electronic request for VistA/Network access. "Requestors" of access usually
use paper to request access. These requests for access via this method has it's

Use VistA to capture access requests. Authorized requestors can use VistA to enter
the appropriate information on new users (name, ssn, service, position,...) and send
that request to the service chief or designee to approve the request. ISO may want
to review request and approve/disapprove. IRMS (internal help desk) can then use
that information to populate the appropriate files and notify others (training,
orientation, position change). Use templates to assign menus, keys, consults, mail M, Cache Objects or
groups, ...                                                                          Java

A clinical decision support system that includes a knowledge base of hypertension
guideline knowledge encoded in Protege, a guideline interpreter execution engine,
and systems for extracting patient data from EMR and processing the patient data
against the guideline knowledge to generate evidence-based recommendations for        M, Java, VB, .NET,
hypertension management that can be presented to primary care clinicians as pop-      C++, SQL, may in
up windows in teh CPRS-GUI at the time the clinicians are seeing patients with        future use Cache but
hypertension in clinic.                                                               not at present
COTS product customized to meet call center needs at the Health Revenue Center
for purposes of documenting veteran and customer interactions with the HRC call
agents.                                                                               , Siebel
System designed to meet the needs of HRC's HR staff in tracking and managing
workload associated with HR actions (e.g., processing 52s, etc.)                      .NET, SQL, C#

Application developed to re-create veteran's first party billing statements. Files
Austin sends to the print contractor are also sent to the HRC nightly. These files are
used to re-create the billing statement so that the First Party Call Center may vie    .NET, SQL, C#

When HRLINK$ was discontinued, the data was still needed to respond to HR
offices' requests for form data for 2809s, 2810s, and 2817s. This is a complete copy
of the IW that housed in Austin (which has since been decommissioned).               .NET, SQL, C#
Creates a report of unreconciled purchase card orders. National routine was copied
and modified locally to include the Fund Control Point.                            M
The report will search/print all items WITH Used Status=Turn-in and have the Turn-
In date, Disposition Date or the Disposition Method blank.                         M

Translux Bingo Board for Pharmacy                                                   M

Update Status on Inpatient Unbilled Entries. This option will allow the user to enter
a range of dates (greater than 180 days old) and mark those entries as unbillable. It
allows for report generation of the entries updated.                                  M
Software link between OP Pharmacy activity and the ADDS Automated Drug
Dispense hardware. (Fileman/Routines)

Update Status on Outpatient Unbilled Entries. Routine ADBUBR01 was modified for
this purpose. Will allow the user to enter a range of dates (greater than 180 days
old) and mark those entries as unbillable. It allows for report generation of the
entries updated.                                                                     M
Update Rx Unbilled Episodes in Claims Tracking. Will allow the user to enter a range
of dates (greater than 30 days old) and mark those entries as unbillable. It allows
for report generation of the entries updated.                                        M

A few local modifications to the Scheduling package software primarily

to call up locally developed software which enables users to monitor

and update patient travel activity. Scheduling clerks are presented

with a unified screen of patient appointments, including travel, so

that they can request travel and, if need be, secure an OK from a

clinician for travel approval. Requests done by package using Mailman. Package has
been used in working environment at DC VAMC for several years.                      M
Held Charges Local Report without Pharmacy information. Copy of national routine
IBOHLD1 to display information without Pharmacy information. The report lists all
charges having the status of ON HOLD. With each charge is listed bills that are for
the same outpatient visit or the same inpatient admission withan overlap in the
period covered.                                                                     M
Stores medical abbreviations approved by Medical Record Committee. File
maintained by MIS with inquire option on XUCOMMAND. (Fileman)

Software modifications to Scheduling package to enable clinicians to

monitor their requests for follow-up appointments. Package monitors

whether or not patient made an appointment by the clinician selected

target date after which patient will receive a package printed letter

addressed to patient requesting he make a follow-up appointment.                      M

Program integrates databases within VistA and the Philips Medical Systems CareVue
Chart system capturing patient ADT and Laboratory information. The application
allows clinicians, via a PC workstation, to display selected data elements of a
patient's clinical record in VistA at the specific point-of-care.                 M, SQL

Display the Attending Surgeon instead of the Surgeon/Provider.                        M

Append CMS-1500 and UB-04 claims to be transferred to users's workstation via
script. These files will then be sent to Inmediata (a Clearinghouse) via MPlug.       M, DCL
This GUI helps our billers in MCCF audit bills for accuracy before sending them out
to third party payers.                                                                Mumps, Delphi
GUI application formerly known as PCE Record Manager used by our coders to
ensure all outpt encounters are complete and accurate after initial entry by clinic
staff via VistA's PCE application.                                                    Mumps, Delphi

GUI formerly known as PTF Record Manager is used by our coders in MCCF to
complete Patient Treatment Files for hospital discharges in VistA's PTF application. Mumps, Delphi
GUI used by our senior MCCF and Coding staff to audit PTF records and create vital
management reports.                                                                  Mumps, Delphi

GUI helps clinicians develop Mental Health treatment plans                            Mumps, Delphi
Web-based application for creation and processing of equipment purchases,
process makes heavy use of automated HTML email messages to requestors and            ColdFusion, SQL
reviewers.                                                                            Server
T'racking and reporting database of employees' extended and special leave taken
and leave donations                                                                   MS Access

Various TIU objects used in TIU notes to display patient-care related items           Mumps
It is a modified version of the menu driver that allows users to access IFCAP menu
options according their control point privileges                                       Mumps

It tracks drug interventions                                                           Mumps

It tracks the investigational drug trials                                              Mumps

An automated system for downloading and storing health summaries for select         Mumps, VMS, FTP,
patients at secure locations for immediate use by clinicians during VistA downtime. WinBatch

Identifies diagnosis, needs, resouces for an admitted patient                          Mumps, Delphi
It tracks hardware and PC software requests entered by adpacs, reviewed and
processed by IRM                                                                       VA FileMan
Multi-hourly extracts from NPF and other files to form a set of SQL tables of all
hospital staff members, a critical part of the back-end to our in-house non-VistA      Mumps, VMS, SQL
applications                                                                           Server

It automatically stuffs termination for VistA account snot used in six (6) months and
maintains local active user fields so we know who our active users are                Mumps

Various useful TIU objects used in TIU notes to display patient related items          Mumps

It is transmits billing information to a third party collection agency                 Mumps

Web-based application that searches for employee based on name and prints out a
computer access request form for VistA access keys, Exchange distribution lists, etc. ColdFusion, SQL
Uses a back-end database to request proper access, based on job title and service. Server

Web-based repository of on-call and consult schedules.                                 ASP, SQL Server

It prints patients' admissions to review new patients                                  VA FIleMan

Tracks IRM equipment inventory throughout the Medical Center                           Mumps
Applications allows Human Resources to add records to New Person File since only
HR knows true credentials, Person Class, degree, etc. Only HR can tell us when a
person can actually get VistA access and an I.D. card.                                 MS Access
Uses the rules established by the ARC to Identify non-vested patients so they can be
vested when applicable.                                                                Mumps
Web-based system. Education modules presented in PDF format. Employees self-
register at orientation and then are tested annually via ASP pages. Data is dumped
to TEMPO weekly by VISN staff.                                                         ASP, MS Access

Special type TIU boilerplates                                                          Mumps, Delphi

Various useful TIU objects used in TIU notes to display patient related items          Mumps
Tallies list of patients with Epogen prescriptions with lab values of interest for
review by Pharmacist - used as a cost-cutting measure.                               Mumps

It tracks local IRM trouble calls                                                    Mumps
It is a contingency backup of health summaries originally developed in VISN2.
Allows easier lookup of patient data using links and HTML pages. Also provides       Mumps, VMS,
better security than older system in use.                                            WinBatch, HTML

Various useful TIU objects used in TIU notes to display patient related items        Mumps

Web based application to search for our local polifices by policy number or title    ASP, SQL Server
SQL based application using VB Script to automate the maintenance of select Active
Directoery groups.                                                                   VB Script, SQL Server
VMS/DCL code to Send/Put/transmit MCCF Data Extract to url: ( The program will check if the extract has
been queued to directory spool$:<support>. If true, then it will attempt to send the
extract files to the url above.

After sending the files via ftp, the following will apply:

Delete .old .bck files from <support.support2> directory. Rename of .dat files in
spool$:<support.support2> to .bck. Copy all mccf672%.dat files from <support> to
<support.support2> directory. Clean-up/delete all mccf672%.dat files from the
spool$:<support> directory.                                                          DCL

Provides the Public Consulting Group (PCG)the ability to download data extracts
from the VISTA database for the Insurance Verification process and return that data
to Vista for uploading into the Insurance Buffer File.                              M

This program simulates advanced programmer mode providing these utilities -
Global Lister/Editor, Routine Reader, Routine Editor, Electronic Data Dictionary,
Fileman Tools, Kernel Tools, Calendar, Identifying Key Sequences and ASCII Table.    M
VISTA patch tracking software                                                        M
DHCP MUMPS Audiofax Appointment System. (Routines)

Consists of appointment reminder calls, appointment cancellation, and
appointment information via a toll-free number.                                      M

Decedent Affairs Menu                                                                VA Fileman

Same as Application ID 53                                                            M
DESCRIPTION: This init will create a menu in the A3QM namespace that contains
obsolete QUIC extract options. These options have been modified to stand alone
for local monitoring.                                                                M
Various class III routines to pull data pieces into Progress Notes                        M
Allows Dental Service administrators to determine statuses of their

active consults and to close them.                                                        M

Audit of Time Out Verified vs. Time Patient In OR vs. Time Operation Began.               M

It is a system that enables veterans to swipe their Veterans ID Cards through a
magnetic strip reader to check themselves in for their clinic appointments.          M
Pyxis is an automated narcotics dispensing machine, the interface allows patient
demographic information and information on all orders written in CPRS to be
generated and sent to the Pyxis machine.                                             M
Delphi program run from CPRS Tools that enables clinical staff to see which patients
are checked in to their clinics                                                      M, Delphi

Delphi programs that nurses use to document patient assessments upon admission,
and reassessments after admission. Standard TIU notes are created. There are also
validity checks built in so that a note cannot be uploaded unless certain required
fields are answered. Consults and vitals can also be entered via the program.      M, Delphi

Medication dispensing machine.                                                            M
This report is used to pull occupational health reports. It is ued to obtain stats on a
variety of immunizations for employees.                                                   M

368 TIU Data objects, at last count, available for use in TIU notes. Objects pull Vista
data into notes.                                                                        M
Utility option for ADPAC to create stub entry in TIU for Surgery Op Report entered
prior to when national software changed to do it

automatically.                                                                            M
Allows a user to select a date range within which the routines will create letters to
be mailed to discharged patients to encourage their

appreciative responses to VAMC care on forthcoming national surveys.                      M
Tracks information on patient's retired medical records. (Fileman)


Delphi front-end to more easily manage equipment inventory. An equipment loan
tracking module is also built in.                                                         M, Delphi
Delphi program that enables Dieticians to create TIU notes documenting encounters
with patients. Notes cannot be uploaded unless certain required fields are
answerd. Encounters can also be completed from within the program. Diagnosis &
Etiology info is also stored in locally created files.                            M, Delphi
Repository of policy memorandums and SOP's which can be viewed or listed.

Application searches over user selected date range for new primary care patients
who had only recently started using primary care. User may then elect to print
addressed letters to each of those patients

which encourages their continued good relations with our facilities.                M

System enables various Dietetics reports to be queued automatically for their daily
runs. Dietetics admin staff no longer have to queue them manually every day.        M

Delphi program to enable IRM staff to edit VMS files.                               M, Delphi

Enhanced Data Dictionary functions used by IRM staff.                                M
One or two page handout given to patients upon check-out from their clinic
appointment. It lists their future appointments, lab orders (with lab order number),
and scheduled procedures & consults.                                                 M, Delphi
This program collects a 24 hr MAR on all inpatients, sends those files to a VMS
directory, the files are then sent to designated static Personal computers on each
Ward via FTP. Files are updated hourly.                                              M

Radiology information extracts.                                                     M
DESCRIPTION: These options, which are added to the PRSA OT MENU, will display
man hours by FCP and payrun data by FCP. Also included are options for Human
Resources which include a leave usage report and an alert generated when
employee reaches 240 hours LWOP.                                                    M
Identify instances of Patient Depression for tracking purposes.


Metric Conversion Utility for Length, Area, Height, Volume, and Temperature         M

Several small sites in Visn 18 did not have 24/7 pharmacy coverage, so they sought
a way to print to the larger sites that have the coverage. My program runs
automatically in the morning and night and changes the default printer in the small
sites to the printer in the large sites.                                            M

Contingency Plan for backing up BCMA data.                                          M
Program enables IRM staff to quickly locate and terminate a process that has locked
a certain record.                                                                   M

Two page sheet given to inpatients upon discharge. It lists their future clinic
appointments, labs, and procedures. A second part gives a list of the meds &
supplies prescribed to them and a short instruction how to use them.                   M, Delphi
Compiles list of unsigned, released, verbal or telephone, orders entered at least 10
days ago and sends email to the associated providers.

Currently scheduled to run Wednesdays at 0510.                                       M
This program collects a Health Summary on all inpatients, sends those files to a VMS
directory, the files are then sent to designated static Personal computers on each
Ward via FTP. Files are updated daily.                                               M
Scheduled to run weekly, Sundays @ 3 AM.

1) If ran interactively from the top it displays what it proposes to delete.

2) If ran interactively from DLT it displays as it deletes.



DESCRIPTION: Local class III wristband print option to print patient wristbands
specifically to Zebra printers. Routine APGKWBAN also called in DGPWB.

                                                                                       M, SQL
The ADDS/VistA Interface Software resides on the VistA system and serves as the
software link between Outpatient Pharmacy activity and the ADDS Automated Drug
Dispensing hardware.                                                            M

Contingency program that runs weekly to gather ptient info in case of system
downtime. Patients with appointments from 60 days in the past to 60 days in the
future are checked. Info such as meds, labs, and appointments are gathered. This
data is sent to PCs located in various outpatient clinics and a Delphi program
enables medical staff to access data.                                                  M, Delphi

Promise is a Windows application with standard graphical interface to allow Field
Offices and other sites to enter, maintain & transmit information on the VA R&D
projects, investigators and RDIS data.
Delphi program enables clinical staff to enter data on patients labs, xrays,
appointmnts, or procedures, and print a standard letter with this info in it. An
Administrative note can also be created and placed in the chart.                     M, Delphi

MIRB is a Windows Access application for database management of VA R&D based
research protocols                                                                   SQL

VISTA MAIL READABLE IN GUI.                                                          M

Interface between Vista and the Pyxis drug dispensing hardware                       M

GUI Version of the standard Bill Status Report. Enables Fiscal to capture data to an
Excel spreadsheet.                                                                   M, Delphi

GUI version of the standard Trend Report. Enables MCCR to capture data in a semi-
colon delimited format and import to Excel.                                       M, Delphi
WHETHER THE PATIENT WAS HERE ON TEST DATE.                                        M
TELEPHONE OPERATIORS.                                                             M

Displays a given patient for a given time frame; dispense drug, doses ordered, doses
given, doses ordered, unit admin date/time RN Effectiveness                          M

Reports on PRN's for all patients on a particular ward for a given time frame.       M


CLASS III ROUTINE FOR VISN 5 BUDGET ANALYSIS                                         M
The M Audiocare server allows patients to call the VA to renew their prescriptions
by phone. It also dials out each evening to remind patients to come in for their
appointments.                                                                        M

All accession labels for Laboratory specimens are created by local mumps routines
and ZPL printer protocol.                                                           M, SQL

Tracks deposits to reconcile collections between Fiscal and MCCF                    M

Code was copied from LRSORA, LRSORA0, LRSORA1, LRSORA2, LRSORA3 to create
reports that could be tasked to print based on the selection criteria asked when
using this print option which is supplied by the requestor. We have created reports
for: Troponin-I >.5, Abnormal TSH, HIV-1 Antibody >-1, Special Report for LDL
Cholesterol, Hemoglobin >8.9, and Vancomycin levels (peak and trough) &
Amioglycoside levels (peak and trough).                                             M, SQL

MDE is an software application designed to quickly and efficiently extract data from
a VA FileManager database and store it in a relational database.                     M



OVERLAPPING OF SCHEDULED APPTS. - AJEJINU                                           M
A new routine was created and called by the national routine -ENETRAN2. This new
routine displays open work orders for the same location to the work order clerk
when processing from the holding file. This allows the work order clerk the ability
to determine if the work order is a duplicate request before forwarding to the
appropriate shop.                                                                   M

AOBA*1.0*2 CLASS III BUILD                                                          M
Programs use prescriptions to track down unrecorded patient visits

and print a report which expert use.


Menu options were created to assist the Public & Community Relations service for
special patient and employee mailings. These options include the ability to print
labels for employee birthdays, patient birthdays, new patient enrollees, discharged
patients, Cat A patients who have been seen in the past but do not have any future
appointments. These outputs are generated by locally developed M routines.          M

ROUTINE USED TO DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY INQUIRY                                       M

Facilitates the equipment turn-in process by alerting responsible

officials in workflow order to process VA paperwork. Messages are

sent to both Mailman and Exchange, alerts put users directly into

the correct processing options whereas the old process requires

manual alerts to get the tasks completed. No modifications to

national routines, new XREF's to national files.                                      M
Makes equipment check-out process paperless by alerting users in

workflow order to process VA check-out forms, uses alerts to key

the users into the VISTA options to move the process to completion.

Equipment would include laptops, pagers, PC's, other ADP equipment.

Target date for completion is August, 2006.                                           M
Menu option volunteers working in the Pharmacy can use in order to display
outpatient's names when prescriptions are ready so veterans know when to come
to the window and pick up filled prescriptions.                                       M
HL7 messaging sent from Vista to carevue system. Trans fers in and out of ICU and
lab messaging from Data Innovations system. Respiratory and pulse readings
viewed on bedside monitor.

Modification in LRVER3A to add local modification to generate HL7 lab message to
Carevue system. Local routine VEICVLOC called.                                          M
Class III software created at Martinsburg in 1992. Designed to input certain
personnel info and scheduling personnel into a BCLS class. The service designee will
also be able to run a Recertification report to check for staff needing recertification
training.                                                                               M


AEG683I ROUTINE TO PRINT CMI REPORTS FROM ARC DATA                                    M
Produces a spread sheet of patients that have had visits to the VAMC, but are not
vested for analysis.                                                                  M
LIST                                                                                  M
Routine collects data according to patient visits and visit type. It was used to
validate accuracy of SQL queries run against Access system that is extracted from
Vista.                                                                                M
Class III software obtained from VISN 16. Used by Mental Health staff to help with
Performance measures for substance abuse.

Version 4.6 and patch 4 installed 2006.

One example of locally developed reports menu:





Provides clinical, administrative staff with data on all

clinical staff consult statuses.                                                     M

Omnicell Interface - inpatient pharmacy dispensing system.                           M
When a patient is terminated (and it has not occurred as a result of a background
task that automatically terminates users), send a message in MailMan and/or
Outlook to all that have associated tasks to accomplish for security and other out
processing issues.                                                                   M
Class III created at Martinsburg 12/1999 for edit of BCMA default parameters
similar to PSBPAR.                                                                   M


CLASS III ROUTINE - INSURANCE INQUIRY                                                M

Three local options were created and placed on the XU USER SIGN-ON menu that
alert users of IFCAP actions to be processed. These options call local routines that
were copied and modified from national routines. Instead of the user being notified
of pending actions to be processed when they entered an IFCAP option these
routines create a bulletin at sign-on for the alerts. They include alerts for Purchase
Cards, 2237's and bills to be processed.                                               M
Allows users to send, receive and read electronic mail with attachments at their
MailMan Mailbox.                                                                       M, VMS
User queueable program which reports status of ASSISTS cases (ie

who has signed and who is due to sign what cases).                                   M
This program provides routines for extracting clinical data according to clinical
practice guidelines for the Extended Peer Review Program.                           M, SQL

Software contains 12 routines developed by VAMC, Tampa and used at VAMC,
Richmond. Obtained from Richmond when user transferred to our site as the new
Chief, Nursing & Education who's on a committee that uses these options.              M
A collection of routines and options which create several different reports providing
data pertinent to compliance to clinical practice guidelines which is a performance

Options described in Miscellaneous Section Below.

                                                                                    M, SQL
Example of one of our reports. This one scans over a user selected

date range for patients who may have incorrectly obtained VA

transportation.                                                                     M

ROUTINE CREATED TO PRINT INSURANCE LETTER                                           M

Provides HL7 messaging interface between OmniCell Supply cabinets and IFCAP GIP.
Allows GIP to drive restocking of cabinets and receives dispensing information from
the cabinet.                                                                        M


LISTING OF NEXT OF KIN                                                              M

 TYPE: run routine           CREATOR: LINDSEY,JOE L
 UP                                                                                 Mumps/Fileman
Provides active staff members to review information which was only accessible to
Payroll. Employee must enter SSN which must match that value assigned to the
current user in file 450.                                                           M
PROBLEM LIST                                                                        M

I modified national routine to automatically notify the physician through alerts
when their dictation has been uploaded from the dictation company. Through these
alerts the physician could review and edit their dictation and electronically sign.
When all exams for a given request has been signed, the request is automatically
printed to a specific c&p printer and the request is marked ready for released. The
printed request is reviewed by the co-signer before releasing. In addition I also
created reports to facilitate the timeliness of the request.                        M

Routines - DGPMXX2 and DGPMX54 were modified to call a local M routine. The
local routine creates a bulletin if an ASIH movement was entered. The bulletin is
sent to a mail group.                                                               M

BCMA PRN Report by Ward which reports on PRNs for all patients on a particular
ward for a given time frame                                                          M
Added display for vestment information and an alert if patient has a billing balance
and needs to be seen by an account manager in MCCF.                                  M

BCMA PRN Report which displays for a given patient for a given time frame:
Dispense Drug, Doses Ordered, Doses Given, Unit, Admin. Date/ Time, PRN
Effectiveness.                                                                      M

Displays last appointment in stop code to make the scheduling clerk aware of the
timeframe the patient was last seen. Only active patients should be scheduled,
discharged patients should be referred to primary care.

Future appointment is displayed to make scheduler aware that there is a future
appointment scheduled, avoiding diplicatte appointments for the same patient in
the same clinic.                                                                    M

National routine ORWPT was modified to display if a patient needs a level 3 or
higher exam, if the patient is Code Orange, and Clinical Warning for designated
progress notes. A call to a local routine was added for this additional display     M
This is a local modification of Little Rock's BCMA PRN Report by Ward
(PSBZPRNW)which reports on PRNs for all patients on a particular ward for a given
time frame and also includes patients that were on the ward during the speicified
time frame but have since been discharged.
The second option listed provides exactly the same report as the first but is in
delimited format.                                                                           M

THIS OPTION WILL PRINT LISTING OF ALL ROI LETTERS                                           M

I created a routine that update the physician for a given admission and discharge
movement from the orders file. When the patient roster report is run most of the
time primary physician assign to the patient is incorrect or blank. This routine
matches an order to a patient movement and updates the physician from the order.
This is a background job that runs every 15 minutes.                              M

PROVIDES MENU OF SPIRITAL ASSESSMENT                                                        M
Package consists of M routines and a ^DIZ file created by a KIDS

build. Package matches active, existing person class entries

from the NEW PERSON file (a program scans them from that file into

the ^DIZ file). Program scans the NEW PERSON file degree entries over

a user selected date range and reports which NEW PERSON entries have

correct degree entries and which need manual user updates.                                  M
Cots program with HL7 interface in VistA that provides voice recognition radiology

Test site for VistA linkage testing.                                                        .NET,M

User specified Crossmatch Date/Time range providing Patient Last Name and Last 4
of SSN, Crossmatch Date/Time, Physician's Name from the Accession File, Blood
Unit ID, Requestor's Name from the Blood Inventory File, Action and Lab Test.    M
Class III application written by Tommy Martin to manage and monitor class III
changes to class 1 routines.                                                     M

Automated generation of 'Downtime' progress notes after system downtime.                    M
I created this routine to find dangling pointers for a given file. Given a file this
routine will traverse the all files pointing to this pointed to file. It will display all
dangling pointers from what file.                                                           M
WARD COLLECTION LISTING OF UNCOLLECTED ORDERS                                            M

This requires that an individual Device, Terminal Type and local routine to be placed
in the Close Execute of the Terminal Type be setup for each different report.         M
 Local option created to send unverified radiology report data to e-mail device at
the University of Maryland. The data will be run daily M-F at 730A and 1130A and
used to page Radiologists that they have unsigned reports to verify. This is tasked
to run in VistA taskmanager.                                                          M
MUMPSAudioFax DHCP Refill Transaction - Automatically processes refills from

Same as Application ID: 90                                                               M

FILEMAN TO REPORT PULL STATIONS IN VISTA                                                 M
Class III software written at Martinsburg 1/9/1987. Includes the following local
menu options:

Select Police Menu Option: ??

     Edit Files ... [APBINPUTS]

     Fixed Files ... [APBFIXEDFILES]

     Help [APB HELP]

     Incident/Offense Inquiry [AMQVAPD INCI/OFF]

     Local Police Outputs ... [AMQVAPDZ OUTPUT]

     Patient Inquiry [DG PATIENT INQUIRY]

     Quick Name Check [APBQUIKNAMEINQ]

     Reports ... [APBOUTPUTS]

     Vehicle Registration Inquiry [APBVEHICLEINQ]

     Violation Notices Inquiry [AMQVAPD VIOLA]                                           M

Informational Rx Profile is a local profile to be filed on the left hand side of patient's
medical record before the scheduled visit. It can be printed by clinic or by patient M
THEM IN A LAUGUAGE PATIENTS CAN UNDERSTAND                                                 M
PROVIDE DATA ON PATCH INSTALLATIONS                                                     M

Produces a table/chart format listing of medications for Outpatients so they can
better see which medication to take when.                                               M

This program loops through the ALERT TRACKING file by the DATE CREATED
field. It looks for recent alerts of a specified PKG ID. It then forwards these alerts to
the recipients pager. It is run by option AHN ALERT PAGE which is scheduled in
Taskman.                                                                                  M

INQUIRE TO DRUG FILE EXCLUDING FIELDS 63, 900, AND 901                                  M

Monitor unprocessed alerts.                                                             M


This option prints the Class III status of funds from the daily FMS message including
pending orders value from IFCAP. This class III is non invasive in that it makes NO
changes to IFCAP data. Created 10/8/96 from Bill Zimmerman                            M

Takes a list of SSNs and prints letters from the VA LETTER file.                        M

Creates a report of patients with an active RX for a specfic drug or class.             M

MENU OPTION USED TO DISPLAY EARNINGS STATEMENT                                          M

Program to print labels on special forms for Unit Dose Containers.                      M

For MCCR staff. Shows billing and collections by clinic, treating specialties, and/or
by provider.                                                                            M

Give you Top X of Drugs over a given date range...                                      M

Tracks Rxes cost by individual providers (physicians etc.) Will be used by Pharmacy
Staff to assist in providing data to MCD and Associate MCD to manage Rx costs.          M

Installs patches.                                                                       M
HEALTH                                                                                  M

The following is a detailed explanation of everything included in this build. Not
everything in this KIDS build has to be used even if the installation process installs it
on your local VistA database. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to
contact Richard Groller (x6337), Angel Pagan (x6343) or Linda Bund (x6237) by
telephone(718-584-9000) or via Exchange.

Requirements: HL*1.6*96 and XU*8*251 latest test versions or released

versions need to be installed before installing the kids build.

I. Local FIELD additions:

  A. Service/Section File (#49), AED ALTERNATE ADPAC field (#526006) - a pointer
the the New Person File (#200). Used to store the name of each PCC/Program's
alternate ADPAC. In this system , the alternate ADPAC is included on the list of
recipients of the AEDE NEW PERSON bulletin also included in this build. The Bronx
maintains this field using our own on-line phone book. You may have to use
FileMan or develop local options to maintain this field local. Or we could send you
our local on-line phone book and really make you crazy! It is OK not to maintain this

B. New Person File (#200), AED ACTIVE USER field (#526007) - a numeric field set to
either 0 or 1 by the AEDXUA background job. Also displayed in the AEDEMPD
option. This field is an easy way to determine if the user is "active". It is OK not to M
NUMBER; GENERATED FROM THE FIRE EXTINQUISHER FILE                                       M
SIGNS, MEDICINE, RADIOLOGY, INPATIENT MEDS, ETC.                                        M

Created original for VISN budget analysts.                                                  M

This package is to assist users identify the location of the fire. When a fire alarm is
sounded the user would have to walk to the nearest fire alarm code board and find
the location of the fire. This package allows the user to type the fire alarm code into
vista and the system will display the location of the fire. The fire alarm code is
maintained the fire safety personnel.                                                   M
ETC                                                                                     M

moves via FTP Prgress Notes from Carevue to Vista                       M
VistA ftp's alerts to Carevue                                                        M

Locally created Class III for use by Dom Incentive Therapy Coordinator in order to
enter and maintain pay data for Domiciliary members working and receiving
incentive therapy pay. May have been developed in 1980's or 1990's.                  M

looks for Vitals in Carevue and puts them into VistA                                 M

Transmits reports as fax from VistA
When drugs are ordered for a patient that can be used to counter-act allergic
reactions the Pharmacist gets notified. This helps to increase awareness of patient
allergies so Pharmacist can investigate. Helps possible allergic reaction from going
unnoticed                                                                            M

Cots program interfaces with VistA Medicine Package for reporting EKG's and
storing imaging from the tests.                                                      M

Pharmacy refill transaction system and appointment Reminders                         M

Requested by VISN 5 Programmer Installed September 2004                              M
Provide caregivers an alert to take protective measures for certain patients with
contagious infections.                                                               M

Requested by VISN 5 programmer.                                                      M

Class III written by staff at Martinsburg.                                           JavaScript

VISN 3 software obtained from Washington. Provides productivity in Radiology
Service                                                                              M
Select SPD Equipment Tracking Option: ??

 1    Mark equipment - IN USE (SPD Delivery on way) [AUOYSPD DELIVERY READY/


 4    Mark equipment - Ready for Use (AVAILABLE) [AUOYSPD MAKE AVAILABLE]

 5    SPD Edit Equipment Category [AUOYSPD EDIT CATEGORY/STATUS]

 6    Switch Equipment for a Specific Request [AUOYSPD SWITCH EQ ON REQUEST]

 9    New Request Pickup of SPD Equipment [AUOYSPD REQUEST PICKUP (NEW)]

 10   List of all equipment for a patient [AUOYSPD LIST EQ FOR A PATIENT]

 11   List of Equipment Available from SPD [AUOYSPD AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT]


 13   List of IN USE Equipment used as Backup [AUOYSPD BACKUP EQ LIST]

 15   Request Display (Use Patient, EE#, Request #) [AUOYSPD REQUEST INQUIRY

Prints a list of Prescriptions for a single patient in Large Print                M
Class III application that builds and transmits inpatient and outpatient health
summaries to a server. The health summaries can be viewed or printed in the event
of system downtime.                                                               M, FTP

Appointment Reminder System. Add-ons in use are Audio-balance (Copay)Audio-
refill, Audio-cancel                                                                 M

INPATIENT VESTING                                                                    M
Class III routine from Togus. Requested for use by the Chief, Pharmacy Service. 3-
18-1996                                                                              M
GUI program that works in conjunction with the national BCMA Contingency. It
enables IRM to check the number of patients on a contingency PC that are assigned
a Ward and are on Active Meds, telnet to a PC, or copy patches to a contingency PC.
Also, allows automated monitoring of BCMA computers to check to see if any are
turned off or off the network; an Outlook message is automatically sent if any are
not on the Network.                                                                 Delphi

MCESEDT Sent the released report to Deliverx for storage.                            M

PXRMXSEO, PXRMXSE bypass TEST/BAD records                                            M

ORWPCE3 bypass secondary provider record, only let primary to go thru                  M
Routine to search for Procedure Coding Methods (CP)or/and (RC) nodes that need
to be deleted when the MCCF EXTRACT REPORT bombs out with <STORE> errors
such as <STORE>GETMOD+6^IBEFUNC>. The routine will look for variables AGNBN
or IBIFN (zw your partition first to find variable values). Once determined, the store
error node(s) with entries greater than 100 will be killed interactively by the IT
Specialist.                                                                            M

Provide Cpt code and Diagnostic code usage for selected providers.                   M

Allows ACOS/Education and HR to manage annual Trainee packets. Allows
department managers to see authorized trainee lists for their department.            Cold Fusion, SQL
Here is a list of what I have completed but I cannot justify the time to document
each one independently.

Most Access Projects that resulted in an Excel Spreadsheet

Major Access Projects

B-K Extracts, Spreadsheets, etc.
                                                                                        M, SQL, Microsoft
                                                                                        Access and Excel
Delphi Program which is used by providers and nurses to document any invasive
procedure. Program generates a CPRS note and also records key information in an
access database.                                                                    Delphi
M Routine that finds and prints duplicate lab orders between the dates specified by
the user. A Duplicate Orders is defined as 2 orders where the same item was
ordered for the same patient within 7 days.                                         M
Java program that creates an MS Excel spreadsheet with the Asists cases. Allows
user to select Services to report from.                                             Java, SQL

This routine runs every night and terminate users who have not logged into VISTA
for the last 120 days. It will remove access/verify code, old messages, options, keys,
and access to files. The 120 days is calculated from the following field in the 200 file:
Date Entered in file, Last date verify code changed, and Last signed on date.             M

The Research Compliance is a Visual Basic GUI that interfaces with a database which
resides on our shared network drive. The program is protected through limited
permissions on the database as well as a Window logon to the local PC and           SQL, Visual Basic 6,
protected again with application sign on with user name and password for the GUI. MS Access, SQL
This application houses all of the oversight and compliance reports required by OAA
of the field which are required to support VAs Academic Teaching Mission.            .NET
This application supports the internal budget, tracking and resource allocation need
for the OAA to operate its Associated Health and Graduate Medical Education
programs                                                                             VB, .NET, SQL

This application collects core data on all of VA's Clinical Trainees and then transmitts Cache Objects, SQL
this data to a national database at the OAA Support Center in St. Louis.                 and VB

View Lab Results file                                                               M
Various Adhoc Reports display labs, joint imaging, and miscellaneous patient
services                                                                            M
For billing purposes, this package provides a method to capture AF beneficiary data
when VA resources are consumed by said beneficiaries.                               M

Provides various reports to supplement canned Integrated Funds Distribution,
Control Point Activity, Accounting And Procurement (IFCAP) options.                    M

Provides various reports to supplement canned PAID options.                            M
ODE menu to track mandatory classes to be taken on a recurring/annual

basis. Generates reminder e-mails to service for follow up.                            M

Report that shows what date/time user logged on based on sign-on log.                  M

TIU Objects, used within CPRS and Clinical Reminders                                     M
Account Receivable Trend Report (GUI)
In order to better manage the AR follow within VISN 18, they created an access
database that allows VISN 18 to better monitor AR. This product was created after
working with an AR supervisor and staff and combining multiple follow up reports
and old fileman routines site has created locally to try and automate the VISTA
trend report. GUI interface allows the user to pull the AR trend and Bill status
information into a txt file that is imported into the Access database. The database
allows the AR staff to choose how they want to work their claims. Example: By
vendor, day, dollar amount, by follow up date and claims with no comments. There
are multiple reports that allow staff to see their progress and the ability to track and
validate staff claims worked daily.
Each morning the site manager or designee runs a trend report using the GUI
interface along with a Bill status report. This process takes about 15 to 30 minutes.
Once the .txt files are extracted we import the .txt files into the access database.
For best results the sites should import daily. This ensures all work completed the
previous day in VISTA is transferred into the database for accurate management           M, Delphi
Barcode scanning check of outpatient medications, compared to prescription.             M

Workload reports for Radiology.                                                         M

LR Meter utility routines.                                                              M

VANOD project has eight indicators used for collecting Nursing data.                    M, Delphi

Performance Measures software                                                           M

Primary Care Panel Management                                                           M

Vista electronic security agreement, users sign with SSN.                               M

Monthly display of Audit entries for Drug File                                          M

Forcasts use or lose leave data for individuals                                         M

Small Database application to help track funds more specifically                        SQL

This program written for purchasing agent to run a report providing subtotals on
purchase card POs by federal procurement data system categories with total by
selected date.                                                                          M
Finds and sends a report to a mail group for all records in file 123.5 with a SERVICE
USAGE of null.                                                                          M

This software is a set of special reports that were written for the Inspector General
Office to provide consistent OIG reporting at all facilities.                         M
List of Purchase Card Reconciliations with NO Approving Official sign-off where the
reconcilation took place more than 30 days ago.                                       M

Reports for various waiting lists by stop codes/date range/days desired.                M

Used for self-checkin of patients at clinics or primary care.                           M

Projects end of year leave balances                                                     M

McKesson inpatient robot.                                                               M

SELF CLINIC CHECKIN                                                                     M
Provide credentials of provider                                                       SQL

Various reports detailing provider practice trends in pharmacy rx's, workload, etc.   M

Patient phone interface for appointment, and pharmacy information.                  M
The software was designed to capture patient data so that if the Vista System went
down the Providers would have some medical data allowing them the provide
service to the patients.                                                            M
Help keep track of necessary patient appointments and allows a form to be printed
so that the patient can fill it out and allows us to keep patient demographics upto
date.                                                                               M

Prints out individual payroll data for any payperiod for the last five years.         M

Determine vesting for patients                                                        M

List Depression cases by ICD codes                                                    M
Collects Clinical data from William Beaumont CHCS System for VA patient or
patients belonging to both facilities and creates a Mailman message and mailed to
Vista. Vista makes information available to Clinicians.                               M, Vista Mailman
Allows the Laboratory personnel to create an Alert message to the Primary Care
Provider alerting them that the results from the send out speciments are back and
avaliable to the Clinicians.                                                          M

Produces a variety of compliance reports.                                             M

Gui interface for VistA mail                                                          Delphi

Monthly reports on Primary Care providers showing the number of patients seen,
reminders met, and other information for the Chief of Primary Care

Using a web based product made by Microsoft.

IG SPECIAL REPORTS                                                                    M

Create a progress note in VistA when patient receives bedside education via videl.    M
Copied PRCHDAR to PRCHZDAR, then modified PRCHZDAR.

Changed logic to select reconciled, but not approved transactions

that are > 30 days since they were reconciled.                                        M

Print Intake Update Sheet for patients.                                               M

ANNUAL LEAVE STATUS OF EMPLOYEE                                                       ,M
veterans can either scan their ID card or enter SSN to automaticlly check-in for lab
tests                                                                                     M
Downloads Pathology reports from local Hospital by modem and uploads it into
Vista.                                                                                    M

Troponin Turnaround Time

This is a small package that contains only one routine and menu option. It comes as
a standards KIDs load. It is written to the national specifications for this
performance measure (PM) and will generate a mail bulletin, a printout or both.

This program will report only the FIRST troponin test (as required in the PM) for the
reporting period selected. It will produce data for all hospital locations, including
clinics, emergency rooms and inpatient areas.

This release is designed to allow the user to select order time or lab arrival time for
reporting. It should be noted that the national performance measure REQUIRES the
use of ORDER TIME.



Outpatient visits for non-service connected disorders are potentially billable in VA
VistA, but are frequently and incorrectly attributed to service connected conditions.
Each incorrect attribution represents lost potential revenue from insurance
companies that could be invested in additional medical care to Veterans. Providers
are required to designate at the point of care if a specific patient care encounter is
service connected (SC) based on available disability rating information. The codes
and nomenclature associated with the SC rating are particular to VBA and not
consistent with industry based medical coding systems such as ICD or CPT. VA
Providers find trying to associate these two disparate coding and terminology
systems confusing and ambiguous.

Currently, VA providers make SC/NSC determinations by manually selecting SC or
NSC based on the conditions treated during the encounter and comparing those
conditions to the list of SC conditions shown on the CPRS screen or on the printed
encounter form. Both VBA SC codes and ICD-9-CM codes are used to populate the
encounter form used to describe the services provided to the patient during the
encounter. ICD-9-CM is the code set required for use by HIPAA and has been
adopted by VHA for the coding of all diagnoses, symptoms and conditions for
outpatient encounters. The VBA list of service connected disabilities are ambiguous
and often cover a wide range of conditions making it difficult for providers to easily
discern whether or not the treated condition fits the list of SC disabilities specific to
the patient. Since the time to examine and treat patients is limited, providers often M

Prints orders containing unacceptable abbreviations on the order.

Uses same list of unapproved abbreviations as Unapproved Abbreviation in TIU.

This CLASS III routine was created by the Bronx VA, called "Unapproved

Abbreviations Report" used to search for the use of unapproved and

dangerous abbreviations in TIU Progress Notes. Although JCAHO provides a list of
abbreviations that should not be used by clinicians the actual list of unapproved
abbreviations may vary from site to site. What your site chooses to monitor may be
different from what the Bronx VAMC decided

The abbreviations the Bronx VAMC chose to monitor are located in lines

AEDTIU+13, 14 and 15 of this routine. Update those lines as needed.

Other than that the routine is pretty straightforward. Create a local option that
calls this routine. The user will be prompted for a date range, all TIU Progress Notes
in that date range will be searched and a report listing each note with an
unapproved abbreviation will result. Each unapproved abbreviation used in the note
will also be listed as well as the patient's name, last 4, date of note, document
name, author, and author's service.


This package allows users to enter a request for transportation to the motor pool.       M

Provides report on appt desired dates that equal the appt date.                          M

Altered routine DVBCPND1 to shorten the DVBA C PENDING REPORT by removing
blank lines, realigning fields, use printer fields to check end of page and line length. M

Vista lab option "LA7S MANIFEST CLOSE/SHIP - Lab option 'Close/Ship a Shipping
Manifest' routine LA7SM changed default from close to ship a shipping manifest.          M

Changed TIU routine TIUZLABS section NOLABS to include the name of TIUTEST in
the display for 'No Data Available'. Otherwise in CPRS the new note screen for the
selected note which contains the objects displays a series of lines indicating no data
available without indicating what test isn't available.                                M
Changed VistA option RA RPTDISTQUE - Print by routing Queue' routine RARTST1
routine section 1 default "WARD REPORTS" which is inactive to an active default
routing queue "REQUESTING PHYSICIAN".                                                  M
New Depression Case Finder is Class III software developed to assist the Mental
Health Line in identifying patients newly diagnosed with depression.                   M
Changed M routine DGOPATM to go back 365 days rather than just 5 days for the
DOM.                                                                                   M

Changed the Historical Inpatient Listing print template 'DGPM INPATIENT PRINT' to
include Patient Movement file field DIAGNOSIS [SHORT].                            M

Vista option "anc print sd letters tasksed - Queue Pre-Appointment Letters to Print'
routine ANCPRINT.The scheduling pre-appointment letters are automated to print
daily for appointments 14 days in the future for clinics in the 3 divisions (Anchorage,
Fairbanks CBOC and Kenai CBOC).                                                         M

Prints contact isolation list and Nares admission order list to designated printer.
Centralized logging of patients as they come in the door to provide physically
distributed areas of the facility information about the patients who are on site and
waiting for appointments etc.

Software is proprietary to Reno and would require signific                             M

Tracks basic vestment status of patients, using ARC business rules and local VistA
data for determination. Daily message generated listing patients who had activity
the previous day but did not meet the requirements for basic vestment. Reports
produces ve                                                                            M
Application was developed to help manage ACA (advanced clinic access) process.
Primarily a daily process that prints letters to patients reminding them it is time to
call the facility to make an appointment in one or more clinics.                         M
Utilizes commercially available digital electronic sign boards to allow the radiology
department to display a list of patients waiting for exams for an imaging location.
Scales to any number of imaging locations.                                               M
Tracks various elements of health for all personnel at this facility. While the
software is comprised of 4 files, 46 options, 2 mail groups, and 2 security keys, a
major portion of the functionality is contained in the option that runs daily and
accomplis                                                                                M
All VistA users must sign a security agreement (rules of behavior) at the beginning
of every calendar year. This software tracks compliance. For the first 60 days of
every calendar year any user who does not have an agreement on file for that year
gets a                                                                                   M

CPRS Reports tab, Health Summary titled "Medication Reconciliation Sheet". Also,
automated printout of a Medication Reconciliation sheet for each scheduled patient
visiting the clinic. Reconciliation sheet for each scheduled patient visiting the clinic.
(Accessed via the Vista option Appointment list option modified to allow for the
printing of: appointment list, patient info sheet, med recon sheet, colorectal
screening labels). For Med recon sheets, changed Vista routines ANCPTI2, AJEYUAP,
ANCGMTS (modified copy of routine GMTSUP for use with automated printouts),
ANCUAP (modified copy of routine AJEYUAP for use with automated printouts).               M

Mailing of appt cards to veterans in lieu of scheduling letters.                  M
Appointment Recall Reminder for patients to call and schedule an appt. To be used
in conjunction with the Appt Card Project.                                        M
Class III software to create options for National Help Desk personnel, to include
local mod to CPRS routine ORX2.                                                   M
Clinical and Surveillnace culture reporting for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus
Aureus positive laboratory results. It is used for isolating MRSA positive patients.     M

The software uses variables available in the VA Health Care System patient database
to rank order patients in terms of risk for suicidal behavior or other psychosocial
crisis. A number of variables (such as psychiatric diagnosis codes, age, marital statu   M
Provides a means to store VistA system access information for national help desk
customer service/developer personnel. When outside resources are needed to
troubleshoot or correct a problem, personnel are granted access to the VistA
system via generic use                                                                   M
Intended to be run non-interactively as a scheduled option, once a month. Produces
a list of patient who are not deceased, have a tricare eligibility, and are over 64.5
years old. The list is distributed as an email message to the 654 AGING TRICARE PTS
ma                                                                                       M
AOD (Administrative Officer of the Day) Log software provides a way to log who the
clerk, MOD, AOD, and attending is for each of three shifts (day, evening, night), as
well as ambulance activity, divert status activity and any remarks or unusual events
fo                                                                                       M
An option is scheduled to run daily on the VistA system. It produces an email sent to
a mail group that lists all users who attemped to logon in the previous 24 hours but
could not because there was no documentation of a signed security
agreement/rules of                                                                       M
Data extracts for congestive heart failure and hyperlipidemia are scheduled to run
on a monthly basis. The extract gathers data elements related to each extract
definition, for a cohort of patients, as defined by a set of diagnostic codes. The
elements ar                                                                              M
An option is scheduled to run daily on the VistA system. It generates mail message
sent to a mail group. The messages are generated for each person in the previous
24 hours that has changed cost center/organization in the paid package. The
message include                                                                          M

Allows a user to create a future view alert, for a patient, containing any text desired.
A scheduled option runs daily to find entries due that day and generates a view
alert to the person who entered it containing the information in that entry.             M
An option is scheduled to run every 15 minutes on the VistA system. It looks for
inpatients, on observation wards, that have been there for at least 22 hours. For
each one it finds, it sends a mail message to a mail group informing that the patient
is get                                                                                   M

A scheduled option runs daily on the VistA system. It generates a mail message to a
mail group that list patients who are provided transportation from remote areas to
our facility, that have cancelled appointments within the next two weeks.              M
A scheduled option runs daily on the VistA system. It generates a mail message,
sent to the physician for deficiency, containing a list of op reports over 2 days
deficient and all other deficiencies over 30 days. It also sends a mail message to the
mail g                                                                                 M
An option is scheduled to run daily on the VistA system. It sends a mail message to
the mail group NEW PTS ALERTS, listing all patients newly entered into VISTA on the
previous day. The exception is Monday. When it runs on Monday, it will list all new
pat                                                                                 M

An option is scheduled to run weekly on the VistA system. It produces a mail
message sent to a mail group containing lists of VistA users with the following

1) Not disusered, not terminated, not logged on in 90 days, entered at least 30 da M
An option is scheduled to run daily on the VistA system. It produces a mail message
sent to a mail group which contains a list of patients who have appointments to be
seen that day, and are due for means testing.                                         M
An option is scheduled to run daily on the VistA system. It sends a message to a mail
group that contains a list of patients who had a completed radiology exam 14 days
ago and who have billable insurance.                                                  M

A menu option in the VistA system that contains options to produce lists of patients
with appointments by date and clinic group; for today, by clinics where user is the
default provider; by date, by provider, for clinics where the provider is the default   M
Personnel can use the VistA option to show current annual leave balance, calculate
current use or lose, calculate use or lose projected to the end of the current
calendar year in both hours and weeks, days, and hours                                  M
A series of mumps cross references on the HOSPITAL LOCATION file #44 notifies
members of a mail group, in real time, with email messages when a new clinic is
created or when any of the following elements of clinic set-up are changed; the
name, stop code,                                                                        M
Remote data extractor for VistA. A combination Delphi application
for ms-windows, and custom Cache/Mumps file/field data extraction
agent. Current extraction agents developed are: HR Nursing Proficiency
data, HR Security Clearance status fields (local mods) from NEW PERSON, HSR&D
VISN 8/11 Post-Stroke Depression data (Stroke Queri Project), and BCMA Patient
Safety data. Output data can go to a single
output text file (tab or CSV flat-file), or to multiple output files.
The application uses the RPC Broker, FileMan Delphi components, and
is supported under Delphi 2006 EE.                                                      M, Delphi, SQL
In the interest of making it easy for our patients to notify us when they wish to
cancel an appointment, we have developed an automated interactive voice
response (IVR) telephony system that gives patients the option to cancel
appointments and request callbacks from clinic staff members to reschedule
cancelled appointments. This system allows our veterans to proactively cancel any
individual appointment or all of their appointments for a specific day at their
convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When a veteran calls the main medical center number, the caller is given the option
of cancelling an appointment from the main auto-attendant greeting. If selected,
the patient will be asked to enter his or her full Social Security number and, if the
caller desires a callback, a phone number where the caller can be reached. The
automated appointments cancellation system then walks the caller through a series
of prompts to review and cancel one or more appointments. When the patient
requests a cancellation, the system automatically cancels the appointment in the
VistA scheduling package. The system generates a list of cancelled appointments
that is emailed to module clerks several times a day. The clerks then log on to a
Web page to review each of the cancelled appointments and retrieve callback
information to contact the veterans to reschedule their appointments.
                                                                                    M, Java, Delphi, Cold
The Generic CPRS COM Object is a general-purpose CPRS extension that provides a Fusion, SQL
facility with the ability to enhance CPRS now and in the future without needing to
deploy additional CPRS COM objects to the workstations throughout the medical
center. This is because this COM object simply displays messages in the form of
HTML retrieved from a server. We can extend the functionality of the COM object
by writing additional server-side logic that returns text back to the COM object to
be displayed to the CPRS user. This is akin to the client-server paradigm of the
World Wide Web (WWW) where the COM object in this case acts like the Web
browser. When updates are made to a Web page, the browser itself does not need
to updated, only the content and logic on the server. The same is true for the
Generic CPRS COM Object.

At the Loma Linda VAMC, we are using the Generic CPRS COM Object as the
delivery mechanism for several different uses; some are relatively simple user
notifications and others are much more complex mini-applications. These uses
include patient third-party insurance notification, user unsigned/uncosigned notes
alert, OIF/OEF combat vet notification, inpatient medication reconciliation, and
TIDES depression screening.

                                                                                        Java, Delphi,
                                                                                        JavaScript, SQL
Notes Manager provides a user-friendly way for clinicians to manage their unsigned
and uncosigned notes and thereby reduce the high number of unsigned/uncosigned
notes in VistA. Since view alerts eventually expire and no longer display to the user
in VistA or CPRS, clinicians may lose track of some of their unsigned/uncosigned
notes – in particular part-time physicians. Notes Manager overcomes the
limitations and user-unfriendliness of VistA by allowing users to view and manage
all of their unsigned and uncosigned notes quickly and efficiently.                   M, Java, Delphi

This software extracts the text results from the HL7 messages and/or PDF
documents sent from a CP-enabled medical device to VistA and automatically
populates the TIU note with the text report. This software can also serve as an HL7
proxy for devices and systems that are not CP-enabled.                              M, Java, SQL

A framework for developing and deploying clinical forms in CPRS using the Generic
CPRS COM Object developed at LLVA. The forms may be developed by non-IT staff
via a Web interface and the data is stored in custom VistA files with a resulting TIU
note created from the data entered by the user.                                       M, Java

Appointment reminder

Bill/payer report

[ATVUL RPT MENU] DHCP User Menu Report

Case finder for the New Depression Performance Measure

cost recovery for serices from insurance companies
This is the menu structure for the program. The AAJ's point to the ZZ 504's
Fileman Template driven entry routine. Reads and writes to files.
Utility program, Initial Start Point and Extrinsic Function Calls needed for the AAJ
Access Form Package
Utility program, contains the Bulletin Generator, the Form Edit Screen, and the
Access Form Checkout
Utility program, contains the routine, rejection of forms routines, return of forms
routines, acceptance of forms routines
Utility program, statistics, figure averages, resolve names, fix bad Xrefs, check keys
and signatures,
Utility program, check SSN, resolve dial in type, is this disable acct., service change
request, printout for PC guys,
Utility program, output remainder of 405058 fields, run header check, confert
dates, display word processing fields,
Utility program, Ceck for and register CIRM rejection, rejection message bulletin
generator, dump credentialing info into file 200, check for credentialing info,
Calculates costs associated with each provider's practice. (Total clinic visits, total #
of consults, bed days of care, admissions, lab tests, lab costs, imaging procedures,
prescriptions and their costs)
Displays provider statistics: encounters, procedures, DX treated, delinquent medical
records, outpatient RXs, inpatient procedures, surgery times, and occurrence

Provides open access to return clinic appointments. Reminder letter to patient
asking them to call to make appointment.
System of logging and tracking discrepancies and overdue deliveries for IFCAP
generated purchase orders.

Suite of reports showing drug/lab, drug combination, and target drug data.

Telephone patients to remind them of upcoming appointments.
Allows patients to order prescription refills and/or check on the status of their
prescriptions by automated phone system.

Identifies patients with a diabetes diagnosis, have a future appointment scheduled
anywhere in the hospital, and have not had an eye exam in the past 12 months.
Report finds appointments cancelled after their scheduled appointment time; can
be used as tool to improve patient wait times.

Creates a report of patients with an active RX for a specified drug or drug class; also
can create a report for a patient on two drugs during same time period.
Calculates troponin turnaround time for the Lab and then can send it to a VISTA

Prints the Status of Funds with the control point displayed.
Allows user to send non-specific patient message to all users.

Program Developed by Washington to track and assign IT equipment

Benefits Medical Center by appealing insurance company denials for payment

Generates bulletin for UR Staff to obtain preecertifcation for payment

Local Computed Findings requested for Clinical Reminders

To pull possible workmans comp and tort cases

Menu option that allows first and second line supervisors to view employee's

Reporting for verification of personal custody receipt entries

Automate printing of labels for lab specific test

Allow users, clinicians to print more that one label for a patient

Needed for Data Warehousing Initiatives

Program that automates the environmental rounds process

Developed to assist Mental Health in identifying patients entering new treatment

Screens patietns to determine inpatient, residential or Dom care

Application allows A&MM and Prosthetics users to fax from their desktop
MHV Secure Messaging is Complimentary Online clinical service provided through
the MHV website                                                                    COM - Messaging
Fax documents from Vista to outside providers, Hospitals, Insurance offices, etc.         M, Unix
 We picked payment within 45 days to qualify as a first run yield. We are using the
DATE printed field in AR package as the start of the calculation and then the
program goes into the transaction file and looks for any payment. If it finds one, it
looks at date of insurance check (not a mandatory field, but should be entered if
you are doing fiscal accounting properly). The program puts payments into <=45
days and >45 days. We also capture the times there is a payment and no date for
the insurance check AND all the bills within the specified time period with no

The software was created in Tampa, and it consists of a local field and a server
routine. The local field has to be created in the IFCAP Fund Control Point file (#420),
and it allows the server routine to determine which users are to receive 820/F16
reports. The server routine (ASKX820) is then added to the mailgroup that receives
the 820/F16 messages from Austin, and then the server forwards the message(s) to
the appropriate recipients.

The IT Business Operations office needs real-time reports on IT assets in the field.
They have authorized a rapid prototype project to pull IT budget and staffing
information into a central repository so that IT managers at all levels can view IT
resource information. To meet this need, a SQL database is being set up with
appropriate query tools to see transactions that transpire on a daily basis. The
system is called the Budget Resources and Assets Tracking System (BRATS).

Automated distribution of the VISTA Accessibility Report will provide service
ADPACs with the information they need to best make decisions regarding VISTA
access for their users. After review of the report, ADPACs can request/make
modification to the user’s information. The updated user information will result in
improved access to patient data by clinicians, more accurate reporting of provider
information, and improved security for the VISTA database. We should see fewer
instances of users being unable to sign-on VISTA because of premature termination
or user inactivity.

A system of logging and tracking discrepancies for IFCAP generated Purchase
Clinical and Surveillnace culture reporting for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus
Aureus positive laboratory results. It is used for isolating MRSA positive patients.

Physician Productivity Report

This utility will check the install file (9.7) for the patches installed at your site. This
information will be used to update the site tracking file on FORUM. The data
collected is determined by the data in your Build and Install files and will only
contain data since the last time you ran the Purge data option. This routine should
only be used in your production account.The data collected will be sent to FORUM
automatically via MailMan.

Mental Health Depression Case Finder V1

Mental Health Substance Use Casefinder V1

WEB application Created for VISN 16 this replaces Hazardous Surveillance and
allows automated inspection creation, site specific management and reporting of
deficiencies for ENVIRONMENTAL Rounds                                                         .Net, HTTP, ASP

This report lists TIU documents with dangerous abbreviations in them.

Local Routines/Edit Templates allowing adpacs to request access electronically

To send bulletin to FIMS mail group if certain admit diagnoses are recorded for the
pervious day.
Case finder for the New Depression Performance Measure. Developed by Pam
Croston (501-257-1966), VISN 16

patient casefinder for the Substance Abuse Continuity of care performance measure

Local Routines/Edit Templates allowing adpacs to edit new person profile. Person
Class, Degree, License Information,

Local options created for Applications and Desktop to use to update various IRM
data for equipment

Extend the termination date of a New Person entry

Certain BHS employees are to be fit tested annually for the N95 respirator. For
scheduling and management purposes, those BHS employees will be tested each
year during their birth month. Notification is generated on VISTA, requesting
employees to schedule an appointment during the month for testing. Those
employees with active VISTA e-mail accounts will receive notification via
informational e-mail. For select employees that do not have a VISTA account or
their account is in a Disuser Status, an e-mail will be sent to their Service Chief . The
service will distribute the notification to the individual employee.

An IRM Needs Assessment is the process of identifying specific needs for software,
personal computers, printers and peripheral computer equipment, and then
communicating those needs to IRMS in the form of requests.
The BHS Patch Module is a fully automated system used for tracking the release and
installation of patches from the National Patch Module. The BHS Patch Module
provides four valuable tools: 1) Database of patches 2) IRM/ADPAC Communication
3) Installation notification 4) Report generation

Tool used by HR to track leave reqeust for HR Personnel. A routine gathers data
from Vista, writes it to a .txt file and then in imported into Excel

Nursing Assessment Module, Outcome Database

Prescription Telephone Refill request and Appointment Reminder System. Calls
Patients to remind them of upcomming appointments and allows Patients to call in
and request a refill or check the status of a prescription.

Generate PPD Test reminder letters, track PPD tests

List admissions and surgical patients by campus by faith

Loma Linda VA application to track Bed Utilization

Electronic whiteboard to monitor ER activity

Letter to remind patient of upcoming appt.
Report program that looks for appointments cancelled after their scheduled
appointment time.

Modifications made to Class I software to send mail message to IRM CMR Official
when IT equipment is being turned in

Tool used by IRM to track leave reqeust for IRM Personnel. A routine gathers data
from Vista, writes it to a .txt file and then in imported into Excel


Bed Utilization
Use in Accounts Receivable file (#430) only. Extracts Default Division of receivable
from the corresponding entry in the Bill/Claims file (#399). Returns null if not in
Replaces the survey on the CPRS tools menu. Needs to be plastic i.e questions can
be modified as well as subquestions

Option created to produce a report of clinics cancelled <60 days prior to the
appointment date
Contingency system sends inpatient and outpatient contingency data for BCMA
(MAH) and Health Summaries to selected Contingency PCs throughout the hospital.
If the VISTA system or network fails the patient contingency data can be accessed
by authorized users. The contingency system pulls data from VISTA, stores the files
in VMS directory sends to a windows server which then pushes out to the
contingency PCs

                                                                                       M, VB

Case Finder for the New Depression Performance Measure.

Case Finder for the Substance Abuse Continuity of care performance measure.

Utility to provide letters to veterans based on anniversity date.
Various prints created to provide detailed information for tracking purposes and
medication administration management.

Software allows managers to print leave patteran reports by T&L.
National Effort to introduce automated tracking of anesthesia and post anesthesia

LASER barcoding for the purposes of lifecycle tracking of surgical instruments

Provides for automated computing presence at each bedside.

Provides automated dispensing, apportionment, accounting of pharmaceuticals.

Nurse Intraoperative Report Extract

Surgical Risk Download

Select Reports For Surgery, Drug Adverse Reaction
Mental Health Progress Notes Monitor

New Depression Capture, Substance Abuse

MHV Utilities For Alpha/Beta Testing
This option creates a report of patients with an active RX for a specified
drug or class.






Creates a temporary file of patient names for a "PRESCRIPTIONS
READY" display. Uses a VT-220 or equivalent terminal (keyboard is not needed)
to display names in ten rows of two columns--double-height, double-width. The
VT-220's composite video output drives one or more remote monitors.




It assists the Mental Health Line in identifying patients who are newly diagnosed
with depression and are to be followed with at least 3 visits within 84 days of the
initial diagnosis.
Assists Mental Health identify substance abuse patients entering new treatment
who should maintain continuous treatment for at lest 90 days.
Utility to add a bookmark to progess notes of each inpatient's electronic record
after a Vista downtime.

Option that provides service record data for generating 52's

Update Patient insurance information & subsequently improve billing process
AOD (Officer of the Day) logs all activities for all shifts and report prints in mailman
message daily.
All Vista users must sign a security agreement (rules of behavior) yearly.

Search for use of unapproved & dangerous abbreviations in TIU Progress Notes.
List of Purchase card reconciliations with no approving official sign-off where the
reconciliation took place more than 30 days ago
Report developed for Primary Care providers identifying pts with dx of htn &
provide info on their bp control

75 Day 8% Report [ARWAA8]

Menus that support duties of Compliance Officers
ADPAC can enter requests for new users, the software sends a message to the ISO
for approval. Once ISO approval is granted a message is generated to OI&T for
approval. Upon OI&T approval access code is sent as scrambled email to the

Vacancy/Promotion Announcements listed and tracked in VistA

On-line staff, clinics and inpatient directory

Pharmacy ATC OSPAC interface

Created to provide a means to track and notify patients being processed by clinics
supporting the Advanced Clinic Access project. Provides multiple reports on status
of appointment and clinics.

Routine to list PCE Austin Mail messages by selected error type and by patients

Vet Home patients work program

Veterans Center work program for Vets

List patient name, SSN, Ward, date of admission, DOB, and DXLS code and diagnosis

List discharges by Treating Specailty

List patient diagnosis

For Vet Center's use to track VCCC enrollees's clinic appointments
List inpatients who are Catholics

List inpatients with various religions
This option is identical to the option DVBA C Transcribe Request Data used by MAS
to enter/edit C&P exams, with one exception, it changes the users preferred editor
to kermit for upload purposes

Local option to include CPRS specific data to the cloning
 process, including PERSON Class, CPRS ORWOR WRITE paramater(s), and CPRS

dummy user, menus and keys included, is copied to the other users. For new
users, security forms will be generated. (Use the Help Processor menu to edit
the XUSER COMPUTER ACCOUNT help frame containing the text of the forms.) To
route forms, be sure that the user profile has a service/section and that the
corresponding entry in the Service/Section file has a Coordinator.

This option is locked with the LOCK18 key and is restricted for use by systems
management staff and HELP DESK staff.

List reports on Blood Pressure results.

List stats for Pharmacy Co-Pay scripts/collections

List Acute Care Health Summary for selected patients.

Lists all the Rx Costs from Out of State

Tracks employee's uniforms
List outpatient cost by name of drug, unit price, quantity, cost, total cost by patient,
total cost by drug, total number of prescriptions

Lists the inpatient name, ID, date of admission, days, ward, room, Primary &
Attending Physician, diagnosis, firm clinics patient is currently enrolled in

Surgical Report list by date range mortalities, and their past procedures

Reservation system tracking for Volunteer Service

List inpatient with phone numbers
List inpatient with length of stay 30 or greater days

For Business Office to inquire on Veteran's Co-Pay infomration

List hospital policies/memos by name

For Mental Health staff to track patients for treatment plans

List daily admissions for Primary Care Clinics
List patients from Psychiatry ward who were discharged with previous admission
and scheduled appts

List patients from Psychiatry ward who were discharged with scheduled
appointments in Mental Health clinics (OPS to OPSZ) for a specified date range.
Lists patient name, scheduled appts, and the status of the appointments.

List a schedule of operations by date range.

Occurrence Screen Listing by Provider
Tasked option to list daily the 5 days worth of appointments for contingency
purpose. Report is written to a file in VMS directory and the COM file transfer the
report to file server.

This option is a copy of the OLD Pharmacy option View Provider Version 5.6. This
option was created to assist Laboratory, since the current version of this option no
longer provides a lookup on provider by VA# or DEA#.

Option to list Total Usage of Medical Item's for a selected date range. The report
lists the item Master number, vendor name, vendor stock number, item
description, and total usage. Item's must have a federal contract associated with
the vendor. Also items must have an FSC Group of 65.
Option was created to aid fiscal to close all open 1358 transactions with a status of
obiligated -1358

report ICU orders

patient active TIU notes

Users having suffered injuries

Various status of consults (open, completed, from which service, etc.)

Report 70% SC patients incorrectly billed
Various encounter statuses (having invalid person class, without provider, etc)

Reports status of control point transactions to completion

Queued daily to automatically send FMS messages to FCP supervisors

Report missed and unused clinical appointments

Report incomplete VENDOR file entries

Report cost of patient RX's

Update Movement from Orders

Bed availability tracking

Helps site indentify employess, fee basis employees, and businesses that have been
excluded from working for, or doing business with the United States Government.

Provides means for Adpacs to request VISTA/Network User Access requirements to
IRM. Prints User Notification letters and reports of activity. Allow entry editing and
transmition of Access Requests to IRM though email notifications.                      M

This option prints a report that displays Pharmacy Orderable
Items, along with the expanded Patient Instructions for each Orderable Item

Utility option to delete vendors from file #442.
Option for CARVALHO/FREEMAN clinic to find patients not enrolled in their clinic
who should be.
The utility option allow changes to the status of purchase orders from transaction
complete to complete order received.
Option used for changing the billable reason in Claims Tracking for a specific date
Finds by date range patients seen in Pre-Anesthesia cinic and placed in OE/RR for
Finds by date range patients seen in Pre-Anesthesia clinic and not placed in OE/RR
for Anesthesia
Procedures done in operating rooms where patients have not been admitted either
the day before or the day of the surgery.

Finds information for inpatients for a given date.

Lists inpatients at the time of elective surgical procedures.
Allow users to edit Generic Code Sheet stack entries

Displays the currently logged employee their net pay for a selected PP.

Display risk/non risk patient assessments

Allows input of microbiology test results by accession number.
A test or procedure may be selected in order to limit data entry to only that
procedure. Input prompts are dependent on the procedure and organisms being
reported. A date must be entered to complete the 'FINAL' designation of the

Provides a comprehensive report of microbiology data by
selecting either patient or accession. If results are looked up by patient,
the report will show all microbiology tests ordered on the specified patient,
verified result of those tests, and the status of each test. The results may
also be looked up by the accession number.

The Infection Control report is used by the Laboratory and
Infection Control unit to look for increases in the number of a particular
organism or the emergence and spread of a resistant organism. The report
contains patient information, specimen or collection sample, and all isolates
regardless of whether or not they have a sensitivity. For a particular
accession area and within a specified time range, 4 separate reports can be
obtained. Information can be grouped by: 1) location, 2) organism, 3)
physician, and 4) patient. A hospital can pre-select the reports, or reports
may be selected individually. Each report can include all information or be
restricted to a single location, patient, etc. All reports can be restricted
to a single organism. A survey by organism is sorted by the collection sample
or site/specimen. All reports can be restricted to include only those
patients with a length of stay in the hospital exceeding a specified # of
days. This can be helpful in tracking hospital-acquired infections. The
reports can also be restricted to include only those that have specific anti-
biotic patterns

This option is a duplicate of the canned version QIP-Extract,
the Q.A. Service requested this option, because the canned version will be
removed in the spring of '94
This option will print a summary of laboratory results for a
single patient for a specific episode of care or time period specified by the
user, or all patients within a selected ward for a time period specified by
the user. The report is similiar in format to the Full patient summary and
the Cumulative report. The only lab results that are printed on the report
are those that are ordered during the specified time period.
User has a coice of choosing by single patient or treating specialty.
 Once a choice is made, lab cums will print for individual patient or by
patient's trating specialty
This option Downloads intermec 4100 format codes, and prints
sample Label.

Lab tests ordered by providers
This option uses Patient names from the selected Worklist, then
 prints all occurrences of Max. Order.

 List of Purchase Card Reconciliations with NO Approving Official
 sign-off where the reconcilation took place more than 30 days ago.
 Requested by Lavonne Liversage (CFO at Fargo).

Temporary Tranaction listing for control point clerks !
  If a control point clerk has transaction's waiting to be processed from
  a control point, they will be able to list the transaction numbers for those
Local option that searches file 458 for employee 8b codes, for
 a specific payperiod.

Local tasked routine to update values in PRSE Attendance file
 (Student, 452) with current service value from file 450, if different. If
 file 450 finds separation indicator=YES, service is updated to NON-EMPLOYEE.
 Also detects errors in 452 pointer to 200, 200's SSN missing, different names
 or SSNs in files 200 and 450, and for bad pointers abck and forth from 200 to

Local routine to compile and format Pharmacy Outpatient
 Prescription data for loading inot an ACCESS Database through SPOOL;256;99999
This option generates a report for post-operative follow-up
visits after discharge. The PTF File is searched by discharge

For Mental Health staff to maintain addiction serverity index screens

Option to list patients in need of MHICM Screening

This option should be restricted to the ISO, Help Desk
Supervisor and other high level managers in IRM. It is intended for creation
of positional cloning source accounts from existing user accounts and will set
the new cloning source account as DISABLED, No Access code, and a termination
date in the past (04-01-2003). This date is important to prvenet the daily
AQAS STARTUP AGREEMENT background task from finding and changing the menus
these accounts, which would render them useless as sources for cloning
postitional menu sets.

Local option to include CPRS specific data to the cloning
 process, including PERSON Class, CPRS ORWOR WRITE paramater(s), and CPRS

dummy user, menus and keys included, is copied to the other users. For new
users, security forms will be generated. (Use the Help Processor menu to edit
the XUSER COMPUTER ACCOUNT help frame containing the text of the forms.) To
route forms, be sure that the user profile has a service/section and that the
corresponding entry in the Service/Section file has a Coordinator.

This option is locked with the LOCK18 key and is restricted for use by systems
management staff and HELP DESK staff.
For ISO to track users that have accessed patients in Vista system

Clinic Recall for Primary Care Clinics
This option is in use instead of the national Routing Slip as it displays clinic recalls
and specific information related to patient

Local report for Nursing to track the recidivism rate for 3A readmissions.
Local report option for Primary Care to list slected AA primary care clinics with
appointment slot information.
A comprehensive contingency software that includes daily tasked jobs to print
critical reports for Inpatients and Outpatients to flat files in VMS . FTP is utilized to
transfer files to network server where the program there runs every 15 minutes to
place the updated files to designated contingency pcs throughout the hospital and

Local report for Mental Health service to list patients with
 visits to clinic stops 513,514,519,523,547,560 within specified date range.
 The list includes patient name, ssn, number of visits to such clinics within
 past 90 days, last ASI interview date if any, and due if no asi listed
For the Office of the Director to track controlled correspondences within the
hosptial as well as outside of the hospital.

For clinics that use the Clinical Procedures to track results needing action by

List patients assigned to a Primary Care team who have not been assigned to a PC

Local print option for Mental Health to list patients with new
 diagnosis recorded within 120 days time frame. For the New Diagnosis of
 Depression Performance Measure.
Local print option for MHBSS to list patient currently enrolled
 in MHBSS having no FIRM visit within the specified date range. The list
 include patient name, ssn, enrolled clinic(s), and assigned Primary Care
 Provider if any.

Local routine for MAS to list unique patients with visits to
 OPS and Primary Care Clinics within given date range.
Local option to list number of admissions and ambulatory visits
 with multiple diagnoses in a given FY.
For Primary Care to produce lists/mailing labels on new patients who have not
visited any of the Primary Care clinics.
For Primary Care to list appointment wait list to be exported to Excel spreadsheet
where the list can be sorted manually by county.
Local print option for Managed Care to print PCMM list for
 primary care providers, residents, and NPs with assigned patients. LIst
 includes provider name, patient name, PID, and Patient's Priority group.
Background job to check and alert users of initial/annual renewal access security
agreement.. Users must read and sign otherwise their primary menu option will be
locked preventing them access to Vista.
For nurses/AOD to run the list of patients seen during system downtime and added
the note of downtime to their records.
Local option to print mailing labels for Transitional Pharmacy Benefits Patients.
Allow users to select a range or containing clinic nameto list unique SSN Report by
Local routine for MAS to list LOS the patients during admission
 stayed in selected ward(s) within given date range.

Local report menu to print a workload summary report by clinic
 and by month/year. It also includes an option to send report to a local file
 for export to PC softwares.
For Patient Service to print the scheduling letters for use with Smartmailer to
include postal bar code in addresses.
Local report to list patients with selected diagnosis or cpt
 and have on file prescriptions for given drug class.

Local print option to search and list high/low values of a test
 by primary care provider and patient. The list also includes the meds with
 drug class HS501 through HS503 and the patient's future appointment.
Local report to list patient in selected enrolled clinic(s) who
 no showed for their selected clinic(s) apppointment.

List patients with appointments (2 days advance) with specific eye clinics.

Local option to be used for weekly run for VCCC staff. The
 option produces a list of patients with appointments in VCCC clinics. To be
 run on Sunday for appointments within that week.

Local routine tasked for daily run to search through the VAMC
 clinics appointment file for appointments on the previous day and generate a
 bulletin message to a MAS mail group with the list of appointments.

 Message includes patient name, date of appointment, and name of the VAMC
Local routine to list the radiology/nuclear medicine exam
 status times by patient.
local print option to list pre/post op notes of cases performed
 by attending surgeon

This report is similiar to Pre-Registration Source Report
except that the source information is Data Match instead of Pre-Registration.
 For MCCR staff use

Local routine tasked to print monthly of the number of patients
 who have expired within the Medical Center for the previous month. This
 report is part of the Vital Statistics and Quality Assurance.
Local report option to list patients with pulmonary function
tests who meet the specified Pulmonary Function Test criteria. The criteria
includes the type of predicted fields, FVC or FEV1, date range of the tests,
percentage range of predicated selected field, and percentage of postive
bronchodilator challenge.

 The report includes the patient name, PID, date of test, percentage of
 predicated field, predicated value of FVC, predicated value of FEV1, and
 actual FEV and FEV1 values for both standard flow and w/bronchodilator.
Local routine to print report of returns to surgery with
 attending surgeon

Local routine to list all veterans awaiting appointments.
 Similiar to option SC VETERANS AWAITING APPOINTMENTS but this local routine
 list all veterans instead of just SC veterans and also by appointment clinics.
Local routine for ISO to list Vista user signon log within selected date for selected
Local routine to list discontinued/cancelled consults to
 selected TO SERVICE.

Local option to display extracted data from the Census File
 (G&L Rpt) for MAS to use in creating the Strategic Plan Workload Verification
 report for VISN.

The data extracted from the Census File are as follows:

 Primary Location Operating Beds Admissions Discharges Patient Days (BDOC) ALOS
 Cum ADC
Local print option to list cpt count by resident and billed cpt
 count by same.
Local routine to list unique ssn encounters from the Outpatient
 Encounter file.
Local report option to list unreleased prescriptions with
This is the same report as report option VISIT RPT BY
 TRANSMITTED OPT ENCOUNTER (SD VISIT REPORT) except that this one contains
 Unique SSN total at the end of the report added by local IRM.

The following is the description for option SD VISIT REPORT which is the same
for this option except for Unique SSN total which is included in this option:

Generates a visit report showing outpatient encounters that are waiting, have
been transmitted, or have been ackknowledged by the NPCDB, sorted by veteran
eligibility and appointment originating process. Encounters are then grouped
into visits, using the same sort categories.

Report on data in the ORDERS file for a user defined date
range. Caluculates the percentage of orders which were input by the requesting

1. Order was not for a TEST patient
2. order not generated by RALSG glucose system
3. Order was associated with a VistA package
4. Order has an ORDER ACTION node
5. Order had a nature of order of 1,2,3 or 8
6. Order Action Provider was compared with Order Action Entered by
7. Order not entered by student
8. Order did not require a wet signature by DEA

Local routine to send bulletin message to mail group PRECERT of
 insured patients with scheduled appointments with clinics listed in PRECERT
 CLINIC file.

Tasked reports of current status of the Wait List for VISN 1

Either a FILE DUMP or a REPORT Is Printed For Patient Lab
Specimen Statistics.
A MENU TREE is Displayed To Allow The User To Select Any Desired Option For
Different PATIENT VISIT Report Types. The Report Types That Can Be Selected
and/or SIGNED
Desired Report Type.

A Report Menu Tree is Displayed For Inpatient Ward Admissions, Interward
Transfers and Ward Discharges,

Extracts all inpatient workload from the DIETETIC ENCOUNTERS
file #115.7 to the EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT file #721. The user is prompted for
begin/end dates for the extract and if a report is desired. The report
contains information about all records in file 115.7 not extracted by the
process and the reason why and counts of encounters extracted and not

This option prompts the user for a beginning date and an ending
 date for an extraction of workload from the RECORD OF PROS APPLIANCE/REPAIR
 file #660 to the EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT file #721. The user is then prompted
 if they want a report on workload not extracted. The report list all records
 not extracted and the reason. The report also indicates counts of records
 extracted and not extracted
Local option for OPS clinics. It lists patients with
 appointment in OPS clinics within given date range, last Firm
 visit/appointment status if any, and future FIRM appointment if any.
routine embedded in CPRS's OE/RR PRINT FORMAT's GUS LABELS #2 to print
ordered lab labels to Zebra printers

Recall system for Specialty Clinics

Recall system for GI Clinic

For services responsible for consult monitoring
This is an option created for the PBM-SHG / TAP Lansoprazole
DUE data collection. i

For Pharmacy to track drug costs prescribed by providers
Same as PSO PNDPAT except that label is always marked "WINDOW"
Same as option PSO PNDRX except that label is always marked
Same as option PSO RXPAR except label is always marked

Finds patients with X-amount of active drugs.

Prints patients whose active RX's match the drugs you specify
Local display option to view DRUG File entries with special
 notes on Dilantin dosing
This option was created for Q.A. purposes, it is a Local
version of the MAS option, "Inpatient Roster". The changes are as follows:

 1) Does not include Treating Speciality or Means test info.
 2) Does include Diagnosis [short]
 3) Has spacing requirements for notation (6-lines)
 4) Print Format is modified to accomodate the above.

This option finds the day having the next available clinic slot
for selected group of clinics. The search starts from a user-selected date
and ends with the user-selected date or one year from the start date if an end
date is not supplied by the user. Variable length clinics allow you to choose
the length of the appointment to search for and there must be enough
consecutive slots available to cover this apppointment length before a day is

This display option is similiar to option SDMZ001 - Find Next
Available Appointment for group of clinics. The only difference is that here
it displays selected range of clinics appointments within the given date range
whether the slots are full or not. For overbooking purpose by ward clerks

For Mental Health staff to track OPS patients on treatment plans

Local print routine to list patients discharged from ward 3A
 within the discharged date range with previous admission since specified
 admission date and scheduled appointments with selected clinics within the
 specified appointment date range.
Various reports to list mental health patients by unique SSN on mental health
related visits.
This report lists those
patients identified as having one of the substance abuse codes designated in
the performance standards, as the primary diagnoses for an outpatient
encounter during a specified time frame. The Printout identifies the date(s)
of the ASI interview (if any), the patient's name, SSN, Visit Date (where
substance abuse was entered as the Primary Diagnosis), the ICD code for the
Primary diagnosis and the Patient's next four future outpatient appointments.
This is a FM Print from file V POV.

ASI INPATIENT REPORT DEFINITION - This report lists those patients identified
as having one of the substance abuse codes designated in the performance
standards, as the primary diagnosis (DXLS) for an inpatient stay during a
specified time frame. The printout identifies the date(s) of the ASI
interview (if any), The patient's name, SSN, Discharge Date (of the
hospitalization where substance abuse was entered as the Primary Diagnosis),
the ICD Code for the Primary Diagnosis and the patient's next four future
appointments. This report is generated via a Fileman Print from the PTF File.

Local routine to list unique SSN count along with counts for
 outpatient, inpatient, both inpatient/outpatient, eligibilities, and employee
 status. The data is extracted from PCE file.
Option used by Safety to keep track of reports from hospital services that deal with
safety issues that JCAHO tracks. Tracks name of report, mem#, service, frequency
of the report

Option used by Safety to keep track of respiratory fit testing program
Tasked nightly. Sends bulletin to contact personnel from the Safety Training
schedule file. Reminds personnel of upcoming safety training
Tasked nightly. Sends bulletin to members of the safety mail group. Reminds
personnel of upcoming fire drills.
Tasked nightly. Sends bulletin to members of the safety mail group. Reminds
personnel of upcoming disaster drills

Tracks safety hazards reported by employees
The Chief of Staff Provider Database is used to keep track of licensed providers.
Package is assembled from users in test account.
This package keeps track of all GSA vehicle requests and all GSA Vehicle inventory
supplies. Whenever an employee and/or a volunteer needs to transport patients, a
motor vehicle request is filled out Actual vehicle description information is also
filled in for each vehicle.

This package keeps track of all Medical device trackables. The package is made up
of three (3) major categories; receipts, impants/explants, and returns/retires

This Package allows for doing look ups for different types of phone directory
entries; i.e. Employee, Service, Facility, Hospital Clinic and Wards. The service
ADPACs and secretaries can edit the Employee, Service, Hospital Clinic and Wards
phone directory entries for their respective service. The phone operators and IRM
staff have access to edit all phone directory entries.

Incident Reporting System


Appt. Scheduler Random Entries

Northport Initiative

FCP Listings

Code Search from Puget Sound

This project enables the pharmacy to add lab monitors to a a lab monitor file so that
interactive checking for critical lab results will occur during prescription fulfillment.
If these lab tests have not been requested an interactive warning is generated.
This project allows the clinical pharmacist to receive a report listing all critical lab
monitor results for unit dose and IV orders by orderable item, dispense drug, or VA
class of drugs.
Our associate director, PCS, requested an automated way to document patient
whereabouts to ensure patient safety and patient accountability. Program replaces
the use of a paper 'sign in and sign out logbook." This program is being piloted at
the nursing home units. Outcomes will be measure through reports and user
feedback on software usability. Nursing can display information using the sort and
print fileman options.

ACA Performance Measures report displays total appointments, total no-show,
canceled by patient, canceled by clinic, and the total missed opportunities for
clinics/clinic groups. Missed oppotunities are counted as no-shows for scheduled
appointments, plus other clinic appointments that are canceled (by patient or by
clinic) AFTER the scheduled appointment date/time. Users select date range and
individual clinic, clinic group or ALL for all clinics/clinic groups.                      Yiliang Xia

This report provides the patients' HCHV and PM visit date and their following 1st
and 2nd visits date. Also provides the MH & pm Reminder due indicators.
Reports appointment date/time and clinic information for patients with two (2)
consecutive MH no-show appointments. User selects date ranges for first no-show
and second no-show.

For a user-specified range of pay periods, produces a listing of all nurses with more
than 12 hours of work in a given day or 60 hours of work in a given week. Report is
sorted by nurse name and then by work day or week.

Report created for Payroll Supervisor and Director's Office. Report lists all
employees during the current leave year and the amount of Authorized Absence
each employee used during the last full pay period and leave year to date. Payroll
Supervisor or Fiscal ADPAC must approve access to this option.

this option prompts user clinic location, appointment date and .
the ID label prints on the intermec printers. The ID label can ready in advence.

This TIU obejct provide the patients' GIVEN drug in last 24 hours , These grugs had
not given in last six month. This info displays in CPRS notes screen.
Tracking and reporting database of employees' extended and special leave taken
and leave donations
Lists all patients enrolled in CCHT Program during user-defined date range. For each
patient list pre and post-enrollment clinical info to help gauge usefulness of
program, patient care and areas for improvement.

Patients presenting to ER are triaged and tracked on the whiteboard according to
acuity; can monitor labs/xrays waiting time and length until patient is discharged
Patient Appointment Reminder system tracks patients requiring future appts and
mails post cards to patients.
software that allows documentation of patient phone calls and triage and
assemessment made, advice offered patients, Uses VHG to triage and assess patient

Documentation tool, templates

Clinical monitoring Tool pulls real-time data from Vista and Clinical Reminders

Provides reporting capabilities of status of site patient activity.

GUI helpdesk written by CAIRO.

Eliminates the printing of 10-2633's, adds the sections of 10-2633's into the Incident
Reporting application, stores date completed for each section.

Sends pick list to talyst machine via host file to VMS directory.

Interface with Virtual Radiologic that sends radiology reports to VistA.
Application used for processing information from patient calls. It allows staff access
to current patient information and interfaces with VistA for document and
workload reporting as a result of those calls.

Access database to log incident reports

Inventory GUI.

GUI Data Dictionary.

AEMS/MERS reports.

Stand Alone Help Desk work order application that uses AEMS/MERS inventory.

.NET web application

Coding & Compliance

Provides a report on combat veterans

Provides four menu options: Accounts Receivable Audits Menu, Accounts
Receivable Follow-up Audit, Billable Audits Menu, Billable Primary Care Visit Audit
Report that counts primary care appts stop codes 323, 350, 531. Developed at Indy
by Richard Sowinski

Copayment Discrepancy

DEERYPROJECT Written by Richard Sowinski (317)988-4226

Douglas Fincher Butler VA wrote routine. I modified for our sites preferences.

Leonard Aloi developed (317) 988-3114 or Kimberly Meneguzzo (269) 223-5419

This gives us the ability to provide access to files that have high level access

Developed by J. Petersen, 2005

Developed by Kevin Dezorzi 602-277-5551 X6738

Developed by Alma Weimer (269) 223-5489

Developed by Kimberly Meneguzzo (269) 223-5419

Developed by Kimberly Meneguzzo (269) 223-5419

Developed by Kimberly Meneguzzo (269) 223-5419

Developed by Alma Weimer (269) 223-5489

Developed by someone at the Milwaukee VA
This software tracks patients that have their next appointment to the clinic in 30
days or more. The program prints and postcard to the mailroom and the mailroom
sends the reminder postcard to the patients. The advantage that this program has
over the one that is being used by HIM is that it can be used by over 15 clinics, but it
is in the testing stage                                                                  M

Allows patients to do self check in when they arrive at their clinic visit.
Replaces Fileman reporting with a GUI format. Allows selecting many options to
create reports, using date ranges, image types, diagnosis codes, words in Radiology
reports, wait times, etc. All results can be easily uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

Provides an interface for the Talyst AutoPack devices

These routines allow a user to print a list of patient
 visits with no progress notes completed for the visit. The user can print the
 reports sorted by percent complete, clinic or stop code. The user also has
 the option to print either a report of the count of visits or a detailed
 report. The count report will display the clinic name, number of visits
 without progress notes, the total number of visits and percent of notes
 completed for the clinic. The detailed report shows the same information as
 the count report plus a list of patient names who do not have notes completed.
This routine sends a bulletin out anytime a provider is added to file 9000010.06 that
does not have a person class. One bulletin per day per
 provider. Also prints a simple new person report with the following information
for each new person. Name, SSN, VA#, Date Terminated, Service, Provider Class,
Provider Type, Person Class. This prints two lines only if the person has either a
Provider Class, Provider type, or Person Class. For most users only one line of data
is printed.
OI&T has tasks performed by staff on a repeating basis these tasks are rotated
among staff members. This software sends a VistA e-mail bulletin to the staff
reminding them of what task needs to be accomplished and who is currently
responsible for this task.
OI&T has items that print on a daily basis and must be distributed correctly. This
software prints a daily list of items that should print for each day and who this item
should be given to.

This routine creates a report on how long it takes from the time a radiology order is
entered and when the radiology report is available. The user selects a date range,
the urgency level, inpatient or outpatient, procedure group type and whether to
print by date or patient name. The report must be printed at 132 columns.

Social Work Patient inquiry, uses Patient Movement file, Patient file, Insurance file,
and Patient Billing to give the Social Worker detailed
 information about a selected patient. This software contains 3 routines used to
obtain information about a patient (AGSOCIAL, AGSOC1, AGSOC2). Information
printed out includes: Patient demographics, copayment category, next of kin,
spouse, ruled incompetent, employer, emergency contact, insurance, income
information, service information, disabilities, admission dates and disposition dates.
This software allows the Customer Service staff to query for inpatient and lodger
informantion. It will warn the user if the patient has opted out of the patient
directory. The information is listed on the screen and includes patient name, social
security number, ward, room/bed, phone, date of birth and an indication as to
whether the patient is seriously ill.
This option was established to automatically change the default device to be used
within the OE/RR Site Parameters file dependent upon
 the time of day. This allows for the automatic changing of the devices for the
satellite pharmacy hours.
This option enables the user to generate mailing labels to outpatients by their
purpose of visit (POV) within the range of dates provided by the user. The user may
select to queue the process of selecting the list of names and addresses for the
mailing labels.
This software asks for Orderable Items, a Date Range for Orders, and physician
names. It then prints physican name, patient name and last
 four of SSN, and the orderable item. Routine AGSORPT. This report searches the
whole orders file to see if the criteria is met and does it
 in a resonable time using one cross reference to limit the scope of the search. This
is needed to identify who is ordering specific orders and
 who is getting the order.
 This software produces a daily e-mail report of any inactive orderable items
contained in order dialogs which are used in quick orders or order
 sets. The Clinical Coordinators review this message and make the necessary
changes in these items.

This software creates a report of patients with an active Rx for a specified drug or
drug class - OR - for an Rx filled during a certain time
 period for a specified drug or drug class. It also can create a report for "patients on
TWO drugs or drug classes at the same time" for either active
 Rx's or Rx's filled within a specified date range. User selects search type (drug or
drug class) and date type (active Rx's or date range).
 Report must be queued to 132 columns, and queuing is forced so that job will NOT
run during normal business hours.
This option is auto-queued to run on the 1st of each month and send one View Alert
to each Purchase Card user who has an outstanding Purchase Card order >60 days
old. Upon processing the View Alert, the user will be prompted to either print or
display a list of his/her
 outstanding orders.

The Electronic Time and Attendance software allows services to print employee
leave patterns by employee name. A supervisory option was created to allow
services to retrieve employee leave pattern information by T&L unit.

This software will enable the locally created Nutritional Patient Assessment to be
viewed under the Health Summary Ad Hoc Menu. It also enables a Print Nutritional
Screening Assessment to be added to the Health Summary Ad Hoc Menu.
A Medication Reconciliation process that has a Health Summary that pulls in the
patient's meds using a new Health Summary Component that includes a new
Patient Data Object. This displays different information than is currently displayed
in the national Medication Reconciliation software.
This software sends a VistA e-mail message to the pharmacy ADPAC informing them
of non-formulary drugs that do not contain the message 'This drug will not be
processed without Drug Request Form 10-7144'.
This software sends a Vista e-mail message to the pharmacy ADPACs informing
them of drugs in file 50 that are missing a VA Drug Class.

This software produces two reports of long term care patients who take anti-
psychotic drugs. The Pharmacy staff uses this report for informational purposes.
The first report is automatically run on a monthly basis and lists patients who are
mainly in Nursing homes. The report includes the patient name, last four numbers
of their social security number, nursing unit, start date, drug, units per dose and the
schedule for administering the drug. The second report allows the user to enter the
name of the drug(s) to report on and specific ward locations. The ward selection
includes a nursing home, main hospital, domiciliary, a selected ward location or all
locations. This report includes the data in the above report except that the
patient's full social security number is listed instead of the last four digits. Due to its
intensity, this report cannot be run during normal day hours. The user can access
this report through a menu option called 'Inpatient Drug Report for a Selected
This software will generate the Productivity Report by Coding Clerk. It will list all
patients whose PTF (Patient Treatment File) record was closed the day the report is
run. Dayton has this report queued to run daily.

This menu option produces a report of Prime Care patients (identified locally via
clinic enrollments that begin with "PCT_") who are NOT currently enrolled in PCMM
(Prime Care Management Module). User selects date range for report.

This routine goes through the Lab Order Entry file (69) for a user supplied date
range. It looks for future (uncollected) tests for a user supplied old test name. It
replaces the old test name with the new test name that the user supplies. It then
looks in the Order file (100) for the order number associated with this test. It
replaces the old orderable item with the new orderable item supplied by the user.
Cross references in both files are also updated.

This program captures information to identify who accesses a patient's record,
when the record was accessed, and what option was used to access the patient
record. The output of this program is a report by patient of all users that have
accessed his/her patient record. Also, reports have been created to identify all
patient records that a particular user has accessed.
This software summarizes the distribution of orders placed for labcollection. It
calculates the number of unique patients with lab collect orders for that day. It
displays how many patients had orders for each round and calculates the
percentage of them ordered for the 6am round. It also indicates how many patients
had orders for more than 1round per day and the percentage of patients with
orders for multiple rounds. A breakdown is also done by number of rounds for
those patients who were stuck multiple times per day.

PCXLINK glucose monitor was developed at Abbott labs. The software that allows
it to talk to VISTA was developed at Sea Island Systems. The
 software documentation is stored on the O drive and with the VISTA package
folders. Two fields were added to the Auto Insturment file to allow auto
verification of tests from the PCxLink Glucose monitor. The fields added are Auto
Verify Device (pointer to Device file) and Auto Verify User
 (pointer to New Person file). An option will be run daily to purge entries daily from
the Load/Worklist file for the Precision PCX instrument. This is being done so the
glucose results can be auto uploaded and verified.

This routine will search through routines looking for a string specified by the user. It
is similar to the %RFIND national code but it will highlight the string that is being
searched for. This routine does not allow printing to a printer.

 This option creates an email report of all RAD/NUC Patients that don't have an
image associated to each registered exam. The output is sent to a mail group
This option allows the user to select a range of Engineering shops and get the
equipment inventory information for them. It allows the user to select how the
report is sorted and what fields are printed in the report.
This option allows the user to select a range of Engineering shops and get the work
order # information for them. It allows the user to select how the report is sorted
and what fields are printed in the report.

This options requires user interaction. This option sends a email notification to the
appropriate application coordinator(s) who should test this patch.
This routine will print an inpatient roster that includes diagnosis in a delimited
format that can be uploaded to an excel spreadsheet. The roster is sent to a Vista e-
mail message to the mail group ZZINPT.
This software monitors changes made to CPRS parameters. If the change is made at
the system, package or division level the change information is stored in the local
file Changed Parameters (552024). An option runs daily that searches for any
entries added the previous day
 to file 552024. If any entries are found a mail message is sent to IRM software staff
detailing which parameters are changed and what type of
 change was made. Another option runs every 6 months to purge entries from the
Changed Parameters file that are older than 3 years.
This routine allows users to print from 1 to 20 patient labels on a label printer. The
label contains the Patient name, Social security number and date of birth.
This software allows Social Work Personnel to update the patient's address and
phone number. It also allows personnel to edit next of kin information and
emergency contact information.

This routine will print out the following: The number of female veterans; the
number of male veterans; the total number of veterans with regard to the
respective period of service; the average, minimum, maximum of the age of the
veterans; the number of veterans covered by health insurance; the number of
veterans without health insurance, and health insurance coverage not known. The
output is in a delimited that is sent to a VMS file. This file can then be moved to an
excel spreadsheet. A bulletin is generated when the report runs informing OI&T
staff that the statistics have run.
This otion allows the user to edit the phone number of the phone next to the
patient's bedside. The phone number is a local field that was added to the
Room/Bed file.

This routine is a function that is called by other class 3 software. It returns the VMS
filename and directory by determining whether it is run form the Production or
Mirror accounts. Files from the mirror accout are stored in the TSTUSER directory,

This routine will check all patients with the number of appointments selected (1 is
default) in a primary care clinic for the date range selected. It will see if the patient
has been vested within the last two fiscal years or within the current year. If not
the information is stored in a template which can be used to produce a report

This software enables a user to print a reminder letter that is sent to patients whow
are on the waiting list for follow-up appointments in various clinics. The user may
select clinics by name or by a single division. A one week date rance for desired
date of appointment is also specified by the user.
This software retruns the application coordinator's name and phone numbers when
a package name is entered. If the package has more than one application
coordinator assigned all are displayed.

This option allows the user to delete the verify or electronic signature code of
another user. The Application Coordinator's option allows code deletion only for
those users who share the same application coordinator. The AOD's option allows
deletion of any user's code, but only during non-IRM staffed hours.
When adding a new user or reactivating a user this software allows the editing of
fields that were not included in the core option. Additional fields are User class and
dashboard perspective.
This software will produce a report that lists completed consults for each service for
specific date range. It will report the total number completed, the average days to
completion as well as the minimum and maximum days to completion. An
automatic option runs that sends the information from the previous month to the
clinical chiefs mail group. There is also a report that can be run manually.

This software runs a nightly job that updates the mail group CPRS Users based on
who has access to the option CPRS GUI CHART.

This routine combines copies of two National routines, enabling users to see both; a
complete list of a patients consults within a user defined timeframe, and also a
listing of all visits that occured within the Timeframe.
This software generates a monthly report of Inpatient religious preferences for the
Chaplain Service.
This software generates the Treating Specialty report for the Medical
Administration Service (MAS). The report is sorted by ward location and lists the
Patient name, Social Security number and treating specialty
Code is used in another routine to produce two daily e-mail admission list reports.
One for the period of midnight to midnight the other for 8am yesterday to 8am
This software produces a weekly printout of all VistA software errors occuring in the
last 7 days, printing one occurrence of each error.
This software prints a daily printout which lists the error screens that are in place
and the number of each recorded since the screen was added. Sending this printed
report enables IRM staff to monitor these numbers and investigate when large
increases are noted.
This software runs quarterly and reports all TIU titles not used within the past 90

This software will list the Consult Services that do not have users identified in fields
Service Individual to Notify and Update Users W/O Notifications in file 123.5.
This software prints out work orders by an engineering shop for a user selected
date range. It is sorted by distribution account and prints total and subtotals for
hours, total materials cost and total labor cost.

This report provides Engineering Service with the total number of work orders, total
hours, total material costs, and total labor costs with subtotals by Engineering Work
Center Code. The user must specify the time frame of the report, the activity code,
and the range of work center codes.

This option will allow the user to list all patients who have had an Assaultive or
Homicidal behavior progress note entered. This option is a display only option.
This software runs each quarter to purge code sheets from the Generic Code Sheet
This option calls the routine AGSPMRAL to print a list of appointments for the
current date in the clinics stored in file #552032. The only prompt to the user is for
the output device.
This is a series of option which will search for unique patient information and store
all patient information in a search template. The search template can be used to
generate reports and/or labels.

This option prints all patient discharges in a given date range by provider.

This software sends a messages every day to the OI&T staff. One message is sent to
the staff in the morning and displays OI&T personnel who are currently on leave for
the day. The other messages are sent to the Software and Hardware staff daily
with an update of work they performed during the day.
This software sends an e-mail message to all AC's listing the names of all users for
whom there is a value in the TERMINATION DATE field of file #200 indicating
yesterday, today or tomorrow. It also sends a bulletin to AC's when one of their
users is DISABLED from access to VISTA.

This software allows AC's and their backups to clear an electronic signature code.
This code will let them edit selected fields in the New Person file, including the
phone fields and the electronic signature block information.

This class 3 software is used to assist the utilization review nurse to track
outpatients to clinics that perform high dollar tests. High Dollar Procedures: As a
lot of care in the past few years has shifted from inpatient to outpatient treatment,
VistA does not have adequate options in place to allow our staff to be able to work
in advance and monitor high dollar procedures scheduled as an outpatient. This
software was something that was developed by the IT Manager at the CPAC in Visn
6, and allows our Utilization Review nurses time to contact third party payers and
pre-certify these upcoming expensive tests. Without this being done, we lose
dollars from clinical denials from insurance compaines.

This option will display workgroup codes for a user. The workgroup codes are
needed to answer the all employee survey.

Teleradiology contractor Virtual Radiology is sending reports via a VPN connection
using HL7 messaging. This software moves the HL7 messages into the radiology file.
This software was originally developed in Danville.
 This routine runs daily and compares the date the system password was last
changed to the current day. If it has been 85 days since the password was last
changed a bulletin is sent to the ADP STAFF mail group informing them it is time to
change the system passwords. If it has been more than 90 days since the system
passwords were last changed a bulletin is sent daily until the system password has
been reset. This routine also allows the user to edit the date the system passwords
were last changed.
This software prints a list of clinics with the number of visits, number of visits with
pre-registration and the percentage of those with pre-registration. This software
was originally developed in Cleveland.
This software allows selection of a provider and then passes the selected provider
to a standard fileman print which captures all log-in information from the sign-on
This is an interactive routine that will find the height, weight, sex, age and serum
creatinine for a user selected patient and calculate the estimated creatinine
clearance. Ift the height, weight or age are incorrect the user will be given an
opportunity to correct these values.

This option was created to deal ONLY with entries in the NEW PERSON file which
have a date in the TERMINATION DATE field which is NOT a future date. Of such
entries, only those which have an entry in the PERSON CLASS field with an empty
Expiration Date field will be editable. If the user of this option chooses to make the
edit, that Expiration Date field will be populated with the current date.

This software will list the IB Bills and AR transactions entered by the selected user
for the selected time period. It is intended for use by the audit staff to see if IB and
AR data are being entered on the same bill by the same user to ensure there are no
conflicts of interest. This software was originally developed in Cleveland.
This software calculates and displays the amount of annual leave that a full-time
employee might lose at the end of the leave year if that leave is not used by that
This software automatically produces five supervisors summary reports for the Lab
service on a daily basis.
This software gets the room bed changes when option DG SWITCH BED is used to
change patients bed locations while on the same unit. The report keeps three days
worth of data and is used to assist Pharmacy Service with stocking patient
medication carts.

The CIPS Package is a way to certify an invoice electronically. When an invoice is
entered into the Invoice Tracking file an alert is sent to all certifying officials for a
particular fund control point as soon as an entry is made to Date Due in Fiscal.
When a Certifying official enters his/her Electronic Signature code on this invoice an
alert is sent to the Voucher Audit mail-group alerting them to the fact that this
invoice has been certified and can now be sent to Accounting for payment.

 This software collects information about the users of the computer system. This
information is organized into three different reports and
 sent via E-mail to the appropriate Application Coordinator. Each coordinator
receives information only about their users. The reports are organized as follows:
This software is intended to assist IRM staff in maintaining VMS accounts necessary
for good system performance.

Mods to XUSERNEW to print codes for users.
Uses a local file containing local mods. This program is used during patch
installation to flag possible local mods in patch routines.

This software generates an electronic message reminder to the Information
Resources Management (IRM) staff that the monthly database corrections report is
generated. The message is sent immediately after the report completes.

This software does a yearly purge of the Dental (AMIS) and Dental Non-ClinicalTime
files. The purge was designed for the Information Resources Management (IRM)
staff to do. A date range must be entered in order to do the purge. Once the staff
person is sure that the dates are correct, the purge begins. The purpose of the
purge is to keep the computer system free of obsolete data. An electronic mail
message is sent to the IRM staff to remind them to do the yearly purge, which is
normally done in December.

This option allows Engineering users to use fileman to print informationfrom all
Engineering files except Work Order and Inventory files.
This option will report by ward all patients that have a DNR entered at any time. A
flag is printed if the DNR requires review.

This software allows mailing label to be printed for families of deceased veterans.
These labels were generated at the request of the Patient Health Education

Mail of interest to all our users is sent to Shared, MAIL. To facilitate access to
Shared Mail a modification was made to prompt the user after reading new mail as
to whether they would like to access the electronic bulletin board (Shared Mail).

Sends quarterly e-mail reminder, including a website hyperlink, to all employees,
asking them to fill out the national customer satisfaction survey.

The purpose of the Data Storage Device Library is to store informationabout media
that is used to store data. There are three main types of media: TK50s, TK85s and
CDs. TK85s and TK50s are used to store data thatis archived off of the system and
additional data received from Digital
Equipment Corporation and other vendors. The Data Storage Device Library keeps
track of all the tapes we have in use and allows for easy retrieval of a tape when
This routine is called by the AZ552002 x-ref on file 3.5, and will callthe buletin
AGSDEVICE DELETE if the entry has been deleted. This ensures
an IRM software staffer reviews the file relationships to the device file for any
potential dangling pointers.
This option generates a report listing "inpatient appointments" for patients in wards
that were specified by the user of the option on the
dates specified by the user of the option.
The Nursing Service software package has been modified to enable the user to
record comments whenever a patient's classification is being recorded.

This report searches the Equipment Inventory file for our Disaster cell phones and
lists the entry number, local identifier (telephone #) and
notes information.

Routine to generate a list of patients who died on the Hospice ward within dates
specified by the user and save that list in a search template from
which mailing labels may be produced.
This is a quarterly report that lists all the users who have not signed on in the last 90
days. This list is then used to deactivate these
users. It is separated by Application Coordinators so that it can be distributed to
them after the users are deactivated.
Local mod placed at line label PURGE1+15 to send Distribution Queue Purge
message to software mail group. Before this mod the message was only sent to the
person that queued this option to run.
Prints mailing labels from a previously generated fileman search from the Patient
 This software generates a monthly report listing costing information of
prescriptions that originated in Middletown and Springfield, but have been refilled
at Dayton.
This software will review the local cross reference on file 142 for the date a health
summary component was last accessed. It will send a bulletin to the Clinical
Application Coordinator mail group to request the removal of the health summary
types that have not been used in 90 days.
Provides a printout of all patients that have taken any form of the drug Coumadin
and been admitted to the hospital in a given time period.
This software produces a report of patients who have been prescribed Controlled
Substances during a given time period. This report is accessed by the Pharmacy
staff using the 'Controlled Substance Activity Report' option from a menu. The
report contains the Patient name, Social Security Number, Prescription number,
Type, Fill Quantity and Fill Date. Because a large amount of data is searched to
obtain information for the
report, it cannot be printed during the normal business hours between 8am and
This program creates a report that lists patients that have died in a specific time
period. The output lists Patient Name, SSN, Hospital
Location, and Type of Death. Normally run once a month as an automatic queued
This is a menu with a series of options which allow a user to monitor consults. The
three types of monitors are for pending, active and
unreleased consults for a user specified time frame. There is also an option which
reports on consult turnaround time for a given time period
for all or selected consult services.
This software generates the 'MANHOUR EXCEPTION REPORT' and the 'CURRENT
UNCLASSIFIED PATIENT REPORT' and delivers via E-mail
messages to a mail group named 'NSG EXCEPTIONS'.
This software consists of reminder message, which will be sent to each ordering
physician who has pending consults more than thirty days but
less than six months old. This message will also be sent to their service chief,
application coordinators and clinical coordinators for
follow up. ZZIRM PENDING CONSULTS 30+ is queued to produce these messages.
The consults will appear on the mail message until an action has been taken on the

This routine sends a bulletin to the PRECERT mailgroup when appointments are
made in clinics that require insurance precertification.

Added additional fields to the Histopathology worksheet
Monthly printout used to search for inconsistencies and check data validity within
the Patient file.
This routine will list all the users who have access to TIU but do not have an ASU
User Class.

Local routine which will interface with the Kernel XQALERT routine to generate an
alert when a clinic is inactivated/reactivated, a new clinic is added, or there is a
change in a clinic name. Also, an alert is generated when there is a new ward
added or when a ward is removed from service.

Local routine which will interface with the Kernel XQALERT routine to generate an
alert when a clinic is inactivated/reactivated, a new clinic is added, or there is a
change in a clinic name. Also, an alert is generated when there is a new ward added
or when a ward is removed from service.

This software prints two non-formulary drug reports. The program searches the
Prescription file for Rxs issued during the specified monthly time period. The file
then determines if the drug is non-formulary and it's name. The reports are
alphabetized useing scratch globals; the first by the Physician's name; the second by
the Drug name. This program has two main routines; AGSNFRPT AND AGSNFRP1,
with an additional utility routine AGSNFMEN, to prompt the user for the time
period and calls AGSNFRPT. The report is queued to run monthly by option 'ZZN/F

This option searches through the IRM software documentation file for entries which
are local mods that do not have a package assigned. If this is missing then we may
miss local mods whenever new packages are installed.
This option uses the DIP routine to search for all entries in the Request for
Application Change File that have a null value for completion date. The Captioned
template is then used to print all the information entered on the in complete
requests. This report is printed daily and is used by the Assistant Chief of IRM to
review the requests.

This is a collection of four routines, XQSMD, XQSMD1, SQSMD2, XQSMD31. The
reason for the changes are to add the re-delegate item and it is set to yes or no
depending on the response to the prompt. This is in preparation to allow screening
in the future for the menu management file 552026
This prints a report of options and keys requested by a user that the user is not a
delegate for.
This routine generates reports that list options and keys a user can delegate and
also list options and keys that others can delegate. The keys and options that
others can delegate does not include postmaster delegates or delegates that are
Application coordinators for a package and are delegates because they are ACs for
the package.
This routine is a collection of XQ6 and XQ6A. Where possible the calls used the
original entry points in these routines but where the changes are made this copies
what it can from these two routines.

This modification will check to see if the drug is Methadone,,when a pharmacy user
is processing a prescription. If the drug is Methadone and the user is a holder of the
key ZZMETHADONE, the user will be able to process the prescription. If the user is
not a holder of the ZZMETHADONE key they will see a message stating they cannot
process this order and processing will stop.

This routine was written to automate the editing of the TIME ZONE field in the
Mailman Site Parameters file twice per year to EDT and EST. This is important so
that messages arrive from other time zones with the correct time and to make sure
that the PCXLINK Glucose Interface uploads correct times.
This code generates an e-mail message to remind the programmer assigned extra
duties to update the KB-SQL Mapper
This routine is used by the options AGSKYCHK and AGSKYCHK2 to produce lists of
users who have the key ZZTSTACC
This routine prints four lists A list of active local modifications from the 'IRM
Software Documentation' file any local copies of a class 1 routines a total of all local
mods and all copied routines.

This routine was created to call a utility given to us by CIRN National Support Staff.
This utility lists the status of the HL Links that CIRN uses for connecting to remote
sites. It gives a quick look at any problems we might be experiencing.

This routine returns a users ASU class as part of a print template
This option uses the Patient Movement file to loop through admissions for the
previous 24 hours. Each admission is checked to see if this patient
 has been entered in the spinal cord registry package. If a spinal cord patient is
found the information is placed into a mail message and sent to
 the Spinal Cord mail group.
This routine will run in both test and production and find all active users who hold
the XUPROGMODE key. The list of users is then placed in a mail message and sent
to the mail group IRM-ISO. This mail group contains the members of the IRM mail
group as well as the station ISO.

This software measures compliance with the timeframes for patch installation given
by VHA Directive 2001-023. It's components are a report and a reminder bulletin
with instructions for running and reviewing the report. This monitor uses the
Released Patch report from FORUM to obtain the date patches are officially
released. This report must be run to P-MESSAGE and then must be forwarded to the
local system. The software will then examine all patches installed in the desired
time frame and provide a report.
This routine provides five (5) reports to assist with the monitoring of selected
traffic by patients at the selected CBOC

This routine is used to control the use of bold-face print on some lab reports.

This program is the interface for file devices and for maintenance options used to
transfer files from DHCP to PC
This routine will send a daily message listing any active VISTA users who do not have
an NT account.
Uses the Time and Attendance file to calculate the comp time earned by IRM
employees for a user entered date range.
This option runs a fileman report to an e-mail message on a monthly basis. It is used
to check that the client server accounts have been reviewed and removed for all
users who have been deactivated in VistA.

This routine counts the number of venipunctures performed by the laboratory per
day. A total for the time frame selected as well as a subtotal by day is output.

Uses the date range specified by the user and counts the orders with an urgency of
outpatient. Determines the number of individual tests performed for each patient
and gives a subtotal for each day as well as a total for the time frame.

Count of urine specimens collected per day
This routine prints a list of tests referred to Dayton by an outside laboratory for a
user specified time frame. For each referring laboratory it prints a subtotal by test
and a total number of tests requested for the time frame specified.
Micro Count of Specimens This software produces a report of the count of Micro
specimens collected for a given time frame.
This routine will send the monthly QA bulletin of dialogs which do not have any
ancestors or that are not in use by a menu

This report will be used by volunteers at the information desk to inform visitors
where patients are located.

This routine provides audit reports for IRM staff personnel.
This routine will send a message every week to Credentialing with a list of providers
whose inactivation date is within two weeks

This routine finds active users in File 200 that have the ORES security key and is
missing the VA#. If the VA# is missing, it indicates that the user has not been
credentialled.This routine sends the report in an email message to the QMS staff,
IRM-SOFTWARE staff which includes the CAC's, and service chiefs.
Autoqueue to run the IB BILL STATUS REPORT, with the parameters MCCR needs,
after hours. This report is very system intensive.
This software was originally developed by Cincinnati VA. It identifies critical labs
and abnormal imaging alerts which wer't reviewed by the ordering provider within
4 days of generation.
This software generates a daily list of patients in the Patient Tower. It screens out
those patients who are in the Domicilary, the Nursing Home Care Unit (NHCU) and
Patrick Hospital (This is done in another report).

This software generates a report of all Catholic patients in the Patient Tower.
This software generates a report of Open PTF Records With Location of Record for
patients who have been discharged within a date range that is specified by the user.
This sofware was developed by Cleveland.
This software is used by the OR staff to validate the current location of patients
scheduled for surgery.

Allows users to add or remove themselves on autolinked OE/RR team lists.
This software looks for active inpatients and reviews the unit dose and IB multiples
in the Pharmacy patient file to see if the inpatient is receiving Erythropoietin or
Darbepoetin. It then looks at the lab data file for these patients to see if the results
for the hgb test is greater than 12. Originally written by Cleveland

This routine provides a Vista audit based off certain criteria
This software provides a list of patients in the Domicillary, Nursing Home Care Unit
and Patrick Hospital
This software ONLY works on VT320 terminals - not VT100's, QUMES, or Wyse. It
first checks VT320 function file and restores any stored functions the user has. It
then prompts the user to allow the user to change function definitions. Under
general set up on VT320 user defined keys must be unlocked. The new definition is
automatically stored.

This file is used by Engineering to keep track of the transportation fleet.

This software prints a list of all purchase card holders with a statement item in the
range selected. This software was originally developed at central Arkansas HCS
This option generates a report of new unique visits by division for the prime care
stop code for a specified date range. This software was originally developed by
This software was originally developed in Cleveland and is used to help review and
correct consults that have not been appropriately linked with the resulting progress
This is a class 3 routine from the Bronx VA that goes through the TIU Document file
(8925) and searches the report text for a string matching one of the unapproved
abbreviations identified by QMS.
This option will purge scheduled admissions until two years prior to the current

This option collects data from 14 pre-selected fields in file #2260 and writes the
appropriate external values to the output device selected by the
interactive user.

Three routins containing modules which are used to create local computed findings
for clinical reminders. These were originally developed by Hines and Lexington Vas.
Routines included are PSUZPXRM, AKXCRCF, AJEYRM01

This software generates a report of diabetic patients who have a future scheduled
appointment anywhere in the hospital and have not kept an appointment in an 'eye
clinic' within the past year. The report is printed in a '^' delimited format. This
software was originally developed by Washington.
This software produces a report of surgeries with complications that is in a format
that can be moved to an Excel spreadsheet. This software was originally developed
in Cleveland.
Displays the current pay period Earnings and Deductions information to an
employee. This was originally developed in Palo Alto.
This routine creates a current-day report listing all inpatients who have
appointments/procedures that will take them off the ward for a period of time.
User selects ward. Report can be queued.
The Employee Health Mantoux Report is used by Employee Health to identify all
active employees to be sure they are being properly notified for Yearly Mantoux
Testing in the Mantoux Clinic.
This consist of entries that are either functions or subroutines with parameters.
This is intended to help make local programs easier to use, also contains lab

This routine is used for various short functions that could be useful for many or any

This routine creates a report listing all active users with GUI Extended Time Outs. It
lists them by name, title, service/section, timeout in seconds, and whether or not
they hold the Povider Key.
This creates alerts and prints a report for all of the doctors that have incomplete
records that are over 30 days old.

This routine compiles a search template of all female vets who live in Ohio or
Indiana and who have been a patient at this VAMC within the last 2 years, and who
do not have a street address of "Not Known".

Dayton's routine to Kill the variables whenever options for the "Homeless
Performance Measures" Package terminate execution because that package's
software has many exit points where no variables are Killed.

Prints a report to provide a total of the obligated (actual) costs by sub-control point.
Each sub-control point is further sub-totaled by type of request. The user provides
the time frame to be searched and selects whether to list totals for all sub-control
points, a range of sub-control points, or one sub-control point.

Transaction Item list sorted by shop.

This routine SENDS a VistA email to holders of an IRM KEY ITEM with a copy of each
email going to the FCIO
This sends a mail message to mail group MAS-BILLING anytime an insurance
company is added to the insurance company file. This also sends the message if the
company name in the insurance company file is changed. For changes, two
messages are generated, one listing the old company name and one message listing
the new name. If the patient insurance is added or deleted in the patient file
insurance multiple then a bulletin is also generated.
This software was developed in Pittsburgh and produces report of patients with
Nars at admission or discharge.
Prints out a list of inpatients with birthdays that fall within the specified months and
are at least 80 years of age sent to VACO on a quarterly basis and used to provide
birthday greetings from the President.

This software creates a list of all the remark code 1 from the timecard for a
particular day or a pay period by employee name and T&L. The remark code 1
indicates whether the SF-71 is on file. This originally came from Asheville.
This option will print the patients who are taking the identified drugs(s) input by
the user. This software was originally developed in Kansas City

This option will print a list of business rules on which editing was done.
This routine is called from DGPWB and allows printing wristbands on a Zebra
printer. This routine was originally written in Phoenix.

Routine to send Outstanding 2237 Report via MailMan e-mail to the members of a
mail group.
This code looks at patients with 10+ Active/Suspended RX's. There is national code
that is similar but this one is formatted for export
to excel.

This code automatically purges the Appointment Status Update log file

Report of IV Additives and Associated C&S Results.

Routine AGSFBP determines whether or not the last Batch number entered in the
Fee Basis Site parameter file has been reached. If the batch number is between
99001 and 99900, a purge reminder bulletin is sent to the IRM software mail group.
The routine is accessed through an option that is tasked to run quarterly.

This routine searches for all patients whose surgeries occurred within the selected
date range. A 30 day post operative period is evaluated for any occurrences of
admission or discharge, emergency room visit, antibiotic Rx or pathogenic
microbiology. This routine was originally developed in Memphis.
This report will print the number of Telephoned, Verbal or Written orders for each
service separated by the title of the person entering the order. This report is
reviewed monthly by the CACs to determine if an inappropriate number of these
types of orders are being entered. This software was originally developed in
This routine prints a report of all patients with a number of active prescriptions
greater than a number specified by the user. The routine ignores supply items and
any cancelled prescriptions.
This is Ventor software that connects up to 8 phones with four input and four
output lines. The software will call out to patients with
 appointments three days before the appointment and also on the input lines allows
prescription refills to be performed.
Two mods (related to Screen 109) to Files 741.4 and 741.7 create two new lines in
the Clinical Review Worksheet on parts 1 and 2. The line
ACQUIRED INFECTION", and the line added to part 2 is "___ 14.1 REFER TO
INFECTIOUS DISEASE FOR FURTHER REVIEW". These were added as one of the
Dayton VAMC's ways of complying with the Joint Commission 2004 Patient Safety
This is used by the IT business operations office for real-time reports on IT assets in
the field. It pulls IT budget and staffing information into a central repository so that
IT managers at all levels can view IT resource information. This was originally
developed in Central Texas.
MRSA NARES Isolation. This option prints two of the reports, I created/queued a
new option for each printer/location they wanted this report to print. – Routines
originated from Pittsburgh.
Copy of "EADT ADT (Admission/Discharge/Transfer) History Expanded" Health
Summary Component. Routines copied and modified to display LOS in
hours/minutes instead of days. Will be used to help monitor length of stay for
patients admitted to Observation.
Third party billing software

Review new/established patient status to determine scheduling date priority.
(Came from Northport, NY)

Pulls LOS By Provider data from VistA.

Waiting List.

CPRS Contingency Plan

Epidemics data pull.

Database for Multilevel Spiritual Assessments.
BCMA Contingency Plan
CPRS CAC Alert Monitors by Provider and Service, to include an alert report for
Excel download.

Automation and completion of Fee Basis Form 583.
Sorts through the Image File (#2005) for document images, reporting every 10th
document scanned in by each user for QA purposes.
Generates (1) list of MH patients with an appointment today and (2) list of MH
patients with no PC Provider.

Provides statistics associated with the Problem List (i.e., active patients without a
problem) and allows for automatic entry of the latest primary diagnosis.
Menu which allows Transportation Manager to address vehicle inventory and

Menu which allows employees to request station vehicles.
Patient Satisfaction Survey in which patients are selected randomly from a VistA-
generated report and surveyed via telephone within a few days of their visit to the
Generates report which allows validation of Nursing Staff Codes and update of the
Nurse Staff file, if needed.

Accounts Receivable performance monitor menu.

Allows for reserving/scheduling of facility conference and training rooms.
Menu to allow designated staff to request office locks/keys and for approval by FMS
This package supports the data extract for the Stockamp Business Performance
Management Tools used by the MACPAC (Mid-Atlantic Consolidated Patient
Account Center).
Routines to allow conversion of HL7 message to Lab Automated Instrument
machine-specific format.
Three menu options: one to allow timekeepers to review leave balances for an
entire T&L Unit; a second to allow Payroll to print a report of timecard postings for
JD, ML and COP; and a third to allow Payroll to list T&L Units assigned to an

Data will be extracted from File 6914, Equipment Inv., and transmitted to a
centralized database for the OI&T Region 3 IT Equipment Inventory Project.

Interfaces with the Computrition Software used by Nutrition and Food Service
Many modifications made to this national application to make it more useful locally.
This application is released nationally but is not a required install, will eventually
replace IRMS Work Order package listed below

data extraction tool used by DSS staff
Upon patient lookup this prints a flag in Vista and CPRS if the patient is MRSA
positive according to the results of lab tests.
Used on patient wards for staff to print the Contact Precaution status of all patients
on the floor.

When an immediate collect is ordered a Protocol will be used to enter EN^AQDME
, A page will go to the Technician with a message of type or order and location.
Labels will be printed and Vista/Outlook messages will be sent to a mail group.
There is a need to monitor the Micro package and verify that Micro data is being
completed. This will give patient name, location, date and accession number along
with the list of comments.
This will give you accession number, location, draw time, arrival time, verify person,
verify time, and will record late accessions in red.
This will print to a Zebra 2844 printer. You can print a manual label or select a
patient from file 665.4.
This will print 4 different labels: Barcoded Text, New Person Duz Number, Threee
Line Address Label, and Patient Name and SSN
This is a way to manage lab test that have a status of Immediate collect. It will print
all Immediate collects that have not been collected. It will give patient name, last
4, time, location, and order number.

This routne will let you select a date range and it will pick out the patient name,
Order number, date ordered, provider, Ordering location and reason for cancelled.
Go into file 100.23 and pick the correct format and enter
D:$D(INTERMEC)EN1^AQDRLBL Q You will be able to print the labels from the
Order Tap in CPRS
Go into file 100.23 and pick the correct format and enter D:$D(ZEBRA)
EN1^AQDZEB You will be able to print Labels from the Order Tap in CPRS

This routine will print pharmacy labels for the Zebra 2844 printer

This menu is the same as REPRINT A PURCHASE CARD FORM" but with
 out the purchase order information and full SSn.

From routine PRCB1F modified to only allow user to look at the Monthly Accrual
Developed by Ken. Patient can scan their VA cards and will print their Outpatient

Will print labels for the Intermet 7421 label printer

Prints Schedule 2 Prescriptions labels. Label has Name, SSN, and Address

GMRAPEM0 lines EN21+17:EN21+22 and GMRAVAM0 lines SELT+8:SELT+11
Menu ABVBEDC2 contains routines that constitute bed cleaning tracking for

Report that lists any medications that will expire between the current time and the
next workday I the nursing home area.

The Richmond Equipment Menu options are used by medical media to track
equipment checked out to hospital personnel.

Report searches through time and attendance records file to find any employee
who had leave without pay on a specific day or days within a specific pay period.

System used by pharmacy to dispense and track medications used in the
methadone clinic

Report was developed from the national routine/option REASONS NOT BILLABLE
REPORT - this version (1) allows user to enter a date range and (2) prints the RX
number associated with an item on the excel download print.

Routine read the patient's VIC card for SSN and helps to positively ID a patient at
the pharmacy pickup window.
The TIU Note Search routine was developed to report specific note titles written
during a specific time.

Seven locations throughout the hospital have PCs encased in a kiosk that run this
routine. The patients swipe their vic card through a card reader at any of these
locations and the display will indicate whether or not they need to go to central
registration before their appointments.

Local mod change for Dr. Polatty/Brandi Cummings in routine PSJLMUDE to make
the SPECIAL NOTES field blink ALWAYS.

These options turn off the printing of unit dose and inpatient medications to the
default printer. The night person turns these off, the day people turn them back on

Have developed numerous "object" routines for CPRS - routines that feed bits of
information into TIU templates automatically. We have many developed here, and
some developed by Kevin Dezorzi at Phoenix. We have over 40 AQDOBJ routines,
some of which deal with more than one object per routine.
We have developed 15 AQDREM routines (some dealing with more than one
computed finding) locally.

prints patient's social security number on surgery wait lists



This suppresses consult result alerts (intended for clinical procedures) through the
use of a locally developed parameter

blocks entry of work orders for EDP, IRM and PHONE

mods to compensate for the usage of LOIS instead of ENG WORK ORDERS



prompt user for confirmation of balance adjustment


prompt user for confirmation of balance adjustment


reports on drug costs by provider

remote call








Needed to print out OTC drugs given to the patient

local mods to track only certain drugs in the DRUGS FOLLOWED BY COST file.

 reports on drug costs by provider
routine used to print Preventive Health and Problem List on first page of action

Collects medication data in MAH form and transfers the data to designated
contingency PCs.

Routine name is AQDPRN. This prints a list of PRN meds for monitoring by BCMA

Generates a missed med report.

Compliance Officer audit menu.

Generates list of OR Cases with an 8AM start time, to include surgery delay times
and associated reasons.

This is an M routine which lists ten scheduled appointments at random for a
particular scheduler
This consists of several M routines which correct the Pharmacy Patient Status as
related to the Patient Eligibility

Used to make labels for repackaging of Pharmacy items

Dial a Refill - Pharmacy Portion

Outpatient Pharmacy dispensing machine

Pharmacy dispensing machine in Emergency Department

Inpatient Pharmacy dispensing/processing
Interface between vital signs monitor and CPRS
GUI software interfacing with VISTA to provide "White Board" electronic
patient/room info. In the Emergency Dept.

Creates patient treatment plans

Gui interface for Nursing who takes calls from patients to document problems

Inpatient Coding software for Billing personnel

SMM provides Medical Administration Service (MAS) a mechanism to identify new
and established patients. This mechanism assists MAS Scheduling Clerks in making
appointments within appropriate timeframes. Developed at Memphis.
A CPRS pop-up to notify proivders that the patient is an OEF/OIF veteran.
Developed at Memphis.

A Bingo Board Display for ER. Imported.

NVSBEAN* routines

AEGV* routines plus Access database

VEJDTELE* routines & files for Telephone Care Use


DSIV* routines & files


ATJMOPP routine

ARJHPSO* routines

AMUOEF routine

ATUKEQF routine

MUSTAP* routines

This report give the % of line items that are not received for AMD.

Added Bill Date, Bill Amount and Bill Status to report
Report that contains old and new service when an employee
changes service.

Report of In use equipment with Missing Information

List of Users who have not Signed on in the last 20 days or more.
Check the NPI (National Provider Identifier) Taxonomy and Person Class for

Report of purchase card holders, and their orders to reconcile
This option is the same as option "Running Balances" [PRCSCPB], except that this
option has the Vendor Name included in it. This should be used for download or
print to a printer, as it is greater than 80 characters long.
List from New Person File of Current EMployees. Includes Signature Block Printed
Name and Signature Block Title.
This option will print a list of equipment that is missing required data when a piece
of equipment is turned in, or deemed Lost/Stolen.
A small program that download inpatient data on hourly basis and copy the
outcome into pre-defined computers at inpatient areas for use in case of a
downtime (VISTA or Network).
A Mumps routine that produces a report that totals the number of alerts by
recepient and lists the status of the alerts.
Local mod placed at line tag CLSOUT to call local routine ACXPENCM to send an e-
mail to the initiator.
Local routine for bullentin for complete work order. Routine is called in National
routine ENWO1

Tasks Lab HL7 v1.5 interface jobs that run in background. Run on System startup, or
if individual job has stopped.
The Practice Profiling Package calculates various metrics to measure provider's

A MUMPS routine to print out a list of fee basis patients who have a copay and no
billable insurance.

A MUMPS routine to print a list of fee basis claims by vendor and date
A MUMPS routine to list fee basis patients, the invoices submitted, the dates that
the claims were received, the dates that they were paid and the difference between
the two dates.
A MUMPS routine that lists fee basis bills their ICD codes, the amounts claimed and
paid for a single vendor.

 Option created for Acquistion & Material Management to approve or disapprove a
storage request for the local storage package we've created for A&MM.

Listing to show currently stored items that have a current quantity of at least 1
item. Created from routine ALMSREQ for users

Searches for and updates previous orders for changed/update lab tests

Returns Blood tubing number from note

Gets patient admissions, transfers and discharges for given date range and patient's
MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) related lab results
Medical management decides Days to D/C an uncompleted consult request based
on medical judgement as to continued relevance. Consult request closed and
ordering provider alerted based on this field.

Object available for provider use

Utility clean up

Utility for lab oversight of incomplete tests

Lab management information on open lab orders.
Delta check

Find errors associated with a user

To locate a specific patient's notes for troubleshooting
Provides a GUI interface to an updated PBX file to search phone numbers in the
facility. - Service/Section + Mail code
 Line 2
13)      PRSAZ LV CAN Cancel Leave Request
        PRSAZ LV EDI Edit Leave Request
 These options send an email to the three local fields, above,
 whenever a leave request is changed by editing or deleting.
12)    Modified National Option: PRSA LV REQ (request leave)
       Added Exit Action;         D ^PRSZLEAV
This routine will send an alert to up to three people.
The national PAID package does not associate a supervisor to
a particular T&L unit.

 3 local fields need to be added to the T&L UNIT file (455.5)
 We used the following:
 Field # Field Name          Type Global Location
 548001        PRIMARY SUP Pointer to 200 548000;1
 548002        SECONDARY SUP Pointer to 200 548000;2
 548003        TERTIARY SUP Pointer to 200 548000;3

 The user requests leave through the optiKon PRSA LV REQ
 (request leave). When they exit the option this routine
 is invoked. It will check to see if this user has requested
 leave within the last 15 minutes. If so it will send an alert
 to the three people listed for that T&L UNIT in those local
 fields. It will check to make sure that all data is present
 and valid before sending the alert. The second routine (AXAUTL)
 is used to verify that the supervisors are still current before
 sending the alerts. If none of supervisors are current, then
 no alert is sent.

Purpose is address health care criteria to admit a patient.

      This options prompts the user to select drugs to be searched

      from the prescription file. It asks for a start and end date

      and will only report those prescriptions for those drugs filled
The main purpose is to screening and education of patients. Used CPRS calls
Main purpose is to track
type/intensity,characteristics,symptoms,medications,plan,treatments and
responses. Uses CPRS calls.
The main purpose of this form is to organize the discharge process. To create a
discharge note,discharge instructions,clinical reminders,medication
reconciliation,advanced clinic access discharge appointment,discharge summary.

WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPCBroker calls, and national RPCBroker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).
The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPCBroker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPCBroker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPCBroker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPCBroker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPCBroker calls, and national RPCBroker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPCBroker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPCBroker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPCBroker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPCBroker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form
This GUI form reads a patient's current medications and displays them for the
provider to review. The provider can then check whether the medications are
correct. The form produces a TIU progress note and passes a health factor to PCE
that is used by the
Tab1: Enter a code to find;
    Shows File numbers, the access to the files, and file names,
    Users with that code.
    Allows user to change their FM access codes.
Tab2: Searches a file number range.
    Shows file numbers and their name.
    Click on a file and see all the access codes for the file.
    Allows changing access code(s) for the file.                                        M, Delphi
This option produces turn-around times between Lab Test processes: Ordered,
Collected, Accessioned, and Verified.
Fields Printed: Ordered, Collected, Accessioned, Verified, Test, Accession#,
Accession Area
and turn-around times between each step

Searches Radiology exams and displays/prints/saves results. Local RPC calls created
to obtained data from the Radilogy Files. Radiology Form is a utility to empower
Radiology Management to pull data in varies way to analysis.
Search by: Date Range, Patient, CPT Code, Imaging Location,Requesting Physician,
Primary Interpreting Staff,Verified By, Diagnosis(s), Stat Only, and if ReportText or
Impression Text contains certain word(s).Gives User:
Gives User: Exam; Request Date, Exam Status, Exam Date, Type of Imaging,
Requesting Physician, Procedure, Imaging Location, Requesting Physician,
Requesting Location, Primary Diagnosis, Exam Status Change History. Report;
Report Date, Report Status, Request Urgency, Verfied
Date, Verified by, Report Status Change History.
Other Tabs; CPRS View of Exam, Wait Times Report, Exams by Status,Amended
Reports (shows before and after text).
This GUI form is used to determine if a patient is at risk of becoming a "Missing
Patient", or to report a patient as missing.

The form will then create a TIU Progress Note containing the pertinent data. A local
warning will then be entered into the pati
These GUI forms were designed to collect information on medication errors at the
point of care. The basic form is available on every desktop in the medical center. If
an error occurs, staff have ready access to this reporting system. Reporting is done

With this GUI form the user enters Patient, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment
Options. The form then sends a TIU note and an Order to Vista.
This GUI form pulls data from Vista. Fields pulled: Patient, SSN, RX#, Provider,
Verifier. The user can automatically open up and populate Excel, with the data, by
pushing a button on the form.
This GUI form pulls data from Vista. Fields pulled: Award Date, Employee Name,
Service/Section, Mail Code, Type of Award. The user can automatically open up and
populate Excel, with the data, by pushing a button on the form.

This GUI form allows the user to enter a list of patients to receive one of the
following letters… Normal Results, Abnormal Results, Normal/Abnormal letter. The
letters are formatted so that they can be stuffed into a window type envelope.
User selects appropriate radio button (Normal, Abnormal, Combined) . Then the
user continues by adding patients to the list. After the last patient is added,
the list is sent to their printer.

        Tracks Patches by Package.
 List by My Primary Packages, My Secondary Packages, and All Packages. Shows
Programmers and Adpacs for each package. Shows: Patch#, Sequence,
Message Subject, Msg#(test), Msg#(live), Status Dates; Recieved, In Test, OK for
Live, In Live, Comply By, Days Left Days Overdue. Separate Tabs
 for; Patch Description, Patch M-Code, Responses. Allows entry of responses to the
National Patch message and allows for status change of
patch (in test, complete (live), approved for installation, hold, in error) It works in
conjunction with WPB Patch Tracker (list manager) in VistA
which has been documented separately within this survey.Written in Delphi with
local RPC broker calls, M code, local fileman files.

This application involves M routines which run via Taskman to produce up-to-date
health summary information for inpatients and outpatients which are scheduled for
near future visits. The information is output into plain text host files stored outside
of the vista database. The files are then automatically transferred to PCs on the
unit where the inpatient resides or in the clinic where the patient's appointment is
scheduled. In the event of network downtime the information is there on location
and able to be accessed regardless of network status.
Local Locker file, print, edit, sort templates, and menus created to keep track of
employees using wpb lockers and the location of those lockers.
This package consists of M routines and fileman files which allow environmental
rounds teams after completing a survey of an area to document the area's
deficiencies. Mailman notification is then automatically sent to the supervisors of
the area.
Phone Directory for Medical Center Locations, Employees, Fax numbers, Services,
Mail Codes. The VistA version is Menu Driven and gives the option to Employees to
update their information. The GUI PD has a dbase attached that is updated via the
form onc
When scheduling a pt new to primary care, a flag comes up for the clerk to know
they need a longer appt slot Nightly job run to populate local field in Patient file to
document if the patient has a Primary Care note. This indicates the status of the
Patient (New or Existing to Primary Care).
This GUI form is used to establish and track medical center goals in support of VA-
VISN goals. The form creates and displays bar graphs that are included in the
reports. Data is stored in a set of FileMan files.

Set of remote procedures that will perform lookups, sorting, listing, and edits for
any FileMan file. These procedures take an array of parameters that control their
behavior, but they also have defaults for most of the values, making the procedures
easy to use.

Standard new person and patient objects for use in any Delphi form. These objects
contain the most commonly used attributes, as well as useful methods.

Several local files created to capture Donor & Tissue Requestors, Bleeding Time
Nurses, Language Intrepreters and HIV counselors. Option to Enter/Edit information
into local files to include Employee Name, Service, Tour of duty, Phone Ext, Pager.
Local option located in VistA common option menu, to be viewed by all employees
as needed. Package includes local files, routines, options.
Allow users to have view only access to all tabs in CPRS.

Created a modification to routines (ORQQCN2 & TIURSVP) to

make a call to a local routine (AXAASU). The modification

limits users with a local ASU Class (VIEW ONLY USER) from

writing progress notes.
WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPC Broker calls, and national RPC Broker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by the forms include:
a. Compose and write TIU progress notes (local RPCBroker calls)
b. Save PCE data (health forms, immunizations, patient education) in support of
reminders (local RPCBroker calls)
c. Close Encounters
d. Send emails (local RPC Broker calls)
e. Send alerts (local RPC Broker calls)
f. Enter orders (local RPC Broker calls)
g. Retrieve patient data from VistA (local and national RPC Broker calls)
h. Store specific history data for later analysis
i. Generate letters
j. Create/delete local patient warnings
k. Execute other forms from within a form

Each form listed below incorporates one or more of the functions listed above:

Hearing Questionaire for ENT
Speech Audiology Evaluation
Speech Education Note
Speech-Dysphagia Evaluation
Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Evaluation
Locally created Health Summary Objects to extract data from clinical packages for
report creation:







Ferritin (WPB)







Local utilities to track and manage cell phones and pagers. This uses the IT Inventory
Tracking software update (EN*7*87) to assign responsibility for the equipment to
individual users.                                                                      M

WPB used a combination of Delphi, local RPCBroker calls, and national RPCBroker
calls to develop an extensive suite of GUI forms to support a variety of functions.
The forms may make use of a database (FileMan or DbaseIV).

The functions supported by
Local files adopted from Miami and manipulated to work at WPB. Local Lab
parameters were modified to enable this program to work nationally, which is
recommended by national (without direction). Menu options were created to to
run reports, routines modified and utilized.
This GUI form is used to track local IRMS applications projects/assignments. The
form currently uses a Paradox database, but a new version is under development
that will use a FileMan data base.

Data collected includes project name, assigned to, assignme

routine allows enter/edit/update to file 573214 for tracking MCCF REVENUE

Used by Pharmacy for verification that patient's VIC (Veteran identification card)
matches the Pharmacy label on the medication bags

Report for BCMA Variance in a delimited format

Fee authorizations not billed during user-defined date range

Local stoplight report - counts invoices instead of line item originally received

uses new lookup for employee to display data

report on OPEN PTF movements for Fee

inventory extract to specify CMR - 1 or many

calculate individual nephropathy risk

Display of patient information on creatinine values, diabetes, eGFR, allergies - used
prior to completing CT exam

Report provides data on open PTF movements that have civil hospital payments for
range of stay

Report provides data on open PTF movements that have civil hospital/ancillary
service payments for range of stay

Report provides data on completion of non-VA PTF records within 14 days after bill

Report provides data on batches not vouchered - current status and last action
Report provides information on uniform allowances for nursing staff

Report provides information on payment provessing for all FEE programs

leave summary for T&Ls assigned to supervisor

leave summary for T&Ls assigned to supervisor

report of equipment not scanned in room THAT day

report to display payment data greater than $25000 for inpatient/outpatient/both

local task to run after midnight each day to identify equipment from file 6914 for
specific EILs that were moved/inventoried on the previous day

inpatient data for Radiology

Fee Basis CNH acvitity delimited report

delimited report of items not inventoried >365 days - items never inventoried are
reported separately

Report gives consults in a date range with different statuses for user defined stop

Report allow for printing the Next Available Appt listing by user defined stop code

Service Consults by status report for specified date range sorted by time entered

Report identifying total consults received during date range (demand) and consults
acted upon (supply)

Report identifies all patients discharged in date range and gives data by division, by
ward, by month, by day of week, by 2 hour increments
Report identifies all patients admitted in date range and gives data by division, by
ward, by month, by day of week, by 2 hour increments

Allows for printing specified informational letters by division.

Report indentifying all patients actively enrolled in PCMM, but not seen in primary
care within date range
This routine looks at the orders file for all
orders entered in a user defined date range
 in which the display group is CLERK. It then
 checks for orders with status of active,
 pending or scheduled. Report prints this

Routine gives LOS (length of stay) stats by division.

Patient List by room-bed for all services on
                  a ward.

Routine checks the PTF file for all discharges in a 15day period in which dispostion
type is Death, and gets needed data. It runs vis taskman on the first and 16th of
every month and sends a mail message with the data. Used by Bay Pines
coordinator for Bereaved Family member survey.
Routine looks at all orders with a user
 specified date range and check if they are
 written by a user specified provider. If so
 it checks if they are Radiology orders and if
 the status is pending.

This option prints patient check in sheets based of user specified clinic and
date.Gives just clinic name, appoitment date/time, patient name and last 4.
This report uses the AF cross ref on the
orders file to find all orders written in a
user defined date range. It then checks to
see if the location for the orders is a
nursing Home location. It then gets the day
of the week of the date of the order. Produces a reports of # of orders by day of

User is asked for a date range and routine looks for all orders placed in that range
and displays the data in 2 hours increments
This routine asks for division. Loops thru
file 404.42 to find all patients actively
enrolled in PCMM teams for that division.
That list is checked for encounters within
the user specified date range in 323 stop
code. If so, they are removed from the list.
This routine loops thru the Consults file's
 date xref for the user specified date range
  for a user specified request service, to get
  a total # of consults recieved for that
  service for that date range. It then checks
 for any consults to that service that have
 the last action taken as cancelled, completed
 or discontinued during that time period.
   Gives totals only.
This routine loops thru the patient file to
 find all future appts in in a user-specified
 appt stop codes in a user-specified division.
  then checks if the secondary stop codes of
   the clinic is one of ones hardcoded in the
 routine. These are not included. The diff
  between the appt date and the date appt was
  made is checked It then checks if the patient
  has had an encounter in the encounter stop
    odes within the last 2 years. If patient
     has had an encounter, he is dropped from the
     list. For neurology, if the enc is for 315 or
 106, patient is dropped If enc is for 212,
   then enc clinics are checked as in the

Provides ID staff with information regarding MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant
Staphylococcus Aureus) swabs/cultures                                                  Christine O'Donnell

This option prints out the summary of the open records in file 409.2 sd wait list by
primary eligibility and division

Summary repor of the consults file by date range.

Provides the emergency department with an electronic patient logbook and a visual
display to track patients who are currently in the emergency department.
Option created to allow employees of Police and Security to edit and inquire from
the report of contact file [FILE #676010]. Option Name: ASQREPORT OF CONTACT

Extraction of patient records with no Medical Insurance or Insurance is blank.
Extract is sent to PCG to verify data, update the record and push the file back to
VistA. Fiel will then be uploaded to the Insurance Buffer File which updates the
VistA patient record. Consists of 9 VEPEP menu options.

The routines are basically copied from national routines but allow the user to enter
a dollar value range rather than only a minimum dollar value. Option Name:
Allows Infection Control to readily access or print patient names of patients who
have been swabbed for MRSA on admit, transfer or discharge. It will also show
MRSA history for patients. Option Names: AGJMRSA, AGJMRSA SUMMARY,
PC based software that permits data to be uploaded from patient glucometers.
Data will be stored on servers, not on PC's

This routine, in conjunction with entries in the ENGINEERING COMPUTER PORT file,
allow users to print EQUIPMENT and LOCATION labels using ZEBRA printers.

Case finder for the New Depression Performance Measure.

Auditors reports

Audit program and also PO Print issue


Security Options for Managing System

Infectious Disease Decision Support software
Telephone Triage software; link to DSHI Veterans Health Gateway algorithmic triage

Document scanning and indexing software

Tool to identify New Pts

This program looks through the patient population and screens the patients based
on their eligibility to become VESTED patients

This routine calls a local routine ,AGMINSCK, which was reported in the last Class III
Product request. This local routine screens each patient when looked up to see if
they have billable insurance and lets the clerk know. It was also modified by a Class
III software which we got from another site: This modification included a lookup to
see if the patient was VESTED (used VESTMENT UTILITIES V4.1 obtained from Sierra
Nevada Health Care System, Reno VA by Donald B. Unruh and Kathy Smith;
Routines include AQLVS*, Options: 654VS DAILY VESTMENT CALC, 654VS RECALC

When the clerk prints the appointments for the next day, it will show who needs to
be VESTED while they are at their appt.

Interfaces with the Mckesson Robot

Requires access agreement to be electronically signed by customers once every 12
months they are active in the system

Superceded by KIDS VistA patch tracking tools

Different way to view VistA e-mail in roll-n-scroll format

Sends post cards to patients who have upcoming appointments
Generates the contingency BCMA information for all inpatients in the specified
Generates the contingency health summaries for all inpatients in the specified

The Clinic Recall Software is designed to allow facilities to implement Clinic Recall
scheduling. The software creates a ‘holding’ area for patients who are to return to
clinic with their primary care or speciality provider clinic greater than 30 days.
Patients are entered into the software for the month that they are to return; and
when that month arrives, the patient will be sent a postcard or letter reminding
them that they were to be seen. The patient will be instructed to contact the VA to
schedule an appointment that will be within 5 days of their phone call. An
appointment will not be made in the Vista Scheduling system until the patient calls.
There is a protocol that will be added to SDAM menu protocol so users can access
Clinic Recall within appointment manager and there is a stand-alone option for
entering a Recall.


Waiting List Review

This report was created by VISN 10 to track a primary care provider's performance
monitors, drug costs, and reminder completions among other items

Tracks patient check in time, wait time and check out time
Queued job to send an e-mail to a purchase card holder if a credit card charge is still

a purchase card holder if a credit card charge is still unreconciled

Tracks patients needing palliative care

Extracts data from the AR and IB packages

Chaplain patient reports and AMIS data calculation
Provide facility requested M-based objects for use in TIU-CPRS as intended by the
package parameters and functionality

request 4 different report

send informational bulletin to ordering provider
Eligibility Data on Combat PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) & Cardiac
Morbidity extract

Vitek Interface

Hypertension Provider Action Report
Fecal Blood Occult Test Action Report

Count veteran patients

Encounters for BHCL Residents to include aggregate patient demographics
Data Pull to combine two separate fileman reports into one process so that manual
combination of fileman data is not needed

Provide aggregate Nursing data from file 459

Scan TIU note title Discharge Follow-up Phone Survey and provide statistical report

List patients with multiple future appointments for clinic stop code 323

Send provider alert if one of patients in his/her panel have an Emergency
Department Visit
Send ADPAC e-mail list of file 200 entries about to be disabled; disable file 200
entries at specified Handbook 6500 requirement; terminate file 200 entries at
specified Handbook 6500 requirement.

Facility-wide phone directory

Electronic Signature for Surgery Package

Extract Air Force beneficiaries seen in ED who are Pediatric patients

Used for self-checkin of patients at clinics or primary care

Extracts various clinical data for data mining in the Pro Clarity software

LR Meter utility routines.                                                            M
Allows vendor to upload radiology trascipts

Was originaly utilized for surgery reports, Discharge summary, progress notes, C&P
exams                                                                              M

Mailing of appt cards to veterans in lieu of scheduling letters.                      M

TIU Objects, used within CPRS and Clinical Reminders                                  M

On-line telephone directory in Vista of employees and services.                       M
Security Bulletin sent to ISO mail group listing users accessing sensitive patient
records.                                                                              M

VANOD project has eight indicators used for collecting Nursing data.                  M, Delphi
ADP Equipment Inventory program (GUI)                                                     M, Delphi
Report on purchase card reconciliation.

Local bill status report.                                                                 M

New Depression Case Finder is Class III software developed to assist the Mental
Health Line in identifying patients newly diagnosed with depression.                      M

Menu for use by Compliance Officer for running audit reports.                             M

BCMA Medication Administration History contingency plan                                   M

Several options were written to allow timekeeper, employee and supervisor to view
8B codes (dtd 12-1-04)
Allow ACA (Advanced Clinic Access) Committee to print average time taken by biller
(dtd 9-19-06)

For committee: Outpatient Appt List for billing (dtd 9-19-06)

Documenting that we have several options in the namespace AEG 683 which I
believe is form VISN3. They have wait list in title.
Create special appt report for visually imparied staff person to document outcome
of his calls. Report is excel friendly so gives person col to document if pt contacted,
msg left, etc. Report allows him to document outcome & supervisor to follow-up
with patients when needed.
Create report to be used by staff involved in the local patient self-checkin program.
Will allow them to create report where compare # vet use self-checkin versus

Wait List report for emergency room patients (based on check-in and check-out)

document we are using Appointment Card Software from Sacramento

Alllow staff to update ward for inpatient ward

Local routine allow programmer to search routines and specify 'and' (dtd 11-6-06)

Created several options based on templates created by staff

Local report created for Audiology Service. Generates list of appts for their clinics
document we have AXV DISCHARGE software from VISN 20.

documenting that we have this VISN 20 software installed

documenting we have several other VISN20 software packages installed

Allow designated Business Office staff to correct erroneous discharge summary data

CACs 'authorized' to create objects but not programmers. Local rtn allows that

Daily task sends VistA mail group report on pts with particular flags are admitted.
Several manual reports available

Create report option that will allow comparison of appt inpt given in Discharge clinic
with actual time of discharge.

allow surgery ADPAC to edit lab data names in 139.2 - adapc said required for for
the NSQIP review

Allow staff to edit their own mail code instead of contacting TIMS/IRM. Local copy
of national edit characteristics option with added ability to edit mail code
Allow fileroom to generate list of pts whose records can be archived due to no
electronic activity. Record tracking no longer used so must create local report after
review various files.

Per agreement with contractor, if they cannot understand something in dictation,
they write inaudible in partiuclar format. Providers are signing. This report allows
QM to find and proper action to be taken

3 local options created for use with IMED (one equip inv updt, one is kt inTIU, one is
rpt from surgery file to allow verify if IMED)

List inpatients given specific drug during date range

Report allow coders, executive staff ability to see closed PTF records. Tool allowed
quck last look on given day and ensure errors caught.
Created by retired programmer but no date as to when (believe early 90's). Rtn
note is 'FY total days at all facilities' Tasked report goes to group. Rpt includes pt
data, facility and other details
Program finds notifications 'stuck' due to surrogate loop. Created 2006 to help with
finding notifications 'missing' due to surrogate circle loop errors. Program
generates report of provider and pts so provider can be sent msg to review those

Notify designated staff (local fld in file 49) when staff w/in their service are at risk
for VistA inactivation

Little documentation on this program from early 90's but appears to involve patient
care management for nursing and social works. Note from user in 2006 is it is used
for dialysis and oncology patients

Have documentation we use this program (init use date is 2/97) and it is from Reno.
Indicates use for stats (enc, visit, unq by date range)
Note is original 'purpose' was to print rpt of admits or trnsfer by ward but now
being used by Infectious Disease to spot check to verify ICU pts given MRSA swab
(report adjusted for that)

Report on patients w/specific insurance. Mental health tyring to determine
feasibility of potential new program

Template & instructions for 'pivot table' send to Outpt Pharmacy from Puget Sound.
Locally created template & created menu option for staff.
In nat'l rtn DGOERNOT, local rtn is called to verify if pt having DOD entered was in
ECU w/in 4 days of that DOD & no admit to facility. VistA msg sent to group for
review if yes

Business Office must send data to Oregon State agency. Created templates to
generate that report. User not need an option
Quick inq report on flds from New Person file that CACs review most often when
assisting users/providers w/acct problems. Single report allows them to follow basic
checklist (User class is on sep rpt)
for selected reminder, displays patients w/reminder due in alpha order & details of
eligibility if collateral, current pcp, date reminder due, date last done, and next
appt. If run detailed, will show future appts
template generates report on specific patient in the MHV prescription file. Use to
verify if vet has used

Allow Scheduling ADPAC to generate report by clinic (she enters name range and
appt date range). Rpt shows pt, date made, and if co

Sends to screen current OR details- time in, op start, pt, ssn, dx, producrue,
surgeions, anesth, op end, out or) - refreshes auto as view on screen

Allow designated staff to input staff name and date range of when appt entered.
Original purpose was for particular service chief but it has been given to other staff
& may be used for national random appt revview project

Generate rpt of entries in 8939.3 file with physician user class, no term in 200, no
exp dt in user class, and curr degree in 200 of residency/fellowship

National mandate for training before staff can work with appts but appt
management menu has other options staff need (such update patient demo & clinic
list). Create local secuirty key that is assigned when supervisor verify traning met.
Lock placed on options, protocols to prevent staff without key from making appt,
cancel appt, or reschedule appt.

Education must verify staff with access to scheuling options have completed
training and report to Washington (when requested)

Provider/residents required have certain data in signature block. Locally created
two separate menu options (several choices on each) that allows review of staff
and/or edit to make sig block compliant)
Major phone change so that leading digit of 1 no longer required. Belinda created
report of staff by phone number so designated staff could edit all staff phone
numbers to 'new' format.
Notify person tasked option that it has not run so corrective action can be taken.
This is tasked option
When vet health ins card is scanned into Image file, bulletin generated to specific
mail group. They have MAG permission to review scan and follow-up with vet so
can update Patient file properly. This is facility push to assist with proper updt of pt
file to increase proper billing.
In late 2007, 7 counties whose veterans treated by our facility were declared
'disaster' & loss of power included. Created templates & generated reports for vet's
on any of 10 medications that must be refrigerated.
Restrict assignment of DIUSER option to staff w/@ by following code:
^DIC(19.1,12,4)=I $G(DUZ(0))="@"

Add local fields to New Person file to document machine acct details

Add user enter to heading of sc report

Remove SSN from appt list unless special local security key

Add vet home phone to rpt for staff

Allow social work to document person that is lodging but not affect G&L (created

Create suspense lists for provider - must select 'type' (created 1996)

allow ECU document vet chief complaint in local fld in file 44 (created 1999)

in 2006, ECU forced to use nat'l appt management option for CI/CO. They ad local
program still need portion of.

Create cross-reference: When xray of pt in ECU is marked as 'examined,' VistA e-
mail is sent to Vista mail group with information

Allow designated Business Office staff, in charge of wards, to inactivate a ward
entry in Hospital Location file
Created local file to document notaries. Can be viewed via option on local VistA
phone book. Using separate process for web, notaries also viewable on web phone

Created local file for areas, subjects, etc. that staff need phone numbers for that are
not 'services' or indiviudal. Example direct ward number and blood draw room.
Currently looking to expand to include a 'critical results' contact number per service;
i.e., Primary Care that can be used for critical results when cannot reach provider
Create report for TIMS/IRM staff so can compare sep ind and date from PAID file
with the termination date in New Person file (and comp names/pointers)
AM Mgt Report rtn has old local chg -- ask user if want all clincs with same phy. Loc
(early '90s)

Ask staff key quest concern clinic and e-mail group (ADPAC/staff). Also teel gorup if
reactivate or inactivate clinic. Allow update appt. card crosswalk for appt
notifiation to vet and update AudioCare system

Notify group of clinic details before they were changed and after chgd (created 8-28-

Do security key check in 'Cancel Clinic routine like the routine called when user
cancels one patient's appointment. (created 3-16-04)

Add facility name/address to top of appt lttr & adjust number lines (orig dt ? But
first dt noted is 2-25-04)

Some clinics have 'special instructions' which is a local field in file 44. Chgs made to
display those details when appt being made (created 8-19-92)
Call local program to offer person chance print pre-appt letter from nat'l make appt

Document a VISN20 rrtn call (AXVURA) in SDM1A
Special reports based on IT Assignment file created for Chief, Operations and
A&MM (Acquisition and Material Management) person

TIMS staff responsible for inventory required variety of reports not available in
national so worked with them on creation of reports or creation of templates
Display shows EE, location, & last inventory dt: Created in 2001 & based on
national ENBCNXMAN but add fld "local identifier". 2007 added prompt to ask user
if wanted to update. Prior, if user accessed option, it updtd inventory dt fld which
could be 'false' if person just reviewing
Adjust line feeds so labels print correclty (Chg printer model and IP affected)
(created 4/05)

Call to APGKWBAN in DG rtn -- allows wristband on zebra (12/9/99)
Notify mail group if pt has DOD w/in 4 days of ER visit & no admission. Call in
DGOERNOT (6/13/05)

Prevent non-test 'ZZ' patients from showing on inquiry/lookup (6/22/06)
Mark options out of order to prevent purging of data

Varous lookups and options created for ISO (Information Security Officer) and
privacy officer (some New Person & some related sensitive file)

for file 38.1 (security log): Allow ISO to enter name and date accessed range and
generate rpt of pt accessed, reason sensitve (local field), when, option/protocol
used, & if inpt. Need as part of her required job duties and investigations

Privacy officer/ISO to indicate why a record marked sensitive; i.e., employee,
veteran requested, or both (plus reports) (5-1-07)

documenting we have several VISN20 vesting calls in national routines

change sign off default in GMRASIGN. (2-26-03)

place mail on rx on vanc division pending list/correct list (created 10-31-99)

From PSOORUT1 call local which shows routine loc for pending (1-31-99)

From PSORX1 call local rtn to print educaoitn pkt for d/c (6-8-99)

Note in PSOPRVW that flds prompted and shown chgd (creted 6-19-2003)

Word pager removed from form in GMRCP5B (date create note is 4-24-02)

Add fields to NOIS files to asst with local use and created various reports

Local mod found 'do 5 copies) in psgmmar (create 5-22-99)

Local mod dtd 4-27-98 in VALM10 and local mod dtd 4-22-04 in VALM4

Need verify when/who change DEA field so place audit on the field in file 50 (5-2-

Change default to not ask for records in RTQ3 (created 11-7-04)

Add code to PSGPER0 to display priority of meds (created 4-26-05)

Local staff wanted fields added to the national templates, either local fields or
additional nationla flds. To accomplish that, local templates are created using
national as the base
3 Locals in SROADOC - limit use to superv. Anesth (create dt is 2/1999)
2 locals in SROADOC1 - 1 adds supr nm to rpt &other says does add'l chking (create

allow person view file attribute any file, even if no read access. Used by staff such
as QM or Executive Office that generate reports for various areas.
In rtn SROAT0P, note that sex and age added. Programmer retired. Created 11-4-
In rtn SROASS1, note to check for zero node. Programmer retired,no note as to
why, Created 6-24-94

In rtn SROAT2P,SROAT1P note that programmer chgd to Q:OPER<1 (dt 7-21-99)

In rtn SROCAN0 note that programmer chgd to Q:OERP<1 (dt 9-10-00). Same in
SROCOM 5-2-94
calls in SROMENU to local rtn SRZMENU (short, PACU, local template replace nat'l, 2
other calls to SRZ)Programmer retired. (dtd 10-6-97

Call in SRONEW to local rtn - stuff canned data is comment & chg nat'l templates to
local templates (dtd 10-7-97
Call in SRONR to get PACU nurse. It uses local field. Progr