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					                        LOCAL ADVOCACY ALERT 2010-03

               Thank You
       Osceola County Commission

United Arts invites you to follow our lead and send a letter of thanks to the
Osceola County Commission.

On Monday, February 15th, the Osceola County Commission adopted
Resolution #10-025R providing $200,000 from the Tourist Development Tax
Fund to fund the Osceola Center for the Arts. As you know, the mission of The
Osceola Center for the Arts is to promote, cultivate and foster interest and
participation in the arts by providing affordable and accessible programs and
facilities that encourage artistic expression. This is truly a positive vote on
behalf of the citizens of and visitors to Osceola County.

Please send your letter and emails of thanks to:

Michael E. Harford
Commissioner District 1

John "Q" Quiñones
Commissioner District 2

Brandon Arrington
Vice Chairman, Commissioner District 3

Ken Smith
Commissioner District 4

Fred Hawkins, Jr.
Chairman, Commissioner District 5

Michael Freilinger
Osceola County Manager

You can also contact the members of the Osceola County Board
of County Commissioners at:
1 Courthouse Square, Suite 4700
Kissimmee FL, 34741
(407) 742-2000

Thanks to all who participated in ArtsFest over the past 10 days.
The arts are good for our economy, for our community and for our children-
thanks for recognizing this. We look forward to a continued partnership with
the people and government of Osceola County.

Thank you for your contribution to making Central
Florida a wonderful place to live work and create.

Margot H. Knight                      Chip Weston
President & CEO                       Government Affairs

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