LessonPlans Oct. 10th-14th 2011

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					  Johanson – First Grade lesson plans                             SW= Student will               TW= Teacher will            TM=Teacher’s manual

Week of: October 10-14          Opening     Reading      Recess                    Math         * Houghton            Lunch             Music/P.E.
                      2011     8:10-8:30   8:30-9:50   9:50-10:15              10:15-10:55       Mifflin Books     11:00-11:30         11:38-12:20
MONDAY 10th                  *Attendance       See                                                                                 No Music/P.E

                             *Pledge       Attached       No                                                                       Students go to lunch
                             *Lunch           Plans     Recess             Trip to the Fire Station                                recess
                                Count       *Scott     Leave at                                                                    From 11:30-11:55
Columbus Day                                                                     10:00-10:45
                             *Calendar     Foresman      9:50                                                                      12:00-12:20-
Fire Safety Week                             Series                                                                                Classroom Guidance

                                                                    SW: Do Prob. Of Day 4.5 and lesson/

TUESDAY 11th                                                        text pages 97-98 on making a bar graph
                                                                    Review: Reading a bar graph                                         Music/P.E.
                                                        Recess      Vocab: tally chart, bar graph
                                                                    Complete text pages: 97-98
                                                                    Use crayons to fill in info. on bar graph

                                                                    SW: Do Prob. Of the Day: 4.6

WEDNESDAY 12th                             Wor                      Review: Using graphs to solve story
                                           review       Recess      problems                                                           Music/ P.E.
                                           sheet                    Vocab: how many in all/ more than/
Kathy here – ORF
                                                                    Complete text pages: skip 99-100 do 101-
                                                                    104 Show students how to figure out
                                                                    “how many more than” Also skip 105-6

THURSDAY 13th                                                       SW: Take chapter 4 test
                                                                    Review: all concepts from Chap. 4                                  Music/ P.E.
                                                        Recess      Vocab: pictographs, tally marks/charts,
                                                                    bar graphs complete text pages: 107-108

FRIDAY 14th                                                         SW: Take the Unit 1 test and cumulative
                                                                    test over all chapters in Unit 1
                                                                    Review: equal to, more and less, adding,                           Music/ P.E.
11:30 Dismissal                                                                                                  No lunch – kids
                                                        Recess      subtracting, counting and graphing           will have my
Work on Report cards                                                Do text pages:111-112                        snack at 11:05
                                                                                                                 and dismiss at
                                                                    10:50 – Spelling test                        11:30
   Spelling / Handwriting             Storytime       Spalding Phonics        Units/Monthly theme/    Recess     Science and Social Studies           Study-time    Closing
                                                                              Character Counts                   2:15-3:00      Art 2:43-3:10         3:00-3:25     3:25-3:40
         12:25-1:00                   1:00-1:10          1:10-1:30                                   1:45-2:10
Spelling: Intro. new list words on   Teacher will                                                                1J: SW: No Science due to                          SW:
text page: 81-82                                          Review all            Art: SW: Read                                                                       Clean
                                     read aloud:                                                                 early out tomorrow                   Finish
one two three four five six                                                                                                                                         room
seven or
                                                       phonograms by           book about bats        Recess     SW: View: The Fire Truck             work/ one-
                                                     playing around the         and then make                                                                       Get
Challenge words:                       Columbus                                                                  Video = 24 min. long                 on-one
many when                               books               world             their own bats for                                                      time if
-------------------------                                                                                        2:40: Art with Ms. Eng                             And
                                                                               the clothesline.                                                       needed        papers
Handwriting: Review importance
of staying on the lines on text                                                                                                                       Read          from
                                                                                                                 3:05: Finish work / free time
page 52 and the letter B on 53.                                                                                                                       silently or   mailbox
                                                                                                                 S-News: C-Columbus issue
Spelling: Review and practice                        Intro. new phonogram                                        1W:                                  teacher
list words on text pages: 83-                                 “wor”           Character Counts:      Recess                                           selected
84                                    Fire Safety      Build a word list on   Trustworthiness:       My Duty                                          activity
-----------------------------                          the board and then     Do guided learning                          NO SCHOOL
Handwriting: SW: review and                           write the phonogram                                              -Teacher in-service
                                                                               worksheet and
practice the letters z and j                         10 times and pick five
                                                                                discuss notes.
on text pages 54-55                                  words to put in books
                                                                               Dismiss at 1:45
Spelling: SW: review and                                                                                         1J: SW: Read text pages and          S-News:
practice each word by writing                        Fire Safety Centers:                                        discuss temperature and              Fire Safety
                                                                               Allow this time
them four times each                                  Make ladder truck                                          thermometers. Do activity sheet 77   handout
                                     Fire Safety                                for Centers           Recess
-----------------------------                         Book on computer                                           to practice matching pictures to
Handwriting: Review the                 books            Floor puzzle                                            correct temperatures. Also see an    I-POD
                                                                                                                 actual thermometer go up and down
letters b, z, and j on 56 and                           Matching game                                                                                 Touch
do a book report on 57                               Fire Safe Sheet/IPAD                                                                             Cart
Spelling: SW: Use Pass-and-                                                                                      1W: Same as 1J above – Read          Phonogram
spell to review and practice                                                                                     text pages and discuss               test first.
writing all list words.
Handwriting: Write the sight
                                      (Story read
                                       aloud from
                                                                Lib ary                              Recess
                                                                                                     My Duty
                                                                                                                 temperature and thermometers
                                                                                                                 Do activity sheet 77 to practice
                                                                                                                 matching pictures to correct
                                                                                                                                                      Bookflix on
                                                                                                                                                      Fire Safety
                                                       AR tests done?                                            temperatures. Also see an actual
words on the lines and circle           librarian)                                                               thermometer go up and down
your best word 58-59
Spelling:                                                                                                         2:20: Clean up room, pass
             No School                 No School          No School             All About Me:        Recess      out papers, etc.
---------------------------------                                                    None            My Duty     No school                            -----------
Handwriting: No School                                                                                           Dismiss at 2:40

                                          Next week: The Very Busy Spider book and journals, Assessments and Report Cards done. Ready for conf.
                                                      Red Ribbon Week-video, Book Fair, Clouds, weather – kinds of weather/video, seasons/book

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