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       I hope the cooler weather has slowed down your phone calls and allowed
you a little more time to go out in your own gardens. This past summer has
been really tough on our vegetables, and so far my winter garden is not doing
much better. Just to give you a quick horticultural update, I had the pleasure of
teaching a new agent core training in Athens. I’m inspired by the new talent we
have coming on board and enjoyed the opportunity to talk to them about
growing vegetables. One thing that struck me was that they seemed impressed
with my PowerPoint and did not realize that most of these are available through
the AV Library. We have an extensive list of Power Points that are available for
agents to download and use, and through this newsletter, I try to inform you
when new ones come out. The other thing I don’t believe the new agents were
fully aware of is that we have an abundance of circulars and brochures written
on many of the topics that they will deal with on a day-to-day basis. Amanda
Swennes in the Publication Department does a good job of letting you know
when new ones are available. Sometimes, however, the older ones tend to fall
through the cracks. I apologize when older publications go offline, and this is
due to the mandatory three year review process that occurs on all publications.
This helps to ensure that we keep publications up to date. The problem comes
in when the three year period is up; sometimes we don’t have the proper
specialists on board to review the pub and it may go offline for a while or
disappear. We are trying our best not to have this happen, and I’m working
closely with Amanda to make sure these publications stay available.

       On the bright side of things, we should be getting some more help in the
Horticulture Department within the next year. Our commercial fruit and
commercial vegetable specialist positions have been advertised, and we will be
in the process of interviewing candidates shortly. This should give us some
needed relief in these areas and fill a huge void.

        As most of you know, Sheri Dorn has been on board now for a couple
months as our State Master Gardener Coordinator. As you can imagine and have
probably experienced, she has had her hands full with these new volunteer
guidelines and policies. Please remember that all of this stuff is coming out of
administration above and not being invented from the Master Gardener office. I
have personally dealt with several disgruntled volunteers, and I think it will be a
while before all the dust settles. Please be patient with Sheri as she continues to
try to get around helping explain the new rules and policies. I feel she is doing
an excellent job, and she will only add strength to our program. As a side note
on Sheri, remember that she is now also handling consumer ornamental
questions. Anything that has to do with consumer landscape or ornamental
issues should come to her. I am still currently handling the Digital Diagnostics
on ornamentals as well as home fruit and vegetables. Any questions you have
on home fruits or vegetables should still come my way. As we get new
specialists on board, we will send you out their contact information and areas of
responsibility. As always, please feel free to contact me if I can help in anyway.


Bob Westerfield
Horticulture Extension Coordinator

Publications – the following pubs are either brand new or recently revised.

Home Garden Broccoli C 1022
Home Garden Cauliflower C 1023
Growing Bamboo in Georgia B 1357
Home Garden Muscadines C 949
Alternatives to Synthetic Herbicides for Weed Management in Container
Nurseries B 1410

Power Points – the following Power Points are either brand new or recently

Gardening to Attract Butterflies and Moths, Paul Thomas and Bodie Pennisi

Selection and Maintenance of Garden and Landscape Equipment, Bob Westerfield
    Plant violas, snapdragon, pansies to bring some color to your garden
    Continue to plant winter garden transplants and harvest remaining
     summer veggies.
    Transplant shrubs
    Divide overgrown perennials
    Apply nitrogen fertilizer to your fescue lawn
    Plant fescue grass
    Move tender plants indoor

             PLANT HIGHLIGHT
             Shower of Gold (Galphimia gracilis) is a
             medium size shrub with interesting yellow
             flowers and small, green foliage. It belongs
             to the Malpigiaceae family, and it is
             marginally cold hardy in Georgia. During the
             extreme temperatures it can be destroyed. I
             observed this shrub in front of the Stress
             Physiology Building on the UGA Griffin
             Campus. It always came back here so the
             root system survives the cold weather. It
             blooms continuously through the summer
             and fall. The pictures were taken in the
             beginning of October. This shrub is drought tolerant and there
               are no known pest problems. It likes full sun but will tolerate
               partial shade. It can be used
               as a specimen plant or in mass
               plantings, and also can be
               grown in containers. Even
               though it is hardy in Zones 9-
               11, it is worthy of attention.
               You might enjoy having it in
               your yard and watching the gold flowers for so many months.
                                                  Photos by Malgorzata Florkowska
                 MASTER GARDEN UPDATE

CUMMING: Forsyth County Extension Fall Plant Sale. Fall is the ideal time to
plant perennials. Working with local growers, Forsyth County Extension has
compiled a list of fruit and ornamental plants selected to perform well in North
Georgia. The plant descriptions and order form are available at . Order forms and payment must be
received by 5 p.m. on October 15, 2012. Plant pick-up will be at the Forsyth
County Extension office on Friday, October 26 from noon-7 p.m. and Saturday,
October 27 from 8 a.m.-noon. Proceeds from this sale benefit Forsyth County 4-
H. Call 770-887-2418 for info.

LAWRENCEVILLE: Gwinnett Technical College Fall Plant Sale Tuesday,
Wednesday & Thursday October 16th,17th & 18th, 2012 9am-4pm Cool season
annuals, perennials, ferns, woodies, fall veggies, ornamental grasses, and so
much more! 5150 Sugarloaf Parkway Lawrenceville, GA 30043 Come to the

MCDONOUGH: Henry County Beekeepers present a Beekeeping Short Course
Saturday, October 20, 2012, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm at the Henry Co Public Safety
Building, 116 Zack Hinton Pkwy South, McDonough, GA, Program Fee is $25.00
in advance or $30.00 day of the program at the door. For information: or
contact: 770-473-5434.

STATESBORO: Gardens of the Coastal Plain at Georgia Southern University
Fall Festival & Plant Sale Saturday, October 27, 2012 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Members
Sale: Friday, October 26, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m

ASHS annual meeting will be held July 22 - 25, 2013 Desert Springs JW Marriott
Resort & Spa Palm Desert, California
Newsletter Assistance: Malgorzata Florkowska, Department of

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