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					                                       Livestock production plan 2013
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Farm Name:
General info
1- Ownership

I own the sites I manage                                          Yes        No
If no, name of the owner:

2- Record Keeping

The following records are available:
Fields                                                Yes         No       Non applicable
Livestock health                                      Yes         No       Non applicable
Sales                                                 Yes         No       Non applicable
Complaints                                            Yes         No       Non applicable
Equipment cleaning                                    Yes         No       Non applicable

3- Traceability

I have a traceability system in place
(for example lot numbers/tags…)                                   Yes       No         Non applicable

4- Previous Year Inventory

I still have inventory from the previous year.                    Yes       No         Non applicable

If yes, complete below:

Product                    Quantity               Statuts (organic, pre cert, non- Place of Storage          Lot # (if
                                                  org.)                                                      applicable)

5- Trademark

A trademark will appear on all labels:                            Yes        Non applicable

If yes, my trademark is:

*** You need to provide proof that it is a registered trademark

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6- Sub contractors

I subcontract some activities:                                         Yes             No     Non applicable
If yes, specify:
                          (Examples : slaughter, butcher, pest control, seed cleaning, etc)
Activities:                                                    Name and address of sub contractor:

Livestock information
7- Type of livestock

I raise the followings:

        Livestock                                   Statuts                                      Number of heads

Milk cows                      to certify         conversion            Conventional

Beef                           to certify         conversion            Conventional

Sheep                          to certify         conversion            Conventional

Goat                           to certify         conversion            Conventional

Chicken                        to certify         conversion            Conventional

Layer                          to certify         conversion            Conventional

Others (specify)               to certify         conversion            Conventional

                               to certify         conversion            Conventional

I want to certify meat:            Yes      No

8- Outdoor access

Livestock can access outside:                                                                           Yes              No
If yes, provide size of pasture and exercise area:                                                               acres

Milk production: cows exercise twice a week during cold season.                                         Yes              No

9- Livestock origin

Livestock to be certified is raised :                             on my farm                  on another farm

Livestock from another farm is certified organic:                                             Yes         No

If yes, the name of the supplier is:
Chicks are 1 day old when purchased:                                                           Yes         No

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10- Feed

Feed is 100% organic:                                                                Yes        No

Typical feed including supplements contains:

Ruminants eat at least 60% foreage:                                                  Yes        No

11- Health

Milk and reproduction livestock receive 2 antibiotic treatment or less
per year.                                                                            Yes        No

The milk withdrawn after antibiotic treatment is used to:

Meat livestock receive 2 parasite treatments or less per year:                       Yes        No

I also use other treatments                                                          Yes        No

     If yes, describe:

12- Animal welfare

I use the following measures to assure animal welfare during transportation:

Bedding used during transport is exempt of unauthorized substances:            Yes         No
(Unauthorized substances would be bedding made from GMO crops or bedding sprayed with prohibited substances.)

13- Buildings

I dysinfect buildings to prevent diseases:                                           Yes        No
Product used:
Number of time it is done each year:

                 Date:                                           Signature:

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