; Technical Staff Orthotics _HCT061_
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Technical Staff Orthotics _HCT061_


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									HCT061 - TS: Orthotics Tech (WL)

Assist clients with disabling conditions of limbs and spine or with partial or total absence
of limb by fitting and preparing orthotic appliances.


      Confers with physicians in order to formulate specifications and prescriptions for
       orthotic devices.
      Constructs and fabricates appliances.
      Designs orthotic devices, based on physicians' prescriptions, examination and
       measurement of clients.
      Examines, interviews, and measures clients in order to determine their appliance
       needs, and to identify factors that could affect appliance fit.
      Fits, tests, and evaluates devices on clients, and makes adjustments for proper
       fit, function, and comfort.
      Instructs clients in the use and care of orthoses.
      Makes and modifies plaster casts of areas that will be fitted with orthoses, for
       use in the device construction process.
      Repairs, rebuilds, and modifies orthotic appliances.
      Selects materials and components to be used, based on device design.
      Maintains clients' records.

Technical Competencies

Ability to perform preventative maintenance on equipment and devices
Ability to repair equipment and devices according to written request
Ability to devise parts and components in accordance with established guidelines
Knowledge of measurements
Knowledge of basic carpentry and metal workings
Ability to construct or modify equipment and/or devices in accordance with therapist’s
specifications and drawings
Knowledge to install, modify, and maintain wheelchair lifts.
Ability to install safety belts for wheel chair lifts
Knowledge of upholstery techniques
Knowledge of standard safety precautions
Ability to document services on appropriate forms.
Knowledge of inventory process
Ability to maintain inventory of parts and supplies
Knowledge of the procurement process
Ability to instruct others in the proper use of equipment, tools, and supplies
Ability to check out tools and equipment according to established procedures
Knowledge of leather fabrication
Ability to make repairs such as lifts, soles and/or heel wedges, etc
Knowledge of mathematics for calculations
Ability to communicate with targeted audience
Ability to establish treatment objectives and modalities
Ability to evaluate staff and communicate goals and objectives
Ability to use carpentry, mechanical, and metal work techniques

Entry Qualifications

Completion of vocational/technical school program in a skilled trade OR One year of
experience in the use of hand and power tools and heavy shop equipment

Career Development Criteria

Continuing education courses
Advanced degrees
Supervisory training
Medical terminology training
Customer service training

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